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2020-014: Contagion and Return Predictability in Asset Markets: An Experiment with Two Lucas Trees Downloads
Charles Noussair and Andreea Victoria Popescu
2020-013: Income Shifting and Organizational Form Choice: Evidence from Europe Downloads
Arjan Lejour and Gabriella Massenz
2020-012: Pension Reform in the Netherlands Downloads
Ed Westerhout
2020-011: Big Data and Democracy Downloads
Freek van Gils, Wieland Müller and Jens Prüfer
2020-010: When a Master Dies: Speculation and Asset Float Downloads
Julien Penasse, Luc Renneboog and Jose Scheinkman
2020-009: Spatial Dependence and Space-Time Trend in Extreme Events Downloads
John Einmahl, Ana Ferreira, Laurens de Haan, C. Neves and C. Zhou
2020-008: Litigation and Settlement under Loss Aversion Downloads
Cédric Argenton and Xiaoyu Wang
2020-007: Antiduality in Exact Partition Games Downloads
Bas Dietzenbacher and E. Yanovskaya
2020-006: Sequencing Situations and Games with Non-Linear Cost Functions Downloads
Jop Schouten, Alejandro Saavedra-Nieves and G. Fiestras-Janeiro
2020-005: The Average Tree value for Hypergraph Games Downloads
Liying Kang, Anna Khmelnitskaya, Erfang Shan, Dolf Talman and Guang Zhang
2020-004: Empirical Tail Copulas for Functional Data Downloads
John Einmahl and Johan Segers
2020-003: Monotonicity and Egalitarianism (revision of CentER DP 2019-007) Downloads
Bas Dietzenbacher
2020-002: Bounding Uncertainty: The Uses of Analogical Abduction in Entrepreneurship Downloads
Anastasia Sergeeva, Akhil Bhardwaj and D. Dimov
2020-001: The Dark Side of Monetary Bonuses: Theory and Experimental Evidence Downloads
Victor Gonzalez-Jimenez, Patricio Dalton and Charles Noussair
2019-035: Decentralization and mutual liability rules Downloads
Martijn Ketelaars, Peter Borm and Marieke Quant
2019-034: Optimal Search and Awareness Expansion Downloads
Rafael Greminger
2019-033: Bargaining with Independence of Higher or Irrelevant Claims Downloads
M. Josune Albizuri, Bas Dietzenbacher and J. Zarzuelo
2019-032: Transparency and Financial Inclusion: Experimental Evidence from Mobile Money (revision of CentER DP 2018-042) Downloads
Patricio Dalton, Haki Pamuk, R. Ramrattan, Daan van Soest and Burak Uras
2019-031: Generosity and Wealth: Experimental Evidence from Bogota Stratification Downloads
M. Blanco and Patricio Dalton
2019-030: Testing for a Threshold in Models with Endogenous Regressors Downloads
Mario Rothfelder and Otilia Boldea
2019-029: Taxation and the External Wealth of Nations: Evidence from Bilateral Portfolio Holdings Downloads
Harry Huizinga, Maximilian Todtenhaupt, Johannes Voget and Wolf Wagner
2019-028: Regulatory arbitrage and cross-border syndicated loans Downloads
Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Balint Horvath and Harry Huizinga
2019-027: Rigid Wages and Contracts: Time- versus State-Dependent Wages in the Netherlands Downloads
A. Grajales Olarte, Burak Uras and Nathanaël Vellekoop
2019-026: Failure and Success in Mergers and Acquisitions Downloads
Luc Renneboog and C. Vansteenkiste
2019-025: Who Bears the Brunt? The Impact of Banking Crises on Younger and Older Workers Downloads
Mathijs van Dijk, Hendrik van Dalen and Martin Hyde
2019-024: Dutch Shell Companies and International Tax Planning Downloads
Arjan Lejour, Jan Mohlmann, Maarten van't Riet and Thijs Benschop
