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2125: The Tobacco Deal Downloads
Jeremy Bulow and Paul Klemperer
2124: EMU and European Stock Market Integration Downloads
Gikas A. Hardouvelis, Dimitrios Malliaropoulos and Richard Priestley
2123: Do International Investment Income Flows Smooth Income? Downloads
Philip Lane
2122: Inefficient Redistribution Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and James Alan Robinson
2121: Estimates of the Returns to Scale for US Manufacturing Downloads
Sumru Altug and Alpay Filiztekin
2120: How Sure Are We About PPP? Panel Evidence with the Null of Stationary Real Exchange Rates Downloads
Biing-Shen Kuo and Anne Mikkola
2119: An Optimal Currency Area Perspective of the EU Enlargement to the CEECs Downloads
Laurence Boone and Mathilde Maurel
2118: Comparative Advantage and the Location of Production Downloads
Rikard Forslid and Ian Wooton
2117: The Double Dividend Issue: Modelling Strategies and Empirical Findings Downloads
Francesco Bosello, Carlo Carraro and Marzio Galeotti
2116: Structural Convergence Under Reversible and Irreversible Monetary Unification Downloads
Roel Maria Wilhelmus Jozef Beetsma and Henrik Jensen
2115: The New Open Economy Macroeconomics: a Survey Downloads
Philip Lane
2114: Welfare Differentials Across French and US Labour Markets Downloads
Daniel Cohen
2113: The Redistributive Effects of the EU Budget: an Analysis and Some Reflections on the Agenda 2000 Negotiations Downloads
Angel de La Fuente and Rafael Domenech
2112: Competition, Complementarity and Contagion in East Asia Downloads
Ishac Diwan and Bernard Hoekman
2111: Inflation and Welfare: Comment on Robert Lucas Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
2110: On Intrabrand and Interbrand Competition: The Strategic Role of Fees and Royalties Downloads
Kamal Saggi and Nikolaos Vettas
2109: The Political Economy of Employment Protection Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
2108: Regional Aspects of Unemployment in Europe and in Italy Downloads
Fiorella Kostoris Padoa Schioppa
2107: Estimating the Effects of Tax Reform in Differentiated Product Oligopolistic Markets Downloads
Chaim Fershtman, Neil Gandal and Sarit Markovich
2106: Post-Unification Wage Growth in East Germany Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
2105: Why do Firms Hide? Bribes and Unofficial Activity After Communism Downloads
Simon Johnson, John McMillan and Christopher Woodruff
2104: Stochastic Shocks and Incentives for (Dis)Integration Downloads
Jan Fidrmuc
2103: Short-Termism as Optimal Investment Policy Downloads
Sandro Brusco
2102: Agglomeration with Human and Physical Capital: an Analytically Solvable Case Downloads
Rikard Forslid
2101: Cooperation Among Competitors: The Economics of Credit Card Associations Downloads
Jean Charles Rochet and Jean Tirole
2100: Discrimination in the Swiss Labour Market: an Empirical Analysis Downloads
Stefan M. Golder and Thomas Straubhaar
2099: Should Firms be Required to Pay for Vocational Training? Downloads
Margaret Stevens
2098: Returns to Mobility in the Transition to a Market Economy Downloads
Tito Boeri and Christopher Flinn
2097: Venture Capital Finance: A Security Design Approach Downloads
Rafael Repullo and Javier Suarez
2096: Developing Country Agriculture and the New Trade Agenda Downloads
Kym Anderson and Bernard Hoekman
2095: Deep Integration, Non-Discrimination and Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Downloads
Bernard Hoekman and Denise Eby Konan
2094: The Weightless Economy in Economic Development Downloads
Danny Quah
2093: Transmission Rights and Market Power on Electric Power Networks I: Financial Rights Downloads
Paul Joskow and Jean Tirole
2092: The Growth of Firms in Theory and in Practice Downloads
Paul A. Geroski
2091: Trade, Technology and UK Wage Inequality Downloads
Jonathan E. Haskel and Matthew Slaughter
2090: Equal Opportunities in Education: Market Equilibrium and Public Policy Downloads
Gianni De Fraja
