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Operations Research Proceedings 2019

Edited by Janis S. Neufeld (), Udo Buscher (), Rainer Lasch (), Dominik Möst () and Jörn Schönberger ()

in Operations Research Proceedings from Springer

Date: 2020
ISBN: 978-3-030-48439-2
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Chapters in this book:

Analysis and Optimization of Urban Energy Systems
Kai Mainzer
Optimization in Outbound Logistics—An Overview
Stefan Schwerdfeger
Incorporating Differential Equations into Mixed-Integer Programming for Gas Transport Optimization
Mathias Sirvent
Scheduling a Proportionate Flow Shop of Batching Machines
Christoph Hertrich
Vehicle Scheduling and Location Planning of the Charging Infrastructure for Electric Buses Under the Consideration of Partial Charging of Vehicle Batteries
Luisa Karzel
Data-Driven Integrated Production and Maintenance Optimization
Anita Regler
Multivariate Extrapolation: A Tensor-Based Approach
Josef Schosser
Heuristic Search for a Real-World 3D Stock Cutting Problem
Katerina Klimova and Una Benlic
Model-Based Optimal Feedback Control for Microgrids with Multi-Level Iterations
Robert Scholz, Armin Nurkanovic, Amer Mesanovic, Jürgen Gutekunst, Andreas Potschka, Hans Georg Bock and Ekaterina Kostina
Mixed-Integer Nonlinear PDE-Constrained Optimization for Multi-Modal Chromatography
Dominik H. Cebulla, Christian Kirches and Andreas Potschka
Sparse Switching Times Optimization and a Sweeping Hessian Proximal Method
Alberto De Marchi and Matthias Gerdts
Toward Global Search for Local Optima
Jens Deussen, Jonathan Hüser and Uwe Naumann
First Experiments with Structure-Aware Presolving for a Parallel Interior-Point Method
Ambros Gleixner, Nils-Christian Kempke, Thorsten Koch, Daniel Rehfeldt and Svenja Uslu
A Steepest Feasible Direction Extension of the Simplex Method
Biressaw C. Wolde and Torbjörn Larsson
Convex Quadratic Mixed-Integer Problems with Quadratic Constraints
Simone Göttlich, Kathinka Hameister and Michael Herty
The Bicriterion Maximum Flow Network Interdiction Problem in s-t-Planar Graphs
Luca E. Schäfer, Tobias Dietz, Marco V. Natale, Stefan Ruzika, Sven O. Krumke and Carlos M. Fonseca
Assessment of Energy and Emission Reduction Measures in Container Terminals using PROMETHEE for Portfolio Selection
Erik Pohl, Christina Scharpenberg and Jutta Geldermann
Decision-Making for Projects Realization/Support: Approach Based on Stochastic Dominance Rules Versus Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis
Dorota Górecka
A Stochastic Bin Packing Approach for Server Consolidation with Conflicts
John Martinovic, Markus Hähnel, Waltenegus Dargie and Guntram Scheithauer
Optimal Student Sectioning at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences
Steffen Goebbels and Timo Pfeiffer
A Dissection of the Duality Gap of Set Covering Problems
Uledi Ngulo, Torbjörn Larsson and Nils-Hassan Quttineh
Layout Problems with Reachability Constraint
Michael Stiglmayr
Modeling of a Rich Bin Packing Problem from Industry
Nils-Hassan Quttineh
Optimized Resource Allocation and Task Offload Orchestration for Service-Oriented Networks
Betül Ahat, Necati Aras, Kuban Altınel, Ahmet Cihat Baktır and Cem Ersoy
Job Shop Scheduling with Flexible Energy Prices and Time Windows
Andreas Bley and Andreas Linß
Solving the Multiple Traveling Salesperson Problem on Regular Grids in Linear Time
Philipp Hungerländer, Anna Jellen, Stefan Jessenitschnig, Lisa Knoblinger, Manuel Lackenbucher and Kerstin Maier
The Weighted Linear Ordering Problem
Jessica Hautz, Philipp Hungerländer, Tobias Lechner, Kerstin Maier and Peter Rescher
Adaptation of a Branching Algorithm to Solve the Multi-Objective Hamiltonian Cycle Problem
Maialen Murua, Diego Galar and Roberto Santana
Combinatorial Reverse Auction to Coordinate Transmission and Generation Assets in Brazil: Conceptual Proposal Based on Integer Programming
Laura S. Granada, Fernanda N. Kazama and Paulo B. Correia
A Lagrangian Decomposition Approach to Solve Large Scale Multi-Sector Energy System Optimization Problems
Andreas Bley, Angela Pape and Frank Fischer
Operational Plan for the Energy Plants Considering the Fluctuations in the Spot Price of Electricity
Masato Dei, Tomoki Fukuba, Takayuki Shiina and K. Tokoro
Design of an Electric Bus Fleet and Determination of Economic Break-Even
Marius Madsen and Marc Gennat
