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3438: Anticipated Ramsey Reforms and the Uniform Taxation Principle: The Role of International Financial Markets Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
3437: The Optimal Mix of Taxes on Money, Consumption and Income Downloads
Fiorella De Fiore and Pedro Teles
3436: Common Currencies versus Monetary Independence Downloads
Thomas Cooley and Vincenzo Quadrini
3435: On the Stability of the Two-Sector Neoclassical Growth Model with Externalities Downloads
Berthold Herrendorf and Akos Valentinyi
3434: Monetary Policy, Expectations and Commitment Downloads
George Evans and Seppo Honkapohja
3433: Shadow Activity and Unemployment in a Depressed Labour Market Downloads
Tito Boeri and Pietro Garibaldi
3432: The Generalized Dynamic Factor Model: One-Sided Estimation and Forecasting Downloads
Mario Forni, Marc Hallin, Marco Lippi and Lucrezia Reichlin
3431: Incomplete Pass-Through and the Welfare Effects of Exchange Rate Variability Downloads
Alan Sutherland
3430: A Pure Theory of Job Security and Labour Income Risk Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
3429: Optimal Project Rejection and New Firm Start-Ups Downloads
Bruno Cassiman and Masako Ueda
3428: Optimal Contracting in Agency with Verifiable Ex Post Information Downloads
Anke Kessler, Christoph Lülfesmann and Patrick Schmitz
3427: Estimates of Real Economic Activity in Switzerland, 1885-1930 Downloads
Stefan Gerlach and Petra Gerlach-Kristen
3426: How do European Monetary and Fiscal Authorities Behave? Downloads
Carlo Favero
3425: Monopoly Power and the Firm's Valuation: A Dynamic Analysis of Short versus Long-Term Policies Downloads
Suleyman Basak and Anna Pavlova
3424: Can Productivity Growth Explain NAIRU? Long-run Evidence from Britain, 1871-1999 Downloads
Timothy Hatton
3423: Fair Wages in a New Keynesian Model of the Business Cycle Downloads
Jean-Pierre Danthine and André Kurmann
3422: Political Foundations of the Resource Curse Downloads
James Robinson, Ragnar Torvik and Thierry Verdier
3421: Recent Trends in Occupational Segregation by Gender: A Look Across the Atlantic Downloads
Juan Dolado, Florentino Felgueroso and Juan F Jimeno
3420: Foreign Competition and Wage Inequality Downloads
J. Peter Neary
3419: Foreign Direct Investment and the Single Market Downloads
J. Peter Neary
3418: Information and Control in Alliances and Ventures Downloads
Wouter Dessein
3417: Foreign Direct Investment as Technology Transferred: Some Panel Evidence from the Transition Economies Downloads
Nauro Campos and Yuko Kinoshita
3416: A Theory of Defensive Skill-based Innovation and Globalization Downloads
Mathias Thoenig and Thierry Verdier
3415: The Role of Non-financial Factors in Internal Credit Ratings Downloads
Jens Grunert, Lars Norden and Martin Weber
3414: A Dynamic Model with Import Quota Constraints Downloads
Suleyman Basak and Anna Pavlova
3413: A Model of Credit Risk, Optimal Policies and Asset Prices Downloads
Suleyman Basak and Alex Shapiro
3412: Labour Mobility of Immigrants: Training, Experience, Language and Opportunities Downloads
Sarit Cohen-Goldner and Zvi Eckstein
3411: Banks versus Venture Capital Downloads
Masako Ueda
3410: Stock Valuation and Learning about Profitability Downloads
Lubos Pastor and Pietro Veronesi
3409: On the Way of EMU Enlargement towards CEECs: What is the Appropriate Exchange Rate Regime? Downloads
Mathilde Maurel
3408: Exchange Rate Regimes and Supply Shocks Asymmetry: The Case of the Accession Countries Downloads
Ian Babetskii, Laurence Boone and Mathilde Maurel
3407: Intra-national versus International Trade in the European Union: Why do National Borders Matter? Downloads
Natalie Chen
3406: Globalization and the demand for skill: An Export Based Channel Downloads
Eric Maurin, David Thesmar and Mathias Thoenig
