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4323: The Impact of Taxation on International Assignment Decisions - A Principal-Agent Approach Downloads
Jan Thomas Martini and Rainer Niemann
4322: The Effect of Temporary Migration Experience on Occupational Mobility in Estonia Downloads
Jaan Masso, Raul Eamets and Pille Mõtsmees
4321: Centralized Fiscal Spending by Supranational Unions Downloads
Jenny Simon and Justin Mattias Valasek
4320: Probabilistic Procurement Auctions Downloads
Thomas Giebe and Paul Schweinzer
4319: Quantifying the Economic Effects of an EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement Downloads
Sebastian Benz and Erdal Yalcin
4318: Relative Consumption, Working Time, and Trade Unions Downloads
Laszlo Goerke and Inga Hillesheim
4317: Getting People into Work: What (if Anything) Can Justify Mandatory Activation of Welfare Recipients? Downloads
Anders Molander and Gaute Torsvik
4316: Does Willful Ignorance Deflect Punishment? - An Experimental Study Downloads
Björn Bartling, Florian Engl and Roberto Weber
4315: Unemployment and Domestic Violence: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Dan Anderberg, Helmut Rainer, Jonathan Wadsworth and Tanya Wilson
4314: Donor Ideology and Types of Foreign Aid Downloads
Viktor Brech and Niklas Potrafke
4313: Credit Constraints and FDI Spillovers in China Downloads
Natasha Agarwal, Chris Milner and Alejandro Riaño
4312: Business Decision-Making under Uncertainty: Evidence from Employment and Number of Businesses Downloads
Vivek Ghosal and Yang Ye
4311: Cross-Border Effects of Fiscal Consolidations: Estimates Based on Narrative Records Downloads
Shafik Hebous and Tom Zimmermann
4310: Trust in Government and Fiscal Adjustments Downloads
Dirk Bursian, Alfons Weichenrieder and Jochen Zimmer
4309: Employee Referral, Social Proximity and Worker Discipline: Theory and Evidence from India Downloads
Amrita Dhillon, Vegard Iversen and Gaute Torsvik
4308: Politics and IMF Conditionality Downloads
Axel Dreher, Jan-Egbert Sturm and James Vreeland
4307: Multitasking and Wages Downloads
Dennis Görlich and Dennis Snower
4306: Evidence on the Political Principal-Agent Problem from Voting on Public Finance for Concert Halls Downloads
Niklas Potrafke
4305: Normative Analysis with Societal Constraints Downloads
Robin Boadway and Nicolas-Guillaume Martineau
4304: Introducing Activity-Based Payment in the Hospital Industry: Evidence from French Data Downloads
Philippe Choné, Franck Evain, Lionel Wilner and Engin Yilmaz
4303: Exchange Rate Volatility, Financial Constraints and Trade: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Firms Downloads
Jérôme Héricourt and Sandra Poncet
4302: Preferences, Selection, and Value Added: A Structural Approach Applied to Turkish Exam High Schools Downloads
Pelin Akyol S., Veronica Frisancho, Kala Krishna and Cemile Yavas
4301: Homevoters vs. Leasevoters: A Spatial Analysis of Airport Effects Downloads
Gabriel Ahlfeldt and Wolfgang Maennig
4300: Organizations, Diffused Pivotality and Immoral Outcomes Downloads
Armin Falk and Nora Szech
4299: Geopolitics, Aid and Growth Downloads
Axel Dreher, Vera Eichenauer and Kai Gehring
4298: Income Inequality and Export Prices across Countries Downloads
Lisandra Flach and Eckhard Janeba
4297: Explosive Target Balances Downloads
Niklas Potrafke and Markus Reischmann
4296: The Market for Conservation and Other Hostages Downloads
Bard Harstad
4295: Consumers' Complaints, the Nature of Corruption, and Social Welfare Downloads
J. Atsu Amegashie
4294: Economic Policy Uncertainty, Trust and Inflation Expectations Downloads
Klodiana Istrefi and Anamaria Piloiu
4293: Persistence of High Income Inequality and Banking Crises: 1980-2010 Downloads
Giorgio Bellettini and Flavio Delbono
4292: Universal Intellectual Property Rights: Too Much of a Good Thing? Downloads
Emmanuelle Auriol, Sara Biancini and Rodrigo Paillacar
4291: The Impact of Entry Regulation on Total Welfare: A Policy Experiment Downloads
An-Hsiang Liu, Ralph Siebert and Christine Zulehner
4290: Dynamic Models of R&D, Innovation and Productivity: Panel Data Evidence for Dutch and French Manufacturing Downloads
Wladimir Raymond, Jacques Mairesse, Pierre Mohnen and Franz Palm
4289: The Influence of Child Care on Maternal Health and Mother-Child Interaction Downloads
