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Volume 80, issue 5, 1998

Values, Changing Forces, Choices, and the Profession pp. 887-897 Downloads
C. Shumway
Strategic Behavior, Institutional Change, and the Future of Agriculture pp. 898-915 Downloads
Johnson S.R.
Determining the Value of Water: The Role of Risk, Infrastructure Constraints, and Ownership pp. 916-940 Downloads
Stephen C. Beare, Rosalyn Bell and Brian S. Fisher
Food Security and World Trade Prospects pp. 941-947 Downloads
D. Johnson
Reenergizing the Green Revolution in Rice pp. 948-953 Downloads
David Dawe
Supplying Wheat for Asia's Increasingly Westernized Diets pp. 954-959 Downloads
Prabhu Pingali and Mark W. Rosegrant
The Maize Transition in Asia: Unlocking the Controversy pp. 960-968 Downloads
Walter P. Falcon and Rosamond L. Naylor
Reflections on Keeping Asia's Food Baskets Full pp. 969-972 Downloads
Robert W. Herdt
Distance Education for American Universities and the World pp. 973-978 Downloads
Janet K. Poley
Costs and Benefits of Increasing Access to a Traditional Agricultural Economics Course pp. 979-983 Downloads
Robert O. Burton
Increasing Access through Multimedia Instruction to Timely Marketing Information and Techniques pp. 984-989 Downloads
Jim Kendrick
To Be or Not to Be? Selected Economic Questions Surrounding Distance Education: Discussion pp. 990-993 Downloads
Paul N. Wilson
On the Precipice of Reform: Welfare Spell Durations for Rural, Female-Headed Families pp. 994-999 Downloads
Shirley L. Porterfield
Employment Opportunities in Rural Areas: Implications for Poverty in a Changing Policy Environment pp. 1000-1007 Downloads
Jill L. Findeis and Leif Jensen
Poverty Amid Prosperity: Farm Employment, Immigration, and Poverty in California pp. 1008-1014 Downloads
Philip L. Martin and Edward Taylor J.
Rural Poverty: A Response pp. 1015-1016 Downloads
Ron Shaffer
Changing Government Policy and the Rural Poor: Discussion pp. 1017-1018 Downloads
Elizabeth Davis
Fish Consumption Advisories: Incorporating Angler-Specific Knowledge, Habits, and Catch Rates in a Site Choice Model pp. 1019-1024 Downloads
Paul Jakus, Dimitrios Dadakas and Mark Fly J.
Valuing Water Quality Improvements Using Revealed Preference Methods When Corner Solutions Are Present pp. 1025-1031 Downloads
Joseph Herriges and Catherine Kling
Stock Dynamics and Recreational Fishing Welfare Estimation: Implications for Natural Resource Damage Assessment pp. 1032-1037 Downloads
Peter W. Schuhmann and Easley J.E.
Valuing the Effects of Water Quality on Recreational Resources: Discussion pp. 1038-1041 Downloads
Frank Lupi
Changes in the Structure of Global Food Demand pp. 1042-1050 Downloads
John Cranfield, Thomas Hertel, James S. Eales and Paul V. Preckel
Understanding the Determinants of Structural Change in World Food Markets pp. 1051-1061 Downloads
Thomas Hertel, Zhi Wang and Wusheng Yu
Changes in the Structure of Global Food Demand: Discussion pp. 1062-1063 Downloads
James Seale
Understanding the Determinants of Structural Change in World Food Markets: Discussion pp. 1064-1065 Downloads
David Blandford
Cross-Border Acquisitions and Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S. Food Industry pp. 1066-1072 Downloads
Steve McCorriston and Ian M. Sheldon
Exchange Rate Effects on the Relationship between FDI and Trade in the U.S. Food Processing Industry pp. 1073-1079 Downloads
Daniel Pick and Utpal Vasavada
International Entry Mode Decisions by Agribusiness Firms: Distribution and Market Power pp. 1080-1086 Downloads
Juan B. Solana-Rosillo and Philip C. Abbott
Foreign Direct Investment and Trade in the U.S. Agribusiness Industry: Discussion pp. 1087-1088 Downloads
Greg Pompelli
A Review of Current Evidence on Climate Forecasts and Their Economic Effects in Agriculture pp. 1089-1095 Downloads
James W. Mjelde, Harvey S.J. Hill and John F. Griffiths
Use of El Niño Climate Forecasts in Australia pp. 1096-1101 Downloads
Troy Podbury, Terry C. Sheales, Intizar Hussain and Brian S. Fisher
Trade Policy and the Effects of Climate Forecasts on Agricultural Markets pp. 1102-1108 Downloads
Daniel Sumner, Daniel G. Hallstrom and Hyunok Lee
The Value of Imperfect ENSO Forecast Information: Discussion pp. 1109-1112 Downloads
Christopher Barrett
Consumer Demand for Organic Foods: What We Know and What We Need to Know pp. 1113-1118 Downloads
Gary D. Thompson
Organic Agricultural Production in the United States: Debates and Directions pp. 1119-1124 Downloads
Karen Klonsky and Laura Tourte
Implications of Organic Certification for Market Structure and Trade pp. 1125-1129 Downloads
Luanne Lohr
Emergence of U.S. Organic Agriculture—Can We Compete? Discussion pp. 1130-1133 Downloads
Barry Krissoff
The Weakening Relationships between Farm and Food Prices pp. 1134-1138 Downloads
Michael LeBlanc
The Transmission of Trends in Retail Food and Farm Prices pp. 1139-1143 Downloads
Albert Reed and Stephen Clark J.
Farm Prices, Retail Prices, and Directed Graphs: Results for Pork and Beef pp. 1144-1149 Downloads
David Bessler and Derya G. Akleman
Heterogeneity in Price Sensitivity and Retail Price Discrimination pp. 1150-1153 Downloads
Elizabeth K. Kiser
Understanding Retail Food Price Formation and Transmission: Discussion pp. 1154-1155 Downloads
Catherine Morrison Paul
The Effects of Information on Willingness-to-Pay Values of Endangered Species pp. 1214-1220 Downloads
Jennifer Tkac

