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1977 - 2020

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2020, volume 45, issue 3

Knowledge exhaustibility public support to business R&D and the additionality constraint pp. 649-663 Downloads
Cristiano Antonelli
Innovation and standardization as drivers of companies’ success in public procurement: an empirical analysis pp. 664-693 Downloads
Knut Blind, Jakob Pohlisch and Anne Rainville
From latent to emergent entrepreneurship: the knowledge spillover construction circle pp. 694-704 Downloads
Rosa Caiazza, Maksim Belitski and David B. Audretsch
System architecture practices to facilitate Department of Defense technology transfer pp. 705-717 Downloads
Christopher Wilhelm, Erin Thompson, Kristin Giammarco and Clifford Whitcomb
Universities and open innovation: the determinants of network centrality pp. 718-757 Downloads
Robert Huggins, Daniel Prokop and Piers Thompson
The multi-level process of trust and learning in university–industry innovation collaborations pp. 758-779 Downloads
Amalya L. Oliver, Kathleen Montgomery and Shimrit Barda
A scientometric analysis of knowledge spillover research pp. 780-805 Downloads
Elvira Cerver-Romero, João J. Ferreira and Cristina Fernandes
New challenges for universities in the knowledge triangle pp. 806-819 Downloads
Maximilian Unger, Giulia Ajmone Marsan, Dirk Meissner, Wolfgang Polt and Mario Cervantes
Conditions for complex innovations: evidence from public organizations pp. 820-843 Downloads
Mehmet Akif Demircioglu and David B. Audretsch
Endogenous innovation, outward-bound international patenting and national economic development pp. 844-869 Downloads
Kelvin W. Willoughby
Strategies of industry-science cooperation in the Russian manufacturing sector pp. 870-907 Downloads
Vitaliy Roud and Valeriya Vlasova
The role of R&D and input trade in productivity growth: innovation and technology spillovers pp. 908-928 Downloads
Dongyeol Lee

2020, volume 45, issue 2

University–industry collaboration: using meta-rules to overcome barriers to knowledge transfer pp. 371-392 Downloads
A. Alexander, D. P. Martin, C. Manolchev and K. Miller
The division of labour between academia and industry for the generation of radical inventions pp. 393-413 Downloads
Ugo Rizzo, Nicolò Barbieri, Laura Ramaciotti and Demian Iannantuono
Drivers of innovation productivity of academic researchers through career advancement pp. 414-429 Downloads
Rajeev Goel and Devrim Göktepe-Hultén
What affects technology transfer in emerging knowledge areas? A multi-stakeholder concept mapping study in the bioeconomy pp. 430-460 Downloads
Laura Borge and Stefanie Bröring
What motivates the engineers to patent? A study at the Chinese R&D laboratories of a European MNC pp. 461-480 Downloads
Anna Potekhina and Knut Blind
IPR infringement in the United States: impacts on the input and output of R&D pp. 481-493 Downloads
Rajeev Goel
Do firms profit from involving academics when developing technology? pp. 494-521 Downloads
Hanne Peeters, Julie Callaert and Bart Looy
The effect of university–industry collaboration policy on universities’ knowledge innovation and achievements transformation: based on innovation chain pp. 522-543 Downloads
Hua Cheng, Zhiying Zhang, Qing Huang and Zhongju Liao
Modernizing federal technology transfer metrics pp. 544-559 Downloads
Vidita Choudhry and Todd A. Ponzio
Factors of university–industry collaboration affecting university innovation performance pp. 560-577 Downloads
Fan-Chuan Tseng, Mu-Hsuan Huang and Dar-Zen Chen
University-industry interaction and product innovation performance of Guangdong manufacturing firms: the roles of regional proximity and research quality of universities pp. 578-618 Downloads
Yongli Tang, Kazuyuki Motohashi, Xinyue Hu and Angeles Montoro-Sanchez
The financial benefits of persistently high forward citations pp. 619-647 Downloads
Kathryn Rudie Harrigan and Yunzhe Fang

