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Volume 42, issue 4, 2018

Financialisation and the New Swedish Model pp. 875-900 Downloads
Claes Belfrage and Markus Kallifatides
Northern Ireland’s property market crisis: insights from Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis pp. 901-916 Downloads
Emer Marie Gallagher, Elaine Ramsey and Derek Bond
A sectoral explanation of per capita income convergence and divergence: estimating Verdoorn’s law for countries at different stages of development pp. 917-934 Downloads
Guilherme R Magacho and John S L McCombie
Understanding the shift from micro- to macro-prudential thinking: a discursive network analysis pp. 935-962 Downloads
Matthias Thiemann, Mohamed Aldegwy and Edin Ibrocevic
Conflicts in the calculation and use of the price index: the case of France pp. 963-986 Downloads
Florence Jany-Catrice
Why derivatives need models: the political economy of derivative valuation models pp. 987-1008 Downloads
Duncan Lindo
The determinants of income inequality in OECD countries pp. 1009-1042 Downloads
Pasquale Tridico
Unequal exchange and absolute cost advantage: evidence from the trade between Greece and Germany pp. 1043-1086 Downloads
Persefoni Tsaliki, Christina Paraskevopoulou and Lefteris Tsoulfidis
Sraffa on taxable income and its implications for fiscal policy pp. 1087-1106 Downloads
E S Levrero
The ‘Fragment on Machines’ as science fiction; or, reading the Grundrisse politically pp. 1107-1122 Downloads
Ben Trott
Treasury view and post-WWI British austerity: Basil Blackett, Otto Niemeyer and Ralph Hawtrey pp. 1123-1144 Downloads
Clara Elisabetta Mattei
Unconventional monetary policy ante litteram: Richard Kahn and the monetary policy debate during the works of the Radcliffe Committee pp. 1145-1164 Downloads
Carlo Cristiano and Paolo Paesani
Debt as Money pp. 1165-1181 Downloads
Tony Lawson

Volume 42, issue 3, 2018

Sine praejudicio? Economics and the 2014 Scottish independence referendum pp. 597-615 Downloads
Sheila Dow, Robert McMaster and Andrew Cumbers
Industrial policy and exchange rate scepticism pp. 617-632 Downloads
Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira and Fernando Rugitsky
The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) was right: scale-free complex networks and core-periphery patterns in world trade pp. 633-651 Downloads
Paulo Gala, Jhean Camargo and Elton Freitas
Progressive supply-side economics: an explanation and update of the Rehn-Meidner model pp. 653-697 Downloads
Lennart Erixon
Top income shares and aggregate wealth-income ratio in a two-class corporate economy pp. 699-728 Downloads
Soon Ryoo
The drivers of efficient knowledge transfer performance: evidence from British universities pp. 729-755 Downloads
Federica Rossi
Dreaming big? Self-valuations, aspirations, networks and the private-school earnings premium pp. 757-778 Downloads
Francis Green, Samantha Parsons, Alice Sullivan and Richard Wiggins
A sectoral net lending perspective on Europe pp. 779-795 Downloads
Florentin Glötzl and Armon Rezai
Income polarization in European countries and Europe wide, 2004–2012 pp. 797-816 Downloads
Jinxian Wang, Koen Caminada, Kees Goudswaard and Chen Wang
Sraffa on the degeneration of the notion of cost pp. 817-836 Downloads
Saverio Fratini
A critique of Lawson’s ‘Social positioning and the nature of money’ pp. 837-850 Downloads
Geoffrey Ingham
The Constitution and Nature of Money pp. 851-873 Downloads
Tony Lawson

Volume 42, issue 1, 2018

The economic problem of a community: ontological reflections inspired by the Socialist Calculation Debate pp. 1-17 Downloads
Diogo Lourenço and Mário Graça Moura
A study in development by dispossession pp. 19-31 Downloads
Amit Bhaduri
Are developing countries catching up? pp. 33-46 Downloads
Vladimir Popov and K S Jomo
Income distribution and current account imbalances pp. 47-94 Downloads
Christian Belabed, Thomas Theobald and Till van Treeck
The global concentration of wealth pp. 95-115 Downloads
Thomas Goda
Global liquidity and monetary policy autonomy: an examination of open-economy policy constraints pp. 117-135 Downloads
Stefan Angrick
Profitability in India’s Organized Manufacturing Sector: The Role of Technology, Distribution and Demand pp. 137-153 Downloads
Deepankar Basu and Debarshi Das
Semi-autonomous household expenditures as the causa causans of postwar US business cycles: the stability and instability of Luxemburg-type external markets pp. 155-175 Downloads
Brett Fiebiger
When development meets culture: the contribution of Celso Furtado in the 1970s pp. 177-198 Downloads
Alexandre M Cunha and Gustavo Britto
The ‘theoretical developments initiated by Haberler but named for Pigou’ do not provide sufficient grounds for rejecting ‘Keynes’s key theoretical proposition’ pp. 199-213 Downloads
Paul Wojick
Environmental law & the limits of markets pp. 215-230 Downloads
Jonathan Benson
The place of portfolio management in the Keynesian canon pp. 231-257 Downloads
J E Woods

