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3744: Regional Policies and EU Enlargement Downloads
Michele Boldrin and Fabio Canova
3743: Information Contagion and Inter-Bank Correlation in a Theory of Systemic Risk Downloads
Viral Acharya and Tanju Yorulmazer
3742: Crises and Punishment: Moral Hazard and the Pre-1914 International Financial Architecture Downloads
Marc Flandreau
3741: Export versus FDI Downloads
Elhanan Helpman, Marc Melitz and Stephen Yeaple
3740: Spatial Mismatch: From the Hypothesis to the Theories Downloads
Laurent Gobillon, Harris Selod and Yves Zenou
3739: Distance, Skill Deepening and Development: Will Peripheral Countries Ever Get Rich? Downloads
Stephen Redding and Peter Schott
3738: Indirect Network Effects and Adoption Externalities Downloads
Jeffrey Church, Neil Gandal and David Krause
3737: Managerial Incentives and the International Organization of Production Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
3736: Working-Time Regulation, Firm Heterogeneity, and Efficiency Downloads
Javier Ortega
3735: Exchange Rates, Equity Prices and Capital Flows Downloads
Harald Hau and Helene Rey
3734: Learning by Doing and Multiproduction Effects Over the Life Cycle: Evidence from the Semiconductor Industry Downloads
Ralph Siebert
3733: Voting with your Children: A Positive Analysis of Child Labour Laws Downloads
Matthias Doepke and Fabrizio Zilibotti
3732: Strategy Dynamics through a Demand-Based Lens: The Evolution of Market Boundaries, Resource Rents and Competitive Positions Downloads
Ron Adner and Peter Zemsky
3731: Spatial Mismatch, Search Effort and Urban Spatial Structure Downloads
Tony E Smith and Yves Zenou
3730: Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Equivalence Results Downloads
Isabel Correia, Juan Pablo Nicolini and Pedro Teles
3729: Coordination Failure, Moral Hazard and Sovereign Bankruptcy Procedures Downloads
Sayantan Ghosal and Marcus Miller
3727: Environmental Policy and Capital Movements: The Role of Government Commitment Downloads
Laura Marsiliani and Thomas I Renström
3726: More Evidence on the Dollar Risk Premium in the Foreign Exchange Market Downloads
Dennis Bams, Kim Walkowiak and Christian Wolff
3725: Exchange Rate Dynamics, Learning and Misperception Downloads
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas and Aaron Tornell
3724: Employment Consequences of Restrictive Permanent Contracts: Evidence from Spanish Labour Market Reforms Downloads
Virginia Hernanz, Juan F Jimeno and Adriana Kugler
3723: The Law of Primogeniture and the Transition from Landed Aristocracy to Industrial Democracy Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi
3722: Search Intensity, Cost of Living and Local Labour Markets in Britain Downloads
Eleonora Patacchini and Yves Zenou
3721: Capital Requirements, Market Power and Risk-Taking in Banking Downloads
Rafael Repullo
3720: Formula Approaches for Market Access Negotiations Downloads
Joseph Francois and Will Martin
3719: Relaxing the Restrictions on the Temporary Movements of Natural Persons: A Simulation Analysis Downloads
Terrie Walmsley and L. Winters
3718: From Farmers to Merchants: A Human Capital Interpretation of Jewish Economic History Downloads
Maristella Botticini and Zvi Eckstein
3717: Judging Fund Managers by the Company They Keep Downloads
Randolph Cohen, Joshua Coval and Lubos Pastor
3716: Some Observations on the Great Depression in Germany Downloads
Mark Weder
3715: PPP Strikes Back: Aggregation and the Real Exchange Rate Downloads
Jean Imbs, Haroon Mumtaz, Morten Ravn and Helene Rey
3714: The Choice of Exchange Rate Regime and Speculative Attacks Downloads
Alex Cukierman, Itay Goldstein and Yossi Spiegel
3713: Optimal and Time-Consistent Monetary and Fiscal Policy with Heterogeneous Agents Downloads
Stefania Albanesi
3712: The Rise of Europe: Atlantic Trade, Institutional Change and Economic Growth Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Simon Johnson and James Robinson
