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2019: Product-level Trade Elasticities Downloads
Lionel Fontagné, Houssein Guimbard and Gianluca Orefice
2019: Testing for non-chaoticity under noisy dynamics using the largest Lyapunov exponent
Hayette Gatfaoui and Philippe De Peretti
2019: Évaluation des nouvelles configurations organisationnelles dans le secteur de la santé: proposition d’un cadre d’analyse à partir de la théorie ancrée et de monographies de sites Downloads
Isabelle Hirtzlin
2019: Is Informal Redistribution Costly? Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in Senegal
Marie Boltz, Karine Marazyan and Paola Villar
2019: A model of anonymous influence with anti-conformist agents Downloads
Michel Grabisch, Alexis Poindron and Agnieszka Rusinowska
2019: Financial Dependencies, Environmental Regulation and Pollution Intensity: Evidence From China Downloads
Mathilde Maurel, Thomas Pernet and Zhao Ruili
2019: Causal Inference and Impact Evaluation Downloads
Denis Fougere and Nicolas Jacquemet
2019: The economics of malaria control in an age of declining aid Downloads
Eric Maskin, Célestin Monga, Josselin Thuilliez and Jean-Claude Berthélemy
2019: Flickering in Information Spreading Precedes Critical Transitions in Financial Markets
Hayette Gatfaoui and Philippe De Peretti
2019: Un regard sur les conditions de travail dans la sous-traitance
Laurence Lizé
2019: Challenges of decentralized electrification for economic development: lessons from experience Downloads
Jean-Claude Berthélemy
2019: The economic sphere and ways to govern economic relationships (L'espace des biens et les formes de la gouvernance des relations économiques)
Jean-Marie Monnier
2019: Managing the Downside of Active and Passive Strategies: Convexity and Fragilities Downloads
Raphaël Douady
2019: Économie du travail et de l'emploi
Bernard Gazier and Héloïse Petit
2019: Forty Years of Labour Studies: the Perspective of Four Economists (Quarante ans d’analyse du travail et de l’emploi: points de vue de quatre économistes)
Philippe Askenazy, Luc Behaghel, Morgane Laouenan and Dominique Meurs
2019: L'énergie et les fonctions de production agrégées: perspectives historique et méthodologique Downloads
Quentin Couix
2019: Children of War: In-Utero Stress and Child Health in Iraq Downloads
Sulin Sardoschau
2019: The CMMV Pricing Model in Practice Downloads
Bernard De Meyer and Moussa Dabo
2019: Inequality of educational opportunity and time-varying circumstances: Longitudinal evidence from Peru Downloads
José María Rentería
2019: The past and future of the social sciences. A Schumpeterian theory of scientific development? Downloads
Stefano Lucarelli, Alfonso Giuliani and Hervé Baron
2019: Egalitarianism and the democratic deconsolidation: Is democracy compatible with socialism?
François Facchini and Mickael Melki
2019: Natural Resources in the Theory of Production: The Georgescu-Roegen/Daly versus Solow/Stiglitz Controversy Downloads
Quentin Couix
2019: The Democratic Crisis and the Knowledge Problem
François Facchini and Mickael Melki
2019: Are global value chains receding? The jury is still out. Key findings from the analysis of deflated world trade in parts and components Downloads
Guillaume Gaulier, Aude Sztulman and Deniz Ünal
2019: Mortality and Macroeconomic Conditions: What Can We Learn From France?
