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5146: Austerity Downloads
Harris Dellas and Dirk Niepelt
5145: Regional Economic Forecasting: State-of-the-Art Methodology and Future Challenge Downloads
Robert Lehmann and Klaus Wohlrabe
5144: On the Process of Scientific Policy Advice - With Special Reference to Economic Policy Downloads
Gebhard Kirchgässner
5143: Fair Intergenerational Utilitarianism: Risk, its Resolution over Time, and Discounting Downloads
Paolo Giovanni Piacquadio
5142: Hidden Protectionism? Evidence from Non-tariff Barriers to Trade in the United States Downloads
Robert Grundke and Christoph Moser
5141: Education, Disappointment and Optimal Policy Downloads
Dan Anderberg and Claudia Cerrone
5140: I Spy with my Little Eye... a Banking Crisis - Early Warnings and Incentive Schemes in Banks Downloads
Hendrik Hakenes and Friederike Schlegel
5139: Inter-temporal R&D and Capital Investment Portfolios for the Electricity Industry's Low Carbon Future Downloads
Nidhi R. Santen, Mort D. Webster, David Popp and Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga
5138: Optimal Income Taxation with Asset Accumulation Downloads
Árpád Ábrahám, Sebastian Koehne and Nicola Pavoni
5137: Group Contests with Internal Conflict and Power Asymmetry Downloads
Jay Choi, Subhasish Chowdhury and Jaesoo Kim
5136: Market Access and Welfare: Is there a Conflict? Downloads
Pascalis Raimondos and Alan Woodland
5135: Racial Group Affinity and Religious Giving: Evidence from Congregation-Level Panel Data Downloads
Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl, Peter Grajzl, A. Joseph Guse and J. Taylor Smith
5134: Reason, Intuition, and Time Downloads
Marco Sahm and Robert K. von Weizsäcker
5133: Demographic Transition and Political Stability: Does Corruption Matter? Downloads
Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Stefan Witthuhn
5132: Knocking on Tax Haven's Door: Multinational Firms and Transfer Pricing Downloads
Ronald Davies, Julien Martin, Mathieu Parenti and Farid Toubal
5131: Teamwork as a Self-Disciplining Device Downloads
Matthias Fahn and Hendrik Hakenes
5130: Income Shifting under Losses Downloads
Arnt Ove Hopland, Petro Lisowsky, Mohammed Mardan and Dirk Schindler
5129: Taking the Lord's Name in Vain: The Impact of Connected Directors on 19th Century British Banks Downloads
Richard Grossman and Masami Imai
5128: Designing Fiscal Policy to Address the External Costs of Energy Downloads
Ian Parry
5127: A Theory of Wage Adjustment under Loss Aversion Downloads
Steffen Ahrens, Inske Pirschel and Dennis Snower
5126: Essential Inputs and Unbounded Output: An Alternative Characterization of the Neoclassical Production Function Downloads
Andreas Irmen and Alfred Maussner
5125: Public Debt and Total Factor Productivity Downloads
Leo Kaas
5124: A Look Upstream: Electricity Market Restructuring, Risk, Procurement Contracts and Efficiency Downloads
Corrado Di Maria, Ian Lange and Emiliya Lazarova
5123: The Structural Behavior of China-US Trade Flows Downloads
Yin-Wong Cheung, Menzie Chinn and Xingwang Qian
5122: Trade and Tasks: An Exploration over Three Decades in Germany Downloads
Sascha Becker and Marc-Andreas Muendler
5121: The Economics of Bitcoins - Market Characteristics and Price Jumps Downloads
Marc Gronwald
5120: The Value of Smarter Teachers: International Evidence on Teacher Cognitive Skills and Student Performance Downloads
Eric Hanushek, Marc Piopiunik and Simon Wiederhold
5119: Empirical Evidence on the Effectiveness of Social Public Procurement Policy: The Case of the Swiss Apprenticeship Training System Downloads
Mirjam Strupler Leiser and Stefan Wolter
5118: Defaults and Donations: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Steffen Altmann, Armin Falk, Paul Heidhues and Rajshri Jayaraman
5117: Carry Funding and Safe Haven Currencies: A Threshold Regression Approach Downloads
Oliver Hossfeld and Ronald MacDonald
5116: When is Voting Optimal? Downloads
Ruth Ben-Yashar and Leif Danziger
5115: Inequality, Opting-out and Public Education Funding Downloads
Calin Arcalean and Ioana Schiopu
5114: Firm-level Productivity Spillovers in China's Chemical Industry: A Spatial Hausman-Taylor Approach Downloads
Badi Baltagi, Peter Egger and Michaela Kesina
