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1980 - 2016

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Volume 129, issue C, 2016

Career concerns and team talent pp. 1-17 Downloads
Kieron Meagher and Suraj Prasad
An individualistic approach to institution formation in public good games pp. 18-36 Downloads
Abhijit Ramalingam, Sara Godoy, Antonio J. Morales and James M. Walker
Time inconsistent preferences and the annuitization decision pp. 37-55 Downloads
Philipp Schreiber and Martin Weber
Friendship network in the classroom: Parents bias on peer effects pp. 56-73 Downloads
Fabio Landini, Natalia Montinari, Paolo Pin and Marco Piovesan
Microfoundations for switching behavior in heterogeneous agent models: An experiment pp. 74-99 Downloads
Mikhail Anufriev, Te Bao and Jan Tuinstra
Morality in the market pp. 100-115 Downloads
Tone Ognedal
From taste-based to statistical discrimination pp. 116-128 Downloads
William Neilson and Shanshan Ying
Collaboration in networks with randomly chosen agents pp. 129-141 Downloads
Zhiwei Cui and Rui Wang
Fragile markets: An experiment on judicial independence pp. 142-156 Downloads
Benito Arruñada and Marco Casari
Choosing a partner for social exchange: Charitable giving as a signal of trustworthiness pp. 157-171 Downloads
Sebastian Fehrler and Wojtek Przepiorka
“Relative concerns for consumption at the top”: An intertemporal analysis for the UK pp. 172-194 Downloads
Climent Quintana-Domeque and Johannes Wohlfart

Volume 128, issue C, 2016

Experience based dynamic choice: A revealed preference approach pp. 1-13 Downloads
Amnon Maltz
The compromise effect in action: Lessons from a restaurant's menu pp. 14-34 Downloads
Pia Pinger, Isabel Ruhmer-Krell and Heiner Schumacher
An economic theory of religious belief pp. 35-46 Downloads
Holger Strulik
Diversity and donations: The effect of religious and ethnic diversity on charitable giving pp. 47-58 Downloads
James Andreoni, A. Abigail Payne, Justin Smith and David Karp
In-group favoritism and moral decision-making pp. 59-71 Downloads
Charles Cadsby, Ninghua Du and Fei Song
Strategic thinking: The influence of the game pp. 72-84 Downloads
Stefan P. Penczynski
Social dilemmas in the laboratory and in the field pp. 85-96 Downloads
Florian Englmaier and Georg Gebhardt
Limited farsightedness in network formation pp. 97-120 Downloads
Georg Kirchsteiger, Marco Mantovani, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch
Do we measure overconfidence? A closer look at the interval production task pp. 121-133 Downloads
Ferdinand Langnickel and Stefan Zeisberger
Lab and life: Does risky choice behaviour observed in experiments reflect that in the real world? pp. 134-148 Downloads
Arjan Verschoor, D’Exelle, Ben and Borja Perez-Viana
The differential impact of social norms cues on charitable contributions pp. 149-158 Downloads
Erin L. Krupka and Rachel T.A. Croson
Turning a blind eye, but not the other cheek: On the robustness of costly punishment pp. 159-177 Downloads
Peter H. Kriss, Roberto A. Weber and Erte Xiao
Assessing firm behavior in carve-out markets: Evidence on the impact of carve-out policy pp. 178-194 Downloads
Philip G. Gayle and Tyson Thomas
Forward induction: Thinking and behavior pp. 195-208 Downloads
Piotr Evdokimov and Aldo Rustichini
Information disclosure and consumer awareness pp. 209-230 Downloads
Sanxi Li, Martin Peitz and Xiaojian Zhao
Social norms of work ethic and incentives in organizations pp. 231-250 Downloads
Pedro Forquesato
The relative efficacy of price announcements and express communication for collusion: Experimental findings pp. 251-264 Downloads
Joseph E. Harrington, Roberto Hernan Gonzalez and Praveen Kujal
How strategic are children and adolescents? Experimental evidence from normal-form games pp. 265-285 Downloads
Simon Czermak, Francesco Feri, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler and Matthias Sutter

