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3298: Disentangling Treatment Effects of Polish Active Labour Market Policies: Evidence from Matched Samples Downloads
Jochen Kluve, Hartmut Lehmann and Christoph Schmidt
3297: Will HIPC Matter? The Debt Game and Donor Behaviour in Africa Downloads
Nancy Birdsall, Stijn Claessens and Ishac Diwan
3296: One Money, but Many Fiscal Policies in Europe: What Are the Consequences? Downloads
Harald Uhlig
3295: Financial Development, Property Rights and Growth Downloads
Stijn Claessens and Luc Laeven
3294: Commercial Policy Variability, Bindings and Market Access Downloads
Joseph Francois and Will Martin
3293: Time Based Competition and Innovation Downloads
David Thesmar and Mathias Thoenig
3292: Regulating Insider Trading when Investment Matters Downloads
Luis Angel Medrano and Xavier Vives
3291: Currency Attacks with Multiple Equilibria and Imperfect Information: The Role of Wage-setters Downloads
Gianluca Femminis
3290: Optimal Social Security Design Downloads
David Miles and James Sefton
3289: The Choice of Exchange Rate Regimes: An Empirical Analysis for Transition Economies Downloads
Juergen von Hagen and Jizhong Zhou
3288: The Microstructure of Stock Markets Downloads
Bruno Biais, Larry Glosten and Chester S Spatt
3287: Informational Cascades and Decision to Migrate Downloads
Gil Epstein
3286: National Minimum Wages, Capital Mobility and Global Economic Growth Downloads
Andreas Irmen and Berthold Wigger
3285: Factor Models in Large Cross-Sections of Time Series Downloads
Lucrezia Reichlin
3284: Complementarity in the Innovation Strategy: Internal R&D, External Technology Acquisition and Cooperation Downloads
Bruno Cassiman and Reinhilde Veugelers
3283: G-7 Inflation Forecasts Downloads
Fabio Canova
3282: Should Smart Investors Buy Funds with High Returns in the Past? Downloads
Frederic Palomino and Harald Uhlig
3281: The Out-of-Sample Success of Term Structure Models as Exchange Rate Predictors: A Step Beyond Downloads
Richard Clarida, Lucio Sarno, Mark Taylor and Giorgio Valente
3280: Equity Block Transfers in Transition Economies: Evidence from Poland Downloads
Grzegorz Trojanowski
3279: Monetary Policy Rules in the Open Economy: Effects on Welfare and Business Cycles Downloads
Robert Kollmann
3278: Credibility and Flexibility with Monetary Policy Committees Downloads
Ilian Mihov and Anne Sibert
3277: The Case for Restricting Fiscal Policy Discretion Downloads
Antonio Fatas and Ilian Mihov
3276: Externalities and the Allocation of Decision Rights in the Theory of the Firm Downloads
Helmut Bester
3275: The Intergenerational State: Education and Pensions Downloads
Michele Boldrin and Ana Montes
3274: Perfectly Competitive Innovation Downloads
Michele Boldrin and David Levine
3273: The Case Against Intellectual Property Downloads
Michele Boldrin and David Levine
3272: Contractual Incompleteness and the Nature of Market Interactions Downloads
Martin Brown, Armin Falk and Ernst Fehr
3271: Unforeseen Contingencies Downloads
Nabil . Al-Najjar, Luca Anderlini and Leonardo Felli
3270: Governance and Growth Downloads
Mark Gradstein
3269: Price Discrimination in Oligopoly: Evidence from Swedish Newspapers Downloads
Marcus Asplund, Rickard Eriksson and Niklas Strand
3268: Financial Globalization and Real Regionalization Downloads
Jonathan Heathcote and Fabrizio Perri
3267: Did Sunspot Forces Cause the Great Depression? Downloads
Sharon Harrison and Mark Weder
3266: Do the 'Three-Point Victory' and 'Golden Goal' Rules Make Soccer More Exciting? A Theoretical Analysis of a Simple Game Downloads
Isabelle Brocas and Juan D Carrillo