Volume 41, issue 5, 2017

Cambridge Social Ontology: Clarification, Development and Deployment pp. 1265-1277 Downloads
Phil Faulkner, Stephen Pratten and Jochen Runde
Unknowns, Black Swans and the risk/uncertainty distinction pp. 1279-1302 Downloads
Phil Faulkner, Alberto Feduzi and Jochen Runde
The limits of ontological critique: from judgmental rationality to justification pp. 1303-1321 Downloads
Ismael Al-Amoudi and John Latsis
Critical ethical naturalism and the transformation of economics pp. 1323-1342 Downloads
Nuno Martins
Ontology and the history of economic thought: the case of anti-reductionism in the work of Friedrich Hayek pp. 1343-1365 Downloads
P A Lewis
Formalising economics: social change, values, mechanics and mathematics in economic discourse pp. 1367-1390 Downloads
Dimitris Milonakis
Contrast explanation in economics: its context, meaning, and potential pp. 1391-1418 Downloads
Jamie Morgan and Heikki Patomäki
Trust and the social positioning process pp. 1419-1436 Downloads
Stephen Pratten
Materialising social ontology pp. 1437-1451 Downloads
Dave Elder-Vass
Money: Ontology and Deception pp. 1453-1470 Downloads
John R Searle
The ontology of money pp. 1471-1487 Downloads
Mark S Peacock
Social ontology and the modern corporation pp. 1489-1504 Downloads
Jeroen Veldman and Hugh Willmott
Tony Lawson’s Theory of the Corporation: Towards a Social Ontology of Law pp. 1505-1523 Downloads
Simon Deakin
Tony Lawson from a sociological point of view pp. 1525-1537 Downloads
Douglas V Porpora

Volume 41, issue 4, 2017

Alternative interpretations of a stateless currency crisis pp. 977-998 Downloads
Sergio Cesaratto
Is the end of fiscal austerity feasible in Spain? An alternative plan to the current Stability Programme (2015–2018) pp. 999-1020 Downloads
Jorge Uxó and Ignacio Álvarez
Forecasting errors by the Troika in the economic adjustment programme for Portugal pp. 1021-1041 Downloads
João Ferreira do Amaral and João Carlos Lopes
The price of an apology: justice, compensation and rectification pp. 1043-1059 Downloads
John O’Neill
The neglect of society in the theory of the firm: a systems-theory perspective pp. 1061-1085 Downloads
Spencer Thompson and Vladislav Valentinov
Reviving demand-pull perspectives: The effect of demand uncertainty and stagnancy on R&D strategy pp. 1087-1122 Downloads
Jose Garcia-Quevedo, Gabriele Pellegrino and Maria Savona
Towards an economics of well-being pp. 1123-1142 Downloads
J. Allister McGregor and Nicky Pouw
Karl Popper and the methodologists of economics pp. 1143-1160 Downloads
Rod Thomas
Max Weber within the Methodenstreit pp. 1161-1175 Downloads
Fiona Maclachlan
Scitovsky meets Sen: endogenising the dynamics of capability pp. 1177-1196 Downloads
Maurizio Pugno
Market sociality: Mirowski, Shiller and the tension between mimetic and anti-mimetic market features pp. 1197-1212 Downloads
Christian Borch and Ann-Christina Lange
Ubuntu and social capital: a strong relationship and a possible instrument of socio-economic development pp. 1213-1235 Downloads
Matteo Migheli
Wealth and capital: a critique of Piketty’s conceptualisation of return on capital pp. 1237-1247 Downloads
Peter Mihalyi and Iván Szelényi
Political economy of a euro area banking crisis pp. 1249-1264 Downloads
Panicos Demetriades

