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5507: Monitoring, Cross Subsidies, and Universal Banking Downloads
Jay Choi and Christodoulos Stefanadis
5506: Workforce Location and Equilibrium Unemployment in a Duocentric Economy with Matching Frictions Downloads
Etienne Lehmann, Paola Liliana Montero Ledezma and Bruno Van der Linden
5505: Political Institutions and Government Spending Behavior: Theory and Evidence from Iran Downloads
Sajjad Faraji Dizaji, Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Alireza Naghavi
5504: Competition and Innovation in Automobile Markets Downloads
Vivek Ghosal and Jiayao Ni
5503: Banking and Industrialization Downloads
Stephan Heblich and Alex Trew
5502: Convenient Flight Connections vs. Airport Congestion - Modeling the 'Rolling Hub' Downloads
Jan K. Brueckner and Ming Hsin Lin
5501: Revenues and Welfare in Auctions with Information Release Downloads
Nikolaus Schweizer and Nora Szech
5500: Tax vs. Regulation Policy and the Location of Financial Sector FDI Downloads
Julia Merz, Michael Overesch and Georg Wamser
5499: Nineteenth Century Weight in the United States: Revaluating Net Nutrition during Economic Development Downloads
Scott A. Carson
5498: Wealth Inequality and Homeownership in Europe Downloads
Leo Kaas, Georgi Kocharkov and Edgar Preugschat
5497: Tax Evasion and Economic Crime. Empirical Evidence for Italy Downloads
Amedeo Argentiero, Bruno Chiarini and Elisabetta Marzano
5496: Do Boys and Girls Use Computers Differently, and Does it Contribute to why Boys Do Worse in School than Girls? Downloads
Robert Fairlie
5495: Health Insurance Coverage and Risky Health Behaviors Among Young Adults Downloads
Barış Yörük
5494: Wage Posting as a Positive Selection Device: Theory and Empirical Evidence Downloads
Hermann Gartner and Christian Holzner
5493: From Local to Global: External Validity in a Fertility Natural Experiment Downloads
Rajeev Dehejia, Cristian Pop-Eleches and Cyrus Samii
5492: Recent Trends in Co-Authorship in Economics: Evidence from RePEc Downloads
Katharina Rath and Klaus Wohlrabe
5491: Language Rights - A Welfare-Economics Approach Downloads
Bengt-Arne Wickström
5490: Net Foreign Asset Positions and Appreciation Expectations on the Swiss Franc and the Japanese Yen Downloads
Sophia Latsos and Gunther Schnabl
5489: Leveraged Bubbles Downloads
Oscar Jorda, Moritz Schularick and Alan Taylor
5488: Heterogeneous Economic Integration Agreement Effects Downloads
Scott L. Baier, Jeffrey Bergstrand and Matthew W. Clance
5487: Pareto Improving Climate Policies: Distributing the Benefits across Generations and Regions Downloads
Michael Hoel, Sverre Kittelsen and Snorre Kverndokk
5486: The Nature of Conflict Downloads
Cemal Eren Arbath, Quamrul Ashraf and Oded Galor
5485: The Complementary between Technology and Human Capital in the Early Phase of Industrialization Downloads
Raphael Franck and Oded Galor
5484: Why is Measured Productivity so Low in Agriculture? Downloads
Berthold Herrendorf and Todd Schoellman
5483: Collective versus Decentralized Wage Bargaining and the Efficient Allocation of Resources Downloads
Xiaoming Cai, Pieter Gautier and Makoto Watanabe
5482: Carbon Tax Burdens on Low-Income Households: A Reason for Delaying Climate Policy? Downloads
Ian Parry
5481: Trade, Factor Mobility and the Extent of Economic Integration: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Irena Mikolajun and Jean-Marie Viaene
5480: Why Academic Quality in Higher Education Declines Downloads
Volker Meier and Ioana Schiopu
5479: The Taxation of Superstars Downloads
Florian Scheuer and Iván Werning
5478: Fuel Efficiency Improvements - Feedback Mechanisms and Distributional Effects in the Oil Market Downloads
Finn Roar Aune, Ann Christin Bøeng, Snorre Kverndokk, Lars Lindholt and Knut Einar Rosendahl
5477: The Employment Effect of Reforming a Public Employment Agency Downloads
Andrey Launov and Klaus Wälde
5476: Estimating Equilibrium Effects of Job Search Assistance Downloads
Pieter Gautier, Paul Muller, Bas van der Klaauw, Michael Rosholm and Michael Svarer
5475: On the Allocation of Time - A Quantitative Analysis of the U.S. and France Downloads
Georg Duernecker and Berthold Herrendorf
5474: Efficiency and Labor Market Dynamics in a Model of Labor Selection Downloads
