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2023-012: A Renewed Take on Weighted Sum in Sandwich Algorithms: Modification of the Criterion Space Downloads
Melissa Koenen, Marleen Balvert and Ha Fleuren
2023-011: Influencing Opinion Networks - Optimization and Games Downloads
Wout de Vos, Peter Borm and Herbert Hamers
2023-010: Constrained optimization in Random Simulation: Efficient Global Optimization and Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Conditions (Revision of CentER DP 2022-022) Downloads
Ebru Angun and Jack Kleijnen
2023-009: An Allocation Rule for Graph Machine Scheduling Problems Downloads
Laura Davila-Pena, Peter Borm, Ignacio Garcia-Jurado and Jop Schouten
2023-008: Cost Allocation in CO2 Transport for CCUS Hubs: a Multi-Actor Perspective Downloads
Andries van Beek, Mirjam Groote Schaarsberg, Peter Borm, Herbert Hamers and Mattijs Veneman
2023-007: Flexible Contracts as Business Cycle Stabilizers Downloads
José Gabo Carreño Bustos
2023-006: Computing Perfect Stationary Equilibria in Stochastic Games Downloads
Peixuan Li, Chuangyin Dang and P. Jean-Jacques Herings
2023-005: Product Life Cycles and Investment: A Real Options Analysis Downloads
Anne Balter, Kuno Huisman and Peter Kort
2023-004: Visit Allocation Problems in Multi-Service Settings: Policies and Worst-Case Bounds Downloads
Thomas Breugem, Tim Sergio Wolter and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
2023-003: Equity in Health and Humanitarian Logistics: A Beneficiary Perspective Downloads
Thomas Breugem, Yu Fan, Andreas Gernert and Luk N. Van Wassenhove
2023-002: An Axiomatization of the Pairwise Netting Proportional Rule in Financial Networks Downloads
Péter Csóka and P. Jean-Jacques Herings
2023-001: Empirical Likelihood Based Testing for Multivariate Regular Variation Downloads
John Einmahl and Andrea Krajina
2022-032: Money, E-money, and Consumer Welfare Downloads
Francesco Carli and Burak Uras
2022-031: E-Payment Technology and Business Finance: A Randomized Controlled Trial with Mobile Money (revision of CentER DP 2019-032) Downloads
Patricio Dalton, H. Pamuk, R. Ramrattan, Daan van Soest and Burak Uras
2022-030: Commitment and the Dynamics of Household Labor Supply Downloads
Alexandros Theloudis, Jorge Velilla, P.A. Chiappori, J. Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal and José Alberto Molina
2022-029: The Economic Value of Eliminating Diseases Downloads
Julio Crego, Daniel Kárpáti, Jens Kværner and Luc Renneboog
2022-028: Improving Workers’ Performance in Small Firms: A Randomized Experiment on Goal Setting in Ghana Downloads
Elena Cettolin, Kym Cole and Patricio Dalton
2022-027: Climate, Technology, Family Size; on the Crossroad between Two Ultimate Externalities Downloads
Reyer Gerlagh
2022-026: Competitive Equilibria in Incomplete Markets with Risk Loving Preferences Downloads
P. Jean-Jacques Herings and Yang Zhan
2022-024: Green Energy Depends on Critical Minerals. Who Controls the Supply Chains? Downloads
Luc Leruth, Adnan Mazarei, Pierre Regibeau and Luc Renneboog
2022-023: Labor Share, Industry Concentration and Energy Prices: Evidence from Europe Downloads
Malik Çürük and Rik Rozendaal
2022-022: Constrained Optimization in Random Simulation: Efficient Global Optimization and Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Conditions Downloads
Ebru Angun and Jack Kleijnen
2022-021: 30 Years of Generational Accounting: A Critical Review Downloads
Ed Westerhout
