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5300: The Role of Bounded Rationality and Imperfect Information in Subgame Perfect Implementation - An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Ernst Fehr, Richard Holden and Tom Wilkening
5299: College Expansion and Curriculum Choice Downloads
Michael Kaganovich and Xuejuan Su
5298: Immigration and Entrepreneurship Downloads
Robert Fairlie and Magnus Lofstrom
5297: Job Lock: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design Downloads
Robert Fairlie, Kanika Kapur and Susane Gates
5296: Globalization: A Woman's Best Friend? Exporters and the Gender Wage Gap Downloads
Esther Ann Bøler, Beata Javorcik and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe
5295: Why Countries Differ in Thin Capitalization Rules: The Role of Financial Development Downloads
Mohammed Mardan
5294: The Political Economy of Pricing Car Access to Downtown Commercial Districts Downloads
Bruno De Borger and Antonio Russo
5293: Goals and Rules in Central Bank Design Downloads
Carl Walsh
5292: The Tax Gradient: Spatial Aspects of Fiscal Competition Downloads
David Agrawal
5291: Generalizations of the General Lotto and Colonel Blotto Games Downloads
Dan Kovenock and Brian Roberson
5290: Asymptotic Variance of Brier (Skill) Score in the Presence of Serial Correlation Downloads
Kajal Lahiri and Liu Yang
5289: Self-Fulfilling Credit Cycles Downloads
Costas Azariadis, Leo Kaas and Yi Wen
5288: Social Cohesion, Religious Beliefs, and the Effect of Protestantism on Suicide Downloads
Sascha Becker and Ludger Woessmann
5287: Modeling Damages in Climate Policy Models: Temperature-Based or Carbon-Based? Downloads
Charles Mason and Neil Wilmot
5286: Forecasting Tail Risks Downloads
Gianni De Nicolò and Marcella Lucchetta
5285: Oil Trade and Climate Policy Downloads
Malik Curuk and Suphi Sen
5284: Private Debt Overhang and the Government Spending Multiplier: Evidence for the United States Downloads
Marco Bernardini and Gert Peersman
5283: Courts in a Transition Economy: Case Disposition and the Quantity-Quality Tradeoff in Bulgaria Downloads
Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl, Peter Grajzl, Atanas Slavov and Katarina Zajc
5282: Spillovers between Food and Energy Prices and Structural Breaks Downloads
Alanoud Al-Maadid, Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Fabio Spagnolo and Nicola Spagnolo
5281: Democracy with Group Identity Downloads
Arye L. Hillman, Kfir Metsuyanim and Niklas Potrafke
5280: Academic Achievements: Grades versus Duration Downloads
Agar Brugiavini, Carlo Carraro and Matija Kovacic
5279: Partial Fiscal Decentralization and Sub-National Government Fiscal Discipline: Empirical Evidence from OECD Countries Downloads
Zareh Asatryan, Lars Feld and Benny Geys
5278: Emission Permits and Public Pollution Abatement:: Can Decentralized Environmental Policies be Efficient? Downloads
Nikos Tsakiris, Panos Hatzipanayotou and Michael Michael
5277: Do People Anticipate Loss Aversion? Downloads
Alex Imas, Sally Sadoff and Anya Samek
5276: Environmental Tax Reform in a Federation with Rent-Induced Migration Downloads
Jean-Denis Garon and Charles Séguin
5275: Employment Protection and the Market for Innovations Downloads
Andreas Bastgen and Christian Holzner
5274: Tipping versus Cooperating to Supply a Public Good Downloads
Scott Barrett and Astrid Dannenberg
5273: Productivity, Price- and Wage-Markups: An Empirical Analysis of the Dutch Manufacturing Industry Downloads
Sara Amoroso, Bertrand Melenberg, Joseph Plasmans and Mark Vancauteren
5272: Generosity Across Contexts Downloads
Alexander L. Davis, Nadja R. Jehli, John H. Miller and Roberto Weber
5271: The Effects of Systemic Banking Crises in the Inter-War Period Downloads
Bruno Rocha and Solomos Solomou
5270: Optimum Commodity Taxation with a Non-Renewable Resource Downloads
Julien Daubanes and Pierre Lasserre
5269: Inventory Control and Intermediation in Global Supply Chains Downloads
Zhan Qu, Horst Raff and Nicolas Schmitt
5268: Auctions vs. Negotiations: The Effects of Inefficient Renegotiation Downloads
Fabian Herweg and Klaus Schmidt
5267: Pocketbook Voting and Social Preferences in Referenda Downloads
