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Volume 108, issue C, 2014

Unobserved tax avoidance and the tax elasticity of FDI pp. 1-18 Downloads
Peter Egger, Valeria Merlo and Georg Wamser
Livestock asset transfers with and without training: Evidence from Rwanda pp. 19-39 Downloads
Jonathan Argent, Britta Augsburg and Imran Rasul
Gender differences in decisions under profound uncertainty are non-robust to the availability of information on equally informed others’ decisions pp. 40-58 Downloads
M. Hohnisch, S. Pittnauer, Reinhard Selten, A. Pfingsten and J. Eraßmy
Learning by (limited) forward looking players pp. 59-77 Downloads
Friederike Mengel
Investments and bargaining in a model with positive consumption externalities pp. 78-93 Downloads
Daniel Cardona and Antoni Rubí-Barceló
Competition vs. communication: An experimental study on restoring trust pp. 94-107 Downloads
Vivian Lei, David Masclet and Filip Vesely
Depth of reasoning and higher order beliefs pp. 108-122 Downloads
Tomasz Strzalecki
The economic value to smokers of graphic warning labels on cigarettes: Evidence from combining market and experimental auction data pp. 123-134 Downloads
Matthew C. Rousu, Stéphan Marette, James F. Thrasher and Jayson Lusk
The interaction of explicit and implicit contracts: A signaling approach pp. 135-146 Downloads
Marc Gürtler and Oliver Gürtler
The design of charitable fund-raising schemes: Matching grants or seed money pp. 147-165 Downloads
Ning Gong and Bruce D. Grundy
Car mechanics in the lab––Investigating the behavior of real experts on experimental markets for credence goods pp. 166-173 Downloads
Adrian Beck, Rudolf Kerschbamer, Jianying Qiu and Matthias Sutter
The long-run impact of a traumatic experience on risk aversion pp. 174-186 Downloads
Young-Il Kim and Jungmin Lee
An experimental test of the effect of negative social norms on energy-efficient investments pp. 187-197 Downloads
Mike Yeomans and David Herberich
“Feel the Warmth” glow: A field experiment on manipulating the act of giving pp. 198-211 Downloads
Amanda Chuan and Anya Savikhin Samek
Continuous time and communication in a public-goods experiment pp. 212-223 Downloads
Ryan Oprea, Gary Charness and Daniel Friedman
Judicial error by groups and individuals pp. 224-235 Downloads
Frans van Dijk, Joep Sonnemans and Eddy Bauw
Are risk-seekers more optimistic? Non-parametric approach pp. 236-251 Downloads
Eyal Weinstock and Doron Sonsino
Conditional cooperation with negative externalities – An experiment pp. 252-260 Downloads
Christoph Engel and Lilia Zhurakhovska
Bargaining power does not matter when sharing losses – Experimental evidence of equal split in the Nash bargaining game pp. 261-272 Downloads
Eike Kroll, Ralf Morgenstern, Thomas Neumann, Stephan Schosser and Bodo Vogt
Economic incentives and social preferences: Causal evidence of non-separability pp. 273-289 Downloads
Marco Faravelli and Luca Stanca
How Werner Güth's ultimatum game shaped our understanding of social behavior pp. 292-318 Downloads
Eric van Damme, Kenneth G. Binmore, Alvin Roth, Larry Samuelson, Eyal Winter, Gary E. Bolton, Axel Ockenfels, Martin Dufwenberg, Georg Kirchsteiger, Uri Gneezy, Martin Kocher, Matthias Sutter, Alan G. Sanfey, Hartmut Kliemt, Reinhard Selten, Rosemarie Nagel and Ofer H. Azar
Revealed distributional preferences: Individuals vs. teams pp. 319-330 Downloads
Loukas Balafoutas, Rudolf Kerschbamer, Martin Kocher and Matthias Sutter
Are default contributions sticky? An experimental analysis of defaults in public goods provision pp. 331-342 Downloads
Dominique Cappelletti, Luigi Mittone and Matteo Ploner
Social preferences can make imperfect sanctions work: Evidence from a public good experiment pp. 343-353 Downloads
Christoph Engel
Do high stakes and competition undermine fair behaviour? Evidence from Russia pp. 354-363 Downloads
Ernst Fehr, Elena Tougareva and Urs Fischbacher
Cooperation in local and global groups pp. 364-373 Downloads
Gerlinde Fellner and Gabriele K. Lünser
Is avatar-to-avatar communication as effective as face-to-face communication? An Ultimatum Game experiment in First and Second Life pp. 374-382 Downloads
Ben Greiner, Mary Caravella and Alvin Roth
A note on empathy in games pp. 383-388 Downloads
Jan Grohn, Steffen Huck and Justin Mattias Valasek
Endogenous community formation and collective provision – A procedurally fair mechanism pp. 389-395 Downloads
Werner Güth
More than thirty years of ultimatum bargaining experiments: Motives, variations, and a survey of the recent literature pp. 396-409 Downloads
Werner Güth and Martin Kocher
Providing revenue-generating projects under a fair mechanism: An experimental analysis pp. 410-419 Downloads
Werner Güth, Anastasios Koukoumelis, Maria Levati and Matteo Ploner
Endogenous price leadership – A theoretical and experimental analysis pp. 420-432 Downloads
Werner Güth, Kerstin Pull, Manfred Stadler and Alexandra Zaby
Bilateral bargaining of heterogeneous groups—How significant are patient partners? pp. 433-441 Downloads
Oliver Kirchkamp and Ulrike Vollstädt
Voluntary leadership in an experimental trust game pp. 442-452 Downloads
Fabian Kleine, Manfred Königstein and Balázs Rozsnyói
Beliefs and ingroup favoritism pp. 453-462 Downloads
Axel Ockenfels and Peter Werner
Discriminatory taxes are unpopular—Even when they are efficient and distributionally fair pp. 463-476 Downloads
Rupert Sausgruber and Jean-Robert Tyran

