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2016 - 2017

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Volume 65, issue 4, 2017

In Search of Catharsis. Theatre in Serbia in the 1990s pp. 607-631 Downloads
Šentevska Irena
Denying the Unknown. Everyday Narratives about Croatian Involvement in the 1992-1995 Bosnian Conflict pp. 632-653 Downloads
Sokolić Ivor
‘I’m Both a Worker and a Shareholder.’ Workers’ Narratives and Property Transformations in Postsocialist Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia pp. 654-678 Downloads
Calori Anna and Jurkat Kathrin
The Size and Effects of Emigration and Remittances in the Western Balkans. A Forecasting Based on a Delphi Process pp. 679-695 Downloads
Marjan Petreski, Petreski Blagica, Tumanoska Despina, Edlira Narazani, Kazazi Fatush, Ognjanov Galjina, Jankovic Irena, Mustafa Arben and Kochovska Tereza
Istanbul and Turkey One Year Later. Intriguing–Tense–Inspiring pp. 696-706 Downloads
Luthar Oto
Re-Making Kozarac. Agency, Reconciliation and Contested Return in Post-War Bosnia pp. 707-709 Downloads
Brenner Manuela
Performing Nostalgia. Migration Culture and Creativity in South Albania pp. 709-711 Downloads
Jusufi Islam
Welcome to the Desert of Post-Socialism. Radical Politics After Yugoslavia pp. 711-713 Downloads
Luteijn Geert
Emotions and Memory Politics in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe pp. 714-716 Downloads
Paul Johanna

Volume 65, issue 3, 2017

Household Strategies in Southeast European Societies in the Period of Economic Crisis pp. 449-458 Downloads
Cvetičanin Predrag and Lavrič Miran
Typology of Household Strategies of Action in Four Countries of Southeastern Europe in a Period of Economic Crisis pp. 459-494 Downloads
Cvetičanin Predrag and Lavrič Miran
Thriving and Surviving Activities of Households During the Crisis Period. Empirical Evidence from Southeastern Europe pp. 495-519 Downloads
Adnan Efendic, Cvetičanin Predrag and Kumalić Ismet
Making Ends Meet. How Roma Families Living in Poverty Cope pp. 520-541 Downloads
Šikić-Mićanović Lynette
Coping Strategies of Economically (Partially) Inactive Households: The Case of Croatia pp. 542-564 Downloads
Bagić Dragan, Dobrotić Ivana, Lažnjak Jasminka, Rodik Petra and Vučkovićjuroš Tanja
Small Farmers in Four Southeast European Countries. A Qualitative Analysis of Life Strategies in Twenty-Five Agricultural Households pp. 565-588 Downloads
Krstić Nemanja, Derado Augustin, Naterer Andrej and Kumalić Ismet
Scholars (Not) Investigating Srebrenica. Academic Feuds and Other Shortcomings pp. 589-595 Downloads
Duijzings Ger
Europe’s Balkan Muslims. A New History pp. 596-597 Downloads
Zdravkovski Aleksander
Gender (In)equality and Gender Politics in Southeastern Europe. A Question of Justice pp. 598-602 Downloads
Malenica Brigita
Civic and Uncivic Values in Kosovo. History, Politics and Value Transformation pp. 602-604 Downloads
Pustina Lorik
Entangled Histories of the Balkans. Volume Three. Shared Pasts, Disputed Legacies pp. 604-606 Downloads
Wim van Meurs

