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2466: Human Capital In Growth Regressions: How Much Difference Does Data Quality Make? Downloads
Angel de La Fuente and Rafael Domenech
2465: Convergence Across Countries And Regions: Theory And Empirics Downloads
Angel de La Fuente
2464: Rent Seeking/Corruption And Growth: A Simple Model Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos and Tryphon Kollintzas
2463: Restructuring And Productivity Growth In UK Manufacturing Downloads
Richard F Disney, Jonathan E. Haskel and Ylva Heden
2462: A Model Of Market-Enhancing Infrastructure Downloads
Philippe Aghion and Mark Schankerman
2461: The Euro and International Capital Markets Downloads
Carsten Detken and Philipp Hartmann
2460: Macroeconomic Stabilization: Fixed Exchange Rates Vs Inflation Targeting Vs Price Level Targeting Downloads
Vivek Harsha Dehejia and Nicholas Rowe
2459: Merger Policies And Trade Liberalization Downloads
Henrik Horn and James Levinsohn
2458: Liquidity Constraints, Production Costs And Output Decisions Downloads
Paul Povel and Michael Raith
2457: Mapping The Two Faces Of R&D: Productivity Growth In A Panel Of OECD Industries Downloads
Rachel Griffith, Stephen James Redding and John Michael van Reenen
2456: The US Social Security: A Financial Appraisal For The Median Voter Downloads
Vincenzo Galasso
2455: Racial Beliefs, Location And The Causes Of Crime Downloads
Thierry A. Verdier and Yves Zenou
2454: Monetary Policy In The Open Economy Revisited: Price Setting Rules And Exchange Rate Flexibility Downloads
Michael B. Devereux and Charles Engel
2453: Banking Crises and Bank Rescues: The Role of Reputation Downloads
Jenny Corbett and Janet Mitchell
2452: The Role Of The Minimum Wage In The Welfare State: An Appraisal Downloads
Juan J. Dolado, Florentino Felgueroso and Juan F Jimeno
2451: The Impact Of Active Labour Market Policies And Benefit Entitlement Rules On The Duration Of Unemployment Downloads
Rafael Lalive, Jan van Ours and Josef Zweimüller
2450: Output And Unemployment Dynamics In Transition Downloads
Vivek Harsha Dehejia and Douglas W Dwyer
2449: Barter For Price Discrimination? Downloads
Sergei Guriev and Dmitry Kvassov
2448: Exchange Rate And Foreign Inflation Risk Premiums In Global Equity Returns Downloads
Maria Vassalou
2447: Punitive Sanctions and the Transition Rate From Welfare to Work Downloads
Gerard J. van den Berg, Bas van der Klaauw and Jan van Ours
2446: Tax And Education Policy In A Heterogeneous Agent Economy: What Levels Of Redistribution Maximize Growth And Efficiency? Downloads
Roland J. Benabou
2445: Employer Learning And The Returns To Schooling Downloads
Thomas K. Bauer and John P. Haisken-DeNew
2444: Competition And Firm Performance: Lessons From Russia Downloads
J. David Brown and John Sutherland Earle
2443: A Multi-Task Principal-Agent Approach to Organizational Form Downloads
David Besanko, Pierre Regibeau and Katharine Eleanor Rockett
2442: An Empirical Evaluation Of The Determinants Of Research Joint Venture Formation Downloads
Roberto Hernan Gonzalez, Pedro Luis Marín Uribe and Georges Siotis
2441: Asymmetries In Monetary Policy Rules: Evidence For Four Central Banks Downloads
Juan J. Dolado, Ramón Maria-Dolores and Manuel Naveira Barrero
2440: The Evolution of Markets Under Entry and Standards Regulation - The Case of Global Mobile Telecommunications Downloads
Harald Gruber and Frank Verboven
2439: Collateral Vs. Project Screening: A Model Of Lazy Banks Downloads
Michael Manove, Atilano Jorge Padilla and Marco Pagano
2438: Evaluating The Persistence And Structuralist Theories Of Unemployment Downloads
