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10332: Risk Aversion in a Dynamic Asset Allocation Experiment Downloads
Isabelle Brocas, Juan D. Carrillo, Aleksandar Giga and Fernando Zapatero
10331: China’s Decentralized Privatization and Change of Control Rights Downloads
Jie Gan, Yan Guo and Cheng-Gang Xu
10330: Limited Nominal Indexation of Optimal Financial Contracts Downloads
Césaire A. Meh, Vincenzo Quadrini and Yaz Terajima
10329: Advertising and Mutual Funds: From Families to Individual Funds Downloads
Steven Gallaher, Ron Kaniel and Laura T Starks
10328: Asset Return Predictability in a Heterogeneous Agent Equilibrium Model Downloads
Murray Carlson, David A. Chapman, Ron Kaniel and Hong Yan
10327: Bargaining under the Illusion of Transparency Downloads
Kristóf Madarász
10326: Do Measures of Financial Constraints Measure Financial Constraints? Downloads
Joan Farre-Mensa and Alexander Ljungqvist
10325: International Currency Exposures, Valuation Effects and the Global Financial Crisis Downloads
Agustín Bénétrix, Philip Lane and Jay Shambaugh
10324: Product Line Design Downloads
Simon Anderson and Levent Celik
10323: Moderating Political Extremism: Single Round vs Runoff Elections under Plurality Rule Downloads
Massimo Bordignon, Tommaso Nannicini and Guido Tabellini
10322: The Long and the Short of It: Sovereign Debt Crises and Debt Maturity Downloads
Raquel Fernández and Alberto Martin
10321: Which club should I attend, Dad?: Targeted socialization and production Downloads
Facundo Albornoz, Antonio Cabrales and Esther Hauk
10320: Political and Economic Institutions of China and Their Influences Downloads
Cheng-Gang Xu
10319: Business Cycle Fluctuations and the Distribution of Consumption Downloads
Giacomo De Giorgi and Luca Gambetti
10318: Option-Based Credit Spreads Downloads
Christopher L. Culp, Yoshio Nozawa and Pietro Veronesi
10317: Gender Differences in Honesty: Groups Versus Individuals Downloads
Gerd Muehlheusser, Andreas Roider and Niklas Wallmeier
10316: Capital Regulation in a Macroeconomic Model with Three Layers of Default Downloads
Laurent Clerc, Alexis Derviz, Caterina Mendicino, Stéphane Moyen, Kalin Nikolov, Livio Stracca, Javier Suarez and Alexandros Vardoulakis
10315: Austerity Downloads
Harris Dellas and Dirk Niepelt
10314: Global Liquidity and Drivers of Cross-Border Bank Flows Downloads
Eugenio Cerutti, Stijn Claessens and Lev Ratnovski
10313: Pricing a Package of Services Downloads
Felix Ketelaar and Dezsoe Szalay
10312: Managerial Incentive Problems and Return Distributions Downloads
Dezsoe Szalay and Venuga Yokeeswaran
10311: Bailouts And Moral Hazard: How Implicit Government Guarantees Affect Financial Stability Downloads
Mike Mariathasan, Ouarda Merrouche and Charlotte Werger
10310: The Margins of Global Sourcing: Theory and Evidence from U.S. Firms Downloads
Pol Antras, Teresa Fort and Felix Tintelnot
10309: Corporate Cash and Employment Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta, Kenza Benhima and Céline Poilly
10308: The Long Run Human Capital and Economic Consequences of High-Stakes Examinations Downloads
Avraham Ebenstein, Victor Lavy and Sefi Roth
10307: Nether Lands: Evidence on the price and perception of rare flood disasters Downloads
Maarten Bosker, Harry Garretsen, Gerard Marlet and Clemens van Woerkens
10306: Accounting for Post-Crisis Inflation and Employment: A Retro Analysis Downloads
Chiara Fratto and Harald Uhlig
10305: Betting the House Downloads
Oscar Jorda, Moritz Schularick and Alan Taylor
10304: The Impact of the Shale Oil Revolution on U.S. Oil and Gasoline Prices Downloads
Lutz Kilian
10303: Defaults and Donations: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Steffen Altmann, Armin Falk, Paul Heidhues and Raji Jayaraman
10302: The Impact of Short Term Exposure to Ambient Air Pollution on Cognitive Performance and Human Capital Formation Downloads
Avraham Ebenstein, Victor Lavy and Sefi Roth
10301: Consumer valuation of fuel costs and the effectiveness of tax policy: Evidence from the European car market Downloads
Laura Grigolon, Mathias Reynaert and Frank Verboven