Volume 80, issue 4, 1998

Do Farm Workers Earn Less? An Analysis of the Farm Labor Problem pp. 669-682 Downloads
Micha Gisser and Alberto Dávila
Hysteresis and the Shortage of Agricultural Labor pp. 683-695 Downloads
Timothy J. Richards and Paul M. Patterson
Fads versus Fundamentals in Farmland Prices pp. 696-707 Downloads
Barry Falk and Bong-Soo Lee
Credit Constraints, Farm Characteristics, and the Farm Economy: Differential Impacts on Feeder Cattle and Beef Cow Inventories pp. 708-723 Downloads
Peter J. Barry
Privatization, Market Liberalization, and Learning in Transition Economies pp. 724-737 Downloads
Gordon Rausser and Leo K. Simon
Export Liberalization and Household Welfare: The Case of Rice in Vietnam pp. 738-749 Downloads
Nicholas Minot and Francesco Goletti
Assessing Efficiency Gains from Individual Transferable Quotas: An Application to the Mid-Atlantic Surf Clam and Ocean Quahog Fishery pp. 750-764 Downloads
Quinn Weninger
The Value of El Niño Forecasts in the Management of Salmon: A Stochastic Dynamic Assessment pp. 765-777 Downloads
Richard M. Adams and Stephen Polasky
Bycatch Control in Multispecies Fisheries: A Quasi-rent Share Approach to the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands Midwater Trawl Pollock Fishery pp. 778-792 Downloads
Douglas M. Larson, Brett W. House and Joseph M. Terry
Factors Affecting the Timing of Purchasing of Butter, Margarine, and Blends: A Competing Goods Analysis pp. 793-805 Downloads
Brian W. Gould
The Effects of Crop Yield Insurance Designs on Farmer Participation and Welfare pp. 806-820 Downloads
Steven D. Hanson, Robert Myers and Roy Black J.
Quantifying the Effects of Sow-Herd Management Information Systems on Farmers' Decision Making Using Experimental Economics pp. 821-829 Downloads
James Cox
Returns to Public Investments in Agriculture with Imperfect Downstream Competition pp. 830-838 Downloads
Stephen Hamilton and David Sunding
The Structure of Multiplant Technologies pp. 839-851 Downloads
Robert Chambers
Recovering Output-Specific Inputs from Aggregate Input Data: A Generalized Cross-Entropy Approach pp. 852-867 Downloads
Sergio Lence and Douglas J. Miller
A Unified Approach to Sensitivity Analysis in Equilibrium Displacement Models pp. 868-879 Downloads
George Davis and Maria Cristina Espinoza
Hall, Darwin C., ed. Advances in the Economics of Environmental Resources: Marginal Cost Rate Design and Wholesale Water Markets, vol. 1. Greenwich CT: JAI Press, 1996, viii + 223 pp., price unknown pp. 880-881 Downloads
Gordon L. Carriker
Padberg, D.I., C. Riston, L.M. Albisu, eds. Agro-Food Marketing. New York: CAB International, 1997, 492 pp., $100.00 (cloth), $50.00 (paperback) pp. 881-882 Downloads
Ted Schroeder

