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Volume 116, issue 4, 2014

Accounting for the Changing Role of Family Income in Determining College Entry pp. 909-963 Downloads
Christoph Winter
Tracking Can Be More Equitable Than Mixing pp. 964-981 Downloads
Marisa Hidalgo-Hidalgo
Markovian Social Security in Unequal Societies pp. 982-1011 Downloads
Kaiji Chen and Zheng Song
Effects of Aspirations and Habits on the Distribution of Wealth pp. 1012-1043 Downloads
Jordi Caballe and Ana Moro-Egido
Public Provision, Commodity Demand, and Hours of Work: An Empirical Analysis pp. 1044-1067 Downloads
Jukka Pirttilä and Ilpo Suoniemi
Sensitivity of Job Destruction to Vintage and Tenure Effects pp. 1068-1090 Downloads
Juha Kilponen and Juuso Vanhala
Foreign Acquisitions, Domestic Multinationals, and R&D pp. 1091-1115 Downloads
Roger Bandick, Holger Görg and Patrik Karpaty
Accomplice Witnesses and Organized Crime: Theory and Evidence from Italy pp. 1116-1159 Downloads
Antonio Acconcia, Giovanni Immordino, Salvatore Piccolo and Patrick Rey
Do Surveillance Cameras Affect Unruly Behavior? A Close Look at Grandstands pp. 1160-1179 Downloads
Mikael Priks

Volume 116, issue 3, 2014

Empirical Asset Pricing: Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen, and Robert Shiller pp. 593-634 Downloads
John Campbell
Housing Collateral and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism pp. 635-668 Downloads
Karl Walentin
A Fiscal Stimulus and Jobless Recovery pp. 669-701 Downloads
Cristiano Cantore, Paul Levine and Giovanni Melina
The Discursive Dilemma in Monetary Policy pp. 702-733 Downloads
Carl Claussen and Øistein Røisland
Anger and Regulation pp. 734-765 Downloads
Rafael Tella and Juan Dubra
Price Discrimination with Private and Imperfect Information pp. 766-796 Downloads
Rosa Esteves
Property Rights, Public Enforcement, and Growth pp. 797-819 Downloads
Andreas Irmen and Johanna Kuehnel
International Trade and Collective Bargaining Outcomes: Evidence from German Employer–Employee Data pp. 820-837 Downloads
Gabriel Felbermayr, Andreas Hauptmann and Hans-Joerg Schmerer
Optimal Retirement with Increasing Longevity pp. 838-858 Downloads
David Bloom, David Canning and Michael Moore
War, Marriage Markets, and the Sex Ratio at Birth pp. 859-877 Downloads
Dirk Bethmann and Michael Kvasnicka
Intergenerational Transmission of Education and Mediating Channels: Evidence from a Compulsory Schooling Reform in Germany pp. 878-907 Downloads
Marc Piopiunik

Volume 116, issue 2, 2014

Monitoring Job Offer Decisions, Punishments, Exit to Work, and Job Quality pp. 284-334 Downloads
Gerard J. Berg and Johan Vikström
Heterogeneity in Consumer Demands and the Income Effect: Evidence from Panel Data pp. 335-355 Downloads
Mette Christensen
Immigration Wage Effects by Origin pp. 356-393 Downloads
Bernt Bratsberg, Oddbjørn Raaum, Marianne Røed and Pål Schøne
Early Tracking and the Misfortune of Being Young pp. 394-428 Downloads
Nicole Schneeweis and Martina Zweimüller
Determinants of Anti-Trafficking Policies: Evidence from a New Index pp. 429-454 Downloads
Seo-Young Cho, Axel Dreher and Eric Neumayer
Gender Inequality, Endogenous Cultural Norms, and Economic Development pp. 455-481 Downloads
Victor Hiller
Civil Conflict, Democratization, and Growth: Violent Democratization as Critical Juncture pp. 482-505 Downloads
Matteo Cervellati and Uwe Sunde
“Large” versus “Small” Players: A Closer Look at the Dynamics of Speculative Attacks pp. 506-538 Downloads
Geir Bjønnes, Steinar Holden, Dagfinn Rime and Haakon O. Aa. Solheim
Wage Rigidity, Inflation, and Institutions pp. 539-569 Downloads
Steinar Holden and Fredrik Wulfsberg
Subjective Performance Evaluations and Reciprocity in Principal–Agent Relations pp. 570-590 Downloads
Alexander Sebald and Markus Walzl

