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2315: Demographic Change and Regional Labour Markets: The Case of Eastern Germany Downloads
Beate Henschel, Carsten Pohl and Marcel Thum
2314: Productive Government Expenditure and Economic Growth Downloads
Andreas Irmen and Johanna Kuehnel
2313: Bankruptcy: Is it enough to Forgive or must we also Forget? Downloads
Ronel Elul and Piero Gottardi
2312: Unionisation Triggers Tax Incentives to Attract Foreign Direct Investment Downloads
Andreas Haufler and Ferdinand Mittermaier
2311: Which Communities should be afraid of Mobility? The Effects of Agglomeration Economies on the Sensitivity of Firm Location to Local Taxes Downloads
Jordi Jofre-Monseny and Albert Solé-Ollé
2310: Dissipative Advertising Signals Quality even without Repeat Purchases Downloads
Laurent Linnemer
2309: Labour Taxation and Foreign Direct Investment Downloads
Peter Egger and Doina Radulescu
2308: Using Chebyshev Polynomials to Approximate Partial Differential Equations Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Mario Cerrato
2307: The Intergenerational Transmission of Risk and Trust Attitudes Downloads
Thomas Dohmen, Armin Falk, David Huffman and Uwe Sunde
2306: Tax Neutrality: Illusion or Reality? The Case of Entrepreneurship Downloads
Vesa Kanniainen and Paolo Panteghini
2305: The Role of Stigma in the Design of Welfare Programs Downloads
Tomer Blumkin, Yoram Margalioth and Efraim Sadka
2304: The Political Economy of Post-Compulsory Education Policy with Endogenous Credit Constraints Downloads
Dan Anderberg and Alessandro Balestrino
2303: Public Provision of Private Goods and Nondistortionary Marginal Tax Rates Downloads
Sören Blomquist, Vidar Christiansen and Luca Micheletto
2302: Slot-Based Approaches to Airport Congestion Management Downloads
Jan Brueckner
2301: GM Estimation of Higher Order Spatial Autoregressive Processes in Panel Data Error Component Models Downloads
Harald Badinger and Peter Egger
2300: Interest Income Tax Evasion, the EU Savings Directive, and Capital Market Effects Downloads
Tina Klautke and Alfons Weichenrieder
2299: Does the Housing Market React to New Information on School Quality? Downloads
Jon Fiva and Lars Kirkebøen
2298: Reforming European Universities: Scope for an Evidence-Based Process Downloads
Reinhilde Veugelers and Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg
2297: Taxing Sin Goods and Subsidizing Health Care Downloads
Helmuth Cremer, Philippe De Donder, Darío Maldonado and Pierre Pestieau
2296: Regional Origins of Employment Volatility: Evidence from German States Downloads
Claudia Buch and Martin Schlotter
2295: The Structure of the American Economy Downloads
Eric Fisher and Kathryn G. Marshall
2294: Unlocking the Value of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions Downloads
Steven Brakman, Gus Garita, Harry Garretsen and Charles Marrewijk
2293: Forecasting Random Walks Under Drift Instability Downloads
M Pesaran and Andreas Pick
2292: Socially-Tolerable Discrimination Downloads
J. Atsu Amegashie
2291: The Value of a Statistical Life under Ambiguity Aversion Downloads
Nicolas Treich
2290: A Two-Country NATREX Model for the Euro/Dollar Downloads
Marianna Belloc and Daniela Federici
2289: Do Surveillance Cameras Affect Unruly Behavior? A Close Look at Grandstands Downloads
Mikael Priks
2288: Off-Shoring and Productivity Growth in the Italian Manufacturing Industries Downloads
Francesco Daveri and Cecilia Jona-Lasinio
2287: Cost and Benefit of Apprenticeship Training – A Comparison of Germany and Switzerland Downloads
Regina Dionisius, Samuel Muehlemann, Harald Pfeifer, Günter Walden, Felix Wenzelmann and Stefan Wolter
2286: Lender of Last Resort and Bank Closure Policy Downloads
Xavier Freixas and Bruno Maria Parigi
2285: Does Membership in International Organizations Increase Governments’ Credibility? Testing the Effects of Delegating Powers Downloads
Axel Dreher and Stefan Voigt
2284: Institutions and Contract Enforcement Downloads
Armin Falk, David Huffman and W. Bentley Macleod
2283: Qualifying Religion: The Role of Plural Identities for Educational Production Downloads