Jerry Coakley, Ana-Maria Fuertes and Gylfi Zoega
2437: Agriculture, Developing Countries, And The WTO Millennium Round Downloads
Kym Anderson
2436: The Morning After: Explaining The Slowdown In Japanese Growth In The 1990s Downloads
Tamim A Bayoumi
2435: A Peek Inside The Black Box: The Monetary Transmission Mechanism In Japan Downloads
Tamim A Bayoumi and James Morsink
2434: Corruption And Competition In Public Market Auctions Downloads
Olivier Compte, Ariane Lambert-Mogiliansky and Thierry A. Verdier
2433: Inequality And Group Participation: Theory And Evidence From Rural Tanzania Downloads
Eliana La Ferrara
2432: Barter In Transition Economies: Competing Explanations Confront Ukrainian Data Downloads
Bogdan Gorochowskij, Daniel Kaufmann and Dalia Marin
2431: Why Do People Still Live In East Germany? Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
2430: Immigrant Assimilation And Welfare Participation: Do Immigrants Assimilate Into Or Out Of Welfare? Downloads
Jörgen Hansen and Magnus Lofstrom
2429: Strategic Recruiting And The Chain Of Command Downloads
Guido Friebel and Michael Raith
2428: Continuous Training In Germany Downloads
Jorn-Steffen Pischke
2427: The Bail-In Problem: Systematic Goals, Ad Hoc Means Downloads
Barry Julian Eichengreen and Christoph Ruehl
2426: Natural Rate Doubts Downloads
Roger E. A. Farmer
2425: Size Distortions Of Tests Of The Null Hypothesis Of Stationarity: Evidence And Implications For The PPP Debate Downloads
Mehmet Caner and Lutz Kilian
2424: Measuring Predictability: Theory And Macroeconomic Applications Downloads
Francis X. Diebold and Lutz Kilian
2423: Will EMU Increase Eurosclerosis? Downloads
Samuel Bentolila and Gilles Saint-Paul
2422: Government Cash Transfers, Household Consumption, And Poverty Alleviation - The Case Of Russia Downloads
Kaspar Richter
2421: Financial Contracting Theory Meets The Real World: An Empirical Analysis Of Venture Capital Contracts Downloads
Steven Neil Kaplan and Per Stromberg
2420: Regulation And Labour Market Performance Downloads
Tito Boeri, Giuseppe Nicoletti and Stefano Scarpetta
2419: Female Labour Supply, Flexibility Of Working Hours, And Job Mobility Downloads
Rob Euwals
2418: Unions And The Labour Market For Managers Downloads
John Enrico DiNardo, Kevin F. Hallock and Jorn-Steffen Pischke
2417: Collateral, Renegotiation And The Value Of Diffusely Held Debt Downloads
Ulrich Hege and Pierre Mella-Barral
2416: Strategic Trading And Learning About Liquidity Downloads
Harrison Hong and Sven Rady
2415: Do R&D Credits Work? Evidence From A Panel Of Countries 1979-97 Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Rachel Griffith and John Michael van Reenen
2414: Social Harmony At The Boundaries Of The Welfare State: Immigrants And Social Transfers Downloads
Gil S. Epstein and Arye L. Hillman
2413: European Financial Markets After EMU: A First Assessment Downloads
Jean-Pierre Danthine, Francesco Giavazzi and Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden
2412: Should Argentina Adopt The US Dollar? Downloads
Andrew J Hughes Hallett and Anthony Myrvin
2411: On Regional Monetary Arrangements For ASEAN Downloads
Tamim A Bayoumi, Barry Julian Eichengreen and Paolo Mauro
2410: Hiring And Firing Costs, Adverse Selection And The Persistence Of Unemployment Downloads
Adriana D. Kugler and Gilles Saint-Paul
2409: Looking Into The Black Box: A Survey Of The Matching Function Downloads
Barbara Petrongolo and Christopher A Pissarides
2408: Is There A Wage Premium for Returning Irish Migrants? Downloads
Alan Barrett and O'Connell, Philip J.