Sanjay Chugh and Christian Merkl
5473: Is Optimal Monetary Policy Always Optimal? Downloads
Troy Davig and Refet Gürkaynak
5472: Input Trade Liberalisation and Wage-inequality with Non-traded Goods Downloads
Soumyatanu Mukherjee
5471: On the Cyclicity of Regional House Prices: New Evidence for U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas Downloads
Michael Flor and Torben Klarl
5470: Africa's Skill Tragedy: Does Teachers' Lack of Knowledge Lead to Low Student Performance? Downloads
Jan Bietenbeck, Marc Piopiunik and Simon Wiederhold
5469: Price Regulation and Parallel Imports of Pharmaceuticals Downloads
Kurt R. Brekke, Tor Helge Holmås and Odd Straume
5468: Measuring Uncertainty of a Combined Forecast and Some Tests for Forecaster Heterogeneity Downloads
Kajal Lahiri, Huaming Peng and Xuguang Sheng
5467: Net Neutrality and Internet Fragmentation: The Role of Online Advertising Downloads
Anna D'Annunzio and Antonio Russo
5466: Exploring the Dark Side of Tax Policy: An Analysis of the Interactions between Fiscal Illusion and the Shadow Economy Downloads
Andreas Buehn, Roberto Dell'Anno and Friedrich Schneider
5465: A Model of Rush-Hour Traffic in an Isotropic Downtown Area Downloads
Richard Arnott, Anatolii Kokoza and Mehdi Naji
5464: Closed-Form Integrated Assessment and Uncertainty Downloads
Christian Traeger
5463: The Cost of Well-being Downloads
Anna Pettini, Vincenzo Patrizii and Giuliano Resce
5462: Relational Incentive Contracts with Persistent Private Information Downloads
James Malcomson
5461: The Limits of Lending: Banks and Technology Adoption across Russia Downloads
Çağatay Bircan and Ralph De Haas
5460: Atlantic versus Pacific Agreement in Agri-food Sectors: Does the Winner Take it All? Downloads
Anne-Célia Disdier, Charlotte Emlinger and Jean Fouré
5459: Mitigating Carbon Leakage: Combining Output-Based Rebating with a Consumption Tax Downloads
Christoph Böhringer, Knut Einar Rosendahl and Halvor Briseid Storrøsten
5458: What if Firms Could Borrow More? Evidence from a Natural Experiment Downloads
James R. Brown, Gustav Martinsson and Christian Thomann
5457: Achieving Sustainable Energy Security: 2030 Outlook for ASEAN, People Republic of China and India Downloads
Ying Fan and Biswanath Bhattacharyay
5456: Wider Boundaries: The Welfare State and International Remittances Downloads
J. Atsu Amegashie and Michael Batu
5455: Exports and Capacity Constraints: Evidence for Several Euro Area Countries Downloads
Ansgar Belke, Anne Oeking and Ralph Setzer
5454: Weak Markets, Strong Teachers: Recession at Career Start and Teacher Effectiveness Downloads
Markus Nagler, Marc Piopiunik and Martin R. West
5453: Genetic Distance and International Migrant Selection Downloads
Tim Krieger, Laura Renner and Jens Ruhose
5452: Optimal Organization of Financial Intermediaries Downloads
Spiros Bougheas and Tianxi Wang
5451: The Modality of Fiscal Consolidation and Current Account Adjustment Downloads
Antonis Adam and Thomas Moutos
5450: Introducing an IP Licence Box in Switzerland: Quantifying the Effects Downloads
Florian Chatagny, Marko Köthenbürger and Michael Stimmelmayr
5449: The Impact of Thin Capitalization Rules on the Location of Multinational Firms' Foreign Affiliates Downloads
Valeria Merlo, Nadine Riedel and Georg Wamser
5448: Should We Give Up After Solyndra? Optimal Technology R&D Portfolios under Uncertainty Downloads
Mort D. Webster, Karen Fisher-Vanden, David Popp and Nidhi R. Santen
5447: How Trust in Social Dilemmas Evolves with Age Downloads
Martin Kocher
5446: Growth and Trade with Frictions: A Structural Estimation Framework Downloads
James Anderson, Mario Larch and Yoto Yotov
5445: Dynamic Spatial Panel Models: Networks, Common Shocks, and Sequential Exogeneity Downloads
Guido Kuersteiner and Ingmar Prucha
5444: Conditional Cooperation and Betrayal Aversion Downloads
Robin Cubitt, Simon Gaechter and Simone Quercia
5443: Selling to the Mean Downloads
Nenad Kos and Matthias Messner
5442: Using Scientific Publications to Evaluate Government R&D Spending: The Case of Energy Downloads
David Popp
5441: The Standard Portfolio Choice Problem in Germany Downloads
Steffen Huck, Tobias Schmidt and Georg Weizsäcker
