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2984: Well-being Inequality and Reference Groups - An Agenda for New Research Downloads
Bernard van Praag
2983: Why Does Height Matter for Educational Attainment? Evidence from German Pre-Teen Children Downloads
Francesco Cinnirella, Marc Piopiunik and Joachim Winter
2982: Efficient Subsidization of Human Capital Accumulation with Overlapping Generations and Endogenous Growth Downloads
Wolfram Richter and Christoph Braun
2981: Rapacious Resource Depletion, Excessive Investment and Insecure Property Rights Downloads
Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg
2980: What is the Best Environmental Policy? Taxes, Permits and Rules under Economic and Environmental Uncertainty Downloads
Konstantinos Angelopoulos, George Economides and Apostolis Philippopoulos
2979: Incentives, Reputation and the Allocation of Authority Downloads
Florian Englmaier, Ales Filipi and Ravi Singh
2978: Stock Market Integration between three CEECs, Russia and the UK Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Nicola Spagnolo
2977: Optimum Taxation of Bequests in a Model with Initial Wealth Downloads
Johann Brunner and Susanne Pech
2976: Do Governments Tax Agglomeration Rents? Downloads
Hyun-Ju Koh and Nadine Riedel
2975: Investment, Resolution of Risk, and the Role of Affect Downloads
Frans van Winden, Michal Krawczyk and Astrid Hopfensitz
2974: Asymmetry in Volatility: A Comparison of Developed and Transition Stock Markets Downloads
Piotr Wdowinski and Marta Malecka
2973: Informal Benchmarks as a Source of Regulatory Threat in Unregulated Utility Sectors Downloads
Magnus Söderberg
2972: Modeling Russia for Climate Change Issues Downloads
Ali Bayar, Frederic Dramais, Cristina Mohora, Masudi Opese and Bram Smeets
2971: Application of Regionally Varying Additionality Degrees in the Practice of EU Cohesion Policy Downloads
Chang Woon Nam and Georg Wamser
2970: Taxing Children: The Re-distributive Role of Child Benefits - Revisited Downloads
Tomer Blumkin, Yoram Margalioth and Efraim Sadka
2969: Efficient Education Policy - A Second-Order Elasticity Rule Downloads
Wolfram Richter
2968: A Note on the Time Series Measure of Conservatism Downloads
Sebastian Brauer and Frank Westermann
2967: Autocratic Transitions and Growth Downloads
Tommaso Nannicini and Roberto Ricciuti
2966: Climate Change and Carbon Tax Expectations Downloads
Michael Hoel
2965: Age, Wage and Productivity Downloads
Jan van Ours and Lenny Stoeldraijer
2964: Incentive Regulation, Investments and Technological Change Downloads
Ingo Vogelsang
2963: Is There Really a Green Paradox? Downloads
Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg and Cees Withagen
2962: The Dynamics of Climate Agreements Downloads
Bard Harstad
2961: Dialects, Cultural Identity, and Economic Exchange Downloads
Oliver Falck, Stephan Heblich, Alfred Lameli and Jens Suedekum
2960: Biofuels Subsidies and the Green Paradox Downloads
R. Quentin Grafton, Tom Kompas and Ngo Long
2959: Beyond the Classroom: Using Title IX to Measure the Return to High School Sports Downloads
Betsey Stevenson
2958: How do Electoral Systems Affect Fiscal Policy? Evidence from State and Local Governments, 1890 to 2005 Downloads
Patricia Funk and Christina Gathmann
2957: From Politics to the Family: How Sex-Role Attitudes Keep on Diverging in Reunified Germany Downloads
Stefan Bauernschuster and Helmut Rainer
2956: The Optimal Babel - An Economic Framework for the Analysis of Dynamic Language Rights Downloads
Bengt-Arne Wickström
2955: Steady-State Growth and the Elasticity of Substitution Downloads
Andreas Irmen
2954: Workers without Borders? Culture, Migration and the Political Limits to Globalization Downloads
Sanjay Jain, Sumon Majumdar and Sharun Mukand
2953: The Political Economy of Regulatory Risk Downloads
Roland Strausz
2952: Modeling Institutions, Start-Ups and Productivity during Transition Downloads
Zuzana Brixiová and Balázs Égert
2951: Education and Social Mobility Downloads
Helmuth Cremer, Philippe De Donder and Pierre Pestieau
