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Volume 125, issue 1, 2023

Do asylum‐seekers respond to policy changes? Evidence from the Swedish–Syrian case pp. 3-31 Downloads
Henrik Andersson and Kristoffer Jutvik
Hit by the Silk Road: how wage coordination in Europe mitigates the China shock pp. 32-72 Downloads
Erling Barth, Henning Finseraas, Anders Kjelsrud and Kalle Moene
Where is the Land of Hope and Glory? The geography of intergenerational mobility in England and Wales pp. 73-106 Downloads
Brian Bell, Jack Blundell and Stephen Machin
Government ideology and international migration pp. 107-138 Downloads
Vincenzo Bove, Georgios Efthyvoulou and Harry Pickard
Can optimism solve the entrepreneurial earnings puzzle? pp. 139-169 Downloads
Michele Dell'Era, Luca David Opromolla and Luís Santos‐Pinto
Working time reduction and employment in a finite world pp. 170-207 Downloads
Jean‐François Fagnart, Marc Germain and Bruno Van der Linden
Fertility and climate change pp. 208-252 Downloads
Reyer Gerlagh, Veronica Lupi and Marzio Galeotti
Wage‐setting coordination in a small open economy pp. 253-286 Downloads
Petteri Juvonen
Is the US Phillips curve stable? Evidence from Bayesian vector autoregressions pp. 287-314 Downloads
Sune Karlsson and Pär Österholm

Volume 124, issue 4, 2022

Consumer responses to the COVID‐19 crisis: evidence from bank account transaction data pp. 905-929 Downloads
Asger Lau Andersen, Emil Toft Hansen, Niels Johannesen and Adam Sheridan
Co‐worker peer effects on parental leave take‐up pp. 930-957 Downloads
Magnus Carlsson and Abdulaziz Abrar Reshid
Effect of compulsory education on retirement financial outcomes: evidence from China pp. 958-989 Downloads
Bingzheng Chen, Peiyun Deng and Xiaodong Fan
Exporting costs and multi‐product shipments pp. 990-1023 Downloads
David Gomtsyan and Alexander Tarasov
Sovereign bail‐outs and fiscal rules in a banking union pp. 1024-1055 Downloads
Luigi Marattin, Simone Meraglia and Raoul Minetti
Cesarean sections for high‐risk births: health, fertility, and labor market outcomes pp. 1056-1086 Downloads
Hanna Mühlrad
Peer interactions and performance in a high‐skilled labour market pp. 1087-1116 Downloads
Matteo Pazzona
Valuing elementary schools: evidence from public school acquisitions in Beijing pp. 1117-1141 Downloads
Xuejuan Su and Huayi Yu

Volume 124, issue 3, 2022

Labor by design: contributions of David Card, Joshua Angrist, and Guido Imbens pp. 603-645 Downloads
Peter Hull, Michal Kolesár and Christopher Walters
The impact of new varieties on aggregate productivity growth pp. 646-676 Downloads
Thomas von Brasch and Arvid Raknerud
The role of markets on resource conflicts pp. 677-708 Downloads
Alex Dickson, Ian MacKenzie and Petros G. Sekeris
Premature deaths, accidental bequests, and fairness pp. 709-743 Downloads
Marc Fleurbaey, Marie-Louise Leroux, Pierre Pestieau, Gregory Ponthiere and Stephane Zuber
Gender identity and relative income within households: evidence from Sweden pp. 744-772 Downloads
Karin Hederos and Anders Stenberg
To adjust or not to adjust? Spatial price variation and the measurement of poverty pp. 773-796 Downloads
Anders Kjelsrud
Trading offshore: evidence on banks’ tax avoidance pp. 797-837 Downloads
Dominika Langenmayr and Franz Reiter
Asset returns, news topics, and media effects pp. 838-868 Downloads
Vegard Larsen and Leif Thorsrud
Cognitive consequences of iodine deficiency in adolescence: evidence from salt iodization in Denmark pp. 869-902 Downloads
Benjamin Ly Serena

