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7447: Frequentist Inference in Weakly Identified DSGE Models Downloads
Pablo A. Guerron, Atsushi Inoue and Lutz Kilian
7446: Forecasting Large Datasets with Bayesian Reduced Rank Multivariate Models Downloads
Andrea Carriero, George Kapetanios and Massimiliano Marcellino
7445: MIDAS vs. mixed-frequency VAR: Nowcasting GDP in the Euro Area Downloads
Vladimir Kuzin, Massimiliano Marcellino and Christian Schumacher
7444: Financial Constraints and the Margins of FDI Downloads
Claudia M. Buch, Iris Kesternich, Alexander Lipponer and Monika Schnitzer
7443: Obesity and Price Sensitivity at the Supermarket Downloads
Neil Gandal and Anastasia Shabelansky
7442: Managerial Incentives and Stock Price Manipulation Downloads
Lin Peng and Ailsa A Röell
7441: On the Real Effects of Bank Bailouts: Micro-Evidence from Japan Downloads
Mariassunta Giannetti and Andrei Simonov
7440: Impact of Paternal Temporary Absence on Children Left Behind Downloads
Alison Lee Booth and Yuji Tamura
7439: How Large Are the Effects of Tax Changes? Downloads
Carlo Favero and Francesco Giavazzi
7438: Product-Based Cultural Change: Is the Village Global? Downloads
Nicolas Maystre, Jacques Olivier, Mathias Thoenig and Thierry A. Verdier
7437: Gender and Competition Downloads
Alison Lee Booth
7436: When Everyone Runs for the Exit Downloads
Lasse Heje Pedersen
7435: Aggregate Labor Market Outcomes: The Role of Choice and Chance Downloads
Per Krusell, Toshihiko Mukoyama, Richard Rogerson and Aysegul Sahin
7434: Relational Contracts and Competitive Screening Downloads
Giacomo Calzolari and Giancarlo Spagnolo
7433: Profit Taxation and Finance Constraints Downloads
Christian Keuschnigg and Evelyn Ribi
7432: Cultural Identity and Knowledge Creation in Cosmopolitan Cities Downloads
Gianmarco .P. Ottaviano and Giovanni Prarolo
7431: Do Food Scares Explain Supplier Concentration? An Analysis of EU Agri-food Imports Downloads
Olivier Cadot, Melise Jaud and Akiko Suwa Eisenmann
7430: A World Factory in Global Production Chains: Estimating Imported Value Added in Chinese Exports Downloads
Robert Koopman, Zhi Wang and Shang-Jin Wei
7429: Labor-Market Matching with Precautionary Savings and Aggregate Fluctuations Downloads
Per Krusell, Toshihiko Mukoyama and Aysegul Sahin
7428: Do Individual Investors Have Asymmetric Information Based On Work Experience? Downloads
Trond Døskeland and Hans K. Hvide
7427: Government Purchases and the Real Exchange Rate Downloads
Robert Kollmann
7426: Nowcasting, Business Cycle Dating and the Interpretation of New Information when Real-Time Data are Available Downloads
Kevin Charles Lee, Nils Olekalns and K Shields
7425: A Three State Model of Worker Flows in General Equilibrium Downloads
Per Krusell, Toshihiko Mukoyama, Richard Rogerson and Aysegul Sahin
7424: The Lifeboat Problem Downloads
Kai A. Konrad and Dan Kovenock
7423: Measuring the Impact of Fiscal Policy in the Face of Anticipation: A Structural VAR Approach Downloads
Karel Mertens and Morten Overgaard Ravn
7422: Price and quality in spatial competition Downloads
Kurt Richard Brekke, Luigi Siciliani and Odd Rune Straume
7421: Does Leaving Welfare Improve Health? Evidence for Germany Downloads
Martin Huber, Michael Lechner and Conny Wunsch
7420: The Public Health Costs of Job Loss Downloads
Andreas Kuhn, Rafael Lalive and Josef Zweimüller
7419: Monetary Policy and the Financing of Firms Downloads
Fiorella De Fiore, Pedro Teles and Oreste Tristani
7418: Money is an Experience Good: Competition and Trust in the Private Provision of Money Downloads
Ramon Marimon, Juan Pablo Nicolini and Pedro Teles
7417: Fines, Leniency and Rewards in Antitrust: an Experiment Downloads
Maria Bigoni, Sven-Olof Fridolfsson, Chloé Le Coq and Giancarlo Spagnolo
7416: Disasters implied by equity index options Downloads
David Backus, Mikhail Chernov and Ian Martin
7415: Paying for Confidence: An Experimental Study of the Demand for Non-Instrumental Information Downloads
Kfir Eliaz and Andrew Schotter