2950: An Extended Macro-Finance Model with Financial Factors Downloads
Hans Dewachter and Leonardo Iania
2949: Monetary Policy, Model Uncertainty and Exchange Rate Volatility Downloads
Agnieszka Markiewicz
2948: Discretionary Fiscal Policy: Review and Estimates for the EU Downloads
Roel Beetsma and Massimo Giuliodori
2947: Measuring Agents' Reaction to Private and Public Information in Games with Strategic Complementarities Downloads
Camille Cornand and Frank Heinemann
2946: Genes, Economics, and Happiness Downloads
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Nicholas A. Christakis, James H. Fowler and Bruno Frey
2945: Barriers to Entry, Deregulation and Workplace Training: A Theoretical Model with Evidence from Europe Downloads
Andrea Bassanini and Giorgio Brunello
2944: Gift Exchange in the Lab - It is not (only) how much you give Downloads
Florian Englmaier and Stephen Leider
2943: Do Managers with Limited Liability Take More Risky Decisions? An Information Acquisition Model Downloads
James Malcomson
2942: Competition in the Service Sector and the Performances of Manufacturing Firms: Does Liberalization Matter? Downloads
Emanuele Forlani
2941: Greasing the Wheels of International Commerce: How Services Facilitate Firms' International Sourcing Downloads
Peter Debaere, Holger Görg and Horst Raff
2940: Women's Education and Family Behavior: Trends in Marriage, Divorce and Fertility Downloads
Adam Isen and Betsey Stevenson
2939: Democratic Provision of Divisible Public Goods Downloads
Hans Gersbach
2938: Price Formation on the EuroMTS Platform Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Alessandro Girardi
2937: Behavioral Economics as Applied to Firms: A Primer Downloads
Mark Armstrong and Steffen Huck
2936: Markov-Switching and the Ifo Business Climate: The Ifo Business Cycle Traffic Lights Downloads
Klaus Abberger and Wolfgang Nierhaus
2935: Monetary Persistence and the Labor Market: A New Perspective Downloads
Wolfgang Lechthaler, Christian Merkl and Dennis Snower
2934: Oil Prices and Stock Markets: What Drives what in the Gulf Corporation Council Countries? Downloads
Mohamed El Hedi Arouri and Christophe Rault
2933: Social Welfare versus Inequality Concerns in an Incomplete Contract Experiment Downloads
Marco Faravelli, Oliver Kirchkamp and Helmut Rainer
2932: The 2008 Financial Crisis and Taxation Policy Downloads
Thomas Hemmelgarn and Gaëtan Nicodème
2931: Capital Flight: China's Experience Downloads
Yin-Wong Cheung and Xingwang Qian
2930: Competition between Specialized Candidates Downloads
Stefan Krasa and Mattias K Polborn
2929: Inaccurate Age and Sex Data in the Census PUMS Files: Evidence and Implications Downloads
J. Trent Alexander, Michael Davern and Betsey Stevenson
2928: The Role of Monetary Aggregates in the Policy Analysis of the Swiss National Bank Downloads
Gebhard Kirchgässner and Juergen Wolters
2927: Flexible Contracts Downloads
Piero Gottardi, Jean-Marc Tallon and Paolo Ghirardato
2926: Spend-and-Tax Adjustments and the Sustainability of the Government's Intertemporal Budget Constraint Downloads
Gabriella Legrenzi and Costas Milas
2925: Profit Sharing, Wage Formation and Flexible Outsourcing under Labor Market Imperfection Downloads
Erkki Koskela and Jan König
2924: A Critique of the Literature on the US Financial Debt Crisis Downloads
Jerome Stein
2923: Can Competition Spoil Reciprocity? - A Laboratory Experiment Downloads
Stefan Bauernschuster, Oliver Falck and Niels Große
2922: Competition and Quality in Regulated Markets with Sluggish Demand Downloads
Kurt Brekke, Roberto Cellini, Luigi Siciliani and Odd Straume
2921: Gender and Racial Biases: Evidence from Child Adoption Downloads
Mariagiovanna Baccara, Allan Collard-Wexler, Leonardo Felli and Leeat Yariv
2920: Family Job Search, Wage Bargainings, and Optimal Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Susanne Ek and Bertil Holmlund
2919: World Heritage: Where Are We? An Empirical Analysis Downloads
Bruno Frey and Paolo Pamini
2918: Testing, not Modelling, the Impact of Cohesion Support: A Theoretical Framework and some Preliminary Results for the Spanish Regions Downloads
