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Volume 98, issue 5, 2016

The Gravity of Water: Water Trade Frictions in California pp. 1273-1294 Downloads
Charles Regnacq, Ariel Dinar and Ellen Hanak
Resilient Provision of Ecosystem Services from Agricultural Landscapes: Trade-offs Involving Means and Variances of Water Quality Improvements pp. 1295-1313 Downloads
Sergey S. Rabotyagov, Adriana M. Valcu-Lisman and Catherine L. Kling
Too Burdensome to Bid: Transaction Costs and Pay-for-Performance Conservation pp. 1314-1333 Downloads
Leah H. Palm-Forster, Scott Swinton, Frank Lupi and Robert Shupp
Solving the Phosphorus Pollution Puzzle: Synthesis and Directions for Future Research pp. 1334-1359 Downloads
Cloé Garnache, Scott Swinton, Joseph Herriges, Frank Lupi and R. Jan Stevenson
Concentration, Product Variety, and Entry-for-Merger: Evidence from New Product Introductions in the U.S. Food Industry pp. 1360-1376 Downloads
Haimanti Bhattacharya and Robert Innes
Economics of Agricultural Supply Chain Design: A Portfolio Selection Approach pp. 1377-1388 Downloads
Xiaoxue Du, Liang Lu, Thomas Reardon and David Zilberman
Impacts of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership on Processed Food Trade under Monopolistic Competition and Firm Heterogeneity pp. 1389-1402 Downloads
Jeff Luckstead and Stephen Devadoss
Value Chains and Technology Transfer to Agriculture in Developing and Emerging Economies pp. 1403-1418 Downloads
Rob Kuijpers and Johan Swinnen
Supply Chain Design and Adoption of Indivisible Technology pp. 1419-1431 Downloads
Liang Lu, Thomas Reardon and David Zilberman
Quality Standards, Industry Structure, and Welfare in a Global Economy pp. 1432-1449 Downloads
Carl Gaigne and Bruno Larue
Index Insurance Quality and Basis Risk: Evidence from Northern Kenya pp. 1450-1469 Downloads
Nathaniel D. Jensen, Christopher Barrett and Andrew G. Mude
Estimating Expected and Unexpected Losses for Agricultural Mortgage Portfolios pp. 1470-1485 Downloads
Jonathan B. Dressler and Loren Tauer
Impact of Ex-Ante Hypothetical Bias Mitigation Methods on Attribute Non-Attendance in Choice Experiments pp. 1486-1506 Downloads
Muhammad Bello and Awudu Abdulai
Participation in Rural Land Rental Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa: Who Benefits and by How Much? Evidence from Malawi and Zambia pp. 1507-1528 Downloads
Jordan Chamberlin and Jacob Ricker-Gilbert
Price Density Forecasts in the U.S. Hog Markets: Composite Procedures pp. 1529-1544 Downloads
Andres Trujillo-Barrera, Philip Garcia and Mindy L. Mallory
The Causal Effect of Education on Farm-related Disability: Evidence from a Compulsory Schooling Reform in Taiwan pp. 1545-1557 Downloads
Hung-Hao Chang and Chad D. Meyerhoefer
Hertel, Thomas W. and Uris Lantz C. Baldos. Global Change and the Challenges of Sustainably Feeding a Growing Planet pp. 1558-1560 Downloads
George Norton
Nestle, Marion. Soda Politics: Taking on Big Soda (and Winning) pp. 1560-1561 Downloads
Nadia A. Streletskaya
Qaim, Matin. Genetically Modified Crops and Agricultural Development pp. 1561-1564 Downloads
Anwar Naseem

