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Volume 136, issue C, 2020

Unstable population dynamics in obligate co-operators pp. 1-11 Downloads
Abdel H. Halloway, Margaret A. Malone and Joel S. Brown
Loss of genetic variation in the two-locus multiallelic haploid model pp. 12-21 Downloads
Martin Pontz and Marcus W. Feldman
A heuristic model of the effects of phenotypic robustness in adaptive evolution pp. 22-30 Downloads
Emanuele Rigato and Giuseppe Fusco
Kleptoparasitic interactions modeling varying owner and intruder hunger awareness pp. 31-40 Downloads
Noble Chowdhury, Kirubel Kentiba, Yashwant Mirajkar, Mana Nasseri, Rychtář, Jan and Dewey Taylor

Volume 135, issue C, 2020

Population abundance in predator–prey systems with predator’s dispersal between two patches pp. 1-8 Downloads
Rong Huang, Yuanshi Wang and Hong Wu
Establishment process of a magic trait allele subject to both divergent selection and assortative mating pp. 9-18 Downloads
T. Sakamoto and H. Innan
The spatial Muller’s ratchet: Surfing of deleterious mutations during range expansion pp. 19-31 Downloads
Foutel-Rodier, Félix and Alison M. Etheridge
A class of fast–slow models for adaptive resistance evolution pp. 32-48 Downloads
Pérez-Estigarribia, Pastor E., Pierre-Alexandre Bliman and Christian E. Schaerer
The effects of diploid male production on honey bee colony evolution and survival pp. 49-55 Downloads
Matthew I. Betti and Isaac Lee
Evolution of transmission modifiers under frequency-dependent selection and transmission in constant or fluctuating environments pp. 56-63 Downloads
Hao Shen, Uri Liberman and Marcus W. Feldman

Volume 134, issue C, 2020

Using YY supermales to destabilize invasive fish populations pp. 1-14 Downloads
Joydeb Bhattacharyya, Daniel L. Roelke, Jay R. Walton and Soumitro Banerjee
A temporal model of territorial defence with antagonistic interactions pp. 15-35 Downloads
Varga, Tamás, Garay, József, Rychtář, Jan and Mark Broom
Invasion implies substitution in ecological communities with class-structured populations pp. 36-52 Downloads
Tadeas Priklopil and Laurent Lehmann
On closed-form expressions to Gompertz–Makeham life expectancy pp. 53-60 Downloads
Fredy Castellares, Patrício, Silvio C., Artur J. Lemonte and Bernardo L. Queiroz
A characterisation of the reconstructed birth–death process through time rescaling pp. 61-76 Downloads
Anastasia Ignatieva, Jotun Hein and Paul A. Jenkins
Randomized matrix games in a finite population: Effect of stochastic fluctuations in the payoffs on the evolution of cooperation pp. 77-91 Downloads
Cong Li and Sabin Lessard
Measuring the external branches of a Kingman tree: A discrete approach pp. 92-105 Downloads
Filippo Disanto and Thomas Wiehe
Maximum likelihood estimators for scaled mutation rates in an equilibrium mutation–drift model pp. 106-118 Downloads
Claus Vogl, Lynette C. Mikula and Conrad J. Burden
Fluctuations in lifetime selection in an autocorrelated environment pp. 119-128 Downloads
Olivier Cotto and Luis-Miguel Chevin
Assortative mating by population of origin in a mechanistic model of admixture pp. 129-146 Downloads
Amy Goldberg, Ananya Rastogi and Noah A. Rosenberg
Modeling the dispersal–reproduction trade-off in an expanding population pp. 147-159 Downloads
Nathan G. Marculis, Maya L. Evenden and Mark A. Lewis
The nonlinear structure of linkage disequilibrium pp. 160-170 Downloads
Reginald D. Smith
Testing for population decline using maximal linkage disequilibrium blocks pp. 171-181 Downloads
Elise Kerdoncuff, Amaury Lambert and Guillaume Achaz
Some simple rules for estimating reproduction numbers in the presence of reservoir exposure or imported cases pp. 182-194 Downloads
Angus McLure and Kathryn Glass

Volume 133, issue C, 2020

A multi-epoch model for the number of species within genera pp. 97-103 Downloads
François, Olivier
The popularity spectrum applied to a cross-cultural question pp. 104-116 Downloads
Mitsuhiro Nakamura, Joe Yuichiro Wakano, Kenichi Aoki and Yutaka Kobayashi
FST and the triangle inequality for biallelic markers pp. 117-129 Downloads
Ilana M. Arbisser and Noah A. Rosenberg
Allele frequency spectra in structured populations: Novel-allele probabilities under the labelled coalescent pp. 130-140 Downloads
Marcy K. Uyenoyama, Naoki Takebayashi and Seiji Kumagai
When do factors promoting genetic diversity also promote population persistence? A demographic perspective on Gillespie’s SAS-CFF model pp. 141-149 Downloads
Sebastian J. Schreiber
Systematic comparison of coexistence in models of drug-sensitive and drug-resistant pathogen strains pp. 150-158 Downloads
Nicola Mulberry, Alexander Rutherford and Caroline Colijn
Drivers of diversity in individual life courses: Sensitivity of the population entropy of a Markov chain pp. 159-167 Downloads
Ulrich K. Steiner and Shripad Tuljapurkar
Quantifying the forces that maintain prophages in bacterial genomes pp. 168-179 Downloads
Amjad Khan and Lindi M. Wahl

