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Volume 10, issue 4, 1982

Energy needs of the developing world pp. 274-93 Downloads
Joy Dunkerley
Industrial electricity consumption in the UK: Past determinants and possible futures pp. 275-294 Downloads
Steve Thomas and Gordon Mackerron
Costs of nuclear accidents Implications for reactor choice pp. 295-304 Downloads
Nigel Evans and Chris Hope
Fast breeder reactors: the end of a myth? pp. 305-321 Downloads
Dominique Finon
Subsidy strategies for energy technologies pp. 322-336 Downloads
H. A. Feiveson and A. Rabl
Energy backcasting A proposed method of policy analysis pp. 337-344 Downloads
John Bridger Robinson
Communications on energy What if the Sizewell PWR is not built? pp. 345-348 Downloads
Gordon Mackerron
Impacts of hydroelectric development on the environment pp. 349-354 Downloads
Asit K. Biswas
Hydroelectric power in China pp. 354-356 Downloads
H. Dickinson, I. M. Flanagan and H. W. Whittington
Shortfall in on-road fuel economy: Implications for public policy pp. 356-359 Downloads
H. Inhaber
Uncertainty of energy markets: Fourth Annual International Conference of the International Association of Energy Economists, Churchill College, Cambridge, 28-30 June 1982 pp. 359-361 Downloads
Stuart Harris
Macrogeneration: Thermal route for the future pp. 361-362 Downloads
Norman Jenkins
Professor Jeffery on the real cost of nuclear electricity in the UK: a note pp. 362-364 Downloads
Alistair McGuire
The cost of nuclear electricity -- a reply to Professor Jeffery pp. 364-365 Downloads
R. S. Barclay
Reply pp. 365-366 Downloads
J. W. Jeffery
There is justification for developing a fast reactor programme: Reply pp. 366-366 Downloads
Colin Sweet
The oil factor in US foreign policy 1980-1990: by Melvin A. Conant Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, USA, 1982, 179 pp, [pound sign]11.50 pp. 367-368 Downloads
Louis Turner
Energy demand: Facts and trends A comparative analysis of industrialized countries: by B. Chateau and B. Lapillonne Springer-Verlag, Vienna, 1982, 296 pp, $35.10, DM79 pp. 368-368 Downloads
Steve Thomas
A simulation model for UK energy demand: by the UK Departments of Environment and Transport Research Report Number 33, HMSO, London, 1981, 171 pp, [pound sign]19.00 pp. 369-368 Downloads
M. S. Common
Renewable sources of energy and the environment: edited by Essam El-Hinnawi and Asit K. Biswas Tycooly International Publishing, Dublin, Eire, 1981, 234 pp pp. 370-368 Downloads
Andrew MacKillop
Energy and the developing nations: edited by Peter Auer Pergamon Press, Oxford, UK, 1981, 524 pp, $59.50 pp. 370-371 Downloads
Gerald Leach
Nuclear power in developing countries: An analysis of decisionmaking: edited by J.E. Katz and O.S. Marwah Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, USA, 1982, 384 pp, US$28.95, [pound sign]22.50 pp. 371-371 Downloads
Andrew MacKillop

