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Volume 14, issue 10, 2001

The Future of Electric Transmission pp. 11-21 Downloads
Joseph S. Graves and John D. Clapp
The Life and Death of Regional Transmission Organizations pp. 22-26 Downloads
Vito Stagliano
A Standard Market Design for Regional Transmission Organizations pp. 27-53 Downloads
John D. Chandley
Energy Market Consolidation and Convergence: Seams Issues Revisited pp. 54-65 Downloads
Michael Bailey, Michael Ambrosio and Christopher Eaton
Breaking The Consumption Habit: Ratemaking for Efficient Resource Decisions pp. 66-74 Downloads
Sheryl Carter
The War against Terrorism Helps Build the Case for Distributed Renewables pp. 75-80 Downloads
Peter Asmus
Regulating Electricity Markets: Experience from the United Kingdom pp. 81-86 Downloads
Simon Bishop and Ciara McSorley
Bonneville's Machinations: BPA Stiffs Taxpayers, Kills Fish, Subsidizes Smelters, and Asks for a Blank Check pp. 87-90 Downloads
Richard Munson
Curt Hébert's Report Card pp. 91-92 Downloads
Joshua Z. Rokach
In this issue pp. CO2-CO2 Downloads
Richard Cohen and Gerry Khermouch

Volume 14, issue 9, 2001

Easing Gridlock on the Grid,,: Electricity Planning and Siting Compacts pp. 11-30 Downloads
Peter Fox-Penner
Reconciling Market-Based Transmission and Transmission Planning pp. 31-43 Downloads
José A. Rotger and Frank A. Felder
REx Incentives: PBR Choices that Reflect Firms' Performance Expectations pp. 44-51 Downloads
Johannes P. Pfeifenberger, Paul R. Carpenter and Paul C. Liu
The Importance of an Active Demand Side in the Electricity Industry pp. 52-73 Downloads
Hamish Fraser
Retail Electricity Markets Require Marginal Cost Real-Time Pricing pp. 74-81 Downloads
Tobey Winters
States Emerge as Clean Energy Investors: A Review of State Support for Renewable Energy pp. 82-95 Downloads
Mark Bolinger, Ryan Wiser, Lew Milford, Michael Stoddard and Kevin Porter
Becoming a Best-Practice Company: The FPL Story Revisited pp. 96-101 Downloads
Paul H. L. Nillesen and Michael Pollitt
IS1040-6190n this issue pp. CO2-CO2 Downloads
Richard Cohen and Gerry Khermouch

Volume 14, issue 8, 2001

Demand Response Article Drew Inaccurate Distinctions Against Real-Time Pricing pp. 2-2 Downloads
Steven Braithwait
Mr. Sioshansi responds pp. 3-3 Downloads
Fereidoon Sioshansi
Convergence Mergers: A New Competitive Settlement Model from Detroit pp. 13-18 Downloads
John C. Hilke
Rethinking Bonneville pp. 19-27 Downloads
Richard Munson
Revenue Reporting Challenges Facing the New Electric Delivery Service Company pp. 28-35 Downloads
George R. Pleat
Federal Siting Authority for Interstate Electric Transmission Lines: Transmission Capacity Cannot Grow If New Lines Cannot Be Built pp. 36-39 Downloads
Mark K. Lewis
What Is It Worth? Application of Real Options Theory to the Valuation of Generation Assets pp. 40-51 Downloads
Julia Frayer and Nazli Z. Uludere
Getting the Electricity Sector on Track in Russia pp. 52-58 Downloads
Sergey I. Palamarchuk, Sergei V. Podkovalnikov and Nikolai I. Voropai
Key Transmission Planning Issues pp. 59-70 Downloads
Eric Hirst and Brendan Kirby
The State of Performance-Based Regulation in the U.S. Electric Utility Industry pp. 71-79 Downloads
David Sappington, Johannes P. Pfeifenberger, Philip Hanser and Gregory N. Basheda
The U.S. Can No Longer Stay on the Sidelines in Formulating a Rational Global Climate Change Policy pp. 80-84 Downloads
Henry R. Linden
I n this issue pp. CO2-CO2 Downloads
Richard Cohen and Gerry Khermouch

