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2606: Can Profit Sharing Lower Flexible Outsourcing? A Note Downloads
Erkki Koskela and Jan König
2605: Fiscal Rules and the Opportunistic Behaviour of the Incumbent Politician: Evidence from Italian Municipalities Downloads
David Bartolini and Raffaella Santolini
2604: Dissatisfied with Life, but Having a Good Day: Time-Use and Well-Being of the Unemployed Downloads
Andreas Knabe, Steffen Rätzel, Ronnie Schöb and Joachim Weimann
2603: Smoking Today and Stopping Tomorrow: A Limited Foresight Perspective Downloads
Philippe Jehiel and Andrew Lilico
2602: Sequential versus Simultaneous Contributions to Public Goods: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Simon Gaechter, Daniele Nosenzo, Elke Renner and Martin Sefton
2601: The Open Method of Coordination (OMC) as an Evolutionary Learning Process Downloads
Ana Ania and Andreas Wagener
2600: Moderating Political Extremism: Single Round vs Runoff Elections under Plurality Rule Downloads
Massimo Bordignon and Guido Tabellini
2599: International Antitrust Enforcement and Multi-Market Contact Downloads
Jay Choi and Heiko Gerlach
2598: Global Liquidity, Risk Premiums and Growth Opportunities Downloads
Gianni De Nicolò and Iryna Ivaschenko
2597: International Trade and Retailing Downloads
Carsten Eckel
2596: Term Structure and Cyclicity of Value-at-Risk: Consequences for the Solvency Capital Requirement Downloads
Frédérique Bec and Christian Gollier
2595: International Trade Integration: A Disaggregated Approach Downloads
Natalie Chen and Dennis Novy
2594: Economists in the PITS? Downloads
Bruno Frey
2593: On the Equivalence between Labor and Consumption Taxation Downloads
Paolo Panteghini
2592: Inefficient Lock-in and Subsidy Competition Downloads
Rainald Borck, Hyun-Ju Koh and Michael Pflüger
2591: The Role of the Log Transformation in Forecasting Economic Variables Downloads
Helmut Luetkepohl and Fang Xu
2590: How to Avoid a Pension Crisis: A Question of Intelligent System Design Downloads
Alessandro Cigno
2589: Should Utility-Reducing Media Advertising be Taxed? Downloads
Hans Jarle Kind, Marko Köthenbürger and Guttorm Schjelderup
2588: Voting on Labour-Market Integration and Education Policy when Citizens Differ in Mobility and Ability Downloads
Alexander Haupt and Silke Uebelmesser
2587: China's Current Account and Exchange Rate Downloads
Yin-Wong Cheung, Menzie Chinn and Eiji Fujii
2586: Taxing Education in Ramsey's Tradition Downloads
Wolfram Richter
2585: Reference Points and Effort Provision Downloads
Johannes Abeler, Armin Falk, Lorenz Götte and David Huffman
2584: Trends in Monetary Policy Transparency Downloads
Petra Geraats
2583: Indirect Taxation in Vertical Oligopoly Downloads
Martin Peitz and Markus Reisinger
2582: Induced Civic Pride and Integration Downloads
Bernd Süssmuth, Malte Heyne and Wolfgang Maennig
2581: Bootstrap Panel Granger-Causality between Government Budget and External Deficits for the EU Downloads
Antonio Afonso and Christophe Rault
2580: Selectivity, Market Timing and the Morningstar Star-Rating System Downloads
Antonios Antypas, Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Nikolaos Kourogenis and Nikitas Pittis
2579: EU-Type Carbon Emissions Trade and the Distributional Impact of Overlapping Emissions Taxes Downloads
Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig
2578: Female Labor Supply and Parental Leave Benefits - The Causal Effect of Paying Higher Transfers for a Shorter Period of Time Downloads
Annette Bergemann and Regina Riphahn
2577: Real Estate Prices and the Importance of Bequest Taxation Downloads
Giorgio Bellettini and Filippo Taddei
2576: The Price of Liquidity: Bank Characteristics and Market Conditions Downloads
Falko Fecht, Kjell Nyborg and Jörg Rocholl
2575: The Effects of Monetary Policy on Unemployment Dynamics under Model Uncertainty - Evidence from the US and the Euro Area Downloads
Carlo Altavilla and Matteo Ciccarelli
2574: Agency and Communication in IMF Conditional Lending: Theory and Empirical Evidence Downloads
Silvia Marchesi, Laura Sabani and Axel Dreher