Volume 80, issue 3, 1998

Political Action Committee Contributions and U.S. Congressional Voting on Sugar Legislation pp. 441-454 Downloads
Jonathan C. Brooks, A. Cameron and Colin Carter
CVM-X: Calibrating Contingent Values with Experimental Auction Markets pp. 455-465 Downloads
John Fox, Jason Shogren, Dermot Hayes and James B. Kliebenstein
Estimation of Demand Functions Using Cross-Sectional Household Data: The Problem Revisited pp. 466-473 Downloads
Diansheng Dong, J Shonkwiler and Oral Capps
Estimating the Demand for Calories in India pp. 474-481 Downloads
Philip J. Dawson and Richard Tiffin
The Contribution of Genetic Resources and Diversity to Wheat Production in the Punjab of Pakistan pp. 482-493 Downloads
Melinda Smale, Jason Hartell, Paul W. Heisey and Benjamin Senauer
The Choice of Tillage, Rotation, and Soil Testing Practices: Economic and Environmental Implications pp. 494-511 Downloads
JunJie Wu and Bruce Babcock
Environmental Quality Preference and Benefit Estimation in Multinomial Probit Models: A Simulation Approach pp. 512-520 Downloads
Heng Z. Chen and Stephen R. Cosslett
Employment Stability and the Role of Sectoral Dominance in Rural Economies pp. 521-533 Downloads
Christopher Fawson, Dawn Thilmany and John E. Keith
Impacts of Trade and Macroeconomic Linkages on Canadian Agriculture pp. 534-542 Downloads
Lassaad Lachaal and Abner W. Womack
Bayesian Composite Qualitative Forecasting: Hog Prices Again pp. 543-551 Downloads
Jeffrey Dorfman
Better Confidence Intervals: The Double Bootstrap with No Pivot pp. 552-559 Downloads
David Letson and B McCullough
Food Aid During Conflict: Can One Reconcile Its Humanitarian, Economic, and Political Economy Effects? pp. 560-565 Downloads
Frances Stewart
Food Aid: Is It Development Assistance, Trade Promotion, Both, or Neither? pp. 566-571 Downloads
Christopher Barrett
Does Food Aid Have a Future? pp. 572-574 Downloads
Vernon Ruttan
Food Aid During Conflict: Discussion pp. 575-576 Downloads
T. Srinivasan
From Total Factor to Total Resource Productivity: An Application to Agriculture pp. 577-583 Downloads
Frank Gollop and Gregory Swinand
Shadow Pricing of Good and Bad Commodities pp. 584-590 Downloads
Rolf Färe and Shawna Grosskopf
Should Pollution Reductions Count as Productivity Gains for Agriculture? pp. 591-594 Downloads
V. Smith
Measuring Productivity of Environmentally Interactive Technologies: The Case of Agriculture and the Environment pp. 595-599 Downloads
Robert Weaver
The Sounds of Silence: The Profession's Response to the COGEE Report pp. 600-607 Downloads
David Colander
On Training PhDs in Economics: What Can Economics Programs Learn from Those in Agricultural Economics? pp. 608-615 Downloads
Gregory Perry
Graduate Education in Economics after the COGEE Report: Discussion pp. 616-620 Downloads
Arne Hallam
A Conceptual Framework for the Study of Rural Places pp. 621-631 Downloads
Emery N. Castle
Politics, Culture, and the Rural Academy: A Response to Castle pp. 632-634 Downloads
Ronald J. Oakerson
The View from Economics: Discussion of Castle's Conceptual Framework pp. 635-636 Downloads
David S. Kraybill
The View from Anthropology: Discussion of Castle's Conceptual Framework pp. 637-639 Downloads
Sonya Salamon
A Sociological Perspective on Rural Studies pp. 640-643 Downloads
Gene F. Summers and David L. Brown
Division of the Commons: A Partial Assessment of the New Institutional Economics of Land Rights pp. 644-650 Downloads
Jean-Marie Baland and Jean-Philippe Platteau
Common Property Rights as an Endogenous Response to Risk pp. 651-657 Downloads
Jeffrey B. Nugent and Nicolas Sanchez
Endogenous Provision and Appropriation in the Commons pp. 658-664 Downloads
Alain De Janvry, Nancy McCarthy and Elisabeth Sadoulet
Determinants of Cooperation and Management of Local Common Property Resources: Discussion pp. 665-668 Downloads
Daniel W. Bromley

