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3822: Effective Labor Taxation and the International Location of Headquarters Downloads
Peter H. Egger, Doina Maria Radulescu and Nora Margot Strecker
3821: Self-Fulfilling Crises in the Eurozone. An Empirical Test Downloads
Paul De Grauwe and Yuemei Ji
3820: International Tax Competition: Zero Tax Rate at the Top Re-established Downloads
Tomer Blumkin, Efraim Sadka and Yotam Shem-Tov
3819: Benefits and Challenges of Integrating South and Southeast Asia Downloads
Biswanath Bhattacharyay
3818: Natural Resources, Volatility, and Inclusive Growth: Perspectives from the Middle East and North Africa Downloads
Rabah Arezki and Mustapha K. Nabli
3817: Great Expectations and Hard Times - The (Nontrivial) Impact of Education on Domestic Terrorism Downloads
Sarah Brockhoff, Tim Krieger and Daniel Meierrieks
3816: Why We Should Use High Values for the Smoothing Parameter of the Hodrick-Prescott Filter Downloads
Gebhard Flaig
3815: Bounds of Unfair Inequality of Opportunity: Theory and Evidence for Germany and the US Downloads
Judith Niehues and Andreas Peichl
3814: The Timing of Retirement - New Evidence from Swiss Female Workers Downloads
Barbara Hanel and Regina Therese Riphahn
3813: Dutch Disease and the Mitigation Effect of Migration: Evidence from Canadian Provinces Downloads
Michel AR Beine, Serge Coulombe and Wessel Nicolaas Vermeulen
3812: The Sustainability of Fiscal Policy in Italy: A Long-Term Perspective Downloads
Silvana Bartoletto, Bruno Chiarini and Elisabetta Marzano
3811: The Influence of Special Interests and Party Activists on Electoral Competition Downloads
Nicolas-Guillaume Martineau
3810: A Market for Connections Downloads
Topi Miettinen and Panu Poutvaara
3809: Incomplete Specialization and Offshoring across Europe Downloads
Richard Frensch, Jan Hanousek and Evžen Kočenda
3808: The Tradeoff Between Redistribution and Effort: Evidence from the Field and from the Lab Downloads
Claudia M. Buch and Christoph Engel
3807: Nineteenth Century Biological Conditions on the High Central Plains Downloads
Scott A. Carson
3806: Cross-Border and Foreign-Affiliate Sales of Services: Evidence from German Micro-Data Downloads
Markus Kelle, Joern Kleinert, Horst Raff and Farid Toubal
3805: Employment Protection and Fertility: Evidence from the 1990 Italian Reform Downloads
Ervin Prifti and Daniela Vuri
3804: Extremism Drives Out Moderation Downloads
Bettina Klose and Dan Kovenock
3803: Wages, Rents, Unemployment, and the Quality of Life Downloads
Matthias Wrede
3802: Do Medical Doctors Respond to Economic Incentives? Downloads
Leif Andreassen, Maria Laura Di Tommaso and Steinar Strøm
3801: The Impact of Changes in Second Pension Pillars on Public Finances in Central and Eastern Europe Downloads
Balázs Égert
3800: Testing Weak Cross-Sectional Dependence in Large Panels Downloads
M Hashem Pesaran
3799: Wage and Employment Determination in Volatile Times: Sweden 1913-1939 Downloads
Bertil Holmlund
3798: Gender Power, Fertility, and Family Policy Downloads
Alexander Kemnitz and Marcel P. Thum
3797: Exchange Rate Misalignment - The Case of the Chinese Renminbi Downloads
Yin-Wong Cheung
3796: Is Recipiency of Disability Pension Hereditary? Downloads
Espen Bratberg, Øivind Anti Nilsen and Kjell Vaage
3795: What Moves the European Carbon Market? - Insights from Conditional Jump Models Downloads
Marc Gronwald and Janina C. Ketterer
3794: "Interest Rate Trap", or: Why Does the Central Bank Keep the Policy Rate too Low for too Long Time? Downloads
Jin Cao and Gerhard Illing
3793: Once Upon a Time Preference - How Rationality and Risk Aversion Change the Rationale for Discounting Downloads
Christian P. Traeger
3792: Politics, Unemployment, and the Enforcement of Immigration Law Downloads
Michael Douglas Makowsky and Thomas Stratmann
3791: Earnings Shocks and Tax-Motivated Income-Shifting: Evidence from European Multinationals Downloads
Dhammika Dharmapala and Nadine Riedel
3790: Sweden - from Macroeconomic Failure to Macroeconomic Success Downloads
Lars Calmfors
3789: Looking Back on Anger: Explaining the Social Origins of Left-Wing and Nationalist-Separatist Terrorism in Western Europe, 1970-2007 Downloads
