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2012 - 2017

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Volume 117, issue C, 2017

Two-locus clines on the real line with a step environment pp. 1-22 Downloads
Bürger, Reinhard
The natural selection of metabolism and mass selects allometric transitions from prokaryotes to mammals pp. 23-42 Downloads
Lars Witting
Forward and backward evolutionary processes and allele frequency spectrum in a cancer cell population pp. 43-50 Downloads
Hisashi Ohtsuki and Hideki Innan
Variance in estimated pairwise genetic distance under high versus low coverage sequencing: The contribution of linkage disequilibrium pp. 51-63 Downloads
Max Shpak, Yang Ni, Jie Lu and Müller, Peter
Evolutionary rescue of a parasite population by mutation rate evolution pp. 64-75 Downloads
Philip B. Greenspoon and Nicole Mideo

Volume 116, issue C, 2017

Unlimited niche packing in a Lotka–Volterra competition game pp. 1-17 Downloads
Ross Cressman, Abdel Halloway, Gordon G. McNickle, Joe Apaloo, Joel S. Brown and Thomas L. Vincent
Spatial synchrony and harvesting in fluctuating populations:Relaxing the small noise assumption pp. 18-26 Downloads
Steinar Engen
Modeling the effects of variable feeding patterns of larval ticks on the transmission of Borrelia lusitaniae and Borrelia afzelii pp. 27-32 Downloads
Luca Ferreri, Silvia Perazzo, Ezio Venturino, Mario Giacobini, Luigi Bertolotti and Alessandro Mannelli
Invasion fitness for gene–culture co-evolution in family-structured populations and an application to cumulative culture under vertical transmission pp. 33-46 Downloads
Charles Mullon and Laurent Lehmann
Trait level analysis of multitrait population projection matrices pp. 47-58 Downloads
Christophe F.D. Coste, Austerlitz, Frédéric and Samuel Pavard

Volume 115, issue C, 2017

Population structure and coalescence in pedigrees: Comparisons to the structured coalescent and a framework for inference pp. 1-12 Downloads
Peter R. Wilton, Pierre Baduel, Matthieu M. Landon and John Wakeley
Inclusive fitness analysis of cumulative cultural evolution in an island-structured population pp. 13-23 Downloads
Hisashi Ohtsuki, Joe Yuichiro Wakano and Yutaka Kobayashi
Finding all multiple stable fixpoints of n-species Lotka–Volterra competition models pp. 24-34 Downloads
Heike Lischke and Löffler, Thomas J.
Population-genetic models of sex-limited genomic imprinting pp. 35-44 Downloads
S. Thomas Kelly and Hamish G. Spencer
Deploying dengue-suppressing Wolbachia: Robust models predict slow but effective spatial spread in Aedes aegypti pp. 45-60 Downloads
Michael Turelli and Nicholas H. Barton
How environmental noise can contract and destroy a persistence zone in population models with Allee effect pp. 61-68 Downloads
Irina Bashkirtseva and Lev Ryashko
The genealogical decomposition of a matrix population model with applications to the aggregation of stages pp. 69-80 Downloads
Bienvenu, François, Akçay, Erol, Legendre, Stéphane and David M. McCandlish
Transience after disturbance: Obligate species recovery dynamics depend on disturbance duration pp. 81-88 Downloads
Alexander Singer and Karin Johst
A numerical approach to determine mutant invasion fitness and evolutionary singular strategies pp. 89-99 Downloads
Coralie Fritsch, Fabien Campillo and Otso Ovaskainen