10300: Banks Exposure to Interest Rate Risk and The Transmission of Monetary Policy Downloads
Augustin Landier, David Sraer and David Thesmar
10299: A Dynamic Model of Banking with Uninsurable Risks and Regulatory Constraints Downloads
Jochen Mankart, Alexander Michaelides and Spyros Pagratis
10298: Impulse Response Matching Estimators for DSGE Models Downloads
Pablo A. Guerron-Quintana, Atsushi Inoue and Lutz Kilian
10297: Life During Structural Transformation Downloads
Jonathan Temple and Huikang Ying
10296: Drivers of Structural Change in Cross-Border Banking Since the Global Financial Crisis Downloads
Franziska Bremus and Marcel Fratzscher
10295: Banking Integration and House Price Comovement Downloads
Augustin Landier, David Sraer and David Thesmar
10294: Can Unemployment Insurance Spur Entrepreneurial Activity? Downloads
Johan Hombert, Antoinette Schoar, David Sraer and David Thesmar
10293: Returns to Office in National and Local Politics Downloads
Kaisa Kotakorpi, Panu Poutvaara and Marko Terviö
10292: Intergenerational inequality aversion, growth and the role of damages: Occam’s rule for the global carbon tax Downloads
Armon Rezai and Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg
10291: Growth, Slowdowns, and Recoveries Downloads
Francesco Bianchi and Howard Kung
10290: Network Games with Incomplete Information Downloads
Joan de Martí Beltran and Yves Zenou
10289: Euro-Area and US Banks Behavior, and ECB-Fed Monetary Policies during the Global Financial Crisis: A Comparison Downloads
Alex Cukierman
10288: A Theory of Wage Adjustment under Loss Aversion Downloads
Steffen Ahrens, Inske Pirschel and Dennis J. Snower
10287: Inference about Non-Identified SVARs Downloads
Raffaella Giacomini and Toru Kitagawa
10286: The Curse of Inflation Downloads
Erik Eyster, Kristóf Madarász and Pascal Michaillat
10285: Are Retail Traders Compensated for Providing Liquidity? Downloads
Jean-Noël Barrot, Ron Kaniel and David Sraer
10284: Auctions vs. Negotiations: The Effects of Inefficient Renegotiation Downloads
Fabian Herweg and Klaus M. Schmidt
10283: The academic and labor market returns of university professors Downloads
Michela Braga, Marco Paccagnella and Michele Pellizzari
10282: Urban land use Downloads
Gilles Duranton and Diego Puga
10281: Government Debt Management: The Long and the Short of It Downloads
Elisa Faraglia, Albert Marcet, Rigas Oikonomou and Andrew Scott
10280: A new measure of skills mismatch: theory and evidence from the Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) Downloads
Anne Fichen and Michele Pellizzari
10279: The Generalized Informativeness Principle Downloads
Pierre Chaigneau, Alex Edmans and Daniel Gottlieb
10278: Insurance companies of the poor Downloads
Tessa Bold and Stefan Dercon
10277: Key Players Downloads
Yves Zenou
10276: Exporting and Firm Performance: Evidence from a Randomized Trial Downloads
David Atkin, Amit Khandelwal and Adam Osman
10275: Measuring the bias of technological change Downloads
Ulrich Doraszelski and Jordi Jaumandreu
10274: First-Mover Advantage in Round-Robin Tournaments Downloads
Alex Krumer, Reut Megidish and Aner Sela
10273: Dynamic Spatial Competition Between Multi-Store Firms Downloads
Victor Aguirregabiria and Gustavo Vicentini
10272: Following the Trend: Tracking GDP when Long-Run Growth is Uncertain Downloads
Juan Antolin-Diaz, Thomas Drechsel and Ivan Petrella
10271: Risky sexual behavior: biological markers and self-reported data Downloads
Lucia Corno and Aureo de Paula
10270: Can active labor market policy be counter-productive? Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
10269: How Darwinian should an economy be? Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
10267: Human Capital and Optimal Redistribution Downloads
Winfried Koeniger and Julien Prat
10266: Financial Constraints in Search Equilibrium Downloads
Tito Boeri, Pietro Garibaldi and Espen Moen
10265: Bank Liabilities Channel Downloads
Vincenzo Quadrini
10264: International Banking: the Isolation of the Euro Area Downloads
Vincent Bouvatier and Anne-Laure Delatte
10263: Innovation in creative cities: Evidence from British small firms Downloads