2020, volume 45, issue 1

Beyond formal university technology transfer: innovative pathways for knowledge exchange pp. 1-8 Downloads
Christopher S. Hayter, Einar Rasmussen and Jacob H. Rooksby
Examining alliance management capabilities in university-industry collaboration pp. 9-30 Downloads
Alexander Leischnig and Anja Geigenmüller
The complementarities between formal and informal channels of university–industry knowledge transfer: a longitudinal approach pp. 31-55 Downloads
Véronique Schaeffer, Sıla Öcalan-Özel and Julien Pénin
‘Getting out of the closet’: scientific authorship of literary fiction and knowledge transfer pp. 56-85 Downloads
Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Anabel Fernández-Mesa and Nicolás Robinson-García
Productivity spillovers through labor flows: productivity gap, multinational experience and industry relatedness pp. 86-121 Downloads
Zsolt Csáfordi, László Lőrincz, Balázs Lengyel and Károly Miklós Kiss
The effects of university-level policies on women’s participation in academic patenting in Italy pp. 122-150 Downloads
Paola Giuri, Rosa Grimaldi, Anna Kochenkova, Federico Munari and Laura Toschi
Business incubators and accelerators: a co-citation analysis-based, systematic literature review pp. 151-176 Downloads
J. Piet Hausberg and Sabrina Korreck
R&D spillovers in a supply chain and productivity performance in British firms pp. 177-204 Downloads
Yuxin Li and Derek Bosworth
Social capital and innovation in a life science cluster: the role of proximity and family involvement pp. 205-227 Downloads
Tommaso Pucci, Mara Brumana, Tommaso Minola and Lorenzo Zanni
Learning-from-parents: exploitative knowledge acquisition and the innovation performance of joint venture pp. 228-258 Downloads
Chung-Jen Chen, Bou-Wen Lin, Jun-You Lin and Yung-Chang Hsiao
Understanding the determinants of novel technology adoption among teachers: the case of 3D printing pp. 259-275 Downloads
Patrick Holzmann, Erich J. Schwarz and David B. Audretsch
“Another roof, another proof”: the impact of mobility on individual productivity in science pp. 276-303 Downloads
Valentina Tartari, Francesco Di Lorenzo and Benjamin A. Campbell
Promoting academic engagement: university context and individual characteristics pp. 304-337 Downloads
Zhiyan Zhao, Anders Broström and Jianfeng Cai
Correction to: Promoting academic engagement: university context and individual characteristics pp. 338-338 Downloads
Zhiyan Zhao, Anders Broström and Jianfeng Cai
External R&D, product and process innovation in European manufacturing companies pp. 339-369 Downloads
Giuseppe Medda

2019, volume 44, issue 6

Geographical clustering and the evaluation of cluster policies: introduction pp. 1665-1672 Downloads
Uwe Cantner, Holger Graf and Michael Rothgang
Analysing the effects of cluster policy: What can we learn from the German leading-edge cluster competition? pp. 1673-1697 Downloads
Michael Rothgang, Jochen Dehio and Bernhard Lageman
Regional cluster policies in Germany: challenges, impacts and evaluation practices pp. 1698-1719 Downloads
Matthias Kiese
R&D funding and private R&D: empirical evidence on the impact of the leading-edge cluster competition pp. 1720-1743 Downloads
Dirk Engel, Verena Eckl and Michael Rothgang
The role of geographical proximity for project performance: evidence from the German Leading-Edge Cluster Competition pp. 1744-1783 Downloads
Susanne Hinzmann, Uwe Cantner and Holger Graf
Geographical clustering and the effectiveness of public innovation programs pp. 1784-1815 Downloads
Dirk Crass, Christian Rammer and Birgit Aschhoff
Structural dynamics of innovation networks in German Leading-Edge Clusters pp. 1816-1839 Downloads
Stefan Töpfer, Uwe Cantner and Holger Graf
Cluster ambidexterity towards exploration and exploitation: strategies and cluster management pp. 1840-1866 Downloads
Tina Wolf, Uwe Cantner, Holger Graf and Michael Rothgang
Knowledge as growth pp. 1867-1870 Downloads
David B. Audretsch
Process quality management and technological innovation revisited: a contingency perspective from an emerging market pp. 1871-1890 Downloads
Jie Wu, Zefu Wu and Kathryn Rudie Harrigan
The development, growth, and performance of university spin-offs: a critical review pp. 1891-1938 Downloads
Marius Tuft Mathisen and Einar Rasmussen
Collaborative know-how and trust in university–industry collaborations: empirical evidence from ICT firms pp. 1939-1963 Downloads
Emilio Bellini, Giuseppe Piroli and Luca Pennacchio
A conceptual framework for studying science research careers pp. 1964-1992 Downloads
Carolina Cañibano, Richard Woolley, Eric J. Iversen, Sybille Hinze, Stefan Hornbostel and Jakob Tesch
Academic entrepreneurship: exploring the effects of academic patenting activity on publication and collaboration among heterogeneous researchers in South Korea pp. 1993-2013 Downloads
Soo Jeung Lee