7414: Reason-Based Choice: A Bargaining Rationale for the Attraction and Compromise Effects Downloads
Geoffroy de Clippel and Kfir Eliaz
7413: Contractual Execution, Strategic Incompleteness and Venture Capital Downloads
Roberta Dessí
7412: Price Controls and Consumer Surplus Downloads
Jeremy . Bulow and Paul Klemperer
7411: Why Do Sellers (Usually) Prefer Auctions? Downloads
Jeremy . Bulow and Paul Klemperer
7410: Liquidity and Asset Prices: A Unified Framework Downloads
Dimitri Vayanos and Jiang Wang
7409: Gender and Banking: Are Women Better Loan Officers? Downloads
Thorsten Beck, Patrick Behr and Andre Güttler
7408: Referral and Job Performance: Evidence from the Ghana Colonial Army Downloads
Marcel Fafchamps and Alexander Moradi
7407: Determinants of the Choice of Migration Destination Downloads
Marcel Fafchamps and Forhad Shilpi
7406: Testing Unilateral and Bilateral Link Formation Downloads
Margherita Comola and Marcel Fafchamps
7405: Does Culture Affect Unemployment? Evidence from the Röstigraben Downloads
Beatrix Brügger, Rafael Lalive and Josef Zweimüller
7404: Competition Among the Big and the Small Downloads
Ken-Ichi Shimomura and Jacques François Thisse
7403: Aging Nations and the Future of Cities Downloads
Carl Gaigne and Jacques François Thisse
7402: Nudging Farmers to Utilize Fertilizer: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Kenya Downloads
Esther Duflo, Michael Kremer and Jonathan Robinson
7401: Learning and the Great Moderation Downloads
James Bullard and Aarti Singh
7400: Who Gets the Credit? And Does It Matter? Household vs. Firm Lending across Countries Downloads
Thorsten Beck, Berrak Büyükkarabacak, Felix Rioja and Neven Tomov Valev
7399: Growing Up in a Recession: Beliefs and the Macroeconomy Downloads
Paola Giuliano and Antonio Spilimbergo
7398: Equilibrium Asset Prices and Investor Behavior in the Presence of Money Illusion Downloads
Suleyman Basak and Hongjun Yan
7397: Expectations, Deflation Traps and Macroeconomic Policy Downloads
George William Evans and Seppo Mikko Sakari Honkapohja
7396: Expanding Microenterprise Credit Access: Using Randomized Supply Decisions to Estimate the Impacts in Manila Downloads
Dean S. Karlan and Jonathan Zinman
7395: The Product-Mix Auction: a New Auction Design for Differentiated Goods Downloads
Paul Klemperer
7394: Climate Change Mitigation Strategies in Fast-Growing Countries: The Benefits of Early Action Downloads
Valentina Bosetti, Carlo Carraro and Massimo Tavoni
7393: Financial liberalization and democracy: The role of reform reversals Downloads
Nauro F. Campos and Fabrizio Coricelli
7392: Dynamic Trading with Predictable Returns and Transaction Costs Downloads
Nicolae Bogdan Garleanu and Lasse Heje Pedersen
7391: Offshoring and the Onshore Composition of Tasks and Skills Downloads
Sascha O. Becker, Karolina Ekholm and Marc-Andreas Muendler
7390: Services outsourcing and innovation: An empirical investigation Downloads
Holger Görg and Aoife Hanley
7389: Keynesian government spending multipliers and spillovers in the euro area Downloads
Tobias Cwik and Volker Wieland
7388: Monetary Policy, Velocity, and the Equity Premium Downloads
Christopher James Gust and David Lopez-Salido
7387: International Welfare and Employment Linkages Arising from Minimum Wages Downloads
Hartmut Egger, Peter H. Egger and James R. Markusen
7386: Sweet Diversity: Colonial Goods and the Rise of European Living Standards after 1492 Downloads
Jonathan Hersh and Hans-Joachim Voth
7385: Two Orthogonal Continents? Testing a Two-country DSGE Model of the US and EU Using Indirect Inference Downloads
Vo Phuong Mai Le, David Meenagh, A. Patrick L. Minford and Michael R. Wickens
7384: Cannabis Use and Mental Health Problems Downloads
Jan C. van Ours and Jenny Williams
7383: Can Parameter Instability Explain the Meese-Rogoff Puzzle? Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta, Toni Beutler and Eric van Wincoop
7382: Mitigating the Procyclicality of Basel II Downloads
Rafael Repullo, Jesús Saurina and Carlos Trucharte
7381: Accounting discretion of banks during a financial crisis Downloads
