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Volume 13, issue 1, 2019

The balance of knowledge flows pp. 1-9 Downloads
Giovanni Abramo, D’Angelo, Ciriaco Andrea and Massimiliano Carloni
Convexity in scientific collaboration networks pp. 10-31 Downloads
Lovro Šubelj, Dalibor Fiala, Tadej Ciglarič and Luka Kronegger
Predicting publication long-term impact through a combination of early citations and journal impact factor pp. 32-49 Downloads
Giovanni Abramo, D’Angelo, Ciriaco Andrea and Giovanni Felici
The many faces of mobility: Using bibliometric data to measure the movement of scientists pp. 50-63 Downloads
Robinson-Garcia, Nicolás, Cassidy R. Sugimoto, Dakota Murray, Yegros-Yegros, Alfredo, Vincent Larivière and Rodrigo Costas
Do researchers collaborate in a similar way to publish and to develop projects? pp. 64-77 Downloads
Clemente-Gallardo, J., A. Ferrer, D. Íñiguez, A. Rivero, G. Ruiz and A. Tarancón
The F3-index. Valuing reviewers for scholarly journals pp. 78-86 Downloads
Federico Bianchi, Francisco Grimaldo and Flaminio Squazzoni
On the Shapley value and its application to the Italian VQR research assessment exercise pp. 87-104 Downloads
Camil Demetrescu, Francesco Lupia, Angelo Mendicelli, Andrea Ribichini, Francesco Scarcello and Marco Schaerf
An empirical investigation of the tribes and their territories: Are research specialisms rural and urban? pp. 105-117 Downloads
Giovanni Colavizza, Thomas Franssen and Thed van Leeuwen
Gender and research publishing in India: Uniformly high inequality? pp. 118-131 Downloads
Mike Thelwall, Carol Bailey, Meiko Makita, Pardeep Sud and Devika P. Madalli
Measuring the knowledge translation and convergence in pharmaceutical innovation by funding-science-technology-innovation linkages analysis pp. 132-148 Downloads
Jian Du, Peixin Li, Qianying Guo and Xiaoli Tang
Gender differences in research areas, methods and topics: Can people and thing orientations explain the results? pp. 149-169 Downloads
Mike Thelwall, Carol Bailey, Catherine Tobin and Noel-Ann Bradshaw
Does the normalized citation impact of universities profit from certain properties of their published documents – such as the number of authors and the impact factor of the publishing journals? A multilevel modeling approach pp. 170-184 Downloads
Lutz Bornmann
Measuring the academic reputation through citation networks via PageRank pp. 185-201 Downloads
Francesco Alessandro Massucci and Domingo Docampo
Comparing journal and paper level classifications of science pp. 202-225 Downloads
Fei Shu, Charles-Antoine Julien, Lin Zhang, Junping Qiu, Jing Zhang and Vincent Larivière
Are NIH-funded publications fulfilling the proposed research? An examination of concept-matchedness between NIH research grants and their supported publications pp. 226-237 Downloads
Kai Li and Erjia Yan
Peer and neighborhood effects: Citation analysis using a spatial autoregressive model and pseudo-spatial data pp. 238-254 Downloads
Sergio Copiello
Interdisciplinarity as diversity in citation patterns among journals: Rao-Stirling diversity, relative variety, and the Gini coefficient pp. 255-269 Downloads
Loet Leydesdorff, Caroline S. Wagner and Lutz Bornmann
On the interplay between normalisation, bias, and performance of paper impact metrics pp. 270-290 Downloads
Marcel Dunaiski, Jaco Geldenhuys and Willem Visser
Infinite sequences and their h-type indices pp. 291-298 Downloads
Leo Egghe and Ronald Rousseau
Globalised vs averaged: Bias and ranking performance on the author level pp. 299-313 Downloads
Marcel Dunaiski, Jaco Geldenhuys and Willem Visser
Evaluating research and researchers by the journal impact factor: Is it better than coin flipping? pp. 314-324 Downloads
Ricardo Brito and Rodríguez-Navarro, Alonso
Do altmetrics assess societal impact in a comparable way to case studies? An empirical test of the convergent validity of altmetrics based on data from the UK research excellence framework (REF) pp. 325-340 Downloads
Lutz Bornmann, Robin Haunschild and Jonathan Adams
Standing on the shoulders of giants?—Faculty hiring in information schools pp. 341-353 Downloads
Zhiya Zuo, Kang Zhao and Chaoqun Ni
Scientific community detection via bipartite scholar/journal graph co-clustering pp. 354-386 Downloads
Chiara Carusi and Giuseppe Bianchi
How mean rank and mean size may determine the generalised Lorenz curve: With application to citation analysis pp. 387-396 Downloads
Bertoli-Barsotti, Lucio and Tommaso Lando
How important is software to library and information science research? A content analysis of full-text publications pp. 397-406 Downloads
Xuelian Pan, Erjia Yan, Ming Cui and Weina Hua
Predicting the citations of scholarly paper pp. 407-418 Downloads
Xiaomei Bai, Fuli Zhang and Ivan Lee
Using Scopus’s CiteScore for assessing the quality of computer science conferences pp. 419-433 Downloads
Lokman I. Meho
Origin, characteristics, predominance and conceptual networks of eponyms in the bibliometric literature pp. 434-448 Downloads
Valderrama-Zurian, J.C., Melero-Fuentes, D. and Aleixandre-Benavent, R.
Challenges of measuring software impact through citations: An examination of the lme4 R package pp. 449-461 Downloads
Kai Li, Pei-Ying Chen and Erjia Yan