Timo Boppart, Josef Falkinger, Volker Grossmann, Ulrich Woitek and Gabriela Wüthrich
2282: Modeling International Trade Flows between CEEC and OECD Countries Downloads
Christophe Rault, Robert Sova and Ana Maria Sova
2281: A VECX Model of the Swiss Economy Downloads
Katrin Assenmacher and M Pesaran
2280: The Political Economy of Regional Integration Projects at Borders where Rich and Poor Meet: The Role of Cross-Border Shopping and Community Sorting Downloads
Kristof Dascher and Alexander Haupt
2279: Integrating with their Feet: Cross-Border Lending at the German-Austrian Border Downloads
Jarko Fidrmuc and Christa Hainz
2278: Value Function Iteration as a Solution Method for the Ramsey Model Downloads
Burkhard Heer and Alfred Maussner
2277: Is Prescott Right? Welfare State Policies and the Incentives to Work, Learn and Retire Downloads
Bas Jacobs
2276: Integrated Reforms of Indirect Taxes in the Presence of Pollution Downloads
Michael Michael, Sajal Lahiri and Panos Hatzipanayotou
2275: Deviations from the Law of One Price in Japan Downloads
Yin-Wong Cheung and Eiji Fujii
2274: Too many Cooks? Committees in Monetary Policy Downloads
Helge Berger and Volker Nitsch
2273: Shifts in Organizational Form under a Dual Income Tax System Downloads
Thor Thoresen and Annette Alstadsæter
2272: The Undisclosed Renminbi Basket: Are the Markets Telling us something about where the Renminbi – US Dollar Exchange Rate is Going? Downloads
Michael Funke and Marc Gronwald
2271: Scylla and Charybdis. Explaining Europe’s Exit from Gold, January 1928 – December 1936 Downloads
Nikolaus Wolf
2270: How Social Reputation Networks Interact with Competition in Anonymous Online Trading: An Experimental Study Downloads
Gary E. Bolton, Claudia Loebbecke and Axel Ockenfels
2269: Outsourcing and Optimal Nonlinear Taxation: A Note Downloads
Thomas Aronsson and Erkki Koskela
2268: Cyclical Fiscal Policy, Output Volatility, and Economic Growth Downloads
Harald Badinger
2267: The Role of Workfare in Striking a Balance between Incentives and Insurance in the Labour Market Downloads
Torben Andersen and Michael Svarer
2266: Platform Intermediation in a Market for Differentiated Products Downloads
Andrea Galeotti and José Luis Moraga Gonzales
2265: The Irreversibility Premium Downloads
Bob Chirinko and Huntley Schaller
2264: Entrepreneurial Innovation and Sustained Long-run Growth without Weak or Strong Scale Effects Downloads
Volker Grossmann
2263: Forecasting Economic and Financial Variables with Global VARs Downloads
M Pesaran, Til Schuermann and L. Vanessa Smith
2262: Efficiency Enhancing Taxation in Two-sided Markets Downloads
Hans Jarle Kind, Marko Köthenbürger and Guttorm Schjelderup
2261: The Paradoxes of Revenge in Conflicts Downloads
J. Atsu Amegashie and Marco Runkel
2260: Property Insurance, Portfolio Selection and their Interdependence Downloads
Fwu-Ranq Chang
2259: Geography vs. Institutions at the Village Level Downloads
Michael Grimm and Stephan Klasen
2258: The Impact of Continuous Training on a Firm’s Innovations Downloads
Stefan Bauernschuster, Oliver Falck and Stephan Heblich
2257: The Regulatory Response to the Financial Crisis Downloads
Charles A. E. Goodhart
2256: Health, Wealth and Inequality: a Contribution to the Debate about the Relationship between Inequality and Health Downloads
Scott A. Carson
2255: Purchasing Power Parity for Developing and Developed Countries. What can we Learn from Non-Stationary Panel Data Models? Downloads
Imed Drine and Christophe Rault
2254: Contract Enforcement, Institutions and Social Capital: the Maghribi Traders Reappraised Downloads
Jeremy Edwards and Sheilagh Ogilvie
2253: Development-Related Biases in Factor Productivities and the HOV Model of Trade Downloads
Keith Maskus and Shuichiro Nishioka
2252: Labor Turnover before Plant Closure: ‘Leaving the Sinking Ship’ vs. ‘Captain Throwing Ballast Overboard’ Downloads
Guido Schwerdt
2251: The Stress of Having a Single Monetary Policy in Europe Downloads
Jan-Egbert Sturm and Timo Wollmershäuser
2250: Optimal Taxation of Human Capital and theEarnings Function Downloads
Bas Jacobs and Lans Bovenberg
2249: Socio-Political Conflict and Economic Performance in Bolivia Downloads
