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Volume 18, issue 10, 1990

Farewell to 1992? pp. 886-887 Downloads
Jonathan P. Stern
Operating performance of nuclear reactors in the non-communist world pp. 888-912 Downloads
S. D. Thomas
The development of Orimulsion and Venezuelan oil strategy pp. 913-926 Downloads
Francis McGowan
Reducing conflict in global warming policy: The potential of equity as a unifying principle pp. 927-935 Downloads
Adam Rose
Effects of future fossil fuel use on CO2 levels in the atmosphere pp. 936-944 Downloads
C. Anastasi, R. Hudson and V. J. Simpson
USSR oil and gas industry training Systems in higher education pp. 945-948 Downloads
V. N. Vinogradov and B. P. Porshakov
Energy and environmental consequences and prospects Taiwan's miracle pp. 949-961 Downloads
Bert de Vries
More on moisture feedbacks pp. 962-964 Downloads
Myles Allen
Letter to the editor pp. 964-964 Downloads
Colin Sweet
Social costs of energy consumption: External effects of electricity generation in the Federal Republic of Germany: by Olav Hohmeyer Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1988, $29.70 pp. 965-966 Downloads
Ronald Stewart
Nuclear decommissioning and society: Public links to a new technology: ed by Martin J. Pasqualetti Routledge, London, UK, 1990, 237 pp, [pound sign]45.00 pp. 965-964 Downloads
Steve Thomas

Volume 18, issue 9, 1990

The new Europe and the Middle East: Scenarios for energy planning pp. 798-805 Downloads
Peter Oppenheimer
Socialist transformation: Energy exports from centrally planned economies pp. 806-808 Downloads
Marian Radetzki
A study of leakage from the UK natural gas distribution system pp. 809-818 Downloads
Catherine Mitchell, Jim Sweet and Tim Jackson
Climatic concerns Possible energy implications for selected lower income Asian nations pp. 819-827 Downloads
William Barron and Peter Hills
Energy policy and public opinion Manipulation of environmental threats by vested interests in the UK and West Germany pp. 828-837 Downloads
Sonja A. Boehmer-Christiansen
Energy, environment and development,: Some directions for policy research pp. 838-844 Downloads
David B. Brooks and Hartmut Krugmann
Acid deposition regulation and the US coal industry pp. 845-852 Downloads
Charles Kolstad
Non-utility captive generation for power sector planning in India pp. 853-860 Downloads
S. Ramesh, Kapil Thukral and Bindu Kaul
Price equalization and alternative approaches for rural electrification pp. 861-870 Downloads
Jean-Charles Hourcade, Michel Colombier and Philippe Menanteau
Reducing traffic congestion and its impact on transport energy use in Singapore pp. 871-874 Downloads
B. W. Ang
A time for promises pp. 875-876 Downloads
Sonja A. Boehmer-Christiansen
Energy -- the 1990s and beyond pp. 876-877 Downloads
David Jones
The politics of environment in the Federal Republic of Germany: Forests versus fossil fuels: by Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen SPRU Occasional Paper No 29, Sussex University, UK, 1989 pp. 878-879 Downloads
Stewart Boyle
L'Europe des surregenerateurs: by Klaus-Gerd Giesen Presses Universitaires de France, Paris 1989, 224 pp pp. 879-880 Downloads
Guy de Carmoy
Climate research review pp. 880-881 Downloads
Myles Allen

