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3359: Sorting and the Output Loss due to Search Frictions Downloads
Pieter Gautier and C. N. Teulings
3358: Competition and Trust: Evidence from German Car Manufacturers Downloads
Leonardo Felli, Johannes Koenen and Konrad O. Stahl
3357: How Strongly Did the 2007/08 Oil Price Hike Contribute to the Subsequent Recession? Downloads
Kai Carstensen, Steffen Elstner and Georg Paula
3356: The Elasticity of Trade: Estimates and Evidence Downloads
Ina Simonovska and Michael Waugh
3355: Tax Policy and Employment: How Does the Swedish System Fare? Downloads
Jukka Pirttilä and Håkan Selin
3354: Robust Growth Determinants Downloads
Gernot Doppelhofer and Melvyn Weeks
3353: Natural Resource Endowment: A Mixed Blessing? Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason
3352: Ageing, Government Budgets, Retirement, and Growth Downloads
Martin Gonzalez-Eiras and Dirk Niepelt
3351: Emotions in Litigation Contests Downloads
Florian Baumann and Tim Friehe
3350: Persistence of Politicians and Firms' Innovation Downloads
Giorgio Bellettini, Carlotta Berti Ceroni and Giovanni Prarolo
3349: Investment in Relationship-Specific Assets: Does Finance Matter? Downloads
Martin Strieborny and Madina Kukenova
3348: The Diversity of Debt Crises in Europe Downloads
Jerome Stein
3347: The Importance of the Electoral Rule: Evidence from Italy Downloads
Massimo Bordignon and Andrea Monticini
3346: Aggregation in Large Dynamic Panels Downloads
M Pesaran and Alexander Chudik
3345: The Consequences of Being Different - Statistical Discrimination and the School-to-Work Transition Downloads
Barbara Mueller and Stefan Wolter
3344: Central Bank Independence and Conservatism under Uncertainty: Substitutes or Complements? Downloads
Carsten Hefeker and Blandine Zimmer
3343: Intergenerational Transmission of Skills during Childhood and Optimal Public Policy Downloads
Alessandra Casarico, Luca Micheletto and Alessandro Sommacal
3342: Pigou Meets Mirrlees: On the Irrelevance of Tax Distortions for the Second-Best Pigouvian Tax Downloads
Bas Jacobs and Ruud de Mooij
3341: Globalization, Gender and Development: The Effect of Parental Labor Supply on Child Schooling Downloads
Beyza Ural Marchand, Ray Rees and Raymond Riezman
3340: Europe Agreements and Trade Balance: Evidence from Four New EU Members Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Christophe Rault, Robert Sova and Anamaria Sova
3339: Commodity Tax Structure under Uncertainty in a Perfectly Competitive Market Downloads
Laszlo Goerke
3338: Demographic, Residential, and Socioeconomic Effects on the Distribution of 19th Century African-American Body Mass Index Values Downloads
Scott A. Carson
3337: Adieu Rabenmutter - The Effect of Culture on Fertility, Female Labour Supply, the Gender Wage Gap and Childcare Downloads
Rainald Borck
3336: Efficient Firm Dynamics in a Frictional Labor Market Downloads
Leo Kaas and Philipp Kircher
3335: The Positive Border Effect of EU Integration Downloads
Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen, Charles Marrewijk and Abdella Oumer
3334: Optimal Carbon Tax with a Dirty Backstop - Oil, Coal, or Renewables? Downloads
Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg and Cees Withagen
3333: Dissecting Network Externalities in International Migration Downloads
Michel Beine, Frédéric Docquier and Caglar Özden
3332: Voting in Corporate Boards with Heterogeneous Preferences Downloads
Paolo Balduzzi, Clara Graziano and Annalisa Luporini
3331: Effects of Adult Education Vouchers on the Labor Market: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment Downloads
Guido Schwerdt, Dolores Messer, Ludger Woessmann and Stefan Wolter
3330: Public Investment as Commitment Downloads
Reyer Gerlagh and Matti Liski
3329: Strategic Nonlinear Income Tax Competition with Perfect Labor Mobility Downloads
Felix Bierbrauer, Craig Brett and John Weymark
3328: Free-riding or Internalizing? An Opportunistic View on Decentralization versus Centralization Downloads
Fabio Fiorillo and Agnese Sacchi
3327: Information Markets, Elections and Contracts Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Markus Müller
