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2002 - 2024

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2024, volume 180, articles C

Assessing fluctuations of long-memory environmental variables based on the robustified dynamic Orlicz risk Downloads
Hidekazu Yoshioka and Yumi Yoshioka
Multilayer control of synchronization and cascading failures in power grids Downloads
Simona Olmi, Lucia Valentina Gambuzza and Mattia Frasca
Evolutionary vaccination game considering intra-seasonal strategy shifts regarding multi-seasonal epidemic spreading Downloads
Yichao Wang, Lilan Tu, Xianjia Wang and Yifei Guo
Dynamic characterisation of a nonlinear electromagnetic force model under simple harmonic excitation Downloads
Longfei Zhou and Meiqi Wang
Maximal hysteretic range for explosive synchronization Downloads
Tianle Xu, Shuguang Guan, Zonghua Liu and Yong Zou
Homoclinic bifurcation analysis of a class of conveyor belt systems with dry friction and impact Downloads
Ruyue Peng, Qunhong Li and Wei Zhang
Impact of community networks with higher-order interaction on epidemic dynamics Downloads
Jinlong Ma and Peng Wang
Time inhomogeneous multivariate Markov chains: Detecting and testing multiple structural breaks occurring at unknown dates Downloads
Bruno Damásio and João Nicolau
Complex role of time delay in dynamical coordination of neural progenitor fate decisions mediated by Notch pathway Downloads
Yuan Zhang, Jinde Cao, Lixia Liu, Haihong Liu and Zhouhong Li
Turing-like patterns induced by the competition between two stable states in a discrete-time predator–prey model Downloads
Huimin Zhang, Jian Gao, Changgui Gu, Yongshang Long, Chuansheng Shen and Huijie Yang
Bifurcation mechanisms underlying the nested mixed-mode oscillations in a canard-generating driven Bonhoeffer–van der Pol oscillator Downloads
Kaito Kato, Takuji Kousaka, Hideaki Okazaki and Naohiko Inaba
Unveiling the principles of stochastic resonance and complex potential functions for bearing fault diagnosis Downloads
Lifang He, Zhiyuan Jiang and Yezi Chen
Multi-factor information matrix: A directed weighted method to identify influential nodes in social networks Downloads
Yan Wang, Ling Zhang, Junwen Yang, Ming Yan and Haozhan Li
Linear multifractional stable motion for modeling of fluid-filled regions in retinal optical coherence tomography images Downloads
Mahnoosh Tajmirriahi and Hossein Rabbani
Identifying critical nodes in complex networks based on distance Laplacian energy Downloads
Rongrong Yin, Linhui Li, Yumeng Wang, Chun Lang, Zhenyang Hao and Le Zhang
Dynamics and patterns of the least significant digits of the infinite-arithmetic precision logistic map orbits Downloads
João Valle and Odemir M. Bruno
Collapse process prediction of mutualistic dynamical networks with k-core and dimension reduction method Downloads
Chengxing Wu and Dongli Duan
Interplay of simplicial information propagation and epidemic spreading on multiplex metapopulation networks Downloads
Kebo Zhang, Xiao Hong, Yuexing Han and Bing Wang
Investigating exact solutions, sensitivity, and chaotic behavior of multi-fractional order stochastic Davey–Sewartson equations for hydrodynamics research applications Downloads
Jianming Qi, Qinghua Cui, Leiqiang Bai and Yiqun Sun
Selectivity filter conductance, rectification and fluctuations of subdomains—How can this all relate to the value of Hurst exponent in the dwell-times of ion channels states? Downloads
Przemysław Borys, Paulina Trybek, Beata Dworakowska, Anna Sekrecka-Belniak, Ewa Nurowska, Piotr Bednarczyk and Agata Wawrzkiewicz-Jałowiecka
The impacts of anti-protective awareness and protective awareness programs on COVID-19 outbreaks Downloads
Yang Deng, Daihai He and Yi Zhao
Long short-term memory based intelligent control for switched system with a resilient event-triggered communication Downloads
Yunlong Wang, Yiwen Qi, Honglin Geng, Yiwen Tang and Xin Li
Non-integrable soliton gas: The Schamel equation framework Downloads
Marcelo V. Flamarion, Efim Pelinovsky and Ekaterina Didenkulova
Quasi-synchronization of parameter mismatch drive-response systems: A self-triggered impulsive control strategy Downloads
Huannan Zheng, Wei Zhu and Xiaodi Li
Peakons in spinor F=1 Bose–Einstein condensates with PT-symmetric δ-function potentials Downloads
Jun-Yi Lao, Zi-Yang Qin, Jia-Rui Zhang and Yu-Jia Shen