3265: Factor Based Index Tracking Downloads
Francesco Corielli and Massimiliano Marcellino
3264: Fixed-Term Contracts and the Duration Distribution of Unemployment Downloads
Maia Güell
3263: Start-ups, Venture Capitalists and the Capital Gains Tax Downloads
Christian Keuschnigg and Søren Nielsen
3262: Factor Saving Innovation Downloads
Michele Boldrin and David Levine
3261: Economic Backwardness in Political Perspective Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson
3260: Can Labour Regulation Hinder Economic Performance? Evidence from India Downloads
Timothy Besley and Robin Burgess
3259: Trade Openness and Investment Instability Downloads
Tarek Coury, Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
3258: Stable Coalitions Downloads
Carlo Carraro and Carmen Marchiori
3257: With a Bang, Not a Whimper: Pricking Germany's 'Stock Market Bubble' in 1927 and the Slide into Depression Downloads
Hans-Joachim Voth
3256: Transparency, Prices and Welfare with Imperfect Substitutes Downloads
Jan Boone and Jan Potters
3255: Merger Activity and Executive Pay Downloads
Sourafel Girma, Steve Thompson and Peter Wright
3254: Why was Stock Market Volatility so High During the Great Depression? Evidence from 10 Countries During the Interwar Period Downloads
Hans-Joachim Voth
3253: Is the International Convergence of Capital Adequacy Regulation Desirable? Downloads
Viral Acharya
3252: The Effects of Focus and Diversification on Bank Risk and Return: Evidence from Individual Bank Loan Portfolios Downloads
Viral Acharya, Iftekhar Hasan and Anthony Saunders
3251: Suspense Downloads
William M Chan, Pascal Courty and Hao Li
3250: Economic Growth in an Interdependent World Economy Downloads
Roger Farmer and Amartya Lahiri
3249: Non-Linear Equilibrium Corection in US Real Money Balances, 1869-1997 Downloads
David Peel, Lucio Sarno and Mark Taylor
3248: Innovating Firms and Aggregate Innovation Downloads
Tor Klette and Samuel Kortum
3247: Evaluating Tax Policy for Location Decisions Downloads
Michael Devereux and Rachel Griffith
3246: Growth in Transition: What we Know, What we Don't and What we Should Downloads
Nauro Campos and Fabrizio Coricelli
3245: A Two-Country Model of Endogenous Growth Downloads
Roger Farmer and Amartya Lahiri
3244: Deposit Insurance and International Bank Deposits Downloads
Harry Huizinga and Gaëtan Nicodème
3243: Characteristics, Contracts and Actions: Evidence from Venture Capitalist Analyses Downloads
Steven Kaplan and Per Stromberg
3242: The Evolution of the Early Career Gender Wage Gap Downloads
Astrid Kunze
3241: A Test Between Unemployment Theories Using Matching Data Downloads
Melvyn Coles and Barbara Petrongolo
3240: Overbidding versus Fire-Sales in Bankruptcy Auctions Downloads
B. Eckbo and Karin Thorburn
3239: On the Consequences of the US Withdrawal from the Kyoto/Bonn Protocol Downloads
Barbara Buchner, Carlo Carraro and Igor Cersosimo
3238: Fiscal Policy: Institutions versus Rules Downloads
Charles Wyplosz
3237: Market Entry and Roll-out With Product Differentiation Downloads
Paul Levine, Neil Rickman and Dionisia Tzavara
3236: Using Stationarity Tests in Antitrust Market Definition Downloads
Mario Forni
3235: Culture, Politics and Innovation: Evidence from the Creameries Downloads
Kevin O'Rourke
3234: Family Firms Downloads
Mike Burkart, Fausto Panunzi and Andrei Shleifer
3233: Coordination Failures and the Lender of Last Resort: Was Bagehot Right After All? Downloads
Jean Rochet and Xavier Vives
3232: Fiscal Stabilization Policy in a Monetary Union with Inflation Targeting Downloads
Torben M Andersen
3231: The Political Economy of Finance Downloads