2573: Opium for the Masses? Conflict-Induced Narcotics Production in Afghanistan Downloads
Jo Lind, Karl Ove Moene and Fredrik Willumsen
2572: Reforming Pensions in Europe: Economic Fundamentals and Political Factors Downloads
Ondrej Schneider
2571: Harnessing Windfall Revenues: Optimal Policies for Resource-Rich Developing Economies Downloads
Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg and Anthony Venables
2570: Active Labor Market Policy Evaluations: A Meta-analysis Downloads
David Card, Jochen Kluve and Andrea Weber
2569: Are Short-Lived Jobs Stepping Stones to Long-Lasting Jobs? Downloads
Bart Cockx and Matteo Picchio
2568: The Behavioural Zloty/Euro Equilibrium Exchange Rate Downloads
Joanna Bęza-Bojanowska and Ronald MacDonald
2567: Endogenous Differential Mortality, Non-Contractible Effort and Non Linear Taxation Downloads
Marie-Louise Leroux
2566: On the Arbitrariness of Consumption Downloads
John Whalley and Shunming Zhang
2565: Optimal Piecewise Linear Income Taxation Downloads
Patricia Apps, Ngo Long and Ray Rees
2564: Offshoring along the Production Chain Downloads
Philipp Harms, Oliver Lorz and Dieter Urban
2563: Demographic, Residential, and Socioeconomic Effects on the Distribution of 19th Century US White Statures Downloads
Scott A. Carson
2562: The Economics of a Multilateral Investment Agreement Downloads
Jiahua Che and Gerald Willmann
2561: Taxation, Corruption and the Exchange Rate Regime Downloads
Carsten Hefeker
2560: Political Competition between Differentiated Candidates Downloads
Stefan Krasa and Mattias K Polborn
2559: Budgetary and External Imbalances Relationship: A Panel Data Diagnostic Downloads
Antonio Afonso and Christophe Rault
2558: Tax Interactions among Belgian Municipalities: Does Language Matter? Downloads
Marcel Gerard, Hubert Jayet and Sonia Paty
2557: Corporate Taxation and the Welfare State Downloads
Christian Keuschnigg
2556: Estimation of Higher-Order Spatial Autoregressive Panel Data Error Component Models Downloads
Harald Badinger and Peter Egger
2555: The Role of Mobility in Tax and Subsidy Competition Downloads
Alexander Haupt and Tim Krieger
2554: Wage Rigidity, Institutions, and Inflation Downloads
Steinar Holden and Fredrik Wulfsberg
2553: Political Persistence, Connections and Economic Growth Downloads
Giorgio Bellettini, Carlotta Berti Ceroni and Giovanni Prarolo
2552: Vacancy Referrals, Job Search, and the Duration of Unemployment: A Randomized Experiment Downloads
Per Engström, Patrik Hesselius and Bertil Holmlund
2551: Surviving the Titanic Disaster: Economic, Natural and Social Determinants Downloads
Bruno Frey, David Savage and Benno Torgler
2550: Asymmetric and Non-Linear Adjustments in Local Fiscal Policy Downloads
Gabriella Legrenzi
2549: Deterrence through Word of Mouth Downloads
Johannes Rincke and Christian Traxler
2548: Money Matters - Evidence from a Large-Scale Randomized Field Experiment with Vouchers for Adult Training Downloads
Dolores Messer and Stefan Wolter
2547: Airline Emission Charges: Effects on Airfares, Service Quality, and Aircraft Design Downloads
Jan Brueckner and Anming Zhang
2546: Economic and Political Determinants of Budget Deficits in the European Union: A Dynamic Random Coefficient Approach Downloads
Ali Bayar and Bram Smeets
2545: Volatility Spillovers and Contagion from Mature to Emerging Stock Markets Downloads
John Beirne, Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Marianne Schulze-Ghattas and Nicola Spagnolo
2544: Consumption Risk Sharing over the Business Cycle: the Role of Small Firms' Access to Credit Markets Downloads
Mathias Hoffmann and Iryna Shcherbakova
2543: Variable Selection and Inference for Multi-period Forecasting Problems Downloads
M Pesaran, Andreas Pick and Allan Timmermann
2542: Carbon Leakage, the Green Paradox and Perfect Future Markets Downloads
Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig
2541: Age at School Entry and Intergenerational Educational Mobility Downloads
Philipp Bauer and Regina Riphahn
2540: FDI and Taxation: A Meta-Study Downloads
Lars Feld and Jost Heckemeyer