Volume 18, issue 8, 1990

Uranium: do leave it in the ground! pp. 689-691 Downloads
Peter Bunyard
Worlds in collision pp. 692-693 Downloads
Andrew MacKillop
The internal energy market The new coalition against energy efficiency and environmental concerns? pp. 694-701 Downloads
Michael Brand and Eberhand Jochem
Planning for the energy sector in Ghana Emerging trends and experiences pp. 702-710 Downloads
J. K. Turkson
The cinderella options: A study of modernized renewable energy technologies Part 2-Political and policy analysis pp. 711-725 Downloads
Michael Grubb
Trends in fuel and energy use and programmes for energy conservation by economic sector in the USSR pp. 726-739 Downloads
Albina Tretyakova and Matthew J. Sagers
Electric power in the Comecon European countries pp. 740-746 Downloads
Vladimir Voloshin
The Spanish oil sector From state intervention to free trade pp. 747-755 Downloads
Aad Correlje
The future of world oil prices Smooth growth or volatility? pp. 756-763 Downloads
Franz Wirl
New directions in integrated regional energy planning pp. 764-773 Downloads
Peter Nijkamp and Andreas Volwahsen
Conservation screening curves to compare efficiency investments to power plants pp. 774-782 Downloads
Jonathan Koomey, Arthur H. Rosenfeld and Ashok Gadgil
Communication Energy efficiency and economic fallacies pp. 783-785 Downloads
Michael Grubb
Letter to the editor pp. 786-785 Downloads
Horace Herring and Mike Elliott
Electricity in Europe: Power and profit: by Andrew Holmes Financial Times Business Information, London, UK, 122pp, [pound sign]203 in UK, [pound sign]213 or US$341 outside UK pp. 786-787 Downloads
Arthur Conway
New transportation fuels: A strategic approach to technological change: Daniel Sperling University of California Press, Berkeley, CA, USA, 1989 pp. 787-789 Downloads
Stewart Boyle
The economy of the Earth: Philosophy, law and the environment: by Mark Sagoff Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1988, 288pp, [pound sign]27.50 pp. 789-791 Downloads
Tim Jackson
British nuclear energy society conference on `radioactive waste management 2': Brigthon, UK, 2-5 May 1989 pp. 791-792 Downloads
Frans Berkhout
Climate research review pp. 793-794 Downloads
Myles Allen

Volume 18, issue 7, 1990

EC restrictions to nuclear subsidy pp. 590-592 Downloads
Fiona Reynolds
The supply and demand for oil in the 1990s Will the forecasters alone make money? pp. 593-595 Downloads
Walter Goldstein
Two cheers for EC energy and environmental policy pp. 596-598 Downloads
Chris Hope and Susan Owens
An assessment of UK North Sea oil and gas policies Twenty-five years on pp. 599-623 Downloads
Alexander G. Kemp
Avoided cost contracts can undermine least-cost planning pp. 624-630 Downloads
Stephen Bernow, Bruce Biewald and Donald Marron
Delinking of energy consumption and economic growth The German experience pp. 631-640 Downloads
Ulf Hansen
The scientific challenge of measuring climate changeGlobal warming and its energy implications pp. 641-651 Downloads
Volker A. Mohnen, Walter Goldstein and Wei-Chyung Wang
The air quality debate in California should gasoline be banned? pp. 652-660 Downloads
Gregory P. Nowell
Iron and charcoal the industrial fuelwood crisis in Minas Gerais pp. 661-668 Downloads
Frank Ackerman and Paulo Eduardo Fernandes de Almeida
CO2 abatement cost in West Germany pp. 669-671 Downloads
Felix Conrad
Increasing energy supply not inevitable pp. 671-673 Downloads
Dave Toke
Legal regulation of energy in a new decade: Energy Law '90, Ninth Biennial Seminar of the International Bar Association's Section on Energy and Natural Resources Law (IBA SERL), Leeuwenhorst Congress Center, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands, 22-27 April 1990 pp. 674-675 Downloads
Donald N. Zillman
Energy - environment - development: The 12th Annual International Conference of the IAEE, New Delhi, India, January 4-6, 1990 pp. 675-677 Downloads
R. K. Pachauri
Energy - environment debate: Are Energy and Environmental Policy One and Same Thing?, BIEE Seminar, Chatham House, London, UK, 8 June 1990 pp. 677-678 Downloads
Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen
The greenhouse effect: Negotiating targets: by Michael Grubb Royal Institute for International Affairs, (RIIA), London, 1990, 55 pp, [pound sign]10.00 pp. 678-679 Downloads
O'Riordan, Timothy
Energy conservation trends: Understanding the factors that affect conservation gains in the US economy: US Dept of Energy, September 1989 pp. 679-680 Downloads
David Jones
The mirage of oil protection: by Robert L. Bradley, Jr. University Press of America, a Cato Institute book, 1989 pp. 680-681 Downloads
David L. Shapiro
Modelling climate change pp. 681-682 Downloads
Myles R. Allen