3711: North-South and South-South Trade-Related Technology Diffusion: An Industry Level Analysis Downloads
Marcelo Olarreaga, Maurice Schiff and Yanling Wang
3710: Macroeconomics of International Price Discrimination Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti and Luca Dedola
3709: The Economic Value of Flexibility When There is Disagreement Downloads
Arnoud Boot and Anjan Thakor
3708: Disagreement and Flexibility: A Theory of Optimal Security Issuance and Capital Structure Downloads
Arnoud Boot and Anjan Thakor
3707: Departure from Free Trade: A Survey Downloads
Arye Hillman
3706: Optimal Control and Filtering in Linear Forward-looking Economies: A Toolkit Downloads
Andrea Gerali and Francesco Lippi
3705: Kin Groups and Reciprocity: A Model of Credit Transactions in Ghana Downloads
Eliana La Ferrara
3704: Temporary Shocks and Unavoidable Transitions to a High-Unemployment Regime Downloads
Wouter Den Haan
3703: The Effect of Privatization and Competitive Pressure on Firms' Price-Cost Margins: Micro Evidence from Emerging Economies Downloads
Jozef Konings, Patrick Van Cayseele and Frédéric Warzynski
3702: Why do Consumer Prices React Less than Import Prices to Exchange Rates? Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta and Eric van Wincoop
3701: VARs, Common Factors and the Empirical Validation of Equilibrium Business Cycle Models Downloads
Domenico Giannone, Lucrezia Reichlin and Luca Sala
3700: From Parent to Child; Early Labour Market Experiences of Second-Generation Immigrants in the Netherlands Downloads
Jan van Ours and Justus Veenman
3699: Specialization, Firms and Markets: The division of Labour Between and Within Law Firms Downloads
Luis Garicano and Thomas Hubbard
3698: Monetary Policy and the Rule of Law Downloads
Sylvester Eijffinger and Patrick Stadhouders
3697: On the Consequences of State Dependent Preferences for the Pricing of Financial Assets Downloads
Jean-Pierre Danthine, John B Donaldson, Christos Giannikos and Hany Guirguis
3696: Dating the Euro Area Business Cycle Downloads
Michael Artis, Massimiliano Marcellino and Tommaso Proietti
3695: Coordination of Capital Taxation Among Asymmetric Countries Downloads
Susana Peralta and Tanguy van Ypersele
3694: Household Stockholding in Europe: Where Do We Stand, and Where Do We Go? Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Michael Haliassos and Tullio Jappelli
3693: Are Intellectual Property Rights Unfair? Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
3692: Revisiting the Stability and Growth Pact: Grand Design or Internal Adjustment? Downloads
Marco Buti, Sylvester Eijffinger and Daniele Franco
3691: The Return of the Long-Run Phillips Curve Downloads
Liam Graham and Dennis Snower
3690: Long-Run Inflation-Unemployment Dynamics: The Spanish Phillips Curve and Economic Policy Downloads
Marika Karanassou, Hector Sala and Dennis Snower
3689: The ECB's Two Pillars Downloads
Stefan Gerlach
3688: Sovereign Risk, Credibility and the Gold Standard: 1870-1913 versus 1925-31 Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld and Alan Taylor
3687: Recession Aversion, Output and the Kydland-Prescott Barro-Gordon Model Downloads
Stefan Gerlach
3686: Credit Risk Analysis and Security Design Downloads
Roman Inderst and Holger M Mueller
3685: The Shape of Hiring and Separation Costs Downloads
Francis Kramarz and Marie-Laure Michaud
3684: Monetary Union, Institutions and Financial Market Integration, Italy 1862-1905 Downloads
Leandro Conte, Gianni Toniolo and Giovanni Vecchi
3683: Doctors without Borders: The Returns to an Occupational License for Soviet Immigrant Physicians in Israel Downloads
Adriana Kugler and Robert Sauer
3682: Employee Referrals and Efficiency Wages Downloads
Adriana Kugler
3681: Financial Development and Stock Returns: A Cross-Country Analysis Downloads
Harris Dellas and Martin Hess
3680: Technology Shocks and Employment Downloads
Fabrice Collard and Harris Dellas
3679: Wage Rigidity and Monetary Union Downloads
Harris Dellas and George Tavlas
