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4189: On the Linkages between Stock Prices and Exchange Rates: Evidence from the Banking Crisis of 2007-2010 Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, John Hunter and Faek Menla Ali
4188: Finding the Cost of Control Downloads
Judd Kessler and Stephen G. Leider
4187: Monitoring Job Search Effort with Hyperbolic Time Preferences and Non-Compliance: A Welfare Analysis Downloads
Bart Cockx, Corinna Ghirelli and Bruno Van der Linden
4186: Dutch Disease in the Post-Soviet Countries of Central and South-West Asia: How Contagious is it? Downloads
Balázs Égert
4185: Is the Italian Public Debt Really Unsustainable? An Historical Comparison (1861-2010) Downloads
Silvana Bartoletto, Bruno Chiarini and Elisabetta Marzano
4184: Distributional Preferences in Probabilistic and Share Contests Downloads
Magnus Hoffmann and Martin Kolmar
4183: Subjective and Objective Indicators of Racial Progress Downloads
Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers
4182: The Impact of City Contracting Set-Asides on Black Self-Employment and Employment Downloads
Aaron K. Chatterji, Kenneth Y. Chay and Robert Fairlie
4181: Exchange Rate Expectations of Chartists and Fundamentalists Downloads
Christian Dick and Lukas Menkhoff
4180: Natural-Resource Rents and Internal Conflicts - Can Decentralization Lift the Curse? Downloads
Mohammad Reza Farzanegan, Christian Lessmann and Gunther Markwardt
4179: Decentralization and Natural Disasters Downloads
Timothy Goodspeed
4178: The Monetary Policy of the ECB: A Robin Hood Approach? Downloads
Marcus Drometer, Thomas Siemsen and Sebastian Watzka
4177: Of Donor Coordination, Free-Riding, Darlings, and Orphans: The Dependence of Bilateral Aid on Other Bilateral Giving Downloads
Ronald Davies and Stephan Klasen
4176: Firms' Optimism and Pessimism Downloads
Ruediger Bachmann and Steffen Elstner
4175: Icebergs versus Tariffs: A Quantitative Perspective on the Gains from Trade Downloads
Gabriel Felbermayr, Benjamin Jung and Mario Larch
4174: Gambling to Leapfrog in Status? Downloads
Tim Friehe and Mario Mechtel
4173: A Spatial Approach to Energy Economics Downloads
Juan Moreno-Cruz and M. Scott Taylor
4172: Trade Intensity and Output Synchronisation: On the Endogeneity Properties of EMU Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Roberta de Santis and Alessandro Girardi
4171: What Moves Political Ideology? An Economic Analysis of Electoral Volatility in France Since 1889 Downloads
Francois Facchini and Mickael Melki
4170: From Mine to Coast: Transport Infrastructure and The Direction of Trade in Developing Countries Downloads
Roberto Bonfatti and Steven Poelhekke
4169: Product Standards and Margins of Trade: Firm Level Evidence Downloads
Lionel Fontagné, Gianluca Orefice, Roberta Piermartini and Nadia Rocha
4168: The Tempest: Natural Disasters, Early Shocks and Children's Short- and Long-Run Development Downloads
Eva Deuchert and Christina Felfe
4167: Political Competition, Tax Salience and Accountability: Theory and Some Evidence from Italy Downloads
Emanuele Bracco, Francesco Porcelli and Michela Redoano
4166: Limited Consumer Attention in International Trade Downloads
Hartmut Egger and Josef Falkinger
4165: Emotions and Political Unrest Downloads
Francesco Passarelli and Guido Tabellini
4164: Employee Recognition and Performance: A Field Experiment Downloads
Christiane Bradler, Robert Dur, Susanne Neckermann and Arjan Non
4163: Mixed Oligopoly in Education Downloads
Helmuth Cremer and Darío Maldonado
4162: Pure Ethnic Gaps in Educational Attainment and School to Work Transitions. When do they Arise? Downloads
Stijn Baert and Bart Cockx
4161: When will there be Gift Exchange? Addressing the Lab-Field Debate with Laboratory Gift Exchange Experiments Downloads
Judd Kessler
4160: Efficiency and Environmental Impacts of Electricity Restructuring on Coal-Fired Power Plants Downloads
Hei Sing Chan, Harrison Fell, Ian Lange and Shanjun Li
4159: Facts or Ideology: What Determines the Results of Econometric Estimates of the Deterrence Effect of Death Penalty? A Meta-Analysis Downloads
Berit Gerritzen and Gebhard Kirchgässner
4158: Equity Risk Premium and Regional Integration Downloads
