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Volume 24, issue 3, 2018

Military Expenditure and External Debt in South Asia: A Panel Data Analysis pp. 7 Downloads
Shujaat Abbas and Wizarat Shahida
Education and Participation in Political Violence: A Look into Non-Linear Associational Patterns pp. 11 Downloads
Saeed Luqman
Status or Security: The Case of the Middle East and North Africa Region pp. 12 Downloads
Douch Mohamed and Solomon Binyam
Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Microfinance and Democratic Engagement pp. 12 Downloads
Johnson Samuel Wai
The Determinants of Military Expenditure in Asia and Oceania, 1992–2016: A Dynamic Panel Analysis pp. 15 Downloads
Hou Dongfang

Volume 24, issue 2, 2018

Controlling for Import Price Effects in Civil War Regressions pp. 7 Downloads
Thorsten Janus and Daniel Riera-Crichton
A Note on Borders, Dyads and the Distribution of Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 8 Downloads
Nicola Pontarollo and Roberto Ricciuti
Food Insecurity and Conflict Events in Africa pp. 10 Downloads
Murshed Syed Mansoob, Badiuzzaman Muhammad and Hasan Rashel
Illusory Gains from Privatizing Social Security when Reform is Politically Unstable pp. 12 Downloads
Marcin Bielecki, Joanna Tyrowicz and Krzysztof Makarski
Identifying Municipal Risk Factors for Leftist Guerrilla Violence in Colombia pp. 23 Downloads
Holmes Jennifer S., Mendizabal Agustin Palao, Saucedo De La Fuente David, Cárdenas Alvaro, Mets Kristjan, Dávalos Liliana M. and Armenteras Dolors

Volume 24, issue 1, 2018

1st Walter Isard Annual Award for the Best Article in Peace Economics Peace Science and Public Policy pp. 1 Downloads
Raul Caruso
Patterns of Rebellion: A Model with Three Heterogeneous Challengers pp. 10 Downloads
Keisuke Nakao
Causal Linkages between Terrorism and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Four Provinces of Pakistan pp. 12 Downloads
Saeed Luqman and Syed Shabib Haider
External Territorial Threats and Tolerance of Corruption: A Private/Government Distinction pp. 13 Downloads
Miller Steven V.
Rules for Dividing a Disputed Resource in the Context of the Classical Liberal Argument for Peace pp. 16 Downloads
Michelle Garfinkel and Constantinos Syropoulos
The Effect of Farmer-Pastoralist Violence on State-Level Internal Revenue Generation in Nigeria: A Modified Synthetic Control Analysis Approach pp. 18 Downloads
McDougal Topher, Hagerty Talia, Inks Lisa and Conroy Stone

Volume 23, issue 4, 2017

Introduction to the Proceedings of the 17th Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference pp. 2 Downloads
Kibris Arzu and Roos van der Haer
Ornithology and Varieties of Conflict: A Personal Retrospective on Conflict Forecasting pp. 4 Downloads
Gleditsch Kristian Skrede
Nonviolent Resistance and Peaceful Turnover of Power pp. 5 Downloads
Bethke Felix S.
A Perfect Match? Are Dogmatic Belief Systems Simply a Reconciliation of Cognitive and Emotional Human Needs? pp. 6 Downloads
Thomas Gries and Müller Veronika
Buying Friends? The Importance of Economic Flows in Assembling the Iraq War Coalition pp. 6 Downloads
Riegler Robert, Piotr Lis and Hisarciklilar Mehtap
Land-Use Change and Communal Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 7 Downloads
Balestri Sara and Mario Maggioni
Income and Armed Civil Conflict: An Instrumental Variables Approach pp. 7 Downloads
Christa Brunnschweiler and Lujala Päivi
Political Cycles in Military Deployment pp. 7 Downloads
Buts Caroline, Raes Steffi and Bois Cind Du
Conflict Fragmentation Index pp. 7 Downloads
Arı Barış and Gizelis Theodora-Ismene
Urban Protests, Coups d’état and Post-Coup Regime Change pp. 8 Downloads
Gerling Lena
Bridging Economics and International Relations to Understand State Capacity and War in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 8 Downloads
Roberto Ricciuti and Domenico Rossignoli
Political Regimes and Government’s Reaction to Terrorism. A Simple Model pp. 11 Downloads
Brugali Nicola, Paolo Buonanno and Mario Gilli
On the Proper Use of Game-Theoretic Models in Conflict Studies pp. 14 Downloads
Branislav Slantchev

Volume 23, issue 3, 2017

Climate Change and Cross-State Islamist Terrorism in Nigeria pp. 13 Downloads
Price Gregory N. and Elu Juliet U.
The Risks of Operational Militarization: Increased Conflict Against Militarized Police pp. 13 Downloads
Carriere Kevin R. and Encinosa William
Earning a Peace Dividend in a Crisis Environment: The Greek Case pp. 15 Downloads
Zacharias Bragoudakis and George Zombanakis
International Adjudication and Public Opinion in Territorial Disputes: Evidence from a Survey Experiment Using Amazon Mechanical Turk pp. 18 Downloads
Justwan Florian and Fisher Sarah K.
Foreign Investment and State Conflicts in Africa pp. 22 Downloads
Kishi Roudabeh, Giuseppe Maggio and Raleigh Clionadh

