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Volume 9, issue 10, 1996

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
Electricity restructuring and the environment pp. 10-15 Downloads
Henry Lee and Negeen Darani
Value creation through stranded asset migration: the successful example of the 'baby bells' pp. 16-18 Downloads
James M. Piepmeier
Retail access pilot programs: where's the beef? pp. 19-25 Downloads
John H. Landon and Edward P. Kahn
Costs for electric-power ancillary services pp. 26-30 Downloads
Eric Hirst and Brendan Kirby
Transmission crediting: a plea for subsidies disguised as the linchpin of regional transmission planning pp. 31-37 Downloads
Bouknight, J. A. ("Lon"), Steven J. Ross and Edward J. Twomey
California's ISO: why not clear the market? pp. 38-43 Downloads
Steven Stoft
The unbundling and rebundling of transmission and market related functions pp. 44-51 Downloads
Fiona Woolf
Should electricity markets have a capacity requirement? If so, how should it be priced? pp. 52-60 Downloads
Adam Jaffe and Frank A. Felder
Stranded cost recovery and competition on equal terms pp. 61-70 Downloads
William B. Tye and Frank C. Graves
The regulatory contract and restructuring: a modest proposal pp. 71-83 Downloads
Raymond S. Hartman and Richard D. Tabors
Bulk-power reliability: more than apple pie and motherhood pp. 84-85 Downloads
Eric Hirst

Volume 9, issue 9, 1996

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Merritz
Getting it right the first time: The value of transmission and high technologies pp. 8-17 Downloads
Marija Ilic and Leonard Hyman
ISOs--raising the bar for power system software pp. 18-25 Downloads
Ralph Masiello and Lee Willis
Beyond the contract path: a realistic approach to transmission pricing pp. 26-33 Downloads
Michael A. Cannella, "Del" Disher, Ellis O. and Robert T. Gagliardi
Zonal transmission pricing: methodology and preliminary results from the WSCC pp. 34-41 Downloads
Steven Walton and Richard D. Tabors
Transmission capacity reservations implemented through a spot market with transmission congestion contracts pp. 42-55 Downloads
Scott M. Harvey, William W. Hogan and Susan L. Pope
Efficient access transmission pricing pp. 56-60 Downloads
Paul Hassink and Steve Jones
A market-based proposal for transmission pricing pp. 61-67 Downloads
Richard D. Tabors
The regulatory divide: federal and state jurisdiction in a restructured electricity industry pp. 68-79 Downloads
Sidney Mannheim Jubien
Competition is constitutional: four fallacies in the argument that transmission access constitutes a taking pp. 80-84 Downloads
Sara D. Schotland
Efficient transmission pricing for an ISO pp. 88-89 Downloads
Charles A. Falcone

Volume 9, issue 8, 1996

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
Missing from the portfolio pp. 2-2 Downloads
Robert L. Bradley
The efficiency of wholesale vs. retail competition in electricity pp. 12-20 Downloads
Douglas R. Bohi and Karen Palmer
Will customer choice always lower costs? pp. 21-31 Downloads
Steven B. Corneli
FERC must fix its electric utility merger policy pp. 32-43 Downloads
Mark W. Frankena
Practical aspects of electricity restructuring pp. 44-57 Downloads
William H. Dunn and Mark A. Rossi
Markets of the future, utilities of the past pp. 58-65 Downloads
Robert J. Michaels
Using markets to value stranded costs pp. 66-74 Downloads
Jonathan Lesser and Malcolm Ainspan
The establishment and transformation of municipal electric utilities pp. 75-83 Downloads
Martin Schweitzer
The monopolist's guide: the five Ds of competition pp. 88-88 Downloads
Artimus J. Citron