Mohamed Arouri, Frédéric Teulon and Christophe Rault
4157: Public Debt, Economic Growth and Nonlinear Effects: Myth or Reality Downloads
Balázs Égert
4156: Are Non-Eligible Students Affected by Special Education? Downloads
Jon Marius Vaag Iversen, Hans Bonesrønning and Ivar Pettersen
4155: Second-Best Income Taxation with Endogenous Human Capital and Borrowing Constraints Downloads
Bas Jacobs and Hongyan Yang
4154: The Ifo Investment Database Downloads
Thomas Strobel, Stefan Sauer and Klaus Wohlrabe
4153: Labour Mobility and the Portability of Social Rights in the EU Downloads
Anna D'Addio and Maria Chiara Cavalleri
4152: Going Full Circle: Demand-Side Constraints to the Green Paradox Downloads
Corrado Di Maria, Ian Lange and Edwin van der Werf
4151: From Optimal Tax Theory to Applied Tax Policy Downloads
Bas Jacobs
4150: Bargaining with Two-Person-Groups - On the Insignificance of the Patient Partner Downloads
Oliver Kirchkamp and Ulrike Vollstädt
4149: The Impact of Yuan Internationalization on the Euro-Dollar Exchange Rate Downloads
Agnès Benassy-Quere and Yeganeh Forouheshfar
4148: Assessing the Macroeconomic Forecasting Performance of Boosting - Evidence for the United States, the Euro Area, and Germany Downloads
Teresa Buchen and Klaus Wohlrabe
4147: Climate Policies: A Burden or a Gain? Downloads
Thierry Bréchet and Henry Tulkens
4146: Migration, Capital Formation, and House Prices Downloads
Volker Grossmann, Andreas Schäfer and Thomas Steger
4145: Earnings Instability and Tenure Downloads
Lorenzo Cappellari and Marco Leonardi
4144: Hypergeorgism: When is Rent Taxation as a Remedy for Insufficient Capital Accumulation Socially Optimal? Downloads
Ottmar Edenhofer, Linus Mattauch and Jan Siegmeier
4143: Policy Deviations, Uncertainty, and the European Court of Justice Downloads
Carsten Hefeker and Michael Neugart
4142: Optimal Linear Commodity Taxation under Optimal Non-Linear Income Taxation Downloads
Bas Jacobs and Robin Boadway
4141: Trade, Education, and the Shrinking Middle Class Downloads
Emily Blanchard and Gerald Willmann
4140: Entrepreneurship, Economic Conditions, and the Great Recession Downloads
Robert Fairlie
4139: Corporate Taxation and the Quality of Research and Development Downloads
Christof Ernst, Katharina Richter and Nadine Riedel
4138: When Focal Points are Out of Focus: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Come Dine with Me Downloads
David Schüller and Thorsten Upmann
4137: Acess to Treatment and Educational Inequalities in Cancer Survival Downloads
Jon Fiva, Torbjørn Hægeland, Marte Rønning and Astri Syse
4136: Estimating the Effects of the Container Revolution on World Trade Downloads
Daniel Bernhofen, Zouheir El-Sahli and Richard Kneller
4135: Sustainability of German Fiscal Policy and Public Debt: Historical and Time Series Evidence for the Period 1850-2010 Downloads
Heiko Burret, Lars Feld and Ekkehard Köhler
4134: What Do Immigrants Value Most About Switzerland? Evidence of the Relative Importance of Income Taxes Downloads
Mario Morger
4133: Private Labels and International Trade: Trading Variety for Volume Downloads
Emily Blanchard, Tatyana Chesnokova and Gerald Willmann
4132: Democratization and the Size of Government: Evidence from the Long 19th Century Downloads
Toke Aidt and Peter Jensen
4131: Interest Rate Pass-Through and Monetary Policy Asymmetry: A Journey into the Caucasian Black Box Downloads
Rustam Jamilov and Balázs Égert
4130: Cyclical Unemployment, Structural Unemployment Downloads
Peter Diamond
4129: Reconsidering the Price-Income Relationship across Countries Downloads
Eiji Fujii
4128: Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Home Computers on Academic Achievement among Schoolchildren Downloads
Robert Fairlie and Jonathan Robinson
4127: Money Laundering as a Financial Sector Crime - A New Approach to Measurement, with an Application to Italy Downloads
Guerino Ardizzi, Carmelo Petraglia, Massimiliano Piacenza, Friedrich Schneider and Gilberto Turati
4126: The U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate and the Demand for Oil Downloads
Selien De Schryder and Gert Peersman
4125: Self-Enforcing Environmental Agreements and International Trade Downloads
Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig
4124: Performance of Young Adults: The Importance of Different Skills Downloads
Torberg Falch, Ole Henning Nyhus and Bjarne Strøm
4123: Bank Competition and Financial Stability: A General Equilibrium Exposition Downloads
Gianni De Nicolò and Marcella Lucchetta
4122: A Behaviour-based Approach to the Estimation of Poverty in India Downloads
Ingvild Almås, Anders Kjelsrud and Rohini Somanathan
4121: Emissions Taxes and Abatement Regulation under Uncertainty Downloads
Vidar Christiansen and Stephen Smith
4120: Banking across Borders Downloads
Friederike Niepmann
4119: The Power of Parties Downloads
Jon Fiva, Olle Folke and Rune J. Sørensen
4118: One Hundred Years of Oil Income and the Iranian Economy: A Curse or a Blessing? Downloads
Kamiar Mohaddes and M Pesaran
4117: Location of Foreign Direct Investment in Vertically Related Markets Downloads
Chrysovalantou Milliou
4116: Institutionalizing Eurozone Exit: A Modified NEWNEY Approach Downloads
Steffen Huck and Justin Mattias Valasek
4115: Not the Opium of the People: Income and Secularization in a Panel of Prussian Counties Downloads
Sascha Becker and Ludger Woessmann
4114: Dynamic Commercial Lobbying Downloads
Thomas Groll and Christopher J. Ellis
4113: Can a Unilateral Carbon Tax Reduce Emissions Elsewhere? Downloads
Joshua Elliott and Don Fullerton
4112: Regional Inequality and Internal Conflict Downloads
Christian Lessmann
4111: Health Insurance and Diversity of Treatment: A Policy Mix Perspective Downloads
David Bardey, Bruno Jullien and Jean-Marie Lozachmeur
4110: A Simple Model of the Commercial Lobbying Industry Downloads
Thomas Groll and Christopher J. Ellis
4109: On the Efficient Provision of Public Goods by Means of Lotteries Downloads
Jörg Franke and Wolfgang Leininger
4108: Fiscal Divergence and Current Account Imbalances in Europe Downloads
Gunther Schnabl and Timo Wollmershäuser
4107: Taxes on the Internet: Deterrence Effects of Public Disclosure Downloads
Joel Slemrod, Thor Olav Thoresen and Erlend Eide Bø
4106: Improving Global Public Goods Supply through Conditional Transfers - The International Adaptation Transfer Riddle Downloads
Karen Pittel and Dirk Rübbelke
4105: Does the Market Value Value-Added? Evidence from Housing Prices after a Public Release of School and Teacher Value-Added Downloads
Scott Imberman and Michael Lovenheim
4104: Intention-Based Fairness Preferences in Two-Player Contests Downloads
Magnus Hoffmann and Martin Kolmar
4103: Free Trade Agreements and the Consolidation of Democracy Downloads
Xuepeng Liu and Emanuel Ornelas
4102: Public Choice: A Survey Downloads
Charles B. Blankart
4101: Leakage, Welfare, and Cost-Effectiveness of Carbon Policy Downloads
Kathy Baylis, Don Fullerton and Dan Karney
4100: Technological Regimes in the Brazilian Manufacturing Industry: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Vinicius Vieira and Marcelo Resende
4099: Price Equalization Does Not Imply Free Trade Downloads
Piyusha Mutreja, B Ravikumar, Raymond Riezman and Michael Sposi
4098: Tax Base Erosion and Inequity from Michigan's Assessment Growth Limit: The Case of Detroit Downloads
Timothy R. Hodge, Mark Skidmore, Gary Sands and Daniel McMillen
4097: Market Structure and the Cost of Capital Downloads
Mohamed El Hedi Arouri, Christophe Rault, Robert Sova and Anamaria Sova
4096: Intra-Group Heterogeneity in Collective Contests Downloads
Shmuel Nitzan and Kaoru Ueda
4095: Poverty and Welfare Measurement on the Basis of Prospect Theory Downloads
Markus Jäntti, Ravi Kanbur, Milla Nyyssölä and Jukka Pirttilä
4094: Supply Side Climate Policy and the Green Paradox Downloads
Michael Hoel
4093: Do Employers Discriminate Less if Vacancies are Difficult to Fill? Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Stijn Baert, Bart Cockx, Niels Gheyle and Cora Vandamme
4092: The Engine Immobilizer: A Non-Starter for Car Thieves Downloads
Jan van Ours and Ben Vollaard
4091: Elections and Market Provision of Information Downloads
Christian Bruns
4090: 'By a Silken Thread': Regional Banking Integration and Pathways to Financial Development in Japan's Great Recession Downloads
Mathias Hoffmann and Toshihiro Okubo
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