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2906: Asset Auctions, Information, and Liquidity Downloads
Xavier Vives
2905: The Effect of Surveillance Cameras on Crime: Evidence from the Stockholm Subway Downloads
Mikael Priks
2904: Corporate Taxation and the Impact of Governance, Political and Economic Factors Downloads
Marcel Gerard and Fernando Ruiz
2903: Global Sourcing Decisions and Firm Productivity: Evidence from Spain Downloads
Wilhelm Kohler and Marcel Smolka
2902: Behavioral and Experimental Economics Can Inform Public Policy: Some Thoughts Downloads
Arno Riedl
2901: Unemployment and Finance: How do Financial and Labour Market Factors Interact? Downloads
Donatella Gatti, Christophe Rault and Anne-Gael Vaubourg
2900: Illiquidity and Under-Valuation of Firms Downloads
Douglas Gale and Piero Gottardi
2899: Taxation of Foreign Profits with Heterogeneous Multinational Firms Downloads
Johannes Becker
2898: Economic Growth and Longevity Risk with Adverse Selection Downloads
Ben Heijdra and Laurie Reijnders
2897: Conflict, Settlement, and the Shadow of the Future Downloads
Michael McBride and Stergios Skaperdas
2896: Voting on Thresholds for Public Goods: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Julian Rauchdobler, Rupert Sausgruber and Jean-Robert Tyran
2895: The Impact of Trade on Employment, Welfare, and Income Distribution in Unionized General Oligopolistic Equilibrium Downloads
Hartmut Egger and Daniel Etzel
2894: Lab Experiments are a Major Source of Knowledge in the Social Sciences Downloads
Armin Falk and James Heckman
2893: What is an Adequate Standard of Living during Retirement? Downloads
Johannes Binswanger and Daniel Schunk
2892: Debt Financing and Sharp Currency Depreciations: Wholly vs. Partially Owned Multinational Affiliates Downloads
Shafik Hebous and Alfons Weichenrieder
2891: Margins of International Banking: Is there a Productivity Pecking Order in Banking, too? Downloads
Claudia Buch, Catherine Koch and Michael Kötter
2890: Optimal Use of Labor Market Policies: The Role of Job Search Assistance Downloads
Conny Wunsch
2889: Labor Unions, Globalization, and Mercantilism Downloads
Wolf-Heimo Grieben and Fuat Sener
2888: Population Aging and the Direction of Technical Change Downloads
Andreas Irmen
2887: "The Way in which an Experiment is Conducted is Unbelievably Important": On the Experimentation Practices of Economists and Psychologists Downloads
Andreas Ortmann
2886: Outsourcing, Public Input Provision and Policy Cooperation Downloads
Thomas Aronsson and Erkki Koskela
2885: Analysis of Monetary Policy and Financial Stability: A New Paradigm Downloads
Charles A. E. Goodhart, Carolina Osorio and Dimitrios Tsomocos
2884: Existence and Warr Neutrality for Matching Equilibria in a Public Good Economy: An Aggregative Game Approach Downloads
Wolfgang Buchholz, Richard Cornes and Dirk Rübbelke
2883: Politics-Business Interaction Paths Downloads
Marianna Belloc and Ugo Pagano
2882: The Lost Popularity Function: Are Unemployment and Inflation no longer Relevant for the Bahaviour of German Voters? Downloads
Gebhard Kirchgässner
2881: Corporate Taxation and Corporate Governance Downloads
Marko Köthenbürger and Michael Stimmelmayr
2880: Taxation and Market Power Downloads
Kai Konrad, Florian Morath and Wieland Müller
2879: Corporate Taxation and the Choice of Patent Location within Multinational Firms Downloads
Tom Karkinsky and Nadine Riedel
2878: Automatic Stabilizers and Economic Crisis: US vs. Europe Downloads
Mathias Dolls, Clemens Fuest and Andreas Peichl
2877: Econometric Methods for Causal Evaluation of Education Policies and Practices: A Non-Technical Guide Downloads
Martin Schlotter, Guido Schwerdt and Ludger Woessmann
2876: A Mixed Splicing Procedure for Economic Time Series Downloads
Angel de La Fuente
2875: Climate Change Mitigation Options and Directed Technical Change: A Decentralized Equilibrium Analysis Downloads
André Grimaud, Gilles Lafforgue and Bertrand Magné
2874: Human Capital Formation and Global Warming Mitigation: Evidence from an Integrated Assessment Model Downloads
Carlo Carraro, Enrica De Cian and Massimo Tavoni
2873: Computation of Business-Cycle Models with the Generalized Schur Method Downloads
