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2002 - 2022

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2022, volume 164, articles C

Interpolative operators: Fractal to multivalued fractal Downloads
B.V. Prithvi and S.K. Katiyar
Nonlinear differential-difference hierarchy relevant to the Ablowitz-Ladik equation: Lax pair, conservation laws, N-fold Darboux transformation and explicit exact solutions Downloads
Yuan Shen, Bo Tian, Tian-Yu Zhou and Xiao-Tian Gao
Investigation of complex dynamics and chaos control of the duopoly supply chain under the mixed carbon policy Downloads
Liuwei Zhao, Shuai Jin and Hongyun Jiang
Computing using pulse collisions in lattices of excitable microlasers Downloads
L. Soun, K. Alfaro-Bittner, M.G. Clerc and S. Barbay
Relaxation oscillation patterns induced by amplitude-modulated excitation in the Duffing system Downloads
Jin Song, Xiujing Han, Yong Zou, Yandan Jiang and Qinsheng Bi
Analysis of chaos-coherence peculiarities within the chaotic phenomena of fluid at finite temperature Downloads
Ghulam Bary
Clustering phenomenon of the singular Cucker–Smale model with finite communication weight and variable coupling strength Downloads
Jong-Ho Kim and Jea-Hyun Park
Attractor memory in a nonautonomous multistable system Downloads
A.N. Pisarchik, R. Jaimes-Reátegui and J.J. Barba Franco
Geometric analysis of nonlinear dynamics in application to financial time series Downloads
Isao Shoji and Masahiro Nozawa
Controlling of periodicity and chaos in a three dimensional prey predator model introducing the memory effect Downloads
Prahlad Majumdar, Bapin Mondal, Surajit Debnath and Uttam Ghosh
Cross-plane multi-image encryption using chaos and blurred pixels Downloads
Xingyuan Wang and Huipeng Liu
Nonlinear dispersive wave propagation pattern in optical fiber system Downloads
M. Hafiz Uddin, U.H.M. Zaman, Mohammad Asif Arefin and M. Ali Akbar
Global dynamics analysis of instantaneous harvest fishery model guided by weighted escapement strategy Downloads
Yuan Tian, Yan Gao and Kaibiao Sun
A new multi-wing chaotic attractor with unusual variation in the number of wings Downloads
Shilalipi Sahoo and Binoy Krishna Roy
Frequency modes of unstable spiral waves in two-dimensional Rosenzweig–MacArthur ecological networks Downloads
P.G. Legoya, A.S. Etémé, C.B. Tabi, A. Mohamadou and T.C. Kofané
Application of modified exponential rational function method to Jaulent–Miodek system leading to exact classical solutions Downloads
Muhammad S. Iqbal, Aly R. Seadawy, Muhammad Z. Baber and Muhammad Qasim
The structure of uni-directional chain for the synchronization of networked chaotic systems Downloads
Shuxian Yu, Jie Zhou and Shuguang Guan
Experimental and numerical verification of anomalous screening theory in granular matter Downloads
Chandana Mondal, Michael Moshe, Itamar Procaccia, Saikat Roy, Jin Shang and Jie Zhang
Self-excited and hidden attractors in a multistable jerk system Downloads
Paulo C. Rech
Prediction of fluctuations in a chaotic cancer model using machine learning Downloads
Elaheh Sayari, Sidney T. da Silva, Kelly C. Iarosz, Ricardo L. Viana, José D. Szezech and Antonio M. Batista
The weighted Bitcoin Lightning Network Downloads
Jian-Hong Lin, Emiliano Marchese, Claudio J. Tessone and Tiziano Squartini
Weak percolation on multiplex networks with overlapping edges Downloads
G.J. Baxter, R.A. da Costa, S.N. Dorogovtsev and J.F.F. Mendes
Entanglement and Fisher information for a two-atom system interacting with deformed fields in correlated two-mode states Downloads
K. Berrada, S. Abdel-Khalek, E.M. Khalil, A. Alkaoud and H. Eleuch
Dark solitary pulses and moving fronts in an optical medium with the higher-order dispersive and nonlinear effects Downloads
