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7104: Corporate Fraud, Governance and Auditing Downloads
Giovanni Immordino and Marco Pagano
7103: International Trade Integration: A Disaggregated Approach Downloads
Natalie A. Chen and Dennis Novy
7102: Public Support to Clusters: A Firm Level Study of French “Local Productive Systems” Downloads
Philippe Martin, Thierry Mayer and Florian Mayneris
7101: The Incidence of Civil War: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Timothy J. Besley and Torsten Persson
7100: Capital Structure and Regulation: Do Ownership and Regulatory Independence Matter? Downloads
Bernardo Bortolotti, Carlo Cambini, Laura Rondi and Yossi Spiegel
7099: Fiscal Policy, Wealth Effects and Markups Downloads
Tommaso Monacelli and Roberto Perotti
7098: The Dynamic Effects of Monetary Policy: A Structural Factor Model Approach Downloads
Mario Forni and Luca Gambetti
7097: Employment Laws in Developing Countries Downloads
Simeon Djankov and Rita Ramalho
7096: Monetary Policy Regimes and the Term Structure of Interest Rates Downloads
Ruslan Bikbov and Mikhail Chernov
7095: Does the Public Employment Service Affect Search Effort and Outcomes? Downloads
Denis Fougere, Jacqueline Pradel and Muriel Roger
7094: Estimating the Effect of a Retraining Program on the Re-Employment Rate of Displaced Workers Downloads
Sandra Cavaco, Denis Fougere and Julien POUGET
7093: Debt Maturity without Commitment Downloads
Dirk Niepelt
7092: Naturalization and Employment of Immigrants in France (1968-1999) Downloads
Denis Fougere and Mirna Safi
7091: Financial Market Integration Under EMU Downloads
Tullio Jappelli and Marco Pagano
7090: Venture Capital and Innovation: Which is First? Downloads
Masayuki Hirukawa and Masako Ueda
7089: Venture Capital and Industrial ''Innovation'' Downloads
Masayuki Hirukawa and Masako Ueda
7088: Toc 'n' Roll: Bargaining, Service Quality and Specificity in the UK Railway Network Downloads
Gianni De Fraja, Emanuela Michetti and Piercarlo Zanchettin
7087: Charitable Giving for Overseas Development: UK Trends Over a Quarter Century Downloads
Anthony Barnes Atkinson, Peter G. Backus, John Micklewright, Cathy Pharoah and Sylke Viola Schnepf
7086: One Size Fits All? The Effects of Teacher Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Abilities on Student Achievement Downloads
Erik Grönqvist and Jonas Vlachos
7085: What Happens During Recessions, Crunches and Busts? Downloads
Stijn Claessens, Ayhan Kose and Marco E. Terrones
7084: Tax Contracts and Government Formation Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Maik Schneider
7083: Firm Default and Aggregate Fluctuations Downloads
Tor Jacobson, Rikard Kindell, Jesper Lindé and Kasper Roszbach
7082: Does Family Control Affect Trade Performance? Evidence for Italian Firms Downloads
Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Riccardo Faini and Alessandra Tucci
7081: Transitory Economic Shocks and Civil Conflict Downloads
Antonio Ciccone
7080: The Regulation of Entry: A Survey Downloads
Simeon Djankov
7079: Agglomeration, Backward and Forward Linkages: Evidence from South Korean Investment in China Downloads
Peter Debaere, Joonhyung Lee and Myungho Paik
7078: When Can Central Banks Anchor Expectations? Policy communication and controllability Downloads
Nicola Acocella, Giovanni Di Bartolomeo and Andrew J Hughes Hallett
7077: Dynamic Merger Review Downloads
Volker Nocke and Michael Whinston
7076: A Faith-based Initiative: Does a Flexible Exchange Rate Regime Really Facilitate Current Account Adjustment? Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Shang-Jin Wei
7075: Worker Replacement Downloads
Guido Menzio and Espen R Moen
7074: Cross-Border Trade and FDI in Services Downloads
Carmen Fillat Castejón, Joseph Francis Francois and Julia Maria Woerz
7073: Physical Capital, Knowledge Capital and the Choice Between FDI and Outsourcing Downloads
Yongmin Chen, Ignatius J. Horstmann and James R. Markusen
7072: Rules of Origin, Preferences and Diversification in Apparel: African Exports to the US and to the EU Downloads
Jaime A.P. de Melo and Alberto Portugal-Perez
7071: Legal Standards, Enforcement and Corruption Downloads
Giovanni Immordino and Marco Pagano
7070: Monetary Policy Trade-Offs in an Estimated Open-Economy DSGE Model Downloads
