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Volume 11, issue 1, 1998

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
The dog that didn't bark pp. 2-2 Downloads
Steven Stoft
Securitization trumps competition pp. 2-3 Downloads
Eric C. Woychik
False constellation impression pp. 3-4 Downloads
H. Russell Frisby
Electric restructuring and consumer interests: lessons from other industries pp. 12-16 Downloads
Robert Crandall and Jerry Ellig
Purchasing power and related services: a window into customer preferences pp. 17-23 Downloads
William Golove, Charles Goldman and Steven Pickle
How to buy low and sell high pp. 24-29 Downloads
Michael T. O'Sheasy
Restructuring and 'customer choice': Vox Populi or Dictum Dictatorium? pp. 30-36 Downloads
Martin Kushler
The Green-e program: an opportunity for customers pp. 37-45 Downloads
Karl Rábago, Ryan Wiser and Jan Hamrin
Green power in perspective: lessons from green marketing of consumer goods pp. 46-55 Downloads
Bentham Paulos
The uniform generation performance standard: connecting electric industry restructuring and air quality improvement pp. 56-63 Downloads
Ellen Roy
Efficiency, renewables and gas: restructuring as if climate mattered pp. 64-72 Downloads
Tim Woolf and Bruce Biewald
Strategic bidding in a deregulated generation market: implications for electricity prices, asset valuation and regulatory response pp. 73-83 Downloads
Aleksandr Rudkevich and Max Duckworth
Show me the money!--Or stop deregulation now pp. 84-85 Downloads
Eugene Coyle

Volume 10, issue 10, 1997

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
On misusing auctions to value stranded assets pp. 10-17 Downloads
Michael H. Rothkopf
Is it how much or who pays? A response to Rothkopf pp. 17-22 Downloads
Jonathan Lesser
Using auctions to divest generation assets pp. 22-31 Downloads
Lisa J. Cameron, Peter Cramton and Robert Wilson
Electric utility reform: The free market alternative to mandatory open access pp. 32-43 Downloads
Clyde Wayne Crews
Must-run generation: can we mix regulation and competition successfully? pp. 44-55 Downloads
John L. Jurewitz and Robin J. Walther
MW gamble: the missing market for capacity pp. 56-64 Downloads
Robert J. Michaels
Renewable energy and restructuring: policy solutions for the financing dilemma pp. 65-75 Downloads
Ryan Wiser, Steven Pickle and Charles Goldman
Bob Schoenberger-- mender and motivator pp. 76-87 Downloads
Laura Rittenhouse
Intellectual capital matters! pp. 88-93 Downloads
Matthew Chwalowski
Survey of energy utility new business development pp. 94-101 Downloads
Gordon Canning
How to implement a change management program pp. 102-110 Downloads
Robert Spencer and Brian Mountford
Damn the science, full speed ahead! pp. 111-112 Downloads
David E. Wojick

Volume 10, issue 9, 1997

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
Making 'special contracts' work pp. 2-3 Downloads
Arlene A. Juracek
From the exception to the routine pp. 3-3 Downloads
Peter J. Wagner
Confused and conflicting pp. 3-4 Downloads
Dan Merilatt
Mr. Lazare responds pp. 4-5 Downloads
Peter Lazare
A poor measure of success pp. 5-6 Downloads
Elizabeth M. Bailey
Messrs. Bohi and Burtraw respond pp. 6-7 Downloads
Doug Bohi
Messrs. Ackerman and Moomaw respond pp. 7-7 Downloads
Frank Ackerman and William Moomaw
Local government: the sleeping giant in electric industry restructuring pp. 13-21 Downloads
Scott Ridley
Would anyone invent public power today? can anyone reinvent it? pp. 22-29 Downloads
Robert J. Michaels
Competition, the consumer, and local decision making: public power's importance role pp. 30-39 Downloads
David W. Penn
The future of public power & electric cooperative systems pp. 40-46 Downloads
Clinton A. Vince, Sherry A. Quirk and J. Cathy Fogel
Lights out on federal power: a plan to privatize the PMAs pp. 47-57 Downloads
Michael K. Block and John Shadegg
This is not your father's oldsmobile: electric cooperatives venture into the future pp. 58-67 Downloads
Steven E. Collier
Public power: creating success in the evolving electricity industry pp. 68-71 Downloads
Kenneth D. Rice
What future for public power? pp. 72-77 Downloads
Matthew C. Cordaro
Power to the people: local governments go green pp. 78-82 Downloads
Peter Asmus
The emerging global power companies pp. 83-91 Downloads
Anthony A. Churchill
Slow and not so sure: Europe's long march to electricity market liberalization pp. 92-101 Downloads
Leigh Hancher
China's demand for power: a limitation on growth? pp. 102-107 Downloads
Chris Anastasi

