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3688: China's Outward FDI: An Industry-level Analysis of Host Country Determinants Downloads
Alessia Amighini, Roberta Rabellotti and Marco Sanfilippo
3687: Financial Development and Income Inequality: A Panel Data Approach Downloads
Sebastian Jauch and Sebastian Watzka
3686: Developing Country Second-Mover Advantage in Competition over Environmental Standards and Taxes Downloads
Valeska Groenert and Benjamin C. Zissimos
3685: Efficient Coordination in Weakest-Link Games Downloads
Arno Riedl, Ingrid M.T. Rohde and Martin Strobel
3684: Political Economy: Success or Failure? Downloads
Bruno S. Frey
3683: Divided Government versus Incumbency Externality Effect - Quasi-experimental Evidence on Multiple Voting Decisions Downloads
Florian Ade and Ronny Freier
3682: The Language Effect in International Trade: A Meta-Analysis Downloads
Peter H. Egger and Andrea Lassmann
3681: CEO Preferences and Acquisitions Downloads
Dirk Jenter and Katharina Lewellen
3680: A Theory of Government Procrastination Downloads
Taiji Furusawa and Edwin L.-C. Lai
3679: The Impact of School Lunches on Primary School Enrollment: Evidence from India's Midday Meal Scheme Downloads
Rajshri Jayaraman and Dora Simroth
3678: Resource Windfalls, Macroeconmic Stability and Growth: The Role of Political Institutions Downloads
Rabah Arezki, Kirk Hamilton and Kazim Kazimov
3677: Media Market Concentration, Advertising Levels, and Ad Prices Downloads
Simon Anderson, Øystein Foros, Hans Jarle Kind and Martin Peitz
3676: Journey into the Unknown? Economic Consequences of Factor Market Integration under Increasing Returns to Scale Downloads
Andreas Schäfer and Thomas Michael Steger
3675: Scarring Effects of Unemployment Downloads
Øivind Anti Nilsen and Katrine Holm Reiso
3674: The Child Adoption Marketplace: Parental Preferences and Adoption Outcomes Downloads
Mark Skidmore, Gary Anderson and Mark Eiswerth
3673: Domestic Abuse: Instrumental Violence and Economics Incentives Downloads
Dan Anderberg and Helmut Rainer
3672: Spatial Exporters Downloads
Fabrice Defever, Benedikt Heid and Mario Larch
3671: How Informative are the Subjective Density Forecasts of Macroeconomists? Downloads
Geoff Kenny, Thomas Kostka and Federico Masera
3670: Reforming an Insider-Outsider Labor Market: The Spanish Experience Downloads
Samuel Bentolila, Juan J. Dolado and Juan F Jimeno
3669: Lumpy Countries, Urbanization, and Trade Downloads
Steven Brakman and Charles van Marrewijk
3668: Property Rights, Optimal Public Enforcement, and Growth Downloads
Andreas Irmen and Johanna Kuehnel
3667: Indirect Taxes for Redistribution: Should Necessity Goods be Favored? Downloads
Robin W. Boadway and Pierre Pestieau
3666: What Drives the Global Land Rush? Downloads
Rabah Arezki, Klaus W. Deininger and Harris Selod
3665: Work Norms and the Welfare State Downloads
Giacomo Corneo
3664: Time is Running Out: The 2°C Target and Optimal Climate Policies Downloads
Yu-Fu Chen, Michael Funke and Nicole Glanemann
3663: The Greek Crisis: Causes and Consequences Downloads
Antonio I. Garcia Pascual and Piero Ghezzi
3662: Vignette Equivalence and Response Consistency; The Case of Job Satisfaction Downloads
Ada Ferrer--Carbonell, Bernard M.S. van Praag and Ioannis Theodossiou
3661: Kyoto and Carbon Leakage: An Empirical Analysis of the Carbon Content of Bilateral Trade Downloads
Rahel Aichele and Gabriel J Felbermayr
3660: Monitoring, Sanctions and Front-Loading of Job Search in a Non-Stationary Model Downloads
Bart Leo Wim Cockx, Muriel Dejemeppe, Andrey Launov and Bruno Van der Linden
3659: General Equilibrium with Multi-Member Households and Production Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Hans Haller
3658: Team or Individual: What Determines Workers' Preferred Bonus Schemes? Downloads
Gaute Torsvik
3657: The Economics of Pending Patents Downloads
Johannes Koenen and Martin Peitz
3656: Commodity Windfalls, Polarization, and Net Foreign Assets: Panel Data Evidence on the Voracity Effect Downloads
Rabah Arezki and Markus Brückner
3655: Household Relational Contracts for Marriage, Fertility and Divorce Downloads
Matthias Fahn and Ray Rees
3654: Optimal Income Taxation with Uncertain Earnings: A Synthesis Downloads
Robin W. Boadway and Motohiro Sato
