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3752: Elites or Masses? A Structural Model of Policy Divergence, Voter Sorting and Apparent Polarization in U.S. Presidential Elections, 1972-2008 Downloads
Stefan Krasa and Mattias K Polborn
3751: The Internationalisation of R&D and the Knowledge Production Function Downloads
María L García-Vega, Patricia Hofmann and Richard Anthony Kneller
3750: Interpreting Time Horizon Effects in Inter-Temporal Choice Downloads
Thomas Johannes Dohmen, Armin Falk, David Huffman and Uwe Sunde
3749: Beyond the Veil of Ignorance: The Influence of Direct Democracy on the Shadow Economy Downloads
Friedrich Georg Schneider and Désirée Teobaldelli
3748: Culture and Tax Structures Downloads
Tobias König and Andreas Wagener
3747: Climatic Factors as Determinants of International Migration Downloads
Michel AR Beine and Christopher Robert Parsons
3746: Combining Rights and Welfarism: A New Approach to Intertemporal Evaluation of Social Alternatives Downloads
Ngo Van Long and Vincent Martinet
3745: Reform, Uncertainty and Spillovers - A Gravity Model Approach Downloads
Jan Fidrmuc, Elira Karaja and Ariane Tichit
3744: An Experimental AK Model of Growth Downloads
Ferruccio Ponzano and Roberto Ricciuti
3743: Trading Off Generations: Infinitely Lived Agent Versus OLG Downloads
Maik T. Schneider, Christian P. Traeger and Ralph Winkler
3742: Limits of Monetary Policy Autonomy by East Asian Debtor Central Banks Downloads
Axel Löffler, Gunther Schnabl and Franziska Schobert
3741: Search Capital Downloads
Carlos Carrillo-Tudela and Eric F. Smith
3740: The Anthropometric History of Native Americans, c. 1820 - 1890 Downloads
John H. Komlos and Leonard Carlson
3739: The Pain and Gain of Offshoring: The Effects of Tax Progression in a Segmented Labour Market Downloads
Silvia Rocha-Akis
3738: Expert Politicians, Electoral Control, and Fiscal Restraints Downloads
Uwe Dulleck and Berthold U. Wigger
3737: Financial Integration, Globalization, and Real Activity Downloads
Gianni De Nicolò and Luciana Juvenal
3736: The Sustainability of Chinese Growth and the Aggregate Factor Substitution Elasticity Downloads
John Whalley and Chunbing Xing
3735: Determinants of Survival of Newly Created SMEs in the Brazilian Manufacturing: An Econometric Study Downloads
Luis Otávio Facanha, Marcelo Resende and Vicente Cardoso
3734: Gender Quotas and the Quality of Politicians Downloads
Audinga Baltrunaite, Piera Bello, Alessandra Casarico and Paola Profeta
3733: Minimum Participation Rules for the Provision of Public Goods Downloads
Anke Gerber, Jakob Neitzel and Philipp C. Wichardt
3732: Voting in Small Committees Downloads
Paolo Balduzzi, Clara Graziano and Annalisa Luporini
3731: Fiscal Incidence when both Individual Welfare and Family Structure Matter: The Case of Subsidization of Home-Care for the Elderly Downloads
Haizhen Mou and Stanley L Winer
3730: The Size Distribution across all "Cities": A Unifying Approach Downloads
Kristian Giesen and Jens Suedekum
3729: Business Taxes and the Electoral Cycle Downloads
Dirk Foremny and Nadine Riedel
3728: Growth Effects of Spatial Redistribution Policies Downloads
Calin Arcalean, Gerhard Glomm and Ioana Cosmina Schiopu
3727: Why Uncertainty Matters - Discounting under Intertemporal Risk Aversion and Ambiguity Downloads
Christian P. Traeger
3726: Energy Consumption, Economic Growth and CO2 Emissions in Middle East and North African Countries Downloads
Mohamed El Hedi AROURI, Adel BEN YOUSSEF, Hatem M'Henni and Christophe Rault
3725: The Swedish Fiscal Policy Council: Watchdog with a Broad Remit Downloads
Lars Calmfors
3724: Basel Accord and Financial Intermediation: The Impact of Policy Downloads
Martin Berka and Christian Zimmermann
3723: Capital Importers Pay More for their Imports Downloads
Antonis Adam and Thomas Moutos
3722: Exponent of Cross-sectional Dependence: Estimation and Inference Downloads
Natalia Bailey, George Kapetanios and M Hashem Pesaran
3721: Optimal Tariffs on Exhaustible Resources: The Case of a Quantity Setting Cartel Downloads
Kenji Fujiwara and Ngo Van Long
