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9883: The Link Between Fundamentals and Proximate Factors in Development Downloads
Wolfgang Keller and Carol Hua Shiue
9882: Financial Literacy and Savings Account Returns Downloads
Florian Deuflhard, Dimitris Georgarakos and Roman Inderst
9881: Identifying Industry Margins with Unobserved Price Constraints: Structural Estimation on Pharmaceuticals Downloads
Pierre Dubois and Laura Lasio
9880: The Choice of Honesty: An Experiment Regarding Heterogeneous Responses to Situational Social Norms Downloads
Rajna Gibson, Carmen Tanner and Alexander Wagner
9879: Sizing Up the Impact of Embassies on Exports Downloads
Shon Ferguson and Rikard Forslid
9878: The growing dependence of Britain on trade during the Industrial Revolution Downloads
Gregory Clark, Kevin O'Rourke and Alan Taylor
9877: Regulating Deferred Incentive Pay Downloads
Florian Hoffmann, Roman Inderst and Marcus Opp
9876: The Argentina Paradox: Microexplanations and Macropuzzles Downloads
Alan Taylor
9875: Macroprudential Policies in a Global Perspective Downloads
Olivier Jeanne
9874: Incomplete Contracting, Renegotiation, and Expectation-Based Loss Aversion Downloads
Fabian Herweg, Heiko Karle and Daniel Muller
9873: Optimal Allocations in Round-Robin Tournaments Downloads
Alex Krumer, Reut Megidish and Aner Sela
9872: R&D Networks: Theory, Empirics and Policy Implications Downloads
Michael König, Xiaodong Liu and Yves Zenou
9871: Optimal Prudential Regulation of Banks and the Political Economy of Supervision Downloads
Thierry Tressel and Thierry Verdier
9870: A theory of trade in a global production network Downloads
Maarten Bosker and Bastian Westbrock
9869: Barriers to Trade in Environmental Goods and Environmental Services: How Important Are They? How Much Progress at Reducing Them? Downloads
Jaime de Melo and Mariana Vijil
9868: Awareness Reduces Racial Bias Downloads
Devin G. Pope, Joseph Price and Justin Wolfers
9867: Preventing Economists' Capture Downloads
Luigi Zingales
9866: Optimal Tax Progressivity: An Analytical Framework Downloads
Jonathan Heathcote, Kjetil Storesletten and Giovanni L Violante
9865: Bank Capital and Dividend Externalities Downloads
Viral V Acharya, Hanh Le and Hyun Song Shin
9864: Hidden Insurance in a Moral Hazard Economy Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola and Winfried Koeniger
9863: Cross-border mergers and domestic-firm wages: Integrating ‘spillover effects’ and ‘bargaining effects’ Downloads
Joseph Clougherty, Klaus Gugler, Lars Sørgard and Florian Szücs
9862: Tuition fees as a commitment device Downloads
Nadine Ketel, Jona Linde, Hessel Oosterbeek and Bas van der Klaauw
9861: The Quiet Revolution and the Family: Gender Composition of Tertiary Education and Early Fertility Patterns Downloads
Alena Bičáková and Stepan Jurajda
9860: Feeling the blues. Moral hazard and debt dilution in Eurobonds before 1914 Downloads
Rui Esteves and Ali Coskun Tuncer
9859: Misallocation, Property Rights, and Access to Finance: Evidence from Within and Across Africa Downloads
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan and Bent Sorensen
9858: Structural FECM: Cointegration in large-scale structural FAVAR models Downloads
Anindya Banerjee, Massimiliano Marcellino and Igor Masten
9857: Targeting Nominal GDP or Prices: Guidance and Expectation Dynamics Downloads
Seppo Honkapohja and Kaushik Mitra
9856: Policing Cannabis and Drug Related Hospital Admissions: Evidence from Administrative Records Downloads
Elaine Kelly and Imran Rasul
9855: Firm Dynamics and Residual Inequality in Open Economies Downloads
Gabriel Felbermayr, Giammario Impullitti and Julien Prat
9854: Scale and Skill in Active Management Downloads
Lubos Pastor, Robert Stambaugh and Lucian Taylor
9853: The Vanishing Procyclicality of Labor Productivity Downloads
Jordi Galí and Thijs van Rens
9852: Out-of-Sample Evidence on the Returns to Currency Trading Downloads
Olivier Accominotti and David Chambers
9851: Labor market effects of sports and exercise: Evidence from Canadian panel data Downloads