Max Brüning and Josselin Thuilliez
2019: From New Institutional Economics of the Commons to the Common as a Mode of Production
Alfonso Giuliani and Carlo Vercellone
2019: Defining an intrinsic "stickiness" parameter of stock price returns Downloads
Naji Massad and Jørgen Vitting Andersen
2019: Anti-conformism in the threshold model of collective behavior Downloads
Michel Grabisch and Fen Li
2019: A general model of synchronous updating with binary opinions Downloads
Alexis Poindron
2019: Robust covariance matrix estimation and portfolio allocation: the case of non-homogeneous assets Downloads
Emmanuelle Jay, Thibault Soler, Jean-Philippe Ovarlez, Philippe De Peretti and Christophe Chorro
2019: Improving portfolios global performance using a cleaned and robust covariance matrix estimate Downloads
Emmanuelle Jay, Thibault Soler, Eugénie Terreaux, Jean-Philippe Ovarlez, Frédéric Pascal, Philippe De Peretti and Christophe Chorro
2019: Monetary Dynamics in a Network Economy Downloads
Antoine Mandel and Vipin Veetil
2019: Anti-conformism in the threshold model of collective behavior Downloads
Michel Grabisch and Fen Li
2019: The other side of the Coin: Risks of the Libra Blockchain Downloads
Louis Abraham and Dominique Guegan
2019: Que font les organisations aux parcours professionnels ? Socio-économie du travail, n°5, 2019-1, 201p
Jean-Paul Cadet, Coralie Perez and Josiane Vero
2019: The French Personal Training Account: the advent of a commodified and disintermediated rationale (Avec le Compte Personnel de Formation: l’avènement d’une logique marchande et désintermédiée)
Coralie Perez
2019: Pollution in a globalized world: Are debt transfers among countries a solution? Downloads
Marion Davin, Mouez Fodha and Thomas Seegmuller
2019: Individual dismissals for personal and economic reasons in French firms: One or two models? Downloads
Camille Signoretto and Julie Valentin
2019: Rational expectations and stochastic systems Downloads
Jørgen Vitting Andersen, Roy Cerqueti and Jessica Riccioni
2019: Forecast bankruptcy using a blend of clustering and MARS model: case of US banks
Rania Hentati, Zeineb Affes and Rania Hentati-Kaffel
2019: It Takes Two to Tango Income and Payroll Taxes in Progressive Tax Systems Downloads
Victor Amoureux, Elvire Guillaud and Michaël Zemmour
2019: Energy Performance Certificates and investments in building energy efficiency: A theoretical analysis
Pierre Fleckinger, Matthieu Glachant and Paul-Hervé Tamokoué Kamga
2019: The FR-BDF Model and an Assessment of Monetary Policy Transmission in France, Working Paper Series no. 736, Banque de France Downloads
Matthieu Lemoine, Harri Turunen, Mohammed Chahad, Antoine Lepetit, Anastasia Zhutova, Pierre Aldama, Pierrick Clerc and Jean-Pierre Laffargue
2019: Opinion formation and targeting when persuaders have extreme and centrist opinions
Agnieszka Rusinowska and Akylai Taalaibekova
2019: TBTs, Firm Organization and Labour Structure- The effect of Technical Barriers to Trade on Skills Downloads
Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Lionel Fontagné, Gianluca Orefice, Giovanni Pica and Anna Rosso
2019: How Serious is the Measurement-Error Problem in a Popular Risk-Aversion Task? Downloads
Fabien Perez, Guillaume Hollard, Radu Vranceanu and Delphine Dubart
2019: Digitalization, Worker involvement and the making of Innovative Workplaces (some very preliminary insights) Downloads
Roland Ahlstrand and Jérôme Gautié
2019: L'économie républicaine: comment penser la révolution de l'économie mixte ?
Christophe Ramaux
2019: Organisational Efficiency Of French Olympics Federations Applications over the 2011-2017 period
Mickael Terrien, Wladimir Andreff and Christophe Durand
2019: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Market Making in Corporate Bonds: Beating the Curse of Dimensionality
Olivier Guéant and Iuliia Manziuk
2019: A look at the microeconomics of corruption and its impact on public finances (Regard sur la microéconomie de la corruption et son impact sur les finances publiques)
Jean-Marie Monnier
2019: L’économie mondiale 2020
Jézabel Couppey-Soubeyran and Isabelle Bensidoun
2019: Crypto assets: the role of ICO tokens within a well-diversified portfolio Downloads
Saman Adhami and Dominique Guegan
2019: Scientific Competition between Countries: Did China Get What It Paid for? Downloads
Pierre Courtioux, François Métivier and Antoine Reberioux
2019: The Estimation of Price Elasticities and the Value of Time in a Domestic Production Framework: an Application using French Micro-Data
François Gardes
2019: Portfolio choice, portfolio liquidation, and portfolio transition under drift uncertainty
Alexis Bismuth, Olivier Guéant and Jiang Pu
2019: The winter sports industry and Winter Olympics in historical perspective: from Grenoble 1968 to Albertville 1992
Wladimir Andreff
2019: Model risk management: From epistemology to corporate governance
Bertrand Hassani
2019: On importance indices in multicriteria decision making Downloads
Michel Grabisch, Christophe Labreuche and Mustapha Ridaoui
2019: The price effects of monetary shocks in a network economy
Antoine Mandel, Davoud Taghawi-Nejad and Vipin Veetil
2019: Précis d'Économie Expérimentale
Nicolas Jacquemet, Fabrice Le Lec and Olivier l’Haridon
2019: The Efficient Market Hypothesis and Rational Expectations. How Did They Meet and Live (Happily?) Ever After Downloads
Thomas Delcey and Francesco Sergi
2019: Market Formation in Bilateral Oligopolies
Hélène Ferrer and Francis Bloch
2019: Gender Studies in Finance (Vers un nouveau genre de finance ?)