5113: Gatekeeping versus Monitoring: Evidence from a Case with Extended Self-Reporting of Sickness Absence Downloads
Gaute Torsvik and Kjell Vaage
5112: Democratic Redistribution and Rule of the Majority Downloads
Giacomo Corneo and Frank Neher
5111: Former Foreign Affiliates: Cast Out and Outperformed? Downloads
Beata Javorcik and Steven Poelhekke
5110: Beyond Non-Satiation: Needs and Requirements Downloads
Anna Pettini
5109: Measuring Immigration Policies: Preliminary Evidence from IMPALA Downloads
Michel Beine, Brian Burgoon, Mary Crock, Justin Gest, Michael Hiscox, Patrick McGovern, Hillel Rapoport and Eiko Thielemann
5108: What kind of Corporation Tax Regime? Downloads
Sijbren Cnossen
5107: Wage Indexation and the Monetary Policy Regime Downloads
Selien De Schryder, Gert Peersman and Joris Wauters
5106: Universal Basic Income versus Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Alice Fabre, Stephane Pallage and Christian Zimmermann
5105: Climate Policies in a Fossil Fuel Producing Country - Demand Versus Supply Side Policies Downloads
Taran Fæhn, Cathrine Hagem, Lars Lindholt, Ståle Mæland and Knut Einar Rosendahl
5104: Financing Long-Term Care: Ex-ante, Ex-post or Both? Downloads
Joan Costa-i-Font, Christophe Courbage and Katherine Swartz
5103: Non-Parametric Preprocessing for the Estimation of Equivalence Scales Downloads
Christian Dudel, Jan Marvin Garbuszus, Notburga Ott and Martin Werding
5102: Mobilizing VAT Revenues in African Countries Downloads
Sijbren Cnossen
5101: Taxation and the Optimal Constraint on Corporate Debt Finance Downloads
Peter Birch Sørensen
5100: A Multi-Country Approach to Forecasting Output Growth Using PMIs Downloads
Alexander Chudik, Valerie Grossman and M Pesaran
5099: Happiness of Economists Downloads
Lars Feld, Sarah Necker and Bruno Frey
5098: Capital Taxation under Political Constraints Downloads
Florian Scheuer and Alexander Wolitzky
5097: Multiple Objectives and Central Bank Tradeoffs under Flexible Inflation Targeting Downloads
Carl Walsh
5096: Trade and Unions: Can Exporters Benefit from Collective Bargaining? Downloads
Stella Capuano, Andreas Hauptmann and Hans-Joerg Schmerer
5095: Diversification, Dutch Disease, and Economic Growth: Options for Uganda Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason and Jean-Pascal Nguessa Nganou
5094: Game Form Misconceptions Do Not Explain the Endowment Effect Downloads
Björn Bartling, Florian Engl and Roberto Weber
5093: Market Power of the Input Supplier, Technology Transfer and Consumer Welfare Downloads
Jiyun Cao and Arijit Mukherjee
5092: Generous Sustainability Downloads
Reyer Gerlagh
5091: Taxation of Shareholder Income and the Cost of Capital in a Small Open Economy Downloads
Peter Birch Sørensen
5090: Business Owners and Income-Shifting between Tax Bases: Empirical Evidence from a Finnish Tax Reform Downloads
Jarkko Harju and Tuomas Matikka
5089: Observable Strategies, Commitments, and Contracts Downloads
Karl Wärneryd
5088: Efficiency Gains by Modifying GMM Estimation in Linear Models under Heteroskedasticity Downloads
Jan Kiviet and Qu Feng
5087: Bargaining with a Residual Claimant: An Experimental Study Downloads
Matthew Embrey, Kyle Hyndman and Arno Riedl
5086: Economic Returns to Speaking the Right Language(s)? Evidence from Kazakhstan's Shift in State Language and Language of Instruction Downloads
Alisher Aldashev and Alexander Danzer
5085: Growth and Mitigation Policies with Uncertain Climate Damage Downloads
Lucas Bretschger and Alexandra Vinogradova
5084: Wages Anatomy. Labor Supply of Nurses and a Comparison with Physicians Downloads
Leif Andreassen, Maria Di Tommaso and Steinar Strøm
5083: Seasonality in Smoking Behaviour: Re-evaluating the Effects of the 2005 Public Smoking Ban in Italy Downloads
Emilia Del Bono, Klaus Grünberger and Daniela Vuri
5082: The Impact of Financial (De-)Regulation on Current Account Balances Downloads
Enrique Moral-Benito and Oliver Röhn
5081: Anthropometric Dividends of Czechoslovakia's Break Up Downloads
Joan Costa-i-Font and Lucia Kossarova
5080: Adverse Selection vs Discrimination Risk with Genetic Testing. An Experimental Approach Downloads
David Bardey, Philippe De Donder and César Mantilla
5079: The Economics of Advance Pricing Agreements Downloads
