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Volume 111, issue C, 2015

Theocracy and resilience against economic sanctions pp. 1-12 Downloads
Alireza Naghavi and Giuseppe Pignataro
Income attraction: An online dating field experiment pp. 13-22 Downloads
David Ong and Jue Wang
Contract cheating & the market in essays pp. 23-37 Downloads
Dan Rigby, Michael Burton, Kelvin Balcombe, Ian Bateman and Abay Mulatu
Cultural integration: Experimental evidence of convergence in immigrants’ preferences pp. 38-58 Downloads
Lisa Cameron, Nisvan Erkal, Lata Gangadharan and Marina Zhang
Conspicuous consumption, conspicuous health, and optimal taxation pp. 59-70 Downloads
Redzo Mujcic and Paul Frijters
The impact of the assimilation of migrants on the well-being of native inhabitants: A theory pp. 71-78 Downloads
Oded Stark, Jakub Bielawski and Marcin Jakubek
Timing of kindness – Evidence from a field experiment pp. 79-87 Downloads
Axel Ockenfels, Dirk Sliwka and Peter Werner
The effect of hysteresis on equilibrium selection in coordination games pp. 88-105 Downloads
Julian Romero
Does society underestimate women? Evidence from the performance of female jockeys in horse racing pp. 106-118 Downloads
Alasdair Brown and Fuyu Yang
Inter-company matching and the supply of informed capital pp. 119-136 Downloads
Fernando Anjos and Alejandro Drexler
Heterogeneity in subjective wellbeing: An application to occupational allocation in Africa pp. 137-153 Downloads
Paolo Falco, William F. Maloney, Bob Rijkers and Mauricio Sarrias
Price complexity and buyer confusion in markets pp. 154-168 Downloads
Kenan Kalaycı
No myopic loss aversion in adolescents? – An experimental note pp. 169-176 Downloads
Daniela Glätzle-Rützler, Matthias Sutter and Achim Zeileis
Support for public provision of a private good with top-up and opt-out: A controlled laboratory experiment pp. 177-196 Downloads
Neil Buckley, Katherine Cuff, Jeremiah Hurley, Stuart Mestelman, Stephanie Thomas and David Cameron
Directing remittances to education with soft and hard commitments: Evidence from a lab-in-the-field experiment and new product take-up among Filipino migrants in Rome pp. 197-208 Downloads
Giuseppe De Arcangelis, Majlinda Joxhe, David McKenzie, Erwin Tiongson and Dean Yang
The impact of entrepreneurship education in high school on long-term entrepreneurial performance pp. 209-223 Downloads
Niklas Elert, Fredrik W. Andersson and Karl Wennberg
The effect of cash transfers to schools on voluntary contributions pp. 224-236 Downloads
Rosangela Bando

Volume 110, issue C, 2015

The perverse impact of calling for energy conservation pp. 1-18 Downloads
J. Scott Holladay, Michael K. Price and Marianne Wanamaker
Does mother tongue make for women's work? Linguistics, household labor, and gender identity pp. 19-44 Downloads
Daniel L. Hicks, Estefania Santacreu-Vasut and Amir Shoham
Selection and the age – productivity profile. Evidence from chess players pp. 45-58 Downloads
Marco Bertoni, Giorgio Brunello and Lorenzo Rocco
Relative pay and its effects on firm efficiency in a transitional economy pp. 59-77 Downloads
Michael Firth, Tak Yan Leung, Oliver M. Rui and Chaohong Na
Is smoking behavior culturally determined? Evidence from British immigrants pp. 78-90 Downloads
Rebekka Christopoulou and Dean R. Lillard
Does the mobility of R&D labor increase innovation? pp. 91-105 Downloads
Ulrich Kaiser, Hans Christian Kongsted and Thomas Rønde
Signaling smarts? Revealed preferences for self and social perceptions of intelligence pp. 106-118 Downloads
T. Clay McManus and Justin M. Rao
The economic origins of the evil eye belief pp. 119-144 Downloads
Boris Gershman
Choosing to be trained: Do behavioral traits matter? pp. 145-159 Downloads
Utteeyo Dasgupta, Lata Gangadharan, Pushkar Maitra, Subha Mani and Samyukta Subramanian
Selection, tournaments, and dishonesty pp. 160-175 Downloads
Marco Faravelli, Lana Friesen and Lata Gangadharan