Volume 107, issue PB, 2014

Credit card borrowing and the monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) gene pp. 428-439 Downloads
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve and James H. Fowler
Do positional goods inhibit saving? Evidence from a life-cycle experiment pp. 440-454 Downloads
Nick Feltovich and Ourega-Zoé Ejebu
Self-control, financial literacy & the co-holding puzzle pp. 455-469 Downloads
John Gathergood and Jörg Weber
The dark side of sunshine: Regulatory oversight and status quo bias pp. 470-486 Downloads
J. Michael Collins and Carly Urban
Technical analysis and individual investors pp. 487-511 Downloads
Arvid O.. Hoffmann and Hersh Shefrin
The meerkat effect: Personality and market returns affect investors’ portfolio monitoring behaviour pp. 512-526 Downloads
Svetlana Gherzi, Daniel Egan, Neil Stewart, Emily Haisley and Peter Ayton
Friends do let friends buy stocks actively pp. 527-540 Downloads
Rawley Z. Heimer
Debiasing the disposition effect by reducing the saliency of information about a stock's purchase price pp. 541-552 Downloads
Cary Frydman and Antonio Rangel
Stereotypes and false consensus: How financial professionals predict risk preferences pp. 553-565 Downloads
Benjamin Roth and Andrea Voskort
Path dependence in risky choice: Affective and deliberative processes in brain and behavior pp. 566-581 Downloads
Kaisa Hytönen, Guido Baltussen, Martijn J. van den Assem, Vasily Klucharev, Alan G. Sanfey and Ale Smidts
Keeping your gains close but your money closer: The prepayment effect in riskless choices pp. 582-594 Downloads
Guy Hochman, Shahar Ayal and Dan Ariely
Funding decisions and entrepreneurial team diversity: A field study pp. 595-613 Downloads
Rick Vogel, Tatjana Xenia Puhan, Edlira Shehu, Doron Kliger and Henning Beese
The role of surprise: Understanding overreaction and underreaction to unanticipated events using in-play soccer betting market pp. 614-629 Downloads
Darwin Choi and Sam K. Hui
Gender differences in optimism and asset allocation pp. 630-651 Downloads
Ben Jacobsen, John B. Lee, Wessel Marquering and Cherry Y. Zhang
Second-order beliefs and the individual investor pp. 652-666 Downloads
Daniel Egan, Christoph Merkle and Martin Weber
An empirical examination of heterogeneity and switching in foreign exchange markets pp. 667-684 Downloads
David Goldbaum and Remco C.J. Zwinkels
Adaptive learning and survey data pp. 685-707 Downloads
Agnieszka Markiewicz and Andreas Pick
Investor sentiment from internet message postings and the predictability of stock returns pp. 708-729 Downloads
Soon-Ho Kim and Dongcheol Kim
Facebook's daily sentiment and international stock markets pp. 730-743 Downloads
Antonios Siganos, Evangelos Vagenas-Nanos and Patrick Verwijmeren
Glamour brands and glamour stocks pp. 744-759 Downloads
Matthew T. Billett, Zhan Jiang and Lopo L. Rego
Exuberance out of left field: Do sports results cause investors to take their eyes off the ball? pp. 760-780 Downloads
Christos Pantzalis and Jung Chul Park
Asset-holdings caps and bubbles in experimental asset markets pp. 781-797 Downloads
Volodymyr Lugovskyy, Daniela Puzzello, Steven Tucker and Arlington Williams
Experimental evidence on varying uncertainty and skewness in laboratory double-auction markets pp. 798-809 Downloads
Jürgen Huber, Michael Kirchler and Matthias Stefan
Does ambiguity aversion survive in experimental asset markets? pp. 810-826 Downloads
Sascha Füllbrunn, Holger A. Rau and Utz Weitzel
Judgmental overconfidence and trading activity pp. 827-842 Downloads
Gerlinde Fellner-Röhling and Sebastian Krügel