2019, volume 44, issue 5

Effectiveness of technology transfer policies and legislation in fostering entrepreneurial innovations across continents: an overview pp. 1347-1366 Downloads
Maribel Guerrero and David Urbano
University technology transfer efficiency in a factor driven economy: the need for a coherent policy in Egypt pp. 1367-1395 Downloads
David A. Kirby and Hala H. El Hadidi
R&D transfer, policy and innovative ambitious entrepreneurship: evidence from Latin American countries pp. 1396-1415 Downloads
José Amorós Espinosa, Carlos Poblete and Vesna Mandakovic
The economic benefits of technology transfer from U.S. federal laboratories pp. 1416-1426 Downloads
Albert Link and John Scott
The moderating role of IPR on the relationship between country-level R&D and individual-level entrepreneurial performance pp. 1427-1450 Downloads
André Stel, Serhiy Lyalkov, Ana Millán and Jose Maria Millan
The impact of university focused technology transfer policies on regional innovation and entrepreneurship pp. 1451-1475 Downloads
James A. Cunningham, Erik E. Lehmann, Matthias Menter and Nikolaus Seitz
The Croatian path from socialism to European membership through the lens of technology transfer policies pp. 1476-1504 Downloads
Jadranka Švarc and Marina Dabić
The effects of technology transfers and institutional factors on economic growth: evidence from Europe and Oceania pp. 1505-1528 Downloads
Joao Ferreira, Cristina Fernandes and Vanessa Ratten
Technology transfer with search intensity and project advertising pp. 1529-1546 Downloads
Giorgio Calcagnini, Germana Giombini, Paolo Liberati and Giuseppe Travaglini
Business networks and localization effects for new Swedish technology-based firms’ innovation performance pp. 1547-1576 Downloads
Hanna Rydehell, Anders Isaksson and Hans Löfsten
New technology entrepreneurship initiatives: Which strategic orientations and environmental conditions matter in the new socio-economic landscape? pp. 1577-1602 Downloads
David Urbano, Maribel Guerrero, Joao Ferreira and Cristina I. Fernandes
Technology spin-offs: teamwork, autonomy, and the exploitation of business opportunities pp. 1603-1637 Downloads
Marco Corsino, Paola Giuri and Salvatore Torrisi
Scientific and technological (human) social capital formation and Industry–University Cooperative Research Centers: a quasi-experimental evaluation of graduate student outcomes pp. 1638-1664 Downloads
Olena Leonchuk and Denis O. Gray