Volume 9, issue 7, 1996

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
The new electricity industry; what's at stake? pp. 10-16 Downloads
William Heller, Paul Jansen and Les Silverman
Winning in electricity generation pp. 17-23 Downloads
Lewis Hashimoto, Paul Jansen and Gerrit van Geyn
Winning in the emerging energy services business pp. 24-32 Downloads
Dilip Kamat, Ken Ostrowski and Richard Stuebi
Building a winning electric utility organization pp. 33-38 Downloads
Gary Farha, Kevin Keough and Les Silverman
Supply management: the next competitive advantage for utilities pp. 39-43 Downloads
Stephen Budd and Frank Heard
Property law: it's physical--and logical pp. 44-51 Downloads
John Rowe and Paige Graening
Estimating transition costs: assessing the options pp. 52-64 Downloads
Lester W. Baxter
Ten key questions for the restructuring regulator pp. 65-70 Downloads
Peter Navarro
Ratepayer-funded energy efficiency programs in a restructured electricity industry pp. 71-81 Downloads
J. Eto, C. Goldman and M. S. Kito
Restructuring in print pp. 84-85 Downloads
Robert O. Marritz

Volume 9, issue 6, 1996

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
Stranded Costs Revisited pp. 2-3 Downloads
Lester W. Baxter
Paul Joskow Responds pp. 3-3 Downloads
Paul Joskow
Gas Cooling Is Cost-Effective pp. 3-3 Downloads
Rehan Gilani
Public purpose energy efficiency programs and utilities in restructured markets pp. 14-25 Downloads
Michael J. King, Grayson A. Heffner, Ståle Johansen and Brian Kick
Local integrated resource planning: a new tool for a competitive era pp. 26-36 Downloads
Nicholas Lenssen
Efficiency and sustainability in restructured electricity markets: the renewables portfolio standard pp. 37-49 Downloads
Nancy A. Rader and Richard B. Norgaard
Recent trends in utility program funding and design in California pp. 50-57 Downloads
Michael Messenger
Access to the utility information asset: precondition for a competitive energy services industry pp. 58-69 Downloads
Donald K. Schultz
Restructuring for sustainability: Toward new electric services industries pp. 70-79 Downloads
Ralph Cavanagh
The future for energy service companies: changes and trends pp. 80-84 Downloads
Glenn E. Shippee

Volume 9, issue 5, 1996

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
A proposal to rationalize transmission: picture the grid as a lake pp. 12-17 Downloads
John C. Berlier and David J. McCarthy
Ancillary transmission services pp. 18-25 Downloads
Lester H. Fink
Implementing RTGs and ISOs: not just a technicality pp. 26-34 Downloads
Richard P. Felak
FMPA v. FPL: The FERC takes another step toward network transmission pp. 35-46 Downloads
Robert A. Jablon and Bonnie S. Blair
Competition in transmission: it's coming sooner or later pp. 46-58 Downloads
Eric C. Woychik
Capturing stranded value in nuclear plant assets pp. 59-65 Downloads
Robert G. Schoenberger and Robert L. Cudlin
Restructuring here and there: Lessons for the U.S. from far south of the border pp. 66-73 Downloads
R. Peter Lalor and Hernán García
The open access rule and increased emissions -- a red herring pp. 74-75 Downloads
C. A. Falcone and D. E. Heydlauff
What kind of future for energy efficiency? pp. 76-82 Downloads
Joseph Eto and Eric Hirst

Volume 9, issue 4, 1996

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
TVA ain't broke; don't fix it pp. 2-2 Downloads
David N. Smith
China's three gorges dam: Mammoth opportunities--and risks pp. 10-13 Downloads
Kennedy P. Maize
Global forces shape the electricity industry pp. 14-20 Downloads
Roger Rainbow
Challenges for gas technology in a restructured electric industry pp. 21-31 Downloads
Stephen D. Ban
Technology--it's only begun to make a difference pp. 32-45 Downloads
Richard E. Balzhiser
Breaking up is not so hard to do: a disaggregation proposal pp. 46-55 Downloads
Eric Blank, Rick Gilliam and Jon Wellinghoff
Policy choices on the road to a competitive electricity market pp. 56-61 Downloads
Vikram S. Budhraja
Integrating financial thinking with strategic planning to achieve competitive success pp. 62-67 Downloads
Frank A. Felder
Regulating competition: transition or travesty? pp. 68-78 Downloads
Charles J. Cicchetti and Kristina M. Sepetys
Technology for a competitive industry pp. 81-81 Downloads
Robert L. Hirsch