Volume 127, issue C, 2016

Learning in a black box pp. 1-15 Downloads
Heinrich H. Nax, Maxwell N. Burton-Chellew, Stuart A. West and H. Peyton Young
How to counter union power? Equilibrium mergers in international oligopoly pp. 16-29 Downloads
Irina Baye, Beatrice Pagel and Christian Wey
Sourcing strategies of a multi-input-multi-product firm pp. 30-45 Downloads
Michael Kopel, Clemens Löffler and Thomas Pfeiffer
Antidepressants and age: A new form of evidence for U-shaped well-being through life pp. 46-58 Downloads
David Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald
The subjective value of a life with Down syndrome: Evidence from amniocentesis decision pp. 59-69 Downloads
Thibault Gajdos, Clémentine Garrouste and Pierre-Yves Geoffard
Deal or no deal? The effect of alcohol drinking on bargaining pp. 70-86 Downloads
Pak Hung Au and Jipeng Zhang
Affirmative action or just discrimination? A study on the endogenous emergence of quotas pp. 87-98 Downloads
Loukas Balafoutas, Brent Davis and Matthias Sutter
Honesty, beliefs about honesty, and economic growth in 15 countries pp. 99-114 Downloads
David Hugh-Jones
Conspicuous consumption in the United States and China pp. 115-132 Downloads
David Jinkins
Contracts as reference points—The role of reciprocity effects and signaling effects pp. 133-145 Downloads
Mathias Erlei and Christian Reinhold
Seeing wealth as a responsibility improves attitudes towards taxation pp. 146-154 Downloads
Ashley V. Whillans, Nathan J. Wispinski and Elizabeth W. Dunn
Positive and negative effects of distance on export prices pp. 155-181 Downloads
Volodymyr Lugovskyy and Alexandre Skiba
Does legality matter? The case of tax avoidance and evasion pp. 182-206 Downloads
Kay Blaufus, Jochen Hundsdoerfer, Martin Jacob and Matthias Sünwoldt

Volume 126, issue PB, 2016

The cultural foundations of economic failure: A conceptual toolkit pp. 5-24 Downloads
Paul Collier
Striving for balance in economics: Towards a theory of the social determination of behavior pp. 25-57 Downloads
Karla Hoff and Joseph Stiglitz
Bread and bullets pp. 58-71 Downloads
George Akerlof and Dennis J. Snower
Cooperation, motivation and social balance pp. 72-94 Downloads
Steven J. Bosworth, Tania Singer and Dennis J. Snower
Homo Ludens: Social rationality and political behavior pp. 95-109 Downloads
Herbert Gintis
Anger and enforcement pp. 110-124 Downloads
Robert Akerlof
Exploring the concept of homeostasis and considering its implications for economics pp. 125-129 Downloads
Antonio Damasio and Hanna Damasio
Cash on the table: Why traditional theories of market failure fail pp. 130-136 Downloads
Robert H. Frank
The under-appreciated drive for sense-making pp. 137-154 Downloads
Nick Chater and George Loewenstein

Volume 126, issue PA, 2016

Welfare consequences of asymmetric growth pp. 1-17 Downloads
Daniel Murphy
The earned income tax credit, mental health, and happiness pp. 18-38 Downloads
Casey Boyd-Swan, Chris M. Herbst, John Ifcher and Homa Zarghamee
The role of peers in estimating tenure-performance profiles: Evidence from personnel data pp. 39-54 Downloads
Andries de Grip, Jan Sauermann and Inge Sieben
Group size and cooperation among strangers pp. 55-74 Downloads
John Duffy and Huan Xie
The evolution of power and the divergence of cooperative norms pp. 75-88 Downloads
Michael Makowsky and Paul E. Smaldino
Search, effort, and locus of control pp. 89-101 Downloads
Andrew McGee and Peter McGee
Voluntary participation in public goods provision with Coasian bargaining pp. 102-119 Downloads
Fuhai Hong and Wooyoung Lim
Heterogeneous returns to knowledge exchange: Evidence from the urban wage premium pp. 120-139 Downloads
Chris Cunningham, Michaela C. Patton and Robert R. Reed
Promotion signaling, gender, and turnover: New theory and evidence pp. 140-166 Downloads
Hugh Cassidy, Jed DeVaro and Antti Kauhanen
Concurrent elections and turnout: Causal estimates from a German quasi-experiment pp. 167-178 Downloads
Sebastian Garmann
Optimal sales force compensation pp. 179-195 Downloads
Matthias Kräkel and Anja Schöttner
The dynamics of behavior change: Evidence from energy conservation pp. 196-212 Downloads
Omar Isaac Asensio and Magali A. Delmas
Self-selection in tournaments: The case of chess players pp. 213-234 Downloads
Laurent Linnemer and Michael Visser
Procedures for eliciting time preferences pp. 235-242 Downloads
David Freeman, Paola Manzini, Marco Mariotti and Luigi Mittone
Price beliefs and experience: Do consumers’ beliefs converge to empirical distributions with repeated purchases? pp. 243-254 Downloads
Brett Matsumoto and Forrest Spence
The economics of the war on illegal drug production and trafficking pp. 255-275 Downloads
Daniel Mejia and Pascual Restrepo
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