2407: Monetary Institutions, Monopolistic Competition, Unionized Labour Markets And Economic Performance Downloads
Fabrizio Coricelli, Alex Cukierman and Alberto Dalmazzo
2406: Can Competition Replace Regulation for Small Utility Customers? Downloads
Richard John Green
2405: Political Risk And Irreversible Investment: Theory And An Application To Quebec Downloads
Sumru Altug, Fanny S. Demers and Michel Demers
2404: Earnings, Unemployment, And Housing: Evidence From A Panel Of British Regions Downloads
Gavin Cameron and John Muellbauer
2403: A Simple Dynamic General Equilibrium Model Of The Tradeoff Between Fixed And Floating Exchange Rates Downloads
Michael B. Devereux
2402: Bad Politicians Downloads
Francesco Caselli and Massimo Morelli
2401: Trade Induced Technical Bias And Wage Inequalities: A Theory Of Defensive Innovations Downloads
Mathias Thoenig and Thierry A. Verdier
2400: Reference Cycles: The NBER Methodology Revisited Downloads
Mario Forni, Marc Hallin, Marco Lippi and Lucrezia Reichlin
2399: Telecommunications Infrastructure And Economic Development: A Simultaneous Approach Downloads
Lars-Hendrik Röller and leonard Waverman
2398: Explaining Youth Labour Market Problems In Spain: Crowding-Out, Institutions, Or Technology Shifts? Downloads
Juan J. Dolado, Florentino Felgueroso and Juan F Jimeno
2397: Space And Unemployment: The Labour-Market Effects Of Spatial Mismatch Downloads
Jan K. Brueckner and Yves Zenou
2396: Monotone Matching In Perfect And Imperfect Worlds Downloads
Patrick Legros and Andrew F. Newman
2395: The Decision To Invest In A Low-Wage Country: Evidence From Italian Textiles And Clothing Multinationals Downloads
Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Anna M Falzoni and Alessandro Turrini
2394: Youth Employment Policies In France Downloads
Denis Fougere, Francis Kramarz and Thierry Magnac
2393: Monetary Policies In The Presence Of Asymmetries Downloads
Paul De Grauwe
2392: Risk Premia In The Term Structure Of Interest Rates: A Panel Data Approach Downloads
Dennis F.M. Bams and Christian C.P. Wolff
2391: Optimal Corporate Governance Structures Downloads
Andres Almazan and Javier Suarez
2390: Trade And The Rate Of Income Convergence Downloads
Dan Ben-David and Ayal Kimhi
2389: A Monetary Explanation Of The Great Stagflation Of The 1970s Downloads
Robert B Barsky and Lutz Kilian
2388: Evaluating Changes In The Bank Of Spain's Intervention: An Alternative Approach Using Marked Point Processes Downloads
Juan J. Dolado and Ramón Maria-Dolores
2387: Work Environment And Individual Background: Explaining Regional Shirking Differentials In A Large Italian Firm Downloads
Andrea Ichino and Giovanni Maggi
2386: East Germany: Transition With Unification - Experiments and Experiences Downloads
Rolf Strauch and Juergen von Hagen
2385: Outsiders In Economic Integration: The Case of a Transition Economy Downloads
Stefano Manzocchi and Gianmarco .P. Ottaviano
2384: Optimal Speed of Transition 10 Years After Downloads
Tito Boeri
2383: The Role of Social Capital In Financial Development Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
2382: Trade, Trade Policy and Poverty: What Are The Links? Downloads
L. Alan Winters
2381: Elected Versus Appointed Regulators: Theory And Evidence Downloads
Timothy J. Besley and Stephen Coate
2380: The First Year Of The Eurosystem: Inflation Targeting Or Not? Downloads
Lars E. O. Svensson
2379: Options For The Exchange Rate Policies Of The EU Accession Countries (And Other Emerging Market Economies) Downloads
Peter Bofinger and Timo Wollmershaeuser
2378: Mommy Tracks and Public Policy: On Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and Gender Gaps in Promotion Downloads
Kjell Erik Lommerud and Steinar Vagstad
2377: Trade in International Transport Services: The Role of Competition Downloads
Joseph Francis Francois and Ian Wooton
2376: Nursery Cities: Urban Diversity, Process Innovation, and the Life-Cycle of Products Downloads
Gilles Duranton and Diego Puga
2375: The Term Structure of Interest Rates and Inflation Forecast Targeting Downloads
Sylvester Eijffinger, Eric Schaling and Willem Verhagen
2374: Searching for Non-Linear Effects of Fiscal Policy: Evidence from Industrial and Developing Countries Downloads
Francesco Giavazzi, Tullio Jappelli and Marco Pagano
2373: Skills, Labour Costs and Vertically Differentiated Industries: A General Equilibrium Analysis Downloads
Stefan Lutz and Alessandro Turrini
2372: The Heckscher-Ohlin Model Between 1400 and 2000: When It Explained Factor Price Convergence, When It Did Not, and Why Downloads
O'Rourke, Kevin Hjortshøj and Jeffrey Gale Williamson
2371: Social Europe: Dramatic Visions and Real Complexity Downloads
Tito Boeri
2370: Institutions For High-Quality Growth: What They Are And How To Acquire Them Downloads
Dani Rodrik
2369: Funded and Unfunded Pensions: Risk, Return and Welfare Downloads
David Kenneth Miles
2368: Why Russian Workers Do Not Move: Attachment Of Workers Through In-Kind Payments Downloads
Guido Friebel and Sergei Guriev
2367: Iceland's Natural Experiment in Supply-Side Economics Downloads
Marco Bianchi, Björn R Gudmundsson and Gylfi Zoega
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