Volume 9, issue 3, 1996

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
Questions N.Y. externality study pp. 2-3 Downloads
Jonathan Wallach
Six useful observations for designers of PBR plans pp. 16-23 Downloads
G. Alan Comnes, Steve Stoft, Nathanael Greene and Larry Hill
Seven basic rules for the PBR regulator pp. 24-30 Downloads
Peter Navarro
Does stranded cost recovery distort competition? pp. 31-45 Downloads
Paul Joskow
How to construct a service quality index in performance-based ratemaking pp. 46-53 Downloads
Barbara R. Alexander
Productivity, electricity, science: powering a green future pp. 54-60 Downloads
Jesse H. Ausubel
A framework for operations in the competitive open access environment pp. 61-69 Downloads
Marija D. Ilic, Frank C. Graves, Lester H. Fink and Albert M. DiCaprio
NUGs and the new electric industry: dream or nightmare? pp. 70-77 Downloads
Michael J. Thompson
How should utilities adjust to the coming deregulated environment? pp. 78-83 Downloads
N. A. Nicewarner
Electricity pricing trends challenge conventional wisdom on retail wheeling pp. 84-86 Downloads
Kari J. Smith

Volume 9, issue 2, 1996

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
NARUC: still a major player pp. 2-2 Downloads
Bob Anderson
CAAA permit curbs can hurt pp. 2-3 Downloads
Stefan M. Brown, Otto C. Doering and Kevin T. McNamara
Avoiding pitfalls in project finance and investment: The lessons of experience pp. 14-20 Downloads
Anthony A. Churchill
Independent power: Global agent of change pp. 21-27 Downloads
Elliot Roseman and Anil Malhotra
Regulation: What the prime minister needs to know pp. 28-36 Downloads
Bernard Tenenbaum
Regulation and competition without privatization: Norway's experience pp. 37-45 Downloads
Jan Moen and Jan Hamrin
The electricity industry in Spain pp. 46-55 Downloads
Edward Kahn
India faces restructuring: the need is with the states pp. 56-62 Downloads
Harvey Salgo
Reshaping power markets: Lessons from South America pp. 63-71 Downloads
R. Peter Lalor and Hernán García
It's time to sell the TVA pp. 72-77 Downloads
William F. Malec
Liberalization of India's electric power sector: evolution or anarchy? pp. 78-86 Downloads
Reinier Lock
Capital Strategies for Power Generation pp. 89-89 Downloads
Paul F. Levy

Volume 9, issue 1, 1996

In this issue pp. II-II Downloads
Robert O. Marritz
Get the paradigm right pp. 2-3 Downloads
Arthur W. Adelberg
Culpable regulators pp. 3-4 Downloads
Vito Stagliano
Slow down the mega-merger feeding frenzy pp. 10-13 Downloads
Richard J. Pierce
Merger policy guidelines for the electric power industry pp. 14-27 Downloads
John W. Wilson
Electric utility mergers: the wrong strategy at the wrong time pp. 28-36 Downloads
Robert J. Michaels
The consumer case for conditional repeal of the Holding Company Act pp. 37-45 Downloads
Marty Kanner
Stand-alone PUHCA repeal in the 104th congress: We can do better pp. 46-53 Downloads
Clyde Wayne Crews
Interstate transmission for a direct sale: a regulatory gap in wheeling authority? pp. 54-59 Downloads
Joseph V. Vasapoli
Is there a rational path to pp. 60-66 Downloads
Karl A. McDermott and Competition?, Implementing
How will it all end? the electric utility industry in 2005 pp. 67-73 Downloads
Paul Joskow
Grid investment: can a market do the job? pp. 74-79 Downloads
James Bushnell and Steven Stoft
The retail energy services company model for restructuring the electric utility industry pp. 80-88 Downloads
Michael Arny
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