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Volume 95, issue 5, 2013

Production Incentives from Static Decoupling: Land Use Exclusion Restrictions pp. 1049-1067 Downloads
David Just and Jaclyn D. Kropp
Disinvestment, Farm Size, and Gradual Farm Exit: The Impact of Subsidy Decoupling in a European Context pp. 1068-1087 Downloads
Andrius Kazukauskas, Carol Newman, Daragh Clancy and Johannes Sauer
Impact of Cost Shocks on Consumer Prices in Vertically-Related Markets: The Case of The French Soft Drink Market pp. 1088-1108 Downloads
Céline Bonnet and Vincent Réquillart
Profit-Maximizing Land-Use Revisited: The Testable Implications of Non-joint Crop Production Under Land Constraint pp. 1109-1121 Downloads
Russell Gorddard
Committed Procurement in Privately Negotiated Markets: Evidence from Laboratory Markets pp. 1122-1135 Downloads
Darlington M. Sabasi, Christopher T. Bastian, Dale J. Menkhaus and Owen R. Phillips
On the Use of Honesty Priming Tasks to Mitigate Hypothetical Bias in Choice Experiments pp. 1136-1154 Downloads
Tiziana de-Magistris, Azucena Gracia and Rodolfo Nayga
Crop Insurance Adjusted Panel Data Envelopment Analysis Efficiency Measures pp. 1155-1177 Downloads
Saleem Shaik
An Inverse Demand System for New England Groundfish: Welfare Analysis of the Transition to Catch Share Management pp. 1178-1195 Downloads
Min-Yang A. Lee and Eric M. Thunberg
Accounting for the Poor pp. 1196-1208 Downloads
Robert M. Townsend
Trade Promotions and Consumer Search in Supermarket Retailing pp. 1209-1215 Downloads
Miguel I. Gómez, Timothy J. Richards and Jun Lee
Slotting Allowances under Supermarket Oligopoly pp. 1216-1222 Downloads
Robert Innes and Stephen F. Hamilton
How Do Supermarkets Respond to Brand-Level Demand Shocks? Evidence from the German Beer Market pp. 1223-1229 Downloads
Janine Empen and Stephen F. Hamilton
Mechanization and Agricultural Technology Evolution, Agricultural Intensification in Sub-Saharan Africa: Typology of Agricultural Mechanization in Nigeria pp. 1230-1236 Downloads
Hiroyuki Takeshima, Alejandro Nin—Pratt and Xinshen Diao
Agricultural Mechanization in Ghana: Is Specialized Agricultural Mechanization Service Provision a Viable Business Model? pp. 1237-1244 Downloads
Nazaire Houssou, Xinshen Diao, Frances Cossar, Shashi Kolavalli, Kipo Jimah and Patrick Ohene Aboagye
The Rapid Rise of Cross-Regional Agricultural Mechanization Services in China pp. 1245-1251 Downloads
Jin Yang, Zuhui Huang, Xiaobo Zhang and Thomas Reardon
Factor Endowments, Wage Growth, and Changing Food Self-Sufficiency: Evidence from Country-Level Panel Data pp. 1252-1258 Downloads
Keijiro Otsuka, Yanyan Liu and Futoshi Yamauchi
Determinants of Food Deserts pp. 1259-1265 Downloads
Pedro Alviola, Rodolfo Nayga, Michael R. Thomsen and Zhongyi Wang
The Effect of Revised WIC Food Packages on Native American Children pp. 1266-1272 Downloads
Ariun Ishdorj and Oral Capps
Bridging the Gap: Do Farmers' Markets Help Alleviate Impacts of Food Deserts? pp. 1273-1279 Downloads
Jeremy Sage, Vicki McCracken and Rayna A. Sage
Food Store Access, Availability, and Choice when Purchasing Fruits and Vegetables pp. 1280-1286 Downloads
Gayaneh Kyureghian and Rodolfo Nayga
Public R&D, Private R&D, and U.S. Agricultural Productivity Growth: Dynamic and Long-Run Relationships pp. 1287-1293 Downloads
Sun Ling Wang, Paul W. Heisey, Wallace E. Huffman and Keith Fuglie
Reducing the Environmental Efficiency Gap in Global Livestock Production pp. 1294-1300 Downloads
Alejandro Nin-Pratt
Will Yield Improvements on the Forest Frontier Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions? A Global Analysis of Oil Palm pp. 1301-1308 Downloads
Nelson Villoria, Alla Golub, Derek Byerlee and James Stevenson
Impact of Agricultural Productivity Gains on Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Global Analysis pp. 1309-1316 Downloads
Carol A. Jones and Ronald Sands
Ethanol without Subsidies: An Oxymoron or the New Reality? pp. 1317-1324 Downloads
Bruce Babcock
Economic, Energy Security, and Greenhouse Gas Effects of Biofuels: Implications for Policy pp. 1325-1331 Downloads
Madhu Khanna and Xiaoguang Chen
On the Indirect Effect of Biofuel pp. 1332-1337 Downloads
David Zilberman, Geoff Barrows, Gal Hochman and Deepak Rajagopal
Agricultural Spillover Effects of Cash Transfers: What Does LEWIE Have to Say? pp. 1338-1344 Downloads
Karen Thome, Mateusz Filipski, Justin Kagin, Edward Taylor J. and Benjamin Davis
The Impact of Voucher Coupons on the Uptake of Fertilizer and Improved Seeds: Evidence from a Randomized Trial in Mozambique pp. 1345-1351 Downloads
Michael R. Carter, Rachid Laajaj and Dean Yang
Encouraging Development: Randomized Encouragement Designs in Agriculture pp. 1352-1358 Downloads
Conner Mullally, Steve Boucher and Michael Carter
Identifying the Impact Dynamics of a Small-Farmer Development Scheme in Nicaragua pp. 1359-1365 Downloads
Emilia Tjernström, Patricia Toledo and Michael R. Carter
Food and Agriculture in Ethiopia: Progress and Policy Challenges pp. 1366-1368 Downloads
Jeffrey Alwang
Relationship Economics:The Social Capital Paradigm and Its Application to Business, Politics and Other Transactions pp. 1370-1372 Downloads
Hector O. Zapata

