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4436: Trade Policy and the Household Distribution of Income Downloads
Joseph Francois and Hugo Rojas-Romagosa
4435: Reversing the Perspective: Multinationals from Middle-Income Countries Downloads
Peter Debaere
4434: Product Market Competition, Returns to Skill and Wage Inequality Downloads
Maria Guadalupe
4433: Monetary Union: Fiscal Stabilization In The Face of Asymmetric Shocks Downloads
Tatiana Kirsanova, Mathan Satchi and David Vines
4432: Estimating the Gains From Trade in Limit Order Markets Downloads
Burton Hollifield, Robert A. Miller, Patrik Sandås and Joshua Slive
4431: Relative and Absolute Incentives: Evidence on Worker Productivity Downloads
Oriana Bandiera, Iwan Barankay and Imran Rasul
4430: Heterogenous Wage Formation Under A Common Monetary Policy Downloads
Torben M Andersen
4429: Spurious Growth in German Output Data, 1913-1938 Downloads
Albrecht Ritschl
4428: Technology, Organization and Productivity in Services: Lessons from Britain and the United States Since 1870 Downloads
Stephen Broadberry and Sayantan Ghosal
4427: Macroeconomic Consequences of Terror: Theory and the Case of Israel Downloads
Zvi Eckstein and Daniel Tsiddon
4426: Technology Shocks and Job Flows Downloads
David Lopez-Salido and Claudio Michelacci
4425: Executive Compensation and Competition in the Banking and Financial Sectors Downloads
Vicente Cuñat and Maria Guadalupe
4424: Is Deposit Insurance A Good Thing, And If So, Who Should Pay for It? Downloads
Alan Morrison and Lucy White
4423: A Decision-Theoretic Basis for Choice Shifts in Groups Downloads
Kfir Eliaz, Debraj Ray and Ronny Razin
4422: Spanning Tests in Return and Stochastic Discount Factor Mean Variance Frontiers: A Unifying Approach Downloads
Francisco Peñaranda and Enrique Sentana
4421: Who's Who in Crime Networks: Wanted - The Key Player Downloads
Coralio Ballester, Antoni Calvó-Armengol and Yves Zenou
4420: Markets in China and Europe on the Eve of the Industrial Revolution Downloads
Wolfgang Keller and Carol Shiue
4419: From Thought to Practice: Appropriation and Endogenous Market Structure with Imperfect Intellectual Property Rights Downloads
Mariagiovanna Baccara and Ronny Razin
4418: Institutions, Trade Policy and Trade Flows Downloads
Marion Jansen and Hildegunn Nordås
4417: Does Regulatory Harmonization Increase Bilateral Asset Holdings? Downloads
Jonas Vlachos
4416: Why Was Europe Left at the Station when America's Productivity Locomotive Departed? Downloads
Robert Gordon
4415: Two Centuries of Economic Growth: Europe Chasing the American Frontier Downloads
Robert Gordon
4414: Five Puzzles in the Behaviour of Productivity, Investment and Innovation Downloads
Robert Gordon
4413: Managing Volatility in Transition Economies: The Experience of the Central and Eastern European Countries Downloads
Fabrizio Coricelli and Elena Ianchovichina
4412: Economic and Environmental Effectiveness of a Technology-based Protocol Downloads
Barbara Buchner and Carlo Carraro
4411: Changes in Equity Ownership and Changes in the Market Value of the Firm Downloads
Karl Lins, John J. McConnell and Henri Servaes
4410: Robin Hood's Compromise: Land Reforms, Inequality, Redistribution and Moral Hazard Downloads
Oriana Bandiera and Gilat Levy
4409: Does the Length of the Period Really Matter for the Identification and the Modelling of Monetary Policy Shocks? Downloads
Clémentine Gallès and Franck Portier
4408: Central Bank Communication and Output Stabilization Downloads
Sylvester Eijffinger, Marco Hoeberichts and Mewael F. Tesfaselassie
4407: A Small Corner of Intertemporal Public Finance - New Developments in Monetary Economics: Two Ghosts, Two Eccentricities, a Fallacy, a Mirage and a Mythos Downloads
Willem Buiter
4406: Globalization, Roundaboutness and Relative Wages Downloads
Joseph Francois, Kevin Grier and Douglas Nelson
4405: Bargained Wages, Wage Drift and the Design of the Wage-Setting System Downloads
Ana Rute Cardoso and Pedro Portugal
4404: Constitutions and Commitment: Evidence on the Relation Between Institutions and the Cost of Capital Downloads