Volume 98, issue 4, 2016

Measuring Consumer Responses to a Bottled Water Tax Policy pp. 981-996 Downloads
Peter Berck, Jacob Moe-Lange, Andrew Stevens and Sofia Villas-Boas
What Can We Learn about the Effects of Food Stamps on Obesity in the Presence of Misreporting? pp. 997-1017 Downloads
Lorenzo Almada, Ian McCarthy and Rusty Tchernis
Trade Policy Coordination and Food Price Volatility pp. 1018-1037 Downloads
Christophe Gouel
Advertising, Habit Formation, and U.S. Tobacco Product Demand pp. 1038-1054 Downloads
Yuqing Zheng, Chen Zhen, James Nonnemaker and Daniel Dench
Agglomeration Effects in Ontario’s Dairy Farming pp. 1055-1073 Downloads
Getu Hailu and B. James Deaton
Permanent and Temporary Policy Incentives for Conservation under Stochastic Returns from Competing Land Uses pp. 1074-1094 Downloads
Payal Shah and Amy Ando
Who Really Benefits from Agricultural Subsidies? Evidence from Field-level Data pp. 1095-1113 Downloads
Barrett Kirwan and Michael Roberts
Interactions between CAP Agricultural and Agri-Environmental Subsidies and Their Effects on the Uptake of Organic Farming pp. 1114-1145 Downloads
Mónica M. Jaime, Jessica Coria and Xiangping Liu
Effects of the Great Recession on the U.S. Agricultural Labor Market pp. 1146-1157 Downloads
Maoyong Fan, Anita Alves Pena and Jeffrey Perloff
A Declining Farm Workforce: Analysis of Panel Data from Rural Mexico pp. 1158-1180 Downloads
Diane Charlton and J. Edward Taylor
Empirical Identification of Behavioral Choice Models under Risk pp. 1181-1194 Downloads
David Just and Richard Just
Quality Matters More Than Quantity: Asymmetric Temperature Effects on Crop Yield and Quality Grade pp. 1195-1209 Downloads
Kentaro Kawasaki and Shinsuke Uchida
Contributions of Productivity and Relative Price Changes to Farm-level Profitability Change pp. 1210-1229 Downloads
Amin Mugera, Michael Langemeier and Andrew Ojede
Temperature Changes, Household Consumption, and Internal Migration: Evidence from Tanzania pp. 1230-1249 Downloads
Kalle Hirvonen
Demand for a Simple Weather Insurance Product in India: Theory and Evidence pp. 1250-1270 Downloads
Ruth Hill, Luis Robles and Francisco Ceballos
Owen, David. Beyond Taste Buds: The Science of Delicious. National Geographic Magazine pp. 1271 Downloads
Marco Palma
Sugar Coated, a documentary film directed by Michèle Hozer pp. 1272 Downloads
David Just

Volume 98, issue 3, 2016

Hysteresis, Price Acceptance, and Reference Prices pp. 679-706 Downloads
Timothy J. Richards, Miguel I. Gómez and Iryna Printezis
Price Mean Reversion, Seasonality, and Options Markets pp. 707-725 Downloads
Chad Hart, Sergio Lence, Dermot Hayes and Na Jin
Corn Area Response to Local Ethanol Markets in the United States: A Grid Cell Level Analysis pp. 726-743 Downloads
Mesbah Motamed, Lihong McPhail and Ryan Williams
Compliance Path and Impact of Ethanol Mandates on Retail Fuel Market in the Short Run pp. 744-764 Downloads
Sebastien Pouliot and Bruce Babcock
Testing for Complementarity: Glyphosate Tolerant Soybeans and Conservation Tillage pp. 765-784 Downloads
Edward Perry, GianCarlo Moschini and David Hennessy
Does the Minimum Lot Size Program Affect Farmland Values? Empirical Evidence Using Administrative Data and Regression Discontinuity Design in Taiwan pp. 785-801 Downloads
Hung-Hao Chang and Tzu-Chin Lin
Exchanging Land for Solidarity: Solidarity Transfers among Voluntarily Resettled and Non-resettled Land-Reform Beneficiaries pp. 802-818 Downloads
Simone Gobien and Björn Vollan
The Demonstration and Capture of the Value of an Ecosystem Service: A Quasi-Experimental Hedonic Property Analysis pp. 819-837 Downloads
Hyun No Kim, Peter Boxall and Wiktor Adamowicz
Simultaneous Allocation of Bundled Goods through Auctions: Assessing the Case for Joint Bidding pp. 838-859 Downloads
Daniel Rondeau, Pascal Courty and Maurice Doyon
Modeling Recreation Demand When the Access Point Is Unknown pp. 860-880 Downloads
Yongjie Ji, Joseph Herriges and Catherine Kling
Entry and Exit Patterns of "Toxic" Firms pp. 881-909 Downloads
Dakshina De Silva, Timothy Hubbard and Anita R. Schiller
Dynamic Adjustment in US Agriculture under Climate Change pp. 910-924 Downloads
Sansi Yang and C. Richard Shumway
Modeling the Market and Welfare Effects of Mexico's "Agriculture by Contract" Program pp. 925-945 Downloads
Sergio Lence
Investment Age and Dynamic Productivity Growth in the Spanish Food Processing Industry pp. 946-961 Downloads
Magdalena Kapelko, Alfons Oude Lansink and Spiro Stefanou
The Economy-wide Impacts and Risks of Malawi's Farm Input Subsidy Program pp. 962-980 Downloads
Channing Arndt, Karl Pauw and James Thurlow