Volume 95, issue 4, 2013

Conditional Election and Partisan Cycles in Government Support to the Agricultural Sector: An Empirical Analysis pp. 793-818 Downloads
Jeroen Klomp and Jakob de Haan
Immigrant Workers and Farm Performance: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data pp. 819-841 Downloads
Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, Jakob Munch, Claus Aastrup Seidelin and Jan Rose Skaksen
Evaluating the Trade Restrictiveness of Phytosanitary Measures on U.S. Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Imports pp. 842-858 Downloads
Everett Peterson, Jason Grant, Donna Roberts and Vuko Karov
Changes in Beef Packers' Market Power after the Livestock Mandatory Price Reporting Act: An Agent-based Auction pp. 859-876 Downloads
Christopher Boyer and B Brorsen
The Welfare Impacts of Commodity Price Volatility: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia pp. 877-899 Downloads
Marc Bellemare, Christopher Barrett and David Just
The Estimation of Threshold Models in Price Transmission Analysis pp. 900-916 Downloads
Friederike Greb, Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel, Tatyana Krivobokova and Axel Munk
Counterproductive Counternarcotic Strategies? pp. 917-931 Downloads
Camilla I.M. Andersson
On Estimating the Effects of Immigrant Legalization: Do U.S. Agricultural Workers Really Benefit? pp. 932-948 Downloads
Breno Sampaio, Gustavo Ramos Sampaio and Yony Sampaio
Are Results from Non-hypothetical Choice-based Conjoint Analyses and Non-hypothetical Recoded-ranking Conjoint Analyses Similar? pp. 949-963 Downloads
Faical Akaichi, Rodolfo Nayga and José M. Gil
Tenure Constraints and Carbon Forestry in Africa pp. 964-975 Downloads
Edward Barbier and Anteneh T. Tesfaw
Old Farmer Pension Program and Farm Succession: Evidence from a Population-Based Survey of Farm Households in Taiwan pp. 976-991 Downloads
Hung-Hao Chang
Influencing Natural Forest Disturbance through Timber Harvesting: Tradeoffs among Disturbance Processes, Forest Values, and Timber Condition pp. 992-1008 Downloads
Charles Sims
Household-Level Welfare Effects of Organic Milk Introduction pp. 1009-1028 Downloads
Hee-Jung Choi, Michael K. Wohlgenant and Xiaoyong Zheng
Rules versus Discretion in Food Storage Policies pp. 1029-1044 Downloads
Christophe Gouel
The Economics of Regulation in Agriculture: Compliance with Public and Private Standards pp. 1045-1046 Downloads
Otto Doering
Modernising Agrifood Chains in China: Implications for Rural Development pp. 1046-1048 Downloads
David L. Ortega