3405: Non-Linear Monetary Policy Rules: Some New Evidence for the US Downloads
Juan Dolado, Ramón Maria-Dolores and Francisco Ruge-Murcia
3404: Why Vote for Losers? Downloads
Micael Castanheira
3403: An Evaluation Framework for Alternative VaR Models Downloads
Dennis Bams, Thorsten Lehnert and Christian Wolff
3402: 'Footloose' Multinationals? Downloads
Holger Görg and Eric Strobl
3401: Cash Flow Taxes in an Open Economy Downloads
Stephen Roy Bond and Michael Devereux
3400: Do Countries Compete over Corporate Tax Rates? Downloads
Michael Devereux, Ben Lockwood and Michela Redoano
3399: Sovereign Default By Argentina: 'Slow Motion Train Crash' or Self-Fulfilling Crisis? Downloads
Javier García-Fronti, Marcus Miller and Lei Zhang
3398: Boom-Busts in Asset Prices, Economic Instability and Monetary Policy Downloads
Michael Bordo and Olivier Jeanne
3397: Class Size, Education and Wages Downloads
Christian Dustmann, Najma Rajah and Arthur van Soest
3396: Welfare Effects of Employment Protection Downloads
Michèle Belot, Jan Boone and Jan van Ours
3395: Government Leadership and Central Bank Design Downloads
Andrew Hughes Hallett and Diana Weymark
3394: From Malthus to Ohlin: Trade, Growth and Distribution Since 1500 Downloads
Kevin O'Rourke and Jeffrey Williamson
3393: Unobservable-Components Estimates of Output Gaps in Five Asian Economies Downloads
Stefan Gerlach and Matthew Yiu
3392: Money and Inflation in the Euro-Area: A Case for Monetary Indicators? Downloads
Stefan Gerlach and Lars Svensson
3391: Electonic Money and the Optimal Size of Monetary Unions Downloads
Cláudia Costa Storti and Paul De Grauwe
3390: Educational Attainment in the OECD, 1960-95 Downloads
Angel de La Fuente and Rafael Domenech
3389: Poverty in the Transition: Social Expenditures and the Working-Age Poor Downloads
Jeni Klugman, John Micklewright and Gerry Redmond
3388: Waiting for Mr Right: Rising Inequality and Declining Marriage Rates Downloads
Eric Gould and M. Daniele Paserman
3387: Art Auctions: A Survey of Empirical Studies Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and Kathryn Graddy
3386: On the Number and Size of Cities Downloads
Takatoshi Tabuchi, Jacques Thisse and Dao-Zhi Zeng
3385: Economic Geography and the Role of Profits Downloads
Pierre Picard, Jacques Thisse and Eric Toulemonde
3384: Does Inward Foreign Direct Investment Boost the Productivity of Domestic Firms? Downloads
Jonathan Haskel, Sonia Pereira and Matthew Slaughter
3383: Why Corporate Taxes May Rise: The Case of Trade Liberalization and Foreign Ownership Downloads
Hans Jarle Kind, Guttorm Schjelderup and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe
3382: Heckscher-Ohlin Business Cycles Downloads
Alejandro Cunat and Marco Maffezzoli
3381: The Impact of Trade on Intra-Industry Reallocations and Aggregate Industry Productivity Downloads
Marc Melitz
3380: FDI, Infrastructure and the Welfare Effects of Labour Migration Downloads
Frank Barry
3379: Testing for Localization Using Micro-Geographic Data Downloads
Gilles Duranton and Henry Overman
3378: Financial Globalization and Emerging Markets: With or Without Crash? Downloads
Philippe Martin and Helene Rey
3377: Non-Linear Dynamics in Deviations from the Law of One Price: A Broad-Based Empirical Study Downloads
Ibrahim Chowdhury, Lucio Sarno and Mark Taylor
3376: The Real Exchange Rate Always Floats Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason
3375: Trade versus Direct Investment: Modal Neutrality and National Treatment Downloads
Bernard Hoekman and Kamal Saggi
3374: Economic Development and the WTO After Doha Downloads
Bernard Hoekman
3373: Work and Television Downloads
Giacomo Corneo
3372: Optimal Campaigning in Presidential Elections: The Probability of Being Florida Downloads
David Strömberg
