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Volume 101, issue 4, 1999

Industrial Policy in Open Economies pp. 493-493 Downloads
Bertil Holmlund, Kjell Erik Lommerud and Erling Steigum
The International Division of Industries: Clustering and Comparative Advantage in a Multi‐industry Model pp. 495-513 Downloads
Anthony Venables
Self‐reinforcing Agglomerations? An Empirical Industry Study pp. 515-532 Downloads
Karen Helene Midelfart Knarvik and Frode Steen
Another Nail in the Coffin? Or Can the Trade Based Explanation of Changing Skill Structures Be Resurrected? pp. 533-554 Downloads
Thibaut Desjonqueres, Stephen Machin and John van Reenen
Declining Returns to Education in Norway? Comparing Estimates across Cohorts, Sectors and over Time pp. 555-576 Downloads
Torbjørn Haegeland, Tor Klette and Kjell G Salvanes
Beat 'em or Join 'em? Export Subsidies versus International Research Joint Ventures in Oligopolistic Markets pp. 577-596 Downloads
J. Peter Neary and Paul O'Sullivan
Industrial Policy and Firm Heterogeneity pp. 597-616 Downloads
Pedro Barros and Tore Nilssen
Multinationals without Advantages pp. 617-630 Downloads
Andrea Fosfuri and Massimo Motta
International Competition for Multinational Investment pp. 631-649 Downloads
Jan I. Haaland and Ian Wooton
Partnerships, Buy‐Out Options and Investment in Emerging Markets pp. 651-672 Downloads
Peter Møllgaard and Per Baltzer Overgaard
Transfer Pricing and Ownership Structure pp. 673-688 Downloads
Tommy Gabrielsen and Guttorm Schjelderup

Volume 101, issue 3, 1999

Inflation Targeting: Some Extensions pp. 337-361 Downloads
Lars Svensson
Do Monetary Unions Make Economic Sense? Evidence from the Scandinavian Currency Union, 1873–1913 pp. 363-377 Downloads
U. Michael Bergman
The Labour Input Response to Permanent Changes in Output: An Errors‐in‐Variables Analysis Based on Panel Data pp. 379-404 Downloads
Erik Biorn and Tor Klette
Parametric Approaches to Productivity Measurement: A Comparison among Alternative Models pp. 405-424 Downloads
Subal Kumbhakar, Almas Heshmati and Lennart Hjalmarsson
Education Subsidies, Social Security and Growth: The Implications of a Demographic Shock pp. 425-440 Downloads
Frédéric Docquier and Philippe Michel
Schooling, Training, Growth and Minimum Wages pp. 441-457 Downloads
Morten Ravn and Jan Rose Sørensen
Investors Facing Opportunistic Governments: Is it Really Good to “Know the Market” before Investing? pp. 459-475 Downloads
Michaela Erbenova and Steinar Vagstad
Labour Hoarding, Price Rigidity and the Theory of Imperfect Competition under Uncertain Demand pp. 477-487 Downloads
Eric Toulemonde

Volume 101, issue 2, 1999

Amartya K. Sen's Contributions to the Study of Social Welfare pp. 163-172 Downloads
Kenneth Arrow
The Contributions of Amartya Sen to Welfare Economics pp. 173-190 Downloads
Anthony Atkinson
Political Stock Markets and Unreliable Polls pp. 205-222 Downloads
Peter Bohm and Joakim Sonnegard
Pricing‐to‐market in Swedish Exports pp. 223-239 Downloads
Annika Alexius and Anders Vredin
Stabilisation, Policy Targets and Unemployment in Imperfectly Competitive Economies pp. 241-256 Downloads
George Bratsiotis and Christopher Martin
Profit Sharing, Capital Formation and the NAIRU pp. 257-275 Downloads
Jurgen Jerger and Jochen Michaelis
Virtual and Composite Fundamentals in the ERM pp. 277-296 Downloads
Klaas H. W. Knot and Jan-Egbert Sturm
Temporary Migration, Human Capital, and Language Fluency of Migrants pp. 297-314 Downloads
Christian Dustmann
Residential Mobility and the Housing Market in a Two‐sector Neoclassical Growth Model pp. 315-335 Downloads
Anna Hardman and Yannis Ioannides