Volume 18, issue 6, 1990

Can nuclear energy contribute to slowing global warming? pp. 494-499 Downloads
Jan Murray
Tax harmonization for petroleum products in the EC pp. 500-505 Downloads
Jean Pierre Angelier and Thomas Sterner
Comecon nuclear power plant performance a comparison with the USA and Japan pp. 506-524 Downloads
Steve Thomas
The cinderella options a study of modernized renewable energy technologies part 1-A technical assessment pp. 525-542 Downloads
Michael Grubb
Diversion-resistance criteria for future nuclear power pp. 543-549 Downloads
R. H. Williams and H. A. Feiveson
Quantifying and comparing fuel-cycle greenhouse-gas emissions: Coal, oil and natural gas consumption pp. 550-562 Downloads
Deborah Wilson
The relative cost effectiveness of various measures to ameliorate global warming pp. 563-571 Downloads
D. M. Donaldson and G. E. Betteridge
Urban fuelwood challenges and dilemmas pp. 572-582 Downloads
John Soussan, O'Keefe, Phil and Barry Munslow
A global agenda for clean air pp. 583-585 Downloads
Hilary F. French
Climate research review pp. 585-587 Downloads
Myles Allen

Volume 18, issue 5, 1990

Soviet energy: The uncertain 1990s pp. 399-405 Downloads
Mikhail B. Korchemkin
Does nuclear power have a future? pp. 406-422 Downloads
Colin Sweet
It is energy we need not electricity pp. 423-427 Downloads
Norman Jenkins
Opening access to European grids: In search of solid ground pp. 428-442 Downloads
Dominique Finon
Towards an effective oil conservation policy: A case study for OPEC pp. 443-448 Downloads
Mohamed Shams
The contribution of efficient energy pricing to reducing carbon dioxide emissions pp. 449-455 Downloads
Joanne Burgess
The conflict between energy conservation and environmental policy in the US transportation sector pp. 456-458 Downloads
J. Daniel Khazzoom, Michael Shelby and Rob Wolcott
Freight transport and energy policy: An application to the Queensland freight task pp. 459-470 Downloads
Jim McGovern and Ian Lowe
A critical review of nuclear power plant decommissioning planning studies pp. 471-479 Downloads
W. Timothy Lough and K. Preston White
Letter to the editor pp. 480-479 Downloads
Richard H. Hosier
The assessment of fusion power pp. 480-482 Downloads
Roy Bickerton energy exporter? Rejoinder pp. 482-484 Downloads
Larry Chuen-ho Chow
Climate research review pp. 485-486 Downloads
Myles R. Allen
Environmental solutions: 9th International Congress on Energy and the Environment, Clean Energy Institute, University of Miami, USA, 13-15 December 1989 pp. 486-487 Downloads
Alexi Clarke
OPEC: Twenty-five years of prices and politics: Ian Skeet Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1988 263 pp, [pound sign]27.50 pp. 487-488 Downloads
Michael Morrison

Volume 18, issue 4, 1990

The case for a national energy policy pp. 310-311 Downloads
Toany Benn
Environmental information for all: The need of a monthly index pp. 312-319 Downloads
Chris Hope and Jon Parker
Recent changes in the power equipment industry and the opening up of public procurement markets in the EEC pp. 320-330 Downloads
Augusto Ninni
Adding uncertainty to least-cost planning: A case study of efficiency standards in the Northwest pp. 331-339 Downloads
Andrew Ford and Jay Geinzer
Obstacles to rational electricity use and measures to alleviate them pp. 340-350 Downloads
Eberhard Jochem and Edelgard Gruber
Coal policies and trade barriers pp. 351-367 Downloads
R. P. Steenblik and K. J. Wigley
India's oil policy: To import crudes or products? pp. 368-380 Downloads
Kapil Thukral
The UK energy debate in the 1980s: Ceasefire or new consensus? pp. 381-388 Downloads
Matthew R. Jones
Keepin and Kats -- a comment pp. 389-394 Downloads
Edwin M. Kinderman and William J. Schumacher
The future of the gulf: Politics and oil in the 1990s: Philip Robins Energy and Environment Programme, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Energy Papers No 25, Dartmouth, UK, 1989, 145 pp, [pound sign]25.00 pp. 394-395 Downloads
Paul Stevens
Photovoltaic demonstration projects 2: CEC contractors meeting, Ispra, Italy, May '89: edited by W. B. Gillet, R. J. Hacker and W. Kraut Elsevier Applied Science, Amsterdam, 1989, 340 pp, [pound sign]42.00 pp. 395-395 Downloads
Norman Jenkins