Volume 107, issue PA, 2014

Ranking friends pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yossi Feinberg and Willemien Kets
Moral hypocrisy, power and social preferences pp. 10-24 Downloads
Aldo Rustichini and Marie Claire Villeval
Deception choice and self-selection – The importance of being earnest pp. 25-39 Downloads
Kai A. Konrad, Tim Lohse and Salmai Qari
How different are smokers? An analysis based on personal finances pp. 40-50 Downloads
Scott Adams, Niloy Bose and Aldo Rustichini
Conflicts of interest distort public evaluations: Evidence from NCAA football coaches pp. 51-63 Downloads
Matthew J. Kotchen and Matthew Potoski
Learning tastes through social interaction pp. 64-85 Downloads
Alice Hsiaw
Savings and prize-linked savings accounts pp. 86-106 Downloads
Kadir Atalay, Fayzan Bakhtiar, Stephen Cheung and Robert Slonim
Everyone believes in redemption: Nudges and overoptimism in costly task completion pp. 107-122 Downloads
Joshua Tasoff and Robert Letzler
Externalities in recruiting pp. 123-135 Downloads
Matthias Kräkel, Nora Szech and Frauke von Bieberstein
Pro-social preferences and self-selection into jobs: Evidence from South African nurses pp. 136-152 Downloads
Mylene Lagarde and Duane Blaauw
Roll a die and tell a lie – What affects honesty? pp. 153-172 Downloads
Yuval Arbel, Ronen Bar-El, Erez Siniver and Yossef Tobol
The identification of causal effects in environmental and energy economics pp. 173-175 Downloads
Mary Evans, Matthew J. Kotchen and Christian Vossler
Dynamic salience with intermittent billing: Evidence from smart electricity meters pp. 176-190 Downloads
Ben Gilbert and Joshua Graff Zivin
Towards understanding the role of price in residential electricity choices: Evidence from a natural experiment pp. 191-208 Downloads
Katrina Jessoe, David Rapson and Jeremy B. Smith
Goal setting and energy conservation pp. 209-227 Downloads
Matthew Harding and Alice Hsiaw
Does the quality of electricity matter? Evidence from rural India pp. 228-247 Downloads
Ujjayant Chakravorty, Martino Pelli and Beyza Ural Marchand
Spatial and temporal heterogeneity of marginal emissions: Implications for electric cars and other electricity-shifting policies pp. 248-268 Downloads
Joshua Graff Zivin, Matthew J. Kotchen and Erin Mansur
California energy efficiency: Lessons for the rest of the world, or not? pp. 269-289 Downloads
Arik Levinson
Behavioral responses to Daylight Savings Time pp. 290-307 Downloads
Alison L. Sexton and Timothy K.M. Beatty
Perceived price in residential water demand: Evidence from a natural experiment pp. 308-323 Downloads
Casey Wichman
Free to choose: Promoting conservation by relaxing outdoor watering restrictions pp. 324-343 Downloads
A. Castledine, Klaus Moeltner, M.K. Price and S. Stoddard
The performance of non-experimental designs in the evaluation of environmental programs: A design-replication study using a large-scale randomized experiment as a benchmark pp. 344-365 Downloads
Paul J. Ferraro and Juan José Miranda
Temporal spillovers in land conservation pp. 366-379 Downloads
Sarah Jacobson
Environmental Justice: Evidence from Superfund cleanup durations pp. 380-401 Downloads
Martin Burda and Matthew Harding
Elements of emission market design: An experimental analysis of California's market for greenhouse gas allowances pp. 402-420 Downloads
William Shobe, Charles Holt and Thaddeus Huetteman
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