Neil Lee and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
10262: The Power of the Street: Evidence from Egypt's Arab Spring Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Tarek Hassan and Ahmed Tahoun
10261: Do Funds Make More When They Trade More? Downloads
Lubos Pastor, Robert Stambaugh and Lucian Taylor
10260: Housing Collateral, Credit Constraints and Entrepreneurship - Evidence from a Mortgage Reform Downloads
Thais Laerkholm Jensen, Søren Leth-Petersen and Ramana Nanda
10259: How Does Tax Progressivity and Household Heterogeneity Affect Laffer Curves? Downloads
Hans Holter, Dirk Krueger and Serhiy Stepanchuk
10258: Further Evidence on the Link between Pre-Colonial Political Centralization and Comparative Economic Development in Africa Downloads
Stelios Michalopoulos and Elias Papaioannou
10257: On the Ethnic Origins of African Development: Chiefs and Pre-colonial Political Centralization Downloads
Stelios Michalopoulos and Elias Papaioannou
10256: The Impact of a Permanent Income Shock on the Situation of Women in the Household: the case of a pension reform in Argentina Downloads
Inés Berniell, Dolores de la Mata and Matilde Machado
10255: New trade models, elusive welfare gains Downloads
Kristian Behrens, Yoshitsugu Kanemoto and Yasusada Murata
10254: Credence Goods, Costly Diagnosis, and Subjective Evaluation Downloads
Helmut Bester and Matthias Dahm
10253: Regional Policy Evaluation: Interactive Fixed Effects and Synthetic Controls Downloads
Laurent Gobillon and Thierry Magnac
10252: The Transmission of Liquidity Shocks: Evidence from Credit Rating Downgrades Downloads
Philippe Karam, Ouarda Merrouche, Moez Souissi and Rima Turk Ariss
10251: Financial Development and Technology Diffusion Downloads
Diego Comin and Ramana Nanda
10250: Monetarism rides again? US monetary policy in a world of Quantitative Easing Downloads
Vo Phuong Mai Le, David Meenagh and A. Patrick Minford
10249: Overdeterrence of repeat offenders when penalties for first-time offenders are restricted Downloads
Daniel Muller and Patrick Schmitz
10248: Strong versus Weak Ties in Migration Downloads
Corrado Giulietti, Jackline Wahba and Yves Zenou
10247: Optimal Taxation with Rent-Seeking Downloads
Casey Rothschild and Florian Scheuer
10246: Dual Labour Markets and (Lack of) On-The-Job Training: PIAAC Evidence from Spain and Other EU Countries Downloads
Antonio Cabrales, Juan Dolado and Ricardo Mora Villarrubia
10245: Does Marriage Make You Healthier? Downloads
Nezih Guner, Yuliy Kulikova and Joan Llull
10244: The Rise of the Machines: Automation, Horizontal Innovation and Income Inequality Downloads
David Hemous and Morten Olsen
10243: The Impact of Maximum Markup Regulation on Prices Downloads
Christos Genakos, Pantelis Koutroumpis and Mario Pagliero
10242: Trade and Tasks: An Exploration over Three Decades in Germany Downloads
Sascha Becker and Marc-Andreas Muendler
10241: Cultural diversity and entrepreneurship in England and Wales Downloads
Daniel Hardy and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
10240: The role of fiscal policy in Britain's Great Inflation Downloads
Jingwen Fan, A. Patrick Minford and Zhirong Ou
10239: How good are out of sample forecasting Tests on DSGE models? Downloads
A. Patrick Minford, Yongdeng Xu and Peng Zhou
10238: A DSGE Model of China Downloads
Li Dai, A. Patrick Minford and Peng Zhou
10237: Dealer Networks Downloads
Dan Li and Norman Schürhoff
10236: Predicting the VIX and the Volatility Risk Premium: What's Credit and Commodity Volatility Risk Got To Do With It? Downloads
Elena Andreou and Eric Ghysels
10235: Growth, Trade, and Inequality Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
10234: Momentum Trading, Return Chasing, and Predictable Crashes Downloads
Benjamin Chabot, Eric Ghysels and Ravi Jagannathan
10233: Basic versus supplementary health insurance: the role of cost effectiveness and prevalence Downloads
Jan Boone
10232: Exchange Rates Dynamics with Long-Run Risk and Recursive Preferences Downloads
Robert Kollmann
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