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3006: Federal Intervention to Enhance Shareholder Choice Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk and Allen Ferrell
3005: Option Prices under Bayesian Learning: Implied Volatility Dynamics and Predictive Densities Downloads
Massimo Guidolin and Allan Timmermann
3004: Industrial Clusters: Equilibrium, Welfare and Policy Downloads
Victor D Norman and Anthony Venables
3003: Collective Decisions with Interdependent Valuations Downloads
Hans Peter Grüner and Alexandra Kiel
3002: Optimal Labour Taxation and Search Downloads
Jan Boone and Lans Bovenberg
3001: Shopping Hours and Price Competition Downloads
Roman Inderst and Andreas Irmen
3000: Comparative Advantage and the Cross-Section of Business Cycles Downloads
Aart Kraay and Jaume Ventura
2999: UK Inflation in the 1970s and 1980s: The Role of Output Gap Mismeasurement Downloads
Edward Nelson and Kalin Nikolov
2998: Capacity Choices in Liberalized Electricity Markets Downloads
Fidel Castro-Rodriguez, Pedro Luis Marín Uribe and Georges Siotis
2997: Mean Variance Portfolio Allocation with a Value at Risk Constraint Downloads
Enrique Sentana
2996: An Exploration into Pigou's Theory of Cycles Downloads
Paul Beaudry and Franck Portier
2995: Regional Underdevelopment: Is FDI the Solution? A Semiparametric Analysis Downloads
Sourafel Girma and Katharine Wakelin
2994: Blessing or Curse? Domestic Plants' Survival and Employment Prospects After Foreign Acquisition Downloads
Sourafel Girma and Holger Görg
2993: A Microeconometric Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policy in Switzerland Downloads
Michael Gerfin and Michael Lechner
2992: How Globalization Improves Governance Downloads
Federico Bonaglia, Jorge Braga de Macedo and Maurizio Bussolo
2991: Information Structures in Optimal Auctions Downloads
Dirk Bergemann and Martin Pesendorfer
2990: Unionized Oligopoly, Trade Liberalization and Location Choice Downloads
Kjell Lommerud, Frode Meland and Lars Sørgard
2989: Taxes, Subsidies and Equilibrium Labour Market Outcomes Downloads
Dale Mortensen and Christopher Pissarides
2988: Evidence of Information Spillovers in the Production of Investment Banking Services Downloads
Lawrence M Benveniste, Alexander Ljungqvist, William J Wilhelm and Xiaoyun Yu
2987: Geography, Trade and Currency Union Downloads
Jacques Melitz
2986: Counselling and Monitoring of Unemployed Workers: Theory and Evidence from a Controlled Social Experiment Downloads
Gerard van den Berg and Bas van der Klaauw
2985: The Effect of Ownership and Competitive Pressure on Firm Performance in Transition Countries: Micro Evidence from Bulgaria, Romania and Poland Downloads
Manuela Angelucci, Saul Estrin, Jozef Konings and Zbigniew Zólkiewski
2984: On the Nature of Fair Behaviour Downloads
Armin Falk, Ernst Fehr and Urs Fischbacher
2983: A Macroeconomic Experiment in Mass Immigration Downloads
Zvi Hercowitz and Eran Yashiv
2982: Idiosyncratic and Common Shocks to Investment Decisions Downloads
Mark Schankerman
2981: Bargaining, Mergers and Technology Choice in Bilaterally Oligopolistic Industries Downloads
Roman Inderst and Christian Wey
2980: Flexible Wages Systems and the Structure of Wages: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data Downloads
Thomas Bauer and Stefan Bender
2979: Labour Market Reform and Monetary Policy in EMU: Do Asymmetries Matter? Downloads
Andrew Hughes Hallett and Nicola Viegi
2978: The Economic Geography of Trade Production and Income: A Survey of Empirics Downloads
Henry Overman, Stephen Redding and Anthony Venables
2977: Taxes and Privatization Downloads
Roger Gordon
2976: The District and the Global Economy: Exporting versus Foreign Location Downloads
Giorgio Basevi and Gianmarco Ottaviano
2975: Labour Pooling, Labour Poaching and Spatial Clustering Downloads
Pierre-Philippe Combes and Gilles Duranton
2974: Country Portfolios Downloads