Nathan Sussman and Yishay Yafeh
4403: Japan's Banking Crisis: Who Has the Most to Lose? Downloads
Hideaki Miyajima and Yishay Yafeh
4402: Real Time Econometrics Downloads
M Pesaran and Allan Timmermann
4401: Small Sample Properties of Forecasts From Autoregressive Models Under Structural Breaks Downloads
M Pesaran and Allan Timmermann
4400: Shareholder Value Creation in European M&As Downloads
Jose Campa and Ignacio Hernando
4399: On the Efficacy of Reforms: Policy Tinkering, Institutional Change and Entrepreneurship Downloads
Murat Iyigun and Dani Rodrik
4398: Flexible Majority Rules for Central Banks Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Bernhard Pachl
4397: Speed and Quality of Collective Decision-Making II: Incentives for Information Provision Downloads
Hans Peter Grüner and Elisabeth Schulte
4396: Job Search and Hyperbolic Discounting: Structural Estimation and Policy Evaluation Downloads
M. Daniele Paserman
4395: Financial Market Integration and Economic Growth in the EU Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Tullio Jappelli, Mario Padula and Marco Pagano
4394: What Triggers Early Retirement? Results from Swiss Pension Funds Downloads
Monika Bütler, Olivia Huguenin and Federica Teppa
4393: Multidimensional Cheap Talk Downloads
Gilat Levy and Ronny Razin
4392: Subadditivity Tests for Network Separation with an Application to US Railroads Downloads
Marc Ivaldi and Gerard McCullough
4391: Exchange Rate Pass-Through into Import Prices Downloads
Jose Campa and Linda Goldberg
4390: Sources of Gains from International Portfolio Diversification Downloads
Jose Campa and Nuno Fernandes
4389: Differences in Exchange Rate Pass-Through in the Euro Area Downloads
Jose Campa and Jose Manuel González Mìnguez
4388: Non-Keynesian Fiscal Consolidation in the EU? Ex Post Evidence and Ex Ante Analysis Downloads
Gabriele Giudice, Alessandro Turrini and Veld, Jan In't
4387: Dualism and Aggregate Productivity Downloads
Jonathan Temple
4386: Ramsey Monetary Policy and International Relative Prices Downloads
Ester Faia and Tommaso Monacelli
4385: Inflation in Open Economies with Complete Markets Downloads
Marco Celentani, J. Ignacio Conde-Ruiz and Klaus Desmet
4384: The Stabilizing Role of Government Size Downloads
Javier Andrés, Rafael Domenech and Antonio Fatas
4383: International Lending of Last Resort and Moral Hazard: A Model of the IMF's Catalytic Finance Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti, Bernardo Guimaraes and Nouriel Roubini
4382: Preliminary Data and Econometric Forecasting: An Application with the Bank of Italy Quarterly Model Downloads
Fabio Busetti
4381: Targeted Remedial Education for Underperforming Teenagers: Costs and Benefits Downloads
Victor Lavy and Analia Schlosser
4380: Asset Prices and International Spillovers: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Lucio Sarno and Giorgio Valente
4379: Dismissal Protection and Worker Flows in Small Establishments Downloads
Thomas Bauer, Stefan Bender and Holger Bonin
4378: Trust and Trustworthiness Among Europeans: South-North Comparison Downloads
Fabian Bornhorst, Andrea Ichino, Karl Schlag and Eyal Winter
4377: Towards a Monthly Business Cycle Chronology for the Euro Area Downloads
Emanuel Mönch and Harald Uhlig
4376: Inflation Targeting and Debt: Lessons from Brazil Downloads
Carlo Favero and Francesco Giavazzi
4375: Chinese Currency Controversies Downloads
Barry Eichengreen
4374: How Private Creditors Fared in Emerging Debt Markets, 1970-2000 Downloads
Christoph Klingen, Beatrice Weder and Jeromin Zettelmeyer
4373: Anti-Trust Policy and National Growth: Some Evidence from Italy Downloads
Elisabetta Allegra, Mario Forni, Michele Grillo and Lara Magnani
4372: The Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Rules in the US States Downloads
Antonio Fatas and Ilian Mihov
4371: From 'Hindu Growth' to Productivity Surge: The Mystery of the Indian Growth Transition Downloads
Dani Rodrik and Arvind Subramanian
4370: A Simple Model of Optimal Monetary Policy with Financial Constraints Downloads
Michael Devereux and Doris Poon
4369: Innovation and Competitive Pressure Downloads