Michael Lechner and Nazmi Sari
9850: Productivity Spillovers Through Labor Mobility Downloads
Tom-Reiel Heggedal, Espen Moen and Edgar Preugschat
9849: SSOs: Current Policy Issues and Empirical Evidence Downloads
Neil Gandal and Pierre Regibeau
9848: No Arbitrage Priors, Drifting Volatilities, and the Term Structure of Interest Rates Downloads
Andrea Carriero, Todd Clark and Massimiliano Marcellino
9847: Market Outcomes and Dynamic Patent Buyouts Downloads
Alberto Galasso, Matthew Mitchell and Gábor Virag
9846: Optimal Monetary Policy with State-Dependent Pricing Downloads
Anton Nakov and Carlos Thomas
9845: Learning from Experience in the Stock Market Downloads
Anton Nakov and Galo Nuño Barrau
9844: Exporter Dynamics, Firm Size and Growth, and Partial Year Effects Downloads
Andrew Bernard, Renzo Massari, Jose-Daniel Reyes and Daria Taglioni
9843: Debt and Incomplete Financial Markets: A Case for Nominal GDP Targeting Downloads
Kevin Sheedy
9842: International Liquidity and Exchange Rate Dynamics Downloads
Xavier Gabaix and Matteo Maggiori
9841: Charitable Giving and Nonbinding Contribution-level Suggestions: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Maja Adena, Steffen Huck and Imran Rasul
9840: Improving Access to Banking: Evidence from Kenya Downloads
Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti, Robert Cull, Jun Qian, Lemma W Senbet and Patricio Valenzuela
9839: Together at Last: Trade Costs, Demand Structure, and Welfare Downloads
Monika Mrázová and J. Peter Neary
9838: Revenue Tariff Reform Downloads
James Anderson and J. Peter Neary
9837: Stock investments at work Downloads
Hans Hvide and Per Östberg
9836: Legal Evolution, Contract Evolution, and Standardization Downloads
Nicola Gennaioli, Enrico Perotti and Giacomo Ponzetto
9835: Trade Dynamics with Sector-Specific Human Capital Downloads
Adam Guren, David Hemous and Morten Olsen
9834: Corporate Scandals and Household Stock Market Participation Downloads
Mariassunta Giannetti and Tracey Yue Wang
9833: Team Production in Competitive Labor Markets with Adverse Selection Downloads
Michael Kosfeld and Ferdinand Von Siemens
9832: Loose Knots:Strong versus Weak Commitments to Save for Education in Uganda Downloads
Dean Karlan and Leigh Linden
9831: Market Size, Entrepreneurship, and Income Inequality Downloads
Kristian Behrens, Dmitry Pokrovsky and Evgeny Zhelobodko
9830: Thin Capitalization Rules and Multinational Firm Capital Structure Downloads
Jennifer Blouin, Harry Huizinga, Luc Laeven and Gaëtan Nicodème
9829: Financial Dependence and Innovation: The Case of Public versus Private Firms Downloads
Viral V Acharya and Zhaoxia Xu
9828: The Market for Keywords Downloads
Kfir Eliaz and Ran Spiegler
9827: Net Neutrality with Competing Internet Platforms Downloads
Marc Bourreau, Frago Kourandi and Tommaso Valletti
9826: Welfare and Trade Without Pareto Downloads
Keith Head, Thierry Mayer and Mathias Thoenig
9825: Marry Your Like: Assortative Mating and Income Inequality Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood, Nezih Guner, Georgi Kocharkov and Cezar Santos
9824: Monetary Policy Surprises, Credit Costs and Economic Activity Downloads
Mark Gertler and Peter Karadi
9823: Oil Price Shocks: Causes and Consequences Downloads
Lutz Kilian
9822: The Price of Political Uncertainty: Theory and Evidence from the Option Market Downloads
Bryan Kelly, Lubos Pastor and Pietro Veronesi
9821: Missing Gains from Trade? Downloads
Marc Melitz and Stephen Redding
9820: Stabilization policy, rational expectations and price-level versus infl‡ation targeting: a survey Downloads
Michael Hatcher and A. Patrick Minford
9819: Coal and the European Industrial Revolution Downloads
Alan Fernihough and Kevin O'Rourke
9818: We're Number 1: Price Wars for Market Share Leadership Downloads
Luis Cabral
9817: Price Distortions in High-Frequency Markets Downloads
Jakub Steiner and Colin Stewart
9816: Diversification of Geographic Risk in Retail Bank Networks: Evidence from Bank Expansion after the Riegle-Neal Act Downloads
Victor Aguirregabiria, Robert Clark and Hui Wang