Volume 116, issue 1, 2014

Guest Editors’ Preface to the Special Issue on International Financial Linkages and Crises pp. 1-4 Downloads
Gita Gopinath, Maurice Obstfeld, Peter Fredriksson, Matti Liski and Kjetil Storesletten
Sudden Stop and Sudden Flood of Foreign Direct Investment: Inverse Bank Run, Output, and Welfare Distribution pp. 5-19 Downloads
Guillermo A. Calvo
Financial Globalization, Financial Crises, and the External Portfolio Structure of Emerging Markets pp. 20-57 Downloads
Enrique G. Mendoza and Katherine A. Smith
The Financial Resource Curse pp. 58-86 Downloads
Gianluca Benigno and Luca Fornaro
The Costs of Financial Crises: Resource Misallocation, Productivity, and Welfare in the 2001 Argentine Crisis pp. 87-127 Downloads
Guido Sandleris and Mark L. J. Wright
Assessing Macroprudential Policies: Case of South Korea pp. 128-157 Downloads
Valentina Bruno and Hyun Song Shin
Capital Controls, Global Liquidity Traps, and the International Policy Trilemma pp. 158-189 Downloads
Michael B. Devereux and James Yetman
Macroeconomic Effects of Asset‐Price Shocks in a Globalized Financial Market pp. 190-217 Downloads
Vincenzo Quadrini
Domestic Credit Growth and International Capital Flows pp. 218-252 Downloads
Philip R. Lane and Peter McQuade
Debt Crises and Risk‐Sharing: The Role of Markets versus Sovereigns pp. 253-276 Downloads
Sebnem Kalemli‐Ozcan, Emiliano Luttini and Bent Sørensen

Volume 115, issue 4, 2013

Is Transparency To No Avail? pp. 967-994 Downloads
Otto Swank and Bauke Visser
Social Behaviour in Work Absence pp. 995-1019 Downloads
Patrik Hesselius, Per Johansson and Johan Vikström
Do First-Time House Buyers Receive Financial Transfers from Their Parents? pp. 1020-1045 Downloads
Christophe Kolodziejczyk and Søren Leth-Petersen
Buying a Home with a Resale Value: Location, Location, Location pp. 1046-1083 Downloads
Markus Haavio and Heikki Kauppi
House Prices and Stock Prices: Different Roles in the US Monetary Transmission Mechanism pp. 1084-1106 Downloads
Hilde Bjørnland and Dag Henning Jacobsen
Oil, Growth, and Health: What Does the Cross-Country Evidence Really Show? pp. 1107-1137 Downloads
Anca M. Cotet and Kevin Tsui
Sabotage in Tournaments with Heterogeneous Contestants: Empirical Evidence from the Soccer Pitch pp. 1138-1157 Downloads
Christian Deutscher, Bernd Frick, Oliver Gürtler and Joachim Prinz
Absenteeism, Efficiency Wages, and Marginal Taxes pp. 1158-1185 Downloads
Harald Dale-Olsen

Volume 115, issue 3, 2013

Lloyd Shapley's Matching and Game Theory pp. 599-618 Downloads
Roberto Serrano
Economic Engineering and the Design of Matching Markets: The Contributions of Alvin E. Roth pp. 619-639 Downloads
Matthew Jackson
Vertical Control and Price Cycles in Gasoline Retailing pp. 640-661 Downloads
Øystein Foros and Frode Steen
Effects of Transport Regulation on the Oil Market: Does Market Power Matter? pp. 662-694 Downloads
Snorre Kverndokk and Knut Einar Rosendahl
How Much Did Oil Market Developments Contribute to the 2009 Recession in Germany? pp. 695-721 Downloads
Kai Carstensen, Steffen Elstner and Georg Paula
Population Growth and Natural-Resource Scarcity: Long-Run Development under Seemingly Unfavorable Conditions pp. 722-755 Downloads
Lucas Bretschger
Choosing between Time and State Dependence: Micro Evidence on Firms' Price-Reviewing Strategies pp. 756-780 Downloads
Daniel Dias, Carlos Marques and Fernando Martins
Explaining European Union Citizens’ Trust in the European Central Bank in Normal and Crisis Times pp. 781-807 Downloads
Michael Ehrmann, Michel Soudan and Livio Stracca
How Much Does Annuity Demand React to a Large Price Change? pp. 808-824 Downloads
Monika Bütler, Stefan Staubli and Maria Grazia Zito
The Rise and Fall of Centralized Wage Bargaining pp. 825-855 Downloads
Salvador Ortigueira
Work and Wage Dynamics around Childbirth pp. 856-877 Downloads
Mette Ejrnæs and Astrid Kunze
Rent-Seeking, Market Structure, and Growth pp. 878-901 Downloads
Daniel Brou and Michele Ruta
Health Selection and the Effect of Smoking on Mortality pp. 902-931 Downloads
Jerome Adda and Valérie Lechene
Information Policy in Tournaments with Sabotage pp. 932-966 Downloads
Oliver Gürtler, Johannes Münster and Petra Nieken

