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7771: Monetary Policy and Unemployment Downloads
Jordi Gali
7770: Economic Growth with Bubbles Downloads
Alberto Martin and Jaume Ventura
7769: Reconciling VAR-based and Narrative Measures of the Tax-Multiplier Downloads
Carlo Favero and Francesco Giavazzi
7768: Media Mergers and Media Bias with Rational Consumers Downloads
Simon Anderson and John Edward McLaren
7767: Tax Arbitrage with Risk and Effort Aversion -- Swedish Lottery Bonds 1970-1990 Downloads
Kristian Rydqvist
7766: Fiscal expansions affect unemployment, but they may increase it Downloads
Markus Brückner and Evi Paraskevi Pappa
7765: The vulnerability of sub-Saharan Africa to the financial crisis: the case of trade Downloads
Nicolas Berman and Philippe Martin
7764: Hierarchical Trade Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Hans Haller
7763: The Forecasting Performance of Real Time Estimates of the Euro Area Output Gap Downloads
Massimiliano Marcellino and Alberto Musso
7762: Liquidity Hoarding and Interbank Market Spreads: The Role of Counterparty Risk Downloads
Florian Heider, Marie Hoerova and Cornelia Holthausen
7761: Cartels Uncovered Downloads
Ari Hyytinen, Frode Steen and Otto Toivanen
7760: Rational Inattention to Subsidies for Charitable Contributions Downloads
Kimberley Scharf and Sarah Louise Smith
7759: Migration and Economic Mobility in Tanzania: Evidence from a Tracking Survey Downloads
Kathleen Beegle, Joachim De Weerdt and Stefan Dercon
7758: Promising the right prize Downloads
Emeric Henry
7757: Civic Capital as the Missing Link Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
7756: Offshoring, tasks, and the skill-wage pattern Downloads
Daniel Baumgarten, Ingo Geishecker and Holger Görg
7755: A primer on unconventional monetary policy Downloads
Peter Bofinger and Sebastian Debes
7754: Giving Credit Where it is Due Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo
7753: The Role of Inventories and Speculative Trading in the Global Market for Crude Oil Downloads
Lutz Kilian and Daniel Patrick Murphy
7752: Entrepreneurial Innovations, Entrepreneurship Policy and Globalization Downloads
Robin Douhan, Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson
7751: What Should we Expect from Innovation? A Model-Based Assessment of the Environmental and Mitigation Cost Implications of Climate-Related R&D Downloads
Valentina Bosetti, Carlo Carraro, Romain Duval and Massimo Tavoni
7750: Incentives to Innovate and the Decision to Go Public or Private Downloads
Daniel Ferreira, Gustavo Manso and Andre C. Silva
7749: Would Freeing Up World Trade Reduce Poverty and Inequality? The Vexed Role of Agricultural Distortions Downloads
Kym Anderson, John Cockburn and Will J Martin
7748: Changing contributions of different agricultural policy instruments to global reductions in trade and welfare Downloads
Kym Anderson and Johanna L. Croser
7747: Agricultural Distortions in Sub-Saharan Africa: Trade and Welfare Indicators, 1961 to 2004 Downloads
Kym Anderson and Johanna L. Croser
7746: Short-Term Inflation Projections: a Bayesian Vector Autoregressive approach Downloads
Domenico Giannone, Michele Lenza, Daphne Momferatou and Luca Onorante
7745: Growth, History, or Institutions? What Explains State Fragility in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi and Andrea Guerzoni
7744: Returns to Inventors Downloads
Otto Toivanen and Lotta Väänänen
7743: Expectation Shocks and Learning as Drivers of the Business Cycle Downloads
Fabio Milani
7742: Measuring Output Gap Uncertainty Downloads
Anthony Garratt, James Mitchell and Shaun P. Vahey
7741: Distortionary fiscal policy and monetary policy goals Downloads
Klaus Adam and Roberto M. Billi
7740: The geography of conflicts and free trade agreements Downloads
Philippe Martin, Thierry Mayer and Mathias Thoenig
7739: A "quantum" approach to rational inattention Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
7738: Limits of Arbitrage: The State of the Theory Downloads
Denis Gromb and Dimitri Vayanos
7737: Optimal Interventions in Markets with Adverse Selection Downloads
Thomas PHILIPPON and Vasiliki Skreta
7736: Optimal market design Downloads