Malin Adolfson, Stefan Laséen, Jesper Lindé and Lars E. O. Svensson
7069: The U.S. Business Cycle, 1867-1995: A Dynamic Factor Approach Downloads
Albrecht Ritschl, Samad Sarferaz and Martin Uebele
7068: An Institutional Theory of Momentum and Reversal Downloads
Dimitri Vayanos and Paul Woolley
7067: The long-term effects of job search requirements: Evidence from the UK JSA reform Downloads
Barbara Petrongolo
7066: Public goods, participation constraints, and democracy: A possibility theorem Downloads
Hans Peter Grüner
7065: Dynamic Factor Price Equalization & International Convergence Downloads
Joseph Francis Francois and Clinton R. Shiells
7064: Financial Crash, Commodity Prices and Global Imbalances Downloads
Ricardo J. Caballero, Emmanuel Farhi and Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
7063: New Economic Geography: an appraisal on the occasion of Paul Krugman's 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics Downloads
Masahisa Fujita and Jacques François Thisse
7062: Re-Evaluating Swedish Membership in EMU: Evidence from an Estimated Model Downloads
Ulf Söderström
7061: Car Ownership and the Labour Market of Ethnic Minorities Downloads
Pieter A. Gautier and Yves Zenou
7060: Peer Effects and Social Networks in Education Downloads
Antoni Calvó-Armengol, Eleonora Patacchini and Yves Zenou
7059: Gender Gap in Performance under Competitive Pressure Downloads
Stepan Jurajda and Daniel MÜNICH
7058: Liquidity Constraints and Linkages with Multinationals Downloads
Beata Smarzynska Javorcik and Mariana Spatareanu
7057: Dynamics and Stagnation in the Malthusian Epoch: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Quamrul Ashraf and Oded Galor
7056: Public Versus Private Ownership: Quantity Contracts and the Allocation of Investment Tasks Downloads
Eva Isabel Hoppe and Patrick W. Schmitz
7055: Do Temprary Contracts Affect TFP? Evidence from Spanish Manufacturing Firms Downloads
Juan J. Dolado and Rodolfo Stucchi
7054: Repeated electoral competition over non-linear income tax schedules Downloads
Georges Casamatta, Helmuth Cremer and Philippe De Donder
7053: The Structure of Protection and Growth in the Late 19th Century Downloads
Sibylle H. Lehmann and O'Rourke, Kevin Hjortshøj
7052: Additions to Market Indices and the Comovement of Stock Returns around the World Downloads
Stijn Claessens and Yishay Yafeh
7051: Bank Diversification and Incentives Downloads
Gyöngyi Lóránth and Alan Morrison
7050: Storable Votes and Agenda Order Control. Theory and Experiments Downloads
Alessandra Casella
7049: Labour Markets in EMU - What has Changed and What Needs to Change Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
7048: Openness, Financial Markets, and Policies: Cross-Country and Dynamic Patterns Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola and Anna Lo Prete
7047: International Taxation and Multinational Firm Location Decisions Downloads
Salvador Barrios, Harry P. Huizinga, Luc Laeven and Gaëtan J.A. Nicodème
7046: Fundamentals at Odds? The US Current Account Deficit and The Dollar Downloads
Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti
7045: Luddites and the Demographic Transition Downloads
O'Rourke, Kevin Hjortshøj, Ahmed S. Rahman and Alan M. Taylor
7044: Fiscal Sustainability and Demographics - Should We Save or Work More? Downloads
Torben M Andersen
7043: Peer Effects and the Impact of Tracking: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Kenya Downloads
Esther Duflo, Pascaline Dupas and Michael Kremer
7042: Ethnic Parity in Labour Market Outcomes for Benefit Claimants Downloads
Claire Crawford, Lorraine Margaret Dearden, Alice Mesnard, Jonathan Shaw and Barbara Sianesi
7041: Globalization and Business Cycle Transmission Downloads
Michael John Artis and Toshihiro Okubo
7040: Are Boys and Girls Affected Differently When the Household Head Leaves for Good? Evidence from School and Work Choices in Colombia Downloads
Emla Fitzsimons and Alice Mesnard
7039: Labour Income Taxation, Human Capital and Growth: The Role of Child Care Downloads
Alessandra Casarico and Alessandro Sommacal
7038: The Design of the University System Downloads
Gianni De Fraja and Paola Valbonesi
7037: The Experimental Approach to Development Economics Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo
7036: A Measure for Credibility: Tracking US Monetary Developments Downloads
Maria Demertzis, Massimiliano Marcellino and Nicola Viegi
7035: International Emission Permit Markets with Refunding Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Ralph Winkler
7034: The Skill Composition of Immigrants and the Generosity of the Welfare State: Free vs. Policy-Controlled Migration Downloads
Alon Cohen and Assaf Razin
7033: The London Agreement and the Cost of Patenting in Europe Downloads
Malwina Mejer and Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie
7032: Distance to Which Frontier? Evidence on Productivity Convergence from International Firm-level Data Downloads
Eric J. Bartelsman, Jonathan E. Haskel and Ralf Martin
7031: Development and Growth in Mineral-Rich Countries Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason
7030: Using Elicited Choice Probabilities to Estimate Random Utility Models: Preferences for Electricity Reliability Downloads
Asher A. Blass, Saul Lach and Charles F. Manski
7029: On the price elasticity of demand for patents Downloads
Gaetan de Rassenfosse and Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie
7028: Trade Liberalization and Organizational Change Downloads
Paola Conconi, Patrick Legros and Andrew F. Newman
7027: Is Poland at Risk of a Boom-and-Bust Cycle in the Run-Up to Euro Adoption? Downloads
Barry Julian Eichengreen and Katharina Steiner
7026: The Strategic Determinants of U.S. Human Rights Reporting: Evidence from the Cold War Downloads
Nancy Qian and David Yanagizawa-Drott
7025: Competitive Rational Expectations Equilibria Without Apology Downloads
Alexander Kovalenkov and Xavier Vives
7024: Uncertainty, Climate Change and the Global Economy Downloads
Torsten Persson and David von Below
7023: Information Acquisition During a Descending Auction Downloads
Achim Wambach
7022: A Theory of International Crisis Lending and IMF Conditionality Downloads
Olivier Jeanne, Jonathan David Ostry and Jeromin Zettelmeyer
7021: Why Do Many Resource-Rich Countries Have Negative Genuine Saving? Anticipation of Better Times or Rapacious Rent Seeking Downloads
(Rick) van der Ploeg, Frederick
7020: Do Cultural Differences Between Contracting Parties Matter? Evidence from Syndicated Bank Loans Downloads
Mariassunta Giannetti and Yishay Yafeh
7019: Comparison of Solutions to the Incomplete Markets Model with Aggregate Uncertainty Downloads
Wouter Den Haan
7018: Survival of the Fittest in Cities: Agglomeration, Selection, and Polarisation Downloads
Kristian Behrens and Frédéric Robert-Nicoud
7017: The Rise and Fall of Spatial Inequalities in France: a Long-Run Perspective Downloads
Pierre-Philippe Combes, Miren LAFOURCADE, Jacques François Thisse and Jean-Claude Toutain
7016: Urbanization and Structural Transformation Downloads
Guy Michaels, Ferdinand Gordian Rauch and Stephen James Redding
7015: Do Energy Prices Respond to U.S. Macroeconomic News? A Test of the Hypothesis of Predetermined Energy Prices Downloads
Lutz Kilian and Clara Vega
7014: What Explains Fertility? Evidence from Italian Pension Reforms Downloads
Francesco C. Billari and Vincenzo Galasso
7013: Free Flows, Limited Diversification: Explaining the Fall and Rise of Stock Market Correlations, 1890-2001 Downloads
Dennis Quinn and Hans-Joachim Voth
7012: Motivation and Sorting in Open Source Software Innovation Downloads
Sharon Belenzon and Mark Schankerman
7011: Learning and Microlending Downloads
Mikhail Drugov and Rocco Macchiavello
7010: What Drives International Financial Flows? Politics, Institutions and Other Determinants Downloads
Elias Papaioannou
7009: Path Forecast Evaluation Downloads
Oscar Jorda and Massimiliano Marcellino
7008: Forecasting Exchange Rates with a Large Bayesian VAR Downloads
Andrea Carriero, George Kapetanios and Massimiliano Marcellino
7007: A Monthly Indicator of the Euro Area GDP Downloads
Cecilia Frale, Massimiliano Marcellino, Gian Luigi Mazzi and Tommaso Proietti
7006: Fear of Floating and Pegging: A Simultaneous Choice Model of De Jure and De Facto Exchange Rate Regimes Downloads
Juergen von Hagen and Jizhong Zhou
7005: Complementary Patents and Market Structure Downloads
Klaus M. Schmidt
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