Alexandra Kröll and Rainald Borck
4288: The Impact of Macro News and Central Bank Communication on Emerging European Forex Markets Downloads
Balázs Égert and Evžen Kočenda
4287: Renewed Momentum in the German Housing Market: Boom or Bubble? Downloads
Xi Chen and Michael Funke
4286: National Minimum Wage and Employment of Young Workers in the UK Downloads
Jan Fidrmuc and Juan de Dios Tena
4285: The Trade-off between Intra- and Intergenerational Equity in Climate Policy Downloads
Snorre Kverndokk, Eric Nævdal and Linda Nøstbakken
4284: Do Political Parties Matter for Local Land Use Policies? Downloads
Albert Solé-Ollé and Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal
4283: What is European Integration Really About? A Political Guide for Economists Downloads
Enrico Spolaore
4282: Wars of Conquest and Independence Downloads
Roland Hodler and Hadi Yektas
4281: Credit Shocks and Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Emerging Markets Downloads
Romain Houssa, Jolan Mohimont and Christopher Otrok
4280: Financing Public Capital through Land Rent Taxation: A Macroeconomic Henry George Theorem Downloads
Linus Mattauch, Jan Siegmeier, Ottmar Edenhofer and Felix Creutzig
4279: Optimal Student Loans and Graduate Tax under Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection Downloads
Robert Gary-Bobo and Alain Trannoy
4278: Policies against Human Trafficking: The Role of Religion and Political Institutions Downloads
Niklas Potrafke
4277: Investment in Broadband Infrastructure Under Local Deregulation: Evidence from the U.K. Broadband Market Downloads
Nadine Fabritz and Oliver Falck
4276: Intrinsic Motivations of Public Sector Employees: Evidence for Germany Downloads
Robert Dur and Robin Zoutenbier
4275: Measuring Alpha in the Fund Management Industry: Do Female Managers Perform Better? Downloads
Vassilios Babalos, Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Nikolaos Philippas
4274: Home with Mom: The Effects of Stay-at-Home Parents on Children's Long-Run Educational Outcomes Downloads
Eric Bettinger, Torbjørn Hægeland and Mari Rege
4273: Systematic Consumption Risk in Currency Returns Downloads
Mathias Hoffmann and Rahel Studer-Suter
4272: Central Banking and Financial Stability in the Long Run Downloads
Jin Cao and Lorán Chollete
4271: Worker Identity, Employment Fluctuations and Stabilization Policy Downloads
Wolfgang Lechthaler and Dennis Snower
4270: Low Altruism, Austerity, and Aversion to Default: Are Countries Converging to the Natural Debt Limit? Downloads
Henning Bohn
4269: Sector Specific News Shocks in Aggregate and Sectoral Fluctuations Downloads
Christoph Görtz and John Tsoukalas
4268: Black and White Body Mass Index Values in Developing 19th Century Nebraska Downloads
Scott A. Carson
4267: Bank Capital Regulation with an Opportunistic Rating Agency Downloads
Matthias Efing
4266: The Role of Standards in Eco-innovation: Lessons for Policymakers Downloads
Herman R.J. Vollebergh and Edwin van der Werf
4265: The Power to Pass on Taxes - A Test for Tax Shifting Based on Observables Downloads
Mario Jametti, Agustin Redonda and Anindya Sen
4264: Oil Prices, Exchange Rates and Asset Prices Downloads
Marcel Fratzscher, Daniel Schneider and Ine Van Robays
4263: Recession Depression: Mental Health Effects of the 2008 Stock Market Crash Downloads
Melissa McInerney, Jennifer Mellor and Lauren Nicholas
4262: Universal Coverage on a Budget: Impacts on Health Care Utilization and Out-Of-Pocket Expenditures in Thailand Downloads
Supon Limwattananon, Sven Neelsen, Owen O'Donnell, Phusit Prakongsai, Viroj Tangcharoensathien, Eddy Van Doorslaer and Vuthiphan Vongmongkol
4261: The Predictive Power of Political Pundits: Prescient or Pitiful? Downloads
Phillip Metaxas and Andrew Leigh
4260: Effects of Psychiatric Disorders on Labor Market Outcomes: A Latent Variable Approach Using Multiple clinical Indicators Downloads
Souvik Banerjee, Pinka Chatterji and Kajal Lahiri
4259: The Impact of Tax Incentives on the Economic Activity of Entrepreneurs Downloads
Jarkko Harju and Tuomas Kosonen
4258: Does Distance Matter? Tuition Fees and Enrollment of First-Year Students at German Public Universities Downloads
Kerstin Bruckmeier, Georg-Benedikt Fischer and Berthold U. Wigger
