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World Lumen Congress 2021, vol 17

Edited by Antonio Sandu ()

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Abstract: World Lumen Congress 2021. Iasi, 2021; Vol 17 (2022); ISSN (print): 2601 – 2510; ISSN (on-line): 2601 – 2529; ISSN–L: 2601 – 2510; ISBN: 978-1-910129-32-6; Conference: World Lumen Congress 2021; Dates: May 26-30th, 2021; Location: Iasi, Romania; DOI:

Keywords: Economy; School; Logos; Universality; Mentality; Education; Novelty (search for similar items in EconPapers)
JEL-codes: A1 E0 I2 (search for similar items in EconPapers)
Date: 2022
Edition: 1
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Chapters in this book:

Ch 01 Psychological Well-being of First-year Psychology Students Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic , pp 01-05 Downloads
Getrude C. AH Gang
Ch 02 Value Orientations in Education System: Approach, Interpretation, and Formation , pp 06-25 Downloads
Diana Antoci
Ch 03 Cartographic Analysis of the Radon Situation in the Environment , pp 26-33 Downloads
Renat N. Apkin
Ch 04 Three Cords Twisted Together. The Investment Model, Religiousness and Forgiveness , pp 34-45 Downloads
Milka Nicoleta Apostu, Octav Sorin Candel and Maria Nicoleta Turliuc
Ch 05 The Role of Biomimicry on Visual Design Education , pp 46-52 Downloads
Ugur Bakan and Ufuk Bakan
Ch 06 Design of Experimental Research on the Formation of Nonverbal Communication Skills and Impression Management of Police Officers , pp 53-57 Downloads
Lucia Bîtca
Ch 07 SMEs Sustainability in Times of Crisis , pp 58-65 Downloads
Otilia-Maria Bordeianu, Claudia-Elena Grigoras-Ichim and Lucia Morosan-Danila
Ch 08 Carol Cortobius Architecture , pp 66-69 Downloads
Maria Bostenaru Dan
Ch 09 Metacognitive Regulation and Attention to Body Signals Strategies to Prevent Academic Exhaustion , pp 70-78 Downloads
Camelia Nadia Bran and Editha Margareta Coşarbă
Ch 10 Epistemological Landmarks of the Specialists Managerial-Legislative Training in the Field of Physical Culture , pp 79-86 Downloads
Liliana Budevici-Puiu
Ch 11 The Traumatic Life Experiences and Ontological Well-Being: Insights from Narrative Psychology and Self-Memory Theory , pp 87-92 Downloads
Seçil Bülbül and Serin Işiaçik
Ch 12 Optimizing Public Passenger Transport in Bucharest and the Metropolitan Area , pp 93-120 Downloads
Constantina Chiriac, Valeriu Stelian Niţoi and Marius Gîrtan
Ch 13 Digital Shadow Economy – Literature Review , pp 121-130 Downloads
Dan-Andrei Coca and Andreea Nistor
Ch 14 Determining Factors for Achieving Success in Entrepreneurship , pp 131-140 Downloads
Valentin Radu, Monica Cojocaru and Ayten Güler Dermengi
Ch 15 Integration of Instruments for the Protection of Natural Protected Areas in Urban and Biodiversity Strategies and in Urban Planning Regulations , pp 141-158 Downloads
Cerasella Crăciun and Atena Ioana Gârjoabă
Ch 16 Initiatives and Responses to Migrant Workers during the Lockdown , pp 159-163 Downloads
Candy Cunha and Francis Xavier
Ch 17 Depressive Symptoms among Self-Harming Adolescents , pp 164-174 Downloads
Slavka Demuthova and Zuzana Rojkova
Ch 18 Barriers to Distance Learning: Perceptions Of Secondary School Teachers and Students in Serbia , pp 175-181 Downloads
Dragana Vasilije Dimitrijević and Marija Jovanović
Ch 19 Communication and Language Learning in Virtual Environments through an Eco-semiotic Lens , pp 182-187 Downloads
Alina Andreea Dragoescu Urlica, Lulzime Kamberi and Marta Boguslawska-Tafelska
Ch 20 The Classroom Demands and Teacher Self-Efficacy in On-Site and Online Teaching , pp 188-197 Downloads
Diana Sînziana Duca and Maria Doina Schipor
Ch 21 Aesthetics and Creativity. Identity Configurations , pp 198-208 Downloads
Livia Durac
Ch 22 Social Factors Influencing the Acquisition of the Romanian Language by Students Belonging to a Local Community Hungarian Minority , pp 209-216 Downloads
