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Volume 9, issue 4, 1981

Too soon to relax? pp. 250-72 Downloads
Louis Turner
Political regulation of Mexico's oil boom The policy choices of wealth pp. 251-265 Downloads
Walter Goldstein
Global economic change and new energy A proposal for enhanced economic growth in low income countries pp. 266-278 Downloads
Andrew MacKillop
Prospects for US coal pp. 279-288 Downloads
Richard L. Gordon
Solar subsidies and economic efficiency pp. 289-300 Downloads
Roger H. Bezdek and F. T. Sparrow
Soviet energy Current problems and future options pp. 301-315 Downloads
Jonathan B. Stein
Oil supply diversification: a panacea for energy vulnerabilities? pp. 316-319 Downloads
Wallace C. Koehler
Nuclear power: the enduring connection pp. 319-323 Downloads
Raphael Papadopoulos
The Brazilian nuclear power programme: A case not proven pp. 323-326 Downloads
Mario Duayer, Philip Gummett and Kenneth Green
There is more to Canada's constitutional problems than Albertan oil pp. 326-328 Downloads
Peter Crabb
Problems of biogas production pp. 328-328 Downloads
John Madeley
Oil crisis looms large in India pp. 329-328 Downloads
O. P. Kharbanda
Adapting to higher energy prices: Third Annual Conference of the International Association of Energy Economists: Adapting to Higher Energy Prices - International and Interregional Perspectives, University of Toronto, Canada, 21-24 June 1981 pp. 330-331 Downloads
P. R. Odell
An overview of the uranium industry: Sixth Annual Symposium of the Uranium Institute, London, 2-4 September 1981 pp. 331-333 Downloads
Louis Turner
Energy use and conservation in LCDs pp. 333-334 Downloads
Lee Schipper
Reply pp. 334-335 Downloads
Andrew MacKillop
Funding a bounty programme for the US car market pp. 335-337 Downloads
Andrew Ford
Reply pp. 337-337 Downloads
Edward F. Renshaw
The merits of international nuclear arrangements: INTERNATIONALIZATION: AN ALTERNATIVE TO NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION? edited by Eberhard Meller Oelgeschlager, Gunn & Hain Publishers Inc, Cambridge, MA, USA, 1981 178 pp, $20.00 pp. 337-338 Downloads
Marian Radetzki
The basics of energy economics: ENERGY ECONOMICS by Richard Eden, Michael Posner, Richard Bending, Edmund Crouch and Joe Stanislaw Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1981, 456 pp, [pound sign]19.50 pp. 338-339 Downloads
Gordon MacKerron
Uranium: a survey of the industry: URANIUM: A STRATEGIC SOURCE OF ENERGY by Marian Radetzki Croom Helm, London, UK, 1980, 156 pp, [pound sign]12.95 pp. 339-340 Downloads
Joen Greenwood
Far East oil and energy survey: edited by Bryan Cooper Petroleum Economist and Petro-Consultants, London, UK, 1981, 476 pp, [pound sign]160, $385 pp. 341-342 Downloads
Louis Turner
Interdisciplinary economics of high cost oil: HIGH COST OIL AND GAS RESOURCES by Jerome D. Davis Croom Helm, London, 1981, 266 pp, [pound sign]16.95 pp. 342-343 Downloads
Chris Rowland

