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1999 - 2021

From Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, Germany
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Volume 44, issue 41, 2021

Marital dissolutions and changes in mental health: Evidence from rural Malawi pp. 993-1022 Downloads
Tyler W. Myroniuk, Hans-Peter Kohler and Iliana Kohler

Volume 44, issue 40, 2021

Introduction to the special collection on family changes and inequality in East Asia pp. 979-992 Downloads
Hyunjoon Park

Volume 44, issue 39, 2021

Socioeconomic differentials in fertility in South Korea pp. 941-978 Downloads
Sojung Lim

Volume 44, issue 38, 2021

The social context of retrospective-prospective changes in pregnancy desire during the transition to adulthood: The role of fathers and intimate relationships pp. 899-940 Downloads
Jennifer Barber and Heather Gatny

Volume 44, issue 37, 2021

Has contraceptive use at pregnancy an effect on the odds of spontaneous termination and induced abortion? Evidence from Demographic and Health Surveys pp. 879-898 Downloads
David Antonio Sánchez-Páez and José Ortega

Volume 44, issue 36, 2021

Editorial to the Special Issue on Demographic Data Visualization: Getting the point across – Reaching the potential of demographic data visualization pp. 865-878 Downloads
Tim Riffe, Nikola Sander and Sebastian Kluesener

Volume 44, issue 35, 2021

Outsurvival as a measure of the inequality of lifespans between two populations pp. 853-864 Downloads
James Vaupel, Marie-Pier Bergeron-Boucher and Ilya Kashnitsky

Volume 44, issue 34, 2021

Gendered intergenerational time transfers in Estonia pp. 839-852 Downloads
Katrin Schwanitz

Volume 44, issue 33, 2021

When partners’ disagreement prevents childbearing: A couple-level analysis in Australia pp. 811-838 Downloads
Maria Rita Testa and Danilo Bolano

Volume 44, issue 32, 2021

The complexity of employment and family life courses across 20th century Europe: More evidence for larger cross-national differences but little change across 1916‒1966 birth cohorts pp. 775-810 Downloads
Zachary Van Winkle and Anette Fasang

Volume 44, issue 31, 2021

Low perceived susceptibility to pregnancy as a reason for contraceptive nonuse among women with unintended births pp. 759-774 Downloads
Alison Gemmill and Sarah K. Cowan

Volume 44, issue 30, 2021

Mexican mortality 1990‒2016: Comparison of unadjusted and adjusted estimates pp. 719-758 Downloads
Dana Glei, Andres Barajas Paz, Jose Manuel Aburto and Magali Barbieri

Volume 44, issue 29, 2021

Using race- and age-specific COVID-19 case data to investigate the determinants of the excess COVID-19 mortality burden among Hispanic Americans pp. 699-718 Downloads
D. Phuong (Phoenix) Do and Reanne Frank

Volume 44, issue 28, 2021

US disparities in affluence by household structure, 1959 to 2017 pp. 653-698 Downloads
John Iceland

Volume 44, issue 27, 2021

Stepfather families and children's schooling in sub-Saharan Africa: A cross-national study pp. 627-670 Downloads
Vissého Adjiwanou, Germain Adebiyi Boco and Sanni Yaya

Volume 44, issue 26, 2021

Educational gradients in nonstandard work schedules among mothers and fathers in the United Kingdom pp. 609-626 Downloads
Afshin Zilanawala

Volume 44, issue 25, 2021

Recent trends in the Chinese family: National estimates from 1990 to 2010 pp. 595-608 Downloads
Jia Yu and Yu Xie

Volume 44, issue 24, 2021

The mixed blessing of living together or close by: Parent–child relationship quality and life satisfaction of older adults in China pp. 563-594 Downloads
Ke Shen, Feinian Chen and Hangqing Ruan

Volume 44, issue 23, 2021

The paradox of change: Religion and fertility decline in South Korea pp. 537-562 Downloads
Sam Hyun Yoo and Victor Agadjanian