Volume 80, issue 2, 1998

Evaluation of Nonmarket Goods: Recovering Unconditional Preferences pp. 241-254 Downloads
Udo Ebert
Modeling Recreation Demand in a Poisson System of Equations: An Analysis of the Impact of International Exchange Rates pp. 255-263 Downloads
Jeffrey Englin, Peter Boxall and David Watson
Policy Evaluation with Combined Actual and Contingent Response Data pp. 264-276 Downloads
Deborah Vaughn Nestor
Explaining the Choice of Organic Produce: Cosmetic Defects, Prices, and Consumer Preferences pp. 277-287 Downloads
Gary D. Thompson and Julia Kidwell
Cost Functions and Duality for Stochastic Technologies pp. 288-295 Downloads
Robert Chambers and John Quiggin
Cost Function Estimation under Risk Aversion pp. 296-302 Downloads
Rulon D. Pope and Richard Just
The Forward-Looking Competitive Firm under Uncertainty pp. 303-312 Downloads
Sergio Lence and Dermot Hayes
Domestic Costs of Statutory Marketing Authorities: The Case of the Canadian Wheat Board pp. 313-324 Downloads
Colin Carter, Loyns R.M.A. and Derek Berwald
International Marketing Margins for Agricultural Products: Effects of Some Nontariff Trade Barriers pp. 325-336 Downloads
Paul Gallagher
Compensating for Information Externalities in Technology Diffusion Models pp. 337-346 Downloads
Allan Shampine
Rural Manufacturing on the Crest of the Wave: A Count Data Analysis of Technology Use pp. 347-359 Downloads
Fred Gale
Fringe Benefits Provision by Rural Small Businesses pp. 360-368 Downloads
Jayachandran N. Variyam and David S. Kraybill
Examining Quantity and Quality Effects of Restricting Nitrogen Applications to Feedgrains pp. 369-381 Downloads
Joseph A. Atwood and Glenn A. Helmers
Effects of Insecticide Attributes on Within-Season Insecticide Product and Rate Choices: The Case of U.S. Apple Growers pp. 382-396 Downloads
Bryan Hubbell and Gerald A. Carlson
A Dynamic Economic Analysis of Nitrate Leaching in Corn Production under Nonuniform Irrigation Conditions pp. 397-408 Downloads
Steven Vickner, Dana Hoag, Marshall Frasier W. and James C. Ascough
Option Values to Conservation and Agricultural Price Policy: Application to Terrace Construction in Kenya pp. 409-418 Downloads
Alex Winter-Nelson and Koffi Amegbeto
Interactions between Agricultural and Resource Policy: Comment pp. 419-421 Downloads
Giannis Karagiannis
Agricultural Export Subsidies and Intermediate Goods Trade: Comment pp. 422-425 Downloads
Marion Desquilbet and Hervé Guyomard
Agricultural Export Subsidies and Intermediate Goods Trade: Reply pp. 426-426 Downloads
Philip L. Paarlberg
Kohls, Richard L., and Joseph N. Uhl. Marketing of Agricultural Products. Upper Saddle River NJ: Prentice Hall, 1998, 560 pp., $85.00 pp. 427-429 Downloads
Donald L. Snyder
Krugman, Paul. Pop Internationalism. Cambridge and London: MIT Press, 1996, 221 pp., $22.50 pp. 429-430 Downloads
Kristen B. Ward

