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9245: Tracing Value-Added and Double Counting in Gross Exports Downloads
Robert Koopman, Zhi Wang and Shang-Jin Wei
9244: An Analysis of Eurobonds Downloads
Roel Beetsma and Kostas(Konstantinos) Mavromatis
9243: Learning by working in big cities Downloads
Jorge De la Roca and Diego Puga
9242: Democracy Undone. Systematic Minority Advantage in Competitive Vote Markets Downloads
Alessandra Casella and Sébastien Turban
9241: A Theory of Optimal Inheritance Taxation Downloads
Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez
9240: The Costs of Agglomeration: Land Prices in French Cities Downloads
Pierre-Philippe Combes, Gilles Duranton and Laurent Gobillon
9239: Analyzing the Effects of Insuring Health Risks: On the Trade-off between Short Run Insurance Benefits vs. Long Run Incentive Costs Downloads
Harold Cole, Soojin Kim and Dirk Krueger
9238: Household Debt and Social Interactions Downloads
Dimitris Georgarakos, Michael Haliassos and Giacomo Pasini
9237: The Making Of A Great Contraction With A Liquidity Trap and A Jobless Recovery Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
9236: Legalizing Bribe Giving Downloads
Martin Dufwenberg and Giancarlo Spagnolo
9235: Towards a Legal Theory of Finance Downloads
Katharina Pistor
9234: Divided Majority and Information Aggregation: Theory and Experiment Downloads
Laurent Bouton, Micael Castanheira and Aniol Llorente-Saguer
9233: Has the Euro changed the Business Cycle? Downloads
Zeno Enders, Philip Jung and Gernot Müller
9232: Globalization, Credence Goods and International Civil Society Downloads
Sebastian Krautheim and Thierry Verdier
9231: Use and Abuse of Authority: A Behavioral Foundation of the Employment Relation Downloads
Björn Bartling, Ernst Fehr and Klaus Schmidt
9230: You Owe Me Downloads
Ulrike Malmendier and Klaus Schmidt
9229: Euro at Risk: The Impact of Member Countries’ Credit Risk on the Stability of the Common Currency Downloads
Lamia Bekkour, Xisong Jin, Thorsten Lehnert, Fanou Rasmouki and Christian Wolff
9228: Monetary Shocks in a Model with Inattentive Producers Downloads
Fernando Alvarez, Francesco Lippi and Luigi Paciello
9227: Empirical Cross-Sectional Asset Pricing Downloads
Stefan Nagel
9226: Adjustment Mechanisms in a Currency Area Downloads
Charles A Goodhart and D J Lee
9225: Ethnic Inequality Downloads
Alberto F Alesina, Stelios Michalopoulos and Elias Papaioannou
9224: Reserve Accumulation, Growth and Financial Crises Downloads
Gianluca Benigno and Luca Fornaro
9223: Optimal Policy for Macro-Financial Stability Downloads
Gianluca Benigno, Huigang Chen, Christopher Otrok, Alessandro Rebucci and Eric Young
9222: Weather and Infant Mortality in Africa Downloads
Masayuki Kudamatsu, Torsten Persson and David Strömberg
9221: Political Economy of Public Policies: Insights from Distortions to Agricultural and Food Markets Downloads
Kym Anderson, Gordon Rausser and Johan Swinnen
9220: On the Spatial Economic Impact of Global Warming Downloads
Klaus Desmet and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
9219: Israel: The Start-Up Nation, and its Threat from Within Downloads
Dan Ben-David
9218: The Labor Market Consequences of Financial Crises With or Without Inflation: Jobless and Wageless Recoveries Downloads
Guillermo Calvo, Fabrizio Coricelli and Pablo Ottonello
9217: US Special Safeguard on Imports of Tires from China: Imposing Pain for Little Gain Downloads
Steve Charnovitz and Bernard Hoekman
9216: Trust, Values and False Consensus Downloads
Jeffrey Butler, Paola Giuliano and Luigi Guiso
9215: Mind the gap: capturing value from basic research: boundary crossing inventors and partnerships Downloads
Sam Arts, Bruno Cassiman and Reinhilde Veugelers
9214: The Empirical Implications of the Interest-Rate Lower Bound Downloads
Christopher Gust, David Lopez-Salido and Matthew Smith
9213: The Effect of Housing on Portfolio Choice: A Reappraisal Using French Data Downloads
Denis Fougere and Mathilde Poulhes
9212: Intellectual Property Rights and Efficient Firm Organization Downloads
