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4873: Bidding in Mandatory Bankruptcy Auctions: Theory and Evidence Downloads
B. Eckbo and Karin Thorburn
4872: A Multi-Country Approach to Factor-Proportions Trade and Trade Costs Downloads
James Markusen and Anthony Venables
4871: Privatization and Restructuring in Concentrated Markets Downloads
Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson
4870: Relational Delegation Downloads
Ricardo Alonso and Niko Matouschek
4869: Equilibrium Exchange Rates in Central and Eastern Europe: A Meta-Regression Analysis Downloads
Balázs Égert and László Halpern
4868: Foreign Investment, Corporate Ownership, and Development: Are Firms in Emerging Markets Catching Up to the World Standard? Downloads
Klara Sabirianova Peter, Jan Svejnar and Katherine Terrell
4867: Financial Markets and Wages Downloads
Claudio Michelacci and Vincenzo Quadrini
4866: The Reform of October 1979: How it Happened and Why Downloads
David E Lindsey, Athanasios Orphanides and Robert Rasche
4865: The Decline of Activist Stabilization Policy: Natural Rate Misperceptions, Learning and Expectations Downloads
Athanasios Orphanides and John Williams
4864: Policy-oriented Parties and the Choice Between Social and Private Insurance Downloads
Philippe De Donder and Jean Hindricks
4863: The Evolution of Retirement Downloads
J. Ignacio Conde-Ruiz, Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta
4862: Do Demand Curves for Currencies Slope Down? Evidence from the MSCI Global Index Change Downloads
Harald Hau, Massimo Massa and Joel Peress
4861: Earnings Manipulation and Incentives in Firms Downloads
Guido Friebel and Sergei Guriev
4860: Growth, Distance to Frontier and Composition of Human Capital Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Costas Meghir and Jérôme Vandenbussche
4859: Gains From Trade in Used Goods: Evidence from the Global Market for Automobiles Downloads
Sofronis Clerides
4858: Firm-Specific Capital, Nominal Rigidities and the Business Cycle Downloads
David Altig, Lawrence Christiano, Martin Eichenbaum and Jesper Lindé
4857: Does Distance Matter in Spillover? Downloads
Balazs Murakozy and László Halpern
4856: Pill, Patch or Shot? Subjective Expectations and Birth Control Choice Downloads
Adeline Delavande
4855: World Finance and the US 'New Economy': Risk Sharing and Risk Exposure Downloads
Marcus Miller and Lei Zhang
4854: Central Bank Forecasts and Disclosure Policy: Why it Pays to be Optimistic Downloads
Sylvester Eijffinger and Mewael F. Tesfaselassie
4853: Optimal Life-Cycle Asset Allocation: Understanding the Empirical Evidence Downloads
Francisco Gomes and Alexander Michaelides
4852: Wealth Accumulation and Portfolio Choice with Taxable and Tax-Deferred Accounts Downloads
Francisco Gomes, Alexander Michaelides and Valery Polkovnichenko
4851: Long run Effects of Public Sector Sponsored Training in West Germany Downloads
Michael Lechner, Ruth Miquel and Conny Wunsch
4850: Earnings Manipulation and Incentives in Firms Downloads
Guido Friebel and Sergei Guriev
4849: The Impact of Consumer Loss Aversion on Pricing Downloads
Paul Heidhues and Botond Köszegi
4848: On the Fit and Forecasting Performance of New Keynesian Models Downloads
Marco Del Negro, Frank Schorfheide, Frank Smets and Raf Wouters
4847: Macroeconomic Asymmetry in the European Union: The Difference Between New and Old Members Downloads
Yuliya Demyanyk and Vadym Volosovych
4846: Economic Fluctuations in Central and Eastern Europe: The Facts Downloads
Peter Benczur and Attila Rátfai
4845: Granger Causality of the Inflation-Growth Mirror in Accession Countries Downloads
Max Gillman and Anton Nakov
4844: Inflation Scares and Forecast-Based Monetary Policy Downloads
Athanasios Orphanides and John Williams
4843: The Macroeconomics of Subsistence Points Downloads
Morten Ravn, Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
4842: Estimating the Effects of Fiscal Policy in OECD Countries Downloads
Roberto Perotti