2019, volume 44, issue 4

Ambidextrous search and product innovation: moderating effects of resource and structural attributes pp. 1007-1028 Downloads
Wenhong Zhang, Yapu Zhao, Donghan Wang, Haifeng Wang and Jian Li
The role of scientific and market knowledge in the inventive process: evidence from a survey of industrial inventors pp. 1029-1069 Downloads
Alessandra Scandura
Knowledge flows from business method software patents: influence of firms’ global social networks pp. 1070-1096 Downloads
Jiaming Jiang, Rajeev Goel and Xingyuan Zhang
The role of standardization at the interface of product and process development in biotechnology pp. 1097-1133 Downloads
Annika Lorenz, Michael Raven and Knut Blind
Mapping the emergence of international university research ventures pp. 1134-1162 Downloads
Sergey Kolesnikov, Seokkyun Woo, Yin Li, Philip Shapira and Jan Youtie
Seed accelerators and the speed of new venture creation pp. 1163-1187 Downloads
John Stayton and Vincent Mangematin
A university spin-off launch failure: explanation by the legitimation process pp. 1188-1215 Downloads
Valerie Francois and Pascal Philippart
The influence of human capital and perceived university support on patent applications of biomedical investigators pp. 1216-1235 Downloads
Supriya Munshaw, Soo-Hoon Lee, Phillip Phan and Kieren A. Marr
Knowledge transfer in university–industry research partnerships: a review pp. 1236-1255 Downloads
Esther Wit- de Vries, Wilfred A. Dolfsma, Henny J. Windt and M. P. Gerkema
Science and Technology Parks: a study of value creation for park tenants pp. 1256-1272 Downloads
Alberto Albahari, Magnus Klofsten and Juan Carlos Rubio-Romero
Integrating professional and academic knowledge: the link between researchers skills and innovation culture pp. 1273-1289 Downloads
Dirk Meissner and Natalia Shmatko
Crowdfunding in healthcare pp. 1290-1310 Downloads
Gaia Bassani, Nicoletta Marinelli and Silvio Vismara
The UBC ecosystem: putting together a comprehensive framework for university-business cooperation pp. 1311-1346 Downloads
Victoria Galan-Muros and Todd Davey

2019, volume 44, issue 3

Knowledge as an economic good: Exhaustibility versus appropriability? pp. 647-658 Downloads
Cristiano Antonelli
An evolving regional innovation network: collaboration among industry, university, and research institution in China’s first technology hub pp. 659-680 Downloads
Lachang Lyu, Weiping Wu, Haipeng Hu and Ru Huang
The expanded scientific and technical human capital model: the addition of a cultural dimension pp. 681-699 Downloads
Elizabeth A. Corley, Barry Bozeman, Xuefan Zhang and Chin-Chang Tsai
Where technology transfer research originated and where it is going: a quantitative analysis of literature published between 1980 and 2015 pp. 700-740 Downloads
Heeyong Noh and Sungjoo Lee
Collaboration or funding: lessons from a study of nanotechnology patenting in Canada and the United States pp. 741-777 Downloads
Leila Tahmooresnejad and Catherine Beaudry
Assessing the productivity of technology transfer offices: an analysis of the relevance of aspiration performance and portfolio complexity pp. 778-801 Downloads
Esteban Lafuente and Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent
Promoting cross-border knowledge transfer for new product development in MNCs: a process view pp. 802-821 Downloads
Yang Liu
Exploring new knowledge through research collaboration: the moderation of the global and local cohesion of knowledge networks pp. 822-849 Downloads
Luyun Xu, Jian Li and Xin Zhou
The role of venture capitalists in the regional innovation ecosystem: a comparison of networking patterns between private and publicly backed venture capital funds pp. 850-873 Downloads
Yannis Pierrakis and George Saridakis
Scientific systems in Latin America: performance, networks, and collaborations with industry pp. 874-915 Downloads
Hugo Confraria and Fernando Vargas
Mapping the field: a bibliometric analysis of the literature on university–industry collaborations pp. 916-947 Downloads
Igors Skute, Kasia Zalewska-Kurek, Isabella Hatak and Petra Weerd-Nederhof
Academic entrepreneurship in South Africa: testing for entrepreneurial intentions pp. 948-980 Downloads
B. Urban and J. Chantson
Modelling collaboration and innovation in creative industries using fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis pp. 981-1006 Downloads
Jan Stejskal and Petr Hajek