Volume 23, issue 2, 2017

Goal and Strategies of an Insurgent Group: Violent and Non-violent Actions pp. 7 Downloads
Andres Zambrano and Hernando Zuleta
From Head to Head: An Emergy Analysis of a War Rifle Bullet pp. 10 Downloads
Gonella Francesco, Elia Christian, Vignarca Francesco, Cristiano Silvio and Spagnolo Sofia
From Revolution to Elections. A Comparative Analysis of Tunisia and Egypt pp. 12 Downloads
Luca Bettarelli
‘Of the Expence of Defence’: What Has Changed Since Adam Smith? pp. 14 Downloads
Jurgen Brauer
Converging Allies? pp. 15 Downloads
Paschalis Arvanitidis, Christos Kollias and Messis Petros

Volume 23, issue 1, 2017

Can News Draw Blood? The Impact of Media Coverage on the Number and Severity of Terror Attacks pp. 16 Downloads
Klaus Beckmann, Ralf Dewenter and Tobias Thomas
International Cooperation: Testing Evolution of Cooperation Theories pp. 35 Downloads
Bowling Jeremy
Defense Spending and Unemployment. Evidence from Southern European Countries pp. 36 Downloads
Michael Chletsos and Stelios Roupakias
Potential uses of Numerical Simulation for the Modelling of Civil Conflict pp. 39 Downloads
Burton Lucy, Johnson Shane D. and Braithwaite Alex

Volume 22, issue 4, 2016

Introduction to the Proceedings of the 16th Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference pp. 327-330 Downloads
Daniel Meierrieks and Raul Caruso
Climate Change and Conflict: Taking Stock pp. 331-338 Downloads
Buhaug Halvard
Winner of the 2016 Lewis Fry Richardson Award, Paul Collier: Clarity and Compassion in the Study of Civil War pp. 339-346 Downloads
Gates Scott, Skrede Gleditsch Kristian and Anja Shortland
The Imperative to Explore the Impact of Disarmament on Peacemaking Efforts and Conflict Recurrence pp. 347-356 Downloads
Levin Jamie and Miodownik Dan
Killing for the Sake of Infamy: The Herostratos Syndrome and what to Do about it pp. 357-364 Downloads
Jean-Paul Azam and Mario Ferrero
Converging Defence Burdens? Some Further Findings pp. 365-375 Downloads
Paschalis Arvanitidis and Christos Kollias
Towards an Economic Theory of Destabilization War: Ideology and Beliefs, Indivisibles and Time Preferences pp. 377-384 Downloads
Thomas Gries and Claus-Jochen Haake
Distribution of Military Power and Prospects of Post-Conflict Peace pp. 385-392 Downloads
Bussmann Margit and Ranft Florian
Heterogeneous Terrorism: Determinants of Left-Wing and Nationalist-Separatist Terrorism in Western Europe pp. 393-401 Downloads
Brockhoff Sarah, Tim Krieger and Daniel Meierrieks
From Numerical Considerations to Theoretical Solutions: Rational Design of a Debtor Creditor Agreement pp. 403-412 Downloads
Langlois Catherine and Langlois Jean-Pierre
Hard International Law-Contributing Organizations as Networks pp. 413-426 Downloads
Boehmer Charles and Corbetta Renato
Democracy, State Capacity and Civil Wars: A New Perspective pp. 427-437 Downloads
Domenico Rossignoli
Leadership Changes and Civil War Agreements: Exploring Preliminary Links pp. 439-448 Downloads
Lutmar Carmela and Terris Lesley
Is Regional Autonomy a Solution to Ethnic Conflict? Some Lessons from a Dynamic Analysis pp. 449-460 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Tranchant

Volume 22, issue 3, 2016

The Economic Consequences of the Mexican Drug War pp. 213-246 Downloads
Balmori de la Miyar Jose Roberto
The Evolution of Civil War Severity, 1816–2005 pp. 247-276 Downloads
Miranda Luiz C.M., Perondi Leonel F. and Gleditsch Kristian Skrede
International Tariffs in a Mixed Oligopoly with Research Spillovers pp. 277-293 Downloads
Haruna Shoji and Rajeev Goel
How Europe can Benefit from Immigration-Related “Diversity” – a Policy Paper pp. 295-326 Downloads
Zanfrini Laura

Volume 22, issue 2, 2016

Surviving the Storm: Behavioural Economics in the Conflict Environment pp. 105-129 Downloads
David Savage
Consequential and Appropriate Decisions in International Conflict: An experiment with students operating a fishing dispute simulator pp. 131-157 Downloads
Kuperman Ranan
Direct Victimization Experiences and Fear of Crime: A Gender Perspective pp. 159-172 Downloads
Sironi Emiliano and Bonazzi Leda Maria
Fossil Fuel Rents: Who Initiates International Crises? pp. 173-190 Downloads
Bakaki Zorzeta
Choosing Peace Instead of War. A Lesson from Athenian Democracy pp. 191-212 Downloads
Emmanouil-Marios-Lazaros Economou and Kyriazis Nicholas C.

Volume 22, issue 1, 2016

On the Dynamics of Extremist Violence pp. 1-25 Downloads
Kıbrıs Arzu and Özgür Kıbrıs
Centrality in Trade Networks and Investment in Security pp. 27-39 Downloads
Vincenzo Bove, Leandro Elia and Marco Pelliccia
Zipf’s Law and World Military Expenditures pp. 41-71 Downloads
Paschalis Arvanitidis and Christos Kollias
Political Islam, Internet Use and Willingness to Migrate: Evidence from the Arab Barometer pp. 73-95 Downloads
Chiara Falco and Valentina Rotondi
A Note on a Methodological Issue Pertaining to the Empirical Specification of the Probability of Crisis Initiation pp. 97-104 Downloads
Carlson Lisa J. and Dacey Raymond
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