4841: Playing it Safe with Low Conditional Fees versus Being Insured by High Contingent Fees Downloads
Winand Emons
4840: Divide et Impera: Optimal Leniency Programmes Downloads
Giancarlo Spagnolo
4839: Do Foreign Investors Care About Labour Market Regulations? Downloads
Beata Javorcik and Mariana Spatareanu
4838: Trade-Inducing Quality Standards for Used Durables Downloads
Sofronis Clerides and Costas Hadjiyiannis
4837: Cultural Biases in Economic Exchange Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
4836: Globalization and Union Opposition to Technological Change Downloads
Kjell Lommerud, Frode Meland and Odd Rune Straume
4835: The Role of Asymmetries and Regime Shifts in the Term Structure of Interest Rates Downloads
Richard Clarida, Lucio Sarno, Mark Taylor and Giorgio Valente
4834: Class and Tastes: The Effects of Income and Preference Heterogeneity on Redistribution Downloads
Raquel Fernández and Gilat Levy
4833: The Choice of Seasoned-Equity Selling Mechanism: Theory and Evidence Downloads
B. Eckbo and Oyvind Norli
4832: Liquidity Risk, Leverage and Long-Run IPO Returns Downloads
B. Eckbo and Oyvind Norli
4831: Mergers with Product Market Risk Downloads
Albert Banal-Estanol and Marco Ottaviani
4830: The Reliability of Inflation Forecasts Based on Output Gap Estimates in Real Time Downloads
Athanasios Orphanides and Simon van Norden
4829: Limits of Arbitrage and Corporate Financial Policy Downloads
Massimo Massa, Urs Peyer and Zhenxu Tong
4828: Monetary Policy Uncertainty and the Stock Market Downloads
Alberto Locarno and Massimo Massa
4827: The Effects of Permanent Technology Shocks on Labour Productivity and Hours in the RBC Model Downloads
Jesper Lindé
4826: Globalization and Disinflation: A Note Downloads
Assaf Razin
4825: Shooting the Auctioneer Downloads
Roger Farmer
4824: Are European Business Cycles Close Enough to be Just One? Downloads
Maximo Camacho, Gabriel Pérez-Quirós and Lorena Sáiz Matute
4823: What You Sell is What You Lend? Explaining Trade Credit Contracts Downloads
Mike Burkart, Tore Ellingsen and Mariassunta Giannetti
4822: Businessman Candidates: Special-Interest Politics in Weakly Institutionalized Environments Downloads
Scott Gehlbach and Konstantin Sonin
4821: Passive Creditors Downloads
Koen Schoors and Konstantin Sonin
4820: Shareholder Diversification and IPOs Downloads
Andriy Bodnaruk, Eugene Kandel, Massimo Massa and Andrei Simonov
4819: Dispersion of Opinion and Stock Returns Downloads
William Goetzmann and Massimo Massa
4818: Mutual Funds and the Market for Liquidity Downloads
Massimo Massa and Ludovic Phalippou
4817: Advertising and Pricing at Multiple-Output Firms: Evidence from US Thrift Institutions Downloads
Robert DeYoung and Evren Örs
4816: Theft and Taxes Downloads
Mihir Desai, Isaac Dyck and Luigi Zingales
4815: History versus Geography: The Role of College Interaction in Portfolio Choice and Stock Market Prices Downloads
Massimo Massa and Andrei Simonov
4814: Disposition Matters: Volume, Volatility and Price Impact of Behavioural Bias Downloads
William Goetzmann and Massimo Massa
4813: Can Buybacks Be A Product of Shorter Shareholder Horizons? Downloads
José-Miguel Gaspar, Massimo Massa, Pedro Pinto Matos and Rajdeep Patgiri
4812: Idiosyncratic Volatility and Product Market Competition Downloads
José-Miguel Gaspar and Massimo Massa
4811: What We Don't Know About the Monetary Transmission Mechanism and Why We Don't Know It Downloads
Andreas Beyer and Roger Farmer
4810: Large Devaluations and the Real Exchange Rate Downloads
Ariel Burstein, Martin Eichenbaum and Sergio Rebelo
4809: Equilibrium Exchange Rates in Transition Economies: Taking Stock of the Issues Downloads
Balázs Égert, László Halpern and Ronald MacDonald
4808: Bundling and the Unanimity Rule Downloads
Ulrich Erlenmaier and Hans Gersbach
4807: Endogenous Market Incompleteness with Investment Risks Downloads
Cesaire Meh and Vincenzo Quadrini
4806: Macroeconomic Order Flows: Explaining Equity and Exchange Rate Returns Downloads