Volume 41, issue 3, 2017

Capabilities, resources, learning and innovation: a blueprint for a post-classical economics and public policy pp. 679-691 Downloads
Christos Pitelis and Jochen Runde
Towards a capability theory of (innovating) firms: implications for management and policy pp. 693-720 Downloads
David J. Teece
Pursuing the evolutionary agenda in economics and management research pp. 721-747 Downloads
Sidney G. Winter
The organisational factor and the growth of firms pp. 749-774 Downloads
Fabrizio Traùf
A model of cognitive and operational memory of organizations in changing worlds pp. 775-806 Downloads
Giovanni Dosi, Luigi Marengo, Evita Paraskevopoulou and Marco Valente
The role of country alliances in reducing the transaction costs of internationalisation: evidence from Indian multinational enterprises pp. 807-828 Downloads
Peter J. Buckley, Surender Munjal, Peter Enderwick and Nicolas Forsans
Competitiveness and industrial policy: from rationalities of failure towards the ability to evolve pp. 829-858 Downloads
Michael Peneder
The American paradox: ideology of free markets and the hidden practice of directional thrust pp. 859-880 Downloads
Robert H. Wade
Structural cycles and industrial policy alignment: the private–public nexus in the Emilian Packaging Valley pp. 881-904 Downloads
Antonio Andreoni, Federico Frattini and Giorgio Prodi
Capabilities, economic development, sustainability pp. 905-926 Downloads
Jan Fagerberg and Martin Srholec
Public policy and catching up by developing countries in global industries: a simulation model pp. 927-960 Downloads
Fabio Landini and Franco Malerba
Evolutionary finance and central banking pp. 961-976 Downloads
Giorgos Argitis

Volume 41, issue 2, 2017

The concept of need in Adam Smith pp. 327-347 Downloads
Toru Yamamori
Adam Smith and William James on the psychological basis of progress pp. 349-365 Downloads
Simon Glaze
Growth and inequality revisited: the role of primary distribution of income. A new approach for understanding today’s economic and social crises pp. 367-390 Downloads
Ricardo Molero-Simarro
Increasing returns to scale, technological catch-up and research intensity: endogenising the Verdoorn coefficient pp. 391-412 Downloads
João P. Romerojpromero and Gustavo Britto
The impact of internationalization on innovation at countries’ level: the role of absorptive capacity pp. 413-439 Downloads
Andrea Filippetti, Marion Frenzm.frenz and Grazia Ietto-Gillies
Sociability, altruism and well-being pp. 441-486 Downloads
Leonardo Becchettibecchetti, Luisa Corrado and Pierluigi Conzo
Facework: creating trust in systems, institutions and organisations pp. 487-514 Downloads
Frens Kroeger
Who Trusts Others? Community and Individual Determinants of Social Capital in a Low-Income Country pp. 515-544 Downloads
M Asadullah
Understanding child labour beyond the standard economic assumption of monetary poverty pp. 545-574 Downloads
Alexander Krauss
Transactions in the European carbon market: a bubble of compliance in a whirlpool of speculation pp. 575-593 Downloads
Nathalie Bertanathalie, Emmanuelle Gautherat and Ozgur Gun
The heterogeneity of animal spirits: a first taxonomy of entrepreneurs with regard to investment expectations pp. 595-636 Downloads
Michael Lainé
Information, expectations and monetary policy: Keynes’s and Friedman’s complementary lessons for today pp. 637-660 Downloads
Sylvie Rivot
A comment on Sraffa’s ‘classical economics’ pp. 661-677 Downloads
Ajit Sinha

Volume 41, issue 1, 2017

Shackle on choice, imagination and creativity: Hayekian foundations pp. 1-24 Downloads
Paul Lewis
International competitiveness in post-Keynesian growth theory: controversies and empirical evidence pp. 25-47 Downloads
Luciano Boggio and Laura Barbieri
Wage- vs. profit-led growth: the role of the distribution of wages in determining regime character pp. 49-61 Downloads
Thomas Palley
Wages, competition and the surplus of labour: a classical contribution to explaining profit pp. 63-80 Downloads
Olivier Rosell
Turnover time and the organic composition of capital pp. 81-103 Downloads
Peter Jones
Pseudo-Goodwin cycles in a Minsky model pp. 105-125 Downloads
E. Stockhammere and Jo Michell
Forms of Trust and Conditions for Their Stability pp. 127-145 Downloads
Benedicte Reynaud
On the political economy of UK pension scheme regulation pp. 147-180 Downloads
J. E. Woods
Paradoxical Positions: The Methodological Contributions of Feminist Scholarship pp. 181-201 Downloads
Ann E. Davis
I, Roboticus Oeconomicus The philosophy of mind in economics, and why it matters pp. 203-237 Downloads
Brendan Markey-Towler
Unpacking monetary complementarity and competition: a conceptual framework pp. 239-257 Downloads
Jerome Blanc
Let’s agree not to agree: F. A. Hayek’s ‘calculus of consent’ pp. 259-281 Downloads
Régis Servant
Determinants of labour’s income share in the era of financialisation pp. 283-306 Downloads
Petra Dünhaupt
The London and Cambridge Economic Service: history and contributions pp. 307-326 Downloads
Robert A. Cord
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