Analyzing multi-parameter bifurcation on a prey–predator model with the Allee effect and fear effect Downloads
Muhammad Aqib Abbasi and Maria Samreen
Multivalued dynamics of non-autonomous reaction–diffusion equation with nonlinear advection term Downloads
Willian Cintra, Mirelson M. Freitas, To Fu Ma and Pedro Marín-Rubio
The phase portrait of all polynomial Liénard isochronous centers Downloads
Jaume Llibre and Claudia Valls
Event-based adaptive fuzzy control for stochastic nonlinear systems with prescribed performance Downloads
Yu Xia, Ke Xiao and Zhibo Geng
Establishment and identification of MIMO fractional Hammerstein model with colored noise for PEMFC system Downloads
Zhang Qian, Wang Hongwei, Liu Chunlei and An Yi
On the mean fractal dimensions of the Cartesian product sets Downloads
Yu Liu, Bilel Selmi and Zhiming Li
First integrals can explain coexistence of attractors, multistability, and loss of ideality in circuits with memristors Downloads
Giacomo Innocenti, Alberto Tesi, Mauro Di Marco and Mauro Forti
Coupling resonance of signal responses induced by heterogeneously mixed positive and negative couplings in cognitive subnetworks Downloads
Liyuan Deng, Siyu Huo, Aihua Chen and Zonghua Liu
Study on taxi mode selection dynamics based on evolutionary game theory Downloads
Kun Li and Xiaodi Sun
Topological transition between disordered patterns through heating rate-induced defect emergence Downloads
Victor Fernandez-Gonzalez, Sebastián Echeverría-Alar, Jorge Vergara, Paulina I. Hidalgo and Marcel G. Clerc
Data-driven soliton solutions and parameters discovery of the coupled nonlinear wave equations via a deep learning method Downloads
Xiaoli Wang, Zekang Wu, Jin Song, Wenjing Han and Zhenya Yan
Ring-like double-breathers in the partially nonlocal medium with different diffraction characteristics in both directions under the external potential Downloads
Yu Zhu, Jing Yang, Yutong Zhang, Wei Qin, Shaohui Wang and Jitao Li
Localization and delocalization of light in synthetic photonic lattices with hybrid Bloch-Anderson modulations Downloads
Xuefei Cao, Kaile Wang, Song Yang, Yuanmei Gao, Yangjian Cai and Zengrun Wen
Existence of localized modes in a frustrated ferromagnetic spin chain with added biquadratic interaction Downloads
S. Suganya, B. Srividya and A. Prabhu
(3+1)-dimensional partially nonlocal ring-like bright-dark monster waves Downloads
Yi-Xiang Chen
Finite-Time Synchronization and Exponential lag synchronization of quaternion-valued inertial fuzzy Cohen–Grossberg neural networks with impulsives and mixed delays Downloads
Meryem Abdelaziz and Farouk Chérif
On the stochastic threshold of the COVID-19 epidemic model incorporating jump perturbations Downloads
T. Caraballo, A. Settati, A. Lahrouz, S. Boutouil and B. Harchaoui
The influence of different government policies on the co-evolution of information dissemination, vaccination behavior and disease transmission in multilayer networks Downloads
Bingjie Wu and Liang'an Huo
Understanding influence of fractal generative manner on structural properties of tree networks Downloads
Fei Ma and Ping Wang
An intelligent controller of homo-structured chaotic systems under noisy conditions and applications in image encryption Downloads
Pengteng Guo, Qiqing Shi, Zeng Jian, Jing Zhang, Qun Ding and Wenhao Yan
On the periodic motion in the photo-gravitational planar elliptic restricted four body problem Downloads
Poonam Meena and Ram Kishor
Delayed impulsive control for synchronization of complex-valued stochastic complex network with unbounded delays under cyber attacks Downloads
Zanbo Chen, Chenxu Huo, Xiaoling Zou and Wenxue Li
Manageable to unmanageable transition in a fractal model of project networks Downloads
Alexei Vazquez
Discontinuous stochastic modeling and discrete numerical approximation for Tuberculosis model with relapse Downloads
Meryem Benazzouz, Tomás Caraballo, Mohamed El Fatini and Aziz Laaribi
A novel ultra-short-term wind speed prediction method based on dynamic adaptive continued fraction Downloads
Ji Jin, Jinyu Tian, Min Yu, Yong Wu and Yuanyan Tang
A neuron circuit based on memristor and negative capacitor: Dynamics analysis and hardware implementation Downloads
Shuyu Shi, Yan Liang, Yiqing Li, Zhenzhou Lu and Yujiao Dong
Approximation of fixed points and fractal functions by means of different iterative algorithms Downloads
