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4181: Stakeholders, Transparency and Capital Structure Downloads
Andres Almazan, Javier Suarez and Sheridan Titman
4180: Confidence Building on Euro Conversion: Theory and Evidence from Currency Options Downloads
Joost Driessen and Enrico Perotti
4179: Speed and Quality of Collective Decision-Making, I: Imperfect Information Processing Downloads
Hans Peter Grüner and Elisabeth Schulte
4178: Temporary Contracts and Employee Effort Downloads
Axel Engellandt and Regina Riphahn
4177: Independence and Heterogeneity in Games of Incomplete Information Downloads
Robin Mason and Akos Valentinyi
4176: Strategic Financial Innovation in Segmented Markets Downloads
Rohit Rahi and Jean-Pierre Zigrand
4175: Efficiency Gains and Myopic Antitrust Authority in a Dynamic Merger Game Downloads
Massimo Motta and Helder Vasconcelos
4174: Monopoly Practises and Competitive Behaviour in the French Satellite Pay-TV Market Downloads
Michele Cincera and Abdul Noury
4173: Aggregate Consequences of Limited Contract Enforceability Downloads
Thomas Cooley, Ramon Marimon and Vincenzo Quadrini
4172: Reducing Start-Up Costs for New Firms: The Double Dividend on the Labour Market Downloads
Uwe Dulleck, Paul Frijters and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
4171: Absorptive Capacity, R&D Spillovers and Public Policy Downloads
Dermot Leahy and J. Peter Neary
4170: Global Sourcing Downloads
Pol Antras and Elhanan Helpman
4169: Optimal Capital Allocation Using RAROC(tm) and EVA Downloads
Neal Stoughton and Josef Zechner
4168: India's Trade Policy For Sale: How Much? Who Buys? Downloads
Olivier Cadot, Jean-Marie Grether and Marcelo Olarreaga
4167: Tariff Evasion and Customs Corruption: Does PSI Help? Downloads
José Ansón, Olivier Cadot and Marcelo Olarreaga
4166: Rules of Origin in North-South Preferential Trading Arrangements with an Application to NAFTA Downloads
José Ansón, Olivier Cadot, Jaime de Melo, Antoni Estevadeordal, Akiko Suwa Eisenmann and Bolormaa Tumurchudur
4165: On Model Selection and Markov Switching: A Empirical Examination of Term Structure Models with Regime Shifts Downloads
Edward Driffill, Turalay Kenc, Martin Sola and Fabio Spagnolo
4164: Cross-Border Tax Externalities: Are Budget Deficits too Small? Downloads
Willem Buiter and Anne Sibert
4163: Conflicts of Interest and Efficient Contracting in IPOs Downloads
Alexander Ljungqvist
4162: Competing for Securities Underwriting Mandates: Banking Relationships and Analyst Recommendations Downloads
Alexander Ljungqvist, Felicia Marston and William J Wilhelm
4161: How Do Legal Differences and Learning Affect Financial Contracts? Downloads
Steven Kaplan, Frederic Martel and Per Stromberg
4160: Strategic Asset Allocation in a Continuous Time VAR Model Downloads
John Campbell, George Chacko, Jorge Rodriguez and Luis Viceira
4159: Inequality and Political Consensus Downloads
Hans Peter Grüner
4158: What Happened to Asian Exports During the Crisis? Downloads
Rupa Duttagupta and Antonio Spilimbergo
4157: Does Prestige Matter More than Profits? Evidence from Entrepreneurial Choice Downloads
Mariassunta Giannetti and Andrei Simonov
4156: Self-Selection of Migrant Workers: Migration Premium and (no) Returns to Skills Downloads
Eran Yashiv
4155: Price Discrimination in Markets for Experts' Services Downloads
Uwe Dulleck and Rudolf Kerschbamer
4154: Wage Bargaining with On-The-Job Search: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Pierre Cahuc, Fabien Postel-Vinay and Jean-Marc Robin
4153: Efficiency Wages, Urban Unemployment and Housing Consumption Downloads
Yves Zenou
4152: Globalization and the Evolution of the Supply Chain: Who Gains and Who Loses? Downloads
Masahisa Fujita and Jacques Thisse
4151: Signalling and Commitment: Monetary versus Inflation Targeting Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Volker Hahn
4150: Why the Apple Doesn't Fall: Understanding Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital Downloads