Volume 9, issue 3, 1981

Approaches to nuclear fuel assurance Balancing nonproliferation with energy security pp. 178-185 Downloads
Randy J. Rydell
Managing an oil bonanza An analysis of alternative mexican export policies pp. 186-196 Downloads
Teodoro Myslabodski Lejtman and John Peter Weyant
Energy prices and conservation The Canadian experience pp. 197-204 Downloads
R. K. Sahi and R. W. Erdmann
Switching from oil to coal firing for steam raising A case study at a large industrial site pp. 205-215 Downloads
J. F. Skea
Home heating oil consumption Profiling `efficient' and `inefficient' households pp. 216-225 Downloads
Philip J. Rosson and Robert W. Sweitzer
Stimulating energy conservation The use of the opinion leadership process pp. 226-231 Downloads
Ugur Yavas and Glen Riecken
Communications on energy Changing policy perspectives for natural gas in the Netherlands pp. 232-236 Downloads
I. M. Evans
New Energy Conservation Technologies and Their Commercialization: organized by the International Energy Agency, Berlin, West Germany, 6-10 April 1981 pp. 236-237 Downloads
Louis Turner
Economic Costs of Alternative Energy Sources: symposium organized by PARLIGAES (Parliamentary Liaison Group for Alternative Energy Strategies) and Energy Manager, London, 2 April 1981 pp. 238-239 Downloads
Gordon MacKerron
Future Soviet energy production pp. 239-240 Downloads
Theodore Shabad
Parligaes conference on nuclear power economics pp. 240-241 Downloads
L. G. Brookes
Reply pp. 240-240 Downloads
Michael Kaser
Europe and world energy: Hanns Maull Butterworths, London, 1980, 342 pp, [pound sign]16.50 pp. 241-243 Downloads
Marian Radetzki
The necessity for nuclear power: by Geoffrey Greenhalgh Graham & Trotman Limited, London, 1980, 260 pp, [pound sign]8.00 paperback, [pound sign]17.50 hardback pp. 243-244 Downloads
Warren H. Donnelly
Soviet oil and gas: by David Wilson EIU Special Report No 90, Economist Intelligence Unit, London, 1980, 138 pp, [pound sign]60.00 pp. 244-244 Downloads
Mike Prior
Soviet natural gas development to 1990: by Jonathan P. Stern Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, 1980, 187 pp, [pound sign]13.50 pp. 244-245 Downloads
Mike Prior
The organisation of the energy industry: by Lynn F. Pearson Macmillan, London, 1981, 252 pp, [pound sign]20.00 pp. 245-246 Downloads
Roger Williams

Volume 9, issue 2, 1981

Energy conservation and substitution: Refining the objectives pp. 74-84 Downloads
Gerald Foley
Alternatives to OPEC oil: Investment costs and financing prospects pp. 85-98 Downloads
Christopher Johnson
UK energy policy: Economic and financial control of the nationalized energy industries pp. 99-112 Downloads
David Heald
Energy development in China: The need for a coherent policy pp. 113-126 Downloads
Vaclav Smil
Flexibility of scale in large conventional coal-fired power plants pp. 127-135 Downloads
Christopher H. Schroeder, Lyna L. Wiggins and Daniel T. Wormhoudt
The MITRE E3 family of models structure and results pp. 136-144 Downloads
Marc Narkus-Kramer, Edward G. Sharp and Narasimhan Kannan
Impact of energy price rises on costs: A thermodynamic analysis pp. 145-152 Downloads
Per E. Thoresen
Communications on energy: Growth and overcapacity in the UK electricity industry pp. 153-155 Downloads
Raphael Papadopoulos
Norwegian oil revenue -- its use and misuse pp. 155-156 Downloads
Lars Thulin
Energy flow and standard of living pp. 157-156 Downloads
Malcolm Slesser
The importance of coal in India pp. 157-158 Downloads
O. P. Kharbanda
The future of oil: by P.R. Odell and K.E. Rosing Kogan Page, London and Nichols Publishing Company, New York, 1980, 265 pp, [pound sign]20.00 pp. 158-159 Downloads
George Kouris
World transport of energy to 1985: by David Hawdon 80 pp, [pound sign]95, Staniland Hall Associates Ltd, London, 1980 pp. 159-160 Downloads
Maxwell Gaskin
Towards an energy policy for transport: The Watt Committee on Energy, report No 7 98 pp, [pound sign]20.50, The Watt Committee on Energy Ltd, 75 Knightsbridge, London SW1, 1980 pp. 160-161 Downloads
Mike Baker
Revolution and energy policy in Iran (EIU special report No 82): by Fereidun Fesharaki 124 pp, [pound sign]60.00, The Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd, London, 1980 pp. 161-161 Downloads
Homa Motamen
Revolution and evolution of energy policies in Iran: by Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani California Seminar on Arms Control and Foreign Policy, Discussion Paper No 87, 1980, 68 pp, $2.25 pp. 162-161 Downloads
Homa Motamen
Nuclear power and legal advocacy: by Constance Ewing Cook 172 pp, [pound sign]11.50, Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, Toronto, and Farnborough, Hants, UK, 1980 pp. 162-163 Downloads
Warren H. Donnelly
International oil policy: by Arnold Safer 163 pp, [pound sign]9.50, Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, 1979 pp. 163-165 Downloads
Noel D. Uri
Energy systems analysis: edited by R. Kavanagh 694 pp, $47.50, D. Reidel Publishing Co, Dordrecht, Holland, Boston, MA and London, 1980 pp. 165-166 Downloads
Gregory Schmid
The economics of power system reliability and planning: Theory and case study: by Mohan Munasinghe 344 pp, $15.00 hardcover, $5.95 paperback, Johns Hopkins University Press for the World Bank, Baltimore and London, 1980 pp. 166-167 Downloads
Edward F. Renshaw
A golden thread: 2500 years of solar architecture and technology: by Ken Butti and John Perlin Cheshire Books, distributed by Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York and London, 1980, 304 pp, [pound sign]11.95 pp. 167-167 Downloads
Eric Hirst
Sol Norge: by Stellan Atterkvist and Thomas Johansson Universitetsforlaget, Oslo, 1980, 124 pp pp. 168-169 Downloads
R. A. Herendeen
Uranium supply and demand: The Fifth Annual Symposium of the Uranium Institute, London, 2-4 September 1980 pp. 170-171 Downloads
Joen Greenwood
Investing in energy development: Energy in the developing countries; seminar organized by the Centre for World Development Education, London, November 1980 pp. 171-172 Downloads
John Madeley