Volume 95, issue 3, 2013

The Firm's Management in Production: Management, Firm, and Time Effects in an Indian Ocean Tuna Fishery pp. 547-567 Downloads
François-Charles Wolff, Dale Squires and Patrice Guillotreau
The Effect of Supercenter-format Stores on the Healthfulness of Consumers' Grocery Purchases pp. 568-589 Downloads
Richard Volpe, Abigail Okrent and Ephraim Leibtag
Conservation Auctions: Should Information about Environmental Benefits Be Made Public? pp. 590-605 Downloads
Thilo W. Glebe
Regulatory Policy Design for Agroecosystem Management on Public Rangelands pp. 606-627 Downloads
Tigran Melkonyan and Michael Taylor
Small Farmers, NGOs, and a Walmart World: Welfare Effects of Supermarkets Operating in Nicaragua pp. 628-649 Downloads
Hope Michelson
Rivalry in Price and Location by Differentiated Product Manufacturers pp. 650-668 Downloads
Timothy J. Richards, William J. Allender and Stephen Hamilton
Robust Error Specification in a Production System pp. 669-684 Downloads
Rulon D. Pope and Jeffrey LaFrance
Impact of a Two-Rate Property Tax on Residential Densities pp. 685-704 Downloads
Seong-Hoon Cho, Seung Gyu Kim, Dayton M. Lambert and Roland K. Roberts
Taxing Food and Beverages: Theory, Evidence, and Policy pp. 705-723 Downloads
Yuqing Zheng, Edward W. McLaughlin and Harry Kaiser
Short- and Long-Run Determinants of Commodity Price Volatility pp. 724-738 Downloads
Berna Karali and Gabriel J. Power
An Analysis of Selectivity in the Productivity Evaluation of Biotechnology: An Application to Corn pp. 739-754 Downloads
Guanming Shi, Jean-Paul Chavas, Joseph Lauer and Elizabeth Nolan
Who Does Dot Respond to the Agricultural Resource Management Survey and Does It Matter? pp. 755-771 Downloads
Jeremy Weber and Dawn Marie Clay
Does Sharecropping Affect Long-term Investment? Evidence from West Bengal's Tenancy Reforms pp. 772-790 Downloads
Klaus Deininger, Songqing Jin and Vandana Yadav
Valuing Environment and Natural Resources, Volumes 1 and 2 pp. 791-792 Downloads
Richard Kazmierczak