Sandra Black, Paul Devereux and Kjell G Salvanes
4149: Does Responsive Pricing Increase Efficiency? Evidence from Pricing Experiments in an Internet Café Downloads
Pascal Courty and Mario Pagliero
4148: Multinational Bank Regulation with Deposit Insurance and Diversification Effects Downloads
Gyöngyi Lóránth and Alan Morrison
4147: Job Tenure, Wages and Technology: A Reassessment Using Matched Worker-Firm Panel Data Downloads
Pauline Givord and Eric Maurin
4146: The Impact of Divorce on School Performance: Evidence from France, 1968-2002 Downloads
Thomas Piketty
4145: Bottled Water - A Case of Pointless Trade? Downloads
Richard Friberg and Mattias Ganslandt
4144: Investment, Wages and Ownership During the Transition to a Market Economy: Evidence from Slovenian Firms Downloads
Janez Prasnikar and Jan Svejnar
4143: Ownership and Firm Performance After Large-Scale Privatization Downloads
Evžen Kočenda and Jan Svejnar
4142: Objectives and Constraints of Entrepreneurs: Evidence from Small and Medium-Size Enterprises in Russia and Bulgaria Downloads
Francesca Pissarides, Miroslav Singer and Jan Svejnar
4141: Naomi Klein and the Anti-Globalization Movement Downloads
Paul Segerstrom
4140: A Theory of North-South Trade and Globalization Downloads
Elias Dinopoulos and Paul Segerstrom
4139: Corporate Venture Capital: The Upside of Failure and Competition for Talent Downloads
Gilles Chemla and Jean-Etienne de Bettignies
4138: The Origins of Spatial Interaction Downloads
Wolfgang Keller and Carol Shiue
4137: Top Indian Incomes, 1956-2000 Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee and Thomas Piketty
4136: Spatial Inequality in Education and Health Care in China Downloads
Ravi Kanbur and Xiaobo Zhang
4135: The Learning Cost of Interest Rate Reversals Downloads
Martin Ellison
4134: Mark-ups, Gaps and the Welfare Costs of Business Fluctuations Downloads
Jordi Gali, Mark Gertler and David Lopez-Salido
4133: Opening the Black Box: Structural Factor Models versus Structural VARs Downloads
Mario Forni, Marco Lippi and Lucrezia Reichlin
4132: Credit Risk and Dynamic Capital Structure Choice Downloads
Thomas Dangl and Josef Zechner
4131: Escalating Penalties for Repeat Offenders Downloads
Winand Emons
4130: High-Tech Clusters, Technology Spillovers and Trade Secret Laws Downloads
Andrea Fosfuri and Thomas Rønde
4129: Globalization and the Empowerment of Talent Downloads
Dalia Marin and Thierry Verdier
4128: Rhetoric in Economic Research: The Case of Gender Wage Differentials Downloads
Doris Weichselbaumer and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
4127: A Meta-Analysis of the International Gender Wage Gap Downloads
Doris Weichselbaumer and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
4126: Performance of Inflation Targeting Based on Constant Interest Rate Projections Downloads
Seppo Honkapohja and Kaushik Mitra
4125: Information Variables for Monetary Policy in a Small Structural Model of the Euro Area Downloads
Francesco Lippi and Stefano Neri
4124: The Dynamics of Repeat Migration: A Markov Chain Analysis Downloads
Amelie Constant and Klaus Zimmermann
4123: A Strategic Interpretation of Legal Transplants Downloads
Nuno Garoupa and Anthony Ogus
4122: Monetary Union with Voluntary Participation Downloads
William Fuchs and Francesco Lippi
4121: Exchange Rate Policy and Endogenous Price Flexibility Downloads
Michael Devereux
4120: Nonparametric Estimation of a Dependent Competing Risks Model for Unemployment Durations Downloads
Gerard van den Berg, A Gijsbert C van Lomwel and Jan van Ours
4119: Is Economic Activity in the G7 Synchronized? Common Shocks versus Spillover Effects Downloads
Alain Monfort, Jean-Paul Renne, Rasmus Rüffer and Giovanni Vitale
4118: Explaining Differences in Hospital Performance: Does the Answer Lie in the Labour Market? Downloads
Simon Burgess, Denise Gossage and Carol Propper
4117: Three Models of Imperfect Transparency in Monetary Policy Downloads
Maria Demertzis and Andrew Hughes Hallett