3720: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Crisis Downloads
Jan Fidrmuc and Ariane Tichit
3719: Human Capital Formation and Tax Evasion Downloads
Laszlo Goerke
3718: Economic and Politico-Economic Equivalence of Fiscal Policies Downloads
Martín Gonzalez-Eiras and Dirk Niepelt
3717: Envy, Guilt, and the Phillips Curve Downloads
Steffen Ahrens and Dennis Snower
3716: Cutting too Close? Design Protection and Innovation in Fashion Goods Downloads
Petal Jean Hackett
3715: Globalization and the (Mis)Governance of Nations Downloads
Arthur Blouin, Sayantan Ghosal and Sharun Mukand
3714: The Interrelationship between Formal and Informal Delcentralization and its Impact on Sub-Central Governance Performance: The Case of Vietnam Downloads
Thanh Thuy Vu, Messaoud ZOUIKRI and Bruno Deffains
3713: Taxes do Affect Corporate Financing Decisions: The Case of Belgian ACE Downloads
Savina Princen
3712: Equity and Effectiveness of Optimal Taxation in Contests under an All-Pay Auction Downloads
Yosef Mealem and Shmuel Nitzan
3711: Monetary Policy and Redistribution: What can or cannot be Neutralized with Mirrleesian Taxes Downloads
Firouz Gahvari and Luca Micheletto
3710: Work and Wage Dynamics around Childbirth Downloads
Mette Ejrnæs and Astrid Kunze
3709: Competition for Migrants in a Federation: Tax or Transfer Competition? Downloads
Marko Köthenbürger
3708: Theoretical and Practical Arguments for Modeling Labor Supply as a Choice among Latent Jobs Downloads
John K. Dagsvik, Zhiyang Jia, Tom Kornstad and Thor Olav Thoresen
3707: Managerial Payoff and Gift Exchange in the Field Downloads
Florian Englmaier and Stephen Leider
3706: Optimal Taxation and the Skill Premium Downloads
Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Jim Malley and Apostolis Philippopoulos
3705: Brain Drain in the Age of Mass Migration: Does Relative Inequality Explain Migrant Selectivity? Downloads
Yvonne Stolz and Joerg Baten
3704: Taxes, Status Goods, and Piracy Downloads
Alessandro Balestrino
3703: Government Repression and the Death Toll from Natural Disasters Downloads
Samia Costa
3702: Customs Compliance and the Power of Imagination Downloads
Kai A. Konrad, Tim Lohse and Salmai Qari
3701: Are Groups more Rational than Individuals? A Review of Interactive Decision Making in Groups Downloads
Tamar Kugler, Edgar E. Kausel and Martin Georg Kocher
3700: Voting as a Signaling Device Downloads
R. Emre Aytimur, Aristotelis Boukouras and Robert Schwager
3699: Mobility and Conflict Downloads
Sourav Bhattacharya, Joyee Deb and Tapas Kundu
3698: Contracts, Biases and Consumption of Access Services Downloads
Stephen Leider and Özge Sahin
3697: Regime Shifts and Uncertainty in Pollution Control Downloads
Aart de Zeeuw and Amos Zemel
3696: The Political Economy of the Standard Level of Services: The Role of Income Distribution Downloads
Fabio Fiorillo and Agnese Sacchi
3695: Home Market Effects and the Single-Sector Melitz Model Downloads
Gabriel J Felbermayr and Benjamin Jung
3694: The Relative Volatility of Commodity Prices: A Reappraisal Downloads
Rabah Arezki, Daniel Lederman and Hongyan Zhao
3693: Fiscal Spillovers in the Euro Area Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Alessandro Girardi
3692: Overvalued: Swedish Monetary Policy in the 1930s Downloads
Alexander Rathke, Tobias Straumann and Ulrich Woitek
3691: Ranking Economists on the Basis of Many Indicators: An Alternative Approach Using RePEc Data Downloads
Christian Seiler and Klaus Wohlrabe
3690: Trade Openness, Market Competition, and Inflation: Some Sectoral Evidence from OECD Countries Downloads
Mahir Binici, Yin-Wong Cheung and Kon S. Lai
3689: Maquiladoras and Informality: A Mixed Blessing Downloads
Benedikt Heid, Mario Larch and Alejandro Riaño
3688: China's Outward FDI: An Industry-level Analysis of Host Country Determinants Downloads
Alessia Amighini, Roberta Rabellotti and Marco Sanfilippo
3687: Financial Development and Income Inequality: A Panel Data Approach Downloads
Sebastian Jauch and Sebastian Watzka
3686: Developing Country Second-Mover Advantage in Competition over Environmental Standards and Taxes Downloads
