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10193: Exceptional policies for exceptional times: The ECB's response to the rolling crises of the Euro Area, and how it has brought us towards a new grand bargain Downloads
Huw Pill and Lucrezia Reichlin
10192: Optimal Effort Incentives in Dynamic Tournaments Downloads
Arnd Heinrich Klein and Armin Schmutzler
10191: In-season head-coach dismissals and the performance of professional football teams Downloads
Jan C van Ours and Martin Van Tuijl
10190: Smooth, strategic communication Downloads
Inga Deimen and Dezsoe Szalay
10189: Inspecting the Mechanism: Leverage and the Great Recession in the Eurozone Downloads
Philippe Martin and Thomas Philippon
10188: The Elephant in the Ground: Managing Oil and Sovereign Wealth Downloads
Ton Van Den Bremer, Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg and Samuel Wills
10187: Assessing Market Failures in Export Pioneering Activities: A Structural Estimation Approach Downloads
Shang-Jin Wei, Ziru Wei and Jianhuan Xu
10186: Can we Automate Earnings Forecasts and Beat Analysts? Downloads
Ryan Ball, Eric Ghysels and Huan Zhou
10185: Corporate Governance and Bank Insolvency Risk: International Evidence Downloads
Deniz Anginer, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Harry Huizinga and Kebin Ma
10184: Agglomeration theory with heterogeneous agents Downloads
Kristian Behrens and Frederic Robert-Nicoud
10183: The Role of Card Acceptance in the Transaction Demand for Money Downloads
Kim Huynh, Philipp Schmidt-Dengler and Helmut Stix
10182: Severance Pay Downloads
Tito Boeri, Pietro Garibaldi and Espen Moen
10181: Direct and Cross-Scheme Effects in a Research and Development Subsidy Program Downloads
Hanna Hottenrott, Cindy Lopes Bento and Reinhilde Veugelers
10180: The Value of Informativeness for Contracting Downloads
Pierre Chaigneau, Alex Edmans and Daniel Gottlieb
10179: Are Donors Afraid of Charities' Core Costs? Scale Economies in Non-profit Provision Downloads
Carlo Perroni, Ganna Pogrebna, Sarah Sandford and Kimberley Scharf
10178: Incumbency Advantage in Non-Democracies Downloads
Georgy Egorov and Konstantin Sonin
10177: Provider competition and over-utilization in health care Downloads
Jan Boone and Rudy Douven
10176: Exclusive Dealing and Vertical Integration in Interlocking Relationships Downloads
Volker Nocke and Patrick Rey
10175: Competitive on-the-job search Downloads
Pietro Garibaldi, Espen Moen and Dag Einar Sommervoll
10174: The empirics of agglomeration economies Downloads
Pierre-Philippe Combes and Laurent Gobillon
10173: Common-Value All-Pay Auctions with Asymmetric Information and Bid Caps Downloads
Ezra Einy, Ori Haimanko, Ram Orzach and Aner Sela
10172: Managerial Practices and Students' Performance Downloads
Adriana Di Liberto, Fabiano Schivardi and Giovanni Sulis
10171: Shrouded Transaction Costs Downloads
Hélène Bourguignon, Renato Gomes and Jean Tirole
10170: Preschools and early childhood development in a second best world: Evidence from a scaled-up experiment in Cambodia Downloads
Adrien Bouguen, Deon Filmer, Karen Macours and Sophie Naudeau
10169: Can selective immigration policies reduce migrants' quality? Downloads
Simone Bertoli, Vianney Dequiedt and Yves Zenou
10168: Window Selection for Out-of-Sample Forecasting with Time-Varying Parameters Downloads
Atsushi Inoue, Lu Jin and Barbara Rossi
10167: Optimal Life Cycle Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Claudio Michelacci and Hernán Ruffo
10166: No Price Like Home: Global House Prices, 1870-2012 Downloads
Katharina Knoll, Moritz Schularick and Thomas Steger
10165: The Effects of a Money-Financed Fiscal Stimulus Downloads
Jordi Galí
10164: Trade Flows and Trade Disputes Downloads
Chad Bown and Kara Reynolds
10163: Technology Diffusion: Measurement, Causes and Consequences Downloads
Diego Comin and Martí Mestieri
10162: A General Approach to Recovering Market Expectations from Futures Prices With an Application to Crude Oil Downloads
Christiane Baumeister and Lutz Kilian
