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1449: The Transition Economies: A NATREX Evaluation of Research Downloads
Jerome L. Stein
1448: Bargaining Power and Equilibrium Consumption Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Hans Haller
1447: Is there a Role for an Active Fiscal Stabilization Policy? Downloads
Torben Andersen
1446: The Sustainability of Fiscal Policy in the United States Downloads
Henning Bohn
1445: Rationality, Irrationality and Economic Cognition Downloads
John Whalley
1444: The Pygmalion Effect: An Agency Model with Reference Dependent Preferences Downloads
Kohei Daido and Hideshi Itoh
1443: Consumption, Wealth and Business Cycles in Germany Downloads
Britta Hamburg, Mathias Hoffmann and Joachim Keller
1442: Charging NOx Emitters for Health Damages: An Exploratory Analysis Downloads
Denise L. Mauzerall, Babar Sultan, Namsoug Kim and David F. Bradford
1441: Globalization and Values Downloads
John Whalley
1440: A Case for Taxing Education Downloads
Tomer Blumkin and Efraim Sadka
1439: Industry Concentration and Strategic Trade Policy in Successive Oligopoly Downloads
Gjermund Nese and Odd Rune Straume
1438: Testing Slope Homogeneity in Large Panels Downloads
M Hashem Pesaran and Takashi Yamagata
1437: Intra-Generational Externalities and Inter-Generational Transfers Downloads
Martin Kolmar and Volker Meier
1436: Rational Information Choice in Financial Market Equilibrium Downloads
Marc-Andreas Muendler
1435: Zooming Out: The Trade Effect of the Euro in Historical Perspective Downloads
Helge Berger and Volker Nitsch
1434: An Interview with Thomas J. Sargent Downloads
George William Evans and Seppo Mikko Sakari Honkapohja
1433: Should Green Governments Give Priority to Environmental Policies over Growth-Enhancing Policies? Downloads
George Economides and Apostolis Philippopoulos
1432: Knowledge-Capital Meets New Economic Geography Downloads
Peter H. Egger, Stefan Gruber, Mario Larch and Michael Pfaffermayr
1431: Fundamental and Non-Fundamental Equilibria in the Foreign Exchange Market. A Behavioural Finance Framework Downloads
Paul de Grauwe, Roberto Dieci and Marianna Grimaldi
1430: Ethnic Enclaves and Welfare Cultures – Quasi-Experimental Evidence Downloads
Olof Åslund and Peter Fredriksson
1429: Optimal Redistributive Taxation when Government’s and Agents’ Preferences Differ Downloads
Sören Blomquist and Luca Micheletto
1428: Asymmetries in the Trans-Atlantic Monetary Policy Relationship: Does the ECB follow the Fed? Downloads
Ansgar Belke and Daniel Gros
1427: The Role of Government in Anti-Social Redistributive Activities Downloads
Konstantinos Angelopoulos and Apostolis Philippopoulos
1426: Legislative Malapportionment and the Politicization of Germany’s Intergovernmental Transfer System Downloads
Hans Pitlik, Friedrich Georg Schneider and Harald Strotmann
1425: Exploring the International Linkages of the Euro Area: a Global VAR Analysis Downloads
Stephane Dees, Filippo di Mauro, M Hashem Pesaran and L. Vanessa Smith
1424: Back to Keynes? Downloads
(Rick) van der Ploeg, Frederick
1423: Excludable and Non-Excludable Public Inputs: Consequences for Economic Growth Downloads
Ingrid Ott and Stephen J Turnovsky
1422: Marriage and the City Downloads
Pieter A. Gautier, Michael Svarer and C. N. Teulings
1421: When the Union Hurts the Workers: A Positive Analysis of Immigration Policy Downloads
Giorgio Bellettini and Carlotta Berti Ceroni
1420: Relative Performance Evaluation in a Multi-Plant Firm Downloads
Annalisa Luporini
1419: Why so Unhappy? The Effects of Unionisation on Job Satisfaction Downloads
Alex Bryson, Lorenzo Cappellari and Claudio Lucifora
1418: Educational Standards in Private and Public Schools Downloads
Giorgio Brunello and Lorenzo Rocco
1417: A Structural Model of Demand for Apprentices Downloads
Samuel Muehlemann, Juerg Schweri, Rainer Winkelmann and Stefan C. Wolter
1416: Alternative Approaches to Estimation and Inference in Large Multifactor Panels: Small Sample Results with an Application to Modelling of Asset Returns Downloads
George Kapetanios and M Hashem Pesaran
1415: Does Educational Tracking Affect Performance and Inequality? Differences-in-Differences Evidence across Countries Downloads
Eric A. Hanushek and Ludger Woessmann
1414: The Economics of Books Downloads
Marcel Canoy, Jan van Ours and (Rick) van der Ploeg, Frederick
1413: Lobbying and Compromise Downloads
Gil S. Epstein and Shmuel Nitzan
1412: Valuation of International Oil Companies –The RoACE Era Downloads
Petter Osmundsen, Frank Asche, Bård Misund and Klaus Mohn
1411: Has the Stability and Growth Pact Stabilised?