Peter Dunne, Harald Hau and Michael Moore
4805: Robust Monetary Policy in the New-Keynesian Framework Downloads
Kai Leitemo and Ulf Söderström
4804: Natural Resources and Economic Growth: From Dependence to Diversification Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason
4803: The Mystery of Monogamy Downloads
Eric Gould, Omer Moav and Avi Simhon
4802: Exchange Rate Volatility and Labour Markets in the CEE Countries Downloads
Ansgar Belke, Leo Kaas and Ralph Setzer
4800: Growth and Epidemic Diseases Downloads
Clive Bell and Hans Gersbach
4799: The Welfare Cost of Business Cycles in an Economy with Non-Clearing Markets Downloads
Franck Portier and Luis Puch
4798: Risk Shifting, Technology Policy and Sales Contingent Claims: When is Launch Aid to the Aerospace Industry A Subsidy? Downloads
Kim Kaivanto and Paul Stoneman
4797: Bank Lending and Property Prices in Hong Kong Downloads
Stefan Gerlach and Wensheng Peng
4796: Measuring Trend Output: How Useful Are the Great Ratios? Downloads
Clifford Attfield and Jonathan Temple
4795: Languages in the EU: The Quest for Equality and Its Cost Downloads
Jan Fidrmuc and Victor Ginsburgh
4794: Active Financial Intermediation: Evidence on the Role of Organizational Specialization and Human Capital Downloads
Laura Bottazzi, Marco Da Rin and Thomas Hellmann
4793: When the Punishment Must Fit the Crime: Remarks on the Failure of Simple Penal Codes in Extensive-Form Games Downloads
George Mailath, Volker Nocke and Lucy White
4792: Job Stability Trends, Layoffs and Transitions to Unemployment - An Empirical Analysis for West Germany Downloads
Annette Bergemann and Antje Mertens
4791: Does Privatization Raise Productivity? Evidence from Comprehensive Panel Data on Manufacturing Firms in Hungary, Romania, Russia and Ukraine Downloads
J. David Brown and John Earle
4790: Monetary and Fiscal policy Interaction in the Euro Area with Different Assumptions on the Phillips Curve Downloads
Peter Bofinger and Eric Mayer
4789: Hedging, Familiarity and Portfolio Choice Downloads
Massimo Massa and Andrei Simonov
4788: Favouritism in Mutual Fund Families? Evidence on Strategic Cross-Fund Subsidization Downloads
José-Miguel Gaspar, Massimo Massa and Pedro Pinto Matos
4787: Mutual Fund Competition and Stock Market Liquidity Downloads
Massimo Massa
4786: Portfolio Diversification, Proximity Investment and City Agglomeration Downloads
William Goetzmann, Massimo Massa and Andrei Simonov
4785: Local Ownership as Private Information: Evidence on the Monitoring-Liquidity Trade-Off Downloads
José-Miguel Gaspar and Massimo Massa
4784: R&D Policies, Trade and Process Innovation Downloads
Jan I. Haaland and Hans Jarle Kind
4783: The Missing Link: The Knowledge Filter and Entrepreneurship in Endogenous Growth Downloads
Zoltan Acs, David Audretsch, Pontus Braunerhjelm and Bo Carlsson
4782: Welfare-Maximizing Operational Monetary and Tax Policy Rules Downloads
Robert Kollmann
4781: Intermediation by Aid Agencies Downloads
Colin Rowat and Paul Seabright
4780: Anti-Dumping Duties and the Byrd Amendment Downloads
David Collie and Hylke Vandenbussche
4779: The European Bond Markets Under EMU Downloads
Marco Pagano and Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden
4778: Too Many to Fail - An Analysis of Time Inconsistency in Bank Closure Policies Downloads
Viral Acharya and Tanju Yorulmazer
4777: Dictators and Their Viziers: Agency Problems in Dictatorships Downloads
Georgy Egorov and Konstantin Sonin
4776: Intra-Household Allocation and the Living Standards of the Elderly in Greece Downloads
Amanda Gosling and Eleni Karagiannaki
4775: Interest Rate Setting by the ECB: Words and Deeds Downloads
Stefan Gerlach
4774: Retirement Age and Health Expenditures Downloads
Helmuth Cremer, Jean-Marie Lozachmeur and Pierre Pestieau
4773: Disability Testing and Retirement Downloads
Helmuth Cremer, Jean-Marie Lozachmeur and Pierre Pestieau
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