Angel de La Fuente
2917: Globalization, Redistribution, and the Composition of Public Education Expenditures Downloads
Thushyanthan Baskaran and Zohal Hessami
2916: Ageing and the Welfare State: Securing Sustainability Downloads
Volker Meier and Martin Werding
2915: Enhanced Cooperation in an Asymmetric Model of Tax Competition Downloads
Hendrik Vrijburg and Ruud de Mooij
2914: Profit Taxation and Finance Constraints Downloads
Christian Keuschnigg and Evelyn Ribi
2913: Spatial and Temporal Diffusion of House Prices in the UK Downloads
Sean Holly, M Pesaran and Takashi Yamagata
2912: Mergers and Partial Ownership Downloads
Øystein Foros, Hans Jarle Kind and Greg Shaffer
2911: Demographic Change and Bank Profitability. Empirical Evidence from German Savings Banks Downloads
Michael Berlemann, Marco Oestmann and Marcel Thum
2910: The Effect of Protestantism on Education before the Industrialization: Evidence from 1816 Prussia Downloads
Sascha Becker and Ludger Woessmann
2909: Climate Policy without Commitment Downloads
Rolf Golombek, Mads Greaker and Michael Hoel
2908: Do Elections Affect the Composition of Fiscal Policy? Downloads
Margarita Katsimi and Vassilis Sarantides
2907: Unilateral Climate Policy, Asymmetric Backstop Adoption, and Carbon Leakage in a Two-Region Hotelling Model Downloads
Edwin van der Werf
2906: Asset Auctions, Information, and Liquidity Downloads
Xavier Vives
2905: The Effect of Surveillance Cameras on Crime: Evidence from the Stockholm Subway Downloads
Mikael Priks
2904: Corporate Taxation and the Impact of Governance, Political and Economic Factors Downloads
Marcel Gerard and Fernando Ruiz
2903: Global Sourcing Decisions and Firm Productivity: Evidence from Spain Downloads
Wilhelm Kohler and Marcel Smolka
2902: Behavioral and Experimental Economics Can Inform Public Policy: Some Thoughts Downloads
Arno Riedl
2901: Unemployment and Finance: How do Financial and Labour Market Factors Interact? Downloads
Donatella Gatti, Christophe Rault and Anne-Gael Vaubourg
2900: Illiquidity and Under-Valuation of Firms Downloads
Douglas Gale and Piero Gottardi
2899: Taxation of Foreign Profits with Heterogeneous Multinational Firms Downloads
Johannes Becker
2898: Economic Growth and Longevity Risk with Adverse Selection Downloads
Ben Heijdra and Laurie Reijnders
2897: Conflict, Settlement, and the Shadow of the Future Downloads
Michael McBride and Stergios Skaperdas
2896: Voting on Thresholds for Public Goods: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Julian Rauchdobler, Rupert Sausgruber and Jean-Robert Tyran
2895: The Impact of Trade on Employment, Welfare, and Income Distribution in Unionized General Oligopolistic Equilibrium Downloads
Hartmut Egger and Daniel Etzel
2894: Lab Experiments are a Major Source of Knowledge in the Social Sciences Downloads
Armin Falk and James Heckman
2893: What is an Adequate Standard of Living during Retirement? Downloads
Johannes Binswanger and Daniel Schunk
2892: Debt Financing and Sharp Currency Depreciations: Wholly vs. Partially Owned Multinational Affiliates Downloads
Shafik Hebous and Alfons Weichenrieder
2891: Margins of International Banking: Is there a Productivity Pecking Order in Banking, too? Downloads
Claudia Buch, Catherine Koch and Michael Kötter
2890: Optimal Use of Labor Market Policies: The Role of Job Search Assistance Downloads
Conny Wunsch
2889: Labor Unions, Globalization, and Mercantilism Downloads
Wolf-Heimo Grieben and Fuat Sener
2888: Population Aging and the Direction of Technical Change Downloads
Andreas Irmen
2887: "The Way in which an Experiment is Conducted is Unbelievably Important": On the Experimentation Practices of Economists and Psychologists Downloads
Andreas Ortmann
2886: Outsourcing, Public Input Provision and Policy Cooperation Downloads
Thomas Aronsson and Erkki Koskela
2885: Analysis of Monetary Policy and Financial Stability: A New Paradigm Downloads
Charles A. E. Goodhart, Carolina Osorio and Dimitrios Tsomocos
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