2019, volume 44, issue 2

Entrepreneurial ecosystems: economic, technological, and societal impacts pp. 313-325 Downloads
David B. Audretsch, James A. Cunningham, Donald F. Kuratko, Erik E. Lehmann and Matthias Menter
Public research and the innovation performance of new technology based firms pp. 326-358 Downloads
Roman Fudickar and Hanna Hottenrott
The organisational and geographic diversity and innovation potential of EU-funded research networks pp. 359-380 Downloads
Daniel Nepelski, Vincent Van Roy and Annarosa Pesole
Do academic spinoffs internationalize? pp. 381-403 Downloads
Alice Civera, Michele Meoli and Silvio Vismara
Patent-based investment funds: from invention to innovation pp. 404-433 Downloads
Svenja Jarchow and Andrea Röhm
Stimulating academic patenting in a university ecosystem: an agent-based simulation approach pp. 434-461 Downloads
Sabrina Backs, Markus Günther and Christian Stummer
Who is left out: exploring social boundaries in entrepreneurial ecosystems pp. 462-484 Downloads
Xaver Neumeyer, Susana C. Santos and Michael H. Morris
Evaluating and comparing entrepreneurial ecosystems using SMAA and SMAA-S pp. 485-519 Downloads
Salvatore Corrente, Salvatore Greco, Melita Nicotra, Marco Romano and Carmela Elita Schillaci
Female owners versus female managers: Who is better at introducing innovations? pp. 520-539 Downloads
Dirk Dohse, Rajeev Goel and Michael Nelson
The influence of trust and collaboration with external partners on appropriability in open service firms pp. 540-558 Downloads
Graciela Corral de Zubielqui, Janice Jones and David Audretsch
The contribution of science parks: a literature review and future research agenda pp. 559-595 Downloads
Laura Lecluyse, Mirjam Knockaert and Andre Spithoven
Public sector innovation: the effect of universities pp. 596-614 Downloads
Mehmet Akif Demircioglu and David B. Audretsch
Innovation practices in emerging economies: Do university partnerships matter? pp. 615-646 Downloads
Maribel Guerrero, David Urbano and Fernando Herrera

2019, volume 44, issue 1

Incentives for knowledge valorisation: a European benchmark pp. 1-20 Downloads
Linda H. M. van de Burgwal, Ana Dias and Eric Claassen
Do firms located in science and technology parks enhance innovation performance? The effect of absorptive capacity pp. 21-48 Downloads
Fernando Ubeda, Marta Ortiz- de-Urbina-Criado and Eva-María Mora-Valentín
Rethinking loose coupling of rules and entrepreneurial practices among university scientists: a Japan–Israel comparison pp. 49-72 Downloads
Adi Sapir and Nahoko Kameo
Fitting cooperative mode in inter-organizational strategic alliance: a perspective from innovative and financial performances pp. 73-96 Downloads
Tzu-Hsin Liu and Yung-Chang Hsiao
Dynamic effects of learning on the innovative outputs and productivity in Spanish multinational enterprises pp. 97-131 Downloads
Francisco J. Santos-Arteaga, Celia Torrecillas and Madjid Tavana
Engineering graduate students’ views on the effective ownership of academic patents pp. 132-154 Downloads
So Young Sohn and Eun Jin Han
Risk attitudes, patenting and invention disclosures by academic researchers pp. 155-166 Downloads
Rajeev Goel and Devrim Göktepe-Hultén
Evolving missions and university entrepreneurship: academic spin-offs and graduate start-ups in the entrepreneurial society pp. 167-188 Downloads
Chiara Marzocchi, Fumi Kitagawa and Mabel Sánchez-Barrioluengo
Measuring the expected synergy in Spanish regional and national systems of innovation pp. 189-209 Downloads
Loet Leydesdorff and Igone Porto-Gomez
The impact of imitation strategy and R&D resources on incremental and radical innovation: evidence from Chinese manufacturing firms pp. 210-230 Downloads
Jie Wu, Kathryn Rudie Harrigan, Siah Hwee Ang and Zefu Wu
Is university ownership a sub-optimal property rights regime for commercialisation? Information conditions and entrepreneurship in Greater Manchester, England pp. 231-249 Downloads
Christos Kalantaridis
Copyrights in higher education: motivating a research agenda pp. 250-263 Downloads
Jacob H. Rooksby and Christopher S. Hayter
Identifying high resource consumption areas of assembly-centric manufacturing in the United States pp. 264-311 Downloads
Douglas Thomas and Anand Kandaswamy
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