Jan Boone and Jacob K Goeree
7735: The international diversification of banks and the value of their cross-border M&A advice Downloads
Abe De Jong, Steven Ongena and Marieke van der Poel
7734: Demographic Trends, the Dividend-Price Ratio and the Predictability of Long-Run Stock Market Returns Downloads
Carlo Favero, Arie Gozluklu and Andrea Tamoni
7733: Regulatory Reform After the Crisis: Opportunities and Pitfalls Downloads
Thorsten Beck
7732: How do Fiscal and Technology Shocks affect Real Exchange Rates? New Evidence for the United States Downloads
Zeno Enders, Gernot Müller and Almuth Scholl
7731: Stabilization and Growth under Dictatorship: The Experience of Franco's Spain Downloads
Leandro Prados de la Escosura, Joan R. Rosés and Isabel Sanz Villarroya
7730: Welfare Analysis of Regulating Mobile Termination Rates in the UK (with an Application to the Orange/T-Mobile Merger) Downloads
David Harbord and Steffen H. Hoernig
7729: Platform Siphoning: Ad-Avoidance and Media Content Downloads
Simon Anderson and Joshua Gans
7728: Unemployment Fiscal Multipliers Downloads
Tommaso Monacelli, Roberto Perotti and Antonella Trigari
7727: Monetary Policy and the Cyclicality of Risk Downloads
Christopher James Gust and David Lopez-Salido
7726: Factor-GMM Estimation with Large Sets of Possibly Weak Instruments Downloads
George Kapetanios and Massimiliano Marcellino
7725: Public Support for Innovation, Intangible Investment and Productivity Growth in the UK Market Sector Downloads
Jonathan E. Haskel and Gavin Wallis
7724: Ideologues: Explaining Partisanship and Persistence in Politics (and Elsewhere) Downloads
Benno Buehler and Anke S. Kessler
7723: Economic growth and the rise of political extremism: theory and evidence Downloads
Markus Brückner and Hans Peter Grüner
7722: Vertical Merger, Collusion, and Disruptive Buyers Downloads
Volker Nocke and Lucy White
7721: Financial constraints and innovation: Why poor countries don't catch up Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Monika Schnitzer
7720: When two-part tariffs are not enough: Mixing with nonlinear pricing Downloads
Steffen H. Hoernig and Tommaso Valletti
7719: Optimal Target Criteria for Stabilization Policy Downloads
Marc P. Giannoni and Michael Woodford
7718: Globalization and the Output-inflation Tradeoff: New Time Series Evidence Downloads
Sylvester Eijffinger and Zongxin Qian
7717: Similarities and Differences when Building Trust: the Role of Cultures Downloads
Fabian Bornhorst, Andrea Ichino, Oliver Kirchkamp, Karl H. Schlag and Eyal Winter
7716: The Reliability of Real Time Estimates of the Euro Area Output Gap Downloads
Massimiliano Marcellino and Alberto Musso
7714: Joint Ventures as a Commitment Device Against Lobbies Downloads
Nicoletta Berardi and Paul Seabright
7713: Age, wage and productivity Downloads
Lenny Stoeldraijer and Jan C van Ours
7712: Correlated Disturbances and U.S. Business Cycles Downloads
Vasco Cúrdia and Ricardo Reis
7711: Imperfect Information and Aggregate supply Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw and Ricardo Reis
7710: The political economy of intergenerational income mobility Downloads
Andrea Ichino, Loukas Karabarbounis and Enrico Moretti
7709: Skilled Immigration and Innovation: Evidence from Enrollment Fluctuations in U.S. Doctoral Programs Downloads
Keith E. Maskus, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak and Eric T. Stuen
7708: Why do within firm-product export prices differ across markets? Downloads
Holger Görg, László Halpern and Balazs Murakozy
7707: Labor Market Frictions as a Source of Comparative Advantage, with Implications for Unemployment and Inequality Downloads
Elhanan Helpman
7706: Price, Wage and Employment Response to Shocks: Evidence from the WDN Survey Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola, Aurelijus Dabusinskas, Marco Hoeberichts, Mario Izquierdo, Claudia Kwapil, Jérémi Montornes and Daniel Radowski
7705: Conflicts of Interest, Reputation, and the Interwar Debt Crisis: Banksters or Bad Luck? Downloads
Marc Flandreau, Norbert J. Gaillard and Ugo Panizza
7704: Simple Analytics of the Government Expenditure Multiplier Downloads
Michael Woodford