Volume 10, issue 3, 1982

Energy and value pp. 171-180 Downloads
P. C. Roberts
The new French energy policy pp. 181-188 Downloads
Guy de Carmoy
Electric power and economic development: The case of India pp. 189-202 Downloads
Rajendra K. Pachauri
Geothermal energy: Non-electric potential in the USA pp. 203-211 Downloads
Mark Houldsworth and Paul K. McDevitt
Consumer energy conservation policy in Canada: Behavioural and institutional obstacles pp. 212-224 Downloads
Gordon H. G. McDougall and Randolph B. Mank
Analysis of hospital energy audits pp. 225-232 Downloads
Eric Hirst
Inequities in domestic energy use: Some determinants pp. 233-243 Downloads
Jetse D. Kalma and David J. Crossley
Future nuclear energy policy--the West German enquete commission pp. 244-249 Downloads
Jobst Conrad
NRSE potential in India pp. 250-251 Downloads
V. V. Eswaran
Electricity investment planning: a UK example pp. 251-254 Downloads
Nigel Evans
The economics of Magnox reactors pp. 254-256 Downloads
P. E. Watts
Transition to the post-oil era: Second Bat-Sheva International Seminar on Energy: Transition to the Post-Oil Era, Israel, 3-8 January 1982 pp. 256-257 Downloads
Peter R. Odell
The pressurised water reactor and the United Kingdom: Birmingham University, Birmingham, UK, 24-25 March 1982 pp. 257-258 Downloads
Czech Conroy
Local power and heat generation: A new opportunity for British Industry: organized by Utilicom Ltd, Bath, UK, and the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, 16 April 1982 pp. 258-259 Downloads
Jayne Holder
International energy options: edited by Paul Tempest Graham & Trotman, Bond Street House, London, UK (in Canada and USA, Oelgesschlager, Gunn & Hain) 1981, 304 pp, [pound sign]11.00, $24.00 pp. 259-260 Downloads
R. J. Friedland
Choice over chance -- economic and energy options for the future: by William F. Thompson, Jerome J. Karaganis and Kenneth D. Wilson Published in 1981 by Praeger Publishers of New York; distributed in UK by Holt-Saunders, Eastbourne, hardback [pound sign]22.50, paperback [pound sign]7.25 302 pp pp. 260-261 Downloads
L. G. Brookes
An economic analysis of world energy problems: by Richard L. Gordon The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, USA, 1981, 282 pp pp. 261-262 Downloads
Ferdinand E. Banks
Natural gas and economic security: Atlantic Paper No 43, The Atlantic Institute for International Affairs, Paris, France, 1981, 60 pp pp. 262-262 Downloads
Jonathan P. Stern
The other price of Britain's oil: Safety and control in the North Sea: by W.G. Carson Martin Robertson, Oxford, UK, 1982, 320 pp, [pound sign] pp. 263-262 Downloads
Louis Turner
The European power plant industry: Structural responses to international market pressures: by John Surrey and William Walker Sussex European Research Centre, University of Sussex, Brighton, 1981, [pound sign]4.00, 100 pp pp. 264-264 Downloads
Louis Turner
The energy crisis, conservation and solar: by Harvey Rose and Amy Pinkerton Ann Arbor Science, Ann Arbor, USA, 1981 pp. 264-265 Downloads
Louis Turner
Pricing petroleum products: Strategies of eleven industrial nations: by Edward N. Krapels McGraw-Hill, New York, USA, 1982, $ pp. 265-265 Downloads
Louis Turner
Wind energy for the eighties: review by members of the British Wind Energy Association Peter Peregrinus Ltd, 1982 pp. 266-267 Downloads
Lord Ironside
Energy and environment in the developing countries: edited by Manas Chatterji John Wiley, Chichester, UK, 1981, 370 pp, GBP19.00 pp. 267-267 Downloads
Andrew MacKillop

Volume 10, issue 2, 1982

The reagan administration's energy policy: international ramifications pp. 74-75 Downloads
Charles K. Ebinger
The real cost of nuclear electricity in the UK pp. 76-100 Downloads
J. W. Jeffery
Quantification of nuclear diversion risks Promises and problems pp. 101-108 Downloads
Carolyn D. Heising
US nuclear energy policy Provision of funds for decommissioning pp. 109-119 Downloads
Barry D. Solomon
Security risks to energy production and trade The problems of the Middle East pp. 120-130 Downloads
Eugenie Maechling
Improving energy efficiency The effectiveness of government action pp. 131-142 Downloads
Eric Hirst, William Fulkerson, Roger Carlsmith and Thomas Wilbanks
Electricity planning under uncertainty Risks, margins and the uncertain planner pp. 143-152 Downloads
Nigel Lucas and Dimitrios Papaconstantinou
A supply-side approach to energy policy pp. 153-157 Downloads
Mary Bejan and Adrian Bejan
Barriers to the adoption of an energy efficient technology pp. 157-158 Downloads
Alfred A. Marcus, Paul Sommers and Bonnie Berk
There is justification for developing a fast reactor programme pp. 159-158 Downloads
R. D. Smith, A. A. Farmer and P. M. S. Jones
No price-induced conservation evident in Canada pp. 159-160 Downloads
J. G. Melvin
OPEC joins North-South debate pp. 161-160 Downloads
Louis Turner
Prospects for enhanced oil recovery: Winning More Oil by R. Dafter Financial Times Business Information, London, 183 pp + Appendices, [pound sign]90 paperback pp. 161-162 Downloads
Peter Odell
An overview of oil policy: The European Transition From Oil: Societal Impacts and Constraints on Energy Policy edited by Gordon T. Goodman, Lars A. Kristoferson and Jack M. Hollander Academic Press, London, 1981, 354 pp, [pound sign]20.60, $49.50 pp. 162-162b Downloads
Louis Turner
An overview of oil policy: Oil or industry? Energy, Industrialization and Economic Policy in Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom edited by Terry Barker and Vladimir Brailovsky Academic Press, London, 1981, 330 pp, [pound sign]15.80, $38.00 pp. 162-162a Downloads
Louis Turner
An overview of oil policy: US Energy Policy and US Foreign Policy in the 1980s: Report of the Atlantic Council's Energy Policy Committee by John E. Gray, Henry H. Fowler and Joseph W. Harned Ballinger, Cambridge, MA, USA, 1981, 309 pp, [pound sign]17.50 pp. 162-164 Downloads
Louis Turner
Government policies and North Sea development: British Industry and the North Sea: State Intervention in a Developing Industrial Sector by Michael Jenkin Macmillan Press, London, 1981 251 pp, [pound sign]20.00 pp. 164-165 Downloads
Maxwell Gaskin
Government policies and North Sea development: The oil industry and government strategy in the north sea by Oystein Noreng Croom Helm and ICEED, London and Boulder, CO, USA, 1981, 268 pp, [pound sign]14.95 pp. 164-164 Downloads
Maxwell Gaskin
Energy modelling: Future energy policies for the UK: An optimal control approach Dipak Basu Macmillan, Basingstoke, Hants, UK, 1981, 178 pp, [pound sign]20.00 pp. 165-166 Downloads
Steve Thomas
Energy modelling: Energy policy and forecasting: Economic, financial and technical dimensions Glenn DeSouza Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, USA, 1982, 236 pp, [pound sign]16.50 pp. 165-165 Downloads
Steve Thomas
Energy security: Oil and Security in the Arabian Gulf Arab Research Centre (ARC), Croom Helm, London, 1981, 162 pp, [pound sign]10.95 pp. 166-168 Downloads
Jonathan P. Stern
Energy security: Energy and Security edited by David A. Deese and Joseph S. Nye A Report of Harvard's Energy and Security Project, Ballinger, Cambridge, MA, USA, 1981, 489 pp pp. 166-166 Downloads
Jonathan P. Stern