3326: Shall we Keep the Highly Skilled at Home? The Optimal Income Tax Perspective Downloads
Laurent Simula and Alain Trannoy
3325: Ethnic Diversity and Preferences for Redistribution Downloads
Matz Dahlberg, Karin Edmark and Heléne Lundqvist
3324: Optimal Income Taxation with Endogenous Participation and Search Unemployment Downloads
Etienne Lehmann, Alexis Parmentier and Bruno Van der Linden
3323: Beyond Condorcet: Optimal Aggregation Rules Using Voting Records Downloads
Eyal Baharad, Jacob Goldberger, Moshe Koppel and Shmuel Nitzan
3322: Corporate Governance Reforms, Interlocking Directorship Networks and Company Value in Italy (1998-2007) Downloads
Carlo Drago, Francesco Millo, Roberto Ricciuti and Paolo Santella
3321: The Impact of Financial Market Frictions on Trade Flows, Capital Flows and Economic Development Downloads
Spiros Bougheas and Rodney Falvey
3320: Adaptation, Mitigation and Risk-Taking in Climate Policy Downloads
Heike Auerswald, Kai Konrad and Marcel Thum
3319: Exports, Investment and Firm-Level Sales Volatility Downloads
Alejandro Riaño
3318: An Empirical Inquiry into the Nature of Welfarism Downloads
J. Atsu Amegashie and Bazoumana Ouattara
3317: Applications and Interviews - A Structural Analysis of Two-Sided Simultaneous Search Downloads
Ronald Wolthoff
3316: Optimal Compulsion when Behavioral Biases Vary and the State Errs Downloads
Salvador Valdés and Ursula Schwarzhaupt
3315: Does the Indexing of Government Transfers Make Carbon Pricing Progressive? Downloads
Don Fullerton, Garth Heutel and Gilbert Metcalf
3314: Protestantism and Education: Reading (the Bible) and other Skills Downloads
Timo Boppart, Josef Falkinger and Volker Grossmann
3313: Schools, Ability, and the Socioeconomic Gradient in Education Choices Downloads
Torberg Falch and Bjarne Strom
3312: Growth and Volatility of Tax Revenues in Latin America Downloads
Hans Fricke and Bernd Süssmuth
3311: Log-Normal Approximation of the Equity Premium in the Production Model Downloads
Burkhard Heer and Alfred Maussner
3310: The Right Look: Conservative Politicians Look Better and their Voters Reward it Downloads
Niclas Berggren, Henrik Jordahl and Panu Poutvaara
3309: The Extensive Margin of Exporting Products: A Firm-level Analysis Downloads
Costas Arkolakis and Marc-Andreas Muendler
3308: Optimal Redistributive Taxation with both Extensive and Intensive Responses Downloads
Laurence Jacquet, Etienne Lehmann and Bruno Van der Linden
3307: Announcing Climate Policy: Can a Green Paradox Arise without Scarcity? Downloads
Sjak Smulders, Yacov Tsur and Amos Zemel
3306: Cross-Country Differences in the Effects of Oil Shocks Downloads
Gert Peersman and Ine Van Robays
3305: Differentiating Indexation in Dutch Pension Funds Downloads
Roel Beetsma and Alessandro Bucciol
3304: The Spatial Organization of Multinational Firms Downloads
Fabrice Defever
3303: The Impact of Fiscal Rules on Public Finances: Theory and Empirical Evidence for the Euro Area Downloads
Wim Marneffe, Bas van Aarle, Wouter van der Wielen and Lode Vereeck
3302: Brothers in Arms - An Experiment on the Alliance Puzzle Downloads
Changxia Ke, Kai Konrad and Florian Morath
3301: Limited Liability, Asymmetric Taxation, and Risk Taking - Why Partial Tax Neutralities can be Harmful Downloads
Ralf Ewert and Rainer Niemann
3300: Gender Unemployment Catching-up: Empirical Evidence from Italian Regions Downloads
Marianna Belloc and Riccardo Tilli
3299: Six Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy Downloads
Don Fullerton
3298: Go Divisive or Not? How Political Campaigns Affect Turnout Downloads
Caterina Gennaioli
3297: Fiscal Adjustment and the Costs of Public Debt Service: Evidence from OECD Countries Downloads
Christoph Schaltegger and Martin Weder
3296: Financing Conditions, the Concept of Innovation Capacity and the Innovative Activity of Firms Downloads
Georg Paula
3295: One-Sided Private Provision of Public Goods with Implicit Lindahl Pricing Downloads
Volker Meier
3294: Political Competition and Mirrleesian Income Taxation: A First Pass Downloads
Felix J. Bierbrauer and Pierre Boyer
3293: Booms and Busts: New Keynesian and Behavioral Explanations Downloads
Paul De Grauwe
3292: Managerial versus Production Wages: Offshoring, Country Size and Endowments Downloads