Giacomo Ponzetto
9211: Target2 Redux: The simple accountancy and slightly more complex economics of Bundesbank loss exposure through the Eurosystem Downloads
Willem Buiter and Ebrahim Rahbari
9210: Subprime Consumer Credit Demand: Evidence from a Lender's Pricing Experiment Downloads
Sule Alan and Gyöngyi Lóránth
9209: Managing and Harnessing Volatile Oil Windfalls Downloads
Ton Van Den Bremer and Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg
9208: The Spatial Diffusion of Technology Downloads
Diego Comin, Mikhail Dmitriev and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
9207: Financial Disclosure and Market Transparency with Costly Information Processing Downloads
Marco Di Maggio and Marco Pagano
9206: On the Origins of Land Use Regulations: Theory and Evidence from US Metro Areas Downloads
Christian Hilber and Frederic Robert-Nicoud
9205: Modeling default correlation in a US retail loan portfolio Downloads
Dennis Bams, Magdalena Pisa and Christian Wolff
9204: The desegregating effect of school tracking Downloads
Gianni De Fraja and Francisco Martinez Mora
9203: Economic and Politico-Economic Equivalence Downloads
Martin Gonzalez-Eiras and Dirk Niepelt
9202: Trust and Cheating Downloads
Jeffrey Butler, Paola Giuliano and Luigi Guiso
9201: Vague Lies: How to Advise Consumers When They Complain Downloads
Mikhail Drugov and Marta Troya Martinez
9200: Do Prices Determine Vertical Integration? Evidence from Trade Policy Downloads
Laura Alfaro, Paola Conconi, Harald Fadinger and Andrew Newman
9199: Centralized decision making against informed lobbying Downloads
Rafael Lima, Humberto Moreira and Thierry Verdier
9198: “At least I didn’t lose money” Nominal Loss Aversion Shapes Evaluations of Housing Transactions Downloads
Thomas A Stephens and Jean-Robert Tyran
9197: The Demand for Tobacco in Post-Unification Italy Downloads
Carlo Ciccarelli and Gianni De Fraja
9196: Labor Market Effects of Unemployment Insurance Design Downloads
Konstantinos Tatsiramos and Jan C van Ours
9195: A global monetary tsunami? On the spillovers of US Quantitative Easing Downloads
Marcel Fratzscher, Marco Lo Duca and Roland Straub
9194: Unbundling the incumbent: Evidence from UK broadband Downloads
Mattia Nardotto, Tommaso Valletti and Frank Verboven
9192: Media slant against foreign owners: Downsizing Downloads
Guido Friebel and Matthias Heinz
9191: Can we use seasonally adjusted indicators in dynamic factor models? Downloads
Maximo Camacho, Yuliya Lovcha and Gabriel Pérez-Quirós
9190: The Brain Gain of Corporate Boards: A Natural Experiment from China Downloads
Mariassunta Giannetti, Guanmin Liao and Xiaoyun Yu
9189: The Breakdown of Connectivity Breakdowns Downloads
Steffen Hoernig
9188: Germs, Social Networks and Growth Downloads
Alessandra Fogli and Laura Veldkamp
9187: Innovation, Competition, and Investment Timing Downloads
Yrjö Koskinen and Jøril Mæland
9186: Tax-Subsidized Underpricing: Issuers and Underwriters in the Market for Build America Bonds Downloads
Dario Cestau, Richard Green and Norman Schürhoff
9185: Why Don't Women Patent? Downloads
Jean-Philippe Garant, Hannah Herman, Jennifer Hunt and David Munroe
9184: Demand or productivity: What determines firm growth? Downloads
Andrea Pozzi and Fabiano Schivardi
9183: Loss Aversion and Consumption Choice: Theory and Experimental Evidence Downloads
Heiko Karle, Georg Kirchsteiger and Martin Peitz
9182: The structure of CEO pay: pay-for-luck and stock-options Downloads
Pierre Chaigneau and Nicolas Sahuguet
9181: Ain’t it "Suite"? Bundling in the PC Office Software Market Downloads
Neil Gandal, Sarit Markovich and Michael Riordan
9180: Social Interactions and the Labor Market Downloads
Yves Zenou
9178: Optimal Sovereign Default Downloads
Klaus Adam and Michael Grill
9177: Energy-Saving Technical Change Downloads
John Hassler, Per Krusell and Conny Olovsson
9176: Liquidity Traps and Expectation Dynamics: Fiscal Stimulus or Fiscal Austerity? Downloads
Jess Benhabib, George Evans and Seppo Honkapohja
9175: Fiscal Policy, Banks and the Financial Crisis Downloads