Volume 14, issue 7, 2001

Can Retail Survive? pp. 11-13 Downloads
Craig Glazer
Spillover Effects of Environmental Policies pp. 14-21 Downloads
Edward P. Kahn and John H. Landon
Disconnected Policymakers pp. 22-30 Downloads
Gerald A. Norlander
Is the Security of Electricity Supply a Public Good? pp. 31-33 Downloads
Malcolm Abbott
The Deregulation of Electricity: Nature of the Industry and Taxes pp. 34-38 Downloads
Chris Wolfe, Paul Dickerson and Stuart Miller
The Role of Public Power in a Restructured Electric Power Industry pp. 39-50 Downloads
Christopher C. Klein and David B. Sapper
Wholesale Generator Incentives to Exercise Market Power in the California Electricity Market pp. 51-56 Downloads
Carl H. Silsbee and John L. Jurewitz
A Comparison of Scandinavian Regulatory Models: Issues and Experience pp. 57-64 Downloads
Helle Grønli
California's Travails pp. 65-67 Downloads
Ahmad Faruqui
I n this issue pp. CO2-CO2 Downloads
Richard Cohen and Gerry Khermouch

Volume 14, issue 6, 2001

Vesting Contracts: A Tool for Electricity Market Transition pp. 11-22 Downloads
Edward D. Kee
Installed Capacity Requirements and Price Caps: Oil on the Water, or Fuel on the Fire? pp. 23-34 Downloads
Benjamin Hobbs, Javier Iñón and Steven E. Stoft
Moving Toward Seamless Energy Markets: Evidence from the Northeast pp. 35-46 Downloads
Michael Bailey and Chris Eaton
Retail Competition in Electricity: Market Prices Revisited pp. 47-53 Downloads
Sabine Schnittger and Seabron Adamson
Welcome to the Hotel California,,,: How Will the California Electricity Crisis Shape Federal Energy Policy? pp. 54-69 Downloads
Donald F. Santa
Uniform Pricing or Pay-as-Bid Pricing: A Dilemma for California and Beyond pp. 70-79 Downloads
Alfred Kahn, Peter Cramton, Robert Porter and Richard D. Tabors
A Technology Selection Algorithm for Independent Power Producers pp. 80-84 Downloads
Andreas Poullikkas
Clean Power Opportunities and Solutions: An Example from America's Heartland pp. 85-91 Downloads
Tim Woolf
In this issue pp. CO2-CO2 Downloads
Richard Cohen and Gerry Khermouch

Volume 14, issue 5, 2001

Revisiting "the Genius of the Marketplace": Cures for the Western Electricity and Natural Gas Crises pp. 11-18 Downloads
Ralph Cavanagh
An Optimal Geometric Hedging Model in the Power Market Environment pp. 19-24 Downloads
Wen Yuan Lin and Carlo Garcia
System Benefits Charge: Economic Impacts and Implications pp. 25-32 Downloads
M. Sami Khawaja, Patricia Koss and Brian Hedman
Hedging Exposure to Volatile Retail Electricity Prices pp. 33-38 Downloads
Bruce Chapman, Ahmad Faruqui, Dan Hansen and Chris Holmes
What Could Possibly Be Better than Real-Time Pricing? Demand Response pp. 39-50 Downloads
Fereidoon Sioshansi and Ali Vojdani
The U.S. Electricity Sector: What after California? pp. 51-61 Downloads
Allen W. Williams
Incentives for Service Quality: Getting the Framework Right pp. 62-70 Downloads
Brian Williamson
Fixing the California Pricing Mess pp. 71-72 Downloads
Steven Braithwait and Ahmad Faruqui
In this issue pp. CO2-CO2 Downloads
Richard Cohen and Gerry Khermouch

Volume 14, issue 4, 2001

Came the Revolution, Now What? pp. 11-18 Downloads
Joshua Z. Rokach
Heresy? The Case Against Deregulation of Electricity Generation pp. 19-24 Downloads
Price C. Watts
Price-Responsive Demand in Wholesale Markets: Why Is So Little Happening? pp. 25-37 Downloads
Eric Hirst
Determining Prudence in a Hypervolatile and Illiquid Market pp. 38-40 Downloads
Edward N. Krapels
If Pay-as-Bid Auctions Are Not a Solution for California, then Why Not a Reliability Market? pp. 41-48 Downloads
Carlos Vázquez, Michel Rivier and Ignacio J. Pérez-Arriaga
Deregulation and Nuclear Power Safety: What Can We Learn from Other Industries? pp. 49-60 Downloads
Vicki Bier, James Joosten, David Glyer, Jennifer Tracey and Michael Welsh
Cost-of-Service Rates to Market-Based Rates to Price Caps to ?!#?#!? pp. 61-72 Downloads
Cynthia S. Bogorad and David W. Penn
Load Response: New, or Déjà Vu? pp. 73-79 Downloads
David Nichols and John Stutz
In this issue pp. CO2-CO2 Downloads
Richard Cohen and Gerry Khermouch