Tradeoffs Between Battery Degradation and Profit from Market Participation of Solar-Storage Plants
Leopold Kuttner
On the Observability of Smart Grids and Related Optimization Methods
Claudia D’Ambrosio, Leo Liberti, Pierre-Louis Poirion and Sonia Toubaline
A Real Options Approach to Determine the Optimal Choice Between Lifetime Extension and Repowering of Wind Turbines
Chris Stetter, Maximilian Heumann, Martin Westbomke, Malte Stonis and Michael Breitner
Measuring Changes in Russian Monetary Policy: An Indexed-Based Approach
Nikolay Nenovsky and Cornelia Sahling
Usage of Uniform Deployment for Heuristic Design of Emergency System
Marek Kvet and Jaroslav Janáček
Uniform Deployment of the p-Location Problem Solutions
Jaroslav Janáček and Marek Kvet
Algorithms and Complexity for the Almost Equal Maximum Flow Problem
R. Haese, T. Heller and S. O. Krumke
Exact Solutions for the Steiner Path Cover Problem on Special Graph Classes
Frank Gurski, Stefan Hoffmann, Dominique Komander, Carolin Rehs, Jochen Rethmann and Egon Wanke
Subset Sum Problems with Special Digraph Constraints
Frank Gurski, Dominique Komander and Carolin Rehs
A Capacitated EMS Location Model with Site Interdependencies
Matthias Grot, Tristan Becker, Pia Mareike Steenweg and Brigitte Werners
Online Optimization in Health Care Delivery: Overview and Possible Applications
Roberto Aringhieri
On a Supply-Driven Location Planning Problem
Hannes Hahne and Thorsten Schmidt
Dispatching of Multiple Load Automated Guided Vehicles Based on Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search
Patrick Boden, Hannes Hahne, Sebastian Rank and Thorsten Schmidt
Freight Pickup and Delivery with Time Windows, Heterogeneous Fleet and Alternative Delivery Points
Jérémy Decerle and Francesco Corman
Can Autonomous Ships Help Short-Sea Shipping Become More Cost-Efficient?
Mohamed Kais Msakni, Abeera Akbar, Anna K. A. Aasen, Kjetil Fagerholt, Frank Meisel and Elizabeth Lindstad
Identification of Defective Railway Wheels from Highly Imbalanced Wheel Impact Load Detector Sensor Data
Sanjeev Sabnis, Shravana Kumar Yadav and Shripad Salsingikar
Exact Approach for Last Mile Delivery with Autonomous Robots
Stefan Schaudt and Uwe Clausen
A Solution Approach to the Vehicle Routing Problem with Perishable Goods
Boris Grimm, Ralf Borndörfer and Mats Olthoff
Solving Robust Two-Stage Combinatorial Optimization Problems Under Convex Uncertainty
Marc Goerigk, Adam Kasperski and Paweł Zieliński
Production Planning Under Demand Uncertainty: A Budgeted Uncertainty Approach
Romain Guillaume, Adam Kasperski and Paweł Zieliński
Robust Multistage Optimization with Decision-Dependent Uncertainty
Michael Hartisch and Ulf Lorenz
Examination and Application of Aircraft Reliability in Flight Scheduling and Tail Assignment
Martin Lindner and Hartmut Fricke
Comparison of Piecewise Linearization Techniques to Model Electric Motor Efficiency Maps: A Computational Study
Philipp Leise, Nicolai Simon and Lena C. Altherr
Support-Free Lattice Structures for Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing Processes via Mixed-Integer Programming
Christian Reintjes, Michael Hartisch and Ulf Lorenz
Optimized Design of Thermofluid Systems Using the Example of Mold Cooling in Injection Molding
Jonas B. Weber, Michael Hartisch and Ulf Lorenz
Optimization of Pumping Systems for Buildings: Experimental Validation of Different Degrees of Model Detail on a Modular Test Rig
Tim M. Müller, Lena C. Altherr, Philipp Leise and Peter F. Pelz
Optimal Product Portfolio Design by Means of Semi-infinite Programming
Helene Krieg, Jan Schwientek, Dimitri Nowak and Karl-Heinz Küfer
Exploiting Partial Convexity of Pump Characteristics in Water Network Design
Marc E. Pfetsch and Andreas Schmitt
Improving an Industrial Cooling System Using MINLP, Considering Capital and Operating Costs
Marvin M. Meck, Tim M. Müller, Lena C. Altherr and Peter F. Pelz
A Two-Phase Approach for Model-Based Design of Experiments Applied in Chemical Engineering
Jan Schwientek, Charlie Vanaret, Johannes Höller, Patrick Schwartz, Philipp Seufert, Norbert Asprion, Roger Böttcher and Michael Bortz
Assessing and Optimizing the Resilience of Water Distribution Systems Using Graph-Theoretical Metrics
Imke-Sophie Lorenz, Lena C. Altherr and Peter F. Pelz
A Flexible Shift System for a Fully-Continuous Production Division
Elisabeth Finhold, Tobias Fischer, Sandy Heydrich and Karl-Heinz Küfer