Anikó Erzsébet Fügedy and Gavril Flora
Ch 23 The Role of Donations in Financing Extreme Risk Events , pp 217-227 Downloads
Ionela Daniela Găitan-Botezatu
Ch 24 The Coronavirus Pandemic and Sustainable Development. Case Study: Romania , pp 228-240 Downloads
Ionela-Daniela Gaitan (Botezatu) and Gabriela Prelipcean
Ch 25 Challenges and Achievements of European Education Ministers on Information Exchange and Collaboration within the European Economic Community between 60s and 80s , pp 241-248 Downloads
Cristina - Iulia Gila
Ch 26 Analysis of Ro-La Transport Systems, Possibilities of Implementation in Romania , pp 249-282 Downloads
Marius Girtan, Valeriu Stelian Nițoi and Constantina Chiriac
Ch 27 An Ecosystemic Approach to Preventing Bullying in School. Risk Factors Associated with School , pp 283-290 Downloads
Tudorita Gradinariu
Ch 28 Increasing Self-Confidence in Students from Different Universities through Exercises in Body Technique and Dance Therapy , pp 291-307 Downloads
Vlad Teodor Grosu, Hanna Imola Vari, Mircea Nicolae Ordean, Gheorghe Balint, Radu Adrian Rozsnyai and Emilia Florina Grosu
Ch 29 Rethinking the Communication with the Unions Members in the New Context , pp 308-317 Downloads
Vasile Hodorogea and Tulia Maria Căşvean
Ch 30 Sustainability Enhancement Through Information Technology in Higher Education , pp 318-323 Downloads
Dumitrita Iftode
Ch 31 Perspectives and Reality of Young People in Slovakia in the Dimensions of Selected Subsystems of Social Policy , pp 324-332 Downloads
Michal ImroviÄ, Oľga BoÄ Ã¡ková and Jana Levická
Ch 32 The Rapid Shift from Onsite to Online Teaching – Students’ Perceptions , pp 333-336 Downloads
Lulzime Kamberi and Alina Andreea Urlica Dragoescu
Ch 33 The Association between Social Integration, Coping Mechanisms and Anxiety in Patients with Non-Communicable Diseases , pp 337-348 Downloads
Rezarta Lalo
Ch 34 Internal Direction versus Outer Direction in Romanian and German Advertising , pp 349-359 Downloads
Patrick Lavrits
Ch 35 A Bibliometric Mapping of Innovative Entrepreneurship , pp 360-371 Downloads
Ancuţa Lucaci and Mihaela Sarafescu
Ch 36 Doping Control in the Republic of Moldova: Specific Features , pp 372-378 Downloads
Ecaterina Lungu
Ch 37 E-learning: Introducing Computer Use in Mathematics Lessons in Primary Education , pp 379-386 Downloads
Daniela Alice Luta (Manolescu), Adrian Ioana, Bianca Cezarina Ene, Ionela Daniela Jugănaru and Daniela Tufeanu
Ch 38 Particularities of Electrophysiological and Psychoneurological Assessment of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury , pp 387-395 Downloads
Gabriela Mariana Marcu
Ch 39 The Ethics of Elie Wiesel`s Storytelling as a New Theoretical Approach in Representing the Holocaust , pp 396-411 Downloads
Alina Marincean
Ch 40 Reflection on Social Entrepreneurship in the Penitentiary Environment , pp 412-419 Downloads
Carmen Matei
Ch 41 Increasing the Quality of Life of the Prison Officers and their Families by Recovering their Work Capacity , pp 420-425 Downloads
Carmen Matei
Ch 42 The Evaluation of Distance Learning in Tourism Education in the Pandemic Process , pp 426-431 Downloads
Nesrin Menemenci Bahcelerli
Ch 43 The Faces of Human Vulnerability , pp 432-436 Downloads
Rarita Mihail
Ch 44 How Efficient are the Romanian Sports Federations? A Theoretical and Experimental Approach , pp 437-446 Downloads
Constanta-Valentina Mihaila, Gabriela Alina Paraschiva and Laurentiu Mihai Mihail
Ch 45 The Concern of Energy Companies in Obtaining and Maintaining their Sustainable Value , pp 447-464 Downloads
Camelia Cătălina Mihalciuc and Maria Grosu
Ch 46 The Effect of Management and Marketing on the Dynamics of the Number of Legitimate Athletes from the Romanian Handball and Basketball Federations , pp 465-474 Downloads
Corneliu Miron and Marin Chirazi
Ch 47 Human Resources Strategies in Times of Crisis , pp 475-481 Downloads