Volume 44, issue 22, 2021

A counterfactual choice approach to the study of partner selection pp. 513-536 Downloads
Aaron Gullickson

Volume 44, issue 21, 2021

Classifying multiple ethnic identifications: Methodological effects on child, adolescent, and adult ethnic distributions pp. 481-512 Downloads
Esther S. Yao, Kane Meissel, Pat Bullen, Polly Atatoa Carr, Terryann Clark and Susan Morton

Volume 44, issue 20, 2021

Knowledge, risk perceptions, and behaviors related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Malawi pp. 459-480 Downloads
Jethro Banda, Albert Dube, Sarah Brumfield, Abena Amoah, Amelia Crampin, Georges Reniers and Stephane Helleringer

Volume 44, issue 19, 2021

The centered ternary balance scheme: A technique to visualize surfaces of unbalanced three-part compositions pp. 443-458 Downloads
Jonas Schöley

Volume 44, issue 18, 2021

Age patterns of under-5 mortality in sub-Saharan Africa during 1990‒2018: A comparison of estimates from demographic surveillance with full birth histories and the historic record pp. 415-442 Downloads
Hallie Eilerts, Julio Romero Prieto, Jeffrey W. Eaton and Georges Reniers

Volume 44, issue 17, 2021

The distributional impact of Covid-19: Geographic variation in mortality in England pp. 397-414 Downloads
Richard Breen and John Ermisch

Volume 44, issue 16, 2021

Age and COVID-19 mortality: A comparison of Gompertz doubling time across countries and causes of death pp. 379-396 Downloads
Isaac Sasson

Volume 44, issue 15, 2021

How do populations aggregate? pp. 363-378 Downloads
Dennis Feehan and Elizabeth Wrigley-Field

Volume 44, issue 14, 2021

LAT relationships: A new living arrangement among the oldest old population in Germany? pp. 349-362 Downloads
Stefan Mauritz and Michael Wagner

Volume 44, issue 13, 2021

Exploring the concept of intensive parenting in a three-country study pp. 333-348 Downloads
Anne Gauthier, Caroline Bryson, Luisa Fadel, Tina Haux, Judith Koops and Monika Mynarska

Volume 44, issue 12, 2021

Epilocal: A real-time tool for local epidemic monitoring pp. 307-332 Downloads
Marco Bonetti and Ugofilippo Basellini

Volume 44, issue 11, 2021

Socioeconomic development and young adults’ propensity of living in one-person households: Compositional and contextual effects pp. 277-306 Downloads
Adam Ka-Lok Cheung and Wei-Jun Jean Yeung

Volume 44, issue 10, 2021

Singlehood in contemporary Japan: Rating, dating, and waiting for a good match pp. 239-276 Downloads
Mary C. Brinton, Eunmi Mun and Ekaterina Hertog

Volume 44, issue 9, 2021

Japanese adolescents' time use: The role of household income and parental education pp. 225-238 Downloads
Ekaterina Hertog and Muzhi Zhou

Volume 44, issue 8, 2021

Family status and women’s career mobility during urban China’s economic transition pp. 189-224 Downloads
Guangye He and Xiaogang Wu

Volume 44, issue 7, 2021

Educational assortative mating and the decline of hypergamy in 27 European countries: An examination of trends through cohorts pp. 157-188 Downloads
Dávid Erát

Volume 44, issue 6, 2021

Diverging gaps in childcare time by parental education in South Korea pp. 143-156 Downloads
Hyunjoon Park

Volume 44, issue 5, 2021

A decade of TFR declines suggests no relationship between development and sub-replacement fertility rebounds pp. 125-142 Downloads
Hampton Gray Gaddy

Volume 44, issue 4, 2021

Coronavirus and care: How the coronavirus crisis affected fathers' involvement in Germany pp. 99-124 Downloads
Michaela Kreyenfeld and Sabine Zinn

Volume 44, issue 3, 2021

Marriage intentions, desires, and pathways to later and less marriage in Japan pp. 67-98 Downloads
James M. Raymo, Fumiya Uchikoshi and Shohei Yoda