3653: Persistence and Cyclical Dependence in the Monthly Euribor Rate Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Luis Alberiko Gil-Alana
3652: The Changing Macroeconomic Response to Stock Market Volatility Shocks Downloads
Roel Maria Wilhelmus Jozef Beetsma and Massimo Giuliodori
3651: The Macroeconomics of TANSTAAFL Downloads
Volker Grossmann, Thomas Michael Steger and Timo Trimborn
3650: Euro Area SMEs under Financial Constraints: Belief or Reality? Downloads
Concha Artola and Veronique Genre
3649: The Monopolistic Polluter under Environmental Liability Law: Incentives for Abatement and R&D Downloads
Alfred Endres and Tim Friehe
3648: Does School Autonomy Make Sense Everywhere? Panel Estimates from PISA Downloads
Eric A. Hanushek, Susanne Link and Ludger Woessmann
3647: The Cash-In-Advance Constraint in Monetary Growth Models Downloads
Burkhard Heer and Alfred Maussner
3646: An Economic Theory of Switzerland Downloads
Charles B. Blankart
3645: Sources of Real Exchange Rate Volatility and International Financial Integration: A Dynamic GMM Panel Approach Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Thouraya Hadj Amor and Christophe Rault
3644: A Characterization of Oil Price Behavior - Evidence from Jump Models Downloads
Marc Gronwald
3643: A Probability Approach to Pharmaceutical Demand and Price Setting: Does the Identity of the Third-Party Payer Mattersfor Prescribing Doctors? Downloads
Dag Morten Dalen, Marilena Locatelli, Enrico Sorisio and Steinar Strøm
3642: Revisiting the OLI Paradigm: The Institutions, the State, and China's OFDI Downloads
Hao Liang, Bing Ren and Haikun Zhu
3641: Was Bernanke Right? Targeting Asset Prices may not be a Good Idea after all Downloads
Tiziana Assenza, Michele Berardi and Domenico Delli Gatti
3640: Risk Sharing in Defined-Contribution Funded Pension Systems Downloads
Roel Maria Wilhelmus Jozef Beetsma and Alessandro Bucciol
3639: Did the Japanese Patient Follow the Doctor's Orders? Mostly no! A Public Choice Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Schemes in Japan before and after the Earthquake Downloads
Sven Rudolph and Friedrich Georg Schneider
3638: A Decade of Editing the European Economic Review Downloads
Zvi Eckstein, Esther Gal-Or, Thorvaldur Gylfason, Juergen von Hagen and Gerard Pfann
3637: Worker Characteristics and Wage Differentials: Evidence from a Gift-Exchange Experiment Downloads
Florian Englmaier, Sebastian Strasser and Joachim Klaus Winter
3636: Should Pensions be Progressive? Yes, at least in Germany! Downloads
Hans Fehr, Manuel Kallweit and Fabian Kindermann
3635: Impatience and Uncertainty: Experimental Decisions Predict Adolescents' Field Behavior Downloads
Matthias Sutter, Martin Georg Kocher, Daniela Rützler and Stefan T. Trautmann
3634: A Model of Trade with Ricardian Comparative Advantage and Intra-sectoral Firm Heterogeneity Downloads
Haichao Fan, Edwin L.-C. Lai and Han Steffan Qi
3633: The Welfare Effects of Health-based Food Tax Policy Downloads
Kaisa Kotakorpi, Tommi Härkänen, Pirjo Pietinen, Heli Reinivuo, Ilpo Suoniemi and Jukka Pirttilä
3632: Evaluating Real World Income Distributions behind the Veil of Ignorance - How Risk Averse do you have to be to Prefer Europe over the US? Downloads
Alfons J. Weichenrieder and Tasneem Zafar
3631: Why Foreign Ownership May be Good for You Downloads
Hartmut Egger and Udo Kreickemeier
3630: Pollution, Shadow Economy and Corruption: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Amit K. Biswas, Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Marcel P. Thum
3629: Sports and Child Development Downloads
Christina Felfe, Michael Lechner and Andreas Steinmayr
3628: Reducing Tariffs according to WTO Accession Rules: The Case of Vietnam Downloads
Henrik Barslund Fosse and Pascalis Raimondos-Møller
3627: Taxing Expats. Instrumental versus Expressive Voting Compared Downloads
Charles B. Blankart and Simon Margraf
3626: Structural Change, Urban Congestion, and the End of Growth Downloads
Volker Grossmann
3625: Labor Demand During the Crisis: What Happened in Germany? Downloads
Olga Bohachova, Bernhard Boockmann and Claudia M. Buch
3624: Genetic Contamination of Traditional Products Downloads
E. Kwan Choi
3623: Tacit Collusion under Imperfect Monitoring in the Canadian Manufacturing Industry: An Empirical Study Downloads
