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8626: Inattention to Rare Events Downloads
Bartosz Maćkowiak and Mirko Wiederholt
8625: Teaching Practices and Social Capital Downloads
Yann Algan, Pierre Cahuc and Andrei Shleifer
8624: Housing and the Macroeconomy: The Role of Bailout Guarantees for Government Sponsored Enterprises Downloads
Karsten Jeske, Dirk Krueger and Kurt Mitman
8623: The Old Boy Network: Gender Differences in the Impact of Social Networks on Remuneration in Top Executive Jobs Downloads
Marie Lalanne and Paul Seabright
8622: Government Spending Cyclicality: Evidence from Rainfall Shocks as an Instrument for Cyclical Income Downloads
Markus Brückner and Mark Gradstein
8621: Diversity and Public Goods: a Natural Experiment with Exogeneous Residential Allocation Downloads
Yann Algan, Camille Hemet and David Laitin
8620: Do Giant Oilfield Discoveries Fuel Internal Armed Conflicts? Downloads
Yu-Hsiang Lei and Guy Michaels
8619: Industrial Policy and Competition Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Mathias Dewatripont, Liqun Du, Ann Harrison and Patrick Legros
8618: Regulation, Privatization, and Airport Charges: Panel Data Evidence from European Airports Downloads
Volodymyr Bilotkach, Joseph Clougherty, Juergen Mueller and Anming Zhang
8617: The Stock Market Crash of 2008 Caused the Great Recession: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Roger Farmer
8616: Trade and regional inequality Downloads
Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
8615: Intermediaries, transport costs and interlinked transactions Downloads
Mélanie Lefèvre and Joe Tharakan
8614: Global Sourcing of a Complex Good Downloads
Johannes Van Biesebroeck and Lijun Zhang
8613: Traded and nontraded goods prices, and international risk sharing: an empirical investigation Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti, Luca Dedola and Francesca Viani
8612: 130 years of fiscal vulnerabilities and currency crashes in advanced economies Downloads
Marcel Fratzscher, Arnaud Mehl and Isabel Vansteenkiste
8611: Financial Flows, Financial Crises, and Global Imbalances Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
8610: Fiscal Multipliers Over the Business Cycle Downloads
Pascal Michaillat
8609: More Schooling, More Children: Compulsory Schooling Reforms and Fertility in Europe Downloads
Margherita Fort, Nicole Schneeweis and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
8608: Optimal income taxation with tax avoidance Downloads
Georges Casamatta
8607: Private Provision of Public Goods and Information Diffusion in Social Groups Downloads
Kimberley Scharf
8606: Scale Economies in Nonprofit Provision, Technology Adoption and Entry Downloads
Kimberley Scharf
8605: Multi-Trait Matching and Intergenerational Mobility: A Cinderella Story Downloads
Natalie Chen, Paola Conconi and Carlo Perroni
8604: Incorporating theoretical restrictions into forecasting by projection methods Downloads
Raffaella Giacomini and Giuseppe Ragusa
8603: Complementing Bagehot: Illiquidity and insolvency resolution Downloads
Sylvester Eijffinger and Rob Nijskens
8602: When bigger isn’t better: Bail outs and bank behaviour Downloads
Han Hao Li, Marcus Miller and Lei Zhang
8601: Political Uncertainty and Risk Premia Downloads
Lubos Pastor and Pietro Veronesi
8600: Heterogeneous Firm-Level Responses to Trade Liberalization: A Test Using Stock Price Reactions Downloads
Holger Breinlich
8599: The Democratic Transition Downloads
Fabrice Murtin and Romain Wacziarg
8598: Grossman-Hart (1986) Goes Global: Incomplete Contracts, Property Rights, and the International Organization of Production Downloads
Pol Antras
8597: The Impact of Trade Promotion Services on Canadian Exporter Performance Downloads
Shenjie Chen, Johannes Van Biesebroeck and Emily Yu
8596: Surviving the crisis: Foreign multinationals vs domestic firms in Ireland Downloads
Olivier Godart, Holger Görg and Aoife Hanley
8595: Weak Governments and Trade Agreements Downloads
Jean-Louis Arcand, Marcelo Olarreaga and Laura Zoratto
8594: Pro-poor trade policy in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Alessandro Nicita, Marcelo Olarreaga and Guido Porto
8593: Interstate Risk Sharing in Germany:1970-2006 Downloads
