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2021-18: The roots of cooperation Downloads
Zvonimir Bašić, Parampreet C. Bindra, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler, Angelo Romano, Matthias Sutter and Claudia Zoller
2021-17: Children's patience and school-track choices several years later: Linking experimental and field data Downloads
Silvia Angerer, Jana Bolvashenkova, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler, Philipp Lergetporer and Matthias Sutter
2021-16: Monetary Policy Announcements, Information Schocks, and Exchange Rate Dynamics Downloads
Daniel Gründler, Eric Mayer and Johann Scharler
2021-15: The Impact of Presentation Format and Choice Architecture on Portfolio Allocations: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Sebastian Bachler, Felix Holzmeister, Michael Razen and Matthias Stefan
2021-14: What is Risk to Managers? Downloads
Jeppe Christoffersen, Felix Holzmeister and Thomas Plenborg
2021-13: Trust in health care credence goods: Experimental evidence on framing and subject pool effects Downloads
Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler and Christian Waibel
2021-12: Do MTurkers Exhibit Myopic Loss Aversion? Downloads
Rene Schwaiger and Laura Hueber
2021-11: A Critical Perspective on the Conceptualization of Risk in Behavioral and Experimental Finance Downloads
Felix Holzmeister, Christoph Huber and Stefan Palan
2021-10: Tax avoidance among large multinational corporations has considerably increased in recent years, triggering an intense discussion about how to ensure that all pay their ‘fair share’. We propose a novel experimental design to incentive-compatibly model the firm-consumer relationship in a consumer goods market. This new paradigm allows us to analyze the effect of increased tax transparency on consumer and firm behavior in a dynamic framework. We find that absent the threat of being directly exposed as a tax avoiding firm, only 26% of the firms decide to pay taxes. Once tax avoiding firms are identifiable in the market, this rate rises to 58%. Providing market participants addi- tionally with information about the social costs of tax avoidance increases the fraction of tax paying firms further to 74%. We observe that these improvements are the conse- quence of firms proactively deciding to pay taxes. At the highest level of transparency, we further observe that consumers show a stronger proclivity to boycott tax avoiding firms, even if these firms offer cheaper prices Downloads
Michael Razen and Alexander Kupfer
2021-09: Too big to prevail: The paradox of power in coalition formation Downloads
Changxia Ke, Florian Morath, Anthony Newell and Lionel Page
2021-08: Competition with List Prices Downloads
Marco Haan, Pim Heijnen and Martin Obradovits
2021-07: Mean Markets or Kind Commerce? Downloads
Martin Dufwenberg, Olof Johansson Stenman, Michael Kirchler, Florian Lindner and Rene Schwaiger
2021-06: Volatility Shocks and Investment Behavior Downloads
Christoph Huber, Jürgen Huber and Michael Kirchler
2021-05: What goes around comes around: How large are spillbacks from US monetary policy? Downloads
Max Breitenlechner, Georgios Georgiadis and Ben Schumann
2021-04: The Banker's Oath And Financial Advice Downloads
Utz Weitzel and Michael Kirchler
2021-03: Economic Preferences and Personality Traits Among Finance Professionals and the General Population Downloads
Martin Holmen, Felix Holzmeister, Michael Kirchler, Matthias Stefan and Erik Wengström
2021-02: On the Robustness of Social Norm Elicitation Downloads
Christian König-Kersting
2021-01: Debiasing Through Experience Sampling: The Case of Myopic Loss Aversion Downloads
Laura Hueber and Rene Schwaiger
2020-34: The Volunteer's Dilemma in Finite Populations Downloads
Kai Konrad and Florian Morath
2020-33: Expressive Voting vs. Self-Serving Ignorance Downloads
Katharina Momsen and Markus Ohndorf
2020-32: Monitoring institutions in health care markets: Experimental evidence Downloads
Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler and ChristianWaibel
2020-31: Ignorance, Intention and Stochastic Outcomes Downloads
Jana Friedrichsen, Katharina Momsen and Stefano Piasenti