M.A. Navascués
MORL4PDEs: Data-driven discovery of PDEs based on multi-objective optimization and reinforcement learning Downloads
Xiaoxia Zhang, Junsheng Guan, Yanjun Liu and Guoyin Wang
Collapse of pure-quartic solitons in a mode-locked fiber laser Downloads
Song Yang, Zhiwei Zhu, Chaojian He, Yiwen Shi, Yingying Yang and Xuechun Lin
Binary Darboux transformation of vector nonlocal reverse-time integrable NLS equations Downloads
Wen-Xiu Ma
Ising game on graphs Downloads
Andrey Leonidov, Alexey Savvateev and Andrew G. Semenov
Control and synchronization of Julia sets of discrete fractional Ising models Downloads
Xiaoling Lu and Weihua Sun
An accelerated neural dynamics model for solving dynamic nonlinear optimization problem and its applications Downloads
Dongyang Fu, Yang Si, Difeng Wang and Yizhen Xiong
Fractal properties, information theory, and market efficiency Downloads
Xavier Brouty and Matthieu Garcin
Breaking the symmetry neutralizes the extremization under the repulsion and higher order interactions Downloads
Changwei Huang, Huanyu Bian and Wenchen Han
Impact of dynamic compensation with resource feedback on the common pool resource game Downloads
Liyan Gao, Qiuhui Pan and Mingfeng He
Multiple bifurcations of a time-delayed coupled FitzHugh–Rinzel neuron system with chemical and electrical couplings Downloads
Dongpo Hu, Linyi Ma, Zigen Song, Zhaowen Zheng, Lifang Cheng and Ming Liu
From eligibility to suitability: Regulation and restriction of reputation-based access system on free-riding behavior in spatial public goods game Downloads
Hongwei Kang, Zhekang Li, Yong Shen, Zhiyuan Huang, Xingping Sun and Qingyi Chen
Ecological resilience in a circular world: Mutation and extinction in five-species ecosystems Downloads
Karthik Viswanathan, Ashly Wilson, Sirshendu Bhattacharyya and Chittaranjan Hens
Chimera-like state in the bistable excitatory-inhibitory cortical neuronal network Downloads
Xuening Li, Ying Xie, Zhiqiu Ye, Weifang Huang, Lijian Yang, Xuan Zhan and Ya Jia
Phonons scattering off discrete asymmetric solitons in the absence of a Peierls–Nabarro potential Downloads
Danial Saadatmand, A. Moradi Marjaneh, Alidad Askari and Herbert Weigel
An efficient Min/Max Robust Model Predictive Control for nonlinear discrete-time systems with dynamic disturbance Downloads
Thu Ha Nguyen, Van Chung Nguyen, Dang Quang Bui and Phuong Nam Dao
Exploring the dynamics of Lie symmetry, Bifurcation and Sensitivity analysis to the nonlinear Schrödinger model Downloads
Asghar Ali, Rashida Hussain and Sara Javed
Event-triggered fault tolerant control for Markov jump systems via a proportional–integral intermediate estimator Downloads
Yang Gu, Yiyu Shao, Liwei Li and Mouquan Shen
Rogue waves in a top-pattern and rogue waves with breathers in Ramani equation with ω-time derivative. Stability of the steady state solution Downloads
H.I. Abdel-Gawad and Mustafa Inc
A model for an electronic spiking neuron built with a memristive voltage-gated element Downloads
Leandro E. Fernandez, Agustin Carpio, Jiaming Wu, Stefano Boccaletti, Marcelo Rozenberg and Gabriel B. Mindlin
Robust finite/fixed-time bipartite flocking control for networked agents under actuator attacks and perturbations Downloads
Jiaqi Lu, Kaiyu Qin, Meng Li, Boxian Lin and Mengji Shi
Novel nonlinear fractional order Parkinson's disease model for brain electrical activity rhythms: Intelligent adaptive Bayesian networks Downloads
Roshana Mukhtar, Chuan-Yu Chang, Muhammad Asif Zahoor Raja, Naveed Ishtiaq Chaudhary and Chi-Min Shu
Three-dimensional Bose–Einstein gap solitons in optical lattices with fractional diffraction Downloads
Zhiming Chen, Xiuye Liu, Hongqiang Xie and Jianhua Zeng
Integral constraint regularization method for fractional optimal control problem with pointwise state constraint Downloads
Fangyuan Wang, Chuanjun Chen and Zhaojie Zhou
Dynamical and computational analysis of fractional order mathematical model for oscillatory chemical reaction in closed vessels Downloads
Devendra Kumar, Hunney Nama and Dumitru Baleanu
2-Killing vector fields on multiply warped product manifolds Downloads
Adara M. Blaga and Cihan Özgür
A bio inspired learning scheme for the fractional order kidney function model with neural networks Downloads
