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3550: Lock, Stock, and Barrel: A Comprehensive Assessment of the Determinants of Terror Downloads
Martin Gassebner and Simon Luechinger
3549: A Flexible Test for Present Bias and Time Preferences Using Land-Lease Contracts Downloads
Pieter A. Gautier and Aico Van Vuuren
3548: The Case for a Progressive Tax: From Basic Research to Policy Recommendations Downloads
Peter A. Diamond and Emmanuel Saez
3547: Gift-Exchange, Incentives, and Heterogeneous Workers Downloads
Arjan Non
3546: Flattening the Carbon Extraction Path in Unilateral Cost-Effective Action Downloads
Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig
3545: Integrated Public Education, Fertility and Human Capital Downloads
Leonid V. Azarnert
3544: Food Prices and Political Instability Downloads
Rabah Arezki and Markus Brückner
3543: Trade and Imperfect Competition in General Equilibrium Downloads
Onur A. Koska and Frank Stähler
3542: Shift Working and Trade in Labor Services with Time Zone Differences Downloads
Toru Kikuchi and Ngo Van Long
3541: Natural Disasters and the Effect of Trade on Income: A New Panel IV Approach Downloads
Gabriel J Felbermayr and Jasmin Gröschl
3540: Changing Identity: Retiring from Unemployment Downloads
Clemens Hetschko, Andreas Knabe and Ronnie Schöb
3539: Toward a Sustainable Transport Development in Asia and the Pacific Downloads
Biswanath Bhattacharyay
3538: On the Political Economics of Tax Reforms Downloads
Micael Castanheira, Gaëtan J.A. Nicodème and Paola Profeta
3537: Product Quality, Informality, and Child Labour Downloads
Eugenia Fotoniata and Thomas Moutos
3536: On the Underestimation of the Precautionary Effect in Discounting Downloads
Christian Gollier
3535: Tax Competition Among U.S. States: Racing to the Bottom or Riding on a Seesaw? Downloads
Bob Chirinko and Daniel John Wilson
3534: Tax-Benefit Systems in Europe and the US: Between Equity and Efficiency Downloads
Olivier Bargain, Mathias Dolls, Dirk Neumann, Andreas Peichl and Sebastian Siegloch
3533: Formal Contracts, Relational Contracts, and the Threat-Point Effect Downloads
Hideshi Itoh and Hodaka Morita
3532: External Sovereign Debt in a Monetary Union: Bailouts and the Role of Corruption Downloads
Carolina Achury, Christos Koulovatianos and John Tsoukalas
3531: On the Design of Education Conditional Cash Transfer Programs and non Education Outcomes: The Case of Teenage Pregnancy Downloads
Darwin Cortés, Juan Miguel Gallego and Darío Maldonado
3530: The Impact of Alternative Grade Configurations on Student Outcomes through Middle and High School Downloads
Guido Schwerdt and Martin R. West
3529: Innovation, Trade, and Finance Downloads
Peter H. Egger and Christian Keuschnigg
3528: Preferences for Consistency Downloads
Armin Falk and Florian Zimmermann
3527: Not All Incentives Wash Out the Warm Glow: The Case of Blood Donation Revisited Downloads
Joan Costa--Font, Mireia Jofre-Bonet and Steven T. Yen
3526: Too Little Oil, Too Much Coal: Optimal Carbon Tax and when to Phase in Oil, Coal and Renewables Downloads
(Rick) van der Ploeg, Frederick and Cees Withagen
3525: Price Discovery and Trade Fragmentation in a Multi-Market Environment: Evidence from the MTS System Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Alessandro Girardi
3524: How Effective are Advertising Bans? On the Demand for Quality in Two-Sided Media Markets Downloads
Tanja Greiner and Marco Sahm
3523: Lame Ducks and Divided Government: How Voters Control the Unaccountable Downloads
Mark Schelker
3522: Simultaneous Search and Network Efficiency Downloads
Pieter A. Gautier and Christian Ludwig Holzner
3521: Can we Rely upon Fiscal Policy Estimates in Countries with Unreported Production of 15 Per Cent (or more) of GDP? Downloads
Raffaella Basile, Bruno Chiarini and Elisabetta Marzano
3520: Temporary Employment, Job Flows and Productivity: A Tale of two Reforms Downloads
Lorenzo Cappellari, Carlo Dell'Aringa and Marco Leonardi
3519: International Debt Shifting: Do Multinationals Shift Internal or External Debt? Downloads
Jarle Møen, Dirk Schindler, Guttorm Schjelderup and Julia Tropina
3518: Fair and Efficient Taxation under Partial Control: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Erwin Ooghe and Andreas Peichl