Volume 44, issue 2, 2021

Born once, die once: Life table relationships for fertility pp. 49-66 Downloads
Annette Baudisch and Jesús-Adrián Alvarez

Volume 44, issue 1, 2021

Simulating family life courses: An application for Italy, Great Britain, Norway, and Sweden pp. 1-48 Downloads
Maria Winkler-Dworak, Eva Beaujouan, Paola Di Giulio and Martin Spielauer

Volume 43, issue 57, 2020

Maternal employment and the well-being of children living with a lone mother in Scotland pp. 1685-1738 Downloads
Francesca Fiori

Volume 43, issue 56, 2020

Estimating abortion incidence using the network scale-up method pp. 1651-1684 Downloads
Elizabeth Sully, Margaret Giorgio and Selena Anjur-Dietrich

Volume 43, issue 55, 2020

Smoothing migration intensities with P-TOPALS pp. 1607-1650 Downloads
Sigurd Dyrting

Volume 43, issue 54, 2020

A spatial population downscaling model for integrated human-environment analysis in the United States pp. 1563-1606 Downloads
Hamidreza Zoraghein and Brian C. O'Neill

Volume 43, issue 53, 2020

Looking after grandchildren: gender differences in ‘when,’ ‘what,’ and ‘why’: Evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing pp. 1545-1562 Downloads
Giorgio Di Gessa, Paola Zaninotto and Karen Glaser

Volume 43, issue 52, 2020

Job characteristics, marital intentions, and partner-seeking actions: Longitudinal evidence from Japan pp. 1509-1544 Downloads
Wei-hsin Yu and Yuko Hara

Volume 43, issue 51, 2020

How accurately do mothers recall prenatal visits and gestational age? A validation of Uruguayan survey data pp. 1495-1508 Downloads
Maira Colacce, Ivone Perazzo and Andrea Vigorito

Volume 43, issue 50, 2020

Evaluating interviewer manipulation in the new round of the Generations and Gender Survey pp. 1461-1494 Downloads
Eugenio Paglino and Tom Emery

Volume 43, issue 49, 2020

Estimating rural–urban disparities in self-rated health in China: Impact of choice of urban definition pp. 1429-1460 Downloads
Audrey Dorélien and Hongwei Xu

Volume 43, issue 48, 2020

The spatial diffusion of nonmarital cohabitation in Belgium over 25 years: Geographic proximity and urban hierarchy pp. 1413-1428 Downloads
Yoann Doignon, Thierry Eggerickx and Ester Rizzi

Volume 43, issue 47, 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on fertility plans in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom pp. 1399-1412 Downloads
Francesca Luppi, Bruno Arpino and Alessandro Rosina

Volume 43, issue 46, 2020

Demographic change and increasing late singlehood in East Asia, 2010–2050 pp. 1367-1398 Downloads
Albert Esteve, Ridhi Kashyap, Joan Garcia Roman, Yen-Hsin Alice Cheng, Setsuya Fukuda, Wanli Nie and Hyun-ok Lee

Volume 43, issue 45, 2020

Childhood determinants of internal youth migration in Senegal pp. 1335-1366 Downloads
Catalina Herrera Almanza and David E. Sahn

Volume 43, issue 44, 2020

Age at first sex and adult mental health in Nicaragua pp. 1297-1334 Downloads
Jake J. Hays and Kammi K. Schmeer

Volume 43, issue 43, 2020

Child mortality levels and trends: A new compositional approach pp. 1263-1296 Downloads
Fatine Ezbakhe and Agustí Pérez Foguet

Volume 43, issue 42, 2020

Disentangling the complexity of family policies: SPIN data with an application to Lithuania and Sweden, 1995–2015 pp. 1235-1262 Downloads
Katharina Wesolowski, Sunnee Billingsley and Gerda Neyer

Volume 43, issue 41, 2020

Family changes and residential mobility among immigrant and native-born populations: Evidence from Swiss administrative data pp. 1199-1234 Downloads
Julie Lacroix, Alain Gagnon and Philippe Wanner