Volume 18, issue 3, 1990

Oil in the 1990s pp. 223-227 Downloads
Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Tamani
Energy coping with risk pp. 228-232 Downloads
Jose Goldemberg
Towards a free market for energy? a legal perspective pp. 233-245 Downloads
Leigh Hancher
Forecasting of diesel and petrol sales an evaluation of various marketing strategies pp. 246-254 Downloads
B. W. Ang and K. C. Tan
Matching petrol and diesel fuel demand in South Africa pp. 255-266 Downloads
K. F. Bennett
Implementing nuclear energy policy in Japan top-down and bottom-up perspectives pp. 267-282 Downloads
S. Hayden Lesbirel
Residential wood combustion for space heating in the Pacific northwest difficulties for electric utilities? pp. 283-292 Downloads
Bruce E. Tonn and Dennis L. White
Energy conservation policies pp. 293-299 Downloads
Geoffrey Greenhalgh
An international tax on pollution and natural resource depletion pp. 300-302 Downloads
Thomas Sterner
Electricity forecasting pp. 303-304 Downloads
John K. Stutz
Electricity end-use efficiency: by International Energy Agency International Energy Agency, Paris, 1989, 200 pp pp. 305-306c Downloads
Eric Hirst
Generating failure, public power policy in the northwest: by David L. Shapiro University Press of America, New York, 1989, 114 p pp. 305-306a Downloads
Eric Hirst
Regulating utilities in an era of deregulation: edited by Michael A. Crew Macmillan Press, London, 1987, 201 pp pp. 305-306b Downloads
Eric Hirst

Volume 18, issue 2, 1990

The role of the automobile: Future transportation, environmental and energy needs pp. 137-148 Downloads
Deborah Lynn Bleviss
US energy security: Problems and prospects pp. 149-161 Downloads
Ira Sohn
Variable electricity prices for aluminium smelting in northwestern USA pp. 162-169 Downloads
Paul Spies
Long-term evolution of oil prices 1860-1987 pp. 170-174 Downloads
Carlos E. Suarez
Regional energy trade: Its role in South America pp. 175-185 Downloads
Alfredo Behrens
Tax credits and US solar commercialization policy pp. 186-198 Downloads
Daniel Rich and J. David Roessner
The greenhouse effect: the fallacies in the energy efficiency solution pp. 199-201 Downloads
Len Brookes
Eastern Europe and energy projects pp. 201-202 Downloads
Matthew Rodda
Methane leakage from natural gas pp. 202-204 Downloads
P. A. Okken
CHP -- challenges for the 1990s pp. 205-207 Downloads
David Jones
Energy and environment -- a new climate? pp. 205-204 Downloads
Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen
Membrane technology pp. 207-208 Downloads
Norman Jenkins
The hydrogen economy revisited: Solar Hydrogen: Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels Joan M. Ogden and Robert H. Williams World Resources Institute, Washington, DC, USA, 1989, US$10.00, 124 pp pp. 208-209 Downloads
Cleland McVeigh
Fall of the nuclear empire: The demise of nuclear energy? Lessons for Democratic Control of Technology by J.G. Morone and E.J. Woodhouse pp. 210-211 Downloads
Tim Jackson
Nuclear weapons in the middle East: The invisible bomb: The nuclear arms race in the Middle East by Frank Barnaby I.B. Taurus & Co Ltd, London, 1989, 222 pp, [pound sign]14.95 pp. 211-212 Downloads
Warren Donnelly
An historical perspective on oil: Oil in the world economy edited by R.W. Ferrier and A. Fursenko Routledge, Chapman and Hall Ltd, Groom Hall, [pound sign]35.00, 131 pp pp. 212-213 Downloads
Paul Tempest
Aspects of biomass energy: Biogas end-use in the European community by M. Constant, H. Naveau, G.-L. Ferrero and E.-J. Nyns Elsevier Applied Science, London and New York, 1989, 345 pp, [pound sign]49 pp. 213-214 Downloads
Chris Lewis
Aspects of biomass energy: Biomass assessment: Woody biomass in the SADCC Region by Andrew Millington and John Townshend Earthscan Publications Limited, London, UK, 1989, 270 pp, [pound sign]29.95 pp. 213-213 Downloads
Chris Lewis
Letter to the editor pp. 214-215 Downloads
Jane Carter