Volume 124, issue 2, 2022

The impact of stay‐at‐home policies on individual welfare pp. 340-362 Downloads
Ola Andersson, Pol Campos‐Mercade, Fredrik Carlsson, Florian H. Schneider and Erik Wengström
Should unemployment insurance be centralized in a state union? Unearthing a principle of efficient federation building pp. 363-395 Downloads
Robert Fenge and Max Friese
Why was Keynes not awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after writing The Economic Consequences of the Peace? pp. 396-419 Downloads
Lars Jonung
Student performance and loss aversion pp. 420-456 Downloads
Heiko Karle, Dirk Engelmann and Martin Peitz
Delegating pollution permits pp. 457-487 Downloads
Tapas Kundu and Tore Nilssen
Monopsonistic competition, trade, and the profit share pp. 488-515 Downloads
Luca Macedoni
Imperfect information, algorithmic price discrimination, and collusion pp. 516-549 Downloads
Florian Peiseler, Alexander Rasch and Shiva Shekhar
Family disadvantage, gender, and the returns to genetic human capital pp. 550-578 Downloads
Victor Ronda, Esben Agerbo, Dorthe Bleses, Preben Bo Mortensen, Anders Børglum, Ole Mors, Michael Rosholm, David M. Hougaard, Merete Nordentoft and Thomas Werge
Loss aversion, labor supply, and income taxation pp. 579-598 Downloads
Robertas Zubrickas

Volume 124, issue 1, 2022

Linking local services to global manufactures pp. 3-34 Downloads
Björn Arnarson and Joakim Gullstrand
Confidence and Career Choices: An Experiment pp. 35-68 Downloads
Kai Barron and Christina Gravert
Is body weight better distributed among men than among women? A robust normative analysis for France, the UK, and the US pp. 69-103 Downloads
Fatiha Bennia, Nicolas Gravel, Brice Magdalou and Patrick Moyes
Well‐being during the Great Recession: new evidence from a measure of multi‐dimensional living standards with heterogeneous preferences pp. 104-138 Downloads
Romina Boarini, Marc Fleurbaey, Fabrice Murtin and Paul Schreyer
The 1918 epidemic and a V‐shaped recession: evidence from historical tax records pp. 139-163 Downloads
Christian Møller Dahl, Casper Hansen and Peter Jensen
The role of labor market institutions in the impact of immigration on wages and employment pp. 164-213 Downloads
Mette Foged, Linea Hasager and Vasil Yasenov
A burden too big to bear? The effect of experience‐rated disability insurance premiums on firm bankruptcies and employment pp. 214-242 Downloads
Nynke de Groot and Pierre Koning
Estimating the repercussions from China's export value‐added tax rebate policy pp. 243-277 Downloads
Julien Gourdon, Laura Hering, Stéphanie Monjon and Sandra Poncet
Nationalistic bias among international experts: evidence from professional ski jumping pp. 278-300 Downloads
Alex Krumer, Felix Otto and Tim Pawlowski
Air pollution and the productivity of high‐skill labor: evidence from court hearings pp. 301-332 Downloads
Luis Sarmiento

Volume 123, issue 4, 2021

The Role of Budget Constraints in Sequential Elimination Tournaments pp. 1059-1087 Downloads
Malin Arve and Olga Chiappinelli
Globalization, Productivity Performance, and the Transformation of the Production Process pp. 1088-1115 Downloads
John Baldwin and Beiling Yan
Redistribution and Insurance in Welfare States around the World pp. 1116-1158 Downloads
Charlotte Bartels and Dirk Neumann
Fiscal Devaluation with Endogenous Markups: Productivity and Welfare pp. 1159-1189 Downloads
Pascal Belan, Clément Carbonnier and Martine Carré
Climate Policy and Moral Consumers pp. 1190-1226 Downloads
Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig
Pension Reform Disabled pp. 1227-1260 Downloads
Sigurd Mølster Galaasen
Bayesian State‐Space Modeling for Analyzing Heterogeneous Network Effects of US Monetary Policy pp. 1261-1291 Downloads
Niko Hauzenberger and Michael Pfarrhofer
Strategic Shirking in Bilateral Trade pp. 1292-1313 Downloads
Christoph Lülfesmann
Dynamic Fairness: Mobility, Inequality, and the Distribution of Prospects pp. 1314-1338 Downloads
Baochun Peng and Haidong Yuan
Growth and Welfare under Endogenous Lifetimes pp. 1339-1384 Downloads
Maik T. Schneider and Ralph Winkler