3517: How Significant are Fiscal Interactions in Federations? A Meta-Regression Analysis Downloads
Joan Costa--Font, Filipe De-Albuquerque and Chris Doucouliagos
3516: Dark Clouds or Silver Linings? Knightian Uncertainty and Climate Change Downloads
Yu-Fu Chen, Michael Funke and Nicole Glanemann
3515: Lifting the Veil: The Face of TFP in an Indian Rail Mill Downloads
Sanghamitra Das, Kala Krishna, Sergey Lychagin and Rohini Somanathan
3514: What Determines BITs? Downloads
Jeffrey H. Bergstrand and Peter H. Egger
3513: Causal Effects of Paternity Leave on Children and Parents Downloads
Sara Cools, Jon H. Fiva and Lars Johannessen Kirkebøen
3512: Optimal Emission-Extraction Policy in a World of Scarcity and Irreversibility Downloads
Fabien Prieur, Mabel Maria Tidball and Cees Withagen
3511: Social Preferences in the Lab: A Comparison of Students and a Representative Population Downloads
Alexander Wright Cappelen, Knut Nygaard, Erik Ø. Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden
3510: Pattern Bargaining and Wage Leadership in a Small Open Economy Downloads
Lars Calmfors and Anna Larsson Seim
3509: Would Global Patent Protection be too Weak without International Coordination? Downloads
Edwin L.-C. Lai and Kit Ming Isabel Yan
3508: Manufacturers and Retailers in the Global Economy Downloads
Horst Raff and Nicolas Schmitt
3507: Strategic Complementarity, Fragility, and Regulation Downloads
Xavier Vives
3506: The Law and Economics of Enhancing Cartel Enforcement: Using Information from Non-Cartel Investigations to Prosecute Cartels Downloads
Vivek Ghosal
3505: Mechanical and Psychological Effects of Electoral Reform Downloads
Jon H. Fiva and Olle Folke
3504: The Distributional Consequences of Supply-Side Reforms in General Equilibrium Downloads
Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Bernardo X. Fernandez and Jim Malley
3503: Social Ideology and Taxes in a Differentiated Candidates Framework Downloads
Stefan Krasa and Mattias K Polborn
3502: Employment Growth, Inflation and Output Growth: Was Phillips Right? Evidence from a Dynamic Panel Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Marinko Skare
3501: Symmetric and Asymmetric Committees Downloads
Ruth Ben-Yashar and Leif Danziger
3500: Target Loans, Current Account Balances and Capital Flows: The ECB’s Rescue Facility Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn and Timo Wollmershäuser
3499: Knocking on Heaven's Door? Protestantism and Suicide Downloads
Sascha O. Becker and Ludger Woessmann
3498: The Relevance of Amenities and Agglomeration for Dutch Housing Prices Downloads
Harry Garretsen and Gerard Marlet
3497: Unemployment and Debt Dynamics in a Highly Indebted Small Open Economy Downloads
Burkhard Heer and Stefan Franz Schubert
3496: Lobbying and Bribes - A Survey-Based Analysis of the Demand for Influence and Corruption Downloads
Morten Bennedsen, Sven E. Feldmann and David Dreyer Lassen
3495: Proprietary Public Finance: On its Emergence and Evolution out of Anarchy Downloads
Stergios Skaperdas
3494: Coordinating Climate and Trade Policies: Pareto Efficiency and the Role of Border Tax Adjustments Downloads
Michael Keen and Christos Kotsogiannis
3493: How Much Do Means-Tested Benefits Reduce the Demand for Annuities? Downloads
Monika Bütler, Kim Peijnenburg and Stefan Staubli
3492: Endogenous Public Information and Welfare Downloads
Xavier Vives
3491: Do Bubbles Lead to Overinvestment?: A Revealed Preference Approach Downloads
Bob Chirinko and Huntley Schaller
3490: Home Bank Intermediation of Foreign Direct Investment Downloads
Steven Poelhekke
3489: Legal Institutions, Innovation and Growth Downloads
Luca Anderlini, Leonardo Felli, Giovanni Immordino and Alessandro Riboni
3488: A Gift is not Always a Gift: Gift Exchange in a Voucher Experiment Downloads
Sascha O. Becker, Dolores Messer and Stefan C. Wolter
3487: Public Providers, versus Private Providers, of Public Goods: A General Equilibrium Study of the Role of the State Downloads
George Economides, Apostolis Philippopoulos and Vangelis Vassilatos
3486: Real Effects of Quantitative Easing at the Zero-Lower Bound: Structural VAR-based Evidence from Japan Downloads
Heike Schenkelberg and Sebastian Watzka