Volume 10, issue 8, 1997

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
A distinction with a difference pp. 2-3 Downloads
Bill Hogan
Toward an efficient PX pp. 4-5 Downloads
Robert Wilson
Stranded cost securitization: analytical considerations pp. 14-19 Downloads
Susan Abbott
Securing lower costs for the present and future pp. 20-26 Downloads
Ward L. Smith and James W. Durham
Demystification--the economic realities of securitization pp. 27-37 Downloads
Shimon Awerbuch and Leonard S. Hyman
Securitization: a state attorney general's perspective pp. 38-43 Downloads
Frank J. Kelley
The securitization swindle: bailout for utilities, bad deal for consumers pp. 44-53 Downloads
John R. Hodowal
Legal considerations in utility stranded cost securitizations pp. 54-68 Downloads
David B. Rogers, John M. Jameson and Dominic K. L. Yoong
Will stranded cost recovery distort Pennsylvania's electricity market? pp. 69-71 Downloads
Richard L. Caplan
Restructuring PJM to facilitate electric competition pp. 72-78 Downloads
Andrew W. Williams
FERC must adopt an efficient transmission pricing system--now pp. 79-85 Downloads
Richard J. Pierce
Transmission rights, through the looking-glass: a false dichotomy between active and passive trading pp. 86-91 Downloads
William W. Hogan
Transmission rights and wrongs pp. 91-95 Downloads
Steven Stoft
It takes one counterexample to disprove a theory pp. 95-99 Downloads
Shmuel S. Oren

Volume 10, issue 7, 1997

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
Can nuclear power become an ordinary commercial asset? pp. 16-21 Downloads
Edward P. Kahn
NRC's concerns about electricity restructuring pp. 22-26 Downloads
Kenneth C. Rogers
Selling a nuclear plant in north America pp. 27-31 Downloads
David A. Perlman
Nuclear power in the competitive marketplace: price expectations and going-forward costs pp. 32-40 Downloads
Marvin Raber and Robert W. Hasell
Continued operation or closure: the net present value of nuclear power plants pp. 41-48 Downloads
Geoffrey Rothwell
Merger Policy and Federalism pp. 49-55 Downloads
Richard J. Pierce
Did power marketers cripple the California power exchange? A response to Steven Stoft pp. 56-60 Downloads
Daniel Kirshner
SO2 emissions trading: does it work? pp. 61-66 Downloads
Frank Ackerman and William Moomaw
SO2 allowance trading: How do expectations and experience measure up? pp. 67-75 Downloads
Douglas R. Bohi and Dallas Burtraw
Moving on Mercury: First steps for electric utilities pp. 76-84 Downloads
David H. Festa and Stacey E. Davis
Determining stranded costs--constitutionally pp. 88-88 Downloads
Craig G. Goodman

Volume 10, issue 6, 1997

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
Renewables portfolio standard prices in a competitive context pp. 2-2 Downloads
Stephen Bernow, William Dougherty and Max Duckworth
Transmission pricing reform: FERC's next frontier? pp. 14-20 Downloads
William L. Massey
Restructuring, the New England way pp. 21-27 Downloads
Vito Stagliano
Managing California's 'big middle': options for unbundling, challenges for regulation pp. 28-37 Downloads
Reinier Lock
Transmission scarcity: who pays? pp. 38-49 Downloads
Marija Ilic, Leonard Hyman, Eric Allen and Ziad Younes
Is policy leading analysis in electric restructuring? pp. 50-61 Downloads
Lawrence J. Hill
Restructuring today: a brief tour pp. 62-66 Downloads
Graham Hadley
Special contracts and the ratemaking process pp. 67-73 Downloads
Peter Lazare
Convergence of utility services: technological challenges and opportunities pp. 74-79 Downloads
Karl E. Stahlkopf

Volume 10, issue 5, 1997

In this issue...In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
If utilities could fly pp. 2-2 Downloads
James C. Liles
Mad at EDF pp. 3-3 Downloads
Darby Moss Worth
Transmission services under restructuring: getting the incentives (almost) right pp. 14-21 Downloads
Kent P. Anderson
Passive transmission rights will not do the job pp. 22-33 Downloads
Shmuel S. Oren
What should a power marketer want? pp. 34-45 Downloads
Steven Stoft
Lessons from the New Institutional Economics pp. 46-60 Downloads
Wayne P. Olson
Aligning retail rates with market prices: Pricing initiatives for the transition pp. 61-67 Downloads
Bruce A. Phillips and Neil S. Fisher
Who should pay transition costs? pp. 68-77 Downloads
Lester Baxter, Eric Hirst and Stan Hadley
Retail risk management: pricing electricity to manage customer risk pp. 78-83 Downloads
Melanie G. Mauldin

