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zqjr9: P-uniform* Downloads
Robbie Cornelis Maria van Aert and Marcel A. L. M. van Assen
zhn9b: Effects of Rural Electrification on Employment: A Comment on Dinkelman (2011) Downloads
Gunther Bensch, Gunnar Gotz and Jörg Peters
zgha6: Statistical Significance Filtering Overestimates Effects and Impedes Falsification: A Critique of Endsley (2019) Downloads
Jonathan Z Bakdash, Laura Ranee Marusich, Jared Kenworthy, Elyssa Twedt and Erin Zaroukian
xwngs: Selective publication of findings: Why does it matter, and what should we do about it? Downloads
Maximilian Kasy
xq9nt: Publication Bias and Editorial Statement on Negative Findings Downloads
Abel Brodeur and Cristina Blanco-Perez
wvdjf: How Best to Quantify Replication Success? A Simulation Study on the Comparison of Replication Success Metrics Downloads
Jasmine Muradchanian, Rink Hoekstra, Henk Kiers and Don van Ravenzwaaij
wkmht: Ulysses' Pact or Ulysses' Raft: Using Pre-Analysis Plans in Experimental and Non-Experimental Research Downloads
Sarah Janzen and Jeffrey Michler
vyfcj: Meta-Analysis with Robust Variance Estimation: Expanding the Range of Working Models Downloads
James E Pustejovsky and Elizabeth Tipton
vgr89: Does preregistration improve the credibility of research findings? Downloads
Mark Rubin
v7pxe: Registered Reports: Piloting a Pre-Results Review Process at the Journal of Development Economics Downloads
Aleksandar Bogdanoski, Andrew Foster, Dean Karlan and Edward Miguel
uzxf9: Research Ethics Beyond the IRB: Selection Bias and the Direction of Innovation in Applied Economics Downloads
Jeffrey Michler, William Masters and Anna Josephson
u4g6t: What is replication? Downloads
Brian A. Nosek and Timothy M. Errington
tp45u: Using Selection Models to Assess Sensitivity to Publication Bias: A Tutorial and Call for More Routine Use Downloads
Maximilian Maier, Tyler VanderWeele and Maya B Mathur
tj6pm: When to adjust alpha during multiple testing: A consideration of disjunction, conjunction, and individual testing Downloads
Mark Rubin
t93cg: Toward More Transparency in Statistical Practice Downloads
Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Alexandra Sarafoglou, Sil Dr. Aarts, Casper J Albers, Johannes Algermissen, Štěpán Bahník, Noah N'Djaye Nikolai van Dongen, Rink Hoekstra, David Moreau and Don van Ravenzwaaij
sxajv: The COVID-19 Pandemic and US Presidential Elections Downloads
Abel Brodeur, Leonardo Baccini and Stephen Weymouth
svzyc: Will knowledge about more efficient study designs increase the willingness to pre-register? Downloads
Daniel Lakens
s5qz6: A Welch-type test for comparing K linear contrasts under heteroscedasticity with applications to meta-analysis Downloads
Elena Kulinskaya, Emily Knight and Haiyan Gao
s42ba: Achieving Statistical Significance with Covariates and without Transparency Downloads
Gabriel Lenz and Alexander Sahn
ryvud: Open Science & Development Engineering: Evidence to Inform Improved Replication Models Downloads
Sebastian Galiani, Paul Gertler and Mauricio Romero
rxmh7: Mathematically aggregating experts' predictions of possible futures Downloads
Anca Hanea, David Peter Wilkinson, Marissa McBride, Aidan Lyon, Don van Ravenzwaaij, Felix Singleton Thorn, Charles T. Gray, David R. Mandel, Aaron Willcox and Elliot Gould
qkjy4: Journal policies and editors’ opinions on peer review Downloads
Daniel George Hamilton, Hannah Fraser, Rink Hoekstra and Fiona Fidler
qemkz: Improving transparency in observational social science research: A pre-analysis plan approach Downloads