Volume 12, issue 4, 2018

Overcitation and overrepresentation of review papers in the most cited papers pp. 1015-1030 Downloads
Ruben Miranda and Garcia-Carpintero, Esther
Do females create higher impact research? Scopus citations and Mendeley readers for articles from five countries pp. 1031-1041 Downloads
Mike Thelwall
Topological metrics in academic genealogy graphs pp. 1042-1058 Downloads
Luciano Rossi, Rafael J.P. Damaceno, Igor L. Freire, Etelvino J.H. Bechara and Mena-Chalco, Jesús P.
Information and misinformation in bibliometric time-trend analysis pp. 1063-1071 Downloads
Jonathan Adams
Impact Factors and the Central Limit Theorem: Why citation averages are scale dependent pp. 1072-1088 Downloads
Manolis Antonoyiannakis
Long live the scientists: Tracking the scientific fame of great minds in physics pp. 1089-1098 Downloads
Guoyan Wang, Guangyuan Hu, Chuanfeng Li and Li Tang
Does deep learning help topic extraction? A kernel k-means clustering method with word embedding pp. 1099-1117 Downloads
Yi Zhang, Jie Lu, Feng Liu, Qian Liu, Alan Porter, Hongshu Chen and Guangquan Zhang
Modelling the Triple Helix of university-industry-government relationships with game theory: Core, Shapley value and nucleolus as indicators of synergy within an innovation system pp. 1118-1132 Downloads
Eustache Mêgnigbêto
Four pitfalls in normalizing citation indicators: An investigation of ESI’s selection of highly cited papers pp. 1133-1145 Downloads
Zhigang Hu, Wencan Tian, Shenmeng Xu, Chunbo Zhang and Xianwen Wang
Does the concentration of scientific research funding in institutions promote knowledge output? pp. 1146-1159 Downloads
Zhifeng Yin, Zheng Liang and Qiang Zhi
Google Scholar, Web of Science, and Scopus: A systematic comparison of citations in 252 subject categories pp. 1160-1177 Downloads
Martín-Martín, Alberto, Orduna-Malea, Enrique, Mike Thelwall and Delgado López-Cózar, Emilio
A comparison of two approaches for measuring interdisciplinary research output: The disciplinary diversity of authors vs the disciplinary diversity of the reference list pp. 1182-1193 Downloads
Giovanni Abramo, D’Angelo, Ciriaco Andrea and Lin Zhang
Technological opportunity discovery for technological convergence based on the prediction of technology knowledge flow in a citation network pp. 1199-1222 Downloads
Inchae Park and Byungun Yoon
Patent citation spectroscopy (PCS): Online retrieval of landmark patents based on an algorithmic approach pp. 1223-1231 Downloads
Jordan A. Comins, Stephanie A. Carmack and Loet Leydesdorff
Evaluating university performance using reference point based composite indicators pp. 1235-1250 Downloads
Samira El Gibari, Trinidad Gómez and Francisco Ruiz
Statistical relationships between corresponding authorship, international co-authorship and citation impact of national research systems pp. 1251-1262 Downloads
Felix de Moya-Anegon,, Guerrero-Bote, Vicente P., Lopez-Illescas, Carmen and Henk F. Moed
A ‘power law’ based method to reduce size-related bias in indicators of knowledge performance: An application to university research assessment pp. 1263-1281 Downloads
Armando Calabrese, Guendalina Capece, Roberta Costa, Francesca Di Pillo and Stefania Giuffrida
The bibliometric quotient (BQ), or how to measure a researcher’s performance capacity: A Bayesian Poisson Rasch model pp. 1282-1295 Downloads
Rüdiger Mutz and Hans-Dieter Daniel
Predatory journals: Who publishes in them and why? pp. 1296-1311 Downloads
Selcuk Besir Demir
Decomposing inequality in research funding by university-institute sub-group: A three-stage nested Theil index pp. 1312-1326 Downloads
Dengsheng Wu, Lili Yuan, Ruoyun Li and Jianping Li