Zulqurnain Sabir, Shahid Ahmad Bhat, Hafiz Abdul Wahab, Maria Emilia Camargo, Gulmira Abildinova and Zhandos Zulpykhar
Hybrid structures of the rogue waves and breather-like waves for the higher-order coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations Downloads
Xi Zhang, Yu-Feng Wang and Sheng-Xiong Yang
Bayesian estimation of information-theoretic metrics for sparsely sampled distributions Downloads
Angelo Piga, Lluc Font-Pomarol, Marta Sales-Pardo and Roger Guimerà
On the number of equilibria of the replicator-mutator dynamics for noisy social dilemmas Downloads
Luoer Chen, Churou Deng, Manh Hong Duong and The Anh Han
Measures of physical mixing evaluate the economic mobility of the typical individual Downloads
Viktor Stojkoski
Impact of random links on neuronal extreme events Downloads
Anupama Roy and Sudeshna Sinha
Reformulation of Deng information dimension of complex networks based on a sigmoid asymptote Downloads
Pilar Ortiz-Vilchis, Mingli Lei and Aldo Ramirez-Arellano
Dynamic survivability of two-layer networks: The role of interlayer coupling Downloads
Yuexin Wang, Zhongkui Sun, Hanqi Zhang, Yining Zhou, Shutong Liu and Wei Xu
Construction of degenerate lump solutions for (2+1)-dimensional Yu-Toda-Sasa-Fukuyama equation Downloads
Wentao Li and Biao Li
A novel method for calculating the fractal dimension of three-dimensional surface topography on machined surfaces Downloads
Shuai Zhang, Yingjun Li, Guicong Wang, Zhenguang Qi and Yuanqin Zhou
An experimental set-up design for synchronization and control of coupled Hindmarsh–Rose neurons with Markov-jump dynamics: A case study on finite-time sliding-mode synchronization Downloads
Selami Beyhan
Identifying spiral wave tips with reservoir computing Downloads
Yeyuge Chen, Xiaolongzi Wu, Yu Qian and Xiaohua Cui
Controllable trajectory and shape of Hermite-Gaussian soliton clusters Downloads
Qing Wang, Junying Zhu, Jun Wang, Haiyan Yu and Beibei Hu
Prediction of multipole vector solitons and model parameters for coupled saturable nonlinear Schrödinger equations Downloads
Jun-Hang Jiang, Zhi-Zeng Si, Chao-Qing Dai and Bin Wu
Dynamical instabilities cause extreme events in a theoretical Brusselator model Downloads
S.V. Manivelan, S. Sabarathinam, K. Thamilmaran and I. Manimehan
Social contagion in high-order network with mutation Downloads
Tianyu Li, Yong Wu, Qianming Ding, Ying Xie, Dong Yu, Lijian Yang and Ya Jia
Event-triggering adaptive neural network output feedback control for networked systems under false data injection attacks Downloads
Dongke Zhao, Michael Shi, Huiyan Zhang, Yongchao Liu and Ning Zhao
A novel algorithm for the generalized network dismantling problem based on dynamic programming Downloads
Zhidan Feng, Huimin Song and Xingqin Qi
Collective rotation-flips and explosive synchronization in a ring of limit cycle oscillators Downloads
Naveen Kumar Mendola and Umeshkanta Singh Thounaojam
The adaptive adjustment of node weights based on reputation and memory promotes fairness Downloads
Lili Deng, Hongsi Wang, Rugen Wang, Ronghua Xu and Cheng Wang
Preferential selection based on adaptive attractiveness induce by reinforcement learning promotes cooperation Downloads
Pengzhou Bai, Bingzhuang Qiang, Kuan Zou and Changwei Huang
Evolutionary dynamics of N-person snowdrift game with two thresholds in well-mixed and structured populations Downloads
Jinxiu Pi, Chun Wang, Die Zhou, Wei Tang and Guanghui Yang
How social rewiring preferences bridge polarized communities Downloads
Henrique M. Borges, Vítor V. Vasconcelos and Flávio L. Pinheiro
Collective behavior of self-propelled particles with heterogeneity in both dynamics and delays Downloads
Yongjian Zhou, Tonghao Wang, Xiaokang Lei and Xingguang Peng
Generalized fractional calculus on time scales based on the generalized Laplace transform Downloads
Xin Li, Weiyuan Ma and Xionggai Bao
The exact solutions for the nonlocal Kundu-NLS equation by the inverse scattering transform Downloads
Yan Li, Beibei Hu, Ling Zhang and Jian Li
Dynamics of three-wave solitons and other localized wave solutions to a new generalized (3+1)-dimensional P-type equation Downloads
Muhammad Naveed Rafiq and Haibo Chen
A variable coefficient third degree generalized Abel equation method for solving stochastic Schrödinger–Hirota model Downloads
M.S. Hashemi
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