Fiona Burlig
py654: What do you mean by ‘informed consent’? Ethics in economic development research Downloads
Anna Josephson and Melinda Smale
pkqdx: On the optimistic performance evaluation of newly introduced bioinformatic methods Downloads
Stefan Buchka, Alexander Hapfelmeier, Paul P Gardner, Rory Wilson and Anne-Laure Boulesteix
nshqx: Publication and Identification Biases in Measuring the Intertemporal Substitution of Labor Supply Downloads
Tomas Havranek, Roman Horvath and Ali Elminejad
mjvt5: Meta-Analysis of Present-Bias Estimation Using Convex Time Budgets Downloads
Taisuke Imai, Tom Rutter and Colin Camerer
mbvz3: Which findings should be published? Downloads
Maximilian Kasy and Alexander Frankel
kvzg3: The Intuitive Cooperation Hypothesis Revisited: A Meta-analytic Examination of Effect-size and Between-study Heterogeneity Downloads
Amanda Kvarven, Eirik Strømland, Conny Wollbrant, David Andersson, Magnus Johannesson, Gustav Tinghög, Daniel Västfjäll and Kristian Ove R. Myrseth
knjea: Replication value as a function of citation impact and sample size Downloads
Peder Mortvedt Isager, Anna Elisabeth van 't Veer and Daniel Lakens
jnyqh: A Framework for Open Policy Analysis Downloads
Fernando Hoces de la Guardia, Sean Grant and Edward Miguel
jk7sa: Are Most Published Research Findings False In A Continuous Universe? Downloads
Kleber Neves, Pedro Batista Tan and Olavo Bohrer Amaral
hnefr: Meta-Analysis of Empirical Estimates of Loss-Aversion Downloads
Alexander Brown, Taisuke Imai, Ferdinand Vieider and Colin Camerer
haf2v: Data science in economics: comprehensive review of advanced machine learning and deep learning methods Downloads
Saeed Nosratabadi, Amir Mosavi, Puhong Duan, Pedram Ghamisi, Ferdinand Filip, Shahab S. Band, Uwe Reuter, Joao Gama and Amir H. Gandomi
frta7: Statisticians roll up your sleeves! There’s a crisis to be solved Downloads
Heidi Seibold, Alethea Charlton, Anne-Laure Boulesteix and Sabine Hoffmann
f6y3x: The Dogmatic Mixture Model Overestimates False Positives Downloads
Ulrich Schimmack and Jerry Brunner
eqhjd: Dissertation R.C.M. van Aert Downloads
Robbie Cornelis Maria van Aert
epgjd: OSF Prereg Template Downloads
Sara D. Bowman, Alexander Carl DeHaven, Timothy M. Errington, Tom Elis Hardwicke, David Thomas Mellor, Brian A. Nosek and Courtney K. Soderberg
e4pum: Pre-analysis Plans: A Stocktaking Downloads
Aleksandar Bogdanoski, George Ofosu and Daniel N Posner
dhc2e: Easy preregistration will benefit any research Downloads
David Thomas Mellor and Brian A. Nosek
dh87m: Identification of and Correction for Publication Bias: Comment Downloads
Amanda Kvarven, Eirik Strømland and Magnus Johannesson
d5eud: Panel Data and Experimental Design Downloads
Fiona Burlig, Louis Preonas and Matt Woerman
John Dr. Stolte
cj7xf: Examining Psychological Science through Systematic Meta-Method Analysis: A Call for Research Downloads
Malte Elson
cd5j9: Observing Many Researchers using the Same Data and Hypothesis Reveals a Hidden Universe of Data Analysis Downloads
Nate Breznau, Eike Mark Rinke, Alexander Wuttke, Muna Adem, Jule Adriaans, Amalia Alvarez-Benjumea, Henrik Kenneth Andersen, Daniel Auer, Flavio Azevedo and Oke Bahnsen
bthj7: Alternative personal data governance models Downloads
Bastian Greshake Tzovaras and Mad Price Ball
ba7tr: How Transparency and Reproducibility Can Increase Credibility in Policy Analysis: A Case Study of the Minimum Wage Policy Estimate Downloads
Fernando Hoces de la Guardia
as9zd: Cherry Picking Downloads
Megan Lang and Wenfeng Qiu