2539: Application of Stochastic Optimal Control to Financial Market Debt Crises Downloads
Jerome Stein
2538: Optimal Provision of Public Goods: A Synthesis Downloads
Claus Kreiner and Nicolaj Verdelin
2537: Chinese Experience with Global G3 Standard-Setting Downloads
John Whalley, Weimin Zhou and Xiaopeng An
2536: Antidumping as Strategic Trade Policy Under Asymmetric Information Downloads
Xenia Matschke and Anja Schöttner
2535: What Drives Corporate Tax Rates Down? A Reassessment of Globalization, Tax Competition, and Dynamic Adjustment to Shocks Downloads
Michael Overesch and Johannes Rincke
2534: Strategic Interactions between Fiscal and Monetary Authorities in a Multi-Country New-Keynesian Model of a Monetary Union Downloads
Tomasz Michalak, Jacob Engwerda and Joseph Plasmans
2533: The Role of Profit Sharing in a Dual Labour Market with Flexible Outsourcing Downloads
Erkki Koskela and Jan König
2532: Common Trends and Common Cycles among Interest Rates of the G7-Countries Downloads
Nannette Lindenberg and Frank Westermann
2531: Academics Appreciate Awards - A New Aspect of Incentives in Research Downloads
Bruno Frey and Susanne Neckermann
2530: Neutral Taxation of Shareholder Income? Corporate Responses to an Announced Dividend Tax Downloads
Annette Alstadsæter and Erik Fjaerli
2529: Optimal Taxation of Risky Human Capital Downloads
Bas Jacobs, Dirk Schindler and Hongyan Yang
2528: Trade and Geography: Paul Krugman and the 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics Downloads
Steven Brakman and Harry Garretsen
2527: Securitization of Mortgage Debt, Asset Prices and International Risk Sharing Downloads
Mathias Hoffmann and Thomas Nitschka
2526: Trade Retaliation in a Monetary-Trade Model Downloads
John Whalley, Jun Yu and Shunming Zhang
2525: The Stability of Downtown Parking and Traffic Congestion Downloads
Richard Arnott and Eren Inci
2524: Do Better Schools Lead to More Growth? Cognitive Skills, Economic Outcomes, and Causation Downloads
Eric Hanushek and Ludger Woessmann
2523: Reforming Pensions Downloads
Nicholas Barr and Peter Diamond
2522: Electoral Control when Policies are for Sale Downloads
Etienne Farvaque and Gael Lagadec
2521: Sustainability and Discounted Utilitarianism in Models of Economic Growth Downloads
Geir Asheim and Tapan Mitra
2520: The 2008 Chilean Reform to First-Pillar Pensions Downloads
Salvador Valdés
2519: The Determinants of Economic Growth in European Regions Downloads
Jesús Crespo-Cuaresma, Gernot Doppelhofer and Martin Feldkircher
2518: 'Large' vs. 'Small' Players: A Closer Look at the Dynamics of Speculative Attacks Downloads
Geir Bjønnes, Steinar Holden, Dagfinn Rime and Haakon O. Aa. Solheim
2517: How Low Business Tax Rates Attract Multinational Headquarters: Municipality-Level Evidence from Germany Downloads
Sascha Becker, Peter Egger and Valeria Merlo
2516: The Quantity and Quality of Teachers: A Dynamic Trade-off Downloads
Gregory Gilpin and Michael Kaganovich
2515: Awards in Economics - Towards a New Field of Inquiry Downloads
Bruno Frey and Susanne Neckermann
2514: The Relevance of Judicial Procedure for Economic Growth Downloads
Bernd Hayo and Stefan Voigt
2513: Educational and Wage Risk: Social Insurance vs. Quality of Education Downloads
Dirk Schindler and Benjamin Weigert
2512: International Migration, Transfers of Norms and Home Country Fertility Downloads
Michel Beine, Frédéric Docquier and Maurice Schiff
2511: The East German Wage Structure after Transition Downloads
Robert Orlowski and Regina Riphahn
2510: Welfare Implications of Public Education Spending Rules Downloads
Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Jim Malley and Apostolis Philippopoulos
2509: The Demands for Environmental Regulation and for Trade in the Presence of Private Mitigation Downloads
Louis Hotte and Stanley Winer
2508: Work Incentives? Ex Post Effects of Unemployment Insurance Sanctions - Evidence from West Germany Downloads
Barbara Hofmann
2507: Sequential Estimation of Structural Models with a Fixed Point Constraint Downloads
Hiroyuki Kasahara and Katsumi Shimotsu
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