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7640: The relation between competition and innovation -- Why is it such a mess? Downloads
Armin Schmutzler
7639: Directed Search in the Housing Market Downloads
James Albrecht, Pieter A. Gautier and Susan Vroman
7638: Do Employers Discriminate by Gender? A Field Experiment in Female-Dominated Occupations Downloads
Alison Lee Booth and Andrew Keith Leigh
7637: On the Size of the Active Management Industry Downloads
Lubos Pastor and Robert F. Stambaugh
7636: Vertical Relations under Credit Constraints Downloads
Volker Nocke and John Ernest Thanassoulis
7635: Interpreting the Unconventional U.S. Monetary Policy of 2007-09 Downloads
Ricardo Reis
7634: Can we infer social preferences from the lab? Evidence from the trust game Downloads
Nicole M. Baran, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
7633: Risk Heterogeneity and Credit Supply: Evidence from the Mortgage Market Downloads
Timothy J. Besley, Neil Meads and Paolo Surico
7632: Incentive Effects of Unemployment Insurance Savings Accounts: Evidence from Chile Downloads
Gonzalo Reyes Hartley, Jan C. van Ours and Milan Vodopivec
7631: Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Community Patent Downloads
Jérôme Danguy and Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie
7630: Can the Fiscal Theory of the price level explain UK inflation in the 1970s? Downloads
Jingwen Fan and A. Patrick L. Minford
7629: On the Origin of the Family Downloads
Marco Francesconi, Christian Ghiglino and Motty Perry
7628: Employment Protection Legislation, Multinational Firms and Innovation Downloads
Rachel Griffith and Gareth Macartney
7627: Part-Time Jobs: What Women Want? Downloads
Alison Lee Booth and Jan C. van Ours
7626: Profit Taxation, Innovation and the Financing of Heterogeneous Firms Downloads
Christian Keuschnigg and Evelyn Ribi
7625: Public versus Private Risk Sharing Downloads
Dirk Krueger and Fabrizio Perri
7624: Is There a Fiscal Free Lunch in a Liquidity Trap? Downloads
Christopher John Erceg and Jesper Lindé
7623: The Euro and Firm Restructuring Downloads
Matteo Bugamelli, Fabiano Schivardi and Roberta Zizza
7622: Cultural Transmission and Discrimination Downloads
Maria Saez-Marti and Yves Zenou
7621: Some Problems in the Testing of DSGE Models Downloads
Vo Phuong Mai Le, A. Patrick L. Minford and Michael R. Wickens
7620: Lab Experiments are a Major Source of Knowledge in the Social Sciences Downloads
Armin Falk and James J. Heckman
7619: Valuation of VIX Derivatives Downloads
Javier Mencía and Enrique Sentana
7618: The Impact of Mergers on the Degree of Competition in the Banking Industry Downloads
Vittoria Cerasi, Barbara Chizzolini and Marc Ivaldi
7617: Excess Leverage and Productivity Growth in Emerging Economies: Is There A Threshold Effect? Downloads
Fabrizio Coricelli, Nigel L. Driffield, Sarmistha Pal and Isabelle Roland
7616: Services Trade and Policy Downloads
Joseph Francis Francois and Bernard Hoekman
7615: Fiscal stimulus and the promise of future spending cuts Downloads
Volker Wieland
7614: Asset Prices, Exchange Rates and the Current Account Downloads
Marcel Fratzscher, Luciana Juvenal and Lucio Sarno
7613: Competition with exclusive contracts and market-share discounts Downloads
Giacomo Calzolari and Denicolo', Vincenzo
7612: The Macroeconomics of Model T Downloads
Reto Foellmi, Tobias Wuergler and Josef Zweimüller
7611: Testing the "Waterbed" Effect in Mobile Telephony Downloads
Christos D. Genakos and Tommaso Valletti
7610: Crisis? What Crisis? Currency vs. Banking in the Financial Crisis of 1931 Downloads
Albrecht Ritschl and Samad Sarferaz
7609: Do trade missions increase trade? Downloads
Keith Head and John Ries
7608: Japan's Lost Decade: Does Money have a Role? Downloads
Fabio Canova and Tobias Menz
7607: The Limits to Fiscal Stimulus Downloads
Willem Hendrik Buiter