Volume 101, issue 1, 1999

Does Increased International Influence Cause Higher Stock Market Volatility? pp. 1-9 Downloads
John Hassler
The Transition to Market Economies in an Endogenous Growth Model with Altruistic Agents pp. 11-31 Downloads
Jie Zhang
How Will EMU Affect Inflation and Unemployment in Europe? pp. 33-47 Downloads
Hans Peter Grüner and Carsten Hefeker
Lower Tax Progression, Longer Hours and Higher Wages pp. 49-65 Downloads
Claus Thustrup Hansen
Fiscal Institutions and Wage Bargaining in the Local Public Sector pp. 67-82 Downloads
Bjarne Strøm
Measuring Attitudes Towards Inequality pp. 83-96 Downloads
Yoram Amiel, John Creedy and Stan Hurn
Disability Retirement in a Welfare State pp. 97-114 Downloads
Espen Bratberg
Optimal Tax‐Transfer Systems and Redistributive Policy pp. 115-126 Downloads
Johan Fellman, Markus Jantti and Peter J. Lambert
Discount Chains and Brand Policy pp. 127-142 Downloads
Tommy Gabrielsen and Lars Sørgard
Rehabilitating Weak Complementarity pp. 143-147 Downloads
Jon R. Neill

Volume 100, issue 4, 1998

The Cost of Life Expectancy and the Implicit Social Valuation of Life pp. 673-691 Downloads
Steve Dowrick, Yvonne Dunlop and John Quiggin
Implications of Economic Interdependence for Endogenous Wage Indexation Decisions pp. 693-710 Downloads
Jay H. Bryson, Chih‐huan Chen and David VanHoose
Wage Drift and the Relevance of Centralised Wage Setting pp. 711-731 Downloads
Steinar Holden
Domestic Jobs and Foreign Wages pp. 733-746 Downloads
Jan Hatzius
Persistence, Asymmetries and Interrelation in Factor Demand pp. 747-764 Downloads
Marga Peeters
Pollution Taxation and Revenue Recycling under Monopoly Unions pp. 765-780 Downloads
Jon Strand
Bequests, Credit Rationing and in situ Values in the Faustmann–Pressler–Ohlin Forestry Model pp. 781-800 Downloads
Olli Tahvonen

Volume 100, issue 3, 1998

Subsidies versus Public Provision of Private Goods as Instruments for Redistribution pp. 545-564 Downloads
Robin Boadway, Maurice Marchand and Motohiro Sato
Non‐Cooperative Public‐Good Provision and Productivity Differentials pp. 565-574 Downloads
Eduardo Ley
An Overlapping Generations Model of Climate‐Economy Interactions pp. 575-591 Downloads
Richard B. Howarth
Tax Reform, Structural Unemployment and the Environment pp. 593-610 Downloads
Lans Bovenberg and Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg
Egalitarian Wage Policies and Long‐Term Unemployment pp. 611-625 Downloads
Knut Røed
Distributing the Benefits from the Commons: A Square‐Root Formula pp. 627-642 Downloads
Joaquim Silvestre
Do Addicts Behave Rationally? pp. 643-661 Downloads
Ernst Fehr and Peter K. Zych
“Involuntary Unemployment and Environmental Policy: The Double Dividend Hypothesis”: A Comment pp. 663-664 Downloads
Christian M. Scholz

Volume 100, issue 2, 1998

Black, Merton and Scholes — Their Central Contributions to Economics pp. 411-424 Downloads
Darrell Duffie
Robert Merton, Myron Scholes and the Development of Derivative Pricing pp. 425-445 Downloads
Stephen M. Schaefer
Nominal Interest Rates as Indicators of Inflation Expectations pp. 457-472 Downloads
Paul Söderlind
How Does Uncertainty about Future Fiscal Policy Affect Current Macroeconomic Variables? pp. 473-494 Downloads
Neil Rankin
On Central Bank Independence and the Stability of Policy Targets pp. 495-512 Downloads
Francesco Lippi
The Rise, Fall and Sustainability of Capital‐Resource Economies pp. 513-527 Downloads
John Pezzey and Cees Withagen
Rational Choice in Strategic Environments: Further Observations pp. 529-535 Downloads
Olivier De Wolf and Francoise Forges
Rational Strategic Choice Revisited pp. 537-541 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim

Volume 100, issue 1, 1998

Editors' Preface pp. iii-iii Downloads
Torben M. Andersen and Karl O. Moene
The First Century of The Scandinavian Journal of Economics pp. 1-9 Downloads
Mats Persson
Efficiency with Non‐Convexities: Extending the “Scandinavian Consensus” Approaches pp. 11-32 Downloads
Peter Hammond and Antonio Villar
Comment on P. J. Hammond and A. Villa, “Efficiency with Non‐Convexities: Extending the “Scandinavian Consensus” Approaches” pp. 33-40 Downloads
Jean Rochet and Agnar Sandmo
The Economics of Poverty in Poor Countries pp. 41-68 Downloads
Partha Dasgupta
Comment on P. Dasgupta, “The Economics of Poverty in Poor Countries” pp. 69-77 Downloads
Kaushik Basu and Thorvaldur Gylfason
Emission Taxes versus Other Environmental Policies pp. 79-104 Downloads
Michael Hoel
Comment on M. Hoel, “Emission Taxes versus Other Environmental Policies” pp. 105-112 Downloads
Kerstin Schneider and Peter Bohm
Unemployment Insurance in Theory and Practice pp. 113-141 Downloads
Bertil Holmlund
Comment on B. Holmlund, “Unemployment Insurance in Theory and Practice” pp. 143-152 Downloads
Alan Manning and Steinar Strøm
Modelling Policy Issues in a World of Imperfect Competition pp. 153-179 Downloads
Egbert Dierker and Birgit Grodal
Comment on E. Dierker and B. Grodal, “Modelling Policy Issues in a World of Imperfect Competition” pp. 181-186 Downloads
Heracles M. Polemarchakis and Seppo Honkapohja
Pitfalls in the Theory of International Trade Policy: Concertina Reforms of Tariffs, and Subsidies to High‐Technology Industries pp. 187-206 Downloads
J. Peter Neary
Comment on J. P. Neary, “Pitfalls in the Theory of International Trade Policy: Concertina Reforms of Tariffs, and Subsidies to High‐Technology Industries” pp. 207-212 Downloads
Alasdair Smith and Harry Flam
Business Cycles: Theory, Evidence and Policy Implications pp. 213-237 Downloads
Russell W. Cooper
Comment on R. W. Cooper, “Business Cycles: Theory, Evidence and Policy Implications” pp. 239-245 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Danthine and Nils Gottfries
Open‐Economy Macroeconomics: Developments in Theory and Policy pp. 247-275 Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
Comments on M. Obstfeld, “Open‐Economy Macroeconomics: Developments in Theory and Policy” pp. 277-283 Downloads
Patrick Kehoe and Asbjørn Rødseth
The Demand for Broad Money in the United Kingdom, 1878–1993 pp. 289-324 Downloads
Neil Ericsson, David Hendry and Kevin M. Prestwich
Comments on N. R. Ericsson, D. F. Hendry and K.M. Prestwich, “The Demand for Broad Money in the United Kingdom, 1878–1993” pp. 325-334 Downloads
Timo Teräsvirta and Svend Hylleberg
Limits to Institutional Reforms pp. 335-357 Downloads
Thráinn Eggertsson
Comments on T. Eggertsson, “Limits to Institutional Reforms” pp. 359-366 Downloads
Avner Ben‐Ner, Louis Putterman and Tone Ognedal
The Political Economy of Fiscal Consolidations pp. 367-394 Downloads
Roberto Perotti
Comments on R. Perotti, “The Political Economy of Fiscal Consolidations” pp. 395-404 Downloads
Michael Wallerstein and Assar Lindbeck
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