2019-023: Consistency of the Equal Split-Off Set Downloads
Bas Dietzenbacher and E. Yanovskaya
2019-022: Statistical Tests for Cross-Validation of Kriging Models Downloads
Jack Kleijnen and W.C.M. van Beers
2019-021: On the Impact of Trade in a Common Property Renewable Resource Oligopoly Downloads
Hassan Benchekroun, Amrita Ray Chaudhuri and Dina Tasneem
2019-020: Green Technology and Patents in the Presence of Green Consumers Downloads
Corinne Langinier and Amrita Ray Chaudhuri
2019-019: On the Competitive Effects of Screening in Procurement Downloads
Gyula Seres and Adam Pigoń
2019-018: Hospital Competition in the Netherlands: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Carolien Berden, R. Croes, Ron Kemp, Misja Mikkers, Rob van der Noll, V. Shestalova and Jan Svitak
2019-017: Guilt Aversion in Economics and Psychology Downloads
Charles Bellemare, Alexander Sebald and Sigrid Suetens
2019-016: Empirical Evidence on Repeated Sequential Games Downloads
Riccardo Ghidoni and Sigrid Suetens
2019-015: Local Best Practices for Business Growth Downloads
Patricio Dalton, Julius Rüschenpöhler, Burak Uras and Bilal Zia
2019-014: The Strategic Display of Emotions Downloads
Daniel Chen, Astrid Hopfensitz, Boris van Leeuwen and Jeroen van de Ven
2019-011: Majority rule or dictatorship? The role of collective-choice rules in resolving social dilemmas with endogenous institutions Downloads
Manwei Liu and Eline van der Heijden
2019-009: Price Commitments in Standard Setting under Asymmetric Information Downloads
Jan Boone, Florian Schuett and Emanuele Tarantino
2019-008: The Nucleolus and Inheritance of Properties in Communication Situations Downloads
Jop Schouten, Bas Dietzenbacher and Peter Borm
2019-007: The Procedural Egalitarian Solution and Egalitarian Stable Games Downloads
Bas Dietzenbacher
2019-006: Colors, Emotions, and the Auction Value of Paintings Downloads
Ma, Marshall (Xiaoyin), Charles Noussair and Luc Renneboog
2019-005: Data Science for Entrepreneurship Research: Studying Demand Dynamics for Entrepreneurial Skills in the Netherlands Downloads
Jens Prüfer and Patricia Prufer
2019-004: Do the Values of Economists Matter in the Art and Science of Economics? Downloads
Hendrik van Dalen
2019-003: The Effect of Exports on Labor Informality: Evidence from Argentina Downloads
Romina Safojan
2019-002: Money, Asset Markets and Efficiency of Capital Formation Downloads
Hugo van Buggenum and Burak Uras
2019-001: Regulating Global Externalities Downloads
Roweno J.R.K. Heijmans and Reyer Gerlagh
2018-055: Corporate Income Taxation, Leverage at Entry, and the Growth of Entrepreneurial Companies Downloads
Marco Da Rin, Marina Di Giacomo and Alessandro Sembenelli
2018-054: Reservation Wages and Labor Supply Downloads
Iris Kesternich, H. Schumacher, Bettina Siflinger and Franziska Valder
2018-052: Fight or Flight: Endogenous Timing in Conflicts Downloads
Boris van Leeuwen, Theo Offerman and Jeroen van de Ven
2018-051: Uneven Growth in the Extensive Margin: Explaining the Lag of Agricultural Economies Downloads
Guzmán Ourens
2018-050: The Effects of Capping Co-Insurance Payments Downloads
Ed Westerhout and Kees Folmer
2018-049: Analysing Group Contract Design Using a Lab and a Lab-in-the-Field Threshold Public Good Experiment Downloads
Jetske Bouma, Binh Nguyen, Eline van der Heijden and J.J. Dijk
2018-048: Product Innovation of an Incumbent Firm: A Dynamic Analysis Downloads