Volume 12, issue 3, 2018

Ranking dynamics and volatility pp. 567-578 Downloads
Garcia-Zorita, Carlos, Ronald Rousseau, Marugan-Lazaro, Sergio and Sanz-Casado, Elias
The life cycle of altmetric impact: A longitudinal study of six metrics from PlumX pp. 579-589 Downloads
José Luis Ortega
Revisiting the scientometric conceptualization of impact and its measurement pp. 590-597 Downloads
Giovanni Abramo
Critical rationalism and the search for standard (field-normalized) indicators in bibliometrics pp. 598-604 Downloads
Lutz Bornmann and Werner Marx
Is there Lingua Franca in informal scientific communication? Evidence from language distribution of scientific tweets pp. 605-617 Downloads
Houqiang Yu, Shenmeng Xu and Tingting Xiao
The relationships between distance factors and international collaborative research outcomes: A bibliometric examination pp. 618-630 Downloads
Jiang, Ling (Alice), Nibing Zhu, Zhilin Yang, Shen Xu and Minjoon Jun
How to evaluate rankings of academic entities using test data pp. 631-655 Downloads
Marcel Dunaiski, Jaco Geldenhuys and Willem Visser
The memory of science: Inflation, myopia, and the knowledge network pp. 656-678 Downloads
Raj K. Pan, Alexander M. Petersen, Fabio Pammolli and Santo Fortunato
Author ranking evaluation at scale pp. 679-702 Downloads
Marcel Dunaiski, Jaco Geldenhuys and Willem Visser
Comparing scientific and technological impact of biomedical research pp. 706-717 Downloads
Qing Ke
Technological research in the EU is less efficient than the world average. EU research policy risks Europeans’ future pp. 718-731 Downloads
Rodríguez-Navarro, Alonso and Ricardo Brito
The more multidisciplinary the better? – The prevalence and interdisciplinarity of research collaborations in multidisciplinary institutions pp. 736-756 Downloads
Zhiya Zuo and Kang Zhao
Stochastic block model reveals maps of citation patterns and their evolution in time pp. 757-783 Downloads
Darko Hric, Kimmo Kaski and Mikko Kivelä
Assessing R&D efficiency using a two-stage dynamic DEA model: A case study of research institutes in the Chinese Academy of Sciences pp. 784-805 Downloads
Xi Xiong, Guo-liang Yang and Zhong-cheng Guan
Which US and European Higher Education Institutions are visible in ResearchGate and what affects their RG score? pp. 806-818 Downloads
Benedetto Lepori, Michael Thelwall and Bareerah Hafeez Hoorani
Evidence of open access of scientific publications in Google Scholar: A large-scale analysis pp. 819-841 Downloads
Martín-Martín, Alberto, Rodrigo Costas, Thed van Leeuwen and Delgado López-Cózar, Emilio
A new approach to explore the knowledge transition path in the evolution of science & technology: From the biology of restriction enzymes to their application in biotechnology pp. 842-857 Downloads
Xiaojun Hu and Ronald Rousseau
Proximal advantage in knowledge diffusion: The time dimension pp. 858-867 Downloads
Jue Wang and Liwei Zhang
Individual and field citation distributions in 29 broad scientific fields pp. 868-892 Downloads
Javier Ruiz-Castillo and Rodrigo Costas
Topology-driven trend analysis for drug discovery pp. 893-905 Downloads
Yanhua Lv, Ying Ding, Min Song and Zhiguang Duan
Creativity in science and the link to cited references: Is the creative potential of papers reflected in their cited references? pp. 906-930 Downloads
Iman Tahamtan and Lutz Bornmann
The negative effects of citing with a national orientation in terms of recognition: National and international citations in natural-sciences papers from Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK pp. 931-949 Downloads
Lutz Bornmann, Jonathan Adams and Loet Leydesdorff
Google Scholar and Web of Science: Examining gender differences in citation coverage across five scientific disciplines pp. 950-959 Downloads
Jens Peter Andersen and Mathias Wullum Nielsen
Investigating the quality of interactions and public engagement around scientific papers on Twitter pp. 960-971 Downloads
Fereshteh Didegah, Niels Mejlgaard and Mads P. Sørensen
Can Microsoft Academic help to assess the citation impact of academic books? pp. 972-984 Downloads
Kayvan Kousha and Mike Thelwall
Missing author address information in Web of Science—An explorative study pp. 985-997 Downloads
Weishu Liu, Guangyuan Hu and Li Tang
Normalization of zero-inflated data: An empirical analysis of a new indicator family and its use with altmetrics data pp. 998-1011 Downloads
Lutz Bornmann and Robin Haunschild

