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Volume 85, issue 5, 2003

AAEA: Adapting to Meet Member Needs pp. 1095-1104 Downloads
Jon A. Brandt
Rationality, Awe, and the Demand for Biotechnology pp. 1105-1106 Downloads
Steven T. Buccola
The Environmental Impacts of Genetically Modified Plants: Challenges to Decision Making pp. 1107-1111 Downloads
Sandra S. Batie
Consumers' Acceptance of (and Resistance to) Genetically Modified Foods in High-Income Countries: Effects of Labels and Information in an Uncertain Environment pp. 1112-1118 Downloads
Wallace E. Huffman
Biotechnology: Opportunities and Challenges for Developing Countries pp. 1119-1125 Downloads
Uma Lele
Beyond Compliance: Sustainable Business Practices and the Bottom Line pp. 1126-1139 Downloads
Jeff Hopkins and Robert Johansson
The Rise of Supermarkets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America pp. 1140-1146 Downloads
Thomas Reardon, Charles Peter Timmer, Christopher B. Barrett and Julio A. Berdegue
Supermarkets and Produce Quality and Safety Standards in Latin America pp. 1147-1154 Downloads
Fernando Balsevich, Julio A. Berdegue, Luis Flores, Denise Mainville and Thomas Reardon
Supermarket Procurement Practices in Developing Countries: Redefining the Roles of the Public and Private Sectors pp. 1155-1161 Downloads
David Boselie, Spencer Henson and Dave D. Weatherspoon
The Supermarket “Market” Phenomenon in Developing Countries: Implications for Smallholder Farmers and Investment pp. 1162-1163 Downloads
Joyce Cacho
Carbon Sequestration in Agriculture: The U.S. Policy Context pp. 1164-1170 Downloads
Linda M. Young
Canadian Agriculture and the Development of a Carbon Trading and Offset System pp. 1171-1177 Downloads
Paul J. Thomassin
Creating Incentives for the Adoption of Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Developing Countries: The Role of Soil Carbon Sequestration pp. 1178-1184 Downloads
John M. Antle and Bocar Diagana
Carbon Sequestration in Agriculture: The Policy Context: Discussion pp. 1185-1186 Downloads
Richard Gray and Murray Fulton
The Social Capital Paradigm: Bridging across Disciplines pp. 1187-1193 Downloads
Lindon j Robison and Jan L. Flora
Land-Use Compatibility, Change, and Policy at the Rural-Urban Fringe: Insights from Social Capital pp. 1194-1200 Downloads
Lawrence W. Libby and Jeff S. Sharp
Social Capital, Attachment Value, and Rural Development: A Conceptual Framework and Application of Contingent Valuation pp. 1201-1207 Downloads
Sam Cordes, John Allen, Richard C. Bishop, Gary D. Lynne, Lindon j Robison, Vernon D. Ryan and Ron Shaffer
The Social Capital Paradigm: Bridging across Disciplines—An Overview pp. 1208-1210 Downloads
Emery N. Castle
The Role of Intermediate Factor Markets in Asia's Green Revolution: Lessons for Africa? pp. 1211-1216 Downloads
Michael Johnson, Peter Hazell and Ashok Gulati
Land Markets in Developing and Transition Economies: Impact of Liberalization and Implications for Future Reform pp. 1217-1222 Downloads
Klaus W. Deininger
Producer Benefits from Input Market and Trade Liberalization: The Case of Fertilizer in China pp. 1223-1227 Downloads
Fangbin Qiao, Bryan Lohmar, Jikun Huang, Scott Rozelle and Linxiu Zhang
Allocative Efficiency in Russian Agriculture: The Case of Fertilizer and Grain pp. 1228-1233 Downloads
William M. Liefert, Bruce L. Gardner and Eugenia Serova
Diminishing Marginal Utility of Wealth and Calibration of Risk in Agriculture pp. 1234-1241 Downloads
David R. Just and Hikaru Hanawa Peterson