4257: Exchange Rates and Asset Prices: Heterogeneous Agents at Work Downloads
Giulia Piccillo
4256: Tax Competition, Investment Irreversibility and the Provision of Public Goods Downloads
Michele Moretto, Paolo Panteghini and Sergio Vergalli
4255: Euro Membership and Fiscal Reaction Functions Downloads
Alfons Weichenrieder and Jochen Zimmer
4254: Do Higher Government Wages Reduce Corruption? Evidence Based on a Novel Dataset Downloads
Van Ha Le, Jakob de Haan and Erik Dietzenbacher
4253: The Exchange Rate Susceptibility of Some European Core Industries and the Currency Union Downloads
David Leuwer and Bernd Süssmuth
4252: The Intrinsic Value of Decision Rights Downloads
Björn Bartling, Ernst Fehr and Holger Herz
4251: Decomposing China's Export Growth into Extensive Margin, Export Quality and Quantity Effects Downloads
Yue Gao, John Whalley and Yonglei Ren
4250: Coworker Networks in the Labour Market Downloads
Albrecht Glitz
4249: The Macroeconomic Policy Challenges of Balance Sheet Recession: Lessons from Japan for the European Crisis Downloads
Gunther Schnabl
4248: Atkinson-Stiglitz and Ramsey Reconciled: Pareto Efficient Taxation and Pricing under a Break-Even Constraint Downloads
Helmuth Cremer and Firouz Gahvari
4247: Do Higher Corporate Taxes Reduce Wages? Micro Evidence from Germany Downloads
Clemens Fuest, Andreas Peichl and Sebastian Siegloch
4246: The Size and Scope of Government in the US States: Does Party Ideology Matter? Downloads
Christian Bjørnskov and Niklas Potrafke
4245: Same Same But Different: Dialects and Trade Downloads
Alfred Lameli, Volker Nitsch, Jens Suedekum and Nikolaus Wolf
4244: Does the European Marriage Pattern Explain Economic Growth Downloads
Tracy Dennison and Sheilagh Ogilvie
4243: Do Trade Agreements Stimulate International Trade Differently? Evidence from 296 Trade Agreements Downloads
Tristan Kohl, Steven Brakman and Harry Garretsen
4242: The 90% Public Debt Threshold: The Rise and Fall of a Stylised Fact Downloads
Balázs Égert
4241: Optimal Fiscal Policy Downloads
Jasper Lukkezen and C. N. Teulings
4240: How Should Commodities be Taxed? A Counterargument to the Recommendation in the Mirrlees Review Downloads
Spencer Bastani, Sören Blomquist and Jukka Pirttilä
4239: What You Ask is What You Get: Willingness-to-Pay for a QALY in Germany Downloads
Marlies Ahlert, Friedrich Breyer and Lars Schwettmann
4238: Forecasting Exchange Rates: An Investor Perspective Downloads
Michael Melvin, John Prins and Duncan Shand
4237: The Effects of Tuition Fees on Transition from High School to University in Germany Downloads
Kerstin Bruckmeier and Berthold U. Wigger
4236: Greenspan Shrugs: Central Bank Communication, Formal Pronouncements and Bond Market Volatility Downloads
Bob Chirinko and Christopher Curran
4235: Does Bilateral Trust Affect International Movement of Goods and Labor Downloads
Eva Spring and Volker Grossmann
4234: Exchange Rate Uncertainty and International Portfolio Flows Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Faek Menla Ali and Nicola Spagnolo
4233: Negative Campaigning in a Probabilistic Voting Model Downloads
Jan Brueckner and Kangoh Lee
4232: Common Correlated Effects Estimation of Heterogeneous Dynamic Panel Data Models with Weakly Exogenous Regressors Downloads
Alexander Chudik and M Pesaran
4231: Complex Tax Incentives - An Experimental Investigation Downloads
Johannes Abeler and Simon Jäger
4230: Migration into the Welfare State: Tax and Migration Competition Downloads
Assaf Razin
4229: Heterogeneous Firms in a Product Fragmentation World Downloads
Yue Gao and John Whalley
4228: Consuming your Way to Efficiency: Public Goods Provision through Non-Distortionary Tax Lotteries Downloads
Thomas Giebe and Paul Schweinzer
4227: Working for a Good Cause Downloads
Robert Dur and Robin Zoutenbier
4226: What We Can Learn about the Behavior of Firms from the average Monthly Frequency of Price-Changes: An Application to the UK CPI Data Downloads
Huw Dixon and Kun Tian
4225: Status Concerns as a Motive for Crime? Downloads
Florian Baumann and Tim Friehe
4224: Long Memory and Fractional Integration in High Frequency Data on the US Dollar / British Pound Spot Exchange Rate Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Luis Gil-Alana
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