Volume 114, issue C, 2017

Adaptive diversification in heterogeneous environments pp. 1-9 Downloads
Olivier David, Christian Lannou, Monod, Hervé, Papaïx, Julien and Djidi Traore
Revisiting the logistic map: A closer look at the dynamics of a classic chaotic population model with ecologically realistic spatial structure and dispersal pp. 10-18 Downloads
Laura S. Storch, James M. Pringle, Karen E. Alexander and David O. Jones
Differences in the effective population sizes of males and females do not require differences in their distribution of offspring number pp. 19-28 Downloads
Fernando L. Mendez
Fisher–Wright model with deterministic seed bank and selection pp. 29-39 Downloads
Bendix Koopmann, Müller, Johannes, Tellier, Aurélien and Živković, Daniel
How optimally foraging predators promote prey coexistence in a variable environment pp. 40-58 Downloads
Simon Maccracken Stump and Peter Chesson
Sexually transmitted infections and mate-finding Allee effects pp. 59-69 Downloads
Berec, Luděk, Janoušková, Eva and Michal Theuer
Resampling: An improvement of importance sampling in varying population size models pp. 70-87 Downloads
C. Merle, R. Leblois, F. Rousset and P. Pudlo
An alternative derivation of the stationary distribution of the multivariate neutral Wright–Fisher model for low mutation rates with a view to mutation rate estimation from site frequency data pp. 88-94 Downloads
Dominik Schrempf and Asger Hobolth
Recursions for the exchangeable partition function of the seedbank coalescent pp. 95-106 Downloads
Noemi Kurt and Mathias Rafler
Stochasticity, heterogeneity, and variance in longevity in human populations pp. 107-116 Downloads
Nienke Hartemink, Trifon I. Missov and Hal Caswell
Theory of partitioning of disease prevalence and mortality in observational data pp. 117-127 Downloads
I. Akushevich, A.P. Yashkin, J. Kravchenko, F. Fang, K. Arbeev, F. Sloan and A.I. Yashin
Sex versus asex: An analysis of the role of variance conversion pp. 128-135 Downloads
Andrew E.M. Lewis-Pye and Montalbán, Antonio

Volume 113, issue C, 2017

Harsh environments and the evolution of multi-player cooperation pp. 1-12 Downloads
Kris De Jaegher
Autocratic strategies for alternating games pp. 13-22 Downloads
Alex McAvoy and Christoph Hauert
Rate matrix estimation from site frequency data pp. 23-33 Downloads
Conrad J. Burden and Yurong Tang
Multiple coexistence equilibria in a two parasitoid-one host model pp. 34-46 Downloads
Ferdinand Pfab, Odo Diekmann, Souvik Bhattacharya and Andrea Pugliese
Equivalent probability density moments determine equivalent epidemics in an SIRS model with temporary immunity pp. 47-55 Downloads
Thomas W. Carr

Volume 112, issue C, 2016

Testing neutrality at copy-number-variable loci under the finite-allele and finite-site models pp. 1-13 Downloads
Xin-Sheng Hu, Yang Hu and Xiaoyang Chen
Assortative mating can impede or facilitate fixation of underdominant alleles pp. 14-21 Downloads
Mitchell G. Newberry, David M. McCandlish and Joshua B. Plotkin
An approximate stationary solution for multi-allele neutral diffusion with low mutation rates pp. 22-32 Downloads
Conrad J. Burden and Yurong Tang
Estimation of the HIV-1 backward mutation rate from transmitted drug-resistant strains pp. 33-42 Downloads
J.M. Kitayimbwa, J.Y.T. Mugisha and R.A. Saenz
Perenniality induces high inbreeding depression in self-fertilising species pp. 43-51 Downloads
D. Abu Awad, S. Billiard and V.C. Tran
Evolution of reduced mutation under frequency-dependent selection pp. 52-59 Downloads
Uri Liberman, Hilla Behar and Marcus W. Feldman
Recognizing the impact of endemic hepatitis D virus on hepatitis B virus eradication pp. 60-69 Downloads
Ashish Goyal and John M. Murray
SIR model with local and global infective contacts: A deterministic approach and applications pp. 70-79 Downloads
Alberto Maltz and Gabriel Fabricius
A metapopulation model with Markovian landscape dynamics pp. 80-96 Downloads
R. McVinish, P.K. Pollett and Y.S. Chan
Stabilization of species coexistence in spatial models through the aggregation–segregation effect generated by local dispersal and nonspecific local interactions pp. 97-108 Downloads
Matteo Detto and Helene C. Muller-Landau
The cumulative effect of risk compensation on infection preventive measures pp. 109-116 Downloads
Daniel Maxin, Laurentiu Sega and Lisa Eaton
Deterministic evolution of an asexual population under the action of beneficial and deleterious mutations on additive fitness landscapes pp. 117-125 Downloads
Kavita Jain and Sona John
A coalescent dual process for a Wright–Fisher diffusion with recombination and its application to haplotype partitioning pp. 126-138 Downloads
Robert C. Griffiths, Paul A. Jenkins and Sabin Lessard
Effective sizes and time to migration–drift equilibrium in geographically subdivided populations pp. 139-156 Downloads
Hössjer, O., Linda Laikre and Nils Ryman
The importance of being atomic: Ecological invasions as random walks instead of waves pp. 157-169 Downloads
Timothy C. Reluga
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