Expected Utility Violations: Implications for Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics pp. 1242-1248 Downloads
David E. Buschena
Agricultural Risk Analysis: Adequacy of Models, Data, and Issues pp. 1249-1256 Downloads
Rulon D. Pope
Does Risk Matter? Discussion pp. 1257-1258 Downloads
Barry Kent Goodwin
Financing Agricultural Research in the New Biotechnology Era pp. 1259-1265 Downloads
Yin Xia
Observing Technological Trajectories in Patent Data: Empirical Methods to Study the Emergence and Growth of New Technologies pp. 1266-1274 Downloads
Gregory D. Graff
Intellectual Capital in a Q-Theory of Ag-Biotech Mergers pp. 1275-1282 Downloads
Anwar Naseem
Discussion: Economies of Scale and Scope in Agricultural Biotechnology Research pp. 1283-1284 Downloads
Jeremy D. Foltz
Agricultural Trade Liberalization and Poverty Dynamics in Three Developing Countries pp. 1285-1291 Downloads
Julie Litchfield, Neil McCulloch and L. Alan Winters
Trade Reform, Household Effects, and Poverty in Rural China pp. 1292-1298 Downloads
Jikun Huang, Ninghui Li and Scott Rozelle
Short- versus Long-Run Implications of Trade Liberalization for Poverty in Three Developing Countries pp. 1299-1306 Downloads
Thomas Warren Hertel, Maros Ivanic, Paul V. Preckel, John Cranfield and Will J Martin
Trade Liberalization and Rural Poverty pp. 1307-1308 Downloads
Ian Coxhead
The Public Good Value of Information from Agribusinesses on Genetically Modified Foods pp. 1309-1315 Downloads
Wallace E. Huffman, Matthew C Rousu, Jason Shogren and Abebayehu Tegene
An Experimental Test of the Commitment Cost Theory pp. 1316-1322 Downloads
Jayson L. Lusk
Impacts of Alternative Trading Institutions and Methods of Delivery on Laboratory Market Outcomes pp. 1323-1329 Downloads
Dale J. Menkhaus, Owen R. Phillips and Chris T. Bastian
New Developments in Experiments for Agricultural Economics: Discussion pp. 1330-1331 Downloads
John Andrew Fox
Agricultural Productivity Growth in the Andean Community pp. 1335-1341 Downloads
Lisa M. Pfeiffer
Report of the AJAE Editors (2002–2003) pp. 1343-1347 Downloads
Peter Berck, B Wade Brorsen, Robert J. Myers and Ian Sheldon

Volume 85, issue 4, 2003

Slotting Allowances as a Facilitating Practice by Food Processors in Wholesale Grocery Markets: Profitability and Welfare Effects pp. 797-813 Downloads
Stephen F. Hamilton
Genetically Modified Crops, Corporate Pricing Strategies, and Farmers' Adoption: The Case of Bt Cotton in Argentina pp. 814-828 Downloads
Matin Qaim and Alain de Janvry
Shared Agents and Competition in Laboratory English Auctions pp. 829-839 Downloads
Dale J. Menkhaus, Owen R. Phillips and Kalyn Todd Coatney
Effects of Cheap Talk on Consumer Willingness-to-Pay for Golden Rice pp. 840-856 Downloads
Jayson L. Lusk
The Influence of Commodity Programs on Acreage Response to Market Price: With an Illustration Concerning Rice Policy in the United States pp. 857-871 Downloads
Jeffrey D. McDonald and Daniel Alan Sumner
Spatial and Temporal Marketing Considerations under Marketing Loan Programs pp. 872-887 Downloads
Alexander Ernestovich Saak
Are Crop Yields Normally Distributed? A Reexamination pp. 888-901 Downloads
Joseph Atwood, Saleem Shaik and Myles Watts
Impacts of Declining U.S. Retail Beef Demand on Farm-Level Beef Prices and Production pp. 902-913 Downloads
John M. Marsh
Rural/Urban Welfare Program and Labor Force Participation pp. 914-927 Downloads
Maureen Kilkenny and Sonya Kostova Huffman
Bridging the Gap between Partial and Total Factor Productivity Measures Using Directional Distance Functions pp. 928-942 Downloads
