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5582: Monetary Policy in Turkey after Central Bank Independence Downloads
Refet Gürkaynak, Zeynep Kantur, M. Anil Tas and Seçil Yildirim
5581: An Unemployment Insurance Scheme for the Euro Area? A Comparison of Different Alternatives Using Micro Data Downloads
Mathias Dolls, Clemens Fuest, Dirk Neumann and Andreas Peichl
5580: Assessing Market (Dis)Integration in Early Modern China and Europe Downloads
Daniel M. Bernhofen, Markus Eberhardt, Jianan Li and Stephen Morgan
5579: An Economist's Perspective on Student Loans in the United States Downloads
Susan Dynarski
5578: 'Hold that Ghost': Using Notches to Identify Manipulation of Population-Based Grants Downloads
Dirk Foremny, Jordi Jofre-Monseny and Albert Solé-Ollé
5577: Dark Costs, Missing Data: Shedding Some Light on Services Trade Downloads
James Anderson, Ingo Borchert, Aaditya Mattoo and Yoto Yotov
5576: Are Sociocultural Factors Important for Studying a Science University Major? Downloads
Volker Grossmann, Aderonke Osikominu and Marius Osterfeld
5575: Matching on Bipartite Graphs Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Hans Haller
5574: Strategic Currency Choice in International Trade Downloads
Maria Sokolova
5573: Stock Market Cycles and Supply Side Dynamics: Two Worlds, One Vision? Downloads
Paul De Grauwe and Eddie Gerba
5572: Female Migration: A Way out of Discrimination? Downloads
Ilse Ruyssen and Sara Salomone
5571: Mexican and Hispanic Net Nutrition in the 19th Century American West Downloads
Scott A. Carson
5570: Technology and Education: Computers, Software, and the Internet Downloads
George Bulman and Robert Fairlie
5569: The Efficiency Costs of Dividend Taxation with Managerial Firms Downloads
Marko Köthenbürger and Michael Stimmelmayr
5568: Income Dependent Equivalence Scales, Inequality, and Poverty Downloads
Christian Dudel, Jan Marvin Garbuszus, Notburga Ott and Martin Werding
5567: Self-Selection of Emigrants: Theory and Evidence on Stochastic Dominance in Observable and Unobservable Characteristics Downloads
George J. Borjas, Ilpo Kauppinen and Panu Poutvaara
5566: Earthquakes, Religion, and Transition to Self-Government in Italian Cities Downloads
Marianna Belloc, Francesco Drago and Roberto Galbiati
5565: Exposure to Female Colleagues Breaks the Glass Ceiling - Evidence from a Combined Vignette and Field Experiment Downloads
Henning Finseraas, Åshild A. Johnsen, Andreas Kotsadam and Gaute Torsvik
5564: Debt Stabilization and Debt Mutualization in a Monetary Union with Endogenous Risk Premia Downloads
Jacob Engwerda, Bas van Aarle and Arie Weeren
5563: Government Size, Trade Openness, and Output Volatility: A Case of Fully Integrated Economies Downloads
Eiji Fujii
5562: Compliance Technology and Self-Enforcing Agreements Downloads
Bard Harstad, Francesco Lancia and Alessia Russo
5561: Optimal Debt Bias in Corporate Income Taxation Downloads
Jenny Simon
5560: Advance-Purchase Financing of Projects with Few Buyers Downloads
Marco Sahm
5559: Cointegration of Matched Home Purchases and Rental Price Indexes - Evidence from Sinpagore Downloads
Badi Baltagi and Jing Li
5558: The Political Economy of Cordon Tolls Downloads
Bruno De Borger and Antonio Russo
5557: Beyond Balassa and Samuelson: Real Convergence, Capital Flows, and Competitiveness in Greece Downloads
Ansgar Belke, Ulrich Haskamp, Gunther Schnabl and Holger Zemanek
5556: Hyperbolic Memory Discounting and the Political Business Cycle Downloads
T. Scott Findley
5555: Tax Competition and the Efficiency of "Benefit-Related" Business Taxes Downloads
Elisabeth Gugl and George Zodrow
5554: Sending the Pork Home: Birth Town Bias in Transfers to Italian Municipalities Downloads
Felipe Carozzi and Luca Repetto
5553: Going to Extremes: Politics after Financial Crises, 1870-2014 Downloads
Manuel Funke, Moritz Schularick and Christoph Trebesch
5552: Structural Transformation, Marketization, and Household Production around the World Downloads
Benjamin Bridgman, Georg Duernecker and Berthold Herrendorf
5551: Macro News and Commodity Returns Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Fabio Spagnolo and Nicola Spagnolo
5550: The Pass-Through of Exchange Rate in the Context of the European Sovereign Debt Crisis Downloads
Nidhaleddine Ben Cheikh and Christophe Rault