Burkhard Heer and Alfred Maussner
2872: Collective Labor Supply of Native Dutch and Immigrant Households in the Netherlands Downloads
Chris Klaveren, Bernard van Praag and Henriette Maassen van den Brink
2871: The Consumption Value of Higher Education Downloads
Annette Alstadsæter and Hans Sievertsen
2870: Financial Reform and Banking Crises Downloads
Choudhry Tanveer Shehzad and Jakob de Haan
2869: On the many Ways Europeanization Matters: The Implementation of the Water Reform in Italy (1994-2006) Downloads
Alberto Asquer
2868: Do Choices Affect Preferences? Some Doubts and New Evidence Downloads
Steinar Holden
2867: Tax Competition in a Simple Model with Heterogeneous Firms: How Larger Markets Reduce Profit Taxes Downloads
Andreas Haufler and Frank Stähler
2866: There's no Place like Home: The Profitability Gap between Headquarters and their Foreign Subsidiaries Downloads
Matthias Dischinger and Nadine Riedel
2865: A Touch of Sophistication: FDI and Unit Values of Exports Downloads
Torfinn Harding and Beata Javorcik
2864: Terrorism Prevention and Electoral Accountability Downloads
Tiberiu Dragu and Mattias K Polborn
2863: How Should the Distant Future be Discounted when Discount Rates are Uncertain? Downloads
Christian Gollier and Martin Weitzman
2862: Default Predictors and Credit Scoring Models for Retail Banking Downloads
Evžen Kočenda and Martin Vojtek
2861: Broadband Infrastructure and Economic Growth Downloads
Nina Czernich, Oliver Falck, Tobias Kretschmer and Ludger Woessmann
2860: National Borders, Conflict and Peace Downloads
Enrico Spolaore
2859: Environmental Policy and the Macroeconomy under Shallow-Lake Dynamics Downloads
Ben Heijdra and Pim Heijnen
2858: Market Access through Bound Tariffs Downloads
Davide Sala, Philipp Schröder and Erdal Yalcin
2857: Optimality and Diversifiability of Mean Variance and Arbitrage Pricing Portfolios Downloads
M Pesaran and Paolo Zaffaroni
2856: Strategic Supply Function Competition with Private Information Downloads
Xavier Vives
2855: A Vicious Cycle of Manias, Crashes and Asymmetric Policy Responses - An Overinvestment View Downloads
Andreas Hoffmann and Gunther Schnabl
2854: Source versus Residence Based Taxation with International Mergers and Acquisitions Downloads
Johannes Becker and Clemens Fuest
2853: Is the International Border Effect Larger than the Domestic Border Effect? Evidence from U.S. Trade Downloads
Cletus Coughlin and Dennis Novy
2852: Impacts of Labor Taxation with Perfectly and Imperfectly Competitive Domestic Labor Markets under Flexible Outsourcing Downloads
Erkki Koskela
2851: Intra-Industry Adjustment to Import Competition: Theory and Application to the German Clothing Industry Downloads
Horst Raff and Joachim Wagner
2850: The Relationship between Stature and Insolation: Evidence from Soldiers and Prisoners Downloads
Scott A. Carson
2849: The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Profits Downloads
Margarita Katsimi and Vassilis Sarantides
2848: Carve-Outs under Airline Antitrust Immunity Downloads
Jan Brueckner and Stef Proost
2847: Tear Down this Wall: On the Persistence of Borders in Trade Downloads
Volker Nitsch and Nikolaus Wolf
2846: Anthropometry of Love - Height and Gender Asymmetries in Interethnic Marriages Downloads
Michèle Belot and Jan Fidrmuc
2845: Testing for Convergence in Stock Markets: A Non-Linear Factor Approach Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Burcu Erdogan and Vladimir Kuzin
2844: Firm-Specific Productivity Risk over the Business Cycle: Facts and Aggregate Implications Downloads
Ruediger Bachmann and Christian Bayer
2843: Oil Exports and the Iranian Economy Downloads
Hadi Esfahani, Kamiar Mohaddes and M Pesaran
2842: Competition and Gender Prejudice: Are Discriminatory Employers Doomed to Fail? Downloads
Andrea Weber and Christine Zulehner
2841: Right-Wing Extremism and the Well-Being of Immigrants Downloads
Andreas Knabe, Steffen Rätzel and Stephan Thomsen
2840: Why is there a Spike in the Job Finding Rate at Benefit Exhaustion? Downloads
Jan Boone and Jan van Ours
2839: Dynamic Trading and Asset Prices: Keynes vs. Hayek Downloads
Giovanni Cespa and Xavier Vives