Houria Triki, Yunzhou Sun, Qin Zhou, Anjan Biswas, Yakup Yıldırım and Hashim M. Alshehri
Stability of multi-links complex-valued impulsive stochastic systems with Markovian switching and multiple delays Downloads
Ni Yang, Ruiyi Gao and Huan Su
Dynamic analysis of piecewise nonlinear systems with fractional differential delay feedback control Downloads
Mei-Qi Wang, Wen-Li Ma, Yuan Li, En-Li Chen, Peng-Fei Liu and Ming-Zhi Zhang
Visually meaningful image encryption scheme based on new-designed chaotic map and random scrambling diffusion strategy Downloads
Xingyuan Wang, Cheng Liu and Donghua Jiang
Identifying influential nodes in complex networks based on spreading probability Downloads
Jun Ai, Tao He, Zhan Su and Lihui Shang
PixAdapt: A novel approach to adaptive image encryption Downloads
Rohan Tuli, Hitesh Narayan Soneji and Prathamesh Churi
Sub-harmonic Melnikov function for a high-dimensional non-smooth coupled system Downloads
Xiuying Guo, Ruilan Tian, Qiang Xue and Xiaolong Zhang
How many asymptomatic cases were unconfirmed in the US COVID-19 pandemic? The evidence from a serological survey Downloads
Junyang Cai and Jian Zhou
Conical diffraction modulation in fractional dimensions with a PT-symmetric potential Downloads
Zhenkun Wu, Kaibo Yang, Xijun Ren, Peng Li, Feng Wen, Yuzong Gu and Lijun Guo
Bernoulli wavelet method for non-linear fractional Glucose–Insulin regulatory dynamical system Downloads
Khushbu Agrawal, Ranbir Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Samir Hadid and Shaher Momani
Structure and dynamics of human complication-disease network Downloads
Xiong-Fei Jiang, Long Xiong, Ling Bai, Jie Lin, Jing-Feng Zhang, Kun Yan, Jia-Zhen Zhu, Bo Zheng and Jian-Jun Zheng
Dynamics diagnosis of the COVID-19 deaths using the Pearson diagram Downloads
Alan D.S. Gonçalves, Leonardo H.S. Fernandes and Abraão D.C. Nascimento
Stochastic admissibility and H∞ output feedback control for singular Markov jump systems under dynamic measurement output event-triggered strategy Downloads
Meng Sun, Guangming Zhuang, Jianwei Xia, Yanqian Wang and Guoliang Chen
Nonlinear wave transmission in a two-dimensional nonlinear electric transmission network with dissipative elements Downloads
Emmanuel Kengne
Non-reciprocal interactions enhance heterogeneity Downloads
Timoteo Carletti and Riccardo Muolo
Stochastic mixed-mode oscillations in the canards region of a cardiac action potential model Downloads
Evdokiia Slepukhina, Irina Bashkirtseva, Lev Ryashko and Philipp Kügler
Attractivity of unstable equilibria for a controlled Chen system via small output feedback Downloads
Graciela Adriana González, Christopher Nielsen and Zachary Bortoff
Dynamical behavior of SIRS model incorporating government action and public response in presence of deterministic and fluctuating environments Downloads
Sangeeta Saha, Protyusha Dutta and Guruprasad Samanta
Recurrence of a class of quantum Markov chains on trees Downloads
Abdessatar Barhoumi and Abdessatar Souissi
Expanding the duopoly Stackelberg game with marginal costs into a multipoly game with lowering the burden of mathematical calculations: a numerical analysis Downloads
Bo Yan, Atefeh Ahmadi, Mahtab Mehrabbeik, Karthikeyan Rajagopal, Shaobo He and Sajad Jafari
Comparison of synchronization of chaotic Burke-Shaw attractor with active control and integer-order and fractional-order P-C method Downloads
Ali Durdu and Yılmaz Uyaroğlu
An application of fixed point technique of Rothe’s-type to interpret the controllability criteria of neutral nonlinear fractional ordered impulsive system Downloads
P.K. Lakshmi Priya and K. Kaliraj
Fractal dimensions of mixed Katugampola fractional integral associated with vector valued functions Downloads