Johannes Meya, Panu Poutvaara and Robert Schwager
5266: Virtually No Effect? Different Uses of Classroom Computers and their Effect on Student Achievement Downloads
Oliver Falck, Constantin Mang and Ludger Woessmann
5265: Optimal Income Taxation when Skills and Behavioral Elasticities are Heterogeneous Downloads
Laurence Jacquet and Etienne Lehmann
5264: Why do Europeans Work Less than Americans? Public Consumption and Welfare Benefits as a Cause of the North-Atlantic Divide Downloads
Axel Hall and Gylfi Zoega
5263: The Multinational Wage Premium and Wage Dynamics Downloads
Gianluca Orefice, Nicholas Sly and Farid Toubal
5262: Do Stringent Environmental Policies Deter FDI? M&A versus Greenfield Downloads
Sylwia Bialek and Alfons Weichenrieder
5261: Ambiguity Aversion is the Exception Downloads
Martin Kocher, Amrei M. Lahno and Stefan Trautmann
5260: Financial Frictions and Foreign Direct Investment: Theory and Evidence from Japanese Microdata Downloads
Horst Raff, Michael Ryan and Frank Stähler
5259: Team Production, Gender Diversity, and Male Courtship Behavior Downloads
Ferdinand von Siemens
5258: Frustration and Anger in Games Downloads
Pierpaolo Battigalli, Martin Dufwenberg and Alec Smith
5257: Around the World with Irving Fisher Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason, Helgi Tómasson and Gylfi Zoega
5256: The Scope of Auctions in the Presence of Downstream Interactions and Information Externalities Downloads
Onur Koska, Ilke Onur and Frank Stähler
5255: A Normative Justification of Compulsory Education Downloads
Alessandro Balestrino, Lisa Grazzini and Annalisa Luporini
5254: Apprenticeship, Vocational Training and Early Labor Market Outcomes - in East and West Germany Downloads
Regina Riphahn and Michael Zibrowius
5253: Loan Loss Provision: Some Empirical Evidence for Italian Banks Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Matteo Alessi, Stefano Di Colli and Juan Sergio Lopez
5252: Monetary Policy with Diverse Private Expectations Downloads
Mordecai Kurz, Maurizio Motolese, Giulia Piccillo and Howei Wu
5251: The Estimation of Multi-dimensional Fixed Effects Panel Data Models Downloads
Laszlo Balazsi, Laszlo Matyas and Tom J. Wansbeek
5250: Do Economic Crises Lead Tourists to Closer Destinations? An Analysis of Italy's Regional Data Downloads
Gianluca Cafiso, Roberto Cellini and Tiziana Cuccia
5249: Complementarities of HRM Practices - A Case for Employing Multiple Methods and Integrating Multiple Fields Downloads
Florian Englmaier and Katharina Schüßler
5248: Does Early Educational Tracking Increase Migrant-Native Achievement Gaps? Differences-In-Differences Evidence Across Countries Downloads
Jens Ruhose and Guido Schwerdt
5247: The Political Economy of European Integration Downloads
Enrico Spolaore
5246: The Peculiar Power of Pairs Downloads
Markus Sass and Joachim Weimann
5245: Labor Market Equilibrium with Public Employment Agency Downloads
Christian Holzner and Makoto Watanabe
5244: Fiscal Transfers in a Monetary Union with Exit Option Downloads
Carsten Hefeker and Michael Neugart
5243: Voodoo versus Fishing Committees: The Role of Traditional and Contemporary Institutions in Fisheries Management Downloads
Elena Briones Alonso, Romain Houssa and Marijke Verpoorten
5242: Beauty Premium and Marriage Premium in Search Equilibrium: Theory and Empirical Test Downloads
Roberto Bonilla, Francis Kiraly and John Wildman
5241: Restrictions on Risk Prices in Dynamic Term Structure Models Downloads
Michael Bauer
5240: Scars of Recessions in a Rigid Labor Market Downloads
Bart Cockx and Corinna Ghirelli
5239: Secrecy Jurisdictions Downloads
Guttorm Schjelderup
5238: Teaching and Learning Alternatives to a Comparative Advantage Motivation for Trade Downloads
James Self and William Becker
5237: International Reserves Before and After the Global Crisis: Is There No End to Hoarding? Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Yin-Wong Cheung and Hiro Ito
5236: Supply Restrictions, Subprime Lending and Regional US House Prices Downloads
Andre Anundsen and Christian Heebøll
5235: The Design of Insurance Coverage for Medical Products under Imperfect Competition Downloads