Aart Kraay, Norman Loayza, Luis Servén and Jaume Ventura
2973: The World Income Distribution Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Jaume Ventura
2972: Do Multinational Enterprises Substitute Parent Jobs for Foreign Ones? Evidence from European Firm Level Panel Data Downloads
Jozef Konings and Alan Murphy
2971: From Sectoral to Functional Urban Specialization Downloads
Gilles Duranton and Diego Puga
2970: Shocks and Institutions in a Job Matching Model Downloads
Wouter Den Haan, Christian Haefke and Garey Ramey
2969: Liquidity Traps with Global Taylor Rules Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
2968: Using Employer Hiring Behaviour to Test the Educational Signalling Hypothesis Downloads
James Albrecht and Jan van Ours
2967: Corruption and Foreign Direct Investment: Firm-Level Evidence Downloads
Beata Javorcik and Shang-Jin Wei
2966: Pollution Havens and Foreign Direct Investment: Dirty Secret or Popular Myth? Downloads
Beata Javorcik and Shang-Jin Wei
2965: Belief Dependent Utilities, Aversion to State-Uncertainty and Asset Prices Downloads
Pietro Veronesi
2964: A Positive Theory of Geographic Mobility and Social Insurance Downloads
John Hassler, Sevi Rodríguez Mora, Kjetil Storesletten and Fabrizio Zilibotti
2963: Solving Dynamic General Equilibrium Models Using a Second-Order Approximation to the Policy Function Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
2962: EMU and Portfolio Diversification Opportunities Downloads
Kpate Adjaoute and Jean-Pierre Danthine
2961: Forecasting and Turning Point Predictions in a Bayesian Panel VAR Model Downloads
Fabio Canova and Matteo Ciccarelli
2960: Why are Some People (and Countries) More Protectionist than Others? Downloads
Anna Maria Mayda and Dani Rodrik
2959: The Observational Equivalence of Taylor Rule and Taylor-Type Rules Downloads
A. Patrick Minford, Francesco Perugini and Naveen Srinivasan
2958: Limiting Currency Volatility to Stimulate Goods Market Integration: a Price-Based Approach Downloads
David Parsley and Shang-Jin Wei
2956: The European Contribution to International Financial Stability Downloads
Richard Portes
2955: The Euro and the International Financial System Downloads
Richard Portes
2954: A Monetary Union in Motion: the European Experience Downloads
Richard Portes
2953: The Regulation of Entry Downloads
Simeon Djankov, Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes and Andrei Shleifer
2952: Gender Wage Gap and Segregation in Late Transition Downloads
Stepan Jurajda
2951: Gross Job Flows in Russian Industry Before and After Reforms: Has Destruction Become More Creative? Downloads
J. David Brown and John Earle
2950: Hardened Budgets and Enterprise Restructuring: Theory and an Application to Romania Downloads
Fabrizio Coricelli and Simeon Djankov
2949: Who Disciplines Management in Poorly Performing Companies? Downloads
Julian R Franks, Colin Mayer and Luc Renneboog
2948: Avoiding Liquidity Traps Downloads
Jess Benhabib, Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
2947: Consumption and Aggregate Constraints: Evidence from US States and Canadian Provinces Downloads
Charlotte Ostergaard, Bent Sorensen and Oved Yosha
2946: New Evidence of the Impact of Dividend Taxation and on the Identity of the Marginal Investor Downloads
Leonie Bell and Tim Jenkinson
2945: Monetary Policy Issues in a Low Inflation Environment Downloads
José Viñals
2944: Distribution Costs and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics During Exchange-Rate-Based Stabilization Downloads
Ariel Burstein, Joao C Neves and Sergio Rebelo
2943: Uncovered Interest Parity in Crisis: The Interest Rate Defence in the 1990s Downloads
Robert Flood and Andrew Rose
2942: Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy Under Sticky Prices Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
2941: Flexible Inflation Targeting under a Non-Linear Phillipscurve Downloads
Sylvester Eijffinger and Willem Verhagen