Channing Arndt, Thomas Warren Hertel and Paul V. Preckel
Efficiency and Technical Change in the Philippine Rice Sector: A Malmquist Total Factor Productivity Analysis pp. 943-963 Downloads
Chieko Umetsu, Thamana Lekprichakul and Ujjayant Chakravorty
Protectionism, Trade, and Measures of Damage from Exotic Species Introductions pp. 964-975 Downloads
Christopher Costello and Carol McAusland
A Joint Framework for Analysis of Agri-Environmental Payment Programs pp. 976-987 Downloads
Joseph Carl Cooper
Measuring Interactions among Urbanization, Land Use Regulations, and Public Finance pp. 988-999 Downloads
JunJie Wu and William G. Boggess
Rural Amenity Values and Length of Residency pp. 1000-1015 Downloads
Robert J. Johnston, Stephen K. Swallow, Timothy J. Tyrrell and Dana Marie Bauer
Determinants of Land Use in Amazônia: A Fine-Scale Spatial Analysis pp. 1016-1028 Downloads
Kenneth M. Chomitz and Timothy Scott Thomas
Efficient Estimation of Agricultural Time Series Models with Nonnormal Dependent Variables pp. 1029-1040 Downloads
Sukant K. Misra and Jeannie Nelson
Spatial Market Arbitrage and Threshold Cointegration pp. 1041-1046 Downloads
Peter Sephton
Eating at School: How the National School Lunch Program Affects Children's Diets pp. 1047-1061 Downloads
Philip M. Gleason and Carol W. Suitor
The Pricing of Revenue Assurance: Comment pp. 1062-1065 Downloads
Shihong Yin and Calum G. Turvey
The Pricing of Revenue Assurance: Reply pp. 1066-1069 Downloads
Jeffrey R. Stokes and William I. Nayda
Nonparametric Productivity Analysis with Undesirable Outputs: Comment pp. 1070-1074 Downloads
Rolf Färe and Shawna Grosskopf
Nonparametric Productivity Analysis with Undesirable Outputs: Reply pp. 1075-1077 Downloads
Atakelty Hailu
Symmetric Positive Equilibrium Problem: A Framework for Rationalizing Economic Behavior with Limited Information: Comment pp. 1078-1081 Downloads
Wolfgang Britz, Thomas Heckelei and Hendrik Wolff
Environmental Governance: A Report on the Next Generation of Environmental Policy pp. 1082-1084 Downloads
Darrell J. Bosch
The Farm as Natural Habitat: Reconnecting Food Systems with Ecosystems pp. 1084-1085 Downloads
Linda Lee
The Canadian Wheat Board: Marketing in the New Millenium pp. 1085-1086 Downloads
Sergio Horacio Lence
Determinants of Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Empirical Study pp. 1087-1088 Downloads
Terry Lee Roe
Africa's Elephant: A Biography pp. 1088-1089 Downloads
Richard Ball
A Comprehensive Assessment of the Role of Risk in U.S. Agriculture pp. 1089-1091 Downloads
Kandice H. Kahl
Trade and the Environment in General Equilibrium: Evidence from Developing Economies pp. 1091-1093 Downloads
Michael Reed

Volume 85, issue 3, 2003

Combining Revealed and Stated Preferences: Consistency Tests and Their Interpretations pp. 525-537 Downloads
Christopher Dean Azevedo, Joseph A. Herriges and Catherine Louise Kling
Cost-Effective Targeting of Land Retirement to Improve Water Quality with Endogenous Sediment Deposition Coefficients pp. 538-553 Downloads
Madhu Khanna, Wanhong Yang, Richard Farnsworth and Hayri Önal
Estimating Recreational User Counts pp. 554-568 Downloads
Robert J. Johnston and Timothy J. Tyrrell
Does Tourism Promote Cross-Border Trade? pp. 569-579 Downloads
Satheesh Aradhyula and Russell Tronstad
Designing Optimal Crop Revenue Insurance pp. 580-589 Downloads
Olivier Mahul and Brian Davern Wright
Optimal Area-Yield Crop Insurance Reconsidered pp. 590-604 Downloads
Jean-Marc Bourgeon and Robert G Chambers