Subhash Chandra and Syed Abbas
Stability of a fractional advection–diffusion system with conformable derivative Downloads
Hassen Arfaoui and Abdellatif Ben Makhlouf
Born’s rule in multiqubit Bohmian systems Downloads
A.C. Tzemos and G. Contopoulos
Codimension-one and -two bifurcation analysis of a two-dimensional coupled logistic map Downloads
Xiao-Yue Yao, Xian-Feng Li, Jun Jiang and Andrew Y.T. Leung
Multi-scale 3D cellular automata modeling: Application to wildland fire spread Downloads
M. Byari, A. Bernoussi, O. Jellouli, M. Ouardouz and M. Amharref
Similarity-based heterogeneity and cohesiveness of networked companies issuing minibonds Downloads
Roy Cerqueti, Catherine Deffains-Crapsky and Saverio Storani
Finite-time synchronization for delayed BAM neural networks by the approach of the same structural functions Downloads
Dazhao Chen and Zhengqiu Zhang
Indicating the synchronization bifurcation points using the early warning signals in two case studies: Continuous and explosive synchronization Downloads
Bahareh Karimi Rahjerdi, Ramesh Ramamoorthy, Fahimeh Nazarimehr, Karthikeyan Rajagopal and Sajad Jafari
Nondegenerate N-soliton solutions for Manakov system Downloads
Yue-Jin Cai, Jian-Wen Wu and Ji Lin
Evolutionary dynamics of multi-player snowdrift games based on the Wright-Fisher process Downloads
Cuiling Gu, Xianjia Wang, Rui Ding, Jinhua Zhao and Yang Liu
Turing–Hopf bifurcation co-induced by cross-diffusion and delay in Schnakenberg system Downloads
Rui Yang
Swarming optimization to analyze the fractional derivatives and perturbation factors for the novel singular model Downloads
Zulqurnain Sabir, Salem Ben Said and Dumitru Baleanu
Certain midpoint-type integral inequalities involving twice differentiable generalized convex mappings and applications in fractal domain Downloads
Shuhong Yu, Yunxiu Zhou and Tingsong Du
Oscillatory, crossover behavior and chaos analysis of HIV-1 infection model using piece-wise Atangana–Baleanu fractional operator: Real data approach Downloads
Changjin Xu, Zixin Liu, Yicheng Pang, Sayed Saifullah and Mustafa Inc
Do the global grain spot markets exhibit multifractal nature? Downloads
Xing-Lu Gao, Ying-Hui Shao, Yan-Hong Yang and Wei-Xing Zhou
Economic state classification and portfolio optimisation with application to stagflationary environments Downloads
Nick James, Max Menzies and Kevin Chin
Three-dimensional quantum droplets in spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensates Downloads
Si-Liu Xu, Yun-Bin Lei, Jin-Ting Du, Yuan Zhao, Rui Hua and Jian-Hua Zeng
Exploiting delay differential equations solved by Eta functions as suitable mathematical tools for the investigation of thickness controlling in rolling mill Downloads
S. Sedaghat and S. Mashayekhi
Temperature-controlled propagation of spikes in neuronal networks Downloads
Chenggui Yao, Yuangen Yao, Yu Qian and Xufan Xu
Variational estimates for the speed propagation of fronts in a nonlinear diffusive Fisher equation Downloads
Rafael D. Benguria, M. Cristina Depassier and Sergio Rica
Emergence of Canard induced mixed mode oscillations in a slow–fast dynamics of a biophysical excitable model Downloads
Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Arnab Mondal, Argha Mondal, M.A. Aziz-Alaoui, Ranjit Kumar Upadhyay and Jun Ma
Physics aware analytics for accurate state prediction of dynamical systems Downloads
Ankit Mandal, Yash Tiwari, Prasanta K. Panigrahi and Mayukha Pal
Stochastic SIR model predicts the evolution of COVID-19 epidemics from public health and wastewater data in small and medium-sized municipalities: A one year study Downloads
Manuel Pájaro, Noelia M. Fajar, Antonio A. Alonso and Irene Otero-Muras