Volume 80, issue 1, 1998

Testing Theories of Consumption Behavior Using Information on Aggregate Shocks: Income Seasonality and Rainfall in Rural India pp. 1-14 Downloads
Hanan Jacoby and Emmanuel Skoufias
U.S. Trade Threats: Rhetoric or War? pp. 15-29 Downloads
Mylène Kherallah and John Beghin
Knowledge Capital and Cost Structure in the U.S. Food and Fiber Industries pp. 30-45 Downloads
Catherine Morrison Paul and Donald Siegel
The Production Effects of Agricultural Income Support Policies under Uncertainty pp. 46-57 Downloads
David Hennessy
Individual and Household Willingness to Pay for Public Goods pp. 58-63 Downloads
John Quiggin
Stated Preference Approaches for Measuring Passive Use Values: Choice Experiments and Contingent Valuation pp. 64-75 Downloads
Wiktor Adamowicz, Peter Boxall, Michael Williams and Jordan Louviere
Captive Supplies, Market Conduct, and the Open-Market Price pp. 76-83 Downloads
Azzeddine Azzam
Determination of Focal Pricing Regions for U.S. Fed Cattle pp. 84-95 Downloads
Allan M. Walburger and Kenneth Foster
Exit from the Meatpacking Industry: A Microdata Analysis pp. 96-106 Downloads
Donald W. Anderson, Brian C. Murray, Jackqueline L. Teague and Richard Lindrooth
Endogenous Commodity Policies and the Social Benefits from Public Research Expenditures pp. 107-115 Downloads
Johan Swinnen and Harry de Gorter
Transport Costs and Smallholder Cropping Choices: An Application to Siaya District, Kenya pp. 116-123 Downloads
Steven Were Omamo
An Analysis of Ill-Posed Production Problems Using Maximum Entropy pp. 124-138 Downloads
Quirino Paris and Richard E. Howitt
Nonparametric Estimation of Crop Yield Distributions: Implications for Rating Group-Risk Crop Insurance Contracts pp. 139-153 Downloads
Barry Goodwin and Alan P. Ker
Migration of Seasonal Agricultural Workers pp. 154-164 Downloads
Jeffrey Perloff, Lori Lynch and Susan M. Gabbard
Some Productivity-Increasing and Quality-Changing Technology for the Soybean Complex: Market and Welfare Effects pp. 165-174 Downloads
Paul W. Gallagher
Import Restrictions in the Presence of a Health Risk: An Illustration Using FMD pp. 175-183 Downloads
Philip L. Paarlberg and John G. Lee
The Effect of Rental Rates on the Extension of Conservation Reserve Program Contracts pp. 184-194 Downloads
Joseph Cooper and Tim Osborn C.
Testing for Behavioral Objective and Aggregation Opportunities in U.S. Agricultural Data pp. 195-207 Downloads
Shon P. Williams and C. Shumway
Testing Homogeneity in the Linearized Almost Ideal Demand System pp. 208-220 Downloads
Adolf Buse
The Silence Bleating! of the Lambdas: Comment pp. 221-230 Downloads
Jeffrey LaFrance
Dorfman, Jeffrey H. Bayesian Economics Through Numerical Methods: A Guide to Econometrics and Decision-Making with Prior Information. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1997, 117 pp., $49.95 pp. 231-232 Downloads
Douglas J. Miller
Färe, Rolf, and Shawna Grosskopf. Intertemporal Production Frontiers: With Dynamic DEA. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1996, 208 pp., $79.95 pp. 232-233 Downloads
Lilyan Fulginiti
Power, Thomas Michael. Lost Landscapes and Failed Economies: The Search of a Value of Place. Washington DC: Island Press, 1996, xiii + 304 pp., price unknown pp. 233-236 Downloads
Dennis Fisher
Rhodes, V. James, and Jan L. Dauve. The Agricultural Marketing System, 5th ed. Scottsdale AZ: Holcomb Hathaway, 1998, 420 pp., $53.95 pp. 236-237 Downloads
Ronald A. Schrimper
Schaffner, David, J., William R. Schroder, and Mary D. Earle. Food Marketing: An International Perspective. Boston: WCB McGraw-Hill, 1998, 509 pp., price unknown pp. 237-239 Downloads
Brian Adam
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