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Volume 48, issue 2, 2024

On the survival of a flawed theory of capital: mainstream economics and the Cambridge capital controversies pp. 169-186 Downloads
Francisco Nunes-Pereira and Mário Graça Moura
Ricardo’s finances and Waterloo: legends by Samuelson and others lack historical evidence pp. 187-212 Downloads
Wilfried Parys
Gold Rush vs. War: Keynes on reviving animal spirits in times of crisis pp. 213-234 Downloads
Michele Bee and Raphaël Fèvre
Whitehead’s fallacy of misplaced concreteness and the unfortunate uselessness of all monetary-macro theory micro-founded on Walrasian-Pareto general equilibrium theory pp. 235-256 Downloads
Colin Rogers
Vertical integration, technical progress and structural change pp. 257-274 Downloads
Theo Santini and Ricardo Azevedo Araujo
Rentiers and distributive conflict in Brazil (2000–2019) pp. 275-302 Downloads
Pedro Romero Marques and Fernando Rugitsky
Wage-led or profit-led: is it the right question to examine the relationship between income inequality and economic growth? Insights from an empirical stock-flow consistent model for Denmark pp. 303-328 Downloads
Mikael Randrup Byrialsen, Sebastian Valdecantos and Hamid Raza
Criminal capitalism: a new socio-economic formation pp. 329-362 Downloads
Rosario Patalano
The way forward from Guild Socialism: a comment on Hodgson pp. 363-367 Downloads
Mario Ferrero

Volume 48, issue 1, 2024

The future of work and working time: introduction to special issue pp. 1-24 Downloads
Brendan Burchell, Simon Deakin, Jill Rubery and David A Spencer
Marx, Keynes and the future of working time pp. 25-40 Downloads
David A Spencer
Reducing working hours: shorter days or fewer days per week? Insights from a 30-hour workweek experiment pp. 41-68 Downloads
Francisca Mullens and Ignace Glorieux
Experiences of working time intensification and extensification: examining the influence of logics of production in IT work pp. 69-88 Downloads
Debra Howcroft and Phil Taylor
Long day for few hours: impact of working time fragmentation on low wages in France pp. 89-114 Downloads
François-Xavier Devetter and Julie Valentin
Algorithms of time: how algorithmic management changes the temporalities of work and prospects for working time reduction pp. 115-132 Downloads
Agnieszka Piasna
‘Digital Tournaments’: the colonisation of freelancers’ ‘free’ time and unpaid labour in the online platform economy pp. 133-150 Downloads
Valeria Pulignano, Stefania Marino, Mathew Johnson, Markieta Domecka and Me-Linh Riemann
Technology and remuneration of working time: a study on paid and unpaid working time in platform work pp. 151-168 Downloads
Mariana Fernández Massi and Julieta Longo

Volume 47, issue 5, 2023

Joan Robinson and the reconstruction of economic theory pp. 883-907 Downloads
Nuno Ornelas
Time, equilibrium and uncertainty: Bergson and Robinson pp. 909-930 Downloads
James Culham
Joan Robinson’s intelligible Marxism and The Accumulation of Capital: a generalisation of the two-sector reproduction scheme pp. 931-942 Downloads
Andrew B Trigg
Joan Robinson: early endogenous growth theorist pp. 943-964 Downloads
Christine Oughton and Damian Tobin
Joan Robinson’s historical time and the current state of post-Keynesian growth theory pp. 965-984 Downloads
Ettore Gallo and Mark Setterfield
Kalecki’s notes on Robinson’s Essay on Marxian Economics pp. 985-992 Downloads
Jan Toporowski
Joan Robinson through the lenses of sixty years of book reviews pp. 993-1018 Downloads
Maria Cristina and Giulia Zacchia

Volume 47, issue 4, 2023

From bazooka to backstop: the political economy of standing swap facilities pp. 681-702 Downloads
Mathis L Richtmann and Lea Steininger
Can wealth taxation fund public investment in a caring and sustainable economy? The case of the UK pp. 703-724 Downloads
Ozlem Onaran, Cem Oyvat and Eurydice Fotopoulou
Premature deindustrialisation: the international evidence pp. 725-746 Downloads
Emre Özçelik and Erdal Özmen
A method for measuring rents pp. 747-762 Downloads
Arend Stemerding
Human dignity in organisations: the cooperative ideal pp. 763-792 Downloads
Cian McMahon
Sluggish investment, crisis and firm heterogeneity pp. 793-820 Downloads
Alessandro Arrighetti and Fabio Landini
Disentangling the connection between Marx’s ‘sixth’ countertendency to a falling rate of profit and the rise of financialisation pp. 821-834 Downloads
Stefano Di Bucchianico and Luigi Salvati
Keynes’s theories of the business cycle: evolution and contemporary relevance pp. 835-852 Downloads
Pablo Bortz
Aristotelian themes in critical ethical naturalism pp. 853-880 Downloads
Antonis Ragkousis