2838: Does Military Draft Discourage Enrollment in Higher Education? Evidence from OECD Countries Downloads
Katarina Keller, Panu Poutvaara and Andreas Wagener
2837: Green Serves the Dirtiest: On the Interaction between Black and Green Quotas Downloads
Christoph Böhringer and Knut Einar Rosendahl
2836: The Life Satisfaction Approach to Environmental Valuation Downloads
Bruno Frey, Simon Luechinger and Alois Stutzer
2835: Real Convergence, Capital Flows, and Competitiveness in Central and Eastern Europe Downloads
Ansgar Belke, Gunther Schnabl and Holger Zemanek
2834: Campaigns, Political Mobility, and Communication Downloads
Hans Gersbach
2833: The ECB's Enhanced Credit Support Downloads
Jean-Claude Trichet
2832: Early Warning System for Economic and Financial Risks in Kazakhstan Downloads
Biswanath Bhattacharyay, Dennis Dlugosch, Benedikt Kolb, Kajal Lahiri, Irshat Mukhametov and Gernot Nerb
2831: Production Technologies in Stochastic Continuous Time Models Downloads
Klaus Wälde
2830: Is Norway's Bird-in-Hand Stabilization Fund Prudent Enough? Fiscal Reactions to Hydrocarbon Windfalls and Graying Populations Downloads
Torfinn Harding and Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg
2829: Political Economics of Higher Education Finance Downloads
Rainald Borck and Martin Wimbersky
2828: Reduction of Employment Protection in Europe: A Comparative Fuzzy-Set Analysis Downloads
Wolfgang Ochel and Anja Rohwer
2827: Institutionalized Bailouts and Fiscal Policy: The Consequences of Soft Budget Constraints Downloads
Alexander Fink and Thomas Stratmann
2826: Worker-Specific Effects of Globalisation Downloads
Hartmut Egger and Udo Kreickemeier
2825: Stay in School or Start Working? - The Human Capital Investment Decision under Uncertainty and Irreversibility Downloads
Natasa Bilkic, Thomas Gries and Margarethe Pilichowski
2824: Tax Competition and Income Sorting: Evidence from the Zurich Metropolitan Area Downloads
Christoph Schaltegger, Frank Somogyi and Jan-Egbert Sturm
2823: Banking Crisis Resolution Policy - Lessons from Recent Experience - which elements are needed for robust and efficient crisis resolution? Downloads
David Mayes
2822: Discrimination and Employment Protection Downloads
Steinar Holden and Åsa Rosén
2821: The Political Economy of Conscription Downloads
Panu Poutvaara and Andreas Wagener
2820: Hybrid Historical Simulation VaR and ES: Performance in Developed and Emerging Markets Downloads
Saša Žiković and Randall Filer
2819: International Financial Integration and Real Exchange Rate Long-Run Dynamics in Emerging Countries: Some Panel Evidence Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Thouraya Hadj Amor and Christophe Rault
2818: A New Two-Pillar Strategy for the ECB Downloads
Paul De Grauwe and Daniel Gros
2817: Imports, Pass-Through, and the Structure of Retail Markets Downloads
Horst Raff and Nicolas Schmitt
2816: Catch Me If You Can: Education and Catch-up in the Industrial Revolution Downloads
Sascha Becker, Erik Hornung and Ludger Woessmann
2815: Non-Partisan 'Get-Out-the-Vote' Efforts and Policy Outcomes Downloads
Dan Kovenock and Brian Roberson
2814: Out of Sight, Out of Mind? The Impact of Natural Disasters on Pregnancy Outcomes Downloads
Emilia Simeonova
2813: Economic Nationalism and Economic Integration: The Austro-Hungarian Empire in the Late Nineteenth Century Downloads
Max-Stephan Schulze and Nikolaus Wolf
2812: Social Security Incidence under Uncertainty Assessing Italian Reforms Downloads
Devis Geron
2811: Temporary Migration Policies and Welfare of the Host and Source Countries: A Game-Theoretic Approach Downloads
Slobodan Djajic and Michael Michael
2810: The Cross-section of Firms over the Business Cycle: New Facts and a DSGE Exploration Downloads
Ruediger Bachmann and Christian Bayer
2809: The European Union's Potential for Strategic Emissions Trading through Minimal Permit Sale Contracts Downloads
Johan Eyckmans and Cathrine Hagem
2808: Fiscal Competition for Imperfectly-Mobile Labor and Capital: A Comparative Dynamic Analysis Downloads
David Wildasin
2807: Climate Policy and Development Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Noemi Hummel
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