10161: The Great Mortgaging: Housing Finance, Crises, and Business Cycles Downloads
Oscar Jorda, Moritz Schularick and Alan Taylor
10160: A Bayesian MIDAS Approach to Modeling First and Second Moment Dynamics Downloads
Davide Pettenuzzo, Allan G Timmermann and Rossen Valkanov
10159: Customary Norms, Inheritance, and Human Capital: Evidence from a Reform of the Matrilineal System in Ghana Downloads
Eliana La Ferrara and Annamaria Milazzo
10158: Storable Votes and Judicial Nominations in the U.S. Senate Downloads
Alessandra Casella, Sébastien Turban and Gregory Wawro
10157: Competition in the Cryptocurrency Market Downloads
Neil Gandal and Hanna Halaburda
10156: Horizontal Mergers and Product Quality Downloads
Kurt Brekke, Luigi Siciliani and Odd Straume
10155: Average-cost Pricing and Dynamic Selection Incentives in the Hospital Sector Downloads
Mathias Kifmann and Luigi Siciliani
10154: Channeling the Say in Political Decision Bodies Downloads
Hans Gersbach, Stephan Imhof and Oriol Tejada
10153: Innovation and Regional Growth in Mexico: 2000-2010 Downloads
Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Edna Villarreal Peralta
10152: Asset Management Contracts and Equilibrium Prices Downloads
Andrea M. Buffa, Dimitri Vayanos and Paul Woolley
10151: The Impact of Hedge Funds on Asset Markets Downloads
Mathias Kruttli, Andrew Patton and Tarun Ramadorai
10150: The Geography of Development within Countries Downloads
Klaus Desmet and J. Vernon Henderson
10149: Patents and the Global Diffusion of New Drugs Downloads
Iain Cockburn, Jean Lanjouw and Mark Schankerman
10148: Collateralisation bubbles when investors disagree about risk Downloads
Tobias Broer and Afroditi Kero
10147: Understanding Uncertainty Shocks and the Role of Black Swans Downloads
Anna Orlik and Laura Veldkamp
10146: (Measured) Profit is Not Welfare: Evidence from an Experiment on Bundling Microcredit and Insurance Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Richard Hornbeck
10145: Equity Vesting and Managerial Myopia Downloads
Alex Edmans, Vivian Fang and Katharina A. Lewellen
10144: Strategic News Releases in Equity Vesting Months Downloads
Alex Edmans, Luis Goncalves-Pinto, Yanbo Wang and Moqi Xu
10143: The Informativeness Principle Under Limited Liability Downloads
Pierre Chaigneau, Alex Edmans and Daniel Gottlieb
10142: Grin and Bear It: Producer-financed Exports from an Emerging Market Downloads
Banu Demir and Beata Javorcik
10141: Say Pays! Shareholder Voice and Firm Performance Downloads
Vicente Cuñat, Mireia Giné and Maria Guadalupe
10140: Identifying the Sources of Model Misspecification Downloads
Atsushi Inoue, Chun-Hung Kuo and Barbara Rossi
10139: Deglobalization of Banking: The World is Getting Smaller Downloads
Caroline Van Rijckeghem and Beatrice Weder
10138: Menu Costs, Aggregate Fluctuations, and Large Shocks Downloads
Peter Karadi and Adam Reiff
10137: Mismeasuring Long Run Growth. The Bias from Spliced National Accounts Downloads
Leandro Prados de la Escosura
10136: The Biocultural Origins of Human Capital Formation Downloads
Oded Galor and Marc Klemp
10135: Spatial Methods Downloads
Steve Gibbons, Henry Overman and Eleonora Patacchini
10134: The Economics of Secession – Analysing the economic impact of the collapse of the former Yugoslavia Downloads
Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Marko Stermsek
10133: What is Firm Heterogeneity in Trade Models? The Role of Quality, Scope, Markups, and Cost Downloads
Colin Hottman, Stephen Redding and David E. Weinstein
10132: When Is The Best Time To Give Birth - Career Effects Of Early Birth Decisions Downloads
Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnatter, Christoph Pamminger, Andrea Weber and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
10131: Place-Based Policies Downloads
David Neumark and Helen Simpson
10130: Sorting Between and Within Industries: A Testable Model of Assortative Matching Downloads
John Abowd, Francis Kramarz, Sebastien Perez-Duarte and Ian Schmutte
10129: Making Progress on Foreign Aid Downloads
Nancy Qian
10128: Reexamining the Cyclical Behavior of the Relative Price of Investment Downloads
