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10088: Labor policies and capital mobility in theory and in EMU Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
10087: A model of the confidence channel of fiscal policy Downloads
Bernardo Guimaraes, Caio Machado and Marcel Ribeiro
10086: Democratic Redistribution and Rule of the Majority Downloads
Giacomo Corneo and Frank Neher
10085: Politically Sustainable Probabilistic Minority Targeting Downloads
Philippe De Donder and Eugenio Peluso
10084: Publish or Perish? Incentives and Careers in Italian Academia Downloads
Daniele Checchi, Gianni De Fraja and Stefano Verzillo
10083: The Transmission Mechanism in Good and Bad Times Downloads
Haroon Mumtaz and Paolo Surico
10082: Weapons of Choice Downloads
Axel Dreher and Merle Kreibaum
10081: Round-Robin Versus Elimination in Tournaments with a Dominant Player Downloads
Alex Krumer, Reut Megidish and Aner Sela
10080: Optimal Regulation in the Presence of Reputation Concerns Downloads
Andrew Atkeson, Christian Hellwig and Guillermo Ordoñez
10079: Rainfall Risk and Religious Membership in the Late Nineteenth-Century United States Downloads
Philipp Ager and Antonio Ciccone
10078: Inflating Away the Public Debt? An Empirical Assessment Downloads
Jens Hilscher, Alon Raviv and Ricardo Reis
10077: Former Foreign Affiliates: Cast Out and Outperformed? Downloads
Beata Javorcik and Steven Poelhekke
10076: Grain Price Spikes and Beggar-thy-neighbor Policy Responses: A Global Economywide Analysis Downloads
Kym Anderson and Hans Jensen
10075: Are there Gains from Pooling Real-Time Oil Price Forecasts? Downloads
Christiane Baumeister, Lutz Kilian and Thomas K Lee
10074: Guest Workers in the Underground Economy Downloads
Slobodan Djajic and Alice Mesnard
10073: Growth, Import Dependence and War Downloads
Roberto Bonfatti and Kevin O'Rourke
10072: Wealth and Inheritance in the Long Run Downloads
Thomas Piketty and Gabriel Zucman
10071: Heterogeneity and Government Revenues: Higher Taxes at the Top? Downloads
Nezih Guner, Martin Lopez-Daneri and Gustavo Ventura
10070: The Effects of Monetary Policy on Stock Market Bubbles: Some Evidence Downloads
Jordi Galí and Luca Gambetti
10069: A Surplus of Ambition: Can Europe Rely on Large Primary Surpluses to Solve its Debt Problem? Downloads
Barry Eichengreen and Ugo Panizza
10068: Measuring Top Incomes and lnequality in the Middle East: Data Limitations and Illustration with the Case of Egypt Downloads
Facundo Alvaredo and Thomas Piketty
10067: The Precautionary Saving Effect of Government Consumption Downloads
Valerio Ercolani and Nicola Pavoni
10066: Employee Satisfaction, Labor Market Flexibility, and Stock Returns Around The World Downloads
Alex Edmans, Lucius Li and Chendi Zhang
10065: A Critical Evaluation of Bail-in as a Bank Recapitalisation Mechanism Downloads
Emilios Avgouleas and Charles A Goodhart
10064: Shortfall Aversion Downloads
Paolo Guasoni, Gur Huberman and Dan Ren
10063: The Incidence of Transaction Taxes: Evidence from a Stamp Duty Holiday Downloads
Timothy Besley, Neil Meads and Paolo Surico
10062: Bayesian Networks and Boundedly Rational Expectations Downloads
Ran Spiegler
10061: Trust and the Welfare State: the Twin Peaks Curve Downloads
Yann Algan, Pierre Cahuc and Marc Sangnier
10060: Forward and Spot Exchange Rates in a Multi-currency World Downloads
Tarek Hassan and Rui Mano
10059: Developing Countries Exports Survival in the OECD: Does Experience Matter? Downloads
Celine Carrere and Vanessa Strauss-Kahn
10058: External Liabilities and Crises Downloads
Luis Catão and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti
10057: Knowledge Spillovers, ICT and Productivity Growth Downloads
Carol Corrado, Jonathan Haskel and Cecilia Jona-Lasinio
10056: Managing Intrinsic Motivation in a Long-Run Relationship Downloads
Kfir Eliaz and Ran Spiegler
10055: Workplace health promotion and labour market performance of employees Downloads
Martin Huber, Michael Lechner and Conny Wunsch