Volume 12, issue 2, 2018

The lognormal distribution explains the remarkable pattern documented by characteristic scores and scales in scientometrics pp. 401-415 Downloads
Gabriel-Alexandru Vîiu
Ranking journals using social choice theory methods: A novel approach in bibliometrics pp. 416-429 Downloads
Andrey Subochev, Fuad Aleskerov and Vladimir Pislyakov
Dimensions: A competitor to Scopus and the Web of Science? pp. 430-435 Downloads
Mike Thelwall
Algorithmically generated subject categories based on citation relations: An empirical micro study using papers on overall water splitting pp. 436-447 Downloads
Robin Haunschild, Hermann Schier, Werner Marx and Lutz Bornmann
Journal editorship index for assessing the scholarly impact of academic institutions: An empirical analysis in the field of economics pp. 448-460 Downloads
Dengsheng Wu, Jing Li, Xiaoli Lu and Jianping Li
Characterizing highly cited method and non-method papers using citation contexts: The role of uncertainty pp. 461-480 Downloads
Henry Small
Examining the usage, citation, and diffusion patterns of bibliometric mapping software: A comparative study of three tools pp. 481-493 Downloads
Xuelian Pan, Erjia Yan, Ming Cui and Weina Hua
Author-level metrics in the new academic profile platforms: The online behaviour of the Bibliometrics community pp. 494-509 Downloads
Martín-Martín, Alberto, Orduna-Malea, Enrique and Delgado López-Cózar, Emilio
Ranking scholars: A measure representation pp. 510-517 Downloads
Casilda Lasso de la Vega and Oscar Volij
Predicting research excellence at the individual level: The importance of publication rate, top journal publications, and top 10% publications in the case of early career mathematicians pp. 518-533 Downloads
Jonas Lindahl
Reprint of “A spatial scientometric analysis of the publication output of cities worldwide” pp. 547-566 Downloads
György Csomós