Sebastian Benz and Wilhelm Kohler
3291: Time Variation in U.S. Wage Dynamics Downloads
Boris Hofmann, Gert Peersman and Roland Straub
3290: Does Public Governance always Matter? How Experience of Poor Institutional Quality Influences FDI to the South Downloads
Julia Darby, Rodolphe Desbordes and Ian Wooton
3289: The Deepening China Brazil Economic Relationship Downloads
John Whalley and Dana Medianu
3288: A Quantile Approach to the Relationship between Body Mass, Wealth, and Inequality Downloads
Scott A. Carson
3287: Directed Generosity and Network Formation: Network Dimension Matters Downloads
Ben D'Exelle and Arno Riedl
3286: Behind the Scenes of the Telecommunications Miracle: An Empirical Analysis of the Indian Market Downloads
Sara Biancini
3285: The Contest Winner: Gifted or Venturesome? Downloads
Marco Sahm
3284: Cutting Costs of Catching Carbon - Intertemporal Effects under Imperfect Climate Policy Downloads
Michael Hoel and Svenn Jensen
3283: Financial Development and Sectoral Output Growth in 19th Century Germany Downloads
Katharina Diekmann and Frank Westermann
3282: Skilled Worker Migration and Trade: Inequality and Welfare Downloads
Spiros Bougheas and Doug Nelson
3281: Quoted Spreads and Trade Imbalance Dynamics in the European Treasury Bond Market Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Alessandro Girardi and Paolo Paesani
3280: Residential Mobility of the European Elderly Downloads
Viola Angelini and Anne Laferrere
3279: Inter-temporal Savings, Current Account Dynamics and Asymmetric Shocks in a Heterogeneous European Monetary Union Downloads
Gunther Schnabl and Holger Zemanek
3278: Catalysts for Social Insurance: Education Subsidies vs. Real Capital Taxation Downloads
Dirk Schindler and Hongyan Yang
3277: CEO Compensation Downloads
Carola Frydman and Dirk Jenter
3276: The Information Content of Capacity Utilisation Rates for Output Gap Estimates Downloads
Michael Graff and Jan-Egbert Sturm
3275: Public Provision of Private Goods, Tagging and Optimal Income Taxation withHeterogeneity in Needs Downloads
Spencer Bastani, Sören Blomquist and Luca Micheletto
3274: Spatial Sorting: Why New York, Los Angeles and DetroitAttract the Greatest Minds as well as the Unskilled Downloads
Jan Eeckhout, Roberto Pinheiro and Kurt Schmidheiny
3273: North-South Technology Transfer in Unionised Multinationals Downloads
Kjell Lommerud, Frode Meland and Odd Rune Straume
3272: Outside versus Inside Bonds: A Modigliani-Miller Type Result for Liquidity Constrained Economies Downloads
Aleksander Berentsen and Christopher Waller
3271: Relaxing Hukou - Increased Labor Mobility and China’s Economic Geography Downloads
Maarten Bosker, Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen and Marc Schramm
3270: Do Firms Sell Forward for Strategic Reasons? An Application to the Wholesale Market for Natural Gas Downloads
Remco van Eijkel and Jose Moraga-Gonzalez
3269: Two-Tier Labor Markets in the Great Recession: France vs. Spain Downloads
Samuel Bentolila, Pierre Cahuc, Juan Dolado and Thomas Le Barbanchon
3268: A Treatment Effect Method for Merger Analysis with an Application to Parking Prices in Paris Downloads
Philippe Choné and Laurent Linnemer
3267: The Threat of Monitoring Job Search. A Discontinuity Design Downloads
Bart Cockx and Muriel Dejemeppe
3266: The Greek Debt Crisis: Likely Causes, Mechanics and Outcomes Downloads
Michael Arghyrou and John Tsoukalas
3264: Student Performance may not Improve when Universities are Choosier Downloads
Carmen Aina, Lorenzo Cappellari and Marco Francesconi
3263: Market Entry Costs, Underemployment and International Trade Downloads
Spiros Bougheas and Raymond Riezman
3262: Discounting, Inequalities and Economic Convergence Downloads
Christian Gollier
3261: Taxes and Financial Reporting: Evidence from Discretionary Investment Write-Offs in Italy Downloads
Giampaolo Arachi and Valeria Bucci
3260: Up or Down? Capital Income Taxation in the United States and the United Kingdom Downloads
Vito Polito
3259: Optimal Taxation of Externalities Interacting through Markets: A Theoretical General Equilibrium Analysis Downloads
Xiaolin Ren, Don Fullerton and John Braden
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