Volume 47, issue 3, 2023

The human person, the human social individual and community interactions pp. 475-506 Downloads
Tony Lawson
Mapping modern economic rents: the good, the bad, and the grey areas pp. 507-534 Downloads
Mariana Mazzucato, Josh Ryan-Collins and Giorgos Gouzoulis
Menger or Marx? The political ontology of cryptocurrency pp. 535-554 Downloads
Tully Rector and Jason Grant Allen
Weaknesses of MMT as a guide to development policy pp. 555-574 Downloads
Adam Aboobaker and Esra Nur Ugurlu
Complexity defying macroeconomics pp. 575-592 Downloads
Pablo Paniagua
The degree of utilisation and the slow adjustment of capacity to demand: reflections on the US Economy from the perspective of the Sraffian Supermultiplier pp. 593-610 Downloads
Guilherme HaluskaLatin, Ricardo Summa and Franklin Serrano
Persistently non-compliant employment practice in the informal economy: permissive visibility in a multiple regulator setting pp. 611-632 Downloads
Ian Clark, Alan Collins, James Hunter, Richard Pickford, Jack Barratt and Huw Fearnall-Williams
Wealth taxation in the Austrian Press from 2005 to 2020: a critical political economy analysis pp. 633-666 Downloads
Quirin Dammerer, Georg Hubmann and Hendrik Theine
Exchange liquidity and redemption liquidity pp. 667-679 Downloads
James Culham

Volume 47, issue 2, 2023

The Money War: democracy, taxes and inflation in the U.S. Civil War pp. 263-288 Downloads
Ariel Ron and Sofia Valeonti
Setting the record straight on the recovery from the 1920–1921 recession pp. 289-308 Downloads
Ahmad Borazan
Who said or what said? Estimating ideological bias in views among economists pp. 309-339 Downloads
Mohsen Javdani and Ha-Joon Chang
Deindustrialisation and the post-socialist mortality crisis pp. 341-372 Downloads
Gábor Scheiring, Aytalina Azarova, Darja Irdam, Katarzyna Doniec, Martin McKee, David Stuckler and Lawrence King
Keynesian expectations, epistemic authority and pluralism in economics: placebo and nocebo effects in normal and abnormal times pp. 373-391 Downloads
Ellen D Russell
Smart city, eco city, world city, creative city, et cetera et cetera: a Marxian interpretation of urban discourses’ short lifecycles pp. 393-407 Downloads
Jung Won Sonn and Joon Park
Personal income distribution and the endogeneity of the demand regime pp. 409-434 Downloads
Lorenzo Tonni
Thorstein Veblen on the cultural and economic significance of modern sports pp. 435-449 Downloads
Luke Petach and J Patrick Raines
Alfred Marshall, Allyn Young and business size pp. 451-473 Downloads
Ramesh Chandra

Volume 47, issue 1, 2023

Elite philanthropy and applied economics: the Rockefeller Foundation’s role in post-war research direction pp. 1-19 Downloads
Ann Vogel and Alan Shipman
The institutional impossibility of guild socialism pp. 21-43 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Industrial policy and the creation of the electric vehicles market in China: demand structure, sectoral complementarities and policy coordination pp. 45-66 Downloads
Alexandre De Podestá, Robert Pauls and Tobias ten Brink
Stratification mechanisms in labour market matching of migrants pp. 67-89 Downloads
Merve Burnazoglu
Financial cycles and fiscal policy in developing and emerging economies: an evaluation of the Brazilian case (1997–2018) pp. 91-112 Downloads
Dyeggo Rocha Guedes, André Moreira Cunha and Luiza Peruffo
Monetary policy autonomy and foreign reserves accumulation in Brazil: a compensation view pp. 113-132 Downloads
Enzo Matono Gerioni, Lilian Rolim, Julia Alencar and Nikolas Alexander van de Bilt
Marx’s equalised rate of exploitation pp. 133-169 Downloads
Jonathan F Cogliano
The ‘General Theory 4.0’ research programme: macroeconomics when Keynes eventually escapes Debreu and meets Ulysses and Einstein pp. 171-194 Downloads
Teodoro Dario
Ramsey and Keynes revisited pp. 195-213 Downloads
Bill Gerrard
Systemic stablecoin and the brave new world of digital money pp. 215-260 Downloads
Jamie Morgan
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