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AWP-01-2024: Where are the Female Composers? Evidence on the Extent and Causes of Gender Inequality in Music History Downloads
Karol Jan Borowiecki, Martin Hørlyk Kristensen and Marc Law
AWP-02-2020: Does nudity sell? An econometric analysis of the value of female nudity in Modigliani portraits Downloads
Alessia Crotta and Filip Vermeylen
AWP-01-2020: Is innovation in ICT valuable for the efficiency of Italian museums? Downloads
Calogero Guccio, Marco Ferdinando Martorana, Isidoro Mazza, Giacomo Pignataro and Ilde Rizzo
AWP-06-2019: An analysis of the efficiency of Italian museums using a generalised conditional efficiency model Downloads
Calogero Guccio, Marco Ferdinando Martorana, Isidoro Mazza, Giacomo Pignataro and Ilde Rizzo
AWP-05-2019: Examining the life-cycle artistic productivity of Latin American photographers Downloads
José Sánchez-Fung
AWP-04-2019: Publicly funded cultural institutions. A comparative economic valuation study Downloads
Aleksandra Wiśniewska, Mikolaj Czajkowski and Wiktor Budzinski
AWP-03-2019: Immigrant Artists: Enrichment or Displacement? Downloads
Karol Borowiecki and Kathryn Graddy
AWP-02-2019: The Origins of Creativity: The Case of the Arts in the United States since 1850 Downloads
Karol Borowiecki
AWP-01-2019: The effects of cultural policy on nascent cultural entrepreneurship: A Bayesian nonparametric approach to longitudinal mediation Downloads
Andrej Srakar and Marilena Vecco
AWP-05-2018: Internal and external factors in the development of a network organization in the arts: A mediation analysis Downloads
Andrej Srakar and Miroslav Verbič
AWP-04-2018: Deep-Rooted Culture and Economic Development: Taking the Seven Deadly Sins to Build A Well-Being Composite Indicator Downloads
Luis César Herrero, Ivan Boal-San Miguel and Mafalda Gomez-Vega
AWP-03-2018: Supporting the Dance Sector. Does Efficiency Clash with Success When Programming? Downloads
Maria Jose Del Barrio-Tellado and Luis César Herrero
AWP-02-2018: Are We (Un)Consciously Driven by First Impressions? Price Declarations vs. Observed Cinema Demand when VAT Increases Downloads
Sara Suarez-Fernandez, Maria Jose Perez-Villadoniga and Juan Prieto-Rodriguez
AWP-01-2018: Do Contemporary Plays Feature Fewer Roles? Some Empirical Evidence Downloads
Sacit Akdede, Victor Ginsburgh and Aynur Uckac
AWP-09-2017: Measuring Technical Efficiency and Marginal Costs in the Performing Arts: The Case of the Municipal Theatres of Warsaw Downloads
Víctor Fernández-Blanco, Ana Rodriguez-Alvarez and Aleksandra Wiśniewska
AWP-08-2017: Prevalence of Diseases and Health Care Utilization ofthe Self-Employed Artists and TheirEmpirical Determinants: Evidence From a Slovenian Survey Downloads
Andrej Srakar
AWP-07-2017: Efficiency of Slovenian General Public Libraries: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach Downloads
Andrej Srakar, Eva Kodric-Dacic, Klemen Koman and Damjan Kavas
AWP-06-2017: Are Books Luxury Goods in Russia or not? Downloads
Nataliya Kochkina and Evgeniya Popova
AWP-05-2017: Video Games is Cultural Participation: Understanding Games Playing In England Using The Taking Part Survey Downloads
Karol Borowiecki and Hasan Bakhshi
AWP-04-2017: Disentangle inefficiency in the production activities of Italian national libraries: A network DEA approach Downloads
Calogero Guccio, Anna Mignosa and Ilde Rizzo
AWP-03-2017: The New Scenarios of Culture: Some Economic Challenges Downloads
Jesus Lechuga Montenegro and Marissa Reyes Godínez
AWP-02-2017: Has cultural heritage monetary value an impact on visits? An assessment using Italian official data Downloads
Calogero Guccio, Domenico Lisi, Anna Mignosa and Ilde Rizzo
AWP-01-2017: The Cultural Value and Variety of Playing Video Games Downloads
Karol Borowiecki and Juan Prieto-Rodriguez
AWP-11-2016: Where Are the Artists? Analyzing Economies of Agglomeration in Spain Downloads
Ivan Boal-San Miguel and Luis César Herrero
AWP-10-2016: Back to the Future. The effect of digital technology on the performance of public historical archives Downloads
Calogero Guccio, Marco Ferdinando Martorana, Isidoro Mazza and Ilde Rizzo
AWP-09-2016: Being Central and Productive? Evidence from Slovenian Visual Artists in the 19th and 20th Century Downloads
Andrej Srakar, Petja Grafenauer and Marilena Vecco
AWP-08-2016: Looking into the Profile of Music Audiences Downloads
Víctor Fernández-Blanco, Maria Jose Perez-Villadoniga and Juan Prieto-Rodriguez
AWP-07-2016: Knowledge-Centric Practices of Performing Arts Organizations: New Directions for Organizational Resilience Downloads
Neville K. Vakharia, Marilena Vecco, Andrej Srakar and Divya Janardhan
AWP-06-2016: Researching song titles, product cycles and copyright in published music: problems, results and data sources Downloads
Ruth Towse and Hyojung Sun
AWP-05-2016: Demand for performing arts: the effect of unobserved quality on price elasticity Downloads
Alina Buzanakova and Evgeniy Ozhegov