2022-020: Constrained Optimization in Simulation: Efficient Global Optimization and Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Conditions Downloads
Jack Kleijnen, I. van Nieuwenhuyse and W.C.M. van Beers
2022-019: Does the Identity of Leaders Matter for Education? Evidence from the First Black Governor in the US Downloads
Mery Ferrando and Véronique Gille
2022-018: Killing Our Future: The Long-Term and Intergenerational Effects of School Shootings on Labor-Market Outcomes Downloads
Ayse Hazal Sezer
2022-017: Extreme Value Inference for General Heterogeneous Data Downloads
John Einmahl and Y. He
2022-016: Nautical Patrol and Illegal Fishing Practices Downloads
Stephen Kastoryano and Ben Vollaard
2022-015: Constrained Optimization in Simulation: Efficient Global Optimization and Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Conditions (revision of 2021-031) Downloads
Jack Kleijnen, I. van Nieuwenhuyse and W.C.M. van Beers
2022-015: Optimal Policies in an Aging Society Downloads
Richard Jaimes and Ed Westerhout
2022-014: Enhancing Digital Road Networks for Better Operations in Developing Countries Downloads
Valentijn Stienen, Dick Den Hertog, Joris Wagenaar and J.F. de Zegher
2022-013: Network Stability under Limited Foresight Downloads
P. Jean-Jacques Herings and Abhimanyu Khan
2022-012: When Immigrants Meet Exporters: A Reassessment of the Immigrant Wage Gap Downloads
Léa Marchal, Guzmán Ourens and Giulia Sabbadini
2022-011: Ethnic Enclaves and Cultural Assimilation Downloads
Pascal Achard
2022-010: Investments in R&D and Production Capacity with Uncertain Breakthrough Time: Private versus Social Incentives Downloads
Martijn Ketelaars and Peter Kort
2022-009: Nonseparable Panel Models with Index Structure and Correlated Random Effects Downloads
Pavel Cizek and Serhan Sadikoglu
2022-008: Centralized Clearing Mechanisms in Financial Networks: A Programming Approach Downloads
Péter Csóka and P. Jean-Jacques Herings
2022-007: Global Income Poverty Measurement with Preference Heterogeneity: Theory and Application Downloads
Benoît Decerf, Mery Ferrando and Natalie Quinn
2022-006: Decomposing the Rise in Markups Downloads
Has van Vlokhoven
2022-005: Information vs Competition: How Platform Design Affects Profits and Surplus Downloads
Amedeo Piolatto and Florian Schuett
2022-004: Receiving Credit: On Delegation and Responsibility Downloads
Cédric Argenton, Jan Potters and Yadi Yang
2022-003: Cournot meets Bayes-Nash: A Discontinuity in Behavior Infinitely Repeated Duopoly Games Downloads
Cédric Argenton, Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel and Wieland Müller
2022-002: Technological Change and the Finance Wage Premium Downloads
Ata Bertay, José Carreño Bustos, Harry Huizinga, Burak Uras and Nathanaël Vellekoop
2022-001: Social Diversity on Corporate Boards in a Country Torn by Civil War Downloads
Kamil Korhan Nazliben, Luc Renneboog and Emil Uduwalage
2021-035: Preferences for Income Redistribution: A New Survey Item and Experimental Evidence Downloads
Jochem de Bresser and Marike Knoef
2021-034: Evaluating the Accuracy of Counterfactuals The Role of Heterogeneous Expectations in Life Cycle Models Downloads
Jochem de Bresser
2021-033: Preferences for In-Kind and In-Cash Home Care Insurance Downloads
Jochem de Bresser, Marike Knoef and Raun van Ooijen
2021-032: A Holistic Approach to Identify Collaborative Shipping Opportunities Downloads
Goos Kant, Ilja van Beest and Ruud Brekelmans
2021-030: Macro Welfare Effects of Flexible Labor Contracts Downloads