Volume 10, issue 4, 1997

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
PURPA 'Worse than Useless' pp. 2-3 Downloads
Arthur W. Adelberg
SBC--euphemism for tax pp. 2-2 Downloads
Peter A. Isaacson
Operational, technological and economic drivers for convergence of the electric power and gas industries pp. 14-25 Downloads
Henry R. Linden
Environmental benefits of electrification and end-use efficiency pp. 26-33 Downloads
J. Stuart McMenamin, Frank A. Monforte and Fereidoon P. Sioshansi
Using market transformation to achieve energy efficiency: the next steps pp. 34-41 Downloads
Edward M. Meyers, Stephen M. Hastie and Grace M. Hu
Quantifying the impacts of a national, tradable renewables portfolio standard pp. 42-52 Downloads
Stephen Bernow, William Dougherty and Max Duckworth
The changing world of climate change: Oregon leads the States pp. 53-63 Downloads
Philip H. Carver, Sam Sadler, Laura H. Kosloff and Mark C. Trexler
Creating competitive advantage by strategic listening pp. 64-72 Downloads
Ahmad Faruqui
Measuring the value of customer retention pp. 73-80 Downloads
Ken Monts, Beverly Bonevac, Joseph Lauer and Dagnatchew Tessema
The outlook for a restructured U.S. electric power industry: lessons from deregulation pp. 81-91 Downloads
Kenneth W. Costello and Robert J. Graniere

Volume 10, issue 3, 1997

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
Getting markets to clear pp. 2-2 Downloads
Graham Shuttleworth
Market power analysis in a dynamic electric power pp. 12-19 Downloads
Frank A. Felder and Steve R. Peterson
Vertically integrated utilities pp. 20-29 Downloads
Irwin M. Stelzer and The regulators' Poison'd Chalice
Assessing the competitiveness of restructured generation pp. 30-39 Downloads
John C. Dalton and Service Markets
Lessons from the British restructuring experience pp. 40-51 Downloads
Michael C. Brower, Stephen D. Thomas and Catherine M. Mitchell
Restructuring and the public good: creating a national system benefits trust pp. 52-57 Downloads
Hon. Richard H. Cowart
Reliability management in a competitive marketplace pp. 58-61 Downloads
Vikram S. Budhraja
confidential data in a competitive environment: setting a regulatory agenda pp. 62-69 Downloads
Edward Vine
A simplified procedure for costing the financial risks of purchased power contracts pp. 70-75 Downloads
William B. Tye and Marvin A. Hawthorne
Everyone wins: renegotiating purchase power agreements pp. 76-82 Downloads
Stephen T. Marron, Eugene N. Tyurin, John H. Wile and George Trader

Volume 10, issue 2, 1997

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
Pilot programs have a place pp. 3-3 Downloads
Blossom Peretz, Gary Epler and Neil Talbot
Dear Mr. President...: An open letter on electricity restructuring pp. 13-19 Downloads
Peter Fox-Penner
Federal restructuring legislation: a recipe for successful action pp. 20-27 Downloads
Marty Kanner
The antitrust wild card and electricity restructuring pp. 28-35 Downloads
Arthur W. Adelberg and John Will Ongman
Defining the customer's buying parameters pp. 36-41 Downloads
Bill Roth
Restructuring and the market-to-book ratio pp. 42-52 Downloads
Kenneth R. Meyer
Cross-sectional analysis of utility returns: regulatory and investor implications pp. 53-61 Downloads
E. Tylor Claggett and R. Charles Moyer
The QF cost dilemma: PURPA enforcement and deregulation pp. 62-72 Downloads
Steven Ferrey
Generation cost unbundling: untangling the gordian knot pp. 73-77 Downloads
Roger L. Conkling
Information matters: Beyond OASIS pp. 78-82 Downloads
V. C. Ramesh
Separating transmission from generation: What's Required and why pp. 83-90 Downloads
Anna P. Della Valle

Volume 10, issue 1, 1997

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
NEES only wants fair competition pp. 2-2 Downloads
John W. Rowe and Paige Graening
To cure N.Y. competitive Ills, regard the tao and take care pp. 2-2 Downloads
Peter A. Isaacson
An efficient, competitive electricity industry: can the vision become reality? pp. 8-16 Downloads
Larry E. Ruff
Lessons for the U.S.? Transmission pricing, constraints and gaming in England & Wales pp. 17-23 Downloads
Alex Henney and Simon Crisp
Transmission pricing zones: simple or complex? pp. 24-31 Downloads
Steven Stoft
How companies fare through deregulation pp. 32-40 Downloads
Matt Chwalowski
Competition and clean air: the operating economics of electricity generation pp. 41-45 Downloads
Bruce Biewald
The rise and fall of the American & foreign power company: a lesson from the past? pp. 46-53 Downloads
William Hausman and John Neufeld
A cost-effective renewables policy can advance the transition to competition pp. 54-61 Downloads
Daniel Kirshner, Barbara Barkovich, Kathy Treleven and Robin Walther
Meaningful restructuring: resolving the stranded cost dilemma pp. 62-71 Downloads
Alan L. Madian
Managing the transition from regulated electric utility to energy marketing company pp. 72-78 Downloads
Edward N. Krapels
Financial engineering in the power sector pp. 79-86 Downloads
Judah Rose, Shanthi Muthiah and Maria Fusco
Leadership choices for electric utilities pp. 88-89 Downloads
Edward N. Krapels
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