Volume 98, issue 2, 2016

Diversify or Die: How Increasing Diversity of People and Ideas Can Make Organizations More Competitive pp. 351-359 Downloads
Jill McCluskey
Bayesian Estimation of Possibly Similar Yield Densities: Implications for Rating Crop Insurance Contracts pp. 360-382 Downloads
Alan P. Ker, Tor N. Tolhurst and Yong Liu
Multidimensional Responses to Disease Information: How Do Winegrape Growers React to Powdery Mildew Forecasts and To What Environmental Effect? pp. 383-405 Downloads
Travis Lybbert, Nicholas Magnan and W. Douglas Gubler
On Marginal-Risk Behavior pp. 406-421 Downloads
Robert G. Chambers
Competitive Pressure and Technology Adoption: Evidence from a Policy Reform in Western Canada pp. 422-446 Downloads
Shon Ferguson and M. Rose Olfert
Productivity, Export, and Environmental Performance: Air Pollutants in the United States pp. 447-467 Downloads
Jingbo Cui, Harvey Lapan and GianCarlo Moschini
Conserving Spatially Explicit Benefits in Ecosystem Service Markets: Experimental Tests of Network Bonuses and Spatial Targeting pp. 468-488 Downloads
Jacob R. Fooks, Nathaniel Higgins, Kent D. Messer, Joshua Duke, Daniel Hellerstein and Lori Lynch
A Novel, Spatiotemporally Explicit Ecological-economic Modeling Procedure for the Design of Cost-effective Agri-environment Schemes to Conserve Biodiversity pp. 489-512 Downloads
Frank Wätzold, Martin Drechsler, Karin Johst, Melanie Mewes and Astrid Sturm
Food Store Choices of Poor Households: A Discrete Choice Analysis of the National Household Food Acquisition and Purchase Survey (FoodAPS) pp. 513-532 Downloads
Rebecca Taylor and Sofia Villas-Boas
How Healthy Is Hunger Relief Food? pp. 533-548 Downloads
Robert King, Cael Warren, Colin Cureton, Courtney Hoolihan, Katherine Young Grannon and Marilyn S. Nanney
Improving Food Bank Gleaning Operations: An Application in New York State pp. 549-563 Downloads
Erkut Sönmez, Deishin Lee, Miguel I. Gómez and Xiaoli Fan
The Effects of Benefit Timing and Income Fungibility on Food Purchasing Decisions among Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Households pp. 564-580 Downloads
Travis Smith, Joshua Berning, Xiaosi Yang, Gregory Colson and Jeffrey H. Dorfman
A Framework to Analyze the Performance of Thinly Traded Agricultural Commodity Markets pp. 581-596 Downloads
Michael Adjemian, Tina L. Saitone and Richard J. Sexton
Challenges of Conducting Contingent Valuation Studies in Developing Countries pp. 597-609 Downloads
Alvaro Durand-Morat, Eric J. Wailes and Rodolfo Nayga
Which Deceptive Practices, If Any, Should Be Allowed in Experimental Economics Research? Results from Surveys of Applied Experimental Economists and Students pp. 610-621 Downloads
Gregory Colson, Jay Corrigan, Carola Grebitus, Maria Loureiro and Matthew C. Rousu
Raised Without Antibiotics: Lessons from Voluntary Labeling of Antibiotic Use Practices in The Broiler Industry pp. 622-642 Downloads
Maria Bowman, Kandice K. Marshall, Fred Kuchler and Lori Lynch
Seafood Safety and Marketing: The Case of the Deepwater Horizon Tragedy pp. 643-647 Downloads
Steven S. Vickner
Making Sustainability Tangible: Land O'Lakes and the Dairy Supply Chain pp. 648-657 Downloads
Michael Boland, Brendan Cooper and James M. White
Mollica, Andrew. "Economic Growth and Income Inequality on American Indian Reservations." MS Thesis, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Outstanding Master's Thesis pp. 658 Downloads
Mollica Andrew
Scofield, Anna. "The Impacts of Residential Development Pattern on Wildland Fire Suppression Expenditures." MS Thesis, University of Wyoming. Outstanding Master's Thesis pp. 658a Downloads
Scofield Anna
Bhargava, Anil. "Agriculture, Poverty, and Natural Resource Conservation in 21st Century India: Impact Evaluation and Analysis of International Development Policy." PhD Dissertation, University of California, Davis. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation pp. 659 Downloads
Anil Bhargava
Smith, Travis. "Distributional Analyses on Diet Quality in the United States." PhD Dissertation, University of Minnesota. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation pp. 659-660 Downloads
Travis Smith
Yanez-Pagans, Patricia. "Three Essays in Development and Environmental Economics." PhD Dissertation, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Honorable Mention pp. 660-661 Downloads
Yanez-Pagans Patricia
Food Security and Scarcity: Why Ending Hunger is So Hard pp. 662-663 Downloads
Per Pinstrup-Andersen
The Economics of Biofuels: Impacts on Price Volatility in Grain and Oilseed Markets pp. 663-665 Downloads
Gal Hochman
Transatlantic Food and Agricultural Trade Policy: 50 Years of Conflict and Convergence pp. 665-667 Downloads
David Blandford
The Age of Sustainable Development pp. 667-669 Downloads
Collins Ayoo
A Comment on "The Welfare Impacts of Commodity Price Volatility: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia" pp. 670-675 Downloads
Linden McBride
The Welfare Impacts of Commodity Price Volatility: Reply pp. 676-678 Downloads
Marc Bellemare, Christopher Barrett and David Just