7703: The 'Emulator Effect' of the Uruguay Round on US Regionalism Downloads
Marco Fugazza and Frédéric Robert-Nicoud
7702: Durable consumption and asset management with transaction and observation costs Downloads
Fernando Alvarez, Luigi Guiso and Francesco Lippi
7701: Estate Taxation and Intergenerational Transfers Downloads
Tullio Jappelli, Mario Padula and Giovanni Pica
7700: The Return of the Wage Phillips Curve Downloads
Jordi Gali
7699: Which Immigrants Are Most Innovative and Entrepreneurial: Distinctions by Entry Visa Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
7698: Development Uncorked: Reputation Acquisition in the New Market for Chilean Wines in the UK Downloads
Rocco Macchiavello
7697: Intermediation and Economic Integration Downloads
Pol Antras and Arnaud Costinot
7696: Intermediated Trade Downloads
Pol Antras and Arnaud Costinot
7695: Do terms-of-trade effects matter for trade agreements? Evidence from WTO countries Downloads
Rodney D. Ludema and Anna Maria Mayda
7694: Cross-Border Investment in Small International Financial Centers Downloads
Philip Lane and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti
7693: Global Imbalances: In Midstream? Downloads
Olivier J Blanchard and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti
7692: Macroeconomic Shocks and the Business Cycle: Evidence from a Structural Factor Model Downloads
Mario Forni and Luca Gambetti
7691: Business Cycle Dynamics under Rational Inattention Downloads
Bartosz Maćkowiak and Mirko Wiederholt
7690: Financial Development and the Patterns of International Capital Flows Downloads
Juergen von Hagen and Haiping Zhang
7689: Commodity prices, commodity currencies, and global economic developments Downloads
Jan J. J. Groen and Paolo A. Pesenti
7688: Family Values and the Regulation of Labor Downloads
Alberto F Alesina, Yann Algan, Pierre Cahuc and Paola Giuliano
7687: Keynes Meets Markowitz: The Trade-off Between Familiarity and Diversification Downloads
Phelim Boyle, Lorenzo Garlappi, Raman Uppal and Tan Wang
7686: Improving Portfolio Selection Using Option-Implied Volatility and Skewness Downloads
Victor DeMiguel, Yuliya Plyakha, Raman Uppal and Grigory Vilkov
7685: The Tip of the Iceberg: Modeling Trade Costs and Implications for Intra-Industry Reallocation Downloads
Alfonso Irarrazabal, Andreas Moxnes and Luca David Opromolla
7684: Watchdog or Lapdog? Media and the U.S. Government Downloads
Nancy Qian and David Yangagizawa
7683: Price Discrimination under Customer Recognition and Mergers Downloads
Rosa Branca Esteves and Helder Vasconcelos
7682: Brain drain in globalization: A general equilibrium analysis from the sending countries’ perspective Downloads
Frédéric Docquier, Luca Marchiori and -Ling Shen
7681: Public-private partnerships versus traditional procurement: Innovation incentives and information gathering Downloads
Eva Isabel Hoppe and Patrick W. Schmitz
7680: The Consumption Response to Income Changes Downloads
Tullio Jappelli and Luigi Pistaferri
7679: Decentralized Investment Management: Evidence from the Pension Fund Industry Downloads
David Blake, Allan Timmermann, Ian Tonks and Russ Wermers
7678: The Timing of Takeovers in Growing and Declining Markets Downloads
Robin Mason and Helen Weeds
7677: Forecasting with Factor-augmented Error Correction Models Downloads
Anindya Banerjee, Massimiliano Marcellino and Igor Masten
7676: Performance Maximization of Actively Managed Funds Downloads
Paolo Guasoni, Gur Huberman and Zhenyu Wang
7675: Greasing the Wheels of International Commerce: How Services Facilitate Firms' International Sourcing Downloads
Peter Debaere, Holger Görg and Horst Raff
7674: The lender of last resort: liquidity provision versus the possibility of bail-out Downloads
Sylvester Eijffinger and Rob Nijskens
7673: An Area-Wide Real-Time Database for the Euro Area Downloads
Domenico Giannone, Jerome Henry, Magdalena Lalik and Michele Modugno
7672: The Political Resource Curse Downloads
Fernanda Brollo, Tommaso Nannicini, Roberto Perotti and Guido Tabellini
7671: Common Factors in Latin America’s Business Cycles Downloads
Marco Aiolfi, Luis A.V. Catão and Allan Timmermann
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