Thinking about the oceanic shallow water via a generalized Whitham-Broer-Kaup-Boussinesq-Kupershmidt system Downloads
Xin-Yi Gao, Yong-Jiang Guo and Wen-Rui Shan
A novel blood glucose time series prediction framework based on a novel signal decomposition method Downloads
Ting Zhu, Wenbo Wang and Min Yu
New zeroing neural network with finite-time convergence for dynamic complex-value linear equation and its applications Downloads
Guancheng Wang, Qinrou Li, Shaoqing Liu, Hua Xiao and Bob Zhang
Spatiotemporal dynamics on a class of (n+1)-dimensional reaction–diffusion neural networks with discrete delays and a conical structure Downloads
Jing Chen, Min Xiao, Xiaoqun Wu, Zhengxin Wang and Jinde Cao
Global stability criteria for nonlinear differential systems with infinite delay and applications to BAM neural networks Downloads
José J. Oliveira
Predictability of players’ actions as a mechanism to boost cooperation Downloads
Yin-Jie Ma, Zhi-Qiang Jiang and Boris Podobnik
Non-Hermitian-enhanced topological protection of chaotic dynamics in one-dimensional optomechanics lattice Downloads
Lei Chen, Feifan Huang, Hongteng Wang, Linwei Huang, Junhua Huang, Gui-Shi Liu, Yaofei Chen, Yunhan Luo and Zhe Chen
Anti-disturbance observer-based control for fuzzy chaotic semi-Markov jump systems with multiple disturbances and mixed actuator failures Downloads
R. Abinandhitha, R. Sakthivel, N. Tatar and R. Manikandan
Synchronization dynamics of phase oscillator populations with generalized heterogeneous coupling Downloads
Yonggang Wu, Zhigang Zheng, Longkun Tang and Can Xu
Globally asymptotic synchronization for complex-valued BAM neural networks by the differential inequality way Downloads
Dazhao Chen and Zhengqiu Zhang
Solving min–max linear fractional programs based on image space branch-and-bound scheme Downloads
Hongwei Jiao and Binbin Li
A Taylor-Splitting Collocation approach and applications to linear and nonlinear engineering models Downloads
Seda Çayan, B. Burak Özhan and Mehmet Sezer
Hybrid learning promotes cooperation in the spatial prisoner’s dilemma game Downloads
Xu Han, Xiaowei Zhao and Haoxiang Xia
Chaos classification in forced fermionic instanton solutions by the Generalized Alignment Index (GALI) and the largest Lyapunov exponent Downloads
Beyrul Canbaz
Extreme event statistics in a map with singularity Downloads
Abhijit Bera and Soumitro Banerjee
Energy control in a quantum oscillator using coherent control and engineered environment Downloads
Alexander N. Pechen, Sergey Borisenok and Alexander L. Fradkov
Creating new chaotic signals with reservoir computers Downloads
Thomas L. Carroll
Alternating rotation of coordinated and anti-coordinated action due to environmental feedback and noise Downloads
Bin-Quan Li, Zhi-Xi Wu and Jian-Yue Guan
The effect of time delay for synchronisation suppression in neuronal networks Downloads
Matheus Hansen, Paulo R. Protachevicz, Kelly C. Iarosz, Iberê L. Caldas, Antonio M. Batista and Elbert E.N. Macau
Forecasting the behavior of fractional order Bloch equations appearing in NMR flow via a hybrid computational technique Downloads
Ved Prakash Dubey, Jagdev Singh, Ahmed M. Alshehri, Sarvesh Dubey and Devendra Kumar
Some new concepts related to fuzzy fractional calculus for up and down convex fuzzy-number valued functions and inequalities Downloads
Muhammad Bilal Khan, Gustavo Santos-García, Muhammad Aslam Noor and Mohamed S. Soliman
Two component model of microtubules – subsonic and supersonic solitary waves Downloads
Dragana Ranković and Slobodan Zdravković
A novel pattern in a class of fractal models with the non-perturbative approach Downloads
Yusry O. El-Dib and Nasser S. Elgazery
Kepler in search of the “Anaclastic” Downloads
Pierre Coullet, Jaime San Martin and Enrique Tirapegui