Evidence from a Panel of 12 European Countries and Some Implications for the Reform of the Pact
Carlos Fonseca Marinheiro
1410: The Weak Rationality Principle in Economics Downloads
Gebhard Kirchgässner
1409: Some Aspects of the Economics of Catastrophe Risk Insurance Downloads
Christian Gollier
1408: Interview with Assar Lindbeck Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason
1407: Supplier Discretion over Provision: Theory and an Application to Medical Care Downloads
James M Malcomson
1406: Policy Mix and Debt Sustainability: Evidence from Fiscal Policy Rules Downloads
Peter Claeys
1405: Personal Security Accounts and Mandatory Annuitization in a Dynastic Framework Downloads
Luisa Fuster, Ayse Imrohoroglu and Selahattin Imrohoroglu
1404: The Incentive Effect of Fiscal Equalization Transfers on Tax Policy Downloads
Thiess Buettner
1403: Ageing, Funded Pensions and the Dutch Economy Downloads
Lans Bovenberg and Thijs Knaap
1402: Media Capture in a Democracy: The Role of Wealth Concentration Downloads
Giacomo Corneo
1401: Is It All Oil? Downloads
Frank Asche, Petter Osmundsen and Maria Sandsmark
1400: The Effect of Monetary Unification on Public Debt and its Real Return Downloads
Roel Maria Wilhelmus Jozef Beetsma and Koen Vermeylen
1399: Sustainability of Portuguese Fiscal Policy in Historical Perspective Downloads
Carlos Fonseca Marinheiro
1398: Free Choice of Unfunded Systems: A First Assessment Downloads
Gabrielle Demange
1397: Why are More Redistributive Social Security Systems Smaller? A Median Voter Approach Downloads
Marko Koethenbuerger, Panu Poutvaara and Paola Profeta
1396: (Why) Are Economists Different? Downloads
Gebhard Kirchgässner
1395: Innovation Strategies in a Competitive Dynamic Setting Downloads
Ruslan Lukach, Joseph E. Plasmans and Peter Kort
1394: Optimal Portfolio Management for Individual Pension Plans Downloads
Christian Gollier
1393: Optimal Response to a Demographic Shock Downloads
Juan Carlos Conesa and Carlos Garriga
1392: The Private and Fiscal Returns to Schooling and the Effect of Public Policies on Private Incentives to Invest in Education: A General Framework and Some Results for the EU Downloads
Angel de La Fuente and Juan F Jimeno
1391: Sustainability and Determinants of Italian Public Deficits before and after Maastricht Downloads
Emma Galli and Fabio Padovano
1390: Skill Policies for Scotland Downloads
James J. Heckman and Dimitriy V. Masterov
1389: Improving the SGP: Taxes and Delegation rather than Fines Downloads
Assar Lindbeck and Dirk Niepelt
1388: Managing Debt Stability Downloads
Emanuele Bacchiocchi and Alessandro Missale
1387: Expected Closeness or Mobilisation: Why Do Voters Go to the Polls? Empirical Results for Switzerland, 1981 – 1999 Downloads
Gebhard Kirchgässner and Tobias Schulz
1386: Testing Sustainability of German Fiscal Policy. Evidence for the Period 1960 – 2003 Downloads
Alfred Greiner, Uwe Koeller and Willi Semmler
1385: Optimal R&D Investment Strategies with Quantity Competition under the Threat of Superior Entry Downloads
Ruslan Lukach, Peter Kort and Joseph E. Plasmans
1384: Optimal Harvesting under Resource Stock and Price Uncertainty Downloads
Luis H. R. Alvarez and Erkki Koskela
1383: Unequal Opportunities and Human Capital Formation Downloads
Daniel Mejia and Marc St-Pierre
1382: Optimal Illusions and Decisions under Risk Downloads
Christian Gollier
1381: On the Redistributive Properties of Presumptive Taxation Downloads
Alessandro Balestrino and Umberto Galmarini
1380: Bank Loan Supply and Monetary Policy Transmission in Germany: An Assessment Based on Matching Impulse Responses Downloads
Oliver Hülsewig, Eric Mayer and Timo Wollmershäuser