Paul Beaudry, Alban Moura and Franck Portier
10127: Migration and Welfare State: Why is America Different from Europe? Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
10126: Neighborhood and Network Effects Downloads
Giorgio Topa and Yves Zenou
10125: Asymmetry of Information within Family Networks Downloads
Joachim De Weerdt, Garance Genicot and Alice Mesnard
10124: The Bond Market: An Inflation-Targeter's Best Friend Downloads
Andrew Rose
10123: Perceiving Prospects Properly Downloads
Jakub Steiner and Colin Stewart
10122: The Agricultural Origins of Time Preference Downloads
Oded Galor and Ömer Özak
10121: Banking Competition and Stability: The Role of Leverage Downloads
Xavier Freixas and Kebin Ma
10120: Gossip: Identifying Central Individuals in a Social Network Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee, Arun G Chandrasekhar, Esther Duflo and Matthew Jackson
10119: Governance and Comovement Under Common Ownership Downloads
Alex Edmans, Doron Levit and Devin Reilly
10118: Job creation, firm creation, and de novo entry Downloads
Karen Geurts and Johannes Van Biesebroeck
10117: What Calls to ARMs? International Evidence on Interest Rates and the Choice of Adjustable Rate Mortgages Downloads
Cristian Badarinza, John Campbell and Tarun Ramadorai
10116: From Selling Goods to Selling Services: Firm Responses to Trade Liberalization Downloads
Holger Breinlich, Anson Soderbery and Greg Wright
10115: Government Spending Shocks in Open Economy VARs Downloads
Mario Forni and Luca Gambetti
10114: Taxes in Cities Downloads
Marius Brülhart, Sam Bucovetsky and Kurt Schmidheiny
10113: Roads and Innovation Downloads
Ajay Agrawal, Alberto Galasso and Alexander Oettl
10112: Pre-Auction Inventory and Bidding Behavior—An Analysis of Canadian Treasury Auctions Downloads
Kristian Rydqvist and Mark Wu
10111: Testing Equilibrium Multiplicity in Dynamic Games Downloads
Taisuke Otsu, Martin Pesendorfer and Yuya Takahashi
10110: Optimal Ownership of Public Goods Reconsidered Downloads
Patrick Schmitz
10109: Predicting Winners in Civil Wars Downloads
Stephen H Haber, Kris Mitchener, Kim Oosterlinck and Marc Weidenmier
10108: Real Effects of the Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe: Evidence from Syndicated Loans Downloads
Viral V Acharya, Tim Eisert, Christian Eufinger and Christian Hirsch
10107: How far away is a Single European Labor Market? Downloads
Annabelle Krause, Ulf Rinne and Klaus Zimmermann
10106: Optimal Leniency Programs when Firms Have Cumulative and Asymmetric Evidence Downloads
Marc Blatter, Winand Emons and Silvio Sticher
10105: Loss Aversion and the Asymmetric Transmission of Monetary Policy Downloads
Edoardo Gaffeo, Ivan Petrella, Damjan Pfajfar and Emiliano Santoro
10104: Bond Return Predictability: Economic Value and Links to the Macroeconomy Downloads
Antonio Gargano, Davide Pettenuzzo and Allan G Timmermann
10103: Self-Selection into Credit Markets: Evidence from Agriculture in Mali Downloads
Lori Beaman, Dean S. Karlan, Bram Thuysbaert and Christopher Udry
10102: English as a global language Downloads
Jacques Melitz
10101: Foreign Language Learning: An Econometric Analysis Downloads
Victor Ginsburgh, Jacques Melitz and Farid Toubal
10100: Regulatory Capture by Sophistication Downloads
Hendrik Hakenes and Isabel Schnabel
10099: Regional Centrality and Tax Competition for FDI Downloads
Julia Darby, Ben Ferrett and Ian Wooton
10098: “Phantom of the Opera” or “Sex and the City”? Historical Amenities as Sources of Exogenous Variation Downloads
Thomas Bauer, Philipp Breidenbach and Christoph Schmidt
10097: The Economics of Density: Evidence from the Berlin Wall Downloads
Gabriel Ahlfeldt, Stephen Redding, Daniel Sturm and Nikolaus Wolf
10096: Shopping around? How households adjusted food spending over the Great Recession Downloads
Rachel Griffith, Martin O'Connell and Kate Smith
10095: Staggered Contracts, Market Power, and Welfare Downloads
Luis Cabral
10094: Media Power Downloads
Andrea Prat
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