Antoine Reberioux, Gunther Capelle-Blancard and Jézabel Couppey-Soubeyran
2019: L'économie républicaine: pour penser autrement l'économie
Christophe Ramaux
2019: Why and How Should Human Capital be Measured in National Accounts? (Pourquoi et Comment mesurer le capital humain dans la comptabilité nationale ?) Downloads
Nicolas Canry
2019: Interaction indices for multichoice games Downloads
Mustapha Ridaoui, Michel Grabisch and Christophe Labreuche
2019: Winning Coalitions in Plurality Voting Democracies Downloads
René Van Den Brink, Dinko Dimitrov and Agnieszka Rusinowska
2019: Diffusion in countably infinite networks Downloads
Michel Grabisch, Agnieszka Rusinowska and Xavier Venel
2019: Climate clubs and the macro-economic benefits of international cooperation on climate policy
Leonidas Paroussos, Antoine Mandel, Kostas Fragkiadakis, Panagiotis Fragkos, Jochen Hinkel and Zoi Vrontisi
2019: Unintended triadic closure in social networks: The strategic formation of research collaborations between French inventors
Nicolas Carayol, Laurent Bergé, Lorenzo Cassi and Pascale Roux
Edith Archambault
2019: More than just friends? School peers and adult interracial relationships
Luca Merlino, Max Steinhardt and Liam Wren-Lewis
2019: Jury Theorems
Franz Dietrich and Kai Spiekermann
2019: Convexity of graph-restricted games induced by minimum partitions Downloads
Alexandre Skoda
2019: Rente, politique et valeur d’échange: l’émergence de la vénalité des offices entre le XVe et le XVIIe siècles
Nicolas Pinsard and Bruno Tinel
2019: A Psychometric Investigation of the Personality Traits Underlying Individual Tax Morale Downloads
Nicolas Jacquemet, Stéphane Luchini, Antoine Malezieux and Jason Shogren
2019: Cognitive Capitalism, Welfare and Labour: The Commonfare Hypothesis
Andrea Fumagalli, Alfonso Giuliani, Stefano Lucarelli and Carlo Vercellone
2019: How (and how much) does theory matter? Revisiting the relationships between theories and empirics in the economic controversies over the minimum wage since the 1940s Downloads
Jérôme Gautié
2019: Who'll stop lying under oath? Empirical evidence from Tax Evasion Games Downloads
Nicolas Jacquemet, Stephane Luchini, Antoine Malézieux and Jason Shogren
2019: Labour Supply, Service Intensity and Contract Choice: Theory and Evidence on Physicians Downloads
Bernard Fortin, Nicolas Jacquemet and Bruce Shearer
2019: Not exactly the same story. Deindustrialization patterns in developed countries: a structural change model in a globalized world
Nicolas Canry and Lorenzo Cassi
2019: The Gold Hidden Dividend
Jean-François Carpantier and Florian Ielpo
2019: Learning to cooperate in the shadow of the law Downloads
Roberto Galbiati, Emeric Henry and Nicolas Jacquemet
2019: Women’s investment in career and the household division of labour
Catherine Sofer and Claire Thibout
2019: Reacting to the Lucas Critique
Aurélien Goutsmedt, Erich Pinzón-Fuchs, Matthieu Renault and Francesco Sergi
2019: An Agenda without a Plan. Robert E. Lucas’s Trajectory through the Public Debate (Un programme sans plan. La trajectoire de Robert E. Lucas à travers le débat public)
Aurélien Goutsmedt, Danielle Guizzo and Francesco Sergi
2019: Dubaï, a hub for Dhow shipping? Study of the connectivity between standardized networks and local networks Downloads
