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Workplace:İktisat Bölümü (Department of Economics), İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi (Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences), Anadolu Üniversitesi (University of Anatolia), (more information at EDIRC)

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  1. Exploring how economic growth, renewable energy, internet usage, and mineral rents influence CO2 emissions: A panel quantile regression analysis for 27 OECD countries
    Resources Policy, 2024, 92, (C) Downloads
  2. The Nexus between tourism-energy-environmental degradation: Does financial development matter in GCC countries?
    Tourism Economics, 2024, 30, (3), 680-701 Downloads
  3. The volatility of global energy uncertainty: Renewable alternatives
    Energy, 2024, 297, (C) Downloads


  1. Assessing the sustainability of natural resources using the five forces and value chain combined models: The influence of solar energy development
    Resources Policy, 2023, 86, (PA) Downloads
  2. Event motivation, subjective well-being, and revisit intentions during the second wave of the pandemic: moderating effect of affective risk about COVID-19 and perceived trust
    Current Issues in Tourism, 2023, 26, (24), 4069-4086 Downloads
  3. Households' perception-based factors influencing biogas adoption: Innovation diffusion framework
    Energy, 2023, 263, (PE) Downloads View citations (8)
  4. Impact of Social and Institutional Indicators on the Homicide Rate in Ecuador: An Analysis Using Advanced Time Series Techniques
    Social Indicators Research: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal for Quality-of-Life Measurement, 2023, 169, (1), 1-22 Downloads
  5. Nexuses between rent of natural resources, economic complexity, and technological innovation: The roles of GDP, human capital and civil liberties
    Resources Policy, 2023, 85, (PA) Downloads View citations (4)
  6. Role of Innovations to Mitigate CO 2 e: Theory and Evidence for European Economies
    Sustainability, 2023, 15, (9), 1-13 Downloads
  7. The impact of natural resources, economic growth, savings, and current account balance on financial sector development: Theory and empirical evidence
    Resources Policy, 2023, 81, (C) Downloads View citations (13)


  1. Assessing long- and short-run dynamic interplay among balance of trade, aggregate economic output, real exchange rate, and CO2 emissions in Pakistan
    Environment, Development and Sustainability: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development, 2022, 24, (5), 7283-7323 Downloads View citations (3)
  2. Asymmetric impacts of foreign direct investment inflows, financial development, and social globalization on environmental pollution
    Economic Analysis and Policy, 2022, 76, (C), 236-251 Downloads View citations (11)
  3. Effect of Agricultural Employment and Export Diversification Index on Environmental Pollution: Building the Agenda towards Sustainability
    Sustainability, 2022, 14, (2), 1-20 Downloads View citations (6)
  4. Impact of natural resources on economic progress: Evidence for trading blocs in Latin America using non-linear econometric methods
    Resources Policy, 2022, 79, (C) Downloads View citations (9)
  5. Impact of the informal economy on the ecological footprint: The role of urban concentration and globalization
    Economic Analysis and Policy, 2022, 75, (C), 750-767 Downloads View citations (3)
  6. Innovation Research in Tourism and Hospitality Field: A Bibliometric and Visualization Analysis
    Sustainability, 2022, 14, (13), 1-21 Downloads View citations (2)


  1. Determinants of the load capacity factor in China: A novel dynamic ARDL approach for ecological footprint accounting
    Resources Policy, 2021, 74, (C) Downloads View citations (36)
  2. Do Environment-Related Policy Instruments and Technologies Facilitate Renewable Energy Generation? Exploring the Contextual Evidence from Developed Economies
    Energies, 2021, 14, (3), 1-25 Downloads View citations (59)
  3. Economic growth and environmental degradation: evidence from the US case environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis with application of decomposition
    Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy, 2021, 10, (1), 14-21 Downloads View citations (21)
  4. Evaluating Green Technology Strategies for the Sustainable Development of Solar Power Projects: Evidence from Pakistan
    Sustainability, 2021, 13, (23), 1-29 Downloads View citations (15)
  5. Heterogeneous impact of natural resources on income inequality: The role of the shadow economy and human capital index
    Economic Analysis and Policy, 2021, 69, (C), 690-704 Downloads View citations (18)
  6. Intention-Based Critical Factors Affecting Willingness to Adopt Novel Coronavirus Prevention in Pakistan: Implications for Future Pandemics
    IJERPH, 2021, 18, (11), 1-28 Downloads View citations (5)
  7. Solo female travel risks, anxiety and travel intentions: examining the moderating role of online psychological-social support
    Current Issues in Tourism, 2021, 24, (11), 1595-1612 Downloads View citations (1)
  8. The Nexus between Team Culture, Innovative Work Behaviour and Tacit Knowledge Sharing: Theory and Evidence
    Sustainability, 2021, 13, (8), 1-21 Downloads View citations (8)


  1. An Evaluation of the Tourism-Induced Environmental Kuznets Curve (T-EKC) Hypothesis: Evidence from G7 Countries
    Sustainability, 2020, 12, (21), 1-11 Downloads View citations (20)
  2. Testing the efficacy of the economic policy uncertainty index on tourism demand in USMCA: Theory and evidence
    Tourism Economics, 2020, 26, (8), 1344-1357 Downloads View citations (22)


  1. The effects of exchange rate depreciations and appreciations on the tourism trade balance: the case of Spain
    Eastern Journal of European Studies, 2019, 10(1), 221-237 Downloads View citations (4)


  1. Testing the J-Curve Hypothesis for the USA: Applications of the Nonlinear and Linear ARDL Models
    South-Eastern Europe Journal of Economics, 2018, 16, (1), 21-34 Downloads View citations (2)


  1. Analyzing the Tourism–Energy–Growth Nexus for the Top 10 Most-Visited Countries
    Economies, 2017, 5, (4), 1-13 Downloads View citations (11)
  2. Electricity–Growth Nexus in Turkey: The Importance Of Capital and Labor
    Romanian Statistical Review Supplement, 2017, 65, (6), 230-244 Downloads View citations (1)
  3. The Effects of Real Exchange Rates and Income on International Tourism Demand for the USA from Some European Union Countries
    Economies, 2017, 5, (4), 1-11 Downloads View citations (8)


  1. Patent Harcamaları ve İktisadi Büyüme Arasındaki İlişki: Türkiye Örneği
    Sosyoekonomi Journal, 2014, (21(21)) Downloads


  1. The Importance of Creating a Competitive Advantage and Investing in Information Technology for Modern Economies: an ARDL Test Approach from Turkey
    Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 2013, 4, (4), 387-405 Downloads View citations (10)


  1. The role of ICT in general economics teaching: an example from Turkey
    International Journal of Education Economics and Development, 2012, 3, (4), 289-304 Downloads


  1. Türkiye’de Yabancı Ziyaretçi Harcaması ve Turizm Gelirleri İlişkisi: Bir Eş-bütünleşme Analizi (1970 – 2008)
    Sosyoekonomi Journal, 2010, (2010-2) Downloads
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