Lucia Morosan-Danila and Otilia-Maria Bordeianu
Ch 48 Signs and Emotions as the Experience of the Urban Explorer , pp 482-491 Downloads
Mihaela Motaianu and Cornelia Motaianu
Ch 49 Information and Communication – The Limits of Media Discourse. Case Study – Romanian School in the News , pp 492-497 Downloads
Xenia Negrea
Ch 50 Interference with Freedom of Expression , pp 498-506 Downloads
Gabriela Nemţoi
Ch 51 Violations of Private Life , pp 507-513 Downloads
Gabriela Nemţoi
Ch 52 Correlations Between Agility, Speed And Effort Capacity In Women's Soccer, Handball And Rugby , pp 514-520 Downloads
Florin Nichifor, Petruț-Florin Trofin and Florentina-Petruța Martinaș
Ch 53 Principles of Modelling Development Processes at Regional Level , pp 512-532 Downloads
Valeriu Stelian Niţoi, Constantina Chiriac and Marius Gîrtan
Ch 54 Perspectives on Socio-Educational Inclusion of Children with Special Educational Needs , pp 533-541 Downloads
Romana OneÈ›
Ch 55 Social Dimensions of Roma Marginalization , pp 542-551 Downloads
Romana OneÈ›
Ch 56 ‘Scaling Up’ the Social Impact of Innovation in Services – Significant Findings and Best Practice Examples from Specialty Research , pp 552-558 Downloads
Cristina Patrascu
Ch 57 The Dissonance Tourist Demand Prices. The Evolution of Romanian Tourist Packages to Turkey and Egypt Destination, During the COVID-19 Pandemic , pp 559-571 Downloads
Corina Mădălina Pintilei and Pavel Stanciu
Ch 58 The Concept of Identity in the Technological Era , pp 572-589 Downloads
Ines Razec
Ch 59 VUCA n+1. To the Infinity and Beyond! , pp 590-596 Downloads
Dan Florin Stănescu and Marius Constantin Romașcanu
Ch 60 Adjusting Financial Reporting in the Perspective of Transferring Financial Transactions to the Cryptocurrency Market , pp 597-610 Downloads
Monica-Laura Sorici (Zlati), Veronica Grosu, Cristina-Gabriela Cosmulese and Marian Socoliuc
Ch 61 The Contribution of Innovative Changes to the Strategic Development of Universities in the Context of Achieving Sustainability , pp 611-629 Downloads
Alina Suslenco
Ch 62 Multicultural Education: Ukrainian Challenges , pp 630-640 Downloads
Olha Svyridiuk, Svitlana Shumaieva and Vitalii Svyrydiuk
Ch 63 Comparative Study Regarding the Extracurricular Sports Activity among Primary and Middle Schoolers , pp 641-649 Downloads
Anca Raluca Tanasă, Cristina Elena Moraru, Petruț Florin Trofin, Rareș Alexandru Puni and Răzvan Andrei Tomozei
Ch 64 Cryptocurrency (Virtual Coins): Accounting Aspects and Tax Regulations , pp 650-657 Downloads
Adriana Monica Èšegledi and Boni Mihaela Straoanu
Ch 65 On Community in the Political Theology of Jacob Taubes , pp 658-661 Downloads
Daniel Tincu
Ch 66 Public Support for the EU in Times of Crisis and the Drivers of Euroscepticism , pp 662-665 Downloads
Iuliana Lăcrămioara Tincu
Ch 67 Current Issues of the Motivation Concept in the Instructive-Educational Process with Minor – Pupils , pp 666-673 Downloads
Vasile Triboi
Ch 68 The Fight against Corruption in Sport: International and National Experience , pp 674-683 Downloads
Vasile Triboi and Natalia Nastas
Ch 69 From Pedagogy to Politeness: Aspects Regarding Feedback in Online Learning Context , pp 684-688 Downloads
Alina Turculeţ
Ch 70 Integrated Care for Seniors as a Challenge for Slovakia , pp 689-705 Downloads
Michaela Vaceková and Jana Levická
Ch 71 Considerations on the Infringement Procedure against Romania , pp 706-713 Downloads
Crina Mihaela Verga
Ch 72 Adult Learning Methods in Health Education Institutions , pp 714-722 Downloads
Cristina Virag-Iorga and Cristian Silviu Banacu
Ch 73 The Philosophical Vision of Legal Punishment , pp 723-736 Downloads
Virginia Zaharia and Veronica Pozneacova
Ch 74 Teachers' Perception of the Phenomenon of Cyberbullying During the Covid-19 Pandemic , pp 737-743 Downloads
Elena Ancuța Zăvoianu and Ion-Ovidiu Pânișoară

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