José Carreño Bustos and Burak Uras
2021-029: Improved regression inference using a second overlapping regression model Downloads
Liang Peng and John Einmahl
2021-028: The Internationalization of Domestic Banks and the Credit Channel of Monetary Policy Downloads
Paola Morales, Daniel Osorio, Juan S. Lemus and Miguel Sarmiento Paipilla
2021-027: Identifying Ultimate Beneficial Owners: A Risk-Based Approach to Improving the Transparency of International Financial Flows Downloads
Yves Crama, Georges Hübner, Luc Leruth and Luc Renneboog
2021-026: Art in Times of Crisis Downloads
Géraldine David, Yuexin Li, Kim Oosterlinck and Luc Renneboog
2021-025: Estimating Demand with Multi-Homing in Two-Sided Markets Downloads
P. Affeldt, E. Argentesi and Lapo Filistrucchi
2021-024: Asymmetric Group Loan Contracts: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Francesco Carli, Sigrid Suetens, Burak Uras and Philine Visser
2021-023: Axiomatic Characterizations of a Proportional Influence Measure for Sequential Projects with Imperfect Reliability Downloads
Andries van Beek, Peter Borm and Marieke Quant
2021-022: No more Tears without Tiers? The Impact of Indirect Settlement on liquidity use in TARGET2 Downloads
Jan Paulick, Ron Berndsen, Martin Diehl and Ronald Heijmans
2021-021: The Nonprofit's Dilemma Downloads
Jens Prüfer and Y. Xu
2021-020: Risk, Inside Money, and the Real Economy Downloads
Hugo van Buggenum
2021-019: Coexistence of Money and Interest-Bearing Bonds Downloads
Hugo van Buggenum
2021-018: Pricing Art and the Art of Pricing: On Returns and Risk in Art Auction Markets Downloads
Yuexin Li, X. Ma and Luc Renneboog
2021-017: Two-Sample Testing for Tail Copulas with an Application to Equity Indices Downloads
S.U. Can, John Einmahl and Roger Laeven
2021-016: In Art We Trust Downloads
Yuexin Li, X. Ma and Luc Renneboog
2021-015: On the Unification of Centralized and Decentralized Clearing Mechanisms in Financial Networks Downloads
Martijn Ketelaars and Peter Borm
2021-014: The Role of Conduit Countries and Tax Havens in Corporate Tax Avoidance Downloads
Arjan Lejour
2021-013: Should we Revive PAYG? On the Optimal Pension System in View of Current Economic Trends Downloads
Ed Westerhout, Lex Meijdam, Eduard Ponds and Jan Bonenkamp
2021-011: Cooperation and Competition in Linear Production and Sequencing Processes Downloads
Andries van Beek, Benjamin Malmberg, Peter Borm, Marieke Quant and Jop Schouten
2021-010: Declining Search Frictions and Type-of-Employment Choice Downloads
Piotr Denderski and Florian Sniekers
2021-009: On Determining Leading Coalitions in Supply Chains: Methodology and Application Downloads
Martin P. Kidd and Peter Borm
2021-008: Managerial and Financial Barriers to the Net-Zero Transition Downloads
R. Martin, Ralph De Haas, Mirabelle Muûls and Helena Schweiger
2021-007: Extreme Value Statistics in Semi-Supervised Models Downloads
Hanan Ahmed, John Einmahl and Chen Zhou
2021-006: Discriminatory Lending: Evidence from Bankers in the Lab Downloads
J. Michelle Brock and Ralph De Haas
2021-005: All you Need is Love: The Effect of Moral Support on Performance (Revision of CentER DP 2018-026) Downloads
F. Colella, Patricio Dalton and G. Giusti
2021-004: Governance of Data Sharing: a Law & Economics Proposal Downloads
Inge Graef and Jens Prüfer
2021-003: Corporate Financial Frictions and Employee Mental Health Downloads
Daniel Kárpáti and Luc Renneboog
2021-002: Why Is a CCP failure very unlikely? Downloads