Emeric Lendjel and Nora Marei
2019: Reputation and (un)fair trade: Effects on French importers from the Rana Plaza collapse
Pamina Koenig and Sandra Poncet
2019: Artificial Intelligence, Data, Ethics: An Holistic Approach for Risks and Regulation Downloads
Alexis Bogroff and Dominique Guegan
2019: Refinements to the generic existence of equilibrium in incomplete markets Downloads
Lionel Boisdeffre
2019: Revenu universel
Ai-Thu Dang
2019: Predicting US Banks Bankruptcy: Logit Versus Canonical Discriminant Analysis
Rania Hentati, Zeineb Affes and Rania Hentati-Kaffel
2019: Natives’ Attitudes and Immigrants’ Unemployment Durations
Jérôme Valette and Sekou Keita
2019: Politics as rent and exchange-value: the rise of offices venality in France 1467-1604
Nicolas Pinsard and Bruno Tinel
2019: Every Little Helps? ESG News and Stock Market Reaction
Gunther Capelle-Blancard and Aurélien Petit
2019: Pareto Models for Top Incomes Downloads
Arthur Charpentier and Emmanuel Flachaire
2019: Accompagner sans attenter à la liberté des individus
Jérôme Gautié
2019: Les déterminants de la politique de provisionnement des prêts accordés par les Banques Multilatérales de Développement
Jean-François Casta, Eric Paget-Blanc and Marc-Arthur Diaye
2019: Social Distance and Parochial Altruism: An Experimental Study Downloads
Béatrice Boulu-Reshef and Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl
2019: An Experimental Study Of Uncertainty In Coordination Games Downloads
Christos Ioannou and Miltiadis Makris
2019: Horizontal Inequality and Data Challenges Downloads
Carla Canelas and Rachel Gisselquist
2019: Lutte contre les cartels: Comment dissuader les têtes brûlées ? Downloads
Béatrice Boulu-Reshef and Constance Monnier-Schlumberger
2019: Shooting oneself in the foot? US trade policy coping with Global Value Chains
Lionel Fontagné and Cecilia Bellora
2019: The relationship of the territoriality of corporate taxation and the economy (Les rapports et regards de la territorialité de l'impôt sur les sociétés avec l'économie) Downloads
Jean-Marie Monnier
2019: Reputation and (un)fair trade: Effects on French importers from the Rana Plaza collapse
Pamina Koenig and Sandra Poncet
2019: Dropping the Cass Trick and Extending Cass' Theorem to Asymmetric Information Downloads
Lionel Boisdeffre
2019: The Degree Ratio Ranking Method for Directed Networks Downloads
René Van Den Brink and Agnieszka Rusinowska
2019: Property Rights and Long-Run Capital Downloads
Julio Dávila
2019: Discrete Choice under Oaths Downloads
Nicolas Jacquemet, Stephane Luchini, Jason Shogren and Verity Watson
2019: On endogenous formation of price expectations
Cuong Le Van, Paulina Navrouzoglou and Yiannis Vailakis
2019: Growth and International Trade: A Heckscher-Ohlin Aproach
Jean-Pierre Laffargue
2019: Institutional Integration and Economic Growth in Europe
Nauro Campos, Fabrizio Coricelli and Luigi Moretti
2019: L’arroseur arrosé: guerre commerciale et chaînes de valeur mondiales Downloads
Cecilia Bellora and Lionel Fontagné
2019: Risks and Blockchain
Dominique Guegan
2019: Valeur d'usage d'une monnaie: Les cryptomonnaies peuvent-elles se substituer aux monnaies traditionnelles ?