Marco Pagano and Paolo Volpin
3230: Endogenous Growth Fluctuations in Unionised Economy with Productive Externalities Downloads
Rui Coimbra, Teresa Lloyd-Braga and Leonor Modesto
3229: Governance with Poor Investor Protection: Evidence from Top Executive Turnover in Italy Downloads
Paolo Volpin
3228: Traders, Courts and the Home Bias Puzzle Downloads
Alessandro Turrini and Tanguy van Ypersele
3227: Explaining Leakage of Public Funds Downloads
Ritva Reinikka and Jakob Svensson
3226: Implementing Monetary Cooperation Through Inflation Targeting Downloads
Gianluca Benigno and Pierpaolo Benigno
3225: The Dynamic Relationship Between the Federal Funds rate and the Treasury Bill Rate: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Lucio Sarno and Daniel Thornton
3224: Does Market Liberalization Jeopardize Export Quality? Cameroonian Cocoa, 1995-2000 Downloads
Christopher L Gilbert and Eric Tollens
3223: The Cost of Heterogeneity in a Monetary Union Downloads
Andrew Hughes Hallett and Diana Weymark
3222: The Perception of Foreigners and Jews in Germany - A Structural Analysis of a Large Opinion Survey Downloads
Michael Fertig and Christoph Schmidt
3221: The Use of Flow Analysis in Foreign Exchange: Explanatory Analysis Downloads
Thomas Gehrig and Lukas Menkhoff
3220: Self-Validating Optimum Currency Areas Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti and Paolo Pesenti
3219: An African Success Story: Botswana Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Simon Johnson and James Robinson
3218: What Drives the Speed of Job Reallocation During Episodes of Massive Adjustment? Downloads
Stepan Jurajda and Katherine Terrell
3217: Perceived Income, Promotion and Incentives Effects Downloads
Gil Epstein and Melanie Ward-Warmedinger
3216: Information and the Optimal Ownership Structure of Firms Downloads
Niko Matouschek
3215: How (Not) to Run Auctions: The European 3G Telecom Auctions Downloads
Paul Klemperer
3214: The Biggest Auction Ever: The Sale of the British 3G Telecom Licences Downloads
Kenneth Binmore and Paul Klemperer
3213: Technology and Economic Performance in the American Economy Downloads
Robert Gordon
3212: Markups, Gaps and the Welfare Costs of Business Fluctuations Downloads
Jordi Gali, Mark Gertler and David Lopez-Salido
3211: Technology Shocks and Monetary Policy: Assessing the Fed's Performance Downloads
Jordi Gali, David Lopez-Salido and Javier Vallés Liberal
3210: New Perspectives on Monetary Policy, Inflation and the Business Cycle Downloads
Jordi Gali
3209: How do Firms Redline Workers? Downloads
Yves Zenou
3208: Spatial Agglomeration Dynamics Downloads
Danny Quah
3207: Technology Dissemination and Economic Growth: Some Lessons for the New Economy Downloads
Danny Quah
3206: Are Endowments Fate? Downloads
Jeffrey B Nugent and James Robinson
3205: The Political Economy of Clientelism Downloads
James Robinson and Thierry Verdier
3204: Land Reform and the Political Organization of Agriculture Downloads
Jonathan Conning and James Robinson
3203: Venture Capital Contracts and Market Structure Downloads
Roman Inderst and Holger M Mueller
3202: Wage Premia and Skill Upgrading in Italy: Why Didn't the Hound Bark? Downloads
Paolo Manasse, Luca Stanca and Alessandro Turrini
3201: Participation Behaviour of East German Women After German Unification Downloads
Holger Bonin and Rob Euwals
3200: Price Regulation, Investment and the Commitment Problem Downloads
Paul Levine and Neil Rickman
3199: Cross Country Evidence on the Returns to Education: Patterns and Explanations Downloads
Kevin Denny, Colm Harmon and Reamonn Lydon
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