Volume 43, issue 40, 2020

The geographical patterns of birth seasonality in Australia pp. 1185-1198 Downloads
Tom Wilson, Peter McDonald and Jeromey Temple

Volume 43, issue 39, 2020

Longevity of World War II Estonian volunteers in the Finnish Army: A follow-up study of the impact of the post-war life course and repressions pp. 1155-1184 Downloads
Lauri Leppik and Allan Puur

Volume 43, issue 38, 2020

Estimation of older adult mortality from imperfect data: A comparative review of methods using Burkina Faso censuses pp. 1119-1154 Downloads
Soumaïla Ouedraogo

Volume 43, issue 37, 2020

Marriage counterfactuals in Japan: Variation by gender, marital status, and time pp. 1081-1118 Downloads
Martin Piotrowski, Erik Bond and Ann Beutel

Volume 43, issue 36, 2020

The gender gap in the United States: Housework across racialized groups pp. 1067-1080 Downloads
Kamila Kolpashnikova and Man-Yee Kan

Volume 43, issue 35, 2020

Reconsidering (in)equality in the use of IUDs in the United States: A closer look across the reproductive life course pp. 1049-1066 Downloads
Megan Sweeney, Mieke Eeckhaut and Jessica Gipson

Volume 43, issue 34, 2020

Unobserved population heterogeneity and dynamics of health disparities pp. 1009-1048 Downloads
Hui Zheng

Volume 43, issue 33, 2020

The turnaround in internal migration between East and West Germany over the period 1991 to 2018 pp. 993-1008 Downloads
Nico Stawarz, Nikola Sander, Harun Sulak and Matthias Rosenbaum-Feldbrügge

Volume 43, issue 32, 2020

Population aging caused by a rise in the sex ratio at birth pp. 969-992 Downloads
Zhen Zhang and Qiang Li

Volume 43, issue 31, 2020

An extended evaluation of the weathering hypothesis for birthweight pp. 929-968 Downloads
Samuel Fishman

Volume 43, issue 30, 2020

Living arrangements of adult children of immigrants in selected European countries pp. 889-928 Downloads
Giuseppe Gabrielli and Roberto Impicciatore

Volume 43, issue 29, 2020

The effect of spousal separation and reunification on fertility: Chinese internal and international migration pp. 851-888 Downloads
Wanli Nie

Volume 43, issue 28, 2020

Explaining the MENA paradox: Rising educational attainment yet stagnant female labor force participation pp. 817-850 Downloads
Ragui Assaad, Rana Hendy, Moundir Lassassi and Shaimaa Yassin

Volume 43, issue 27, 2020

Monitoring global digital gender inequality using the online populations of Facebook and Google pp. 779-816 Downloads
Ridhi Kashyap, Masoomali Fatehkia, Reham Al Tamime and Ingmar Weber

Volume 43, issue 26, 2020

“Everyone tries to avoid responsibility” The attenuating role of financial obligations in fertility change among Yorùbá farmers of southwestern Nigeria pp. 745-778 Downloads
Fausat Ibrahim

Volume 43, issue 25, 2020

Women's employment and fertility in a global perspective (1960–2015) pp. 707-744 Downloads
Julia Behrman and Pilar Gonalons-Pons

Volume 43, issue 24, 2020

The labor force participation of Indian women before and after widowhood pp. 673-706 Downloads
Megan Reed

Volume 43, issue 23, 2020

Three facets of planning and postponement of parenthood in the Netherlands pp. 659-672 Downloads
Renske Verweij, Melinda Mills, Harold Snieder and Gert Stulp

Volume 43, issue 22, 2020

Estimating and explaining ethnic disparities in the cumulative risk of paternal incarceration in Denmark pp. 617-658 Downloads
Anne Sofie Tegner Anker, Lars H. Andersen and Christopher Wildeman

Volume 43, issue 21, 2020

Life after death: Widowhood and volunteering gendered pathways among older adults pp. 581-616 Downloads
Danilo Bolano and Bruno Arpino