Volume 14, issue 3, 2001

Regulators Should Retain Planning or Forecasting Role pp. 2-2 Downloads
Chris Deisinger
Has Federal Energy Regulation Collapsed? pp. 11-20 Downloads
Sam Randazzo
"An Island of Technicality in a Sea of Discretion": A Critique of Existing Electric Power Systems Reliability Analysis and Policy pp. 21-31 Downloads
Frank A. Felder
Electricity Price Forecasting in Deregulated Markets pp. 32-41 Downloads
Alexandar Angelus
California Crisis: The Best Argument Yet for Wind Power pp. 42-47 Downloads
Peter Asmus
Real-Time Performance Metrics for Generators Providing the Regulation Ancillary Service pp. 48-55 Downloads
Brendan Kirby and Eric Hirst
Research as a Utility Hedge pp. 56-61 Downloads
Chauncey Starr
It's Time to Tax Global Warming pp. 62-68 Downloads
Peter Lazare
Deregulation's Done, What's Next? pp. 69-71 Downloads
Steven A. Mitnick
Short Circuits in the Energy Markets: California and Competition pp. 72-72 Downloads
Henry Thompson
In this issue pp. CO2-CO2 Downloads
Richard Cohen and Gerry Khermouch

Volume 14, issue 2, 2001

The Need for Merchant Plants pp. 2-3 Downloads
Henry R. Linden
Interregional Coordination versus RTO Mergers: A Cost-Benefit Perspective pp. 13-24 Downloads
Kenneth W. Costello
Transmission Investment: Obstacles to a Market Approach pp. 25-38 Downloads
Lisa Cameron
Multi-Market Modeling of Regional Transmission Organization Functions pp. 39-54 Downloads
Rajat K. Deb, Lie-Long Hsue, Richard Albert and Jason E. Christian
Assessing Reliability as the Electric Power Industry Restructures pp. 55-67 Downloads
Marija D. Ilic, José R. Arce, Yong T. Yoon and Elena M. Fumagalli
The Merger Game: Designing Optimal Strategies for Electric Utilities pp. 68-72 Downloads
Paul Papayoanou
Competition in Liberalized European Electricity Markets pp. 73-83 Downloads
Fereidoon P. Sioshansi
Competitive Intelligence: Spending Is Increasing, but Benefits Can Be Elusive pp. 84-86 Downloads
John Egan
Distributed Generation: Reaching the Market Just in Time pp. 87-94 Downloads
Robert A. Laurie
In this issue pp. CO2-CO2 Downloads
Richard Cohen and Gerry Khermouch

Volume 14, issue 1, 2001

A Modest Proposal: Revoke the Nobel Prize? Recognize the Limitations of Theory? Or Grant a License to Steal? pp. 11-23 Downloads
Robert C. McDiarmid, Lisa G. Dowden and Daniel I. Davidson
Some Ways to Lessen Worries about Climate Change pp. 24-33 Downloads
Jesse H. Ausubel
Flowgates, Contingency-Constrained Dispatch, and Transmission Rights pp. 34-55 Downloads
Larry E. Ruff
Incentive Regulation of Distributing Utilities Using Yardstick Competition pp. 56-60 Downloads
Adonis Yatchew
Tides and Trends in the World's Electric Power Industry pp. 61-79 Downloads
Everett A. Sondreal, Michael L. Jones and Gerald H. Groenewold
Assessing the Cost of Capital for a Standalone Transmission Company pp. 80-88 Downloads
Michael Cragg, William Lehr and Ron Rudkin
Clean Distributed Generation: Policy Options to Promote Clean Air and Reliability pp. 89-98 Downloads
Edward M. Meyers and Mannshya Grace Hu
Games or Opportunities: Bidding in the California Markets pp. 99-108 Downloads
Nguyen T. Quan and Robert J. Michaels
In this issue pp. CO2-CO2 Downloads
Richard Cohen and Gerry Khermouch
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