Volume 18, issue 1, 1990

Energy policy of the Bush administration pp. 2-4 Downloads
W. Henson Moore
The environmental challenge and the impact on the oil industry pp. 5-10 Downloads
Nay Htun
Thinking economically about climate change pp. 11-18 Downloads
Edward Barbier and David Pearce
Climate change and the need for a new energy agenda pp. 19-24 Downloads
Myles R. Allen and John M. Christensen
Slowing global warming and sustaining development: The promise of energy efficiency pp. 25-33 Downloads
Gregory H. Kats
Transport and energy policies -- only connect pp. 34-41 Downloads
Stewart Boyle
Beyond 1992 -- the single market and EC energy issues pp. 42-54 Downloads
John Surrey
Norwegian gas exports: Past policy, current prospects and future options pp. 55-60 Downloads
Jonathan P. Stern
Energy price shocks and productivity slowdown pp. 61-65 Downloads
David O. Wood
Oil prices in the short, medium and long-term pp. 66-71 Downloads
Fereidun Fesharaki
Introduction to John Gault and associates pp. 72-71 Downloads
Paul Tempest
OPEC production quotas and their application to non-OPEC countries pp. 73-79 Downloads
John Gault, Bahman Karbassioun, Charles Spierer and Jean-Luc Bertholet
Denmark's energy future pp. 80-85 Downloads
John Hebo Nielsen
Integration of the natural gas market in Western Europe pp. 86-91 Downloads
Ronald J. Hopper, Jesper Munkegaard and Uffe Bungaard-Jorgensen
Consumption of fuelwood and other household cooking fuels in Indian cities pp. 92-99 Downloads
J. Dunkerley, Molly Macauley, M. Naimuddin and P. C. Agarwal
In the aftermath of the energy crisis New Zealand's energy policy in the 1970s and 1980s pp. 100-116 Downloads
Stephen C. Lonergan and Chris Cocklin
Gas and project planning in the third world: Gas and project planning in the Third World, Third World Energy Policy Study Group, Cambridge Energy Research Group, Cavendish Laboratory, 30 September 1988 pp. 117-118 Downloads
Peter Pearson
Blueprint for a green economy: by D. Pearce et al Earthscan Publications, London, UK, 1989, 192 pp, [pound sign]6.95 pp. 118-121 Downloads
Tim Jackson
Shale Barrel Politics: Energy and legislative leadership: by Eric M. Uslaner Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA, USA, 1989, $32.50, 241 pp pp. 121-122 Downloads
Warren Donnelly
In the absence of competition -- A consumer view of public utilities regulation: National Consumer Council HMSO, London, 1989, [pound sign]9.95 pp. 122-123 Downloads
Francis McGowan
International environmental diplomacy: The management and resolution of transfrontier environmental problems: ed by John E. Carroll Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, MA, USA, 291 pp, $35.00, 1988 pp. 123-124 Downloads
Jim Skea
Petroleum rent collection around the world: by Alexander Kemp The Institute for Research on Public Policy, South Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1987, 363 pp, Canadian $30.00 pp. 124-124 Downloads
Ian Smart
The greenhouse effect: A Practical guide to the world's changing climate: by Stewart Boyle and John Ardill New English Library, UK, 1989, 298 pp, [pound sign]3.50 pp. 125-126 Downloads
Michael Grubb
Fossil fuel consumption and the environment: by Ann Davison Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Oxford, UK, 1989, 61 pp pp. 126-127 Downloads
Jim Skea
Letter to the editor pp. 127-127 Downloads
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