4116: Information Sharing and Cumulative Innovation in Business Networks Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
4115: Good Jobs, Bad Jobs and Redistribution Downloads
Kjell Lommerud, Bjørn Sandvik and Odd Straume
4114: Monetary Policy Rules, Asset Prices and Exchange Rates Downloads
Jagjit Chadha, Lucio Sarno and Giorgio Valente
4113: A Note on Optimal Law Enforcement with Legal Aid Downloads
Nuno Garoupa and Frank Stephen
4112: Endogeneity of Currency Areas and Trade Blocs: Evidence from the Inter-war Period Downloads
Albrecht Ritschl and Nikolaus Wolf
4111: Optimal Monetary Policy Under Commitment with a Zero Bound on Nominal Interest Rates Downloads
Klaus Adam and Roberto Billi
4110: Trading Market Access for Competition Policy Enforcement Downloads
Bernard Hoekman and Kamal Saggi
4109: Government Procurement: Market Access, Transparency, and Multilateral Trade Rules Downloads
Simon Evenett and Bernard Hoekman
4108: The Dynamics of the Colombian Civil Conflict: A New Data Set Downloads
Jorge Restrepo, Michael Spagat and Juan Vargas
4107: Subsidies to Poor Regions and Inequalities: Some Unpleasant Arithmetic Downloads
Vincent Dupont and Philippe Martin
4106: Identifying the Monetary Transmission Mechanism Using Structural Breaks Downloads
Andreas Beyer and Roger Farmer
4105: Underpricing in Discriminatory and Uniform-Price Treasury Auctions Downloads
David Goldreich
4104: Duration Dependence in Stock Prices: An Analysis of Bull and Bear Markets Downloads
Asger Lunde and Allan Timmermann
4103: Monotone Equilibria in Bayesian Games of Strategic Complementarities Downloads
Timothy Van Zandt and Xavier Vives
4102: The European Phillips Curve: Does the NAIRU Exist? Downloads
Marika Karanassou, Hector Sala and Dennis Snower
4101: On the Indeterminacy of Determinacy and Indeterminacy Downloads
Andreas Beyer and Roger Farmer
4100: Growth Strategies Downloads
Dani Rodrik
4099: Technology Transfer and Spillovers in International Joint Ventures Downloads
Thomas Müller and Monika Schnitzer
4098: Understanding the Recovery Rates on Defaulted Securities Downloads
Viral Acharya, Sreedhar T Bharath and Anand Srinivasan
4097: Taxation and Venture Capital-Backed Entrepreneurship Downloads
Christian Keuschnigg and Søren Nielsen
4096: The Demand for Coordination Downloads
Wouter Dessein and Jesus Santos
4095: On Footloose Industries, Asymmetric Information and Wage Bargaining Downloads
Nancy Chau and Ravi Kanbur
4094: On-the-Job Search in a Matching Model with Heterogeneous Jobs and Workers Downloads
Juan Dolado, Marcel Jansen and Juan F Jimeno
4093: Does the Separation of Regulatory Powers Reduce the Threat of Capture? Evidence from the US Maritime Bureaucracy Downloads
Pedro Luis Marín Uribe and Richard Sicotte
4092: Late Informed Betting and the Favourite-Longshot Bias Downloads
Marco Ottaviani and Peter Sørensen
4091: Does Anonymity Matter in Electronic Limit Order Markets? Downloads
Thierry Foucault, Sophie Moinas and Erik Theissen
4090: The Impact of R&D Subsidies on the Introduction of New Products by Incumbent Firms Downloads
Ralph Siebert
4089: Credible Vertical Preemption Downloads
Ralph Siebert
4088: Measuring Heterogeneity in the Returns to Education in Norway Using Educational Reforms Downloads
Arild Aakvik, Kjell G Salvanes and Kjell Vaage
4087: What Caused the Early Millennium Slowdown? Evidence Based on Vector Autoregressions Downloads
Gert Peersman
4086: Media Capture and Wealth Concentration Downloads
Giacomo Corneo
4085: Knowledge Diffusion, Supplier's Technological Effort and Technology Transfer via Vertical Relationships Downloads
Ai Ting Goh
4084: Does Binding of Feedback Influence Myopic Loss Aversion? An Experimental Analysis Downloads
Thomas Langer and Martin Weber
4083: Poole in the New Keynesian Model Downloads
Fabrice Collard and Harris Dellas
4082: The Case for Inflation Stability Downloads
Fabrice Collard and Harris Dellas
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