aqyhg: Meta-Research: How problematic citing practices distort science Downloads
Serge Horbach, Kaare Aagaard and Jesper W. Schneider
a9347: Open Science Practices To Support Addiction Research Downloads
David Thomas Mellor
a8gu5: Addressing selective reporting of experiments – the case for predefined exclusion criteria Downloads
Kleber Neves and Olavo Bohrer Amaral
9g6ac: The Awkarin Index: a Measure of Asymmetry Between a Scholar’s Social Media Profile and Publication Downloads
Fariha Azalea and Adib Rifqi Setiawan
9a3rw: Transparency, Reproducibility, and the Credibility of Economics Research Downloads
Garret Christensen, Edward Miguel and Jennifer Sturdy
8y6jn: RFI Response: JCORE; Request for Information on the American Research Environment Downloads
David Thomas Mellor, Stuart Buck, Katie Hoeberling and Edward Miguel
8vdrh: Sniff Tests in Economics: Aggregate Distribution of Their Probability Values and Implications for Publication Bias Downloads
Christopher Snyder and Ran Zhuo
8t4pf: Simulation results on the performance of statistical methods in cumulative meta analysis Downloads
Elena Kulinskaya and Eung Yaw Mah
7z2uh: The Elasticity of Substitution between Skilled and Unskilled Labor: A Meta-Analysis Downloads
Tomas Havranek, Zuzana Irsova, Lubica Laslopova and Olesia Zeynalova
7tkvm: Aggregating Distributional Treatment Effects: A Bayesian Hierarchical Analysis of the Microcredit Literature Downloads
Rachael Meager and Jennifer Sturdy
7b43s: Student Employment and Education: A Meta-Analysis Downloads
Kateřina Kroupová, Tomas Havranek and Zuzana Irsova
6um5g: Death to the Cobb-Douglas Production Function? A Meta-Analysis of the Capital-Labor Substitution Elasticity Downloads
Tomas Havranek, Zuzana Irsova, Sebastian Gechert and Dominika Kolcunová
5yacr: Pre-results Review at the Journal of Development Economics: Lessons learned Downloads
Aleksandar Bogdanoski, Andrew Foster, Dean Karlan and Edward Miguel
5vnhj: Metascientific reproducibility patterns revealed by informatic measure of knowledge Downloads
Daniele Fanelli
5nsh3: How Often Should We Believe Positive Results? Assessing the Credibility of Research Findings in Development Economics Downloads
Aidan Coville and Eva Vivalt
5dnjc: Reducing barriers and inequality by hosting conferences in developing countries Downloads
Brett Buttliere
52ezd: Researchers working from home: Benefits and challenges Downloads
Balazs Aczel, Marton Kovacs, Tanja van der Lippe and Barnabas Szaszi
4kw2n: Analysis of feature influence on Covid-19 Death Rate Per Country Using a Novel Orthogonalization Technique Downloads
Gaston H. Gonnet, John Stewart, Joseph Lafleur, Stephen Keith, Mark McLellan, David Jiang-Gorsline and Tim Snider
49yst: Identification of and correction for publication bias Downloads
Maximilian Kasy and Isaiah Andrews
3bnxs: Simulation study of estimating between-study variance and overall effect in meta-analyses of log-response-ratio for normal data Downloads
Ilyas Bakbergenuly, David C. Hoaglin and Elena Kulinskaya
348kc: How puzzling is the forward premium puzzle? A meta-analysis Downloads
Tomas Havranek, Jiri Novak and Diana Zigraiova
2gurz: Deciding what to replicate: A formal definition of “replication value” and a decision model for replication study selection Downloads
Peder Mortvedt Isager, Robbie Cornelis Maria van Aert, Štěpán Bahník, Mark John Brandt, Kurt Andrew DeSoto, Roger Giner-Sorolla, Joachim Krueger, Marco Perugini, Ivan Ropovik and Anna Elisabeth van 't Veer
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