Volume 12, issue 1, 2018

Microsoft Academic automatic document searches: Accuracy for journal articles and suitability for citation analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Mike Thelwall
Measuring the inefficiency of Chinese research universities based on a two-stage network DEA model pp. 10-30 Downloads
Guo-liang Yang, Hirofumi Fukuyama and Yao-yao Song
Double rank analysis for research assessment pp. 31-41 Downloads
Rodríguez-Navarro, Alonso and Ricardo Brito
Reference density trends in the major disciplines pp. 42-58 Downloads
Sánchez-Gil, Susana, Juan Gorraiz and Melero-Fuentes, David
Characterizing in-text citations in scientific articles: A large-scale analysis pp. 59-73 Downloads
Kevin W. Boyack, Nees Jan van Eck, Giovanni Colavizza and Ludo Waltman
Academic in-group bias: An empirical examination of the link between author and journal affiliation pp. 74-86 Downloads
Yaniv Reingewertz and Carmela Lutmar
Co-mention network of R packages: Scientific impact and clustering structure pp. 87-100 Downloads
Kai Li and Erjia Yan
Hidden connections: Network effects on editorial decisions in four computer science journals pp. 101-112 Downloads
Giangiacomo Bravo, Mike Farjam, Francisco Grimaldo Moreno, Aliaksandr Birukou and Flaminio Squazzoni
Bibliometric approximation of a scientific specialty by combining key sources, title words, authors and references pp. 113-132 Downloads
Nadine Rons
Granularity of algorithmically constructed publication-level classifications of research publications: Identification of topics pp. 133-152 Downloads
Peter Sjögårde and Per Ahlgren
A scalable and adaptive method for finding semantically equivalent cue words of uncertainty pp. 158-180 Downloads
Chaomei Chen, Min Song and Go Eun Heo
Network assembly of scientific communities of varying size and specificity pp. 181-190 Downloads
Daniel T. Citron and Samuel F. Way
On the relationships between bibliographic characteristics of scientific documents and citation and Mendeley readership counts: A large-scale analysis of Web of Science publications pp. 191-202 Downloads
Zohreh Zahedi and Stefanie Haustein
Core elements in the process of citing publications: Conceptual overview of the literature pp. 203-216 Downloads
Iman Tahamtan and Lutz Bornmann
Deriving technology intelligence from patents: Preposition-based semantic analysis pp. 217-236 Downloads
Jaehyeong An, Kyuwoong Kim, Letizia Mortara and Sungjoo Lee
Could scientists use scores to predict longer term citation counts? pp. 237-248 Downloads
Mike Thelwall and Tamara Nevill
Who benefits from a country’s scientific research? pp. 249-258 Downloads
Giovanni Abramo and D’Angelo, Ciriaco Andrea
Missing links: Timing characteristics and their implications for capturing contemporaneous technological developments pp. 259-270 Downloads
Chung-Huei Kuan, Mu-Hsuan Huang and Dar-Zen Chen
An improved SAO network-based method for technology trend analysis: A case study of graphene pp. 271-286 Downloads
Chao Yang, Cui Huang and Jun Su
Can Microsoft Academic assess the early citation impact of in-press articles? A multi-discipline exploratory analysis pp. 287-298 Downloads
Kayvan Kousha, Mike Thelwall and Mahshid Abdoli
Bi-directional h-index: A new measure of node centrality in weighted and directed networks pp. 299-314 Downloads
Li Zhai, Xiangbin Yan and Guojing Zhang
Research assessment by percentile-based double rank analysis pp. 315-329 Downloads
Ricardo Brito and Rodríguez-Navarro, Alonso
Effect of publication month on citation impact pp. 330-343 Downloads
Paul Donner
Survive or perish: Investigating the life cycle of academic journals from 1950 to 2013 using survival analysis methods pp. 344-364 Downloads
Meijun Liu, Xiao Hu, Yuandi Wang and Dongbo Shi
Funding, evaluation, and the performance of national research systems pp. 365-384 Downloads
Ulf Sandström and Peter Van den Besselaar
Research universities on the ResearchGate social networking site: An examination of institutional differences, research activity level, and social networks formed pp. 385-400 Downloads
Weiwei Yan and Yin Zhang
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