Volume 95, issue 2, 2013

Market Power, Misconceptions, and Modern Agricultural Markets pp. 209-219 Downloads
Richard J. Sexton
Food and Health: Can Economics Contribute to Improved Outcomes? pp. 220-227 Downloads
Laurian Unnevehr
Incorporating Process-Based Crop Simulation Models into Global Economic Analyses pp. 228-235 Downloads
Richard Robertson, Gerald Nelson, Timothy Thomas and Mark Rosegrant
Agronomic Weather Measures in Econometric Models of Crop Yield with Implications for Climate Change pp. 236-243 Downloads
Michael Roberts, Wolfram Schlenker and Jonathan Eyer
Modeling the Structure of Adaptation in Climate Change Impact Assessment pp. 244-251 Downloads
Ariel Ortiz-Bobea and Richard Just
Technological vs. Ecological Switch and the Environmental Kuznets Curve pp. 252-260 Downloads
Raouf Boucekkine, Aude Pommeret and Fabien Prieur
Functional Form of Water Pollutants-Income Relationship under the Environmental Kuznets Curve Framework pp. 261-267 Downloads
Krishna Paudel and Biswo N. Poudel
Endogeneity in the Environmental Kuznets Curve: An Instrumental Variables Approach pp. 268-274 Downloads
C.-Y. Cynthia Lin and Zachary D. Liscow
The Impact of Biofuels on Commodity Food Prices: Assessment of Findings pp. 275-281 Downloads
David Zilberman, Gal Hochman, Deepak Rajagopal, Steve Sexton and Govinda Timilsina
Global Impacts of the Biofuel Mandate under a Carbon Tax pp. 282-288 Downloads
Ujjayant Chakravorty and Marie-Hélène Hubert
Food vs. Fuel: The Effect of Biofuel Policies pp. 289-295 Downloads
Xiaoguang Chen and Madhu Khanna
Can India Meet Biofuel Policy Targets? Implications for Food and Fuel Prices pp. 296-302 Downloads
Madhu Khanna, Hayri Önal, Christine L. Crago and Kiyoshi Mino
The New Normal? A Tighter Global Agricultural Supply and Demand Relation and Its Implications for Food Security pp. 303-309 Downloads
Mark W. Rosegrant, Simla Tokgoz and Prapti Bhandary
U.S. Farm Prosperity: The New Normal or Reversion to the Mean pp. 310-317 Downloads
Michael D. Boehlje, Brent A. Gloy and Jason R. Henderson
The New Normal? U.S. Food Expenditure Patterns and the Changing Structure of Food Retailing pp. 318-324 Downloads
Timothy Beatty and Benjamin Senauer
The New Normal: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) pp. 325-331 Downloads
Parke Wilde
Trait-based Adoption Models Using Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Approaches pp. 332-338 Downloads
Pilar Useche, Bradford L. Barham and Jeremy D. Foltz
Farmers' Heterogeneous Valuation of Laser Land Leveling in Eastern Uttar Pradesh: An Experimental Auction to Inform Segmentation and Subsidy Strategies pp. 339-345 Downloads
Travis Lybbert, Nicholas Magnan, Anil K. Bhargava, Kajal Gulati and David Spielman
Bundling Technology and Insurance: Packages versus Technology Traits pp. 346-352 Downloads
Jeremy D. Foltz, Pilar Useche and Bradford L. Barham
Measuring Social Networks' Effects on Agricultural Technology Adoption pp. 353-359 Downloads
Annemie Maertens and Christopher Barrett
Expanding Horizons: Can Women's Support Groups Diversify Peer Networks in Rural India? pp. 360-367 Downloads
Eeshani Kandpal and Kathy Baylis
Relative Consumption: A Model of Peers, Status, and Labor Supply pp. 368-375 Downloads
Muhammad Faress Bhuiyan
Female Social Networks and Farmer Training: Can Randomized Information Exchange Improve Outcomes? pp. 376-383 Downloads
Katya Vasilaky
Risk Aversion, Subjective Beliefs, and Farmer Risk Management Strategies pp. 384-389 Downloads
Luisa Menapace, Gregory Colson and Roberta Raffaelli
Risk Perceptions And Preferences For Ethical And Safety Credence Attributes pp. 390-396 Downloads
Ellen Goddard, Jill Hobbs, Brian G. Innes, Patrycja E. Romanowska and Adrian D. Uzea
Personal Values and Decision Making: Evidence from Environmental Footprint Labeling in Canada pp. 397-403 Downloads
Carola Grebitus, Bodo Steiner and Michele Veeman
Modeling Grassland Conversion: Challenges of Using Satellite Imagery Data pp. 404-411 Downloads
Benjamin S. Rashford, Shannon E. Albeke and David Lewis
The Effects Of Government Payments On Cropland Acreage, Conservation Reserve Program Enrollment, And Grassland Conversion In The Dakotas pp. 412-418 Downloads
Hongli Feng, David Hennessy and Ruiqing Miao
Using Mixed Logit in Land Use Models: Can Expectation-Maximization (EM) Algorithms Facilitate Estimation? pp. 419-425 Downloads
Roger Claassen, Daniel Hellerstein and Seung Gyu Kim
Total Factor and Relative Agricultural Productivity and Deforestation pp. 426-434 Downloads
Steven K. Rose, Alla Golub and Brent Sohngen
Implications of Alternative Agricultural Productivity Growth Assumptions on Land Management, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Mitigation Potential pp. 435-441 Downloads
Justin S. Baker, Brian C. Murray, Bruce McCarl, Siyi Feng and Robert Johansson
Crop Productivity and the Global Livestock Sector: Implications for Land Use Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions pp. 442-448 Downloads
Petr Havlík, Hugo Valin, Aline Mosnier, Michael Obersteiner, Justin S. Baker, Mario Herrero, Mariana C. Rufino and Erwin Schmid
Natural Resource Curse and Poverty in Appalachian America pp. 449-456 Downloads
Mark Partridge, Michael Betz and Linda Lobao
The Distribution Of Household Net Worth Within And Across Rural Areas: Are There Links To The Natural Resource Base? pp. 457-462 Downloads
Alexander Marré and John Pender
Uniqueness of Agricultural Labor Markets pp. 463-469 Downloads
Dennis U. Fisher and Ronald D. Knutson
Immigration and Farm Labor: Policy Options and Consequences pp. 470-475 Downloads
Philip Martin
Is There A Farm Labor Shortage? pp. 476-481 Downloads
Tom Hertz and Steven Zahniser
The Growth Of The Federal Crop Insurance Program, 1990--2011 pp. 482-488 Downloads
Joseph W. Glauber
What Harm Is Done By Subsidizing Crop Insurance? pp. 489-497 Downloads
Barry K. Goodwin and Vincent H. Smith
Why Do We Subsidize Crop Insurance? pp. 498-504 Downloads
Keith Coble and Barry Barnett
Wind versus Nuclear Options for Generating Electricity in a Carbon-Constrained World: Strategizing in an Energy-Rich Economy pp. 505-511 Downloads
Gerrit van Kooten, Craig Johnston and Linda Wong
A USDA-Certified Biobased Product Introduction pp. 512-518 Downloads
Steven Vickner
A Sugar Crossroad: Is Biomass an Opportunity or a Problem? pp. 519-526 Downloads
Paul M. Darby, Joshua Detre, Tyler Mark and Michael E. Salassi
Brown, Zachary Steven. "The Economics of Malaria Vector Control." PhD Dissertation, Duke University. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation pp. 527-527 Downloads
Zachary Brown and Randall Kramer
Kaczan, David. "Designing an Incentive Program to Reduce On-Farm Deforestation in the East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania." MSThesis, niversity of Alberta. Outstanding Master's Thesis Award pp. 528-529 Downloads
David Kaczan
Dobis, Elizabeth A. "A Sociodemographic Analysis of Health Care Utilization in the United States." MS Thesis, Purdue University. Outstanding Master's Thesis Honorable Mention pp. 529-530 Downloads
Dobis Elizabeth A.
The Effects of Teaching Experience on High School Education: A Statistical Model on Factors of Educational Achievement in Math and Science pp. 531-535 Downloads
Nathaniel Schmitt
Abstracts of Second- and Third-Place Undergraduate Papers pp. 536-536 Downloads
Bryant Zeke

