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8899: Can Rare Events Explain the Equity Premium Puzzle? Downloads
Anisha Ghosh and Christian Julliard
8898: Change You Can Believe In? Hedge Fund Data Revisions Downloads
Andrew Patton, Tarun Ramadorai and Michael Streatfield
8897: The Procyclical Effects of Bank Capital Regulation Downloads
Rafael Repullo and Javier Suarez
8896: Green Shoots and Double Dips in the Euro Area. A Real Time Measure Downloads
Maximo Camacho, Gabriel Pérez-Quirós and Pilar Poncela
8895: Energy and Climate Change in China Downloads
Carlo Carraro and Emanuele Massetti
8894: Common Drifting Volatility in Large Bayesian VARs Downloads
Andrea Carriero, Todd Clark and Massimiliano Marcellino
8893: Financial Globalization, Inequality, and the Raising of Public Debt Downloads
Marina Azzimonti, Eva de Francisco and Vincenzo Quadrini
8892: Policy Change and Learning in the RBC Model Downloads
George Evans, Seppo Honkapohja and Kaushik Mitra
8891: Fiscal Policy and Learning Downloads
George Evans, Seppo Honkapohja and Kaushik Mitra
8890: On the optimal supply of liquidity with borrowing constraints Downloads
Francesco Lippi and Nicholas Trachter
8889: The Dynamics of Homeownership Among the 50+ in Europe Downloads
Viola Angelini, Agar Brugiavini and Guglielmo Weber
8888: Does the Current Account Still Matter? Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
8887: The Impact of Consulting Services on Small and Medium Enterprises: Evidence from a Randomized Trial in Mexico Downloads
Miriam Bruhn, Dean Karlan and Antoinette Schoar
8886: How children’s schooling and work is affected when their father leaves permanently: Evidence from Colombia Downloads
Emla Fitzsimons and Alice Mesnard
8885: Sons or Daughters? Endogenous Sex Preferences and the Reversal of the Gender Educational Gap Downloads
Moshe Hazan and Hosny Zoabi
8884: Technological Change, Trade in Intermediates and the Joint Impact on Productivity Downloads
Esther Ann Bøler, Andreas Moxnes and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe
8883: On the Measurement of Trade Costs: Direct vs. Indirect Approaches to Quantifying Standards and Technical Regulations Downloads
Natalie Chen and Dennis Novy
8882: Infrastructure and regional growth in the European Union Downloads
Riccardo Crescenzi and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
8881: The Organization of European Multinationals Downloads
Dalia Marin and Linda Fache Rousová
8880: The Theory of the Firm goes Global Downloads
Dalia Marin
8879: What Explains the Rise in CEO Pay in Germany? A Panel Data Analysis for 1977-2009 Downloads
Francesca Fabbri and Dalia Marin
8878: Can the Failing Firm Defense Rule be Counterproductive? Downloads
Helder Vasconcelos
8877: Flexibility and Collusion with Imperfect Monitoring Downloads
Maria Bigoni, Jan Potters and Giancarlo Spagnolo
8876: Right Wing Political Extremism in the Great Depression Downloads
Alan de Bromhead, Barry Eichengreen and Kevin O'Rourke
8875: Macro-Financial Linkages: evidence from country-specific VARs Downloads
Paolo Guarda and Philippe Jeanfils
8874: On the Road: Access to Transportation Infrastructure and Economic Growth in China Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Nancy Qian
8873: Run For Fun: Intrinsic Motivation and Physical Performance Downloads
Antonio Filippin and Jan C van Ours
8872: A Darwinian Perspective on "Exchange Rate Undervaluation" Downloads
Qingyuan Du and Shang-Jin Wei
8871: Income Growth and Institutional Quality: Evidence from International Oil Price Shocks Downloads
Markus Brückner and Mark Gradstein
8870: Innovation Beyond Patents: Technological Complexity as a Protection against Imitation Downloads
Emeric Henry and Francisco Ruiz-Aliseda
8869: Can Institutions Be Reformed from Within? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment with the Rajasthan Police Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee, Raghabendra Chattopadhyay, Esther Duflo, Daniel Keniston and Nina Singh
8868: Salience, Risky Choices and Gender Downloads
Alison Booth and Patrick Nolen
8867: Finite sample performance of small versus large scale dynamic factor models Downloads
Rocio Alvarez, Maximo Camacho and Gabriel Pérez-Quirós
8866: Markov-switching dynamic factor models in real time Downloads