3485: A Large-Market Rational Expectations Equilibrium Model Downloads
Xavier Vives
3484: Incomplete Contracts and the Impact of Globalization on Consumer Welfare Downloads
Fabrice Defever
3483: Incentive Schemes for Local Government: Theory and Evidence from Comprehensive Performance Assessment in England Downloads
Benjamin Lockwood and Francesco Porcelli
3482: Do Government Purchases Affect Unemployment? Downloads
Steinar Holden and Victoria Sparrman
3481: Health Employment, Medical Spending, and Long Term Health Reform Downloads
Mark V. Pauly and Anand Saxena
3480: How National and International Financial Development Affect Industrial R&D Downloads
Keith E. Maskus, Rebecca Neumann and Tobias Seidel
3479: What do we Know about the Relationship between Regionalized Aspects of the Unemployment Insurance System and Internal Migration in Canada? Downloads
Kathleen M. Day and Stanley L Winer
3478: Migration and Social Insurance Downloads
Helmuth Cremer and Catarina Goulão
3477: Should Transportation Output be Included as Part of the Coincident Indicators System? Downloads
Kajal Lahiri and Wenxiong Yao
3476: Government Budget Deficits in Large Open Economies Downloads
Willem Hendrik Buiter and Anne Sibert
3475: An Economic Theory of Foreign Interventions and Regime Change Downloads
Roberto Bonfatti
3474: Optimal Tariffs, Retaliation and the Welfare Loss from Tariff Wars in the Melitz Model Downloads
Gabriel J Felbermayr, Benjamin Jung and Mario Larch
3473: Entrepreneurial Innovations and Taxation Downloads
Andreas Haufler, Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson
3472: Should Local Public Employment Services be Merged with the Local Social Benefit Administrations? Downloads
Christian Ludwig Holzner and Sonja Munz
3471: Labor Migration and the Case for Flat Tax Downloads
Tomer Blumkin, Efraim Sadka and Yotam Shem-Tov
3470: Persuading Consumers with Social Attitudes Downloads
Stefan Buehler and Daniel Halbheer
3469: Surfing Alone? The Internet and Social Capital: Evidence from an Unforeseeable Technological Mistake Downloads
Stefan Josef Bauernschuster, Oliver Falck and Ludger Woessmann
3468: Incentives for Environmental R&D Downloads
Mads Greaker and Michael Hoel
3467: Migration and Trade Downloads
Peter H. Egger, Maximilian von Ehrlich and Douglas Russell Nelson
3466: Unintended Detrimental Effects of Environmental Policy: The Green Paradox and Beyond Downloads
Edwin van der Werf and Corrado Di Maria
3465: Divide and Privatize: Firm Break-up and Performance Downloads
Evžen Kočenda and Jan Hanousek
3464: Hyperbolic Discounting and Positive Optimal Inflation Downloads
Liam Graham and Dennis Snower
3463: Workforce or Workfare? Downloads
Craig Brett and Laurence Michèle Jacquet
3462: Precommitted Government Spending and Partisan Politics Downloads
William Watkins and Henning Bohn
3461: What Drives Taxi Drivers? A Field Experiment on Fraud in a Market for Credence Goods Downloads
Loukas Balafoutas, Adrian Beck, Rudolf Kerschbamer and Matthias Sutter
3460: Tullock Challenges: Happiness, Revolutions and Democracy Downloads
Bruno S. Frey
3459: Explaining Early Adoption on New Medicines: Regulation, Innovation and Scale Downloads
Nebibe Varol, Joan Costa--Font and Alistair McGuire
3458: Voting under the Threat of Secession: Accommodation vs. Repression Downloads
Vincent Anesi and Philippe De Donder
3457: On a Three-Alternative Condorcet Jury Theorem Downloads
Johanna Goertz and Francois Paul Maniquet
3456: A Fragile Eurozone in Search of a Better Governance Downloads
Paul De Grauwe
3455: Fertility, Female Labor Supply, and Family Policy Downloads
Hans Fehr and Daniela Ujhelyiova
3454: Does Conditionality Work? A Test for an Innovative US Aid Scheme Downloads
Hannes Öhler, Peter Nunnenkamp and Axel Dreher
3453: Has the EMU Reduced Wage Growth and Unemployment? Testing a Model of Trade Union Behaviour Downloads
Heiner Mikosch and Jan-Egbert Sturm
3452: Social Long Term Care Insurance and Redistribution Downloads
Helmuth Cremer and Pierre Pestieau
3451: Happiness as a Driver of Risk-Avoiding Behavior Downloads
Robert J. B. Goudie, Sach Mukherjee, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Andrew J. Oswald and Stephen Wu
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