David Bardey, Helmuth Cremer and Jean-Marie Lozachmeur
5234: The UN Goldstone Report and Retraction: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Arye L. Hillman and Niklas Potrafke
5233: The Clan and the Corporation: Sustaining Cooperation in China and Europe Downloads
Avner Greif and Guido Tabellini
5232: Modeling UK Natural Gas Prices when Gas Prices Periodically Decouple from the Oil Price Downloads
Frank Asche, Atle Oglend and Petter Osmundsen
5231: The Taxation of Foreign Profits: A Unified View Downloads
Michael Devereux, Clemens Fuest and Ben Lockwood
5230: Student Loans and the Allocation of Graduate Jobs Downloads
Alessandro Cigno and Annalisa Luporini
5229: Trust, Competition and Innovation: Theory and Evidence from German Car Manufacturers Downloads
Giacomo Calzolari, Leonardo Felli, Johannes Koenen, Giancarlo Spagnolo and Konrad O. Stahl
5228: World Price Shocks, Income, and Democratization Downloads
Benjamin Zissimos
5227: China's Anti-Dumping Problems and Mitigation through Regional Trade Agreements Downloads
Yanlin Sun and John Whalley
5226: The Female Vote and the Rise of AKP in Turkey Downloads
Jan Fidrmuc and Cigdem Tunali
5225: When and How the Punishment Must Fit the Crime Downloads
George Mailath, Volker Nocke and Lucy White
5224: Migration and Climate Change in Rural Africa Downloads
Cristina Cattaneo and Emanuele Massetti
5223: Incentive Effects of Fiscal Rules on the Finance Minister's Behaviour: Evidence from Revenue Projections in Swiss Cantons Downloads
Florian Chatagny
5222: Trade with Endogenous Transportation Costs: The Value of LNG Exports Downloads
Atle Oglend, Petter Osmundsen and Tore Kleppe
5221: Distinctively Different: A New Approach to Valuing Architectural Amenities Downloads
Gabriel Ahlfeldt and Nancy Holman
5220: Estimating Individual Ambiguity Aversion: A Simple Approach Downloads
Uri Gneezy, Alex Imas and John List
5219: Superneutrality of Money under Open Market Operations Downloads
Stefan Homburg
5218: Intentions Undercover - Hiding Intentions is Considered Unfair Downloads
Tim Friehe and Verena Utikal
5217: Trade Flows and Trade Specialisation: The Case of China Downloads
Guglielmo Maria Caporale, Anamaria Sova and Robert Sova
5216: Carbon Leakage: A Medium- and Long-Term View Downloads
Florian Habermacher
5215: Intergovernmental Grants as Signals and the Alignment Effect: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Emanuele Bracco, Benjamin Lockwood, Francesco Porcelli and Michela Redoano
5214: The Cost of Binge Drinking Downloads
Marco Francesconi and Jonathan James
5213: Securitization and Asset Prices Downloads
Yunus Aksoy and Henrique Basso
5212: When Does Inter-Jurisdictional Competition Engender a "Race to the Bottom"? A Meta-Regression Analysis Downloads
Joan Costa-i-Font, Filipe De-Albuquerque and Hristos Doucouliagos
5211: The Agricultural Origins of Time Preference Downloads
Oded Galor and Ömer Özak
5210: Globalization and Social Justice in OECD Countries Downloads
Björn Kauder and Niklas Potrafke
5209: Ethnic Favoritism: An Axiom of Politics? Downloads
Giacomo De Luca, Roland Hodler, Paul Raschky and Michele Valsecchi
5208: Time Inconsistency and Retirement Choice Downloads
T. Scott Findley and Frank Caliendo
5207: The Economics of Insurance, its Borders with Finance and Implications for Systemic Regulation Downloads
Christian Thimann
5206: Reforms, Finance, and Current Accounts Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola and Anna Lo Prete
5205: Household Bargaining and the Design of Couples' Income Taxation Downloads
Helmuth Cremer, Jean-Marie Lozachmeur, Darío Maldonado and Kerstin Roeder
5204: Financial Devlopment, Environmental Quality, Trade and Economic Growth: What Causes What in MENA Countries? Downloads
Anis Omri, Saida Daly, Christophe Rault and Anissa Chaibi
5203: How Risky is College Investment? Downloads
Lutz Hendricks and Oksana Leukhina
5202: Unequal Bequests Downloads
Marco Francesconi, Robert A. Pollak and Domenico Tabasso
5201: A Macroeconomic Analysis of Energy Subsidies in a Small Open Economy Downloads
Gerhard Glomm and Juergen Jung
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