5549: Offshoring and Skill-upgrading in French Manufacturing: A Heckscher-Ohlin-Melitz View Downloads
Juan Carluccio, Alejandro Cunat, Harald Fadinger and Christian Fons-Rosen
5548: Technological Transfers in Global Climate Policy Downloads
Wolfgang Buchholz, Lisa Dippl and Michael Eichenseer
5547: The Bounty of the Sea and Long-Run Development Downloads
Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Anne Sofie B. Knudsen and Pablo Selaya
5546: Direct Evidence for Income Comparisons and Subjective Well-Being across Reference Groups Downloads
Laszlo Goerke and Markus Pannenberg
5545: Does the Field of Study Influence Students' Political Attitudes? Downloads
Mira Fischer, Björn Kauder, Niklas Potrafke and Heinrich Ursprung
5544: What Drives Home Market Advantage? Downloads
A. Kerem Cosar, Paul L. E. Grieco, Shengyu Li and Felix Tintelnot
5543: Policy Innovations, Political Preferences, and Cartel Prosecutions Downloads
Vivek Ghosal and D. Daniel Sokol
5542: More Effort with Less Pay: On Information Avoidance, Belief Design and Performance Downloads
Steffen Huck, Nora Szech and Lukas M. Wenner
5541: Robust Bond Risk Premia Downloads
Michael Bauer and James D. Hamilton
5540: Lifting the Iron Curtain: School-age Education and Entrepreneurial Intentions Downloads
Oliver Falck, Robert Gold and Stephan Heblich
5539: The Ponds Dilemma Downloads
John Morgan, Dana Sisak and Felix Vardy
5538: Modeling Uncertainty in Climate Change: A Multi-Model Comparison Downloads
Kenneth Gillingham, William Nordhaus, David Anthoff, Geoffrey Blanford, Valentina Bosetti, Peter Christensen, Haewon McJeon, John Reilly and Paul Sztorc
5537: Racial Discrimination in Local Public Services: A Field Experiment in the US Downloads
Corrado Giulietti, Mirco Tonin and Michael Vlassopoulos
5536: A Model of Patent Trolls Downloads
Jay Choi and Heiko Gerlach
5535: On the Roles of Different Foreign Currencies in European Bank Lending Downloads
Signe Krogstrup and Cédric Tille
5534: Local Favoritism in At-large Proportional Representation Systems Downloads
Jon Fiva and Askill Halse
5533: Time Preferences, Study Effort, and Academic Performance Downloads
Arjan Non and Dirk Tempelaar
5532: The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior: Experimental Evidence from Children's Intertemporal Choices Downloads
Matthias Sutter, Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler and Philipp Lergetporer
5531: Estimating VAT Pass Through Downloads
Dora Benedek, Ruud de Mooij, Michael Keen and Philippe Wingender
5530: A Concise Bibliography of Language Economics Downloads
Michele Gazzola, Grin François and Bengt-Arne Wickström
5529: Explaining the Body Mass Index Gaps between Turkish Immigrants and Germans in West Germany 2002-2012: A Decomposition Analysis of Socio-economic Causes Downloads
Rui Dang
5528: Petty Corruption and Citizen Reports Downloads
Charles Angelucci and Antonio Russo
5527: Diversification, Risk Aversion and Expectation in a Holdout Scenario Downloads
Wolfgang Eggert, Maximilian Stephan, Janine Temme and Handirk von Ungern-Sternberg
5526: Gender Quotas, Competitions, and Peer Review: Experimental Evidence on the Backlash Against Women Downloads
Andreas Leibbrandt, Liang Wang and Cordelia Foo
5525: Institutions, Shared Guilt, and Moral Transgression Downloads
Dominik Rothenhäusler, Nikolaus Schweizer and Nora Szech
5524: No Place Like Home? Graduate Migration in Germany Downloads
Tina Haussen and Silke Uebelmesser
5523: Linkages between the US and European Stock Markets: A Fractional Cointegration Approach Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Luis Gil-Alana and C. James Orlando
5522: Globalization, Inequality, and Redistribution:Theory and Evidence Downloads
Giray Gözgör and Priya Ranjan
5521: Do Banks Pass Through Credit Expansions? The Marginal Profitability of Consumer Lending During the Great Recession Downloads
Sumit Agarwal, Souphala Chomsisengphet, Neale Mahoney and Johannes Ströbel
5520: Litigation and the Timing of Settlement: Evidence from Commercial Disputes Downloads
Peter Grajzl and Katarina Zajc
5519: External Debt and International Trade: Another Mismatch Downloads
Eiji Fujii
5518: Behavioral Responses to Local Tax Rates: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from a Foreigners' Tax Scheme in Switzerland Downloads
Kurt Schmidheiny and Michaela Slotwinski
5517: Top Incomes, Rising Inequality, and Welfare Downloads
