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06-07: Paradoxes and Puzzles in Our Globalized World Public Support of Trade Policy, International Outsourcing Trade Liberalization, Globalization Downloads
James W. Dean and G. Robert Ross
06-06: Why public goods are a pedagogical bad Downloads
Frances Woolley
06-05: Politics, political competition and the political budget cycle in Canada, 1870 - 2000: a search across alternative fiscal instruments Downloads
J. Stephen Ferris and Stanley Winer
06-04: Just how much bigger is government in Canada? Downloads
J. Stephen Ferris
06-03: Deficits, Debt Financing, Monetary Policy and Inflation in Developing Countries: Internal or External Factors? Evidence from Iran Downloads
Amir Kia
06-02: Control over Money and Wealth Accumulation in Canadian Families – revised version: Control over Money and the Savings Decisions of Canadian Households (with Shelley Phipps) Downloads
Frances Woolley and Shelley Phipps
06-01: North-South Technology Diffusion: How Important Are Trade, FDI and International Telecommunications? Downloads
Yanling Wang
05-09: Political Competition and Convergence to Fundamentals: With Application to the Politcal Business Cycle and the Size of the Public Sector Downloads
J. Stephen Ferris, Soo-Bin Park and Stanley Winer
05-08: Sustainability of the Fiscal Process in Developing Countries- Egypt, Iran and Turkey: A Multicointegration Approach – revised version: Fiscal Sustainability in Emerging Countries: Evidence from Iran and Turkey Downloads
Amir Kia
05-07: Overnight Monetary Policy in the United States: Active or Interest-Rate Smoothing? Downloads
Amir Kia
05-06: Estimating a Linear Simultaneous Equation Model with Panel Data Downloads
Soo-Bin Park
05-05: The citation impact of Feminist Economics Downloads
Frances Woolley
05-04: Balancing Work and Care in the Post-Soviet Russian Labour Market Downloads
Tatyana Teplova
05-03: Would a Borderless North America Kill Canadian Culture? Downloads
Vivek Dehejia and James W. Dean
05-02: Developing a Market-Based Monetary Policy Transparency Index and Testing Its Impact on Risk and Volatility in the United States Downloads
Amir Kia
05-01: An Assessment of the Currency Board Regime in Bosnia and Herzegovina Downloads
Vivek Dehejia and Nadja Kamhi
04-19: Monopoly and Product Diversity: The Role of Retailer Countervailing Power Downloads
Zhiqi Chen
04-18: A Competitive Equilibrium With Product Differentiation Downloads
Richard L. Carson
04-17: Optimal Globalization and National Welfare Downloads
James Dean, Vivek Dehejia, Elinor Johansen and Sarah Turney
04-16: Euroizing the New Europe Downloads
James Dean
04-15: Deficits, Debt Financing, Monetary Policy and Inflation in Developing Countries: Internal or External Factors? Downloads
Amir Kia
04-14: Modern Central Banks Only Have Real Effects? Downloads
Thomas Rymes
04-13: Government Antismoking Campaigns: An Endogenous Yardstick Political Competition Approach Downloads
Zhihao Yu
04-12: Cuba's Underground Economy Downloads
Archibald R. M. Ritter
04-11: Canada's "Mineral Cluster:" Structure, Evolution and Functioning Downloads
Archibald R. M. Ritter
04-10: Mineral Sector Development and The Community: Some Canadian Experiences Downloads
Archibald R. M. Ritter
04-09: A Graphical Depiction of Hicksian Partial-Equilibrium Welfare Analysis Downloads
Keir Armstrong
04-08: Output and Unemployment Dynamics in Transition Downloads
Vivek Dehejia and Douglas W. Dwyer
04-07: Market-Based Monetary Policy Transparency Index, Risk and Volatility - The Case of the United States Downloads
Amir Kia and Hilde Patron
04-06: Politics versus Economics in the Explanation of Government – revised version: Studying the Role of Political Competition in the Evolution of Government Size over Long Horizons Downloads
J. Stephen Ferris, Soo-Bin Park and Stanley Winer
04-05: The North Korean Economy: Current Issues and Prospects Downloads
Soo-Bin Park
04-04: A Contribution to the Political Economy of Government Size: 'Demand', 'Supply' and 'Political Influence' Downloads
George Tridimas and Stanley Winer
04-03: Regulation and Taxation: Analyzing Policy Interdependence Downloads
Walter Hettich and Stanley Winer
04-02: The Effect of Foreign Capital and Imports on Economic Growth: Further Evidence from Four Asian Countries Downloads
Kanta Marwah and Akbar Tavakoli
04-01: Lost Productivity and Defense Burden of the Southern Cone of Latin America Downloads
Kanta Marwah and Lawrence Klein
03-13: Modeling Money Demand under the Profit-Sharing Banking Scheme: Evidence on Policy Invariance and Long-Run Stability Downloads
Amir Kia and Ali F. Darrat
03-12: The Choice of Monetary/Exchange Rate Regimes: Concepts and Arguments Downloads
Vivek Dehejia
03-11: Introducing Uncertainty into Baland and Robinson's Model of Child Labour Downloads
William Pouliot
03-10: Exchange Rate Regimes for the 21st Century: Asia, Europe and the Americas Downloads
James Dean
03-09: Could Non-redeemable Money have Evolved Naturally from Commodity Money under Free Banking? – revised version: On Hayek’s Denationalization of Money, Free Banking and Inflation Targeting Downloads
J. Stephen Ferris and J. A. Galbraith
03-08: A New Push on An Old Fundamental: Understanding the Patterns of Outsourcing Downloads
Zhihao Yu
03-07: Environmental Protection: A Theory of Direct and Indirect Competition for Political Influence Downloads
Zhihao Yu
03-06: IT, Production Specialization, and Division of Labor: A Smith-Ricardo Model of International Trade Downloads
Zhihao Yu
03-05: Convention on Cultural Diversity Downloads
Keith Acheson and Christopher Maule
03-04: Why Take on the Tobacco Industry: the Political Economy of Government Anti-smoking Campaign Downloads
Zhihao Yu
03-03: An Overview of Cuba’s Economy in the 2000s: Recuperation and/or Relapse – revised version: The Cuban Economy in the Twenty-first Century: Recuperation or Relapse? The Cuban Economy Downloads
Archibald R. M. Ritter
03-02: Competitive Bank Monies: Reconsidering Hayek and Klein from a Transactions Perspective Downloads
J. Stephen Ferris
03-01: Can Technology Transfer Induce the South to Sign International Environmental Agreements? – revised version: Technology Transfer and the South’s Participation in an International Environmental Agreement Downloads
Larry Qiu and Zhihao Yu
02-12: Trade Liberalization and Strategic Outsourcing Downloads
Yongmin Chen, Jota Ishikawa and Zhihao Yu
02-11: The Political Economy of Taxation: Positive and Normative Analysis when Collective Choice Matters Downloads
Stanley Winer and Walter Hettich
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