In''t Veld, Jan, Robert Kollmann, Marco Ratto and Werner Roeger
9174: Financial Reforms and Capital Flows: Insights from General Equilibrium Downloads
Alberto Martin and Jaume Ventura
9173: Agricultural Decisions after Relaxing Credit and Risk Constraints Downloads
Dean Karlan, Robert Osei, Isaac Osei-Akoto and Christopher Udry
9172: Consumption Inequality and Family Labor Supply Downloads
Richard Blundell, Luigi Pistaferri and Itay Saporta-Eksten
9171: Bank ratings: What determines their quality? Downloads
Harald Hau, Sam Langfield and David Marqués Ibañez
9170: The Impact of Immigration on the Educational Attainment of Natives Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
9169: Do Political Blogs Matter? Corruption in State-Controlled Companies, Blog Postings, and DDoS Attacks Downloads
Ruben Enikolopov, Maria Petrova and Konstantin Sonin
9168: Firms, Destinations, and Aggregate Fluctuations Downloads
Julian di Giovanni, Andrei Levchenko and Isabelle Mejean
9167: Structural and Cyclical Forces in the Labor Market During the Great Recession: Cross-Country Evidence Downloads
Luca Sala, Ulf Söderström and Antonella Trigari
9166: WTO Accession and Performance of Chinese Manufacturing Firms Downloads
Loren Brandt, Johannes Van Biesebroeck, Luhang Wang and Yifan Zhang
9165: Market Structure and Borrower Welfare in Microfinance Downloads
Jonathan de Quidt, Thiemo Fetzer and Maitreesh Ghatak
9164: Exclusionary Pricing in a Two-Sided Market Downloads
Massimo Motta and Helder Vasconcelos
9163: Sovereign default risk and commitment for fiscal adjustment Downloads
Carlos Goncalves and Bernardo Guimaraes
9162: Liquidity Coinsurance and Bank Capital Downloads
Fabio Castiglionesi, Fabio Feriozzi, Gyöngyi Lóránth and Loriana Pelizzon
9161: Consumer Responses to Fiscal Stimulus Policy and Households’ Cost of Liquidity Downloads
Claus Kreiner, David Lassen and Søren Leth-Petersen
9160: The neighbor is king: Customer discrimination in the housing market Downloads
Pierre-Philippe Combes, Bruno Decreuse, Benoit Schmutz and Alain Trannoy
9159: Multivariate Choice and Identification of Social Interactions Downloads
Ethan Cohen-Cole, Xiaodong Liu and Yves Zenou
9158: Trade Prices and the Global Trade Collapse of 2008-2009 Downloads
Gita Gopinath, Oleg Itskhoki and Brent Neiman
9157: Entrepreneurial innovations and taxation Downloads
Andreas Haufler, Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson
9156: Sharing High Growth Across Generations: Pensions and Demographic Transition in China Downloads
Zheng Song, Kjetil Storesletten, Yikai Wang and Fabrizio Zilibotti
9155: Fiscal Consolidation in a Currency Union: Spending Cuts vs. Tax Hikes Downloads
Christopher Erceg and Jesper Lindé
9154: Fiscal Federalism in Times of Crisis Downloads
Dirk Foremny and Juergen von Hagen
9153: Qualitative Easing: How it Works and Why it Matters Downloads
Roger Farmer
9152: Why Do Women Leave Science and Engineering? Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
9151: Capital Gains Taxation and the Cost of Capital: Evidence from Unanticipated Cross-Border Transfers of Tax Bases Downloads
Harry Huizinga, Johannes Voget and Wolf Wagner
9150: Modelling the U.S. sovereign credit rating Downloads
Vito Polito and Michael Wickens
9149: Student Networks and Long-Run Educational Outcomes: The Strength of Strong Ties Downloads
Eleonora Patacchini, Edoardo Rainone and Yves Zenou
9148: Banking and Trading Downloads
Arnoud Boot and Lev Ratnovski
9147: Agency, Firm Growth and Managerial Turnover Downloads
Ronald W. Anderson, Maria Cecilia Bustamante and Stéphane Guibaud
9146: Bankers and bank investors: Reconsidering the economies of scale in banking Downloads
Ronald W. Anderson and Karin Jõeveer
9145: The Federal Reserve’s Large-Scale Asset Purchase Programs: Rationale and Effects Downloads
Stefania D'Amico, William English, David Lopez-Salido and Edward Nelson
9144: Language, Internet and Platform Competition: the case of Search Engine Downloads
Doh-Shin Jeon, Bruno Jullien and Mikhail Klimenko
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