V. Hagspiel, Kuno Huisman, Peter Kort, Claudia Nunes and Rita Pimentel
2018-047: Pension Communication in the Netherlands and Other Countries Downloads
Steven Debets, Henriette Prast, Mariacristina Rossi and Arthur van Soest
2018-046: Equilibrium in the Assignment Market under Budget Constraints Downloads
G. van der Laan, Dolf Talman and Z. Yang
2018-045: Cortisol meets GARP: The Effect of Stress on Economic Rationality Downloads
Elena Cettolin, Patricio Dalton, Willem Kop and Wanqing Zhang
2018-044: Testing the Multivariate Regular Variation Model Downloads
John Einmahl, Fan Yang and Chen Zhou
2018-043: Impulse Purchases, Gun Ownership and Homicides: Evidence from a Firearm Demand Shock Downloads
Christoph Koenig and David Schindler
2018-042: Payment Technology Adoption and Finance: A Randomized-Controlled-Trial with SMEs Downloads
Patricio Dalton, Haki Pamuk, R. Ramrattan, Daan van Soest and Burak Uras
2018-041: Men. Roots and Consequences of Masculinity Norms Downloads
Victoria Baranov, Ralph De Haas and Pauline Grosjean
2018-040: Very Simple Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics (revision of 2017-021): Empirics Downloads
Jaap Abbring, Jeffrey Campbell, J. Tilly and N. Yang
2018-039: Liquidity Constraints of the Middle Class (revision of CentER DP 2015-009) Downloads
Jeffrey Campbell and Zvi Hercowitz
2018-038: Move a Little Closer? Information Sharing and the Spatial Clustering of Bank Branches Downloads
Shusen Qi, Ralph De Haas, Steven Ongena and Stefan Straetmans
2018-037: My Kingdom for a Horse (or a Classic Car) Downloads
Dk Laurs and Luc Renneboog
2018-036: Insider Trading and Networked Directors Downloads
Luc Renneboog, Marc Goergen and Y. Zhao
2018-035: Director Networks, Turnover, and Appointments Downloads
Luc Renneboog and Yang Zhao
2018-034: Underwriter Competition and Bargaining Power in the Corporate Bond Market Downloads
Alberto Manconi, Ekaterina Neretina and Luc Renneboog
2018-032: Unbalanced Sex Ratios in Germany Caused by World War II and their Effect on Fertility: A Life Cycle Perspective Downloads
Iris Kesternich, Bettina Siflinger, James P. Smith and Carina Steckenleiter
2018-031: Elective Stock and Scrip Dividends Downloads
Isabel Feito Ruiz, Luc Renneboog and Cara Vansteenkiste
2018-030: Mergers in Nonrenewable Resource Oligopolies and Environmental Policies Downloads
Amrita Ray Chaudhuri, Hassan Benchekroun and Michele Breton
2018-029: Sequential Search with a Price Freeze Option - Theory and Experimental Evidence Downloads
Emanuel Marcu and Charles Noussair
2018-028: Do Laws Shape Attitudes?: Evidence from Same-Sex Relationship Recognition Policies in Europe Downloads
Cevat G. Aksoy, Christopher S. Carpenter, Ralph De Haas and Kevin Tran
2018-027: Clear and Close Competitors?: On the Causes and Consequences of Bilateral Competition between Banks Downloads
Ralph De Haas, Liping Lu and Steven Ongena
2018-026: You'll Never Walk Alone: The Effect of Moral Support on Performance Downloads
Fabrizio Colella, Patricio Dalton and G. Giusti
2018-025: Improved Estimation of the Extreme Value Index Using Related Variables Downloads
Hanan Ahmed and John Einmahl
2018-024: Financial Development and Industrial Pollution Downloads
Ralph De Haas and Alexander Popov
2018-023: Inequality, Fairness and Social Capital Downloads
Dietmar Fehr, Hannes Rau, Stefan Trautmann and Yilong Xu