An Empirical Assessment of Endogeneity Issues in Demand Analysis for Differentiated Products pp. 605-617 Downloads
Brian W. Gould
Food Security and Agricultural Protection in South Korea pp. 618-632 Downloads
John Christopher Beghin, Jean-Christophe Bureau and Sung Joon Park
Tracing the Effects of Agricultural Commodity Prices and Food Costs pp. 633-646 Downloads
Catherine J. Morrison Paul and James M. MacDonald
Excess Capacity and Asymmetric Information in Developing Country Fisheries: The Malaysian Purse Seine Fishery pp. 647-662 Downloads
James E. Kirkley, Dale Squires, Mohammad Ferdous Alam and Haji Omar Ishak
Key Issues in the World Trade Organization Negotiations on Agriculture pp. 663-667 Downloads
Tim Josling
Nontrade Concerns: Reconciling Domestic Policy Objectives with Freer Trade in Agricultural Products pp. 668-673 Downloads
David Blandford, Richard N. Boisvert and Linda Fulponi
Developing Countries and the World Trade Organization Negotiations pp. 674-678 Downloads
Richard R. Barichello, Alex McCalla and Alberto Valdes
Regional Agreements and the World Trade Organization Negotiations pp. 679-683 Downloads
Johan Frans Maria Swinnen
Challenges Facing the World Trade Organization Negotiations on Agriculture pp. 684-685 Downloads
Ann Tutwiler M.
Global Public Goods, Global Programs, and Global Policies: Some Initial Findings from a World Bank Evaluation pp. 686-691 Downloads
Uma Lele and Christopher Gerrard
International Agricultural Research as a Global Public Good pp. 692-697 Downloads
Bruce L. Gardner and William Lesser
Global Health Programs: Linking Global Challenges with Country Needs pp. 698-702 Downloads
Ramesh Govindaraj and Naveen Sarna
Pioneering Transactions, Catalyzing Markets, and Building Capacity: The Prototype Carbon Fund Contributions to Climate Policies pp. 703-707 Downloads
Franck Michel LECOCQ
Essential Forms of Capital for Sustainable Community Development pp. 708-715 Downloads
Daniel V. Rainey, Kenneth L. Robinson, Ivye Allen and Ralph D. Christy
Discussion: Social Capital as an Important Lever in Economic Development Policy and Private Strategy pp. 716-719 Downloads
Allan Schmid
The Role for Government in Differentiated Product Markets: Looking to Economic Theory pp. 720-724 Downloads
David Loren Sunding
U.S. Food Quality Standards: Fix for Market Failure or Costly Anachronism? pp. 725-730 Downloads
Bruce L. Gardner
Asymmetric Information in Product Markets: Looking to Other Sectors for Institutional Approaches pp. 731-736 Downloads
Pauline M. Ippolito
The Political Economy of Differentiating Markets: Facing Reality inside the U.S. Department of Agriculture pp. 737-741 Downloads
Kenneth C. Clayton and Warren P. Preston
Product Differentiation and Asymmetric Information in Agricultural and Food Market: Defining the Role for Government: Discussion pp. 742-743 Downloads
Daniel Pick
What's Wrong with Our Models of Agricultural Land Values? pp. 744-752 Downloads
Barry Kent Goodwin, Ashok K. Mishra and François N. Ortalo-Magné
The Impacts of Different Farm Programs on Cash Rents pp. 753-761 Downloads
Sergio Horacio Lence and Ashok K. Mishra
The Incidence of Government Program Payments on Agricultural Land Rents: The Challenges of Identification pp. 762-769 Downloads
Michael James Roberts, Barrett E. Kirwan and Jeffrey Hopkins
Discussion of Agricultural Land Values, Government Payments, and Production pp. 770-771 Downloads
Tim Phipps
Agricultural Land Values, Government Payments, and Production: Discussion pp. 772-773 Downloads
Calum G. Turvey
Global Warming and the American Economy pp. 774-776 Downloads
