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1616: Is Human Capital Losing from Outsourcing? Evidence for Austria and Poland Downloads
Andzelika Lorentowicz, Dalia Marin and Alexander Raubold
1615: New Evidence on Fiscal Decentralization and the Size of Government Downloads
Jon H. Fiva
1614: Visas and Work Permits: Possible Global Negotiating Initiatives Downloads
Chi-Yung Ng and John Whalley
1613: The Three Parties in the Race to the Bottom: Host Governments, Home Governments and Multinational Companies Downloads
Rosanne Altshuler and Harry Grubert
1612: Taxation and the Financial Structure of German Outbound FDI Downloads
Jack M. Mintz and Alfons J. Weichenrieder
1611: The Pluralism of Fairness Ideals: An Experimental Approach Downloads
Alexander Wright Cappelen, Astri D. Hole, Erik Ø. Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden
1610: Should you Take a Lump-Sum or Annuitize? Results from Swiss Pension Funds Downloads
Monika Buetler and Federica Teppa
1609: The Generalized Stackelberg Equilibrium of the All-Pay Auction with Complete Information Downloads
Kai A. Konrad and Wolfgang Leininger
1608: Labour Market Institutions and the Personal Distribution of Income in the OECD Downloads
Daniele Checchi and Cecilia Garcia-Penalosa
1607: Worker Absenteeism in Search Equilibrium Downloads
Per Engström and Bertil Holmlund
1606: Is Monetary Policy in the Eurozone less Effective than in the US? Downloads
Paul De Grauwe and Cláudia Costa Storti
1605: Policy-induced Internal Migration: An Empirical Investigation of the Canadian Case Downloads
Kathleen M. Day and Stanley L Winer
1604: How Important is Discount Rate Heterogeneity for Wealth Inequality? Downloads
Lutz Hendricks
1603: Product Market Competition, Profit Sharing and Equilibrium Unemployment Downloads
Erkki Koskela and Rune Stenbacka
1602: Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: On Revealed Comparative Advantage and Merger Waves Downloads
Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen and Charles van Marrewijk
1601: Fiscal Federalism and Economic Growth Downloads
Jan K. Brueckner
1600: The Different Extent of Privatisation Proceeds in EU Countries: A Preliminary Explanation Using a Public Choice Approach Downloads
Ansgar Belke, Frank Baumgärtner, Friedrich Georg Schneider and Ralph Setzer
1599: Survey Expectations Downloads
M Hashem Pesaran and Martin Robert Weale
1598: Gender and Ethnicity – Married Immigrants in Britain Downloads
Christian Dustmann and Francesca Fabbri
1597: Transparency of Monetary Policy: Theory and Practice Downloads
Petra Maria Geraats
1596: Survivor Benefits and the Gender Tax Gap in Public Pension Schemes: Observations from Germany Downloads
Martin Werding
1595: International Fragmentation: Boon or Bane for Domestic Employment? Downloads
Hartmut Egger and Udo Kreickemeier
1594: Sustainable Social Spending Downloads
Assar Lindbeck
1593: Electoral Uncertainty, Fiscal Policy and Macroeconomic Fluctuations Downloads
Jim Malley, Apostolis Philippopoulos and Ulrich Woitek
1592: Optimal Tax Policy when Firms are Internationally Mobile Downloads
Johannes Becker and Clemens Fuest
1591: Advertising, Competition and Entry in Media Industries Downloads
Claude Crampes, Carole Haritchabalet and Bruno Jullien
1590: Diversification and Ownership Concentration Downloads
Bruno Maria Parigi and Loriana Pelizzon
1589: Bank Control and the Number of Bank Relations of Japanese Firms Downloads
Kazuo Ogawa, Elmer Sterken and Ichiro Tokutsu
1588: Transfers, Non-Traded Goods, and Unemployment: An Analysis of the Keynes – Ohlin Debate Downloads
Steven Brakman and Charles van Marrewijk
1587: What Determines Differences in Foreign Bank Efficiency? Australian Evidence Downloads
Jan-Egbert Sturm and Barry Williams
1586: Centralized vs. De-centralized Multinationals and Taxes Downloads
Søren Bo Nielsen, Pascalis Raimondos-Møller and Guttorm Schjelderup
1585: On the Incentives to Experiment in Federations Downloads
Christos Kotsogiannis and Robert Schwager
1584: Introducing Time-to-Educate in a Job Search Model Downloads
Sascha O. Becker
1583: Minorities and Storable Votes Downloads
Alessandra Casella, Thomas Palfrey and Raymond G. Riezman