1379: Yes, Managers Should Be Paid Like Bureaucrats Downloads
Bruno S. Frey and Margit Osterloh
1378: Demographics and the Political Sustainability of Pay-as-you-go Social Security Downloads
Ted Bergstrom and John L. Hartman
1377: Progressive Taxation and Irreversible Investment under Uncertainty Downloads
Luis H. R. Alvarez and Erkki Koskela
1376: Macroeconomic Stabilization Policies in the EMU: Spillovers, Asymmetries, and Institutions Downloads
Giovanni Di Bartolomeo, Jacob Engwerda, Joseph E. Plasmans, Bas van Aarle and Tomasz Pawel Michalak
1375: The Consumption-Based Determinants of the Term Structure of Discount Rates Downloads
Christian Gollier
1374: Location Choice and Employment Decisions: A Comparison of German and Swedish Multinationals Downloads
Sascha O. Becker, Karolina Ekholm, Robert Jaeckle and Marc-Andreas Muendler
1373: Umbrella Branding and the Provision of Quality Downloads
Hendrik Hakenes and Martin Peitz
1372: Post-Thatcher Fiscal Strategies in the U.K.: An Interpretation Downloads
Andrew J Hughes Hallett
1371: Macroeconomic Effects of Social Security Privatization in a Small Unionized Economy Downloads
Antonis Adam
1370: Designing Benefit Rules for Flexible Retirement with or without Redistribution Downloads
Andras Simonovits
1369: Public Education in an Integrated Europe: Studying to Migrate and Teaching to Stay? Downloads
Panu Poutvaara
1368: Noncooperative Support of Public Norm Enforcement in Large Societies Downloads
Josef Falkinger
1367: EU Enlargement, Migration and the New Constitution Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
1366: Tax Credits, Source Rules, Trade and Electronic Commerce: Behavioral Margins and the Design of International Tax Systems Downloads
Harry Grubert
1365: Anti-Dumping, Intra-Industry Trade and Quality Reversals Downloads
Jose Luis Moraga-Gonzalez and Jean-Marie Viaene
1364: Measuring Strategic Uncertainty in Coordination Games Downloads
Frank Heinemann, Rosemarie Chariklia Nagel and Peter Ockenfels
1363: Optimal Debt and Equilibrium Exchange Rates in a Stochastic Environment: an Overview Downloads
Jerome L. Stein
1362: Quality of Institutions, Credit Markets and Bankruptcy Downloads
Christa Hainz
1361: A Risk Allocation Approach to Optimal Exchange Rate Policy Downloads
Gabriela Mundaca and Jon Strand
1360: The Role of Higher Education Institutions: Recruitment of Elites and Economic Growth Downloads
Elise S. Brezis and François Crouzet
1359: Optimal Growth and Impatience: A Phase Diagram Analysis Downloads
Fwu-Ranq Chang
1358: Model Averaging and Value-at-Risk Based Evaluation of Large Multi Asset Volatility Models for Risk Management Downloads
M Hashem Pesaran and Paolo Zaffaroni
1357: Significance and Determination of Fees for Municipal Finance Downloads
Peter Friedrich, Anita Kaltschuetz and Chang Woon Nam
1356: Dumping in Developing and Transition Economies Downloads
Jose Luis Moraga-Gonzalez and Jean-Marie Viaene
1355: Taxes and the Financial Structure of German Inward FDI Downloads
Fred Ramb and Alfons J. Weichenrieder
1354: Fiscal and Monetary Interaction: The Role of Asymmetries of the Stability and Growth Pact in EMU Downloads
Matteo Governatori and Sylvester Eijffinger
1353: Optimal Degree of Public Information Dissemination Downloads
Camille Cornand and Frank Heinemann
1352: The Value of Non-Binding Announcements in Public Goods Experiments: Some Theory and Experimental Evidence Downloads
Michael Berlemann, Marcus Dittrich and Gunther Markwardt
1351: Public-Good Valuation and Intrafamily Allocation Downloads
Jon Strand
1350: Piracy and Competition Downloads
Paul Belleflamme and Pierre M. Picard
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