David Abler
Soil Quality, Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Security in Central and Eastern Europe pp. 776-778 Downloads
Roy Carriker
Land Tenure and Natural Resource Management: A Comparative Study of Agrarian Communities in Asia and Africa pp. 778-779 Downloads
Joshua M. Duke
Post-Cowboy Economics: Pay and Prosperity in the New American West pp. 779-781 Downloads
Dana Loyd Hoag
The Microfinance Revolution: Sustainable Finance for the Poor pp. 781-783 Downloads
Ferdaus Hossain
Environmental Policy Analysis for Decision Making pp. 783-785 Downloads
Satish V. Joshi

Volume 85, issue 2, 2003

Modeling Conditional Yield Densities pp. 291-304 Downloads
Alan P. Ker and Keith H. Coble
Stochastic Technology, Risk Preferences, and Adoption of Site-Specific Technologies pp. 305-317 Downloads
Murat Isik and Madhu Khanna
Crop Insurance in a Political Economy: An Alternative Perspective on Agricultural Policy pp. 318-335 Downloads
Robert Innes
Price Stabilization and the Risk-Averse Firm pp. 336-347 Downloads
Robert G Chambers and John C. Quiggin
Distinguishing Errors in Measurement from Errors in Optimization pp. 348-358 Downloads
Rulon D. Pope and Richard E. Just
Fertilizer Use, Risk, and Off-Farm Labor Markets in the Semi-Arid Tropics of India pp. 359-371 Downloads
Russell L. Lamb
Specialization and Diversification in Agricultural Transformation: The Case of West Punjab, 1903–92 pp. 372-386 Downloads
Takashi Kurosaki
Market Transparency and Market Structure: The Livestock Mandatory Reporting Act of 1999 pp. 387-395 Downloads
Azzeddine Azzam
European Consumers' Willingness to Pay for U.S. Beef in Experimental Auction Markets pp. 396-405 Downloads
Frode Alfnes and Kyrre Rickertsen
A Note on Estimating Nested Constant Elasticity of Substitution Preferences for Outdoor Recreation pp. 406-413 Downloads
Roger H. von Haefen and Daniel J. Phaneuf
Estimating Willingness to Pay for Improved Water Quality in the Presence of Item Nonresponse Bias pp. 414-428 Downloads
James A. Brox, Ramesh Chander Kumar and Kenneth R. Stollery
Valuing Pre-Commercial Genetic Resources: A Maximum Entropy Approach pp. 429-436 Downloads
Armineh Zohrabian, Greg Traxler, Steven B Caudill and Melinda Smale
Preservation of Species and Genetic Diversity pp. 437-447 Downloads
Hayri Önal
An Optimal Control Model of Forest Carbon Sequestration pp. 448-457 Downloads
Brent Sohngen and Robert Owen Mendelsohn
Quasi- and Simulated-Likelihood Approaches to Censored Demand Systems: Food Consumption by Food Stamp Recipients in the United States pp. 458-478 Downloads
Steven T. Yen, Biing-Hwan Lin and David M. Smallwood
The Impact of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children on Child Health pp. 479-491 Downloads
Andrea Christine Carlson and Benjamin H. Senauer
Willingness to Pay for Curbside Recycling with Detection and Mitigation of Hypothetical Bias pp. 492-502 Downloads
David Aadland and Arthur Josef Caplan
Employment Growth, Worker Mobility, and Rural Economic Development pp. 503-513 Downloads
Mitch Renkow
Transforming the Asian Economy: The Unfinished Revolution pp. 514-515 Downloads
Paul William Glewwe
Cotton's Renaissance: A Study in Market Innovation pp. 515-516 Downloads
Darren Hudson
Agriculture and Modern Technology: A Defense pp. 516-518 Downloads
Terrance Hurley
Lords of the Harvest: Biotech, Big Money, and the Future of Food pp. 518-520 Downloads
Harry M. Kaiser
Dynamic State Variable Models in Ecology: Methods and Applications pp. 520-521 Downloads
Barkley Rosser