Sarah Brockhoff, Tim Krieger and Daniel Meierrieks
3788: How a Firm Can Induce Legislators to Adopt a Bad Policy Downloads
Matthias Dahm, Robert Dur and Amihai Glazer
3787: Interpreting How Others Interpret It: Social Value of Public Information Downloads
Alia Gizatulina
3786: Repeated Selection with Heterogenous Individuals and Relative Age Effects Downloads
Herbert Dawid and Gerd Mühlheusser
3785: The Relationship between Economic Preferences and Psychological Personality Measures Downloads
Anke Becker, Thomas Deckers, Thomas Johannes Dohmen, Armin Falk and Fabian Kosse
3784: Liquidity Constraints, Household Wealth, and Entrepreneurship Revisited Downloads
Robert W. Fairlie and Harry Krashinsky
3783: Food Prices and the Multiplier Effect of Export Policy Downloads
Paolo E. Giordani, Nadia Rocha and Michele Ruta
3782: First Impressions Matter: Signalling as a Source of Policy Dynamics Downloads
Stephen Hansen and Michael Francis McMahon
3781: Promotion Rat Race and Public Policy Downloads
Geir Bjertnaes
3780: An Empirical Growth Model for Major Oil Exporters Downloads
Hadi Salehi Esfahani, Kamiar Mohaddes and M Hashem Pesaran
3779: Optimal Redistributive Taxation with both Labor Supply and Labor Demand Responses Downloads
Laurence Michèle Jacquet, Etienne Lehmann and Bruno Van der Linden
3778: International Trade in Natural Resources: Practice and Policy Downloads
Michele Ruta and Anthony J. Venables
3777: Fiscal Policy Reaction to the Cycle in the OECD: Pro- or Counter-Cyclical? Downloads
Balázs Égert
3776: Taxing Childcare: Effects on Family Labor Supply and Children Downloads
Christina Gathmann and Björn Sass
3775: Global Gains from Trade Liberalization Downloads
Haichao Fan, Edwin L.-C. Lai and Han Steffan Qi
3774: Family Taxation, Fertility, and Horizontal Equity: A Political Economy Perspective Downloads
Alessandro Balestrino
3773: Last Minute Policies and the Incumbency Advantage Downloads
Elena Manzoni and Stefan P. Penczynski
3772: What Happens to the Husband's Retirement Decision when the Wife's Retirement Incentives Change? Downloads
Håkan Selin
3771: The Role of Salience in Performance Schemes: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Florian Englmaier, Andreas Roider and Uwe Sunde
3770: From Collapse to Constitution: The Case of Iceland Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason
3769: Preliminary References - Analyzing the Determinants that Made the ECJ the Powerful Court it Is Downloads
Lars Hornuf and Stefan Voigt
3768: When is Ambiguity-Attitude Constant? Downloads
Jürgen Eichberger, Simon Grant and David Kelsey
3767: Persistence and Cycles in US Hours Worked Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Luis Alberiko Gil-Alana
3766: Signing Distortions in Optimal Tax and other Adverse Selection Problems with Random Participation Downloads
Laurence Michèle Jacquet, Etienne Lehmann and Bruno Van der Linden
3765: The Impact of Creditor Protection on Stock Prices in the Presence of Liquidity Crises: Theory and Cross-country Evidence Downloads
Galina B Hale, Assaf Razin and Hui Tong
3764: Lexicographic Voting Downloads
Jan Klingelhöfer
3763: The Effect of Child Care on Family Structure: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Stefan Josef Bauernschuster and Rainald Borck
3762: Self-Confirming Immigration Policy Downloads
Paolo E. Giordani and Michele Ruta
3761: The Economic Determinants of U.S. Presidential Approval -A Survey- Downloads
Michael Berlemann and Sören Enkelmann
3760: Can Lobbying Encourage Abatement? Designing a New Policy Instrument Downloads
Ian Andrew Lange and Sarah Polborn
3759: Exchange Rate Pass-Through, Domestic Competition, and Inflation: Evidence from the 2005/08 Revaluation of the Renminbi Downloads
Raphael Anton Auer
3758: Characterizing the Sustainability Problem in an Exhaustible Resource Model Downloads
Tapan Mitra, Geir B. Asheim, Wolfgang Buchholz and Cees Withagen
3757: What Explains the Rise in CEO Pay in Germany? A Panel Data Analysis for 1977-2009 Downloads
Francesca Fabbri and Dalia Marin
3756: Labour Market Reforms and Outcomes in Estonia Downloads
Zuzana Brixiova and Balázs Égert
3755: Compulsory Schooling Reforms, Education and Mortality in Twentieth Century Europe Downloads
