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1784: A Simple Explanation for the Unfavorable Tax Treatment of Investment Costs Downloads
Paolo M. Panteghini
1783: Has EMU had any Impact on the Degree of Wage Restraint? Downloads
Adam Simon Posen and Daniel Popov Gould
1782: The Chopstick Auction: A Study of the Exposure Problem in Multi-Unit Auctions Downloads
Florian Englmaier, Pablo Guillen, Loreto Llorente, Sander Onderstal and Rupert Sausgruber
1781: Corporate and Personal Income Tax Declarations Downloads
Laszlo Goerke
1780: Growth, Longevity and Public Policy Downloads
Gregory Ponthiere
1779: Efficiency and Equity of European Education and Training Policies Downloads
Ludger Woessmann
1778: How Reasonable is the ‘Reasonable’ Royalty Rate? Damage Rules and Probabilistic Intellectual Property Rights Downloads
Jay Pil Choi
1777: The Transitional Dynamics of Fiscal Policy in Small Open Economies Downloads
Ben Heijdra and Jenny E. Ligthart
1776: Two-Sided Markets with Pecuniary and Participation Externalities Downloads
Richard Schmidtke
1775: Living Standards in Black and White: Evidence from the Heights of Ohio Prison Inmates, 1829 – 1913 Downloads
Scott A. Carson and Thomas N. Maloney
1774: The Measurement of Firm Ownership and its Effect on Managerial Pay Downloads
Jeremy Edwards, Wolfgang Eggert and Alfons J. Weichenrieder
1773: Corporate Taxation and Multinational Activity Downloads
Peter H. Egger, Simon Loretz, Michael Pfaffermayr and Hannes Winner
1772: Is there a Social Security Tax Wedge? Downloads
Alessandro Cigno
1771: Financial Liberalization in a Small Open Economy Downloads
Juergen von Hagen and Haiping Zhang
1770: Testing Dependence among Serially Correlated Multi-category Variables Downloads
M Hashem Pesaran and Allan Timmermann
1769: Geography Rules Too! Economic Development and the Geography of Institutions Downloads
Maarten Bosker and Harry Garretsen
1768: Individual Attitudes towards Immigrants: Welfare-State Determinants across Countries Downloads
Giovanni Facchini and Anna Maria Mayda
1767: EMU Enlargement, Policy Uncertainty and Economic Reforms Downloads
Carsten Hefeker
1766: Japanese Foreign Exchange Intervention and the Yen/Dollar Exchange Rate: A Simultaneous Equations Approach Using Realized Volatility Downloads
Eric Hillebrand, Gunther Schnabl and Yasemin Ulu
1765: How do Extended Benefits Affect Unemployment Duration? A Regression Discontinuity Approach Downloads
Rafael Lalive
1764: Fixed Transport Costs and International Trade Downloads
Didier Laussel and Raymond G. Riezman
1763: Business Groups in Emerging Markets – Financial Control and Sequential Investment Downloads
Christa Hainz
1762: Status-Seeking in Criminal Subcultures and the Double Dividend of Zero-Tolerance Downloads
Robert Dur
1761: Catching-up, Inflation Differentials and Credit Booms in a Heterogeneous Monetary Union: Some Implications for EMU and new EU Member States Downloads
Ronald MacDonald and Cezary Wójcik
1760: Steepest Ascent Tariff Reforms Downloads
Pascalis Raimondos-Møller and Alan Donald Woodland
1759: Intergenerational Risk Sharing by Means of Pay-as-you-go Programs – an Investigation of Alternative Mechanisms Downloads
Øystein Thøgersen
1758: Tax Avoidance, Endogenous Social Norms, and the Comparison Income Effect Downloads
Alessandro Balestrino
1757: Intentions and Social Interactions Downloads
J. Atsu Amegashie
1756: Private Provision of a Complementary Public Good Downloads
Richard Schmidtke
1755: The Impact of Globalization on the Composition of Government Expenditures: Evidence from Panel Data Downloads
Axel Dreher, Jan-Egbert Sturm and Heinrich W. Ursprung
1754: Ex-Post Redistribution in a Federation: Implications for Corrective Policy Downloads
Marko Köthenbürger
1753: A Collective Household Model of Time Allocation - a Comparison of Native Dutch and Immigrant Households in the Netherlands Downloads
Chris van Klaveren, Bernard M.S. van Praag and Henriette Maassen van den Brink
1752: Labor Courts, Nomination Bias, and Unemployment in Germany Downloads
Helge Berger and Michael Neugart
1751: Mixing Bismarck and Child Pension Systems:An Optimum Taxation Approach Downloads
Robert Fenge and Jakob von Weizsäcker
1750: Agglomeration and Aid Downloads
Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen and Charles van Marrewijk
1749: Workfare, Monitoring, and Efficiency Wages Downloads
Christian Ludwig Holzner, Volker Meier and Martin Werding
1748: Natural Volatility, Welfare and Taxation Downloads
Olaf Posch and Klaus Wälde
1747: Forecasting and Combining Competing Models of Exchange Rate Determination Downloads
Carlo Altavilla and Paul De Grauwe
1746: Labor Standards and Economic Integration in the European Union: An Empirical Analysis Downloads
Vivek Harsha Dehejia and Yiagadeesen Samy
1745: Multi-Dimensional Transitional Dynamics: A Simple Numberical Procedure Downloads
Timo Trimborn, Karl-Josef Koch and Thomas Michael Steger
1744: Identifying Monetary Policy Shocks viaChanges in Volatility Downloads
Markku Lanne and Helmut Luetkepohl
1743: Evidence and Implications of Zipf’s Law for Integrated Economies Downloads
Harry P. Bowen, Haris Munandar and Jean-Marie Viaene
1742: The Elasticity of Derived Demand, FactorSubstitution and Product Demand: Corrections to Hicks’ Formula and Marshall’s Four Rules Downloads
Bob Chirinko and Debdulal Mallick
1741: Subsidies for Wages and Infrastructure: How to Restrain Undesired Immigration Downloads
Robert Fenge and Volker Meier
1740: Ageing and Growth in the Small Open Economy Downloads
Ben Heijdra and Ward E. Romp
1739: Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Transition Economies: Surveying the Surveyable Downloads
Balázs Égert and Ronald MacDonald
1738: Supply Constraints and Housing Prices Downloads
Saku Aura and Thomas Davidoff
1737: Cycles and Indeterminacy in Overlapping Generations Economies with Stone-Geary Preferences Downloads
Erkki Koskela and Mikko Puhakka
1736: Tax Evasion and Self-Employment in a High-Tax Country: Evidence from Sweden Downloads
Per Engström and Bertil Holmlund
1735: Reevaluating the Role of Trade Agreements: Does Investment Globalization Make the WTO Obsolete? Downloads
Emily J. Blanchard
1734: Modelling Structural Breaks in the US, UK and Japanese Unemployment Rates Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Luis Alberiko Gil-Alana
1733: Government Outsourcing: Public Contracting with Private Monopoly Downloads
Emmanuelle Auriol and Pierre M. Picard
1732: Fool the Markets? Creative Accounting, Fiscal Transparency and Sovereign Risk Premia Downloads
Kerstin Bernoth and Guntram Wolff
1731: Airline Schedule Competition: Product-Quality Choice in a Duopoly Model Downloads
Jan K. Brueckner and Ricardo Flores-Fillol
1730: Reputations, Relationships and the Enforcement of Incomplete Contracts Downloads
W. Bentley Macleod
1729: Growth and Enduring Epidemic Diseases Downloads
Clive Laurence George Bell and Hans Gersbach
1728: A Century of Shocks: The Evolution of the German City Size Distribution 1925 – 1999 Downloads
Maarten Bosker, Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen and Marc Schramm
1727: Selling Favors in the Lab: Experiments on Campaign Finance Reform Downloads
Daniel Houser and Thomas Stratmann
1726: Assessing Horizontal Mergers under Uncertain Efficiency Gains Downloads
Philippe Choné and Laurent Linnemer
1725: Prospects of Regional Cooperation in Trade, Investment and Finance in Asia: An Empirical Analysis on BIMSTEC Countries and Japan Downloads
Swapan K. Bhattacharya and Biswanath Bhattacharyay
1724: Do IMF and World Bank Influence Voting in the UN General Assembly? Downloads
Axel Dreher and Jan-Egbert Sturm
1723: Bequests, Taxation and the Distribution of Wealth in a General Equilibrium Model Downloads
Christian Kleiber, Martin Sexauer and Klaus Wälde
1722: Corporate Tax Reform and Foreign Direct Investment in Germany – Evidence from Firm-Level Data Downloads
Johannes Becker, Clemens Fuest and Thomas Hemmelgarn
1721: The Capital Structure of Multinational Companies under Tax Competition Downloads
Paolo M. Panteghini
1720: China’s Exchange Rate and International Adjustment in Wages, Prices, and Interest Rates: Japan Déjà Vu? Downloads
Ronald . McKinnon and Gunther Schnabl
1719: Interjurisdictional Competition for Higher Education and Firms Downloads
Marcel Gerard and Fernando Matias Manuel Ruiz
1718: Tobacco Taxation in the European Union Downloads
Sijbren Cnossen
1717: Learning to Forecast the Exchange Rate: Two Competing Approaches Downloads