Kevin Lansing and Agnieszka Markiewicz
5516: Earmarking and the Political Support of Fat Taxes Downloads
Helmuth Cremer, Catarina Goulão and Kerstin Roeder
5515: Aid and Growth. New Evidence Using an Excludable Instrument Downloads
Axel Dreher and Sarah Langlotz
5514: The Efficiency of Educational Production: A Comparison of the Nordic Countries with other OECD Countries Downloads
Peter Bogetoft, Eskil Heinesen and Torben Tranaes
5513: Analyzing Systemic Risk in the Chinese Banking System Downloads
Qiubin Huang, Jakob de Haan and Bert Scholtens
5512: Supermajorities and Political Rent Extraction Downloads
Björn Kauder and Niklas Potrafke
5511: How Can a Country 'Graduate' from Procyclical Fiscal Policy? Evidence from China Downloads
Clemens Fuest and Jing Xing
5510: On the Composition of Public Spending and Taxes Downloads
George Economides, Hyun Park, Apostolis Philippopoulos and Stylianos Sakkas
5509: Decision Initiation, Decision Implementation, and the Allocation of Decision Rights Downloads
Randolph Sloof and Ferdinand von Siemens
5508: Vote Buying or (Political) Business (Cycles) as Usual? Downloads
Toke Aidt, Zareh Asatryan, Lusine Badalyan and Friedrich Heinemann
5507: Monitoring, Cross Subsidies, and Universal Banking Downloads
Jay Choi and Christodoulos Stefanadis
5506: Workforce Location and Equilibrium Unemployment in a Duocentric Economy with Matching Frictions Downloads
Etienne Lehmann, Paola Liliana Montero Ledezma and Bruno Van der Linden
5505: Political Institutions and Government Spending Behavior: Theory and Evidence from Iran Downloads
Sajjad Faraji Dizaji, Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Alireza Naghavi
5504: Competition and Innovation in Automobile Markets Downloads
Vivek Ghosal and Jiayao Ni
5503: Banking and Industrialization Downloads
Stephan Heblich and Alex Trew
5502: Convenient Flight Connections vs. Airport Congestion - Modeling the 'Rolling Hub' Downloads
Jan K. Brueckner and Ming Hsin Lin
5501: Revenues and Welfare in Auctions with Information Release Downloads
Nikolaus Schweizer and Nora Szech
5500: Tax vs. Regulation Policy and the Location of Financial Sector FDI Downloads
Julia Merz, Michael Overesch and Georg Wamser
5499: Nineteenth Century Weight in the United States: Revaluating Net Nutrition during Economic Development Downloads
Scott A. Carson
5498: Wealth Inequality and Homeownership in Europe Downloads
Leo Kaas, Georgi Kocharkov and Edgar Preugschat
5497: Tax Evasion and Economic Crime. Empirical Evidence for Italy Downloads
Amedeo Argentiero, Bruno Chiarini and Elisabetta Marzano
5496: Do Boys and Girls Use Computers Differently, and Does it Contribute to why Boys Do Worse in School than Girls? Downloads
Robert Fairlie
5495: Health Insurance Coverage and Risky Health Behaviors Among Young Adults Downloads
Barış Yörük
5494: Wage Posting as a Positive Selection Device: Theory and Empirical Evidence Downloads
Hermann Gartner and Christian Holzner
5493: From Local to Global: External Validity in a Fertility Natural Experiment Downloads
Rajeev Dehejia, Cristian Pop-Eleches and Cyrus Samii
5492: Recent Trends in Co-Authorship in Economics: Evidence from RePEc Downloads
Katharina Rath and Klaus Wohlrabe
5491: Language Rights - A Welfare-Economics Approach Downloads
Bengt-Arne Wickström
5490: Net Foreign Asset Positions and Appreciation Expectations on the Swiss Franc and the Japanese Yen Downloads
Sophia Latsos and Gunther Schnabl
5489: Leveraged Bubbles Downloads
Oscar Jorda, Moritz Schularick and Alan Taylor
5488: Heterogeneous Economic Integration Agreement Effects Downloads
Scott L. Baier, Jeffrey Bergstrand and Matthew W. Clance
5487: Pareto Improving Climate Policies: Distributing the Benefits across Generations and Regions Downloads
Michael Hoel, Sverre Kittelsen and Snorre Kverndokk
5486: The Nature of Conflict Downloads
Cemal Eren Arbath, Quamrul Ashraf and Oded Galor
5485: The Complementary between Technology and Human Capital in the Early Phase of Industrialization Downloads
Raphael Franck and Oded Galor
5484: Why is Measured Productivity so Low in Agriculture? Downloads
Berthold Herrendorf and Todd Schoellman
5483: Collective versus Decentralized Wage Bargaining and the Efficient Allocation of Resources Downloads
Xiaoming Cai, Pieter Gautier and Makoto Watanabe
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