Xavier Vives
4368: Country and Industry Dynamics in Stock Returns Downloads
Luis Catão and Allan Timmermann
4367: Bidding and Performance in Repo Auctions: Evidence from ECB Open Market Operations Downloads
Ulrich Bindseil, Kjell Nyborg and Ilya Strebulaev
4366: Business Environment and Firm Entry: Evidence from International Data Downloads
Leora Klapper, Luc Laeven and Raghuram Rajan
4365: Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: Evidence on the Economic Value of Predictability Downloads
Abhay Abhyankar, Lucio Sarno and Giorgio Valente
4364: Crises and Capital Requirements in Banking Downloads
Alan Morrison and Lucy White
4363: Underpricing and Market Power in Uniform Price Auctions Downloads
Ilan Kremer and Kjell Nyborg
4362: The Paradox of Competence Downloads
Hans Gersbach
4361: How to Subvert Democracy: Montesinos in Peru Downloads
John McMillan and Paolo Zoido
4360: Why are Long Rates Sensitive to Monetary Policy? Downloads
Tore Ellingsen and Ulf Söderström
4359: Reuters News Reports versus Official Interventions: The Inaccuracy of Reuters Reports for Swiss Interventions Downloads
Andreas Fischer
4358: A Nation of Poets and Thinkers - Less so with Eastern Enlargement? Austria and Germany Downloads
Dalia Marin
4357: Part-Time Employment Traps and Childcare Policy Downloads
Alison Booth and Melvyn Coles
4356: What Explains the Location of Industry in Britain, 1871-1931 Downloads
Nicholas Crafts and Abay Mulatu
4355: Wage Mobility: Do Institutions Make a Difference? A Replication Study Comparing Portugal and the UK Downloads
Ana Rute Cardoso
4354: Can Private Giving Promote Economic Segregation? Downloads
Ignatius Horstmann, Kimberley Scharf and Al Slivinski
4353: Monetary Sovereignty, Exchange Rates, and Capital Controls: The Trilemma in the Interwar Period Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld, Jay Shambaugh and Alan Taylor
4352: The Trilemma in History: Trade-offs Among Exchange Rates, Monetary Policies and Capital Mobility Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld, Jay Shambaugh and Alan Taylor
4351: Fire the Manager to Improve Performance? Managerial Turnover and Incentives After Privatization in the Czech Republic Downloads
Jan Fidrmuc and Jana Fidrmuc
4350: Does Market Liberalization Reduce Gender Discrimination? Econometric Evidence from Hungary, 1986-98 Downloads
Nauro Campos and Dean Jolliffe
4349: The Mirage of Convergence: Why Poor Countries May Only Seem to Be Closing the Income Gap Downloads
Randall Filer, Dana Hájková and Jan Hanousek
4348: Financial Institutions and the Wealth of Nations: Tales of Development Downloads
Jian Tong and Cheng-Gang Xu
4347: Rule-of-Thumb Consumers and the Design of Interest Rate Rules Downloads
Jordi Gali, David Lopez-Salido and Javier Vallés Liberal
4346: The Impact of Globalization on the Equity Cost of Capital Downloads
Gikas Hardouvelis, Dimitrios Malliaropoulos and Richard Priestley
4345: The Dynamics of Seller Reputation: Theory and Evidence from eBay Downloads
Luis Cabral and Ali Hortacsu
4344: Manipulations in Contests Downloads
Chen Cohen and Aner Sela
4343: A Minimum of Rivalry: Evidence from Transition Economies on the Importance of Competition for Innovation and Growth Downloads
Wendy Carlin, Mark Schaffer and Paul Seabright
4342: To Purgatory and Beyond: When and How Should the Accession Countries from Central and Eastern Europe Become Full Members of EMU? Downloads
Willem Buiter
4341: A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Common Currencies on International Trade Downloads
Andrew Rose
4340: Market Stress and Herding Downloads
Soosung Hwang and Mark Salmon
4339: Are Foreign Ownership and Good Institutions Substitutes? The Case of Non-Traded Equity Downloads
Cécile Denis and Harry Huizinga
4338: Fundamentals and Joint Currency Crises Downloads
Casper de Vries, Philipp Hartmann and Stefan Straetmans
4337: Money and the Natural Rate of Interest: Structural Estimates for the UK, the US and the euro area Downloads
Javier Andrés, David Lopez-Salido and Edward Nelson
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