Paul De Grauwe and Agnieszka Markiewicz
1716: Empirical Estimation Results of a Collective Household Time Allocation Model Downloads
Chris van Klaveren, Bernard M.S. van Praag and Henriette Maassen van den Brink
1715: Choosing Intellectual Protection: Imitation, Patent Strength and Licensing Downloads
David ENCAOUA and Yassine Lefouili
1714: Construction Contracts (or “How to Get the Right Building at the Right Price?”) Downloads
Surajeet Chakravarty and W. Bentley Macleod
1713: Margins of Multinational Labor Substitution Downloads
Marc-Andreas Muendler and Sascha O. Becker
1712: Proprietary Income, Entrepreneurial Risk, and the Predictability of U.S. Stock Returns Downloads
Mathias Hoffmann
1711: Wage Bargaining and Multinational Firms in General Equilibrium Downloads
Carsten Eckel and Hartmut Egger
1710: Global Financial Transmission of Monetary Policy Shocks Downloads
Michael Ehrmann and Marcel Fratzscher
1709: The Employment Effects of Labor and Product Markets Deregulation and their Implications for Structural Reform Downloads
Helge Berger and Stephan Danninger
1708: The Pathological Export Boom and the Bazaar Effect - How to Solve the German Puzzle Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
1707: Marginal Employment Subsidization: A New Concept and a Reappraisal Downloads
Andreas Knabe, Ronnie Schöb and Joachim Weimann
1706: What’s the Monetary Value of Distributive Justice? Downloads
Giacomo Corneo and Christina M. Fong
1705: Social Security and Risk Sharing Downloads
Piero Gottardi and Felix Kubler
1704: Pairwise Tests of Purchasing Power Parity Using Aggregate and Disaggregate Price Measures Downloads
M Hashem Pesaran, Ronald Patrick Smith, Takashi Yamagata and Liudmyla Hvozdyk
1703: Afriat’s Theorem for General Budget Sets Downloads
Francoise Forges and Enrico Minelli
1702: Company Tax Reform in Europe and its Effect on Collusive Behavior Downloads
Dirk Schindler and Guttorm Schjelderup
1701: Rethinking the Concept of Long-Run Economic Growth Downloads
Christian Groth, Karl-Josef Koch and Thomas Michael Steger
1700: Major Provisions of Labour Contracts and their Theoretical Coherence Downloads
Louis N. Christofides and Peng, Amy (Chen)
1699: Economic, Demographic and Political Determinants of Pollution Reassessed: A Sensitivity Analysis Downloads
Martin Gassebner, Michael Josef Lamla and Jan-Egbert Sturm
1698: On the Size of the Winning Set in the Presence of Interest Groups Downloads
Vjollca Sadiraj, Jan Tuinstra and Frans A.A.M. van Winden
1697: Optimal Central Bank Design: Benchmarks for the ECB Downloads
Helge Berger
1696: African-American and White Living Standards in the 19th Century American South: A Biological Comparison Downloads
Scott A. Carson
1695: An Empirical Model of Daily Highs and Lows Downloads
Yin-Wong Cheung
1694: The New Keynesian Phillips Curve and the Role of Expectations: Evidence from the Ifo World Economic Survey Downloads
Steffen Roman Henzel and Timo Wollmershäuser
1693: Meta-Analysis of the Business Cycle Correlation between the Euro Area and the CEECs Downloads
Jarko Fidrmuc and Iikka Korhonen
1692: Business Cycle Dynamics of a New Keynesian Overlapping Generations Model with Progressive Income Taxation Downloads
Burkhard Heer and Alfred Maussner
1691: Does Financial Integration Spur EconomicGrowth? New Evidence from the First Era of Financial Globalization Downloads
Moritz Schularick and Thomas Michael Steger
1690: Optimal Taxation and Social Insurance ina Lifetime Perspective Downloads
Lans Bovenberg and Peter Birch Sørensen
1689: Sustainability of Swiss Fiscal Policy Downloads
Gebhard Kirchgässner and Silika Prohl
1688: Tenure Profiles and Efficient Separation in a Stochastic Productivity Model Downloads
Ioan Sebastian Buhai and C. N. Teulings
1687: Job Security and Work Absence: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Downloads
Assar Lindbeck, Mårten Palme and Mats Persson
1686: The Ex Ante Incentive Compatible Core in Exchange Economies with and without Indivisibilities Downloads
Francoise Forges
1685: Negative Reciprocity and the Interaction of Emotions and Fairness Norms Downloads
Ernesto Reuben and Frans A.A.M. van Winden
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