9815: Markov-Switching Mixed-Frequency VAR Models Downloads
Claudia Foroni, Pierre Guérin and Massimiliano Marcellino
9814: X-Games Downloads
Kfir Eliaz and Ran Spiegler
9813: Market-based Lobbying: Evidence from Advertising Spending in Italy Downloads
Stefano Della Vigna, Ruben Durante, Brian Knight and Eliana La Ferrara
9812: The Relevance or Otherwise of the Central Bank's Balance Sheet Downloads
David Miles and Jochen Schanz
9811: Microcredit Impacts: Evidence from a Randomized Microcredit Program Placement Experiment by Compartamos Banco Downloads
Manuela Angelucci, Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman
9810: Can competition reduce quality? Downloads
Kurt Brekke, Luigi Siciliani and Odd Straume
9809: Heterogenous switching costs Downloads
Gary Biglaiser, Jacques Crémer and Gergely Dobos
9808: Speculation in the Oil Market Downloads
Luciana Juvenal and Ivan Petrella
9807: When Does FDI Have Positive Spillovers? Evidence from 17 Transition Market Economies Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Jan Svejnar and Katherine Terrell
9806: Understanding the Gains from Wage Flexibility: The Exchange Rate Connection Downloads
Jordi Galí and Tommaso Monacelli
9805: How Urbanization Affect Employment and Social Interactions Downloads
Yasuhiro Sato and Yves Zenou
9804: Heterogeneous Peer Effects in Education Downloads
Eleonora Patacchini, Edoardo Rainone and Yves Zenou
9803: The Impact of News and the SMP on Realized (Co)Variances in the Eurozone Sovereign Debt Market Downloads
Roel Beetsma, Frank de Jong, Massimo Giuliodori and Daniel Widijanto
9802: Never Say Never: Commentary on a Policymaker’s Reflections Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
9801: Mitigating long-run health effects of drought: Evidence from South Africa Downloads
Taryn Dinkelman
9800: Testing Macroprudential Stress Tests: The Risk of Regulatory Risk Weights Downloads
Viral V Acharya, Robert Engle and Diane Pierret
9799: Per-Capita Income as a Determinant of International Trade and Environmental Policies Downloads
James Markusen
9798: Capital Controls and Macroprudential Measures: What Are They Good For? Downloads
Kristin Forbes, Marcel Fratzscher and Roland Straub
9797: Risk, Insurance and Wages in General Equilibrium Downloads
Ahmed Mobarak and Mark Rosenzweig
9796: Inference Based on SVAR Identified with Sign and Zero Restrictions: Theory and Applications Downloads
Jonas E. Arias, Juan F Rubio-Ramirez and Daniel Waggoner
9795: State dependent monetary policy Downloads
Francesco Lippi, Stefania Ragni and Nicholas Trachter
9794: Economic Transition and Private-Sector Labor Demand: Evidence from Urban China Downloads
Lakshmi Iyer, Xin Meng, Nancy Qian and Xiaoxue Zhao
9793: Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Entrepreneurship: Blessing or Curse? Downloads
Seçil Hülya Danakol, Saul Estrin, Paul Reynolds and Utz Weitzel
9792: Has the U.S. Finance Industry Become Less Efficient? On the Theory and Measurement of Financial Intermediation Downloads
Thomas Philippon
9791: On absolute auctions and secret reserve prices Downloads
Philippe Jehiel and Laurent Lamy
9790: On discrimination in procurement auctions Downloads
Philippe Jehiel and Laurent Lamy
9789: Incentive Pay and Performance: Insider Econometrics in a Multi-Unit Firm Downloads
Hein Bogaard and Jan Svejnar
9788: Does Wealth Inequality Matter for Growth? The Effect of Billionaire Wealth, Income Distribution, and Poverty Downloads
Sutirtha Bagchi and Jan Svejnar
9787: Technological Foundations of Political Instability Downloads
Dmitry Dagaev, Natalia Lamberova, Anton Sobolev and Konstantin Sonin
9786: Home Away From Home? Safe Haven Effects and London House Prices Downloads
Cristian Badarinza and Tarun Ramadorai
9785: Efficient Competition through Cheap Talk: Competing Auctions and Competitive Search without Ex Ante Price Commitment Downloads
Kyungmin Kim and Philipp Kircher
9784: Unintended Consequences of LOLR Facilities: The Case of Illiquid Leverage Downloads
Viral V Acharya and Bruce Tuckman
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