10054: The Effect of Competition on Managers’ Compensation: Evidence From a Quasi-natural Experiment Downloads
Ana Fernandes, Priscila Ferreira and L. Winters
10053: Quality Pricing-to-Market Downloads
Raphael Auer, Thomas Chaney and Philip Sauré
10052: Endogenous Contractual Externalities Downloads
Emre Ozdenoren and Kathy Yuan
10051: Relational Warm Glow and Giving in Social Groups Downloads
Kimberley Scharf and Sarah Smith
10050: When Arm’s Length Is Too Far. Relationship Banking over the Business Cycle Downloads
Thorsten Beck, Ralph De Haas, Hans Degryse and Neeltje Van Horen
10049: Fertility Decline and Missing Women Downloads
Seema Jayachandran
10048: Anchoring or Loss Aversion? Empirical Evidence from Art Auctions Downloads
Kathryn Graddy, Lara Loewenstein, Jianping Mei, Mike Moses and Rachel A J Pownall
10047: Free to Leave? A Welfare Analysis of Divorce Regimes Downloads
Raquel Fernández and Joyce Cheng Wong
10046: The Impact of Regional and Sectoral Productivity Changes on the U.S. Economy Downloads
Lorenzo Caliendo, Fernando Parro, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg and Pierre Daniel Sarte
10045: Substitution between Fixed-line and Mobile Access: the Role of Complementarities Downloads
Lukasz Grzybowski and Frank Verboven
10044: Banks, Government Bonds, and Default: What do the Data Say? Downloads
Nicola Gennaioli, Alberto Martin and Stefano Rossi
10043: Electoral politics and regional development: assessing the geographical allocation of public investment in Turkey Downloads
Davide Luca and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
10042: Gender Peer Effects in School, a Birth Cohort Approach Downloads
Antonio Ciccone and Walter Garcia-Fontes
10041: The Ins and Arounds in the U.S. Housing Market Downloads
Rüdiger Bachmann and Daniel Cooper
10040: The Role of Oil Price Shocks in Causing U.S. Recessions Downloads
Lutz Kilian and Robert Vigfusson
10039: Incompatible European Partners? Cultural Predispositions and Household Financial Behavior Downloads
Michael Haliassos, Thomas Jansson and Yigitcan Karabulut
10038: Transportation Costs and the Spatial Organization of Economic Activity Downloads
Stephen Redding and Matthew Turner
10037: Enrollment and degree completion in higher education without admission standards Downloads
Koen Declercq and Frank Verboven
10036: Competitive Screening under Heterogeneous Information Downloads
Daniel Garrett, Renato Gomes and Lucas Maestri
10035: Managerial Attention and Worker Engagement Downloads
Marina Halac and Andrea Prat
10034: Factor Analysis with Large Panels of Volatility Proxies Downloads
Eric Ghysels
10033: The Euro Area Crisis: Politics over Economics Downloads
Athanasios Orphanides
10032: Migration, Friendship Ties, and Cultural Assimilation Downloads
Giovanni Facchini, Eleonora Patacchini and Max Steinhardt
10031: Local and Consistent Centrality Measures in Networks Downloads
Vianney Dequiedt and Yves Zenou
10030: Urban Spatial Structure, Employment and Social Ties Downloads
Pierre Picard and Yves Zenou
10029: Parenting with Style: Altruism and Paternalism in Intergenerational Preference Transmission Downloads
Matthias Doepke and Fabrizio Zilibotti
10028: A DSGE Model of China Downloads
Li Dai, A. Patrick Minford and Peng Zhou
10027: Spatial Competition in Quality Downloads
Raphael Auer and Philip Sauré
10026: External Integration, Structural Transformation and Economic Development: Evidence from Argentina 1870-1914 Downloads
Pablo Fajgelbaum and Stephen Redding
10025: The Financial and Macroeconomic Effects of OMT Announcements Downloads
Carlo Altavilla, Domenico Giannone and Michele Lenza
10024: Culture: Persistence and Evolution Downloads
Francesco Giavazzi, Ivan Petkov and Fabio Schiantarelli
10023: Has the Euro-Mediterranean partnership affected Mediterranean business cycles? Downloads
Fabio Canova and Alan Schlaepfer
10022: Estimating overidentified, non-recursive, time varying coefficients structural VARs Downloads