2089: Green Tax Reform and Competitiveness Downloads
Erkki Koskela, Ronnie Schöb and Hans-Werner Sinn
2088: Least Squares Predictions and Mean-Variance Analysis Downloads
Enrique Sentana
2087: Transmission Rights and Market Power on Electric Power Networks. II: Physical Rights Downloads
Paul Joskow and Jean Tirole
2086: Corporate Governance Downloads
Jean Tirole
2085: The Core-Periphery Model With Forward-Looking Expectations Downloads
Richard Baldwin
2084: Self-Employment and Windfall Gains in Britain: Evidence From Panel Data Downloads
Mark Philip Taylor
2083: Capital Markets and the Instability of Open Economies Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Philippe Bacchetta and Abhijit Banerjee
2082: From Malthusian Stagnation to Modern Growth Downloads
Oded Galor and David N. Weil
2081: Contract Enforcement in Transition Downloads
Simon Johnson, John McMillan and Christopher Woodruff
2080: Output and Exports in Transition Economies: A Labour Management Model Downloads
Saul Estrin and Paul G. Hare
2079: Measuring Monetary Policy in Open Economies Downloads
Fabio C. Bagliano, Carlo Favero and Francesco Franco
2078: The Dynamics of Technological Adoption in Hardware/Software Systems: The Case of Compact Disc Players Downloads
Neil Gandal, Archy Kirkwood MP and Rafael Rob
2077: Wages, Experience and Seniority Downloads
Christian Dustmann and Costas Meghir
2076: Maximum Sustainable Government Debt in the Overlapping Generations Model Downloads
Neil Rankin and Barbara Roffia
2075: Coordination, Cooperation, Contagion and Currency Crises Downloads
Olivier Loisel and Philippe Martin
2074: Should Monetary Policy be Adjusted Frequently? Downloads
Sylvester Eijffinger and Harry P. Huizinga
2073: The Aftermath of the 1992 ERM Break-up: Was There a Macroeconomic Free Lunch? Downloads
Robert J. Gordon
2072: What Determines the Economic Geography of Europe? Downloads
Jan . Haaland, Hans Jarle Kind and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe
2071: Fickle Investors: an Impediment to Growth? Downloads
Andrew Scott and Harald Uhlig
2070: Golden Cages for Showy Birds: Optimal Switching Costs in Labour Markets Downloads
Roberto Burguet, Ramon Caminal and Carmen Matutes
2069: The Markets for Gasoline and Diesel Cars in Europe Downloads
Frank Verboven
2068: EMU in Reality: The Effect of a Common Monetary Policy on Economies with Different Transmission Mechanisms Downloads
Andrew J Hughes Hallett and Laura Piscitelli
2067: The European Central Bank: Decision Rules and Macroeconomic Performance Downloads
Yunus Aksoy, Paul De Grauwe and Hans Dewachter
2066: Risk Taking and Optimal Contracts for Money Managers Downloads
Frederic Palomino and Andrea Prat
2065: Time-series and Cross-section Information in Affine Term Structure Models Downloads
Frank C. J. M. de Jong
2064: Targeting Social Assistance in a Transition Economy: the Mahallas in Uzbekistan Downloads
Aline Coudouel, Sheila Marnie and John Micklewright
2063: The Informational Value of Job Search Data and the Dynamics of Search Behaviour: Evidence from Hungary Downloads
John Micklewright and Gyula Nagy
2062: Asymmetries in Housing and Financial Market Institutions and EMU Downloads
Duncan Maclennan, John Muellbauer and Mark Stephens
2061: Living Standards and Incentives in Transition: the Implications of Unemployment Insurance Exhaustion in Hungary Downloads
John Micklewright and Gyula Nagy
2060: Entrepreneurial Moral Hazard and Bank Monitoring: A Model of the Credit Channel Downloads
Rafael Repullo and Javier Suarez
2059: Active Labour Market Policies in Poland: Human Capital Enhancement, Stigmatization or Benefit Churning? Downloads
Jochen Kluve, Hartmut Lehmann and Christoph M. Schmidt
2058: EMU and the External Value of the Euro Downloads
Maria Demertzis and Andrew J Hughes Hallett
2057: Persistence and the German Unemployment Problem: Empirical Evidence on German Labour Market Flows Downloads
Christoph M. Schmidt
2056: Does Science Make a Difference? Investment, Finance and Corporate Governance in German Industries Downloads