Valeska Groenert and Benjamin C. Zissimos
3685: Efficient Coordination in Weakest-Link Games Downloads
Arno Riedl, Ingrid M.T. Rohde and Martin Strobel
3684: Political Economy: Success or Failure? Downloads
Bruno S. Frey
3683: Divided Government versus Incumbency Externality Effect - Quasi-experimental Evidence on Multiple Voting Decisions Downloads
Florian Ade and Ronny Freier
3682: The Language Effect in International Trade: A Meta-Analysis Downloads
Peter H. Egger and Andrea Lassmann
3681: CEO Preferences and Acquisitions Downloads
Dirk Jenter and Katharina Lewellen
3680: A Theory of Government Procrastination Downloads
Taiji Furusawa and Edwin L.-C. Lai
3679: The Impact of School Lunches on Primary School Enrollment: Evidence from India's Midday Meal Scheme Downloads
Rajshri Jayaraman and Dora Simroth
3678: Resource Windfalls, Macroeconmic Stability and Growth: The Role of Political Institutions Downloads
Rabah Arezki, Kirk Hamilton and Kazim Kazimov
3677: Media Market Concentration, Advertising Levels, and Ad Prices Downloads
Simon Anderson, Øystein Foros, Hans Jarle Kind and Martin Peitz
3676: Journey into the Unknown? Economic Consequences of Factor Market Integration under Increasing Returns to Scale Downloads
Andreas Schäfer and Thomas Michael Steger
3675: Scarring Effects of Unemployment Downloads
Øivind Anti Nilsen and Katrine Holm Reiso
3674: The Child Adoption Marketplace: Parental Preferences and Adoption Outcomes Downloads
Mark Skidmore, Gary Anderson and Mark Eiswerth
3673: Domestic Abuse: Instrumental Violence and Economics Incentives Downloads
Dan Anderberg and Helmut Rainer
3672: Spatial Exporters Downloads
Fabrice Defever, Benedikt Heid and Mario Larch
3671: How Informative are the Subjective Density Forecasts of Macroeconomists? Downloads
Geoff Kenny, Thomas Kostka and Federico Masera
3670: Reforming an Insider-Outsider Labor Market: The Spanish Experience Downloads
Samuel Bentolila, Juan J. Dolado and Juan F Jimeno
3669: Lumpy Countries, Urbanization, and Trade Downloads
Steven Brakman and Charles van Marrewijk
3668: Property Rights, Optimal Public Enforcement, and Growth Downloads
Andreas Irmen and Johanna Kuehnel
3667: Indirect Taxes for Redistribution: Should Necessity Goods be Favored? Downloads
Robin W. Boadway and Pierre Pestieau
3666: What Drives the Global Land Rush? Downloads
Rabah Arezki, Klaus W. Deininger and Harris Selod
3665: Work Norms and the Welfare State Downloads
Giacomo Corneo
3664: Time is Running Out: The 2°C Target and Optimal Climate Policies Downloads
Yu-Fu Chen, Michael Funke and Nicole Glanemann
3663: The Greek Crisis: Causes and Consequences Downloads
Antonio I. Garcia Pascual and Piero Ghezzi
3662: Vignette Equivalence and Response Consistency; The Case of Job Satisfaction Downloads
Ada Ferrer--Carbonell, Bernard M.S. van Praag and Ioannis Theodossiou
3661: Kyoto and Carbon Leakage: An Empirical Analysis of the Carbon Content of Bilateral Trade Downloads
Rahel Aichele and Gabriel J Felbermayr
3660: Monitoring, Sanctions and Front-Loading of Job Search in a Non-Stationary Model Downloads
Bart Leo Wim Cockx, Muriel Dejemeppe, Andrey Launov and Bruno Van der Linden
3659: General Equilibrium with Multi-Member Households and Production Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Hans Haller
3658: Team or Individual: What Determines Workers' Preferred Bonus Schemes? Downloads
Gaute Torsvik
3657: The Economics of Pending Patents Downloads
Johannes Koenen and Martin Peitz
3656: Commodity Windfalls, Polarization, and Net Foreign Assets: Panel Data Evidence on the Voracity Effect Downloads
Rabah Arezki and Markus Brückner
3655: Household Relational Contracts for Marriage, Fertility and Divorce Downloads
Matthias Fahn and Ray Rees
3654: Optimal Income Taxation with Uncertain Earnings: A Synthesis Downloads
Robin W. Boadway and Motohiro Sato
3653: Persistence and Cyclical Dependence in the Monthly Euribor Rate Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Luis Alberiko Gil-Alana
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