Volume 115, issue 2, 2013

The Political Economy of Clientelism pp. 260-291 Downloads
James Robinson and Thierry Verdier
Foreign Firms, Domestic Wages pp. 292-325 Downloads
Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, James Markusen and Bertel Schjerning
How do Multiproduct Exporters React to a Change in Trade Costs? pp. 326-353 Downloads
Antoine Berthou and Lionel Fontagné
Network Effects in International Migration: Education versus Gender pp. 354-380 Downloads
Michel Beine and Sara Salomone
Sushi or Fish Fingers? Seafood Diversity, Collapsing Fish Stocks, and Multispecies Fishery Management pp. 381-422 Downloads
Martin Quaas and Till Requate
Why Are Rich Countries More Politically Cohesive? pp. 423-448 Downloads
Carl-Johan Dalgaard and Ola Olsson
Using a Microeconometric Model of Household Labour Supply to Design Optimal Income Taxes pp. 449-475 Downloads
Rolf Aaberge and Ugo Colombino
Net Wage Illusion in a Real-Effort Experiment pp. 476-484 Downloads
Martin Fochmann, Joachim Weimann, Kay Blaufus, Jochen Hundsdoerfer and Dirk Kiesewetter
Temporary Disability Insurance and Labor Supply: Evidence from a Natural Experiment pp. 485-507 Downloads
Per Pettersson-Lidbom and Peter Skogman Thoursie
Truth, Trust, and Sanctions: On Institutional Selection in Sender–Receiver Games pp. 508-548 Downloads
Ronald Peeters, Marc Vorsatz and Markus Walzl
Strategic Responses: A Survey Experiment on Opposition to Pension Reforms pp. 549-574 Downloads
Beatrice Scheubel, Daniel Schunk and Joachim Winter
Electricity Production in a Hydro System with a Reservoir Constraint pp. 575-594 Downloads
Lars Mathiesen, Jostein Skaar and Lars Sørgard

Volume 115, issue 1, 2013

Guest Editors’ Preface to the Special Symposium on Field Experiments pp. 1-2 Downloads
Iwan Barankay, Magnus Johannesson, John List, Richard Friberg, Matti Liski and Kjetil Storesletten
Information and College Access: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment pp. 3-26 Downloads
Philip Oreopoulos and Ryan Dunn
Testing Social Preferences for an Economic “Bad”: An Artefactual Field Experiment pp. 27-61 Downloads
Deborah Kerley Keisner, Kent D. Messer, William D. Schulze and Homa Zarghamee
Choosing Your Object of Benevolence: A Field Experiment on Donation Options pp. 62-73 Downloads
Bodo Aretz and Sebastian Kube
Does It Matter if You Are Observed by Others? Evidence from Donations in the Field pp. 74-83 Downloads
Francisco Alpízar and Peter Martinsson
An Incentive‐Compatible Condorcet Jury Theorem pp. 84-108 Downloads
Jean-François Laslier and Jörgen Weibull
Pattern Bargaining and Wage Leadership in a Small Open Economy pp. 109-140 Downloads
Lars Calmfors and Anna Larsson Seim
Intergenerational Risk Sharing, Pensions, and Endogenous Labour Supply in General Equilibrium pp. 141-154 Downloads
Roel Beetsma, Ward E. Romp and Siert J. Vos
Conspicuous Leisure: Optimal Income Taxation When Both Relative Consumption and Relative Leisure Matter pp. 155-175 Downloads
Thomas Aronsson and Olof Johansson‐Stenman
Is Extending Compulsory Schooling Alone Enough to Raise Earnings? Evidence from French and British Compulsory Schooling Laws pp. 176-210 Downloads
Julien Grenet
Fiscal Competition and Growth When Capital Is Imperfectly Mobile pp. 211-233 Downloads
Daniel Becker and Michael Rauscher
Upstream Market Power and Wasteful Retailers pp. 234-253 Downloads
Martin Peitz and Dongsoo Shin
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