Johannes Becker, Ronald Davies and Gitte Jakobs
5078: Does Instrumental Reciprocity Crowd out Prosocial Behavior? Downloads
Åshild A. Johnsen and Ola Kvaløy
5077: Regional Policy Evaluation: Interactive Fixed Effects and Synthetic Control Downloads
Laurent Gobillon and Thierry Magnac
5076: Vertical Fiscal Externalities and the Environment Downloads
Christoph Böhringer, Nicholas Rivers and Hidemichi Yonezawa
5075: Capital Taxation and Imperfect Competition: ACE vs. CBIT Downloads
Kurt Brekke, Armando J. Garcia-Pires, Dirk Schindler and Guttorm Schjelderup
5074: On the Effects of Mergers on Equilibrium Outcomes in a Common Property Renewable Asset Oligopoly Downloads
Hassan Benchekroun and Gérard Gaudet
5073: The Long-Run Evolution of Infrastructure Services Downloads
Hugh Goldsmith
5072: Tradable Refugee-Admission Quotas and EU Asylum Policy Downloads
Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga and Hillel Rapoport
5071: Optimal Taxation with Rent-Seeking Downloads
Casey Rothschild and Florian Scheuer
5070: Magazine Subscription and Intertemporal Discounting: Some Further Evidence Downloads
Marcelo Resende and Eduardo Ferioli
5069: Pay What You Want as a Marketing Strategy in Monopolistic and Competitive Markets Downloads
Klaus Schmidt, Martin Spann and Robert Zeithammer
5068: More Schooling, More Children? Compulsory Schooling and Fertility in Europe Downloads
Margherita Fort, Nicole Schneeweis and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
5067: Lattices and Lotteries in Apportioning Risk Downloads
Harris Schlesinger
5066: Short-Term Price Overreactions: Identification, Testing, Exploitation Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Luis Gil-Alana and Alex Plastun
5065: Does Legalization of Sunday Alcohol Sales Increase Crime? Downloads
Jungtaek Lee and Barış Yörük
5064: Macroeconomic Policy Making, Exchange Rate Adjustment and Current Account Imbalances in Emerging Markets Downloads
Pablo Duarte and Gunther Schnabl
5063: Welfare Effects of Short-Time Compensation Downloads
Helge Braun and Björn Brügemann
5062: A Simple Four Quadrants Model to Monitor the Performance of Local Governments Downloads
Danilo Ballanti, Roberto Dispotico, Francesco Porcelli and Francesco Vidoli
5061: Vertical Integration and Valuation of International Oil Companies Downloads
Bård Misund, Petter Osmundsen and Marius Sikveland
5060: Dispatching after Producing: The Supply of Non-Renewable Resources Downloads
Julien Daubanes and Pierre Lasserre
5059: Uncertainty and the Employment Dynamics of Small and Large Businesses Downloads
Vivek Ghosal and Yang Ye
5058: Limit Pricing and the (In)Effectiveness of the Carbon Tax Downloads
Saraly Andrade de Sa and Julien Daubanes
5057: Student Awareness of Costs and Benefits of Educational Decisions: Effects of an Information Campaign and Media Exposure Downloads
Martin McGuigan, Sandra McNally and Gill Wyness
5056: Constitution on Ice Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason
5055: Statistical Power of Within and Between-Subjects Designs in Economic Experiments Downloads
Charles Bellemare, Luc Bissonnette and Sabine Kröger
5054: Differential Taxation and Occupational Choice Downloads
Renato Gomes, Jean-Marie Lozachmeur and Alessandro Pavan
5053: On Remittances, Foreign Currency Exposure and Credit Constraints: Evidence from Nepal Downloads
Nephil Maskay, Sven Steinkamp and Frank Westermann
5052: Minimum Wages as a Redistributive Device in the Long Run Downloads
George Economides and Thomas Moutos
5051: Global Environmental Agreements and International Trade: Asymmetry of Countries Matters Downloads
Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig
5050: Cake-Eating with Private Information Downloads
Reyer Gerlagh and Matti Liski
5049: Leaders as Role Models for the Voluntary Provision of Public Goods Downloads
Simon Gaechter and Elke Renner
5048: Homeownership and Entrepreneurship: The Role of Mortgage Debt and Commitment Downloads
Philippe Bracke, Christian Hilber and Olmo Silva
5047: Adults' Financial Literacy and Households' Financial Assets: The Role of Banks Information Policies Downloads
Margherita Fort, Francesco Manaresi and Serena Trucchi
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