3678: Entrepreneurship Capital and Economic Performance Downloads
David Audretsch and Max Keilbach
3677: On Income Inequality and Green Preferences Downloads
Laura Marsiliani and Thomas I Renström
3676: Liquidity Supply and Demand in Limit Order Markets Downloads
Burton Hollifield, Robert A. Miller, Patrik Sandås and Joshua Slive
3675: Information Revelation and Efficiency in Auctions Downloads
Anna Mikusheva and Konstantin Sonin
3674: Time-to-Build and Strategic Investment Under Uncertainty Downloads
Goncalo Pacheco de Almeida and Peter Zemsky
3673: The Effect of Structural Fund Spending on the Spanish Regions: An Assessment of the 1994-99 Objective 1 CSF Downloads
Angel de La Fuente
3672: Cyclical and Structural Deficits on the Road to Accession: Fiscal Rules for an Enlarged European Union Downloads
Fabrizio Coricelli and Valerio Ercolani
3671: In-Sample or Out-of-Sample Tests of Predictability: Which One Should We Use? Downloads
Atsushi Inoue and Lutz Kilian
3670: The Variable Value Environment: Auctions and Actions Downloads
Michael Schwarz and Konstantin Sonin
3669: Does Subsidized Temporary Employment Get the Unemployed Back to Work? An Econometric Analysis of Two Different Schemes Downloads
Michael Gerfin, Michael Lechner and Heidi Stieger
3668: Transparency Gloves for Grabbing Hands? Politics and (Mis)Governance Downloads
Tomer Blumkin and Mark Gradstein
3667: Subgame Perfect Punishment for Repeat Offenders Downloads
Winand Emons
3666: Partial Insurance, Information, and Consumption Dynamics Downloads
Richard Blundell, Luigi Pistaferri and Ian Preston
3664: The Failing Firm Defence: Merger Policy and Entry Downloads
Robin Mason and Helen Weeds
3663: The Reallocation of Workers and Jobs in Russian Industry: New Evidence on Measures and Determinants Downloads
J. David Brown and John Earle
3662: Structural Adjustment and the Sectoral and Geographical Mobility of Labour Downloads
Sir David Greenaway, Richard Upward and Peter Wright
3661: Self-Employment and Labour Market Transitions: A Multiple State Model Downloads
Maite Martinez-Granado
3660: Good Neighbours / Bad Citizens: Personal Value Priorities of Economists Downloads
Neil Gandal and Sonia Roccas
3659: Do WTO Members have More Liberal Trade Policy? Downloads
Andrew Rose
3658: Incomplete Wage Posting Downloads
Claudio Michelacci and Javier Suarez
3657: Bubbles and Capital Flows Downloads
Jaume Ventura
3656: Debt or Equity? The Role of Venture Capital in Financing the New Economy in Germany Downloads
David Audretsch and Erik Lehmann
3655: Cyclical Fluctuations in Workplace Accidents Downloads
Jan Boone and Jan van Ours
3654: On Market Forces and Human Evolution Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
3653: Globalization and Democracy Downloads
Carl B Hamilton
3652: Entrepreneurship in Equilibrium Downloads
Denis Gromb and David Scharfstein
3651: The Role of Transaction Costs for Financial Volatility: Evidence from the Paris Bourse Downloads
Harald Hau
3650: Bertrand and Walras Equilibria Under Moral Hazard Downloads
Alberto Bennardo and Pierre Chiappori
3649: Managers, Workers and Corporate Control Downloads
Marco Pagano and Paolo Volpin
3648: Scale Effects in Markets with Search Downloads
Barbara Petrongolo and Christopher Pissarides
3647: Outsourcing Versus FDI in Industry Equilibrium Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
3646: Macroeconomic Fluctuations and the Timing of Labour Market Reforms Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
3645: Determinants of Opposition Against EPO Patent Grants - The Case of Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals Downloads
Dietmar Harhoff and Markus Reitzig
3644: Bids and Allocations in European IPO Bookbuilding Downloads
Tim Jenkinson and Howard Jones
3643: Institutions Rule: The Primacy of Institutions Over Geography and Integration in Economic Development Downloads
Dani Rodrik, Arvind Subramanian and Francesco Trebbi
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