Volume 65, issue 2, 2017

The Second World War in Southeastern Europe. Historiographies and Debates pp. 195-220 Downloads
Rutar Sabine
The German Occupation Regimes in Southeastern Europe as a Research Problem in Yugoslav and Serbian Historiography pp. 221-238 Downloads
Ristović Milan
Beyond the Myth of the ‘Good Italian’. Recent Trends in the Study of the Italian Occupation of Southeastern Europe during the Second World War pp. 239-259 Downloads
Fonzi Paolo
Holocaust Research in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. An Inventory pp. 260-283 Downloads
Vulesica Marija
Nationalization through Internationalization. Writing, Remembering, and Commemorating the Holocaust in Macedonia and Bulgaria after 1989 pp. 284-315 Downloads
Ragaru Nadège
The Greek Historiography of the 1940s. A Reassessment pp. 316-333 Downloads
Voglis Polymeris and Nioutsikos Ioannis
Slovenia. Occupation, Repression, Partisan Movement, Collaboration, and Civil War in Historical Research pp. 334-363 Downloads
Troha Nevenka
Rethinking the Place of the Second World War in the Contemporary History of Albania pp. 364-387 Downloads
Kera Gentiana
From Heroisation to Competing Victimhoods. History Writing on the Second World War in Moldova pp. 388-411 Downloads
Suveica Svetlana
Academic Freedom in Danger. Fact Files on the ‘CEU Affair’ pp. 412-436 Downloads
Trencsényi Balázs, Rieber Alfred J., Iordachi Constantin and Hîncu Adela
A Concise History of Bosnia pp. 437-439 Downloads
Roginer Oskar
Negotiating Social Relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Semiperipheral Entanglements pp. 439-441 Downloads
Senjković Reana
Remembrance, History, and Justice. Coming to Terms with Traumatic Pasts in Democratic Societies pp. 441-443 Downloads
Scherpenisse Susan
Minorities under Attack. Othering and Right-Wing Extremism in Southeast European Societies pp. 443-446 Downloads
Bikic Delila
Fragile Loyalität zur Republik Moldau. Sowjetnostalgie und ‘Heimatlosigkeit’ unter den russischen und ukrainischen Minderheiten pp. 446-448 Downloads
Wim van Meurs

Volume 65, issue 1, 2017

Changes in the narratives of Europeanization. Reviewing the impact of the union before the crisis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Agarin Timofey
Securitization reversed. Does Europeanization improve minority/majority relations? pp. 10-34 Downloads
Nancheva Nevena
Europeanization and minority policies in post-conflict Kosovo. Genuine inclusion or window dressing? pp. 35-55 Downloads
Potter Michael
Security sector reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A case study of the Europeanization of the Western Balkans pp. 56-76 Downloads
Kudlenko Anastasiia
Mirroring transitional justice. Construction and impact of European Union ICTY-conditionality pp. 77-98 Downloads
Wentholt Niké
European style electoral politics in an ethnically divided society. The case of Kosovo pp. 99-124 Downloads
Wise Laura and Agarin Timofey
Counting for what purpose? The paradox of including ethnic and cultural questions in the censuses of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Macedonia pp. 125-148 Downloads
Hoh Anna-Lena
Talk the talk, or walk the walk? Changing narratives in Europeanization research pp. 149-169 Downloads
Agarin Timofey and Yilmaz Gözde
Macedonia’s colourful revolution and the elections of 2016. A chance for democracy, or all for nothing? pp. 170-182 Downloads
Reef Paul
Anthems and the making of nation states. Identity and nationalism in the Balkans pp. 183-185 Downloads
Kreuter Peter Mario
Erinnerungen an die ‘Nicht-Zeit’. Das sozialistische Rumänien im biographisch-zeitgeschichtlichen Gedächtnis der Nachwendezeit (1989-2007) pp. 185-187 Downloads
Wim van Meurs
Transnationalism, Diaspora and Migrants from the Former Yugoslavia in Britain pp. 187-189 Downloads
Bernard Sara
Politicization of Religion. The Power of Symbolism. The Case of Former Yugoslavia and its Successor States: Politicization of Religion. The Power of State, Nation, and Faith. The Case of Former Yugoslavia and its Successor States pp. 189-191 Downloads
Boeckh Katrin
From Class to Identity. The Politics of Education Reforms in Former Yugoslavia pp. 191-193 Downloads
Cosovschi Águstin