Maximo Camacho, Gabriel Pérez-Quirós and Pilar Poncela
8865: Extracting nonlinear signals from several economic indicators Downloads
Maximo Camacho, Gabriel Pérez-Quirós and Pilar Poncela
8864: Explaining the Spread of Temporary Jobs and its Impact on Labor Turnover Downloads
Pierre Cahuc, Olivier Charlot and Franck Malherbet
8863: Price setting with menu cost for multi-product firms Downloads
Fernando Alvarez and Francesco Lippi
8862: Endogenous Product Choice: A Progress Report Downloads
Gregory Crawford
8861: Aid and Agency in Africa: Explaining Food Disbursements Across Ethiopian Households, 1994-2004 Downloads
Nzinga Broussard, Stefan Dercon and Rohini Somanathan
8860: Political Connections and Social Networks in Targeted Transfer Programs: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia Downloads
Bet Caeyers and Stefan Dercon
8859: Precautionary hoarding of liquidity and inter-bank markets: Evidence from the sub-prime crisis Downloads
Viral Acharya and Ouarda Merrouche
8858: Determinants of Banking System Fragility: A Regional Perspective Downloads
Hans Degryse, Muhammad Ather Elahi and María Penas
8857: You Can Pick Your Friends, But You Need to Watch Them: Loan Screening and Enforcement in a Referrals Field Experiment Downloads
Gharad Bryan, Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman
8856: When the Baby Cries at Night: Uninformed and Hurried Buyers in Non-Competitive Markets Downloads
Giacomo Calzolari, Andrea Ichino, Francesco Manaresi and Viki Nellas
8855: A Model of Equilibrium Institutions Downloads
Bernardo Guimaraes and Kevin Sheedy
8854: Financial Integration, Specialization, and Systemic Risk Downloads
Falko Fecht, Hans Peter Grüner and Philipp Hartmann
8853: Sudden Spikes in Global Risk Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta and Eric van Wincoop
8852: Bank Bonuses and Bail-outs Downloads
Hendrik Hakenes and Isabel Schnabel
8851: The Seeds of a Crisis: A Theory of Bank Liquidity and Risk-Taking over the Business Cycle Downloads
Viral Acharya and Hassan Naqvi
8850: The Legacy of Historical Conflict: Evidence from Africa Downloads
Timothy Besley and Marta Reynal-Querol
8849: Dynamic Price Competition with Switching Costs Downloads
Natalia Fabra and Alfredo García
8848: Vote Trading With and Without Party Leaders Downloads
Alessandra Casella, Thomas R Palfrey and Sébastien Turban
8847: Democratization and Civic Capital Downloads
Luigi Guiso and Paolo Pinotti
8846: The Household Effects of Government Spending Downloads
Francesco Giavazzi and Michael McMahon
8845: Long-Term Debt Pricing and Monetary Policy Transmission under Imperfect Knowledge Downloads
Stefano Eusepi, Marc Giannoni and Bruce Preston
8844: The ECB and the Interbank Market Downloads
Domenico Giannone, Michele Lenza, Huw Pill and Lucrezia Reichlin
8843: Innovation vs imitation and the evolution of productivity distributions Downloads
Michael König, Jan Lorenz and Fabrizio Zilibotti
8842: Unhappiness and job finding Downloads
Anne Gielen and Jan C van Ours
8841: Job Characteristics and Labor Turnover: Assessing the Role of Preferences and Opportunities in Teacher Mobility Downloads
Stéphane Bonhomme, Gregory Jolivet and Edwin Leuven
8840: Labor Differentiation and Agglomeration in General Equilibrium Downloads
Marcus Berliant and Yves Zenou
8839: Measuring the Upstreamness of Production and Trade Flows Downloads
Pol Antras, Davin Chor, Thibault Fally and Russell Hillberry
8838: On the connection between intra-temporal and intertemporal trade Downloads
Jiandong Ju, Kang Shi and Shang-Jin Wei
8837: Offshoring high-skilled jobs: EU multinationals and domestic employment of inventors Downloads
Laura Abramovsky, Rachel Griffith and Helen Miller
8836: Does Trade Globalization Induce or Inhibit Corporate Transparency? Unbundling the Growth Potential and Product Market Competition Channels Downloads
Hui Tong and Shang-Jin Wei
8835: Exports and Within-Plant Wage Distributions: Evidence from Mexico Downloads
Judith A Frías, David Kaplan and Eric Verhoogen
8834: No margin, no mission? A Field Experiment on Incentives for Pro-Social Tasks Downloads
Nava Ashraf, Oriana Bandiera and B. Kelsey Jack
8833: Heterogeneity, Demand for Insurance and Adverse Selection Downloads
Johannes Spinnewijn