Volume 95, issue 1, 2013

Vegetable Spirits and Energy Policy pp. 1-16 Downloads
Charles Towe and Constant Tra
Are Food Choices Really Habitual? Integrating Habits, Variety-seeking, and Compensatory Choice in a Utility-maximizing Framework pp. 17-41 Downloads
Wiktor Adamowicz and Joffre Swait
Income and the Environment in Rural India: Is There a Poverty Trap? pp. 42-69 Downloads
Haimanti Bhattacharya and Robert Innes
A Structural Land-Use Analysis of Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change: A Proactive Approach pp. 70-93 Downloads
Jonathan Kaminski, Iddo Kan and Aliza Fleischer
The Effects of Well Management and the Nature of the Aquifer on Groundwater Resources pp. 94-116 Downloads
Qiuqiong Huang, Jinxia Wang, Scott Rozelle, Stephen Polasky and Yang Liu
Rent-Seeking and Incentives for Compliance in the Commons pp. 117-130 Downloads
Jorge Holzer, Douglas Lipton and Olivier François
Revisiting the Role of Education for Agricultural Productivity pp. 131-152 Downloads
Malte Reimers and Stephan Klasen
Dynamic Persistence of Primary Commodity Prices pp. 153-164 Downloads
Atanu Ghoshray
Inferred and Stated Attribute Non-attendance in Food Choice Experiments pp. 165-180 Downloads
Riccardo Scarpa, Raffaele Zanoli, Viola Bruschi and Simona Naspetti
Limited Attention to Search Costs in the Gasoline Retail Market: Evidence from a Choice Experiment on Consumer Willingness to Search pp. 181-199 Downloads
Carolina Castilla and Tim Haab
Principles of Macroeconomics pp. 200-201 Downloads
Matt Wiser
Artemisia annua, Artemisinin, ACTs & Malaria Control in Africa: Tradition, Science and Public Policy pp. 201-203 Downloads
William A. Amponsah
Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty pp. 203-205 Downloads
Amitrajeet Batabyal
Explaining the Evolution of Poverty: The Case of Mozambique pp. 206-206 Downloads
Channing Arndt, Azhar Hussain M., Samuel Jones E., Virgulino Nhate, Finn Tarp and James Thurlow
Stuck on Stubble? The Non-Market Value of Agricultural Byproducts for Diversified Farmers in Morocco pp. 207-207 Downloads
Nicholas Magnan, Douglas M. Larson and Edward Taylor J.
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