Ralf Hepp and Juergen von Hagen
8592: Who Shrunk China? Puzzles in the Measurement of Real GDP Downloads
Robert Feenstra, Hong Ma, J. Peter Neary and D.S. Prasada Rao
8591: Gross Capital Flows: Dynamics and Crises Downloads
Fernando Broner, Tatiana Didier, Aitor Erce and Sergio Schmukler
8590: Do Highly Educated Women Choose Smaller Families? Downloads
Moshe Hazan and Hosny Zoabi
8589: Race v. Suffrage: The Determinants of Development in Mississippi Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi and Arcangelo Dimico
8588: New Business Start-ups and the Business Cycle Downloads
Melvyn Coles and Ali Moghaddasi Kelishomi
8587: Delegated Activism and Disclosure Downloads
Amil Dasgupta and Konstantinos Zachariadis
8586: Human Development in Africa: A Long-run Perspective Downloads
Leandro Prados de la Escosura
8585: Sinking, Swimming, or Learning to Swim in Medicare Part D Downloads
Jonathan D. Ketcham, Claudio Lucarelli, Eugenio Miravete and M Christopher Roebuck
8584: Nested logit or random coefficients logit? A comparison of alternative discrete choice models of product differentiation Downloads
Laura Grigolon and Frank Verboven
8583: Why are firms that export cleaner? International trade and CO2 emissions Downloads
Rikard Forslid, Toshihiro Okubo and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe
8582: Explaining the Black/White Employment Gap: The Role of Weak Ties Downloads
Yves Zenou
8581: The Price Effects of Cash Versus In-Kind Transfers Downloads
Jesse Cunha, Giacomo De Giorgi and Seema Jayachandran
8580: Costly Contracts and Consumer Credit Downloads
Igor Livshits, James MacGee and Michele Tertilt
8579: Industries at the World Technology Frontier: Measuring R&D Efficiency in a Non-Parametric DEA Framework Downloads
Jens Schmidt-Ehmcke and Petra Zloczysti
8578: The delegated Lucas tree Downloads
Ron Kaniel and Péter Kondor
8577: How Effective Is Monetary Transmission in Developing Countries? A Survey of the Empirical Evidence Downloads
Prachi Mishra, Peter Montiel and Antonio Spilimbergo
8576: Financial-Friction Macroeconomics with Highly Leveraged Financial Institutions Downloads
Sheung Kan Luk and David Vines
8575: Income inequality, decentralisation and regional development in Western Europe Downloads
Andy J Pike, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, John Tomaney, Gianpiero Torrisi and Vassilis Tselios
8574: Medium Term Business Cycles in Developing Countries Downloads
Diego Comin, Norman Loayza, Farooq Pasha and Luis Servén
8573: Trading and Enforcing Patent Rights Downloads
Alberto Galasso, Mark Schankerman and Carlos Serrano
8572: Spatial frictions Downloads
Kristian Behrens, Giordano Mion, Yasusada Murata and Jens Südekum
8571: Nudging with information: a randomized field experiment on reminders and feedback Downloads
Giacomo Calzolari and Mattia Nardotto
8570: Tax havens or safe havens Downloads
Patrice Pieretti, Jacques Thisse and Skerdilajda Zanaj
8569: Learning From Stock Prices and Economic Growth Downloads
Joel Peress
8568: Returns to Education across Europe Downloads
Daniela Glocker and Viktor Steiner
8567: The Financial Crisis and the Geography of Wealth Transfers Downloads
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, Helene Rey and Kai Alexander Truempler
8566: Who Benefits from Regional Trade Agreements? The View from the Stock Market Downloads
Christoph Moser and Andrew Rose
8565: Optimal Monetary Policy with Endogenous Entry and Product Variety Downloads
Florin Bilbiie, Ippei Fujiwara and Fabio Ghironi
8564: Endogenous Entry, Product Variety, and Business Cycles Downloads
Florin Bilbiie, Fabio Ghironi and Marc Melitz
8563: Estimating Income Elasticity of Government Expenditures: Evidence from Oil Price Shocks Downloads
Markus Brückner, Alberto Chong and Mark Gradstein
8562: A Model of the Consumption Response to Fiscal Stimulus Payments Downloads
Greg Kaplan and Giovanni Violante
8561: Policymakers' Horizon and Trade Reforms: The Protectionist Effect of Elections Downloads
Paola Conconi, Giovanni Facchini and Maurizio Zanardi
8560: Monetary Policy and TIPS Yields before the Crisis Downloads
Stefan Gerlach and Laura Moretti
8559: Patient Mobility, Health Care Quality and Welfare Downloads