AWP-04-2016: The consumption of cultural goods through the internet. How is it affected by the digital divide? Downloads
Victoria Ateca-Amestoy and Concetta Castiglione
AWP-03-2016: Do sequel movies really earn more than non-sequels? Evidence from the US box office Downloads
Denis Orlov and Evgeniy Ozhegov
AWP-02-2016: Visitor Attitudes to Deaccessioning in Italian Public Museums: An Econometric Analysis Downloads
Marilena Vecco, Andrej Srakar and Michele Piazzai
AWP-01-2016: Intergenerational Transmission of Musical Education Downloads
Víctor Fernández-Blanco, Maria Jose Perez-Villadoniga and Juan Prieto-Rodriguez
AWP-10-2015: Change in access after digitization: Ethnographic collections in Wikipedia Downloads
Trilce Navarrete and Karol Borowiecki
AWP-09-2015: Measuring allocative efficiency in cultural economics: The case of Fundacion Princesa de Asturias Downloads
Víctor Fernández-Blanco and Ana Rodriguez-Alvarez
AWP-08-2015: Digitization of Heritage Collections as Indicator of Innovation Downloads
Karol Borowiecki and Trilce Navarrete
AWP-07-2015: Death, Bereavement, And Creativity Downloads
Kathryn Graddy
AWP-06-2015: European Cultural Models in Statistical Perspective: A High-dimensionally Adjusted Cultural Index for the EU Countries, 2005-2009 Downloads
Andrej Srakar, Miroslav Verbič and Vesna Copic
AWP-05-2015: A quantitative analysis of reading habits Downloads
Víctor Fernández-Blanco, Juan Prieto-Rodriguez and Javier Suarez-Pandiello
AWP-04-2015: Does the law of one price hold in non-standard investment markets? Why selling picasso in New York is differents Downloads
Andrew Jones and Roberto Zanola
AWP-03-2015: Rational addiction and cultural goods: the case of the Italian theatregoer Downloads
Concetta Castiglione and Davide Infante
AWP-02-2015: Fiscal and Economic Aspects of Book Consumption in the European Union Downloads
Karol Borowiecki and Trilce Navarrete
AWP-01-2015: Dance Participation and Attendance in Denmark Downloads
Karol Borowiecki and Catarina Marvao
AWP-05-2014: Cultural and Creative Industries as Determining Qualified International Flow Trade in Latin America, 2001-2011 Downloads
Jenny Cardenas-Ayala and Leandro Valiati
AWP-04-2014: Anchoring or Loss Aversion? Empirical Evidence from Art Auctions Downloads
Kathryn Graddy, Lara Loewenstein, Jianping Mei, Mike Moses and Rachel Pownall
AWP-03-2014: Returns on Indian Art during 2000-2013 Downloads
Jenny Hawkins and Viplav Saini
AWP-02-2014: Auction House Guarantees for Works of Art Downloads
Kathryn Graddy and Jonathan Hamilton
AWP-01-2014: Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow: On the implications of deaccess policies on donations to museums Downloads
Luigi Di Gaetano and Isidoro Mazza
AWP-08-2013: Satellite Culture Account for Uruguay: Visual and Plastic Arts Sector Downloads
Carolina Asuaga, Fanny Trylesinski and Gabriela Medeiros
AWP-07-2013: Video Games Playing: A substitute for cultural consumptions? Downloads
Karol Borowiecki and Juan Prieto-Rodriguez
AWP-06-2013: Local government allocation of cultural services Downloads
Lars Håkonsen and Knut Løyland
AWP-05-2013: Culture-led City Brands as Economic Engines: Theory and Empirics Downloads
Beatriz Plaza, Pilar Gonzalez-Casimiro, Paz Moral-Zuazo and Courtney Waldron
AWP-04-2013: Does Unesco inscription affect the performance of tourism destinations? A regional perspective Downloads
Tiziana Cuccia, Calogero Guccio and Ilde Rizzo
AWP-03-2013: The Labor Market in the Art Sector of Baroque Rome Downloads
Federico Etro, Silvia Marchesi and Laura Pagani
AWP-02-2013: Agglomeration Economies in Classical Music Downloads
Karol Borowiecki
AWP-01-2013: Economic and cultural factors and illegal copying in the university textbook market Downloads
Antonello Scorcu and Laura Vici
AWP-05-2012: Why Do People (Not) Cough in Concerts? The Economics of Concert Etiquette Downloads
Andreas Wagener
AWP-04-2012: The Extraordinary Art Critic Roger de Piles (1635-1709): An Empirical Analysis of his Rankings and Sale Prices Downloads
Kathryn Graddy
AWP-03-2012: Movie reviews: Who are the readers? Downloads
Jose Azuela Flores, Víctor Fernández-Blanco and Maria jose Sanzo-Perez
AWP-02-2012: Better off Dead? Prices Realised for Australian Paintings Sold at Auction Downloads
Bronwyn Coate and Tim Fry
AWP-01-2012: Forecasting accuracy of behavioural models for participation in the arts Downloads
Victoria Ateca-Amestoy and Juan Prieto-Rodriguez
AWP-04-2011: How do your rivals' releasing dates affect your box office? Downloads
Fernanda Gutierrez-Navratil, Víctor Fernández-Blanco, Luis Orea and Juan Prieto-Rodriguez
AWP-03-2011: The 1980s Price Bubble on (Post) Impressionism Downloads
Fabian Bocart, Ken Bastiaensen and Peter Cauwels
AWP-02-2011: Do supermarkets reduce the number of traditional bookshops? An empirical application to the textbook market in Spain Downloads
Aday Hernández and Juan Jiménez González
AWP-01-2011: Retransformation bias in the adjacent art price index Downloads
Andrew Jones and Roberto Zanola
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