Capacitated Lot Sizing for Plastic Blanks in Automotive Manufacturing Integrating Real-World Requirements
Janis S. Neufeld, Felix J. Schmidt, Tommy Schultz and Udo Buscher
Facility Location with Modular Capacities for Distributed Scheduling Problems
Eduardo Alarcon-Gerbier
Diversity of Processing Times in Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problems
Kathrin Maassen and Paz Perez-Gonzalez
Proactive Strategies for Soccer League Timetabling
Xiajie Yi and Dries Goossens
Constructive Heuristics in Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling with Unrelated Machines and Setup Times
Andreas Hipp and Jutta Geldermann
A Heuristic Approach for the Multi-Project Scheduling Problem with Resource Transition Constraints
Markus Berg, Tobias Fischer and Sebastian Velten
Time-Dependent Emission Minimization in Sustainable Flow Shop Scheduling
Sven Schulz and Florian Linß
Analyzing and Optimizing the Throughput of a Pharmaceutical Production Process
Heiner Ackermann, Sandy Heydrich and Christian Weiß
A Problem Specific Genetic Algorithm for Disassembly Planning and Scheduling Considering Process Plan Flexibility and Parallel Operations
Franz Ehm
Project Management with Scarce Resources in Disaster Response
Niels-Fabian Baur and Julia Rieck
Capacitated Price Bundling for Markets with Discrete Customer Segments and Stochastic Willingness to Pay: ABasic Decision Model
Ralf Gössinger and Jacqueline Wand
Insourcing the Passenger Demand Forecasting System for Revenue Management at DB Fernverkehr: Lessons Learned from the First Year
Valentin Wagner, Stephan Dlugosz, Sang-Hyeun Park and Philipp Bartke
Tax Avoidance and Social Control
Markus Diller, Johannes Lorenz and David Meier
How to Improve Measuring Techniques for the Cumulative Elevation Gain upon Road Cycling
Maren Martens
A Domain-Specific Language to Process Causal Loop Diagrams with R
Adrian Stämpfli
Deterministic and Stochastic Simulation: A Combined Approach to Passenger Routing in Railway Systems
Gonzalo Barbeito, Maximilian Moll, Wolfgang Bein and Stefan Pickl
Predictive Analytics in Aviation Management: Passenger Arrival Prediction
Maximilian Moll, Thomas Berg, Simon Ewers and Michael Schmidt
Xpress Mosel: Modeling and Programming Features for Optimization Projects
Susanne Heipcke and Yves Colombani
The Optimal Reorder Policy in an Inventory System with Spares and Periodic Review
Michael Dreyfuss and Yahel Giat
Decision Support for Material Procurement
Heiner Ackermann, Erik Diessel, Michael Helmling, Christoph Hertrich, Neil Jami and Johanna Schneider
Design of Distribution Systems in Grocery Retailing
Andreas Holzapfel, Heinrich Kuhn and Tobias Potoczki
A Comparison of Forward and Closed-Loop Supply Chains
Mehmet Alegoz, Onur Kaya and Z. Pelin Bayindir
Black-Box Optimization in Railway Simulations
Julian Reisch and Natalia Kliewer
The Effective Residual Capacity in Railway Networks with Predefined Train Services
Norman Weik, Emma Hemminki and Nils Nießen
A Heuristic Solution Approach for the Optimization of Dynamic Ridesharing Systems
Nicolas Rückert, Daniel Sturm and Kathrin Fischer
Data Analytics in Railway Operations: Using Machine Learning to Predict Train Delays
Florian Hauck and Natalia Kliewer
Optimization of Rolling Stock Rostering Under Mutual Direct Operation
Sota Nakano, Jun Imaizumi and Takayuki Shiina
The Restricted Modulo Network Simplex Method for Integrated Periodic Timetabling and Passenger Routing
Fabian Löbel, Niels Lindner and Ralf Borndörfer
Optimizing Winter Maintenance Service at Airports
Henning Preis and Hartmut Fricke
Coping with Uncertainties in Predicting the Aircraft Turnaround Time at Airports
Ehsan Asadi, Jan Evler, Henning Preis and Hartmut Fricke
Strategic Planning of Depots for a Railway Crew Scheduling Problem
Martin Scheffler
Periodic Timetabling with Flexibility Based on a Mesoscopic Topology
Stephan Bütikofer, Albert Steiner and Raimond Wüst
Capacity Planning for Airport Runway Systems
Stefan Frank and Karl Nachtigall
Data Reduction Algorithm for the Electric Bus Scheduling Problem
Maros Janovec and Michal Kohani
Crew Planning for Commuter Rail Operations, a Case Study on Mumbai, India
Naman Kasliwal, Sudarshan Pulapadi, Madhu N. Belur, Narayan Rangaraj, Suhani Mishra, Shamit Monga, Abhishek Singh, S. G. Sagar, P. K. Majumdar and M. K. Jagesh

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