Kurt Brekke, Rosella Levaggi, Luigi Siciliani and Odd Straume
8558: The Impact of Economics Blogs Downloads
David McKenzie and Berk Özler
8557: Dollar Illiquidity and Central Bank Swap Arrangements During the Global Financial Crisis Downloads
Andrew Rose and Mark Spiegel
8556: A DSGE model of banks and financial intermediation with default risk Downloads
Michael Wickens
8555: Asset Market Participation, Monetary Policy Rules and the Great Inflation Downloads
Florin Bilbiie and Roland Straub
8554: The Dynamic Effects of Personal and Corporate Income Tax Changes in the United States Downloads
Karel Mertens and Morten Ravn
8553: Money, Financial Stability and Efficiency Downloads
Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti and Douglas Gale
8552: Fiscal Union Consensus Design under the Risk of Autarky Downloads
Jaime Luque, Massimo Morelli and José Tavares
8551: Why Europe has become environmentally cleaner: Decomposing the roles of fiscal, trade and environmental policies Downloads
Ramon Lopez and Amparo Palacios-Lopez
8550: Does Trade Cause Capital to Flow? Evidence from Historical Rainfalls Downloads
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan and Alex Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy
8549: Leverage Across Firms, Banks and Countries Downloads
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Bent Sorensen and Sevcan Yesiltas
8548: Transparency, Appropriability and the Early State Downloads
Joram Mayshar, Omer Moav and Zvika Neeman
8546: External Adjustment and the Global Crisis Downloads
Philip Lane and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti
8545: Gender Gaps across Countries and Skills: Supply, Demand and the Industry Structure Downloads
Claudia Olivetti and Barbara Petrongolo
8544: The arrival of cheap goods: Measuring the impact of Chinese import competition on Nordic prices Downloads
Raphael Auer, Andreas Fischer and Andreas Kropf
8543: What Hinders Investment in the Aftermath of Financial Crises: Insolvent Firms or Illiquid Banks? Downloads
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Herman Kamil and Carolina Villegas-Sanchez
8542: Out-of-Sample Forecast Tests Robust to the Choice of Window Size Downloads
Atsushi Inoue and Barbara Rossi
8541: Long-Term Barriers to the International Diffusion of Innovations Downloads
Enrico Spolaore and Romain Wacziarg
8540: Supplier Responses to Wal-Mart's Invasion in Mexico Downloads
Leonardo Iacovone, Beata Javorcik, Wolfgang Keller and James Tybout
8539: Information Aggregation, Investment, and Managerial Incentives Downloads
Elias Albagli, Christian Hellwig and Aleh Tsyvinski
8538: Auctions vs Negotiations in Public Procurement: Which Works Better? Downloads
Rafael Lalive and Armin Schmutzler
8537: Education and Invention Downloads
Otto Toivanen and Lotta Väänänen
8536: On the Genesis of Multinational Foreign Affiliate Networks Downloads
Peter Egger, Matthias Fahn, Valeria Merlo and Georg Wamser
8535: The Impact of Trade on Organization and Productivity Downloads
Lorenzo Caliendo and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
8534: Retail Chain Expansion: The Early Years of McDonalds in Great Britain Downloads
Otto Toivanen and Michael Waterson
8533: Can Market Failure Cause Political Failure Downloads
Madhav Aney, Maitreesh Ghatak and Massimo Morelli
8532: Taxation and Regulation of Bonus Pay Downloads
Timothy Besley and Maitreesh Ghatak
8531: Time to Decide: Information Search and Revelation in Groups Downloads
Arthur Campbell, Florian Ederer and Johannes Spinnewijn
8530: Price Distortions and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa Downloads
Kym Anderson and Markus Brückner
8529: Marriage as a Rat Race: Noisy Pre-Marital Investments with Assortative Matching Downloads
V Bhaskar and Ed Hopkins
8528: Fiscal Volatility Shocks and Economic Activity Downloads
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Pablo Guerron, Keith Kuester and Juan F Rubio-Ramirez
8527: Optimal taxes on fossil fuel in general equilibrium Downloads
Mikhail Golosov, John Hassler, Per Krusell and Aleh Tsyvinski
8526: Capital Regulation and Tail Risk Downloads
Enrico Perotti, Lev Ratnovski and Razvan Vlahu
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