Volume 64, issue 4, 2016

Memories and Narratives of the 1999 NATO Bombing in Serbia pp. 433-437 Downloads
Fridman Orli and Rácz Krisztina
Memories of the 1999 NATO Bombing in Belgrade, Serbia pp. 438-459 Downloads
Fridman Orli
Official Commemoration of the NATO Bombing of Serbia. A Case Study of the Fifteenth Anniversary pp. 460-481 Downloads
Mandić Marija
‘The Song Has Kept Us’: Soundscape of Belgrade during the NATO Bombing pp. 482-499 Downloads
Atanasovski Srđan
‘Achieved without Ambiguity?’ Memorializing Victimhood in Belgrade after the 1999 NATO Bombing pp. 500-519 Downloads
Bădescu Gruia
Trauma or Entertainment? Collective Memories of the NATO Bombing of Serbia pp. 520-543 Downloads
Rácz Krisztina
Agents of Change. Women’s Advocacy during Democratization in Croatia pp. 544-559 Downloads
Rošul-Gajić Jagoda
#Kosovo: 30 students of the German National Academic Foundation embarked on a self-organised seminar trip to Kosovo to examine the country's development since 1999 pp. 560-573 Downloads
Hermanns Sophie, Rieger Kevin, Stolle Johannes and Weeger Maren
The Killing Compartments. The Mentality of Mass Murder pp. 574-576 Downloads
Duijzings Ger
Phantomgrenzen. Räume und Akteure in der Zeit neu denken pp. 576-580 Downloads
Rutar Sabine
The War in Our Backyard. The Bosnia and Kosovo Wars through the Lens of the German Print Media pp. 580-582 Downloads
Ihrig Stefan
Strategies of Symbolic Nation-Building in South Eastern Europe pp. 582-584 Downloads
Reef Paul
Engineering Revolution. The Paradox of Democracy Promotion in Serbia pp. 584-586 Downloads
Bockman Johanna K.
Prosecuting Slobodan Milošević. The Unfinished Trial pp. 586-588 Downloads
Wim van Meurs

Volume 64, issue 3, 2016

Living after the Fall. Contingent Biographies in Postsocialist Space pp. 277-283 Downloads
Scarboro Cristofer
Between Trauma and Nostalgia. The Intellectual Ethos and Generational Dynamics of Memory in Postsocialist Romania pp. 284-306 Downloads
Georgescu Diana
‘Project 1990’ as an Anti-Monument in Bucharest and the Aestheticisation of Memory pp. 307-324 Downloads
Preda Caterina
Confessions of a ‘Mixed Marriage Child’. Diary in the Study of Yugoslavia’s Breakup pp. 325-343 Downloads
Buric Fedja
Negotiating Socialist Lives after the Fall. Narrative Resources and Strategies of the First Socialist Generation in Bulgaria pp. 344-364 Downloads
Koleva Daniela
Europe on the Move. A Commentary pp. 365-371 Downloads
Busek Erhard
Brexit and Europe. A Commentary pp. 372-380 Downloads
Breuilly John
Beyond the ‘Balkan route’, or Why Southeastern Europe Remains a Core Issue for Europe: A Discussion among Andrea Despot, Hannes Grandits, Wolfgang Höpken, Dušan Reljić, Gabriella Schubert, and Sevasti Trubeta pp. 381-395 Downloads
Despot Andrea, Grandits Hannes, Höpken Wolfgang, Reljić Dušan, Schubert Gabriella and Trubeta Sevasti
New literature on the architecture of socialist modernity in Yugoslavia pp. 396-418 Downloads
Meder Iris
The Survived Country pp. 419-421 Downloads
Moll Nicolas
The Revival of Islam in the Balkans pp. 421-422 Downloads
Bougarel Xavier
Disrupted Landscapes. State, Peasants and the Politics of Land in Postsocialist Romania pp. 423-424 Downloads
Meurs Wim van
The European Debt Crisis. The Greek Case pp. 424-426 Downloads
Luteijn Geert
Der Balkan zwischen Ost und West. Mediale Bilder und kulturpolitische Prägungen pp. 426-429 Downloads
Fiedler Johanna
Workers and Revolution in Serbia. From Tito to Milošević pp. 429-432 Downloads
Rutar Sabine

