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Volume 16, issue 3, 2015

Is the convergence of the manufacturing sector unconditional? pp. 273_294 Downloads
Juliano Assunção, Priscilla Burity and Marcelo Medeiros
Relationship between income and repeat criminal victimization in Brazil pp. 295_309 Downloads
Marcelo Justus, Tulio Kahn and Henrique Kawamura
Producers, parasites and poverty traps pp. 310_320 Downloads
Marcelo de Carvalho Griebeler and Ronald Otto Hillbrecht
Evolution in the use of antidumping mechanism after Uruguay round pp. 321_342 Downloads
Vinícius Firme and Cláudio R. Fóffano Vasconcelos
Animal spirits, investment and unemployment: An old Keynesian view of the Great Recession pp. 343_358 Downloads
Marco Guerrazzi
The interiorization of Brazilian violence, policing, and economic growth pp. 359_375 Downloads
Geoffrey M. Steeves, Francis Carlo Petterini and Guilherme Moura
Poverty dynamics in Brazilian metropolitan areas: An analysis based on Hulme and Shepherd's categorization (2002–2011) pp. 376_394 Downloads
Solange Ledi Gonçalves and Ana Machado
Tax effort and oil royalties in the Brazilian municipalities pp. 395_405 Downloads
Fernando Antonio Slaibe Postali

Volume 16, issue 2, 2015

Bubble, weak and strong hyperinflation: Theory and empirical evidence pp. 145_156 Downloads
Fernando Barbosa and Tito Nícias da Silva Filho
A quantitative analysis of the academic economic literature regarding the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) pp. 157_175 Downloads
Maurício Jorge Pinto de Souza, Alex Ferreira, Anne Hanley, Júlio Manuel Pires, Renato Leite Marcondes and Rosane Nunes de Faria
Budget institutions and fiscal performance of the Brazilian Federal Government pp. 176_193 Downloads
Ana Carolina Giuberti
Foucault's contributions for understanding power relations in British classical political economy pp. 194_205 Downloads
Danielle Guizzo
Invoice currency: Puzzling evidence and new questions from Brazil pp. 206_225 Downloads
Daniel Reiss
The psychology of early institutional economics: The instinctive approach of Thorstein Veblen's conspicuous consumer theory pp. 226_234 Downloads
Felipe Almeida
What is the best age to enter the labor market in Brazil today? pp. 235_249 Downloads
Marcelo Justus, Henrique Kawamura and Ana Lúcia Kassouf
Empirical estimates for the Brazilian total imports equation using quarterly national accounts data (1996–2010) pp. 250_271 Downloads
Raphael Rocha Gouvêa and Bernardo Patta Schettini

Volume 16, issue 1, 2015

Vertical tax competition in Brazil: Empirical evidence for ICMS and IPI in the period 1995–2009 pp. 111_127 Downloads
Rodolfo Herald da Costa Campos, Roberto Ferreira and Rafael Kloeckner
The Brazilian exports of labor-intensive goods in the 2000s: An analysis using the Constant Market Share Method pp. 128_144 Downloads
Flávio Benevett Fligenspan, Marcos Tadeu Caputi Lélis, André Moreira Cunha and Rômulo Viana Clezar
Structure and asymptotic theory for nonlinear models with GARCH erros pp. 1_21 Downloads
Felix Chan, Michael McAleer and Marcelo Medeiros
Beating the market with small portfolios: Evidence from Brazil pp. 22_31 Downloads
Andre Santos
Basic interest rate, bank competition and bank spread in personal credit operations in Brazil: A theoretical and empirical analysis pp. 32_45 Downloads
Guilherme Jonas Costa Da Silva and Lívia Abrão Steagall Pirtouscheg
The replacement of payroll tax by a tax on revenues: A study of sectorial impacts on the Brazilian economy pp. 46_59 Downloads
Wilton Bernardino da Silva, Nelson Leitão Paes and Raydonal Ospina
Efficiency of municipal legislative chambers pp. 60_75 Downloads
Alexandre Manoel Angelo da Silva, Roberta da Silva Vieira and Angelo José Mont’alverne Duarte
Human capital demand in Brazil: The effects of adjustment cost, economic growth, exports and imports pp. 76_92 Downloads
Joilson Dias
Bidding behavior in a symmetric Chinese auction pp. 93_110 Downloads
Mauricio Benegas