Volume 10, issue 1, 1982

Making the energy transition pp. 3-14 Downloads
Richard Lamb
Logistical and economic obstacles to a fast reactor programme pp. 15-26 Downloads
Colin Sweet
Mexican natural gas implications for the US market pp. 27-41 Downloads
Ira M. Sheskin and Jeffrey P. Osleeb
A note on energy requirements Calculations using the 1968 and 1974 UK input-output tables pp. 42-48 Downloads
M. S. Common and P. McPherson
Energy use and conservation in the residential sector Methodological questions and policy prescriptions pp. 49-56 Downloads
Marc Eichen and George Tukel
British gas buying rights and natural gas depletion pp. 57-61 Downloads
P. J. Lehmann and N. R. Shaw
Improving insulation standards in existing dwellings pp. 61-63 Downloads
Toby Harris
Geothermal energy in Kenya pp. 63-64 Downloads
John Madeley
90 days of oil imports: International Oil Supplies and Stockpiling Conference, organized by The Economist, Hamburg, West Germany, 17-18 September 1981 pp. 64-65 Downloads
Louis Turner
Rising oil prices and world economic output (EIU special report no 94): by Geoffrey Bartlett The Economist Intelligence Unit, London, 1981, 108 pp, [pound sign]40 pp. 65-65 Downloads
Chris Rowland
The World energy triangle: A Strategy for cooperation: by Thomas Hoffman and Brian Johnson Harper and Row, London, 1981, 236 pp, [pound sign]14.75 pp. 66-67h Downloads
Louis Turner
Energy in the developing countries: World Bank, Washington, DC, 1980, 92 pp pp. 66-67f Downloads
Louis Turner
Rivers of energy: The hydro-power potential: by Daniel Deudney Worldwatch Paper 44, Worldwatch Institute, Washington, DC, 1981, 55 pp, $2.00 pp. 66-67d Downloads
Louis Turner
Energy strategies for developing nations: by Joy Dunkerley, William Ramsay, Lincoln Gordon and Elizabeth Cecelski Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore and London, for Resources for the Future, 1981, 284 pp, [pound sign]14.50 (cloth), [pound sign]6.25 (paper) pp. 66-67a Downloads
Louis Turner
Energy for development: An International challenge: by John Foster, Efrain Friedmann, James W. Howe, Francisco R. Parra and David H. Pollock Praeger, New York, Holt-Saunders, Eastbourne, UK, 1981, 302 pp, [pound sign]26.00 pp. 66-67b Downloads
Louis Turner
Energy in the developing World: The real energy crisis: edited by Vaclav Smil and William Knowland Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1980, 394 pp, [pound sign]25.00 (cloth), [pound sign]12.50 (paper) pp. 66-67e Downloads
Louis Turner
Future energy consumption of the Third World: by Marcus Fritz Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1981, 393 pp, [pound sign]20.00, $50.00 pp. 66-67g Downloads
Louis Turner
Mobilizing renewable energy technology in developing countries: Strengthening local capabilities and research: World Bank, Washington, DC, 1981, 56 pp pp. 66-67c Downloads
Louis Turner
National Oil Companies: by L.E. Grayson John Wiley, Chichester, UK, 1981, 278 pp, [pound sign]15.90 pp. 68-69 Downloads
D. Hann
Energy Research development and demonstration in the United Kingdom Part Three: Renewable energy: edited by J. Furnival with contributions from J. Foster and Susan E. Owens HMSO, London, UK, 1980, 440 pp, [pound sign]16.00 pp. 69-70b Downloads
Norman Jenkins
Energy research development and demonstration in the United Kingdom Part One: Energy Conservation: edited by J. Furnival with contributions from J. Foster and Susan E. Owens Energy Technology Support Unit for the UK Department of Energy, HMSO, London, UK, 1979, 114 pp, [pound sign]2.50 pp. 69-70c Downloads
Norman Jenkins
Energy Research development and demonstration in the United Kingdom Part Two: Energy Research in the social sciences: edited by Susan E. Owens Social Science Research Council, London, UK, 1980, 428 pp, [pound sign]7.50 pp. 69-70a Downloads
Norman Jenkins
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