Volume 109, issue C, 2015

On divergent dynamics with ordinary least squares learning pp. 1-9 Downloads
Shurojit Chatterji and Ignacio N. Lobato
Reference-dependent preferences, team relocations, and major league expansion pp. 10-25 Downloads
Brad R. Humphreys and Li Zhou
The nature of information and its effect on bidding behavior: Laboratory evidence in a first price common value auction pp. 26-40 Downloads
Isabelle Brocas, Juan D. Carrillo and Manuel Castro
Optimal tolerance for failure pp. 41-55 Downloads
Caspar Siegert and Piers Trepper
Agricultural marketing cooperatives with direct selling: A cooperative–non-cooperative game pp. 56-71 Downloads
Maxime Agbo, Damien Rousselière and Julien Salanié
Do buyer groups facilitate collusion? pp. 72-84 Downloads
Hans-Theo Normann, Jürgen Rösch and Luis Manuel Schultz
Circumstantial risk: Impact of future tax evasion and labor supply opportunities on risk exposure pp. 85-100 Downloads
Philipp Doerrenberg, Denvil Duncan and Christopher Zeppenfeld
Dynamic nonlinear income taxation with quasi-hyperbolic discounting and no commitment pp. 101-119 Downloads
Jang-Ting Guo and Alan Krause
Heterogeneity and cooperation: The role of capability and valuation on public goods provision pp. 120-134 Downloads
Felix Kölle
Optimal incentives for takaful (Islamic insurance) operators pp. 135-144 Downloads
Hayat Khan
Corruption, fertility, and human capital pp. 145-162 Downloads
Dimitrios Varvarigos and Panagiotis Arsenis
The cross-sectional “Gambler's Fallacy”: Set representativeness in lottery number choices pp. 163-172 Downloads
Jaimie W. Lien and Jia Yuan
Who's naughty? Who's nice? Experiments on whether pro-social workers are selected out of cutthroat business environments pp. 173-187 Downloads
Mitchell Hoffman and John Morgan
Pricing decisions in an experimental dynamic stochastic general equilibrium economy pp. 188-202 Downloads
Charles Noussair, Damjan Pfajfar and Janos Zsiros
Managers’ external social ties at work: Blessing or curse for the firm? pp. 203-216 Downloads
Leif Brandes, Marc Brechot and Egon Franck
Minimal two-way flow networks with small decay pp. 217-239 Downloads
K. De Jaegher and J.J.A. Kamphorst