Marcelo Resende and Rodrigo Zeidan
3622: Spatial Inequality and Development - Is there an Inverted-U Relationship? Downloads
Christian Lessmann
3621: Are Stock and Housing Returns Complements or Substitutes? Evidence from OECD Countries Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Ricardo M. Sousa
3620: A Journey from a Corruption Port to a Tax Haven Downloads
Shafik Hebous and Vilen Lipatov
3619: Commodity Price Volatility, Democracy and Economic Growth Downloads
Rabah Arezki and Thorvaldur Gylfason
3618: How Trade Unions Increase Welfare Downloads
Alejandro Donado and Klaus Wälde
3617: Do Mobile Pensioners Threaten the Deferred Taxation of Savings? Downloads
Volker Meier and Andreas Wagener
3616: Gravity Redux: Measuring International Trade Costs with Panel Data Downloads
Dennis Novy
3615: The Influence of Chinese Trade Policy on Automobile Assembly and Parts Downloads
Deborah L. Swenson
3614: General Education, Vocational Education, and Labor-Market Outcomes over the Life-Cycle Downloads
Eric A. Hanushek, Ludger Woessmann and Lei Zhang
3613: Knowledge is Power - A Theory of Information, Income, and Welfare Spending Downloads
Jo Thori Lind and Dominic Rohner
3612: Free-Riding in the Lab and in the Field Downloads
Florian Englmaier and Georg Gebhardt
3611: Product and Labor Market Deregulation in Unionized Oligopoly with Asymmetric Countries Downloads
Hartmut Egger and Frode Meland
3610: The Signalling Channel of Central Bank Interventions: Modelling the Yen / US Dollar Exchange Rate Downloads
Yu-Fu Chen, Michael Funke and Nicole Glanemann
3609: Business Cycle Effects of Credit and Technology Shocks in a DSGE Model with Firm Defaults Downloads
M Hashem Pesaran and TengTeng Xu
3608: Depletion and Development: Natural Resource Supply with Endogenous Field Opening Downloads
Anthony J. Venables
3607: Reciprocity, World Prices and Welfare Downloads
Pascalis Raimondos-Møller and Alan Donald Woodland
3606: Public Funding of Higher Education Downloads
Jean-Marie Viaene and Itzhak Zilcha
3605: Pension-Induced Rigidities in the Labor Market for School Leaders Downloads
Cory Koedel, Jason A. Grissom, Shawn Ni and Michael John Podgursky
3604: Sovereign Defaults: The Price of Haircuts Downloads
Juan J. Cruces and Christoph Trebesch
3603: Landownership Concentration and the Expansion of Education Downloads
Francesco Cinnirella and Erik Hornung
3602: Monthly GDP Estimates for Inter-War Britain Downloads
James Mitchell, Solomos Nicolaou Solomou and Martin Robert Weale
3601: Consumption, Wealth, Stock and Housing Returns: Evidence from Emerging Markets Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Ricardo M. Sousa
3600: The Distributional Consequences of Tax Reforms under Market Distortions Downloads
Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Wei Jiang and Jim Malley
3599: How Far Away is an Intangible? Services FDI and Distance Downloads
Ronald Davies and Amélie Guillin
3598: Modeling Two Macro Policy Instruments - Interest Rates and Aggregate Capital Requirements Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Volker Hahn
3597: Capacity Constraining Labor Market Frictions in a Global Economy Downloads
Christian Ludwig Holzner and Mario Larch
3596: Tax Rate and Tax Base Competition for Foreign Direct Investment Downloads
Peter H. Egger and Horst Raff
3595: Firms' Moral Hazard in Sickness Absences Downloads
René Böheim and Thomas Leoni
3594: Debt Sustainability and Financial Crises: Evidence from the GIIPS Downloads
Gabriella Deborah Legrenzi and Costas Milas
3593: Airline Alliances, Carve-Outs and Collusion Downloads
Jan K. Brueckner and Pierre M. Picard
3592: Academic Performance and Single-Sex Schooling: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Switzerland Downloads
Gerald Eisenkopf, Zohal Hessami, Urs Fischbacher and Heinrich W. Ursprung
3591: International Climate Agreements, Cost Reductions and Convergence of Partisan Politics Downloads
Patrick Laurency and Dirk Schindler
3590: Energy Consumption and Economic Growth Revisited in African Countries Downloads
Jude EGGOH, Chrysost Bangaké and Christophe Rault
3589: Macroeconomic Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy in the Euro Area Downloads
Gert Peersman
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