Renaud Beaupain, Yann Braouezec and Thomas Renault
2019: How can compulsory levies be used to promote social justice (Comment les prélèvements obligatoires peuvent-ils être au service de la justice sociale) Downloads
Jean-Marie Monnier
2019: Ideology and the rationality of non-voting
François Facchini and Louis Jaeck
2019: Fintech and Blockchain
Dominique Guegan
2019: Rationality and efficiency from experimentation in (recent) applied microeconomics to conceptual issues Downloads
Dorian Jullien, Judith Favereau and Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche
2019: A probative value for authentication use case blockchain
Dominique Guegan and Christophe Hénot
2019: Débats et politiques du salaire minimum. La voie française en perspective internationale, des années 1890 à nos jours
Jérôme Gautié
2019: Energy, knowledge, and demo-economic development in the long run: a unified growth model Downloads
Emmanuel Bovari and Victor Court
2019: Are time and money equally substitutable for all commodity groups in the household’s domestic production?
Carla Canelas, François Gardes, Philip Merrigan and Silvia Salazar
2019: Trade policy repercussions: the role of local product space -Evidence from China Downloads
Julien Gourdon, Laura Hering, Stéphanie Monjon and Sandra Poncet
2019: Reputation and (un)fair trade: Effects on French importers from the Rana Plaza collapse
Pamina Koenig and Sandra Poncet
2019: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain
Dominique Guegan
2019: Financing the Consumptionof the Young and Old in France Downloads
Hippolyte d'Albis, Carole Bonnet, Xavier Chojnicki, Najat El Mekkaoui, Angela Greulich, Jérôme Hubert and Julien Navaux
2019: Total Factor Productivity: How to more accurately assess "our ignorance" ? (Productivité globale des facteurs: comment évaluer plus précisément « notre ignorance » ?)
Georges Daw
2019: Equilibrium of a production economy with non-compact attainable allocations set Downloads
Senda Ounaies, Jean-Marc Bonnisseau and Souhail Chebbi
2019: The Deterrent Effect of French Liability Law: the Example of Abusive Contract Terms Downloads
Sophie Bienenstock
2019: How Do Central Bank Governors Matter? Regulation and the Financial Sector
Prachi Mishra and Ariell Reshef
2019: The surprising instability of export specializations
Diego Daruich, William Easterly and Ariell Reshef
2019: Income hiding and informal redistribution: A lab-in-the-field experiment in Senegal
Marie Boltz, Karine Marazyan and Paola Villar
2019: Language skills and homophilous hiring discrimination: Evidence from gender and racially differentiated applications Downloads
Anthony Edo, Nicolas Jacquemet and Constantine Yannelis
2019: : De la commission des comptes des services à la mesure de l’utilité sociale Downloads
Edith Archambault
2019: Risk and Financial Management Article Systemic Risk Indicators Based on Nonlinear PolyModel Downloads
Xingxing Ye and Raphaël Douady
2019: Demand Learning and Firm Dynamics: Evidence from Exporters Downloads
Nicolas Berman, Vincent Rebeyrol and Vincent Vicard
2019: Quels sont les effets des innovations sur l'emploi dans les entreprises françaises ? Downloads
Richard Duhautois, Christine Erhel, Mathilde Guergoat-Larivière and Malo Mofakhami
2019: The Synchronization of Business Cycles and Financial Cycles in the Euro Area Downloads
William Oman
2019: Imaging object-scene relations processing in visible and invisible natural scenes
Nathan Faivre, Julien Dubois, Naama Schwartz and Liad Mudrik
2019: Fiscal consolidation by intergovernmental transfers cuts? The unpleasant effect on expenditure arrears
Paolo Chiades, Luciano Greco, Vanni Mengotto, Luigi Moretti and Paola Valbonesi
2019: Monnaie fiduciaire, monnaie électronique et crypto-monnaies: La monnaie à l’heure du digital
Renaud Beaupain, Yann Braouezec and Thomas Renault
2019: L'Europe financière et la privatisation de la monnaie Downloads
Gaël Giraud
2019: Farmers’ adoption of organic production
Cuong Le Van and Nguyen To The
2019: L'économie politique constitutionnelle positive: un bilan et un essai
François Facchini
2019: Voies de réforme des congés parentaux dans une stratégie globale d’accueil de la petite enfance
Catherine Collombet, Céline Marc, Antoine Math, Mickael Portela, Muriel Pucci and Michel Villac