2020-30: Substitution of social concerns under the Covid-19 pandemic Downloads
Esther Blanco, Alexandra Baier, Felix Holzmeister, Tarek Jaber-Lopez and Natalie Struwe
2020-29: On the role of monetary incentives in risk preference elicitation experiments Downloads
Andrea Hackethal, Michael Kirchler, Christine Laudenbach, Michael Razen and Annika Weber
2020-27: Financial literacy, risk and time preferences - Results from a randomized educational intervention Downloads
Matthias Sutter, Michael Weyland, Anna Untertrifaller and Manuel Froitzheim
2020-26: Unequal Opportunities, Social Groups, and Redistribution: Evidence from the General Population Downloads
Rene Schwaiger, Jürgen Huber, Michael Kirchler, Daniel Kleinlercher and Utz Weitzel
2020-25: Competitive Strategies when Consumers are Relative Thinkers: Implications for Pricing, Promotions, and Product Choice Downloads
Roman Inderst and Martin Obradovits
2020-24: Price-Directed Search and Collusion Downloads
Martin Obradovits and Philipp Plaickner
2020-23: Climate action for (my) children Downloads
Helena Fornwagner and Oliver Hauser
2020-22: Experimental evidence on sharing rules and additionality in transfer payments Downloads
Esther Blanco, Natalie Struwe and James Walker
2020-21: Diagnostic Uncertainty and Insurance Coverage in Credence Goods Markets Downloads
Loukas Balafoutas, Helena Fornwagner, Rudolf Kerschbamer, Matthias Sutter and Maryna Tverdostup
2020-20: Customer Disputes, Misconduct, and Reputation Building in the Market for Financial Advice Downloads
Anna Ulrichshofer and Markus Walzl
2020-19: Social Comparison and Optimal Contracts in the Competition for Managerial Talent Downloads
Anna Ulrichshofer and Markus Walzl
2020-18: Searching for Treatment Downloads
Martin Obradovits and Philipp Plaickner
2020-17: Gender Gaps and Racial Disparities in Labour Market Penalties for Financial Misconduct Downloads
Jun Honda
2020-16: Career Concerns, Risk-Taking, and Upward Mobility in the Financial Services Industry: Evidence from Top Ranked Financial Advisers Downloads
Jun Honda
2020-15: Differentiation and Risk-Aversion in Imperfectly Competitive Labor Markets Downloads
Christina Bannier, Eberhard Feess, Natalie Packham and Markus Walzl
2020-14: oTree: The Equality Equivalence Test Downloads
Felix Holzmeister and Rudolf Kerschbamer
2020-13: The effect of priming on fraud: Evidence from a natural field experiment Downloads
Parampreet Christopher Bindra and Graeme Pearce
2020-12: A Dynamic Theory of Regulatory Capture Downloads
Alessandro De Chiara and Marco Schwarz
2020-11: Market shocks and professionals' investment behavior - Evidence from the COVID-19 crash Downloads
Christoph Huber, Jürgen Huber and Michael Kirchler
2020-10: Social class and (un)ethical behavior: Causal versus correlational evidence Downloads
Elisabeth Gsottbauer, Daniel Müller, Samuel Müller, Stefan Trautmann and Galina Zudenkova
2020-09: Reveal it or conceal it: On the value of second opinions in a low-entry-barriers credence goods market Downloads
Parampreet Bindra, Rudolf Kerschbamer, Daniel Neururer and Matthias Sutter
2020-07: The role of diagnostic ability in markets for expert services Downloads
Fang Liu, Alexander Rasch, Marco Schwarz and Christian Waibel
2020-06: Monetary and Social Incentives in Multi-Tasking: The Ranking Substitution Effect Downloads
Matthias Stefan, Jürgen Huber, Michael Kirchler, Matthias Sutter and Markus Walzl
2020-05: Financial Literacy, Economic Preferences, and Adolescents' Field Behavior Downloads
Michael Razen, Jürgen Huber, Laura Hueber, Michael Kirchler and Matthias Stefan
2020-04: Active and Passive Risk-Taking Downloads
Christian König-Kersting, Johannes Lohse and Anna Louisa Merkel
2020-03: Bad bankers no more? Truth-telling and (dis)honesty in the finance industry Downloads
Christoph Huber and Jürgen Huber
2020-02: Social Mobility Perceptions and Inequality Acceptance Downloads
Dietmar Fehr, Daniel Müller and Marcel Preuss
2020-01: Credence goods in the literature: What the past fifteen years have taught us about fraud, incentives, and the role of institutions Downloads
Loukas Balafoutas and Rudolf Kerschbamer
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