David B. Audretsch and Jürgen G Weigand
2055: English-Language Dominance, Literature and Welfare Downloads
Jacques Melitz
2054: The Diffusion of Mobile Telecommunications Services in the European Union Downloads
Harald Gruber and Frank Verboven
2053: New Developments in Models of Search in the Labour Market Downloads
Dale T. Mortensen and Christopher A Pissarides
2052: Competition, Entry, and the Social Returns to Infrastructure in Transition Economies Downloads
Philippe Aghion and Mark Schankerman
2051: The Size and Scope of Government: Comparative Politics With Rational Politicians Downloads
Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini
2050: Private Transfers, Borrowing Constraints and the Timing of Homeownership Downloads
Luigi Guiso and Tullio Jappelli
2049: Inside versus Outside Financing and Product Market Competition Downloads
Monika Schnitzer and Achim Wambach
2048: Technology, Transfer and Spillovers: Does Local Participation With Multinationals Matter? Downloads
Magnus Blomström and Fredrik Sjöholm
2047: Portuguese Migrants in the German Labour Market: Performance and Self-Selection Downloads
Thomas K. Bauer, Pedro Telhado Pereira, Michael Vogler and Klaus F. Zimmermann
2046: Distributive Politics and the Costs of Centralization Downloads
Ben Lockwood
2045: Bank Competition and Enterprise restructuring in Transition Economies Downloads
Monika Schnitzer
2044: The Mercantilist Index of Trade Policy Downloads
James E. Anderson and J. Peter Neary
2043: What Determines Earnings and Employment Risk Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Tullio Jappelli and Luigi Pistaferri
2042: Patent Suits: Do They Distort Research Incentives? Downloads
Jenny Lanjouw and Mark Schankerman
2041: Product Differentiation and Price Competition Between a Safe and a Risky Seller Downloads
Winand Emons
2040: Crossing the Rio Grande: Migrations, Business Cycles and the Welfare State Downloads
Fabio Canova and Morten Overgaard Ravn
2039: Ageing Gracefully? A Bootstrap Analysis of Poverty Among Pensioners Using Evidence from the PACO Databases Downloads
Georges Heinrich
2038: The Macroeconomic Effects of German Unification: Real Adjustments and the Welfare State Downloads
Fabio Canova and Morten Overgaard Ravn
2037: Dynamic Adverse Selection and Debt Downloads
Gilles Chemla and Antoine Faure-Grimaud
2036: Inter-Firm Relationships and Informal Credit in Vietnam Downloads
John McMillan and Christopher Woodruff
2035: Understanding the Home Market Effect and the Gravity Equation: The Role of Differentiating Goods Downloads
Robert C. Feenstra, James R. Markusen and Andrew Kenan Rose
2034: Direct Estimation of the Risk Neutral Factor Dynamics of Affine Term Structure Models Downloads
Dennis F.M. Bams and Peter C Schotman
2033: Importing Jobs or Exporting Firms? A Close Look at the Labour Market Implications of Italy's Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Flows Downloads
Riccardo Faini, Anna Maria Falzoni, Marzio Galeotti, Rodolfo Helg and Alessandro Turrini
2032: Strategic Pricing, Signalling and Costly Information Acquisition Downloads
Helmut Bester and Klaus Ritzberger
2031: Wages and Productivity Growth in a Competitive Industry Downloads
Helmut Bester and Emmanuel Petrakis
2030: Revenue Efficiency and Change of Control: The Case of Bankruptcy Downloads
Francesca Cornelli and Leonardo Felli
2029: The Evolution of Price Dispersion in the European Car Market Downloads
Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg and Frank Verboven
2028: Did You Know that Monetary Disturbances Matter for Business Cycles Fluctuations? Evidence from the G-7 Countries Downloads
Fabio Canova and Gianni de Nicolo
2027: A Theory of Haste with Applications to Construction of Nuclear Power Plants and Extinction of Endangered Species Downloads
Isabelle Brocas and Juan D Carrillo
2026: Risk Arbitrage in Takeovers Downloads
Francesca Cornelli and David Daokui Li
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