7606: Global Imbalances and the Financial Crisis: Products of Common Causes Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld and Kenneth S Rogoff
7605: Reversing unconventional monetary policy: technical and political considerations Downloads
Willem Hendrik Buiter
7604: On the origins of land use regulations: Theory and evidence from US metro areas Downloads
Christian Albin Lukas Hilber and Frédéric Robert-Nicoud
7603: Markets for Reputation: Evidence on Quality and Quantity in Academe Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh and Gerard Pfann
7602: Produce or Speculate? Asset Bubbles, Occupational Choice and Efficiency Downloads
Pierre Cahuc and Edouard Challe
7601: Krueger/Schiff/Valdés Revisited: Agricultural Price and Trade Policy Reform in Developing Countries since 1960 Downloads
Kym Anderson
7600: Two and a Half Theories of Trade Downloads
J. Peter Neary
7599: Social Networks Downloads
Joan de Martí Beltran and Yves Zenou
7598: Investment Shocks and the Relative Price of Investment Downloads
Alejandro Justiniano, Giorgio E. Primiceri and Andrea Tambalotti
7597: Do expectations matter? The Great Moderation revisited Downloads
Fabio Canova and Luca Gambetti
7596: A Touch of Sophistication: FDI and Unit Values of Exports Downloads
Torfinn Harding and Beata Smarzynska Javorcik
7595: Asset fire sales and purchases and the international transmission of financial shocks Downloads
Chotibhak Jotikasthira, Christian Lundblad and Tarun Ramadorai
7594: Does the Fed Respond to Oil Price Shocks? Downloads
Lutz Kilian and Logan T. Lewis
7593: Illegal immigration and media exposure: Evidence on individual attitudes Downloads
Giovanni Facchini, Anna Maria Mayda and Riccardo Puglisi
7592: Individual attitudes towards skilled migration: an empirical analysis across countries Downloads
Giovanni Facchini and Anna Maria Mayda
7591: Spain's International Position, 1850-1913 Downloads
Leandro Prados de la Escosura
7590: Exports and Financial Shocks Downloads
Mary Amiti and David Weinstein
7589: Does Terrorism Work? Downloads
Eric D. Gould and Esteban F. Klor
7588: The design and efficiency of loyalty rewards Downloads
Ramon Caminal
7587: Markets and linguistic diversity Downloads
Ramon Caminal
7586: Dynamic Ethnic Fractionalization and Economic Growth in the Transition Economies from 1989 to 2007 Downloads
Nauro F. Campos, Vitaliy Kuzeyev and Ahmad Saleh
7585: The role of central bank transparency for guiding private sector forecasts Downloads
Michael Ehrmann, Sylvester Eijffinger and Marcel Fratzscher
7584: Contractual solutions to hold-up problems with quality uncertainty and unobservable investments Downloads
Patrick W. Schmitz
7583: Immigration and Swiss House Prices Downloads
Kathrin Degen and Andreas M Fischer
7582: Cross Sectional Facts for Macroeconomists Downloads
Dirk Krueger, Fabrizio Perri, Luigi Pistaferri and Giovanni Luca Violante
7581: Limitations on the Effectiveness of Forward Guidance at the Zero Lower Bound Downloads
Andrew Theo Levin, David Lopez-Salido, Edward Nelson and Tack Yun
7580: Allocation of Prizes in Contests with Participation Constraints Downloads
Reut Megidish and Aner Sela
7579: Do Oil Windfalls Improve Living Standards? Evidence from Brazil Downloads
Francesco Caselli and Guy Michaels
7578: Tractability in Incentive Contracting Downloads
Alex Edmans and Xavier Gabaix
7577: Heterogeneous firms or heterogeneous workers? Implications for the exporter premium and the impact of labor reallocation on productivity Downloads
Alfonso Irarrazabal, Andreas Moxnes and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe
7576: Selective contracting and foreclosure in health care markets Downloads
Michiel Bijlsma, Jan Boone and Gijsbert Zwart
7575: Testing the Monetary Policy Rule in the US: a Reconsideration of the Fed’s Behaviour Downloads
A. Patrick L. Minford and Zhirong Ou
7574: Nutrition and Risk Sharing Within the Household Downloads
Pierre Dubois and Ethan Ligon