Volume 15, issue 3, 2014

Evidence of eligibility manipulation for conditional cash transfer programs pp. 243_260 Downloads
Sergio Firpo, Renan Pieri, Euclides Pedroso and André Souza
The relationship between school performance and future wages in Brazil pp. 261_274 Downloads
Andréa Zaitune Curi and Naercio Menezes-Filho
How judges think in the Brazilian Supreme Court: Estimating ideal points and identifying dimensions pp. 275_293 Downloads
Pedro Fernando Almeida Nery Ferreira and Bernardo Mueller
Performance of mutual equity funds in Brazil – A bootstrap analysis pp. 294_306 Downloads
Marco Antonio Laes and Marcos Eugênio da Silva
Exogeneity tests for the Chinese and U.S. external balance: Empirical evidence of the connection and the subprime crisis pp. 307_326 Downloads
Luiz Antônio de Lima Junior, Cláudio Roberto Foffano Vasconcelos, Wilson Luiz Rotatori Corrêa and José Simão Filho
Effect of technological innovation and diffusion on the interindustry mobility of Brazilian workers pp. 327_342 Downloads
Juliana Gonçalves Taveira, Eduardo Goncalves and Ricardo Freguglia
Blessing or curse: Impacts of the Brazilian Pre-Salt oil exploration pp. 343_362 Downloads
Aline Souza Magalhães and Edson Domingues
Earning differentials by occupational categories: Gender, race and regions pp. 363_386 Downloads
Ronaldo de Albuquerque e Arraes, Francisca Lívia Souza Menezes and Andrei Gomes Simonassi

Volume 15, issue 2, 2014

Spatial income inequality in Brazil, 1872–2000 pp. 119–140 Downloads
Eustáquio Reis
Innovation and employment: A firm level analysis with European R&D Scoreboard data pp. 141_154 Downloads
Francesco Bogliacino
A closed-form analysis of anticipated monetary policy pp. 155_161 Downloads
Kenichi Tamegawa
Fiscal insurance and public debt management: Evidence for a large emerging economy pp. 162_173 Downloads
Helder de Mendonça and Kelli Manhães Pessanha
The effects of public debt management on macroeconomic equilibrium: An analysis of the Brazilian economy pp. 174_188 Downloads
Cleomar Gomes da Silva, Manoel Carlos de Castro Pires and Fábio Terra
Mr. Keynes and the neo-Schumpeterians: Contributions to the analysis of the determinants of innovation from a post-Keynesian perspective pp. 189_205 Downloads
João Romero
Industrial determinants of anti-dumping in Brazil – Protection, competition and performance: An analysis with binary dependent variable and panel data pp. 206_227 Downloads
Glauco Oliveira
Input–Output Matrix study: A theoretical frame to study the impact of Brazilian IPI reduction in final demand pp. 228_241 Downloads
Rodrigo Emmanuel Santana Borges and Everlam Elias Montibeler

Volume 15, issue 1, 2014

Composition and determinants of the skilled out-migration in the Brazilian formal labor market: A panel data analysis from 1995 to 2006 pp. 100_117 Downloads
Ricardo Freguglia, Eduardo Goncalves and Estefania Ribeiro da Silva
Why did Wicksell change his mind about the machinery question? pp. 1_19 Downloads
Mauro Boianovsky
Effect of racial segregation on pro?ciency of Brazilian elementary school students pp. 20_29 Downloads
Roberto Manolio Valladão Flores and Luiz Scorzafave
Tax evasion under behavioral structures pp. 30_40 Downloads
Gabriela S. Pantoja and Rodrigo Andrés Peñaloza
Lyapunov stability in an evolutionary game theory model of the labour market pp. 41_53 Downloads
Ricardo Araujo and Helmar Moreira
An empirical study of the substitution of foreign for domestic savings in Brazil pp. 54_67 Downloads
Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira, Eliane Araujo and Paulo Gala
Fiscal reaction under endogenous structural changes in Brazil pp. 68_81 Downloads
Andrei G. Simonassi, Ronaldo A. Arraes and Augusto Marcos C. de Sena
The Zipf's law and the effects of free trade: The case of Guatemala pp. 82_99 Downloads
Vívian Orellana and Vívian dos Santos Queiroz