Volume 132, issue C, 2020

Statistical tools for seed bank detection pp. 1-15 Downloads
Jochen Blath, Eugenio Buzzoni, Jere Koskela and Maite Wilke Berenguer
On the approximation of interaction effect models by Hadamard powers of the additive genomic relationship pp. 16-23 Downloads
Johannes W.R. Martini, Fernando H. Toledo and Crossa, José
Influence of demographically-realistic mortality schedules on vaccination strategies in age-structured models pp. 24-32 Downloads
Zhilan Feng, Yejuan Feng and John W. Glasser
The Wright–Fisher model with efficiency pp. 33-46 Downloads
González Casanova, Adrián, Miró Pina, Verónica and Juan Carlos Pardo
Inferring trait-specific similarity among individuals from molecular markers and phenotypes with Bayesian regression pp. 47-59 Downloads
Daniel Gianola, Rohan L. Fernando and Schön, Chris-Carolin
A remark on “Biological control through provision of additional food to predators: A theoretical study†[Theor. Popul. Biol. 72 (2007) 111–120] pp. 60-68 Downloads
Rana D. Parshad, Sureni Wickramsooriya and Susan Bailey
The evolution of frequency-dependent cultural transmission pp. 69-81 Downloads
Uri Liberman, Yoav Ram, Lee Altenberg and Marcus W. Feldman
Modeling and control of mosquito-borne diseases with Wolbachia and insecticides pp. 82-91 Downloads
Yazhi Li and Xianning Liu
On cherry and pitchfork distributions of random rooted and unrooted phylogenetic trees pp. 92-104 Downloads
Kwok Pui Choi, Ariadne Thompson and Taoyang Wu

Volume 131, issue C, 2020

Genealogical distances under low levels of selection pp. 2-11 Downloads
Elisabeth Huss and Peter Pfaffelhuber
Competing barnacle species with a time dependent reproduction rate pp. 12-24 Downloads
M.C. Gallagher, M. Arnold, E. Kadaub, S. Culloty, O’Riordan, R.M., R. McAllen and D. Rachinskii
Incorporating tick feeding behaviour into R0 for tick-borne pathogens pp. 25-37 Downloads
Simon P. Johnstone-Robertson, Maria A. Diuk-Wasser and Stephen A. Davis
Multi-model inference of non-random mating from an information theoretic approach pp. 38-53 Downloads
Carvajal-Rodríguez, A.
Dispersal asymmetry in a two-patch system with source–sink populations pp. 54-65 Downloads
Hong Wu, Yuanshi Wang, Yufeng Li and Donald L. DeAngelis
Fast likelihood calculation for multivariate Gaussian phylogenetic models with shifts pp. 66-78 Downloads
Venelin Mitov, Krzysztof Bartoszek, Georgios Asimomitis and Tanja Stadler
Local fluctuations of genetic processes defined on two time scales, with applications to effective size estimation pp. 79-99 Downloads
Hössjer, Ola and Peder A. Tyvand
Bayesian inference of natural selection from spatiotemporal phenotypic data pp. 100-109 Downloads
Olivier David, Gaëlle van Frank,, Isabelle Goldringer, Rivière, Pierre and Michel Turbet Delof

Volume 130, issue C, 2019

Enhancing population stability with combined adaptive limiter control and finding the optimal harvesting–restocking balance pp. 1-12 Downloads
Juan Segura, Frank M. Hilker and Daniel Franco
Adaptive walks on high-dimensional fitness landscapes and seascapes with distance-dependent statistics pp. 13-49 Downloads
Atish Agarwala and Daniel S. Fisher
Coalescence in the diffusion limit of a Bienaymé–Galton–Watson branching process pp. 50-59 Downloads
Conrad J. Burden and Albert C. Soewongsono
Germination variation facilitates the evolution of seed dormancy when coupled with seedling competition pp. 60-73 Downloads
Nicholas Kortessis and Peter Chesson
Is there a Trivers–Willard effect for parental investment? Modelling evolutionarily stable strategies using a matrix population model with nonlinear mating pp. 74-82 Downloads
Matthias Borgstede
Asymmetric competition, ontogenetic growth and size inequality drive the difference in productivity between two-strata and one-stratum forest stands pp. 83-93 Downloads
Thomas Cordonnier, Charline Smadi, Georges Kunstler and Courbaud, Benoît
The Evolving Moran Genealogy pp. 94-105 Downloads
Johannes Wirtz and Thomas Wiehe
Uniqueness and multiplicity of clines in an environmental pocket pp. 106-131 Downloads
Thomas Nagylaki, Linlin Su and Todd F. Dupont
Indirect effects in a planktonic disease system pp. 132-142 Downloads
Zoi Rapti, Tara E. Stewart Merrill, Bridget Mueller-Brennan, Jerry H. Kavouras and Cáceres, Carla E.
Local sensitivity equations for maximum sustainable yield reference points pp. 143-159 Downloads
Nan Zheng, Shijia Wang and Noel Cadigan
Selection in two-sex stage-structured populations: Genetics, demography, and polymorphism pp. 160-169 Downloads
Charlotte de Vries and Hal Caswell
Strategies of host resistance to pathogens in spatially structured populations: An agent-based evaluation pp. 170-181 Downloads
Boëte, Christophe, Morgan Seston and Mathieu Legros
The effect of temporal fluctuations on the evolution of host tolerance to parasitism pp. 182-190 Downloads
Charlotte Ferris and Alex Best
Eco-epidemiological interactions with predator interference and infection pp. 191-202 Downloads
Iulia Martina Bulai and Frank M. Hilker
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