The Sustainability of Long-Term Growth: Socio-Economic and Ecological Perspectives pp. 521-523 Downloads
David Ian Stern

Volume 85, issue 1, 2003

The Nested PIGLOG Model: An Application to U.S. Food Demand pp. 1-15 Downloads
Nicholas E. Piggott
Demand for Beef from Cattle Administered Growth Hormones or Fed Genetically Modified Corn: A Comparison of Consumers in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States pp. 16-29 Downloads
Jayson L. Lusk, Jutta Roosen and John Andrew Fox
Tests for the Role of Risk Aversion on Input Use pp. 30-43 Downloads
Jutta Roosen and David A. Hennessy
Prevention versus Treatment under Precautionary Regulation: A Case Study of Groundwater Contamination under Uncertainty pp. 44-58 Downloads
Erik Lichtenberg and Tony M. Penn
Post-War Productivity Patterns in U.S. Agriculture: Influences of Aggregation Procedures in a State-Level Analysis pp. 59-80 Downloads
Albert K. A. Acquaye, Julian M. Alston and Philip G. Pardey
What is the Value of Agricultural Economics Research? pp. 81-94 Downloads
David Schimmelpfennig and George W. Norton
Valuing Varieties with Imperfect Output Quality Measurement pp. 95-107 Downloads
David Keith Lambert and William Wilson
Crop-Yield Distributions Revisited pp. 108-120 Downloads
Octavio A. Ramirez, Sukant Misra and James Field
Production Contracts and Productivity in the U.S. Hog Sector pp. 121-133 Downloads
Nigel Key and William D. McBride
Diseconomies of Size with Fixed Managerial Ability pp. 134-142 Downloads
Antonio M. Alvarez and Carlos Arias
Do Single Mothers Face Greater Constraints to Workforce Participation in Non-Metropolitan Areas? pp. 143-161 Downloads
Bradford Franklin Mills and Gautam Hazarika
Valuing Food Store Access: Policy Implications for the Food Stamp Program pp. 162-172 Downloads
Peter M. Feather
Getting Institutions “Right” for Whom? Credit Constraints and the Impact of Property Rights on the Quantity and Composition of Investment pp. 173-186 Downloads
Michael R. Carter and Pedro Olinto
A Dynamic Analysis of University Agricultural Biotechnology Patent Production pp. 187-197 Downloads
Jeremy D. Foltz, Kwansoo Kim and Bradford Barham
Stop and Go Agricultural Policies with a Land Market pp. 198-215 Downloads
Robert Innes
Strategic Behavior and Consolidation in the Agricultural Biotechnology Industry pp. 216-233 Downloads
Stanley R. Johnson and Tigran Melkonyan
Incentives, Information Systems, and Competition pp. 234-247 Downloads
Peter Bogetoft and Henrik Ballebye Olesen
A Simple Method of Incorporating Income Effects into Logit and Nested-Logit Models: Theory and Application pp. 248-253 Downloads
Anders Karlstrom
Integrating Agri-Environmental Programs into Regional Production Models: An Extension of Positive Mathematical Programming pp. 254-265 Downloads
Ottmar Röhm and Stephan Dabbert
Managing Urban Deer pp. 266-281 Downloads
Daniel Rondeau and Jon M. Conrad
The Global Environment in the Twenty-First Century: Prospects for International Cooperation pp. 282-283 Downloads
Gary D. Lynne
The Economics of International Trade and the Environment pp. 283-285 Downloads
Henry Thompson
The Economics of World Wheat Markets pp. 285-286 Downloads
Andrew Schmitz
Economics of Forestry and Rural Development pp. 286-287 Downloads
Roger Sedjo
Land-Grant Universities and Extension into the 21st Century: Renegotiating or Abandoning a Social Contract pp. 287-289 Downloads
Jeffrey Wagner
Rethinking Sustainability: Power, Knowledge, and Institutions pp. 289-290 Downloads
Daniel W. Bromley
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