2019: A psychometric investigation of the personality traits underlying individual tax morale Downloads
Nicolas Jacquemet, Stephane Luchini, Antoine Malézieux and Jason Shogren
2019: The unintended emergence of a greed-led economic system
Wladimir Andreff
2019: The Risk of Polygamy and Wives’ Saving Behavior
Marie Boltz and Isabelle Chort
2019: Operational risk in blockchain payments
Dominique Guegan
2019: Decomposition of games: some strategic considerations Downloads
Joseph Abdou, Nikolaos Pnevmatikos, Marco Scarsini and Xavier Venel
2019: Structure of Income Inequality and Household Leverage: Theory and Cross-Country Evidence Downloads
Remi Bazillier, Jérôme Héricourt and Samuel Ligonnière
2019: Initial Crypto-asset Offerings (ICOs), tokenization and corporate governance Downloads
Stéphane Blémus and Dominique Guegan
2019: What gains and distributional implications result from trade liberalization? Downloads
Maria Bas and Caroline Paunov
2019: Is There a Child Penalty in Pensions? The Role of Caregiver Credits in the French Retirement System
Carole Bonnet and Benoît Rapoport
2019: Blockchain seminar: Risk and Blockchain
Dominique Guegan
2019: Decomposition of games: some strategic considerations
Joseph Abdou, Nikolaos Pnevmatikos, Marco Scarsini and Xavier Venel
2019: Credit Risk Analysis using Machine and Deep Learning Models
Dominique Guegan
2019: Demographic growth, Harrodian (in)stability and the supermultiplier
Olivier Allain
2019: What Are the Determinants of Public Spending? An Overview of the Literature
François Facchini
2019: Agglomeration economies and firm-level labor misallocation
Lionel Fontagné and Gianluca Santoni
2019: Truth Telling Under Oath Downloads
Nicolas Jacquemet, Stephane Luchini, Julie Rosaz and Jason Shogren
2019: The relation between degrees of belief and binary beliefs: A general impossibility theorem (La relation entre les degrés de croyance et les croyances binaires: un théorème d'impossibilité général) Downloads
Franz Dietrich and Christian List
2019: Partial Language Competence Downloads
Jeanne Hagenbach and Frederic Koessler
2019: Updating pricing rules
Aloisio Araujo, Alain Chateauneuf, José Heleno Faro and Bruno Holanda
2019: Sovereign bond yield spreads and sustainability: An empirical analysis of OECD countries
Gunther Capelle-Blancard, Patricia Crifo, Marc-Arthur Diaye, Rim Oueghlissi and Bert Scholtens
2019: Crisis at Home: Mancession-induced Change in Intrahousehold Distribution Downloads
Olivier Bargain and Laurine Martinoty
2019: La Polarisation de l’emploi en France, ce qui s’est aggravé depuis la crise de 2008
Ariell Reshef and Farid Toubal
2019: Compte-rendu de lecture de Performants... et licenciés. Enquête sur la banalisation des licenciements de Mélanie Guyonvarch, 2017, PUR
Coralie Perez
2019: Chocs de demande, effets d’apprentissage et exclusion
Catherine Bobtcheff, Claude Crampes and Yassine Lefouili
2019: Sharing the Global Benefits of Finite Natural Resource Exploitation: A Dynamic Coalitional Stability Perspective Downloads
Stéphane Gonzalez and Fatma Rostom
2019: Parfit et les économistes: la contribution de Derek Parfit au débat sur la taille optimale de la population
Stéphane Zuber
2019: The Social Cost of Carbon: Valuing Inequality, Risk, and Population for Climate Policy
Stéphane Zuber, Marc Fleurbaey, Maddalena Ferranna, Mark Budolfson, Francis Dennig, Kian Mintz-Woo, Robert Socolow and Dean Spears
2019: Interpretation of multicriteria decision making models with interacting criteria Downloads
Michel Grabisch and Christophe Labreuche
2019: Least Square Approximations and Linear Values of Cooperative Game Downloads
Ulrich Faigle and Michel Grabisch
2019: The cone of supermodular games on finite distributive lattices Downloads
Michel Grabisch and Tomáš Kroupa
2019: Why put the organization at the centre of trade and occupations dynamics’ and career paths analysis? (Pourquoi mettre l’organisation au centre de l’analyse des métiers et des parcours professionnels ?)
Jean-Paul Cadet, Coralie Perez and Josiane Vero
2019: The recent evolution of foundations in France Downloads
Edith Archambault
2019: Risk Measurement
Dominique Guegan and Bertrand K. Hassani
2019: A new analysis of the market for legal services: the lawyer, homo œconomicus or homo conventionalis ?