7573: Skewness in Stock Returns, Periodic Cash Payouts, and Investor Heterogeneity Downloads
Rui Albuquerque
7572: The Long-Lived Effects of Historic Climate on the Wealth of Nations Downloads
John Christopher Bluedorn, Akos Valentinyi and Michael Vlassopoulos
7571: Monitoring Managers: Does it Matter? Downloads
Francesca Cornelli, Zbigniew Kominek and Alexander Ljungqvist
7570: Credit Booms Gone Bust: Monetary Policy, Leverage Cycles and Financial Crises, 1870-2008 Downloads
Moritz Schularick and Alan M. Taylor
7569: Inequality and Aggregate Savings in the Neoclassical Growth Model Downloads
Reto Foellmi
7568: The Carry Trade and Fundamentals: Nothing to Fear But FEER Itself Downloads
Oscar Jorda and Alan M. Taylor
7567: Endogenous Market Structure and Foreign Market Entry Downloads
James R. Markusen and Frank Stähler
7566: Ethnic Identity and Social Distance in Friendship Formation Downloads
Joan de Martí Beltran and Yves Zenou
7565: Juvenile Delinquency and Conformism Downloads
Eleonora Patacchini and Yves Zenou
7564: From Great Depression to Great Credit Crisis: Similarities, Differences and Lessons Downloads
Miguel Almunia, Agustín S. Bénétrix, Barry Julian Eichengreen, Kevin H. O Rourke and Gisela Rua
7563: Communication, Renegotiation, and the Scope for Collusion Downloads
David Jacob Cooper and Kai-Uwe Kühn
7562: Competition and Quality Upgrading Downloads
Mary Amiti and Amit Kumar Khandelwal
7561: International Competition and Inflation: A New Keynesian Perspective Downloads
Luca Guerrieri, Christopher James Gust and David Lopez-Salido
7560: A Dynamic Quality Ladder Model with Entry and Exit: Exploring the Equilibrium Correspondence Using the Homotopy Method Downloads
Ron N. Borkovsky, Ulrich Doraszelski and Yaroslav Kryukov
7558: Technological adoption in health care Downloads
Pedro Pita Barros and Xavier Martinez-Giralt
7557: Short-Selling Bans around the World: Evidence from the 2007-09 Crisis Downloads
Alessandro Beber and Marco Pagano
7556: Credit Ratings Failures and Policy Options Downloads
Marco Pagano and Paolo Volpin
7555: Estimated Interest Rate Rules: Do they Determine Determinacy Properties? Downloads
Henrik Jensen
7554: Political Support and Tax Compliance: A Social Interaction Approach Downloads
Chaim Fershtman and Vilen Lipatov
7553: Gravity in the Weightless Economy Downloads
Wolfgang Keller and Stephen Ross Yeaple
7552: Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Migration, Entrepreneurship and Social Capital Downloads
Jackline Wahba and Yves Zenou
7551: Liquidity cycles and make/take fees in electronic markets Downloads
Thierry Foucault, Ohad Kadan and Eugene Kandel
7550: On Quality Bias and Inflation Targets Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
7549: Foreign Demand for Domestic Currency and the Optimal Rate of Inflation Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
7548: Dynamic Female Labor Supply Downloads
Zvi Eckstein and Osnat Lifshitz
7547: A Preferred-Habitat Model of the Term Structure of Interest Rates Downloads
Dimitri Vayanos and Jean-Luc Vila
7546: Depression Econometrics: A FAVAR Model of Monetary Policy During the Great Depression Downloads
Pooyan Amir Ahmadi and Albrecht Ritschl
7545: Tear Down this Wall: On the Persistence of Borders in Trade Downloads
Volker Nitsch and Nikolaus Wolf
7544: A Banking Explanation of the US Velocity of Money: 1919-2004 Downloads
Szilard Benk, Max Gillman and Michal Kejak
7543: Families as Roommates: Changes in U.S. Household Size from 1850 to 2000 Downloads
Alejandrina Salcedo, Todd Kurtis Schoellman and Michele Tertilt
7542: Macroeconomic Forecasting and Structural Change Downloads
Antonello D Agostino, Luca Gambetti and Domenico Giannone
7541: How Effective Are Unemployment Benefit Sanctions? Downloads
Patrick P. Arni, Rafael Lalive and Jan C. van Ours
7540: Foreign Currency Borrowing by Small Firms Downloads
Martin Brown, Steven Ongena and Pinar Ayse Yesin
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