Volume 98, issue 1, 2016

The Effect of Food Deserts on the Body Mass Index of Elementary Schoolchildren pp. 1-18 Downloads
Michael R. Thomsen, Rodolfo Nayga, Pedro A. Alviola and Heather L. Rouse
The Impact of Food Deserts on Food Insufficiency and SNAP Participation among the Elderly pp. 19-40 Downloads
Katie Fitzpatrick, Nadia Greenhalgh-Stanley and Michele Ver Ploeg
Information Cost and Consumer Choices of Healthy Foods pp. 41-53 Downloads
Chen Zhu, Rigoberto Lopez and Xiaoou Liu
Information Customization and Food Choice pp. 54-73 Downloads
Kelvin Balcombe, Iain Fraser, Ben Lowe and Diogo Souza Monteiro
Neural Activations Associated with Decision-time and Choice in a Milk Labeling Experiment pp. 74-91 Downloads
John Crespi, Jayson Lusk, J. Bradley C. Cherry, Laura E. Martin, Brandon McFadden and Amanda S. Bruce
Can the Economy Explain the Explosion in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Caseload? An Assessment of the Local-level Approach pp. 92-112 Downloads
Jacob Alex Klerman and Caroline Danielson
Organic Label, Bargaining Power, and Profit-sharing in the French Fluid Milk Market pp. 113-133 Downloads
Céline Bonnet and Zohra Mechemache
Evaluating the Law of one Price Using Micro Panel Data: The Case of the French Fish Market pp. 134-153 Downloads
Laurent Gobillon and François-Charles Wolff
Global Oil Prices and Local Food Prices: Evidence from East Africa pp. 154-171 Downloads
Brian M. Dillon and Christopher Barrett
Worldwide Acreage and Yield Response to International Price Change and Volatility: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis for Wheat, Rice, Corn, and Soybeans pp. 172-190 Downloads
Mekbib Haile, Matthias Kalkuhl and Joachim von Braun
Responsiveness of Crop Yield and Acreage to Prices and Climate pp. 191-211 Downloads
Ruiqing Miao, Madhu Khanna and Haixiao Huang
The Natural Resource Curse and Fiscal Decentralization pp. 212-230 Downloads
Fidel Perez-Sebastian and Ohad Raveh
Valuing Environmental Resources through Demand for Related Commodities pp. 231-253 Downloads
Ju-Chin Huang, Daigee Shaw, Yu-Lan Chien and Min Qiang (Kent) Zhao
Irrigation Decisions for Major West Coast Crops: Water Scarcity and Climatic Determinants pp. 254-275 Downloads
Beau Olen, JunJie Wu and Christian Langpap
Hedging Supply Risks: An Optimal Water Portfolio pp. 276-296 Downloads
Anke Leroux and Vance L. Martin
The Impact of Perceptions in Averting-decision Models: An Application of the Special Regressor Method to Drinking Water Choices pp. 297-313 Downloads
Christophe Bontemps and Celine Nauges
Measuring Price Elasticities of Demand and Supply of Water Entitlements Based on Stated and Revealed Preference Data pp. 314-332 Downloads
Alec Zuo, Sarah Wheeler, Wiktor Adamowicz, Peter Boxall and Darla Hatton-MacDonald
Extension and Matching Grants for Improved Management: An Evaluation of the Uruguayan Livestock Program pp. 333-350 Downloads
Conner Mullally and Alessandro Maffioli
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