Volume 64, issue 2, 2016

History’s debris. The many pasts in the post-1989 present pp. 119-141 Downloads
Iacob Bogdan C.
‘Brotherhood and Unity’ dissolved. Yugoslav radio broadcasting in (west) berlin and the changing politics of representation, 1988-95 pp. 142-166 Downloads
Thaden Matthias
Integrating victims, externalising guilt? commemorating the Holocaust in Hungary pp. 167-187 Downloads
Laczó Ferenc
Educational policies in Romania from Ceauşescu’s heritage to European mimicry pp. 188-205 Downloads
Ruşitoru Mihaela-Viorica
Remembering and forgetting the SFR Yugoslavia. Historiography and history textbooks in the Republic of Macedonia pp. 206-225 Downloads
Stefoska Irena and Stojanov Darko
Greek education. Explaining two centuries of static reproduction pp. 226-255 Downloads
Kelpanides Michael, Poimenidou Despoina and Malivitsi Zoe
Michael Kelpanides (18 July 1945–29 February 2016) pp. 256-260 Downloads
Axt Heinz-Jürgen and Poimenidou Despoina
Verfassungskonflikte zwischen Politik und Recht in Südosteuropa pp. 261-262 Downloads
Raffeiner Andreas
Narrating Victim-hood pp. 262-265 Downloads
Malenica Brigita
Transcending Fratricide pp. 265-267 Downloads
Luteijn Geert
Imaginary Trials pp. 267-270 Downloads
Oprel Marieke
Srebrenica pp. 270-273 Downloads
Duijzings Ger
Radovan Karadžić pp. 273-275 Downloads
Francissen Janneke

Volume 64, issue 1, 2016

Migration in and out of Southeastern Europe. Values, Networks, Wellbeing pp. 1-4 Downloads
Jerger Jürgen and Knogler Michael
Bosnian ‘Returnee Voices’ Communicating Experiences of Successful Reintegration. The Social Capital and Sustainable Return Nexus in Bosnia and Herzegovina pp. 5-26 Downloads
Porobič Selma
Motives for Remittances Change During the Financial Crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina pp. 27-41 Downloads
Oruč Nermin and Tabakovič Amina
Remittances, Spending, and Political Instability in Ukraine pp. 42-57 Downloads
Kuntsevych Iuliia
East European Migrant Women in Greece. Intergenerational Cultural Knowledge Transfer and Adaptation in a Context of Crisis pp. 58-78 Downloads
Michail Domna and Christou Anastasia
Transnational Experts, Rooted Careers. Migrant Professionals from Macedonia in Germany pp. 79-95 Downloads
Aceska Ana
The Greek ‘Forced Loan’ during the Second World War. Demand for Reparations or Restitution? pp. 96-108 Downloads
Kilian Jürgen
Xavier Bougarel, Survivre aux empires. Islam, identité nationale et allégeances politiques en Bosnie-Herzégovine pp. 109-110 Downloads
Moll Nicolas
Boris Previšić and Svjetlan Lacko Vidulić, eds, Traumata der Transition. Erfahrung und Reflexion des jugoslawischen Zerfalls pp. 110-113 Downloads
Duijzings Ger
Hariz Halilovich, Places of Pain. Forced Displacement, Popular Memory and Trans-Local Identities in Bosnian War-Torn Communities pp. 114-115 Downloads
Scherpenisse Susan
Shane Brennan / Marc Herzog, eds, Turkey and the Politics of National Identity. Social, Economic and Cultural Transformation pp. 115-118 Downloads
Mady Christian
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