Franck Bessis and Camille Chaserant
2019: Complexity of inheritance of F-convexity for restricted games induced by minimum partitions
Alexandre Skoda
2019: Political Contestability and Contract Rigidity: An Analysis of Procurement Contracts
Jean Beuve, Marian Moszoro and Stephane Saussier
2019: Public Mosquito Abatement: A Cluster Randomized Experiment
Josselin Thuilliez and Yves Dumont
2019: Repurchase Agreements and the European Sovereign Debt Crises: The Role of European Clearinghouses
Angela Armakola, Raphaël Douady and Jean-Paul Laurent
2019: Prendre aux riches ou donner aux pauvres ? Les sources de la redistribution monétaire selon les pays
Michaël Zemmour, Elvire Guillaud and Victor Amoureux
2019: Les rapports de force dans les relations de sous-traitance: un état des lieux des pratiques dans les PME en France
Corinne Perraudin, Nadine Thevenot, Bruno Tinel and Julie Valentin
2019: Origins and Developments of Sports Systems
Wladimir Andreff
2019: Sport events, economic impact and regulation
Wladimir Andreff
2019: Social and Economic Factors of Sports Activity in Russian Regions Downloads
T.V. Kramin, M.R. Miftahov, Wladimir Andreff and S.B. Eroshkina
2019: Cost and Revenue Overruns of the Olympic Games 2000–2018 Downloads
Wladimir Andreff, Maike Weitzmann and Holger Preuß
2019: An Economic Roadmap to the Dark Side of Sport
Wladimir Andreff
2019: An Economic Roadmap to the Dark Side of Sport
Wladimir Andreff
2019: An Economic Roadmap to the Dark Side of Sport
Wladimir Andreff
2019: Paradigmes de l'emploi Downloads
Bernard Gazier
2019: Afterword: conditions for a new social dialogue in Europe Downloads
Bernard Gazier
2019: Opportunities or tensions: Assessing French Labour Market Reforms from 2012 to 2018 Downloads
Bernard Gazier
2019: Determinants of national men's football team performance: a focus on goal difference between teams
Nicolas Scelles and Wladimir Andreff
2019: When Machines Read the Web: Market Efficiency and Costly Information Acquisition at the Intraday Level
Roland Gillet and Thomas Renault
2019: Celso Furtado as 'Romantic Economist' from Brazil's Sertão (Celso Furtado como Economista Romântico do Sertão) Downloads
Jonas Rama and John Hall
2019: L'économie comportementale: entre faiblesses méthodologiques et idéologie Downloads
Bruno Tinel
2019: Quarante ans d’analyse du travail et de l’emploi: points de vue de quatre économistes Downloads
Philippe Askenazy, Luc Behaghel, Morgane Laouenan and Dominique Meurs
2019: Focus on… Tax havens
Gunther Capelle-Blancard and Mona Baraké
2019: Natural resources in the theory of production: the Georgescu-Roegen/Daly versus Solow/Stiglitz controversy Downloads
Quentin Couix
2019: Thinking the enterprise beyond its mutual interests. The contribution of Jaurès' thought (Penser l'entreprise au-delà de ses intérêts communs. L'apport de la pensée de Jaurès)
Sylvain Celle and Anne Fretel
2019: Bargaining foundation for ratio equilibrium in public good economies
Anne van den Nouweland and Agnieszka Rusinowska
2019: Gender Differences in the Influence of Mental Health on Job Retention Downloads
Thomas Barnay and Éric Defebvre
2019: Government expenditure, external and domestic public debt, and economic growth
Cuong Le Van, Van Phu Nguyen, Amélie Barbier-Gauchard and Duc-Anh Le
2019: Volunteer Associations and Integration of Immigrants in France
William Berthomiere, Mathilde Maurel and Yann Richard
2019: Samuelson vs Fama on the Efficient Market Hypothesis: The Point of View of Expertise (Samuelson vs Fama sur l’efficience informationnelle des marchés financiers: le point de vue de l’expertise) Downloads
Thomas Delcey
2019: Decision and Time from a Humean Point of View Downloads
Marc-Arthur Diaye and André Lapidus
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