Harry P. Huizinga and Luc Laeven
7380: The Portfolio Effect of Pension Reforms Downloads
Renata Bottazzi, Tullio Jappelli and Mario Padula
7379: On the Equivalence of Location Choice Models: Conditional Logit, Nested Logit and Poisson Downloads
Marius Brülhart and Kurt Schmidheiny
7378: Learning and Price Volatility in Duopoly Models of Resource Depletion Downloads
Martin Ellison and Andrew Scott
7377: Inflation Targeting and Business Cycle Synchronization Downloads
Robert P Flood and Andrew Kenan Rose
7376: Identification of slowdowns and accelerations for the euro area economy Downloads
Olivier Darné and Laurent Ferrara
7375: The Distorting Arm's Length Principle Downloads
Michael P. Devereux and Christian Keuschnigg
7374: Two is Company, N is a Crowd? Merchant Guilds and Social Capital Downloads
Roberta Dessí and Salvatore Piccolo
7373: Do Financial Incentives for Firms Promote Employment of Disabled Workers? A Regression Discontinuity Approach Downloads
Rafael Lalive, Jean-Philippe Wuellrich and Josef Zweimüller
7372: A Simple Theory of Predation Downloads
Chiara Fumagalli and Massimo Motta
7371: War and Relatedness Downloads
Enrico Spolaore and Romain Wacziarg
7370: Empirical Evidence on the Aggregate Effects of Anticipated and Unanticipated U.S. Tax Policy Shocks Downloads
Karel Mertens and Morten Overgaard Ravn
7369: Trade, wages, and productivity Downloads
Kristian Behrens, Giordano Mion, Yasusada Murata and Jens Südekum
7368: Doux Commerces: Does Market Competition Cause Trust? Downloads
Patrick Francois and Tanguy van Ypersele
7367: Kinky Choices, Dictators and Split Might: A Non-Cooperative Model for Household Consumption and Labor Supply Downloads
Jan Boone, Karen van der Wiel and Frederic Vermeulen
7366: Work and Money: Payoffs by Ethnic Identity and Gender Downloads
Amelie F. Constant and Klaus F. Zimmermann
7365: Decision-making Procedures: A General Theory and Its Field Experimental Test Downloads
Gani Aldashev, Georg Kirchsteiger and Alexander Sebald
7364: The Potato's Contribution to Population and Urbanization: Evidence from an Historical Experiment Downloads
Nathan Nunn and Nancy Qian
7363: Competing on Good Politicians Downloads
Vincenzo Galasso and Tommaso Nannicini
7362: The Evolution of Paper Money Downloads
Oren Levintal and Joseph Zeira
7361: Life Expectancy and Economic Growth: The Role of the Demographic Transition Downloads
Matteo Cervellati and Uwe Sunde
7360: Entrepreneurship: Origins and Returns Downloads
Helge Berglann, Espen R Moen, Knut Røed and Jens Fredrik Skogstrøm
7359: Credit Constraints, Cyclical Fiscal Policy and Industry Growth Downloads
Philippe Aghion, David Hemous and Enisse Kharroubi
7358: Quantifying private benefits of control from a structural model of block trades Downloads
Rui Albuquerque and Enrique Schroth
7357: The Impact of Creditor Protection on Stock Prices in the Presence of Credit Crunches Downloads
Galina B Hale, Assaf Razin and Hui Tong
7356: The Evolution of Aggregate Stock Ownership---A Unified Explanation Downloads
Kristian Rydqvist, Joshua Spizman and Ilya A. Strebulaev
7355: Lenders of Last Resort in a Globalized World Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
7354: Cross-Country Causes and Consequences of the 2008 Crisis: Early Warning Downloads
Andrew Kenan Rose and Mark M Spiegel
7353: Inequality and Unemployment in a Global Economy Downloads
Elhanan Helpman, Oleg Itskhoki and Stephen James Redding
7352: Moral and Social Constraints to Strategic Default on Mortgages Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
7351: Rational and Naive Herding Downloads
Erik Eyster and Matthew Rabin
7350: Services Provision and Temporary Mobility: Freedoms and Regulation in the EU Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola and Lorenza Mola
7349: Bad Bank(s) and Recapitalization of the Banking Sector Downloads
Dorothea Schäfer and Klaus F. Zimmermann
7348: The Exchange Rate Effect of Multi-Currency Risk Arbitrage Downloads
Harald Hau
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