5440: Let Bygones be Bygones? Socialist Regimes and Personalities in Germany Downloads
Tim Friehe, Markus Pannenberg and Michael Wedow
5439: Aid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China's Foreign Assistance Downloads
Axel Dreher, Andreas Fuchs, Roland Hodler, Bradley C. Parks, Paul Raschky and Michael J. Tierney
5438: Railways and the Productivity Gap in Italy: Persistence and Divergence after Unification Downloads
Nicola Pontarollo and Roberto Ricciuti
5437: Happiness and Religion Downloads
Jan Fidrmuc and Cigdem Tunali
5436: On the Implications of Introducing Cross-Border Loss-Offset in the European Union Downloads
Zarko Kalamov and Marco Runkel
5435: Designing Efficient College and Tax Policies Downloads
Sebastian Findeisen and Dominik Sachs
5434: Is there a Debt-Threshold Effect on Output Growth? Downloads
Alexander Chudik, Kamiar Mohaddes, M Pesaran and Mehdi Raissi
5433: The Importance of Geographic Access for the Impact of Microfinance Downloads
Nargiza Alimukhamedova, Randall Filer and Jan Hanousek
5432: Biological Well-Being in Late 19th Century Philippines Downloads
Jean-Pascal Bassino, Marion Dovis and John Komlos
5431: The Evaluation of Pension Reforms in the Public Sector: A Case Study of the Paris Subway Drivers Downloads
Touria Jaaidane and Robert Gary-Bobo
5430: Unemployment Insurance in Unionized Labor Markets: Neither Ghent nor Centralized Downloads
David Saha and Ronnie Schöb
5429: Risk, Intermediate Input Prices and Missing Deflation During the Great Recession Downloads
Engin Kara and Ahmed Jamal Pirzada
5428: Quasi Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Spatial Models with Heterogeneous Coefficients Downloads
Michele Aquaro, Natalia Bailey and M Pesaran
5427: Informal Care and the Great Recession Downloads
Joan Costa-i-Font, Martin Karlsson and Henning Øien
5426: Quality vs. Quantity in Information Transmission: Theory and Experimental Evidence Downloads
Jonathan Lafky and Alistair J. Wilson
5425: Dismissal Disputes and Endogenous Sorting Downloads
Pietro Garibaldi and Gerard Pfann
5424: SMEs and Access to Bank Credit: Evidence on the Regional Propagation of the Financial Crisis in the UK Downloads
Hans Degryse, Kent Matthews and Tianshu Zhao
5423: Social Capital and Crises with an Application to Iceland Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason
5422: Sovereign Debt Relief and its Aftermath Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Christoph Trebesch
5421: Inflation, Endogenous Market Segmentation and the Term Structure of Interest Rates Downloads
Casper De Vries and Xuedong Wang
5420: The Ambiguity Triangle: Uncovering Fundamental Patterns of Behavior Under Uncertainty Downloads
Daniel Burghart, Thomas Epper and Ernst Fehr
5419: Weapons of Choice Downloads
Axel Dreher and Merle Kreibaum
5418: Push-Me Pull-You: Comparative Advertising in the OTC Analgesics Industry Downloads
Simon Anderson, Federico Ciliberto, Jura Liaukonyte and Régis Renault
5417: Agricultural Trade, Biodiversity Effects and Food Price Volatility Downloads
Cecilia Bellora and Jean-Marc Bourgeon
5416: Patent Boxes Design, Patents Location and Local R&D Downloads
Annette Alstadsæter, Salvador Barrios, Gaëtan Nicodème, Agnieszka Skonieczna and Antonio Vezzani
5415: Voter Confirmation Bias and Electoral Accountability Downloads
Ben Lockwood
5414: At Your Service! The Role of Tax Havens in International Trade with Services Downloads
Shafik Hebous and Niels Johannesen
5413: Dynamic Incentives and Markov Perfection: Putting the 'Conditional' in Conditional Cooperation Downloads
Emanuel Vespa and Alistair J. Wilson
5412: European Identity and Redistributive Preferences Downloads
Joan Costa-i-Font and Frank Cowell
5411: Human Capital Quality and Aggregate Income Differences: Development Accounting for U.S. States Downloads
Eric Hanushek, Jens Ruhose and Ludger Woessmann
5410: To Pool or not to Pool: Revisited Downloads
M Pesaran and Qiankun Zhou
5409: This Mine is Mine! How Minerals Fuel Conflicts in Africa Downloads
Nicolas Berman, Mathieu Couttenier, Dominic Rohner and Mathias Thoenig
5408: Going Offshore: Investments in German Wind Energy under Uncertainty Downloads
Yu-Fu Chen and Michael Funke
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