Volume 14, issue 3–4, 2013

Determinants of the level of indebtedness for Brazilian firms: A quantile regression approach pp. 123_138 Downloads
Guilherme Resende Oliveira and Benjamin Tabak
Spatial analysis of cultural activities in the microregions of Minas Gerais pp. 139_157 Downloads
Amir Borges Ferreira Neto and Fernando Perobelli
New macroeconomic consensus and inflation targeting: Monetary Policy Committee directors’ turnover in Brazil pp. 158_170 Downloads
Maria Helena Ambrosio Dias, Anderson Mutter Teixeira and Joilson Dias
Evaluating the impact of a change in the ICMS tax law in the state of Ceará in municipal education and health indicators pp. 171_184 Downloads
Francis Carlo Petterini and Guilherme Diniz Irffi
The influence of interest on net equity and interest rates on tax neutrality – a case study of the Brazilian corporate taxation pp. 185_198 Downloads
Aloísio Flavio Ferreira de Almeida and Nelson Leitão Paes
A Foucauldian view of Veblen's institutionalism: Non-teleology and the interdiscursivity between economics and biology pp. 199_213 Downloads
Marco Antonio Cavalieri and Iara Vigo de Lima
Personal charisma or the economy?: Macroeconomic indicators of presidential approval ratings in Brazil pp. 214_232 Downloads
Alex Ferreira and Sergio Sakurai
Public debt in Brazil: Sustentability and its implications pp. 233_250 Downloads
Octavio Augusto Tourinho, Guilherme Macedo Reis Mercês and Jonathas Goulart Costa

Volume 14, issue 2, 2013

Combining term structure of interest rate forecasts: The Brazilian case pp. 102_121 Downloads
Rafael Cavalcanti de Araújo and Daniel Cajueiro
A brief analysis of aggregate measures as an alternative to the median at Central Bank of Brazil's Survey of Professional Forecasts pp. 11_26 Downloads
Fabia Carvalho
Macroeconomic policy transmission and international interdependence: A SVAR application to Brazil and US pp. 27_45 Downloads
Maria Helena Ambrosio Dias and Joilson Dias
Short run and long run in trade models: A note pp. 2_10 Downloads
Mauro Rodrigues
School absenteeism, work and health among Brazilian children: Full information versus limited information model pp. 46_60 Downloads
Danielle Machado, Carine Milcent and Jacques Huguenin
Testing asymmetries in Central Bank preferences in a small open economy: A study for Brazil pp. 61_76 Downloads
Edilean Kleber da Silva Bejarano Aragón and Gabriela Bezerra de Medeiros
Trust as an element of informal coordination and its relationship with organizational performance pp. 77_87 Downloads
Marco Tulio F. Zanini and Carmen P. Migueles
Evidence of the effect of wealth observed by criminals on the risk of becoming a victim of property crimes pp. 88_101 Downloads
Marcelo Justus and Ana Lúcia Kassouf

Volume 14, issue 1c, 2013

Instituições: Questionando a Divisão Micro-Macro da Economia e de seu Ensino pp. 565_585 Downloads
David Dequech
Mercado de Carbono Pós-Quioto: Cotas de Emissão Apenas para os Países Desenvolvidos? pp. 587_606 Downloads
Guilherme Irffi, Roberto Ferreira and Fabrício Carneiro Linhares
Atitudes e Discriminação em Relação aos Portadores de HIV/AIDS no Brasil pp. 607_629 Downloads
Mércia Santos da Cruz and José Raimundo Carvalho
A Difusão da Telefonia Fixa nos Domicílios Brasileiros pp. 631_643 Downloads
Mauricio Canêdo-Pinheiro
Remuneração do Funcionalismo Público e a Variação da Desigualdade da Distribuição da Renda no Brasil de 1995 a 2009 pp. 645_670 Downloads
Eduardo Freguglia Daré and Rodolfo Hoffmann
Mercado de Carbono Pós-Quioto: Cotas de Emissão Apenas para os Países Desenvolvidos? pp. 671_702 Downloads
José Ronaldo de Castro Souza Júnior and Roberto: Sidney Martins Caetano
Política Creditícia No Brasil: O Sertão Vai Virar Mar? pp. 703_731 Downloads
Paulo Matos, Joyciane Vasconcelos and Christiano Penna
Taxa Natural de Juros no Brasil pp. 733_750 Downloads
Alessandra Ribeiro and Vladimir Teles
Mudanças Estruturais na Economia Brasileira entre 2000-2005 e o Novo Regime Macroeconômico: Uma Abordagem Multissetorial pp. 751–780 Downloads
Thiago de Moraes Moreira and Luiz Carlos Ribeiro