Jose-Luis Evia, Roberto Laserna and Stergios Skaperdas
2248: Why not in your Backyard? On the Location and Size of a Public Facility Downloads
Giorgio Bellettini and Hubert Kempf
2247: Tax Competition – Greenfield Investment versus Mergers and Acquisitions Downloads
Johannes Becker and Clemens Fuest
2246: Endogenous Borders? The Effects of New Borders on Trade in Central Europe 1885-1933 Downloads
Hans Heinemeyer, Max-Stephan Schulze and Nikolaus Wolf
2245: Power over Prosecutors Corrupts Politicians: Cross Country Evidence Using a New Indicator Downloads
Anne van Aaken, Lars Feld and Stefan Voigt
2244: Adjustment Costs, Inventories and Output Downloads
Leif Danziger
2243: Large-Scale Disasters and the Insurance Industry Downloads
Walter Kraemer and Sebastian Schich
2242: Entrepreneurship, Organization Capital and the Evolution of the Firm Downloads
Atsushi Oshima, B Ravikumar and Raymond Riezman
2241: Does Laboratory Trading Mirror Behavior in Real World Markets? Fair Bargaining and Competitive Bidding on EBay Downloads
Gary E. Bolton and Axel Ockenfels
2240: Productivity and the Decision to Import and Export: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Hiroyuki Kasahara and Beverly Lapham
2239: Market Structure and Market Access Downloads
Joseph Francois and Ian Wooton
2238: Private Retirement Savings in Germany: The Structure of Tax Incentives and Annuitization Downloads
Hans Fehr and Christian Habermann
2237: Reputation, Price, and Death: An Empirical Analysis of Art Price Formation Downloads
Heinrich Ursprung and Christian Wiermann
2236: The Scope of Cooperation: Values and Incentives Downloads
Guido Tabellini
2235: Should Continued Family Firms Face Lower Taxes than other Estates? Downloads
Holger Strulik and Volker Grossmann
2234: ó: The Long And Short Of It Downloads
Bob Chirinko
2233: Effective Taxation of Top Incomes in Germany, 1992-2002 Downloads
Stefan Bach, Giacomo Corneo and Viktor Steiner
2232: Offshoring: Why Do Stories Differ? Downloads
Wilhelm Kohler
2231: Model Averaging in Risk Management with an Application to Futures Markets Downloads
M Pesaran, Christoph Schleicher and Paolo Zaffaroni
2230: Discounting and Welfare Analysis Over Time: Choosing the ç Downloads
Jan Schumacher and Wolfgang Buchholz
2229: Geography and Insolation in 19th Century US African-American and White Statures Downloads
Scott A. Carson
2228: Fiscal Shocks and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics: Some Evidence for Latin America Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Davide Ciferri and Alessandro Girardi
2227: Market Structure, Technological Gap and Vertical Linkage Effects from Foreign Direct Investment Downloads
Sergey Kadochnikov and Igor M. Drapkin
2226: What do we really Know about Fiscal Sustainability in the EU? A Panel Data Diagnostic Downloads
Antonio Afonso and Christophe Rault
2225: Long Memory with Markov-Switching GARCH Downloads
Walter Kraemer
2224: Imitation and the Evolution of Walrasian Behavior: Theoretically Fragile but Behaviorally Robust Downloads
Jose Apesteguia, Steffen Huck, Jörg Oechssler and Simon Weidenholzer
2223: Young and Old Competing for Public Welfare Services Downloads
Lars-Erik Borge and Jorn Rattso
2222: Preference Bias and Outsourcing to Market: A Steady-State Analysis Downloads
Ping Wang and Raymond Riezman
2221: Automating Exchange Rate Target Zones: Intervention via an Electronic Limit Order Book Downloads
Michael Melvin, Lukas Menkhoff and Maik Schmeling
2220: A Tale of Two Debt Crises: A Stochastic Optimal Control Analysis Downloads
Jerome Stein
2219: Identification of New Keynesian Phillips Curves from a Global Perspective Downloads
Stephane Dees, M Pesaran, L. Vanessa Smith and Ron P. Smith
2218: Global Trends in Numeracy 1820-1949 and its Implications for Long-Run Growth Downloads
Joerg Baten and Dorothee Crayen
2217: The Trade and Welfare Effects of Mergers in Space Downloads
Hartmut Egger and Peter Egger
2216: The Limits of Trust in Economic Transactions - Investigations of Perfect Reputation Systems Downloads
Gary Bolton and Axel Ockenfels
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