2018-022: Prediction for Big Data through Kriging: Small Sequential and One-Shot Designs Downloads
Jack Kleijnen and W.C.M. van Beers
2018-021: Technology Adoption in a Declining Market Downloads
V. Hagspiel, Kuno Huisman, Peter Kort, Maria Lavrutich, Claudia Nunes and Rita Pimentel
2018-020: On Interactive Sequencing Situations with Exponential Cost Functions Downloads
Alejandro Saavedra-Nieves, Jop Schouten and Peter Borm
2018-019: Advertising as a Reminder: Evidence from the Dutch State Lottery Downloads
Chen He and Tobias Klein
2018-018: Trust and Trustworthiness between Cooperators and Non-Cooperators in Public Good Provision: Evidence from an Artefactual Field Experiment in Ethiopia (revision of CentER DP 2017-030) Downloads
Rahel Jigi Kitessa
2018-017: On the Valuation of the Causes and Consequences of Environmental Damages: Evidence from a Field Experiment (revision of CentER DP 2017-029) Downloads
Rahel Jigi Kitessa
2018-016: Data Science for Institutional and Organizational Economics Downloads
Jens Prüfer and Patricia Prufer
2018-015: Ownership Networks Effects on Secured Borrowing Downloads
Constanza Martínez, Pavel Cizek and Carlos León
2018-014: Can Words Breed or Kill Investment? Metaphors, Imagery, Affect and Investor Behaviour Downloads
Henriette Prast, José Sanders and Olga Leonhard
2018-012: Consumers' Privacy Choices in the Era of Big Data Downloads
Jens Prüfer and Sebastian Dengler
2018-011: Unilateral Support Equilibria Downloads
Jop Schouten, Peter Borm and Ruud Hendrickx
2018-009: Determinants and Dynamics of Business Aspirations: Evidence from Small-scale Entrepreneurs in an Emerging Market Downloads
Patricio Dalton, Julius Rüschenpöhler and Bilal Zia
2018-008: Emotional Responses to Behavioral Economic Incentives for Health Behavior Change Downloads
Koen van der Swaluw, Mattijs S Lambooij, Jolanda Mathijssen, Marcel Zeelenberg, Johan Polder and Henriette Prast
2018-007: Measuring Impact of Uncertainty in a Stylized Macro-Economic Climate Model within a Dynamic Game Perspective Downloads
Valentijn Stienen and Jacob Engwerda
2018-006: Physical Activity after Commitment Lotteries: Examining Long-Term Results in a Cluster Randomized Trial Downloads
Koen van der Swaluw, M. Lambooij, Jolanda Mathijssen, M. Schipper, Marcel Zeelenberg, S. Berkhout, Johan Polder and Henriette Prast
2018-005: Characterizing NTU-Bankruptcy Rules using Bargaining Axioms Downloads
Bas Dietzenbacher and Hans Peters
2018-004: On the Option Effects of Short-Time Work Arrangements Downloads
Kuno Huisman and J.J.J. Thijssen
2018-003: Investment Decisions with Two-Factor Uncertainty Downloads
T. Compernolle, Kuno Huisman, Peter Kort, Maria Lavrutich, Claudia Nunes and J.J.J. Thijssen
2018-002: Perfect and Imperfect Strangers in Social Dilemmas Downloads
Riccardo Ghidoni, Blair Cleave and Sigrid Suetens
2018-001: Paying for the Ageing Crisis: Who, How and When? Downloads
Ed Westerhout
2017-053: Mistrust and Opposition to Large-Scale Projects: An Experiment on the Role of Uncertainty Downloads
Riccardo Ghidoni
2017-052: Asymptotically Distribution-Free Goodness-of-Fit Testing for Copulas Downloads
S.U. Can, John Einmahl and Roger Laeven
2017-051: Limits to Human Life Span Through Extreme Value Theory Downloads
Jesson Einmahl, John Einmahl and L.F.M. de Haan
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