Volume 14, issue 1b, 2013

Poder de Mercado, Economia de Escala e a Produtividade da Indústria Brasileira entre 1994 e 2007 pp. 331_359 Downloads
Rômulo Viana Clezar, Divanildo Triches and Roberto Campos de Moraes
Diferenciais Regionais de Competitividade Industrial do Brasil no Século 21 pp. 361_387 Downloads
Daniela Schettini and Carlos Azzoni
Produtividade, Demografia e Sustentabilidade da Previdência Social pp. 389_427 Downloads
Riovaldo Mesquita and Giácomo Balbinotto Neto
Comércio Internacional e Performance das Firmas Brasileiras pp. 429_452 Downloads
Eva Yamila da Silva Catela and Flávio Gonçalves
O Papel das Redes Sociais na Condição do Desempregado: Uma Análise Usando a Teoria de Matching pp. 453_471 Downloads
Francis Carlo Petterini
Teorias Essencialistas e o Problema da Transformação de Valor em Preços: Os Casos de Marx e Menger pp. 473_495 Downloads
Ricardo Luis Chaves Feijó and Ricardo Luis Chaves Feijó
Efeitos Assimétricos da Abertura Comercial Sobre o Nível de Renda dos Estados Brasileiros pp. 497_519 Downloads
Elano Ferreira Arruda, Ricardo Felipe de Sousa Bastos, Ricardo Daniel Barboza Guimarães and Ricardo Guilherme Irffi
Arbitragem Estatística, Estratégia Long-Short Pairs Trading, Abordagem com Cointegração Aplicada ao Mercado de Ações Brasileiro pp. 521_546 Downloads
João F. Caldeira
A Emergência Social dos Preços pp. 547_561 Downloads
Eleutério F. S. Prado
Teoria da Realocação da Poupança Interna: Uma Integração Metodológica a Partir de Abba Lerner Haavelmo e Kaldor pp. 67_330 Downloads
Carlos Lanzarini Casa

Volume 14, issue 1a, 2013

Econometric Evidence on the Determinants of the Mark Up of Industrial Brazilian Firms in the 1990s pp. . 91_119 Downloads
Carmem Feijo and Luiz Fernando Cerqueira
Uma Análise dos Fatores de Aglomeração da Indústria de Transformação Brasileira pp. .61_90 Downloads
Roberta de Moraes Rocha, Fernanda Mendes Bezerra and Cristiane Soares de Mesquita
Em Busca de uma Nova Taxonomia de Regimes Tecnológicos para a Indústria de Transformação Brasileira pp. 145_158 Downloads
Flávio Gonçalves and Fernanda Marie Yonamini
O Acordo de Capitais de Basiléia III: Mais do Mesmo? pp. 159_187 Downloads
Karla Vanessa B. S. Leite and Marcos Teixeira Reis
A Gênese do Indivíduo e o Indivíduo da Gênese: Uma Abordagem Multidisciplinar Acerca do Papel da Ideologia Cristã nas Origens do Homem (Econômico) pp. 189_210 Downloads
Manuel Ramon Souza Luz and Paulo Sérgio Fracalanza
Financiamento e Organização do Tráfico de Escravos para Pernambuco no Século XIX pp. 211_225 Downloads
Débora de Souza Leão Albuquerque, Flávio Rabelo Versiani and José Raimundo Oliveira Vergolino
Economia Clássica entre o Laissez-Faire e o Socialismo pp. 227_252 Downloads
Rogério Arthmar and Paulo Carlos Leonardo Kulnig Cinelli
Decomposição do Spread Bancário no Brasil: Uma Análise do Período Recente pp. 29_60 Downloads
Henrique O. Massena Reis Júnior, Luiz Fernando de Paula and Rodrigo Leal
Transbordamentos de Tecnologia e Capacidade de Absorção: Uma Análise para os Estados Brasileiros pp. 3_27 Downloads
Erika Cristina Barbosa de Almeida Ribeiro, Eduardo Goncalves and Ricardo Freguglia
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