Fabio Canova and Fernando Pérez Forero
10021: Bargaining with Informational Externalities in a Market Equilibrium Downloads
Mikhail Drugov
10020: Information Aggregation in a DSGE Model Downloads
Tarek Hassan and Thomas M. Mertens
10019: Capital Controls and Recovery from the Financial Crisis of the 1930s Downloads
Kris Mitchener and Kirsten Wandschneider
10018: Forty Years, Thirty Currencies and 21,000 Trading Rules: A Large-scale, Data-Snooping Robust Analysis of Technical Trading in the Foreign Exchange Market Downloads
Po-Hsuan Hsu and Mark P Taylor
10017: Banks Are Where The Liquidity Is Downloads
Oliver Hart and Luigi Zingales
10016: Common Macro Factors and Currency Premia Downloads
Ilias Filippou and Mark P Taylor
10015: The Global Financial Crisis—What Drove The Build-Up? Downloads
Ouarda Merrouche and Erlend Nier
10014: Toward a theory of monopolistic competition Downloads
Mathieu Parenti, Jacques-François Thisse and Philip Ushchev
10013: The new empirical economics of management Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Renata Lemos, Raffaella Sadun, Daniela Scur and John van Reenen
10012: Corporate Saving in Global Rebalancing Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta and Kenza Benhima
10011: The Illusion of School Choice: Empirical Evidence from Barcelona Downloads
Caterina Calsamiglia and Maia Güell
10010: The Phillips Curve in Ireland: 1935 - 2012 Downloads
Stefan Gerlach, Reamonn Lydon and Rebecca Stuart
10009: Industry structure and pricing over the business cycle Downloads
Yossi Spiegel and Konrad Stahl
10008: Public Opinion on Immigration: Has the Recession Changed Minds? Downloads
Timothy Hatton
10007: The Social Cost of Near-Rational Investment Downloads
Tarek Hassan and Thomas M. Mertens
10006: Volatile Top Income Shares in Switzerland? Reassessing the Evolution Between 1981 and 2009 Downloads
Reto Foellmi and Isabel Martínez
10005: An African Growth Miracle? Downloads
Dani Rodrik
10004: Curriculum and Ideology Downloads
Davide Cantoni, Yuyu Chen, David Y. Yang, Noam Yuchtman and Y. Jane Zhang
10003: Coworkers, Networks, and Job Search Outcomes Downloads
Perihan Saygin, Andrea Weber and Michèle A. Weynandt
10002: The Effect of Shocks to Labour Market Flows on Unemployment and Participation Rates Downloads
Robert Dixon, Guay Lim and Jan C van Ours
10001: The Effectiveness of Non-Standard Monetary Policy Measures: Evidence from Survey Data Downloads
Carlo Altavilla and Domenico Giannone
9999: To Charge or Not to Charge: Evidence from a Health Products Experiment in Uganda Downloads
Greg Fischer, Dean S. Karlan, Margaret McConnell and Pia Raffler
9998: The Simple Analytics of Helicopter Money:Why It Works – Always Downloads
Willem Buiter
9997: Under the Thumb of History? Political Institutions and the Scope for Action Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo
9996: Auction House Guarantees for Works of Art Downloads
Kathryn Graddy and Jonathan Hamilton
9995: Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy with Endogenous Collateral Constraints Downloads
Aloisio Araujo, Susan Schommer and Michael Woodford
9994: Transparency and Deliberation within the FOMC: a Computational Linguistics Approach Downloads
Stephen Hansen, Michael McMahon and Andrea Prat
9993: What Happened in Cyprus? Downloads
Alexander Michaelides
9992: Fiscal Policy in an Unemployment Crisis Downloads
Pontus Rendahl
9991: Impoverished, but Numerate? Early Numeracy in East Asia (1550–1800) and its Impact on 20th and 21st Century Economic Growth Downloads
Joerg Baten and Kitae Sohn
9990: Merchanting and Current Account Balances Downloads
Elisabeth Beusch, Barbara Döbeli, Andreas Fischer and Pinar Yesin
9989: Credit Spreads and Credit Policies Downloads
Isabel Correia, Fiorella De Fiore, Pedro Teles and Oreste Tristani
9988: Stock Price Booms and Expected Capital Gains Downloads
Klaus Adam, Johannes Beutel and Albert Marcet
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