Christina Gathmann, Hendrik Jürges and Steffen Reinhold
3754: The Quantity Theory of Money and Friedmanian Monetary Policy: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Claude Hillinger, Bernd Süssmuth and Marco Sunder
3753: Fiscal Reforms during Fiscal Consolidation: The Case of Italy Downloads
Giampaolo Arachi, Valeria Bucci, Ernesto Longobardi, Paolo M. Panteghini, Maria Laura Parisi, Simone Pellegrino and Alberto Zanardi
3752: Elites or Masses? A Structural Model of Policy Divergence, Voter Sorting and Apparent Polarization in U.S. Presidential Elections, 1972-2008 Downloads
Stefan Krasa and Mattias K Polborn
3751: The Internationalisation of R&D and the Knowledge Production Function Downloads
María L García-Vega, Patricia Hofmann and Richard Anthony Kneller
3750: Interpreting Time Horizon Effects in Inter-Temporal Choice Downloads
Thomas Johannes Dohmen, Armin Falk, David Huffman and Uwe Sunde
3749: Beyond the Veil of Ignorance: The Influence of Direct Democracy on the Shadow Economy Downloads
Friedrich Georg Schneider and Désirée Teobaldelli
3748: Culture and Tax Structures Downloads
Tobias König and Andreas Wagener
3747: Climatic Factors as Determinants of International Migration Downloads
Michel AR Beine and Christopher Robert Parsons
3746: Combining Rights and Welfarism: A New Approach to Intertemporal Evaluation of Social Alternatives Downloads
Ngo Van Long and Vincent Martinet
3745: Reform, Uncertainty and Spillovers - A Gravity Model Approach Downloads
Jan Fidrmuc, Elira Karaja and Ariane Tichit
3744: An Experimental AK Model of Growth Downloads
Ferruccio Ponzano and Roberto Ricciuti
3743: Trading Off Generations: Infinitely Lived Agent Versus OLG Downloads
Maik T. Schneider, Christian P. Traeger and Ralph Winkler
3742: Limits of Monetary Policy Autonomy by East Asian Debtor Central Banks Downloads
Axel Löffler, Gunther Schnabl and Franziska Schobert
3741: Search Capital Downloads
Carlos Carrillo-Tudela and Eric F. Smith
3740: The Anthropometric History of Native Americans, c. 1820 - 1890 Downloads
John H. Komlos and Leonard Carlson
3739: The Pain and Gain of Offshoring: The Effects of Tax Progression in a Segmented Labour Market Downloads
Silvia Rocha-Akis
3738: Expert Politicians, Electoral Control, and Fiscal Restraints Downloads
Uwe Dulleck and Berthold U. Wigger
3737: Financial Integration, Globalization, and Real Activity Downloads
Gianni De Nicolò and Luciana Juvenal
3736: The Sustainability of Chinese Growth and the Aggregate Factor Substitution Elasticity Downloads
John Whalley and Chunbing Xing
3735: Determinants of Survival of Newly Created SMEs in the Brazilian Manufacturing: An Econometric Study Downloads
Luis Otávio Facanha, Marcelo Resende and Vicente Cardoso
3734: Gender Quotas and the Quality of Politicians Downloads
Audinga Baltrunaite, Piera Bello, Alessandra Casarico and Paola Profeta
3733: Minimum Participation Rules for the Provision of Public Goods Downloads
Anke Gerber, Jakob Neitzel and Philipp C. Wichardt
3732: Voting in Small Committees Downloads
Paolo Balduzzi, Clara Graziano and Annalisa Luporini
3731: Fiscal Incidence when both Individual Welfare and Family Structure Matter: The Case of Subsidization of Home-Care for the Elderly Downloads
Haizhen Mou and Stanley L Winer
3730: The Size Distribution across all "Cities": A Unifying Approach Downloads
Kristian Giesen and Jens Suedekum
3729: Business Taxes and the Electoral Cycle Downloads
Dirk Foremny and Nadine Riedel
3728: Growth Effects of Spatial Redistribution Policies Downloads
Calin Arcalean, Gerhard Glomm and Ioana Cosmina Schiopu
3727: Why Uncertainty Matters - Discounting under Intertemporal Risk Aversion and Ambiguity Downloads
Christian P. Traeger
3726: Energy Consumption, Economic Growth and CO2 Emissions in Middle East and North African Countries Downloads
Mohamed AROURI, Adel BEN YOUSSEF, Hatem M'Henni and Christophe Rault
3725: The Swedish Fiscal Policy Council: Watchdog with a Broad Remit Downloads
Lars Calmfors
3724: Basel Accord and Financial Intermediation: The Impact of Policy Downloads
Martin Berka and Christian Zimmermann
3723: Capital Importers Pay More for their Imports Downloads
Antonis Adam and Thomas Moutos
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