2940: Consumption Dynamics and Real Exchange Rate Downloads
Morten Ravn
2939: Rent Sharing in Wage Determination: Evidence from Italy Downloads
Barbara Pistoresi and Chiara Strozzi
2938: The Importance of Being Small. Or When Countries are Areas and not Points Downloads
Joe Tharakan and Jacques Thisse
2937: Time-Consistent Protection with Learning by Doing Downloads
Eugenio Miravete
2936: Borrower Poaching and Information Display in Credit Markets Downloads
Jan Bouckaert and Hans Degryse
2935: Internal Capital Markets, Cross-Subsidization and Product Market Competition Downloads
Giacinta Cestone and Chiara Fumagalli
2934: Knowledge Spillovers and the Growth of Local Industries Downloads
Mario Forni and Sergio Paba
2933: Last Bank Standing: What Do I Gain if You Fail? Downloads
Enrico Perotti and Javier Suarez
2932: Growing into Trouble: Indonesia After 1966 Downloads
Jonathan Temple
2931: UK Monetary Policy 1972-97: A Guide Using Taylor Rules Downloads
Edward Nelson
2930: The Aging Population and the Size of the Welfare State Downloads
Assaf Razin, Efraim Sadka and Phillip Swagel
2929: Nominal Debt and the Dynamics of Currency Crises Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti and Bartosz Maćkowiak
2928: Free Trade versus Strategic Trade as a Choice Between Two 'Second-best' Policies: A Symmetric versus Asymmetric Information Analysis Downloads
Delia Ionascu and Kresimir Zigic
2927: Wage Growth, Productivity Growth, and the Evolution of Employment Downloads
Martin Hellwig and Andreas Irmen
2926: Market Integration and Convergence to the Law of One Price: Evidence from the European Car Market Downloads
Pinelopi Goldberg and Frank Verboven
2925: Appropriating the Commons - A Theoretical Explanation Downloads
Armin Falk, Ernst Fehr and Urs Fischbacher
2924: Public Education and the Melting Pot Downloads
Mark Gradstein and Moshe Justman
2923: The Liquidity Trap in an Open Economy Downloads
Willem Buiter
2922: Efficiency Properties of Rational Expectations Equilibria with Asymmetric Information Downloads
Piero Gottardi and Rohit Rahi
2921: Firm Interdependence In Foreign Production: Leading UK Firms in 1986 and 1993 Downloads
Stephen Pavelin
2920: Financing and Corporate Growth under Repeated Moral Hazard Downloads
Ronald W. Anderson and Kjell Nyborg
2919: Price Dispersion and Learning in a Dynamic Differentiated-Goods Duopoly Downloads
R Keller and Sven Rady
2918: On the Fiscal Implications of Twin Crises Downloads
Craig Burnside, Martin Eichenbaum and Sergio Rebelo
2917: Predetermined Prices and the Persistent Effects of Money on Output Downloads
Michael Devereux and James Yetman
2916: Asset Market Linkages in Crisis Periods Downloads
Casper de Vries, Philipp Hartmann and Stefan Straetmans
2915: Screening Cycles Downloads
Thomas Gehrig and Rune Stenbacka
2914: Ex Ante Costs of Violating Absolute Priority in Bankruptcy Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk
2913: Purchasing Power Parity and the Real Exchange Rate Downloads
Lucio Sarno and Mark Taylor
2912: Can Vocational Education Improve the Wages of Minorities and Disadvantaged Groups? The Case of Israel Downloads
Shoshana Neuman and Adrian Ziderman
2911: Information Sharing in Banking: A Collusive Device? Downloads
Thomas Gehrig and Rune Stenbacka
2910: When Does Capital Account Liberalization Help More Than it Hurts? Downloads
Carlos Arteta, Barry Eichengreen and Charles Wyplosz
2909: Risk and Intermediation in a Dual Financial Market Model Downloads
Gaetano Bloise and Pietro Reichlin
2908: Buyers' Coordination and Entry Downloads
Chiara Fumagalli and Massimo Motta
2907: Foreign Direct Investment, Agglomerations and Demonstration Effects: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Frank Barry, Holger Görg and Eric Strobl
2906: Credit, the Stock Market and Oil: Forecasting US GDP Downloads
John Muellbauer and Luca Nunziata
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