Volume 43, issue 20, 2020

Fathers' migration and nutritional status of children in India: Do the effects vary by community context? pp. 545-580 Downloads
Lei Lei, Sonalde Desai and Feinian Chen

Volume 43, issue 19, 2020

Population age structure only partially explains the large number of COVID-19 deaths at the oldest ages pp. 533-544 Downloads
Anthony Medford and Sergi Trias-Llimós

Volume 43, issue 18, 2020

The decline of patrilineal kin propinquity in the United States, 1790–1940 pp. 501-532 Downloads
Matt A. Nelson

Volume 43, issue 17, 2020

The sibsize revolution in an international context: Declining social disparities in the number of siblings in 26 countries pp. 461-500 Downloads
Patrick Präg, Seongsoo Choi and Christiaan Monden

Volume 43, issue 16, 2020

Oh half-brother, where art thou? The boundaries of full- and half-sibling interaction pp. 431-460 Downloads
Linus Andersson

Volume 43, issue 15, 2020

Trends in living arrangements and their impact on the mortality of older adults: Belgium 1991‒2012 pp. 401-430 Downloads
Michel Poulain, Luc Dal and Anne Herm

Volume 43, issue 14, 2020

Distributionally adjusted life expectancy as a life table function pp. 365-400 Downloads
Francisco Goerlich Gisbert

Volume 43, issue 13, 2020

Educational heterogamy during the early phase of the educational expansion: Results from the university town of Tartu, Estonia in the late 19th century pp. 329-364 Downloads
Martin Klesment, Hannaliis Jaadla and Mark Gortfelder

Volume 43, issue 12, 2020

Living separately but living close: Coresidence of adult children and parents in urban China pp. 315-328 Downloads
Yiqing Gan and Eric Fong

Volume 43, issue 11, 2020

Attitudes and preferences towards future old-age support amongst tomorrow’s elders in China pp. 285-314 Downloads
Min Qin, Jane Falkingham, Maria Evandrou and Athina Vlachantoni

Volume 43, issue 10, 2020

The long-run effects of poverty alleviation resettlement on child development: Evidence from a quasi-experiment in China pp. 245-284 Downloads
Jipeng Zhang, Lue Zhan and Chong Lu

Volume 43, issue 9, 2020

The lasting impact of parental migration on children's education and health outcomes: The case of China pp. 217-244 Downloads
Zai Liang and Feinuo Sun

Volume 43, issue 8, 2020

Life course and cohort effects on Chinese parents' investments in their children pp. 183-216 Downloads
Jingye Shi, Bing Xu and Yi Wei

Volume 43, issue 7, 2020

“At three years of age, we can see the future”: Cognitive skills and the life cycle of rural Chinese children pp. 169-182 Downloads
Huan Zhou, Ruixue Ye, Sean Sylvia, Nathan Rose and Scott Rozelle

Volume 43, issue 6, 2020

Transitions to partnership and parenthood: Is China still traditional? pp. 143-168 Downloads
William A.V. Clark and Daichun Yi

Volume 43, issue 5, 2020

Introduction to the special collection on life course decisions of families in China pp. 129-142 Downloads
Bing Xu, William A.V. Clark, Eric Fong and Li Gan

Volume 43, issue 4, 2020

The effect of union dissolution on the fertility of women in Montevideo, Uruguay pp. 97-128 Downloads
Mariana Fernández Soto and Benoît Laplante

Volume 43, issue 3, 2020

Gender preferences and fertility: Investigating the case of Turkish immigrants in Germany pp. 59-96 Downloads
Sehar Ezdi and Ahmet Melik Baş

Volume 43, issue 2, 2020

Family life transitions, residential relocations, and housing in the life course: Current research and opportunities for future work: Introduction to the Special Collection on “Separation, Divorce, and Residential Mobility in a Comparative Perspective” pp. 35-58 Downloads
Julia Mikolai, Hill Kulu and Clara H. Mulder

Volume 43, issue 1, 2020

Estimating annual rates of homelessness pp. 1-34 Downloads
James O'Donnell
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