Volume 108, issue C, 2014

Unobserved tax avoidance and the tax elasticity of FDI pp. 1-18 Downloads
Peter Egger, Valeria Merlo and Georg Wamser
Livestock asset transfers with and without training: Evidence from Rwanda pp. 19-39 Downloads
Jonathan Argent, Britta Augsburg and Imran Rasul
Gender differences in decisions under profound uncertainty are non-robust to the availability of information on equally informed others’ decisions pp. 40-58 Downloads
M. Hohnisch, S. Pittnauer, Reinhard Selten, A. Pfingsten and J. Eraßmy
Learning by (limited) forward looking players pp. 59-77 Downloads
Friederike Mengel
Investments and bargaining in a model with positive consumption externalities pp. 78-93 Downloads
Daniel Cardona and Antoni Rubí-Barceló
Competition vs. communication: An experimental study on restoring trust pp. 94-107 Downloads
Vivian Lei, David Masclet and Filip Vesely
Depth of reasoning and higher order beliefs pp. 108-122 Downloads
Tomasz Strzalecki
The economic value to smokers of graphic warning labels on cigarettes: Evidence from combining market and experimental auction data pp. 123-134 Downloads
Matthew C. Rousu, Stéphan Marette, James F. Thrasher and Jayson Lusk
The interaction of explicit and implicit contracts: A signaling approach pp. 135-146 Downloads
Marc Gürtler and Oliver Gürtler
The design of charitable fund-raising schemes: Matching grants or seed money pp. 147-165 Downloads
Ning Gong and Bruce D. Grundy
Car mechanics in the lab––Investigating the behavior of real experts on experimental markets for credence goods pp. 166-173 Downloads
Adrian Beck, Rudolf Kerschbamer, Jianying Qiu and Matthias Sutter
The long-run impact of a traumatic experience on risk aversion pp. 174-186 Downloads
Young-Il Kim and Jungmin Lee
An experimental test of the effect of negative social norms on energy-efficient investments pp. 187-197 Downloads
Mike Yeomans and David Herberich
“Feel the Warmth” glow: A field experiment on manipulating the act of giving pp. 198-211 Downloads
Amanda Chuan and Anya Savikhin Samek
Continuous time and communication in a public-goods experiment pp. 212-223 Downloads
Ryan Oprea, Gary Charness and Daniel Friedman
Judicial error by groups and individuals pp. 224-235 Downloads
Frans van Dijk, Joep Sonnemans and Eddy Bauw
Are risk-seekers more optimistic? Non-parametric approach pp. 236-251 Downloads
Eyal Weinstock and Doron Sonsino
Conditional cooperation with negative externalities – An experiment pp. 252-260 Downloads
Christoph Engel and Lilia Zhurakhovska
Bargaining power does not matter when sharing losses – Experimental evidence of equal split in the Nash bargaining game pp. 261-272 Downloads
Eike Kroll, Ralf Morgenstern, Thomas Neumann, Stephan Schosser and Bodo Vogt
Economic incentives and social preferences: Causal evidence of non-separability pp. 273-289 Downloads
Marco Faravelli and Luca Stanca
How Werner Güth's ultimatum game shaped our understanding of social behavior pp. 292-318 Downloads
Eric van Damme, Kenneth G. Binmore, Alvin Roth, Larry Samuelson, Eyal Winter, Gary E. Bolton, Axel Ockenfels, Martin Dufwenberg, Georg Kirchsteiger, Uri Gneezy, Martin Kocher, Matthias Sutter, Alan G. Sanfey, Hartmut Kliemt, Reinhard Selten, Rosemarie Nagel and Ofer Azar
Revealed distributional preferences: Individuals vs. teams pp. 319-330 Downloads
Loukas Balafoutas, Rudolf Kerschbamer, Martin Kocher and Matthias Sutter
Are default contributions sticky? An experimental analysis of defaults in public goods provision pp. 331-342 Downloads
Dominique Cappelletti, Luigi Mittone and Matteo Ploner
Social preferences can make imperfect sanctions work: Evidence from a public good experiment pp. 343-353 Downloads
Christoph Engel
Do high stakes and competition undermine fair behaviour? Evidence from Russia pp. 354-363 Downloads
Ernst Fehr, Elena Tougareva and Urs Fischbacher
Cooperation in local and global groups pp. 364-373 Downloads
Gerlinde Fellner and Gabriele K. Lünser
Is avatar-to-avatar communication as effective as face-to-face communication? An Ultimatum Game experiment in First and Second Life pp. 374-382 Downloads
Ben Greiner, Mary Caravella and Alvin Roth
A note on empathy in games pp. 383-388 Downloads
Jan Grohn, Steffen Huck and Justin Mattias Valasek
Endogenous community formation and collective provision – A procedurally fair mechanism pp. 389-395 Downloads
Werner Güth
More than thirty years of ultimatum bargaining experiments: Motives, variations, and a survey of the recent literature pp. 396-409 Downloads
Werner Güth and Martin Kocher
Providing revenue-generating projects under a fair mechanism: An experimental analysis pp. 410-419 Downloads
Werner Güth, Anastasios Koukoumelis, Maria Levati and Matteo Ploner
Endogenous price leadership – A theoretical and experimental analysis pp. 420-432 Downloads
Werner Güth, Kerstin Pull, Manfred Stadler and Alexandra Zaby
Bilateral bargaining of heterogeneous groups—How significant are patient partners? pp. 433-441 Downloads
Oliver Kirchkamp and Ulrike Vollstädt
Voluntary leadership in an experimental trust game pp. 442-452 Downloads
Fabian Kleine, Manfred Königstein and Balázs Rozsnyói
Beliefs and ingroup favoritism pp. 453-462 Downloads
Axel Ockenfels and Peter Werner
Discriminatory taxes are unpopular—Even when they are efficient and distributionally fair pp. 463-476 Downloads
Rupert Sausgruber and Jean-Robert Tyran
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