1582: State Visits and International Trade Downloads
Volker Nitsch
1581: Young Liberals and Old Conservatives - Inequality, Mobility and Redistribution Downloads
Astri Muren and Sten Nyberg
1580: Contracting Out Temporary Help Services in Germany Downloads
Elke Jutta Jahn and Wolfgang Ochel
1579: Gentrification and Neighborhood Housing Cycles: Will America's Future Downtowns be Rich? Downloads
Jan K. Brueckner and Stuart S. Rosenthal
1578: The Market for Protection and the Origin of the State Downloads
Kai A. Konrad and Stergios Skaperdas
1577: Social Security and Longevity Downloads
Torben Andersen
1576: Generalized Stochastic Gradient Learning Downloads
George William Evans, Seppo Mikko Sakari Honkapohja and Noah Williams
1575: How Fiscal Decentralization Flattens Progressive Taxes Downloads
Roland Hodler and Kurt Schmidheiny
1574: Social Health Insurance - the Major Driver of Unsustainable Fiscal Policy? Downloads
Christian Hagist, Norbert Klusen, Andreas Plate and Bernd Raffelhüschen
1573: Constant Savings Rates and Quasi-Arithmetic Population Growth under Exhaustible Resource Constraints Downloads
Geir B. Asheim, Wolfgang Buchholz, John M. Hartwick, Tapan Mitra and Cees Withagen
1572: Risk Management of Pension Systems from the Perspective of Loss Aversion Downloads
Johannes Binswanger
1571: Early Retirement and Social Security: A Long Term Perspective Downloads
J. Ignacio Conde-Ruiz, Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta
1570: The Warsaw Stock Exchange Index WIG: Modelling and Forecasting Downloads
Piotr Wdowinski and Aneta Zglinska-Pietrzak
1569: Pension Design when Fertility Fluctuates: The Role of Capital Mobility and Education Financing Downloads
Jovan Zamac
1568: Risk Sharing and Efficiency Implications of Progressive Pension Arrangements Downloads
Hans Fehr and Christian Habermann
1567: Assessing the Maintenance of Savings Sufficiency Over the First Decade of Retirement Downloads
Robert H. Haveman, Karen Holden, Barbara L. Wolfe and Andrei Romanov
1566: Putting New Economic Geography to the Test: Free-ness of Trade and Agglomeration in the EU Regions Downloads
Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen and Marc Schramm
1565: Unit Roots and Cointegration in Panels Downloads
Jörg Breitung and M Hashem Pesaran
1564: Equilibrium and Efficiency in the Tug-of-War Downloads
Kai A. Konrad and Dan Kovenock
1563: Product Market Competition, Investment and Employment-Abundant versus Job-Poor Growth: A Real Options Perspective Downloads
Yu-Fu Chen and Michael Funke
1562: Distribution of Natural Resources, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development: Growth Dynamics with two Elites Downloads
Josef Falkinger and Volker Grossmann
1561: Non-Linearities in the Relation between the Exchange Rate and its Fundamentals Downloads
Carlo Altavilla and Paul De Grauwe
1560: Subsidizing Enjoyable Education Downloads
Robert Dur and Amihai Glazer
1559: Sharing Budgetary Austerity under Free Mobility and Asymmetric Information: An Optimal Regulation Approach to Fiscal Federalism Downloads
Marie-Laure Breuillé and Robert Jean Michel Gary-Bobo
1558: Small Sample Properties of Maximum Likelihood Versus Generalized Method of Moments Based Tests for Spatially Autocorrelated Errors Downloads
Peter H. Egger, Mario Larch, Michael Pfaffermayr and Janette Walde
1557: Financial Markets and Economic Growth in Poland: Simulations with an Econometric Model Downloads
Piotr Wdowinski
1556: Why is Fiscal Policy often Procyclical? Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Guido Tabellini
1555: Demographic Change and Public Education Spending: A Conflict between Young and Old? Downloads
Ueli Grob and Stefan C. Wolter
1554: Structural Separation and Access in Telecommunications Markets Downloads
Paul W.J. de Bijl
1553: Looking for Multiple Equilibria when Geography Matters: German City Growth and the WWII Shock Downloads
Maarten Bosker, Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen and Marc Schramm
1552: Gatekeeping in Health Care Downloads
Kurt Richard Brekke, Robert Nuscheler and Odd Rune Straume
1551: Dual Income Taxation: Why and how? Downloads
Peter Birch Sørensen