Volume 9, issue 1, 1981

Energy in the Soviet five-year plan pp. 2-3 Downloads
Michael Kaser
Canada's constitutional crisis the uncertain development of Alberta's energy resources pp. 4-13 Downloads
Walter Goldstein
UK oil revenue: The medium-term outlook pp. 14-19 Downloads
Homa Motamen and Roger Strange
Recession in the US motor industry and the quest for fuel economy pp. 20-24 Downloads
Edward F. Renshaw
Energy usage and the economics of environmental control pp. 25-31 Downloads
Julian Lowe and David Lewis
Energy conservation and the role of the social sciences pp. 32-38 Downloads
Glenn Shippee
Energy consumption patterns in the Canadian and world economies The use of a ternary primary energy diagram pp. 39-46 Downloads
J. H. Walsh and R. P. Overend
Limits to energy conservation analysis pp. 47-48 Downloads
Clas-Otto Wene
Energy savings from the Minnesota low-income weatherization programme pp. 48-51 Downloads
Raj Talwar and Eric Hirst
A combined wind and hydro power system pp. 51-55 Downloads
Bent Sorensen
Suing OPEC -- implications for economic self-determination pp. 56-57 Downloads
Kabir-ur-Rahman Khan
Latin American hydrocarbons -- the waking giant?: Development of Latin American Petroleum Resources, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1-4 July 1980 pp. 57-58 Downloads
D. E. Lennard
What real progress at WEC?: Eleventh World Energy Conference, Munich, 8-12 September 1980 pp. 58-60 Downloads
Norman Jenkins
Parligaes report -- impartiality lacking? pp. 61-60 Downloads
Steve Thomas
The international uranium market pp. 61-62 Downloads
W. P. S. Tan
The significance of the domestic sector in low energy strategies for the UK pp. 62-63 Downloads
Robert Ball
Solar versus nuclear: choosing energy futures: by Mans Lonnroth, Thomas B. Johansson and Peter Steen 186 pp, [pound sign]15.00, $30.00, Pergamon Press, Oxford and New York, 1980 pp. 63-65 Downloads
Alvin M. Weinberg
The authors reply pp. 65-66 Downloads
Mans Lonnroth, Thomas B. Johansson and Peter Steen
The rebirth of the Mexican petroleum industry: by Edward J. Williams 218 pp, [pound sign]13.50, $28.50, Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, and Toronto, 1980 pp. 66-67 Downloads
Arpad von Lazar and Alan McIllhenny
The efficient use of energy resources: by William D. Nordhaus 161 pp, [pound sign]11.00, Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, 1979 pp. 67-68 Downloads
Noel D. Uri
TOSCA: Total social costs of coal and nuclear power: by Linda Gaines, Stephen Berry and Thomas Veach Long 126 pp, [pound sign]11.50, Ballinger, Cambridge, MA, 1980 pp. 68-69 Downloads
Len Brookes
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