Generic Hölder level sets and fractal conductivity Downloads
Zoltán Buczolich, Balázs Maga and Gáspár Vértesy
Majority networks and consensus dynamics Downloads
Eric Goles, Pablo Medina, Pedro Montealegre and Julio Santivañez
h-stability for stochastic Volterra–Levin equations Downloads
Zhi Li, Qinyi Long, Liping Xu and Xueqi Wen
Different strategies to confront maize streak disease based on fractional optimal control formulation Downloads
Ismail Gad Ameen, Dumitru Baleanu and Hegagi Mohamed Ali
Special attractors and dynamic transport of the hybrid-order complex Lorenz system Downloads
Fangfang Zhang, Shuaihu Zhang, Guanrong Chen, Chunbiao Li, Zhengfeng Li and Changchun Pan
An efficient algorithm and complexity result for solving the sum of general affine ratios problem Downloads
Hongwei Jiao and Junqiao Ma
A new adaptive parallel resonance system based on cascaded feedback model of vibrational resonance and stochastic resonance and its application in fault detection of rolling bearings Downloads
Jimeng Li, Xing Cheng, Junling Peng and Zong Meng
Dissipative solitons stabilized by nonlinear gradients in one spatial dimension: From deterministic to stochastic aspects, and a perspective Downloads
Orazio Descalzi and Carlos Cartes
Propagation of periodic and solitary waves in a highly dispersive cubic–quintic medium with self-frequency shift and self-steepening nonlinearity Downloads
Vladimir I. Kruglov and Houria Triki
Dynamical analysis of fractional plant disease model with curative and preventive treatments Downloads
Pawan Kumar Shaw, Sunil Kumar, Shaher Momani and Samir Hadid
Evolutionary prisoner’s dilemma game on signed networks based on structural balance theory Downloads
Shenpeng Song, Yuhao Feng, Wenzhe Xu, Hui-Jia Li and Zhen Wang
Impact of finite size effect on applicability of generalized fractal and spectral dimensions to biological networks Downloads
Adam Craig, Mesut Yücel, Lev Muchnik and Uri Hershberg
Global stability and optimal control analysis of a knowledge transmission model in multilayer networks Downloads
Jun Mei, Sixin Wang, Dan Xia and Junhao Hu
Modeling secondary infections with temporary immunity and disease enhancement factor: Mechanisms for complex dynamics in simple epidemiological models Downloads
Vanessa Steindorf, Akhil Kumar Srivastav, Nico Stollenwerk, Bob W. Kooi and Maíra Aguiar
Nonlinear analysis and chaos synchronization of a memristive-based chaotic system using adaptive control technique in noisy environments Downloads
Farbod Setoudeh, Mohammad Matin Dezhdar and M. Najafi
An improved two-layer model for rumor propagation considering time delay and event-triggered impulsive control strategy Downloads
Yafang Dong, Liang'an Huo and Laijun Zhao
Mix-training physics-informed neural networks for the rogue waves of nonlinear Schrödinger equation Downloads
Jiaheng Li and Biao Li
Finite-time synchronization for fractional-order quaternion-valued coupled neural networks with saturated impulse Downloads
Wenjun Mo and Haibo Bao
On nonlinear dynamics of a fractional order monkeypox virus model Downloads
A. El-Mesady, Amr Elsonbaty and Waleed Adel
Extremely rich dynamics of coupled heterogeneous neurons through a Josephson junction synapse Downloads
Zeric Tabekoueng Njitacke, Balamurali Ramakrishnan, Karthikeyan Rajagopal, Théophile Fonzin Fozin and Jan Awrejcewicz
Chaotic pitch motion of an aerodynamically stabilized magnetic satellite in polar orbits Downloads
Vladimir S. Aslanov and Dmitry A. Sizov
Preference heterogeneity in Bitcoin and its forks' network Downloads
Hyeonoh Kim, Chang Yong Ha and Kwangwon Ahn
Dynamical regulation of epileptiform discharges caused by abnormal astrocyte function with optogenetic stimulation Downloads
