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Volume 3, issue 10, 1990

It's just as well the world ended, it wasn't working anyway pp. 12-17 Downloads
Irwin M. Seltzer
Making conservation pay: The NEES experience pp. 18-25 Downloads
John W. Rowe
Pre-approval of resources: A new direction for regulation in Massachusetts pp. 26-31 Downloads
Hon. Susan F. Tierney
Carrots and sticks: Shared-savings incentive programs for energy efficiency pp. 32-32 Downloads
Don Schultz and Joseph Eto
Special report: Utility executive incentive compensation pp. 33-46 Downloads
David Marder
Regulatory aspects of emissions trading: Conflicts between economic and environmental goals pp. 47-55 Downloads
Douglas R. Bohi and Dallas Burtraw
Regional regulation of multistate holding companies: A model for readjusting the federal-state boundary pp. 56-67 Downloads
Clinton A. Vince, Sherry A. Quirk and Richard A. Glick

Volume 3, issue 9, 1990

Rx for electricity in the 90s: Fair competition and a new regulatory contract pp. 14-23 Downloads
Paul J. Elston and W. Harrison Wellford
Financial implications to utilities of third party power purchases pp. 24-31 Downloads
Lewis J. Perl and Mark D. Luftig
Coordinating the competitors pp. 32-39 Downloads
Thomas Paynter
A brave new world: Let's look before we leap pp. 40-43 Downloads
John A. Casazza, Allan J. Schultz and Joseph C. Swidler
A new and useful energy law treatise pp. 44-44 Downloads
Robert O. Marritz

Volume 3, issue 8, 1990

The national energy strategy: DOE's view from the top pp. 18-23 Downloads
Linda G. Stuntz
The consumer's stake in national energy policy pp. 30-37 Downloads
Larry Hobart
Energy efficiency in the national energy strategy: NRDC and PG&E find common ground pp. 38-47 Downloads
Natural Resources Defense Council and Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Regional Planning councils: A framework for consensus and efficiency pp. 48-53 Downloads
Chase Milton A.
Weighing environmental costs in utility regulation: The task ahead pp. 54-63 Downloads
Kenneth Gordon

Volume 3, issue 7, 1990

Utility marketing: The past as prologue? pp. 20-29 Downloads
Clark W. Gellings, Martha Grasty and Marc Jacobson
Energy efficiency: The future business opportunity for electric utilities pp. 30-39 Downloads
Lawrence D. Hamlin
Real-time pricing: DSM at its best? pp. 40-49 Downloads
Bruce Chapman and Tom Tramutola
The information age meets demand-side management pp. 50-55 Downloads
George W. Conner
Customer-driven utilities pp. 56-57 Downloads
John E. Hayes

Volume 3, issue 6, 1990

Getting at the true cost of electric power pp. 14-23 Downloads
Richard L. Ottinger
Environmental externalities: What state regulators are doing pp. 24-35 Downloads
S. D. Cohen, J. H. Eto, C. A. Goldman, J. Beldock and G. Crandall
Estimating environmental costs of energy resources pp. 36-41 Downloads
Shepard C. Buchanan
Weighing externalities in New York state pp. 42-47 Downloads
Sury N. Putta
Scratching the surface of the new planning: A selective look pp. 48-55 Downloads
L. O. Foley and A. D. Lee
Blunting risk with caution: the next step for least-cost planning pp. 56-63 Downloads
Steve Brick and George Edgar

Volume 3, issue 5, 1990

Restructuring under PUHCA: Can the '35 act envelope be stretched? pp. 16-25 Downloads
Douglas W. Hawes and William S. Lamb
Electric Utility restructing: Who's regulating the revolution? pp. 26-37 Downloads
Donna J. Bobbish
Transmission access: The case for enlightened self-regulation pp. 38-47 Downloads
Richard M. Flynn
The importance of flexibility in competitive resource procurement pp. 48-59 Downloads
Richard P. Rozek and Lori L. Nordgulen

Volume 3, issue 4, 1990

Least-cost planning: A ready tool for protecting air quality values pp. 14-27 Downloads
David Berry
Balancing the scales: Toward parity in electric supply and demand data pp. 28-33 Downloads
Eric Hirst

Volume 3, issue 3, 1990

Transmission--the heart of the issue pp. 14-23 Downloads
Charles G. Stalon
Using existing tools to pry open transmission--a New Englad proposal pp. 24-39 Downloads
Susan F. Tierney
State transmission planning and federal power policy: Turf war to alliance? pp. 40-49 Downloads
Micheal Arny and Barbara James
A busy signal for electric power: A day in the life of N.U. Gigawatt pp. 50-57 Downloads
Hyde M. Merrill and Allen J. Wood
Unraveling the mysteries of planning pp. 58-58 Downloads
Jim Litchfield