3371: Electoral College, Popular Vote and Regional Information Downloads
Martina Behm and Hans Peter Grüner
3370: Optimal Commitment Policy Under Noisy Information Downloads
Kosuke Aoki
3369: Strategic Liquidity Supply and Security Design Downloads
Bruno Biais and Thomas Mariotti
3368: The Geography of Intra-Industry Trade: Empirics Downloads
Patricia Rice, Martin Stewart and Anthony Venables
3367: Consumption and Savings with Unemployment Risk: Implications for Employment Contracts Downloads
Christopher Pissarides
3366: Trade and Industrial Location with Heterogenous Labour Downloads
Mary Amiti and Christopher Pissarides
3365: The Inflation Forecast and the Loss Function Downloads
Lars Svensson
3364: The Benefits and Costs of Group Affiliation: Evidence from East Asia Downloads
Stijn Claessens, Joseph P.H. Fan and Larry Lang
3363: Benefit Entitlement and Unemployment Duration: The Role of Policy Endogeneity Downloads
Rafael Lalive and Josef Zweimüller
3362: Agglomeration and Market Interaction Downloads
Masahisa Fujita and Jacques Thisse
3361: Endogenous Firm Objectives Downloads
Thomas Renström and Erkan Yalcin
3360: The Market for Used Cars: A New Test of the Lemons Model Downloads
Winand Emons and George Sheldon
3359: Reputation-Based Pricing and Price Improvements in Dealership Markets Downloads
Gabriel Desgranges and Thierry Foucault
3358: Private versus Public Schools in Post-Apartheid South African Cities: Theory and Policy Implications Downloads
Harris Selod and Yves Zenou
3357: Affirmative Action and Efficiency in Education Downloads
Gianni De Fraja
3356: Economic Development as Self Discovery Downloads
Ricardo Hausmann and Dani Rodrik
3355: A Simple Framework for International Monetary Policy Analysis Downloads
Richard Clarida, Jordi Gali and Mark Gertler
3354: Returns to Education: Evidence from UK Twins Downloads
Dorothe Bonjour, Lynn Cherkas, Jonathan Haskel and Tim Spector
3353: Momentum and Turnover: Evidence from the German Stock Market Downloads
Markus Glaser and Martin Weber
3352: Conditional Political Budget Cycles Downloads
Min Shi and Jakob Svensson
3351: A Note on NNS Models: Introducing Physical Capital; Avoiding Rationing Downloads
Jean-Pierre Danthine and John B Donaldson
3350: Identifying Human Capital Externalities: Theory with an Application to US Cities Downloads
Antonio Ciccone and Giovanni Peri
3349: International Dimensions of Optimal Monetary Policy Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti and Paolo Pesenti
3348: Decentralizing the Stochastic Growth Model Downloads
Jean-Pierre Danthine and John B Donaldson
3347: Courts and Banks: Effects of Judicial Enforcement on Credit Markets Downloads
Magda Bianco, Tullio Jappelli and Marco Pagano
3346: Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Volatility in a Small Open Economy Downloads
Jordi Gali and Tommaso Monacelli
3345: Disclosures and Asset Returns Downloads
Hyun Song Shin
3344: Courts: The Lex Mundi project Downloads
Simeon Djankov, Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes and Andrei Shleifer
3343: The Exchange Rate and Purchasing Power Parity: Extending the Theory and Tests Downloads
Prakesh Apte, Piet Sercu and Raman Uppal
3342: 'Be Nice, Unless it Pays to Fight': A New Theory of Price Determination with Implications for Competition Policy Downloads
Jan Boone
3341: Social Networks and Technology Adoption in Northern Mozambique Downloads
Oriana Bandiera and Imran Rasul
3340: Sources of Funds and Investment Activities of Venture Capital Funds: Evidence from Germany, Israel, Japan and the UK Downloads
Colin Mayer, Koen Schoors and Yishay Yafeh
3339: The Complexity of Economic Policy: I. Restricted Local Optima in Tax Policy Design Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
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