Dennis McLaughlin and Ron Berndsen
2021-001: Inflation-Linked Bonds, Nominal Bonds, and Countercyclical Monetary Policies Downloads
Ed Westerhout
2020-035: Giving According to Agreement Downloads
Jan Heufer, Paul van Bruggen and Jingni Yang
2020-034: Standard-Essential Patents and Incentives for Innovation Downloads
Chayanin Wipusanawan
2020-033: Curating Local Knowledge: Experimental Evidence from Small Retailers in Indonesia (Revision of DP 2019-015) Downloads
Patricio Dalton, Julius Rüschenpöhler, Burak Uras and Bilal Zia
2020-032: Done Deal! Advisor impact on Pricing, Premia, Returns, and Deal Completion in M&A Downloads
C. Fuat J. Ecer and Stefan Trautmann
2020-031: Offshore Tax Evasion and Wealth Inequality: Evidence from a Tax Amnesty in the Netherlands Downloads
Wouter Leenders, Arjan Lejour, Simon Rabate and Riet, Maarten van ‘t
2020-030: Preference Heterogeneity and Optimal Monetary Policy Downloads
Burak Uras and Hugo van Buggenum
2020-029: Optimal Depot Locations for Humanitarian Logistics Service Providers using Robust Optimization Downloads
Valentijn Stienen, Joris Wagenaar, Dick Den Hertog and Hein Fleuren
2020-028: Five Fundamental Questions on Central Counterparties Downloads
Ron Berndsen
2020-027: Forward Looking Loan Provisions: Credit Supply and Risk-Taking Downloads
Bernardo Morais, Gaizka Ormazabal, Jose-Luis Peydro, Monica Roa and Miguel Sarmiento
2020-026: Forecasting the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 is inherently Ambiguous given the Current State of Virus Research Downloads
Melissa Koenen, Marleen Balvert, Ruud Brekelmans, Valentijn Stienen and Joris Wagenaar
2020-025: Unified Extreme Value Estimation for Heterogeneous Data Downloads
John Einmahl and Y. He
2020-024: Patent Screening, Innovation, and Welfare Downloads
Mark Schankerman and Florian Schuett
2020-023: Pricing above Value: Selling to an Adverse Selection Market Downloads
Jan Boone
2020-022: Which Firms Benefit from Corporate QE during the COVID-19 Crisis?: The Case of the ECB’s Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program Downloads
Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Balint Horvath and Harry Huizinga
2020-021: Exposure to Ethnic Minorities Changes Attitudes to Them Downloads
Sabina Albrecht, Riccardo Ghidoni, Elena Cettolin and Sigrid Suetens
2020-020: How the Publish-or-Perish Principle Divides a Science: The Case of Academic Economists Downloads
Hendrik van Dalen
2020-019: Acquisition Experience and Director Remuneration Downloads
Addis Birhanu, Philipp Geiler, Luc Renneboog and Yang Zhao
2020-018: The Two-Step Average Tree Value for Graph and Hypergraph Games Downloads
Liying Kang, Anna Khmelnitskaya, Erfang Shan, Adolphus Talman and Guang Zhang
2020-017: Cost Sharing Methods for Capacity Restricted Cooperative Purchasing Situations Downloads
Jop Schouten, Mirjam Groote Schaarsberg and Peter Borm
2020-016: The Adverse and Beneficial effects of Front-Loaded Pension Contributions Downloads
Ed Westerhout
2020-015: Cube Root Weak Convergence of Empirical Estimators of a Density Level Set Downloads
Philippe Berthet and John Einmahl
2020-014: Contagion and Return Predictability in Asset Markets: An Experiment with Two Lucas Trees Downloads
Charles Noussair and Andreea Victoria Popescu
2020-013: Income Shifting and Organizational Form Choice: Evidence from Europe Downloads
Arjan Lejour and Gabriella Massenz
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