Volume 3, issue 1, 1990

PUHCA in past and present context: Independent power meets the "mystic maze": The 1935 holding company act, a bastion of federal energy regulation, poses obstacles to development of a freer independent power industry. Something has to give pp. 24-31 Downloads
William C. Weeden
PUHCA Reform: Sine qua non of a competitive power supply industry: Independent power can provide electric utilities with reliable power at prices established in competitive markets. For this potential to be fully realized, the 1935 holding company act should be changed pp. 32-39 Downloads
Mason Willrich
Where theory meets reality: The case against PUHCA "reform": The author sees unfathomable problems in the shadows of proposals to amend the public utility holding company act. His concerns lead him to insist on retaining key protections of PUHCA and adding certain protections through state regulation pp. 40-50 Downloads
Hon. William D. Steinmeier
Preserving fair competition: The case for the public utility holding company act: PUHCA continues to be a vital, essential check on utility ambitions in less structured power supply markets. In considering opening opportunities to more competition, congress must address competitive differences between true independents and utility affiliates pp. 51-63 Downloads
Scott Hempling

Volume 2, issue 10, 1989

Balancing shareholder and customer interests in incentive ratemaking pp. 16-23 Downloads
Paul A. DeCotis
Lagging in least-cost planning--Not as far along as we thought pp. 24-31 Downloads
Cynthia Mitchell
Fact and fiction in integrated bidding processes--Let's look at the record! pp. 32-39 Downloads
Richard M. Esteves
The "most-value" method of setting maximum DSM payments is wrong pp. 40-46 Downloads
Tom Foley
"Most-value": the right measure for the wrong market? pp. 47-51 Downloads
Jonathan A. Lesser
The generalized "most-value" criterion: "Least-cost" is still not "most-value" pp. 52-55 Downloads
Benjamin Hobbs

Volume 2, issue 9, 1989

Designing a utility for the 21st century pp. 16-21 Downloads
A. J. Pfister
Four issues in transition: A regulator's perspective pp. 22-31 Downloads
Stanley W. Hulett
Emissions trading: Environmental perestroika or flimflam? pp. 32-43 Downloads
Daniel J. Dudek

Volume 2, issue 8, 1989

Conservation utilities: New force on the demand side pp. 18-25 Downloads
David Nichols and Paul D. Raskin
Utility conservation incentives: Everyone wins pp. 26-35 Downloads
Myron B. Katz
Least-cost planning on a regional basis: A case study pp. 36-47 Downloads
Edward Sheets

Volume 2, issue 7, 1989

Wheeling & dealing: FERC's evolving approach to electric utility mergers pp. 16-31 Downloads
John P. Williams
Wheeling nonutility power: the Texas experience pp. 32-41 Downloads
Jay Zarnikau, Bill Moore and Martin Baughman
Incentive rates or market rates: A rose by any other name? pp. 42-51 Downloads
Kenneth W. Costello

Volume 2, issue 6, 1989

Uncertainty: A critical element of integrated resource planning pp. 16-27 Downloads
Eric Hirst and Martin Schweitzer
Assessing conservation payments: Least-cost, least-rates, or most-value? pp. 28-39 Downloads
Benjamin Hobbs and Sushil K. Nelson
Reducing industrial electricity costs--an automative case study pp. 40-51 Downloads
Alan C. Price and Marc H. Ross

Volume 2, issue 5, 1989

Nonutility power and the reliability issue pp. 14-27 Downloads
Jam Hamrin
The pains and gains of electric utility stock ownership pp. 28-35 Downloads
Michael Foley
How to succeed in the electric utility business by really trying pp. 36-43 Downloads
Charles W. Keller

Volume 2, issue 3, 1989

The fading bright line: Federalism and electricity regulation in the reagan years: Federalism, like that other abstract noun, is in the eye of the beholder pp. 16-23 Downloads
Richard Lehfeldt
Energy federalism in the wake of Mississippi P & L: Will congress restore to the states what Mississippi took away? pp. 24-31 Downloads
Clinton A. Vince and John S. Moot
The Balkans revisited: A modest plan for transmission reform: This article diagnoses some of the ailments in our current bifurcated regulatory system and suggests a remedy--one which would lodge more authority with the states pp. 32-39 Downloads
Ashley C. Brown

Volume 2, issue 1, 1989

Making energy policy in a world of uncertainties pp. 12-19 Downloads
Irwin M. Stelzer
A leadership role for electric utilities pp. 20-25 Downloads
S. David Freeman
Why electric transmission questions are so hard to answer pp. 26-38 Downloads
Kevin Kelly
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