8832: Signalling, Incumbency Advantage, and Optimal Reelection Thresholds Downloads
Francesco Caselli, Tom Cunningham, Massimo Morelli and Inés Moreno de Barreda
8831: The Firm as the Locus of Social Comparisons: Internal Labor Markets versus Up-or-out Downloads
Emmanuelle Auriol, Guido Friebel and Frauke Lammers
8830: Nominal Stability and Financial Globalization Downloads
Michael Devereux, Ozge Senay and Alan Sutherland
8829: Fiscal Policy in a Financial Crisis: Standard Policy vs. Bank Rescue Measures Downloads
Robert Kollmann, Werner Roeger and Veld, Jan In't
8828: U-MIDAS: MIDAS regressions with unrestricted lag polynomials Downloads
Claudia Foroni, Massimiliano Marcellino and Christian Schumacher
8827: Western Europe's Growth Prospects: an Historical Perspective Downloads
Nicholas Crafts
8826: Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy in a Microfounded New Keynesian Model Downloads
Klaus Adam and Michael Woodford
8825: The effects of global shocks on small commodity-exporting economies: New evidence from Canada Downloads
Valery Charnavoki and Juan Dolado
8824: Measuring Systemic Risk Downloads
Viral Acharya, Lasse Pedersen, Thomas Philippon and Matthew P Richardson
8823: Behind the GATE Experiment: Evidence on Effects of and Rationales for Subsidized Entrepreneurship Training Downloads
Robert Fairlie, Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman
8822: Caught between Scylla and Charybdis? Regulating bank leverage when there is rent-seeking and risk-shifting Downloads
Viral Acharya, Hamid Mehran and Anjan Thakor
8821: Incentives and Stability Of International Climate Coalitions: An Integrated Assessment Downloads
Valentina Bosetti, Carlo Carraro, Enrica De Cian, Emanuele Massetti and Massimo Tavoni
8820: Real Effects of Stock Underpricing Downloads
Harald Hau and Sandy Lai
8819: The Role of Equity Funds in the Financial Crisis Propagation Downloads
Harald Hau and Sandy Lai
8818: The causal effects of an industrial policy Downloads
Chiara Criscuolo, Ralf Martin, Henry Overman and John van Reenen
8817: Does Cost Uncertainty in the Bertrand Model Soften Competition? Downloads
Johan Lagerlof
8816: Competition for traders and risk Downloads
Michiel Bijlsma, Jan Boone and Gijsbert Zwart
8815: How Exports Matter: Trade Patterns over Development Stages Downloads
David Audretsch, Mark Sanders and Lu Zhang
8814: A New Comparative Approach to Macroeconomic Modeling and Policy Analysis Downloads
Tobias Cwik, Gernot Mueller, Sebastian Schmidt, Volker Wieland and Maik Wolters
8813: Boundedly Rational Dynamic Programming: Some Preliminary Results Downloads
Xavier Gabaix
8812: The Scapegoat Theory of Exchange Rates: The First Tests Downloads
Marcel Fratzscher, Lucio Sarno and Gabriele Zinna
8811: The home bias of the poor: Terms of trade effects and portfolios across the wealth distribution Downloads
Tobias Broer
8810: Portfolio Allocation and International Risk Sharing Downloads
Gianluca Benigno and Hande Kucuk
8809: Institutions and Export Dynamics Downloads
Luis Araujo, Giordano Mion and Emanuel Ornelas
8808: Shanghai’s Trade, China’s Growth: Continuity, Recovery, and Change since the Opium War Downloads
Wolfgang Keller, Ben Li and Carol Shiue
8807: Nestedness in Networks: A Theoretical Model and Some Applications Downloads
Michael König, Claudio J. Tessone and Yves Zenou
8806: Key Player Policies When Contextual Effects Matter Downloads
Coralio Ballester and Yves Zenou
8805: Preferential Trade Agreements and the Labor Market Downloads
Emanuel Ornelas
8804: Monetary Policy Transmission in a Model with Animal Spirits and House Price Booms and Busts Downloads
Peter Bofinger, Sebastian Debes, Johannes Gareis and Eric Mayer
8803: Long Term Impacts of Compensatory Preschool on Health and Behavior: Evidence from Head Start Downloads
Pedro Carneiro and Rita Ginja
8802: Can governments do it better? Merger mania and hospital outcomes in the English NHS Downloads
Martin Gaynor, Mauro Laudicella and Carol Propper
8801: Dividends and Bank Capital in the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 Downloads
Viral Acharya, Irvind Gujral, Nirupama Kulkarni and Hyun Song Shin
8800: Wealth, Credit Conditions and Consumption: Evidence from South Africa Downloads
Janine Aron and John Muellbauer
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