Volume 123, issue 3, 2021

Discovering Auctions: Contributions of Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson pp. 709-750 Downloads
Alexander Teytelboym, Shengwu Li, Scott Kominers, Mohammad Akbarpour and Piotr Dworczak
Jobs Multipliers: Evidence from a Large Fiscal Stimulus in Spain pp. 751-779 Downloads
Mario Alloza and Carlos Sanz
Attitudes towards Debt and Debt Behavior pp. 780-809 Downloads
Johan Almenberg, Annamaria Lusardi, Jenny Säve‐Söderbergh and Roine Vestman
Spending from Regulated Retirement Drawdowns: The Role of Implied Endorsement pp. 810-847 Downloads
Jennifer Alonso‐García, Hazel Bateman, Johan Bonekamp and Ralph Stevens
Reducing the Generosity and Increasing the Conditionality of Welfare Benefits for People with Disability: “Turning the Supertanker” or “Squeezing the Balloon”? pp. 848-873 Downloads
Barbara Broadway and Duncan McVicar
Inflation, Unemployment, and Economic Growth in a Schumpeterian Economy pp. 874-909 Downloads
Angus Chu, Guido Cozzi, Haichao Fan and Yuichi Furukawa
Living in the Shadow of the Past: Financial Profiles and Well‐Being pp. 910-939 Downloads
Andrew Clark, Conchita D'Ambrosio and Rong Zhu
Time‐Inseparable Labor Productivity and the Workweek pp. 940-965 Downloads
Maya Eden
Brexit: How to Reach an Amicable Divorce pp. 966-994 Downloads
Rikard Forslid and Sten Nyberg
Joint Retirement in Couples: Evidence of Complementarity in Leisure pp. 995-1024 Downloads
Herman Kruse
Working Time Accounts and Turnover pp. 1025-1056 Downloads
Andrey Launov

Volume 123, issue 2, 2021

Progressive Taxation and Economic Stability pp. 422-452 Downloads
Diana Alessandrini
Effects of Insurance Incentives on Road Safety: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in China pp. 453-477 Downloads
Georges Dionne and Ying Liu
Admissions Constraints and the Decision to Delay University pp. 478-507 Downloads
Kelly Foley and Fane Groes
Intergenerational Income Mobility in Denmark and the United States pp. 508-531 Downloads
Anne‐Line Helsø
Costly Preparations in Bargaining pp. 532-557 Downloads
Emin Karagözoğlu and Shiran Rachmilevitch
Social Comparisons in Real Time: A Field Experiment of Residential Electricity and Water Use pp. 558-592 Downloads
Andrius Kazukauskas, Thomas Broberg and Jūratė Jaraitė
Has the Euro Shrunk the Band? Relative Purchasing Power Parity Convergence in a Currency Union pp. 593-620 Downloads
Luca Macedoni
Price‐Level Determination When Tax Payments Are Required in Money pp. 621-644 Downloads
Hannes Malmberg and Erik Öberg
The U‐Shape of Income Inequality over the 20th Century: The Role of Education pp. 645-675 Downloads
Klaus Prettner and Andreas Schaefer
Demand and Supply Effects and Returns to College Education: Evidence from a Natural Experiment with Engineers in Denmark pp. 676-704 Downloads
Hans‐Peter Y. Qvist, Anders Holm and Martin D. Munk

Volume 123, issue 1, 2021

Optimal Redistributive Income Taxation and Efficiency Wages pp. 3-32 Downloads
Thomas Aronsson and Luca Micheletto
The Anatomy of the Extensive Margin Labor Supply Response pp. 33-59 Downloads
Spencer Bastani, Ylva Moberg and Håkan Selin
On the Time Inconsistency of Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policies with Many Consumer Goods pp. 60-83 Downloads
Begoña Domínguez and Pedro Gomis‐Porqueras
Housing Allowance and Rents: Evidence from a Stepwise Subsidy Scheme pp. 84-109 Downloads
Essi Eerola and Teemu Lyytikäinen
Buying versus Leasing Fuel Deposits for Preservation pp. 110-143 Downloads
Thomas Eichner, Gilbert Kollenbach and Mark Schopf
Counteracting Unemployment in Crises: Non‐Linear Effects of Short‐Time Work Policy pp. 144-183 Downloads
Britta Gehrke and Brigitte Hochmuth
Distributional Effects of a Wealth Tax under Lifetime‐Dynastic Income Concepts pp. 184-215 Downloads
Elin Halvorsen and Thor Thoresen
Going Through Hell: Increased Work Effort in the Aftermath of Terrorism in Norway pp. 216-237 Downloads
Øystein Hernæs
How (Not) to Foster Innovations in Public Infrastructure Projects pp. 238-266 Downloads
Eva Hoppe and Patrick Schmitz
Dynamics of the Market for Corporate Tax‐Avoidance Advice pp. 267-294 Downloads
Kai Konrad
Income Shocks, Inequality, and Democracy pp. 295-326 Downloads
Rainer Kotschy and Uwe Sunde
Intra‐Week Price Patterns in the Housing Market pp. 327-352 Downloads
Erling Røed Larsen
Having It All? Employment, Earnings, and Children pp. 353-381 Downloads
Tobias Laun and Johanna Wallenius
On the Provision of Insurance against Search‐Induced Wage Fluctuations pp. 382-414 Downloads
Jean-Baptiste Michau
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