1550: Turkish Delight for Some, Cold Turkey for Others?: The Effects of the EU-Turkey Customs Union Downloads
Antonis Adam and Thomas Moutos
1549: Nonlinear Production, Abatement, Pollution and Materials Balance Reconsidered Downloads
Rüdiger Pethig
1548: Global Business Cycles and Credit Risk Downloads
M Hashem Pesaran, Til Schuermann and Björn-Jakob Treutler
1547: Endogenous Pensions and Retirement Behavior Downloads
Randall Filer and Marjorie Honig
1546: Trade and Business Cycle Synchronization in OECD Countries - a Re-examination Downloads
Robert Inklaar, Richard Jong-A-Pin and Jakob de Haan
1545: Can Deunionization Lead to International Outsourcing? Downloads
Kjell Erik Lommerud, Frode Meland and Odd Rune Straume
1544: Social Security Incentives, Human Capital Investment and Mobility of Labor Downloads
Panu Poutvaara
1543: Ownership Concentration, Monitoring and Optimal Board Structure Downloads
Clara Graziano and Annalisa Luporini
1542: Early Retirement: Free Choice or Forced Decision Downloads
David Dorn and Alfonso Sousa-Poza
1541: Household Saving Rates and the Design of Social Security Programmes: Evidence from a Country Panel Downloads
Richard Disney
1540: The International Spillover Effects of Pension Reform Downloads
Yvonne Adema, Lex Meijdam and Harrie A. A Verbon
1539: Public Pensions and Capital Accumulation: The Case of Brazil Downloads
Gerhard Glomm, Juergen Jung, Changmin Lee and Chung Tran
1538: Output Effects of Inflation with Fixed Price- and Quantity-Adjustment Costs Downloads
Leif Danziger
1537: On-the-Job Search and Sorting Downloads
Pieter A. Gautier, C. N. Teulings and Aico van Vuuren
1536: Justifying the Lindahl Solution as an Outcome of Fair Cooperation Downloads
Wolfgang Buchholz and Wolfgang Peters
1535: The Desire for Impact Downloads
Robert Dur and Amihai Glazer
1534: Succession Rules and Leadership Rents Downloads
Kai A. Konrad and Stergios Skaperdas
1533: Drifting Together or Falling Apart? The Empirics of Regional Economic Growth in Post-Unification Germany Downloads
Roberta Colavecchio, Declan Curran and Michael Funke
1532: Has the Stability and Growth Pact Impeded Political Budget Cycles in the European Union? Downloads
Mark Mink and Jakob de Haan
1531: Firm Heterogeneity and Credit Risk Diversification Downloads
Samuel Hanson, M Hashem Pesaran and Til Schuermann
1530: A Micro-Level 'Consumer Approach' to Species Population Dynamics Downloads
Thomas Christiaans, Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig
1529: Trade Costs, Trade Balances and Current Accounts: An Application of Gravity to Multilateral Trade Downloads
Giorgio Fazio, Ronald MacDonald and Jacques Melitz
1528: Self-Financing Environmental Mechanisms Downloads
Joerg Breitscheidel and Hans Gersbach
1527: Multijurisdictional Firms and Governments’ Strategies under Alternative Tax Designs Downloads
Marcel Gerard
1526: Estimated U.S. Manufacturing Production Capital and Technology Based on an Estimated Dynamic Economic Model Downloads
Baoline Chen and Peter A. Zadrozny
1525: Can Immigrant Employment Alleviate the Demographic Burden? The Role of Union Centralization Downloads
Alexander Kemnitz
1524: The Making of Cultural Policy: A European Perspective Downloads
(Rick) van der Ploeg, Frederick
1523: Merger Policy to Promote ‘Global Players’? A Simple Model Downloads
Andreas Haufler and Søren Bo Nielsen
1522: Optimal Commodity Taxation when Land and Structures must be Taxed at the Same Rate Downloads
Saku Aura and Thomas Davidoff
1521: Pension, Fertility, and Education Downloads
Volker Meier and Matthias Wrede
1520: The Impact of FX Central Bank Intervention in a Noise Trading Framework Downloads
Michel AR Beine, Paul De Grauwe and Marianna Grimaldi
1519: Curing Sinus Headaches and Tying Law: An Empirical Analysis of Bundling Decongestants and Pain Relievers Downloads
David S. Evans and Michael Alvin Salinger
1518: Education Policy and Equality of Opportunity Downloads
Gabriela Schütz, Heinrich W. Ursprung and Ludger Woessmann
1517: Migration and the Welfare State: The Economic Power of the Non-Voter? Downloads
Kira Boerner and Silke Uebelmesser
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