Jinyi Zhao, Ying Yu and Qingyun Wang
The multi-scale structural complexity of urban morphology in China Downloads
Ping Wang, Changgui Gu, Huijie Yang and Haiying Wang
Self-similarities in optical flows Downloads
Enze Cui and James F. Peters
Collisions of kinks in deformed φ4 and φ6 models Downloads
Aliakbar Moradi Marjaneh, Fabiano C. Simas and D. Bazeia
Finite-time optimal feedback control mechanism for knowledge transmission in complex networks via model predictive control Downloads
Sixin Wang, Jun Mei, Dan Xia, Zhanying Yang and Junhao Hu
Dynamic multifractal characteristics of acoustic emission about composite coal-rock samples with different strength rock Downloads
Jie Liu, Qiuping Li, Xiaoran Wang, Zaiquan Wang, Shouqing Lu, Zhanyou Sa and Hao Wang
The Vlasov–Poisson–Fokker–Planck system in the low regularity space Downloads
Lihua Tan and Yingzhe Fan
Self-parametric amplification of a bound-state dissipative soliton assisted by spectral filtering effect in the negative dispersion regime Downloads
Song Yang, Qian-Yun Zhang, Zhi-Wei Zhu, Yao-Yao Qi, Li Li and Xue-Chun Lin
Diffusion of resources and their impact on epidemic spreading in multilayer networks with simplicial complexes Downloads
Qingyi Sun, Zhishuang Wang, Dawei Zhao, Chengyi Xia and Matjaž Perc
Multilayer networks with higher-order interaction reveal the impact of collective behavior on epidemic dynamics Downloads
Jinming Wan, Genki Ichinose, Michael Small, Hiroki Sayama, Yamir Moreno and Changqing Cheng
Markov property of the Super-MAG auroral electrojet indices Downloads
Simone Benella, Giuseppe Consolini, Mirko Stumpo, Tommaso Alberti and Jesper W. Gjerloev
Beyond linear correlation: Strong nonlinear structures in diurnal temperature range variability over southern China Downloads
Huanhuan Gong and Zuntao Fu
Stochastic differential equation models for tumor population growth Downloads
Mahmoud B.A. Mansour and Asmaa H. Abobakr
Superstatistical approach of the anomalous exponent for scaled Brownian motion Downloads
M.A.F. dos Santos, L. Menon and D. Cius
New results on T–S fuzzy sampled-data stabilization for switched chaotic systems with its applications Downloads
R. Vadivel, S. Sabarathinam, Yongbao Wu, Kantapon Chaisena and Nallappan Gunasekaran
Fast image encryption algorithm based on multi-parameter fractal matrix and MPMCML system Downloads
Hongyu Zhao, Shengsheng Wang and Xingyuan Wang
Effects of noise on bursting phenomenon and bifurcation in glucose-insulin regulation system Downloads
Hao Dai, Zikun Han and Qiubao Wang
Cooperation in regular lattices Downloads
Lucas S. Flores, Marco A. Amaral, Mendeli H. Vainstein and Heitor C.M. Fernandes
A new predefined-time sliding mode control scheme for synchronizing chaotic systems Downloads
Mengjiao Zhang, Hongyan Zang and Luyuan Bai
Replicator dynamics of public goods game with tax-based punishment Downloads
MingYuan Li, HongWei Kang, XingPing Sun, Yong Shen and QingYi Chen
A time power-based grey model with Caputo fractional derivative and its application to the prediction of renewable energy consumption Downloads
Yonghong Zhang, Shouwei Li, Jingwei Li and Xiaoyu Tang
Material coordinate driven variable-order fractal derivative model of water anomalous adsorption in swelling soil Downloads
Peibo Tian and Yingjie Liang
New integrable multi-Lévy-index and mixed fractional nonlinear soliton hierarchies Downloads
Zhenya Yan
On a coupled nonlocal nonlinear Schrödinger system Downloads
Jia-Liang Ji, Yue Kai, Zong-Wei Xu and Li-Yuan Ma
Influence of temperature and noise on the propagation of subthreshold signal in feedforward neural network Downloads
Shiqi Dai, Lulu Lu, Zhouchao Wei, Yuan Zhu and Ming Yi
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