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Volume 46, issue 4, 2022

Conceptualising financialisation in developing and emerging economies: systemic and global perspectives (Bringing subordinated financialisation down to earth: the political ecology of finance-dominated capitalism) pp. 619-628 Downloads
Carolina Alves, Bruno Bonizzi, Annina Kaltenbrunner and José Gabriel Palma
A core–periphery framework for understanding the place of Latin America in the global architecture of finance (Economies of scale and merger efficiencies in the Chilean pension funds market) pp. 629-650 Downloads
Nicole Cerpa Vielma and Gary Dymski
Financialised capitalism and the subordination of emerging capitalist economies (Inequality and income distribution in global value chains) pp. 651-678 Downloads
Bruno Bonizzi, Annina Kaltenbrunner and Jeff Powell
Bringing subordinated financialisation down to earth: the political ecology of finance-dominated capitalism (State capitalism and the new global D/development regime) pp. 679-702 Downloads
Jeffrey Althouse and Romain Svartzman
Beyond financialisation: the longue durée of finance and production in the Global South (Competition in the banking industry: empirical evidence from Ghana) pp. 703-733 Downloads
Kai Koddenbrock, Ingrid Harvold Kvangraven and Ndongo Samba Sylla
Exorbitant privilege and compulsory duty: the two faces of the financialised IMS (External balance sheets of emerging economies: low-yielding assets, high-yielding liabilities) pp. 735-752 Downloads
Ricardo Carneiro and Bruno De Conti
The dollar enablers and panhandlers: US capitalist power and the origins of the financialisation at the periphery (Capital flows and the growth of international finance in emerging economies: an alternative approach) pp. 753-772 Downloads
Pedro Paulo Zahluth Bastos and Victor Young
Finance as an (ever more fragile) ‘perpetual mania’: have they all lost their collective minds? (International Financial Subordination: A Critical Research Agenda) pp. 773-825 Downloads
José Gabriel Palma
Producing investment space: the International Finance Corporation and the geofinancial power network (Appearance of accounting in a political hegemony) pp. 827-848 Downloads
Jayson J Funke
Up the stairs, down in the elevator? The asymmetric response of emerging market currencies to the global liquidity cycle (From the great moderation to the global crisis: exchange market pressure in the 2000s) pp. 849-868 Downloads
João Pedro Scalco Macalós and Pedro Rossi
An international multi-sectoral approach to financialisation (The variegated financialization of housing) pp. 869-889 Downloads
Matías Torchinsky Landau
Financialisation and firm-level investment in developing and emerging economies (A new database of financial reforms) pp. 891-919 Downloads
Daniele Tori and Ozlem Onaran

Volume 46, issue 3, 2022

A Tribute to Frank Wilkinson (Productive systems, competitive pressures, strategic choices and work organisation: an introduction) pp. 429-445 Downloads
Jill Rubery, Brendan Burchell, Simon Deakin and Suzanne J Konzelmann
A structural approach to labour law (Understanding The Minimum Wage: Political Economy And Legal Form) pp. 447-463 Downloads
Zoe Adams
Centring construction in the political economy of housing: variegated growth regimes after the Keynesian construction state (The Great Moderation, the Great Excess and the global housing crisis) pp. 465-490 Downloads
Sebastian Kohl and Alexander Spielau
Should central bank liquidity be a vehicle for fiscal disciplining? (Evolutionary finance and central banking) pp. 491-509 Downloads
Jakob Vestergaard and Daniela Gabor
In the spirit of radical liberalism: a historical review of land reforms in China from the 1970s to today (The Hukou system and rural-urban migration in China: processes and changes) pp. 511-530 Downloads
Xiaorui Wang and Shen Hu
Adam Smith’s Digression on Silver: the centrepiece of the Wealth of Nations (Mercantilism as a rent-seeking society) pp. 531-544 Downloads
Maria Pia Paganelli
Marx’s fictitious capital: a misrepresented category revisited (Systematic dialectic) pp. 545-560 Downloads
Alex Wilhans Antonio Palludeto and Pedro Rossi
An emigrant economist in the tropics: Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen on Brazilian inflation and development (Self-reinforcing mechanisms in economics) pp. 561-579 Downloads
André Roncaglia de Carvalho and Carlos Suprinyak
Is the Italian government debt sustainable? Scenarios after the Covid-19 shock (Are EU policies effective to tackle the Covid-19 crisis? The case of Italy) pp. 581-587 Downloads
Rosa Canelli, Giuseppe Fontana, Riccardo Realfonzo and Marco Veronese Passarella
Guiding Covid policy: cost-benefit analysis and beyond (Implementing cost-benefit analysis when preferences are distorted) pp. 589-608 Downloads
Jonathan Aldred
Politicised revisionism: comment on Lopes (2021) (Management is what’s wrong with socialism: cost at the expense of value) pp. 609-612 Downloads
Per L Bylund, Christopher Lingle and Mark Packard
Rejoinder: Mises’s attempt to scientifically reject socialism failed (The economic calculation debate: lessons for socialists) pp. 613-617 Downloads
Tiago Camarinha Lopes

Volume 46, issue 2, 2022

What matters more for employees’ mental health: job quality or job quantity? (What is the relationship between long working hours, over-employment, under-employment and the subjective well-being of workers? Longitudinal evidence from the UK) pp. 251-274 Downloads
Senhu Wang, Daiga Kamerāde, Brendan Burchell, Adam Coutts and Sarah Ursula Balderson
Social positioning and the pursuit of power (The arbitrariness and normativity of social conventions) pp. 275-292 Downloads
Nuno Ornelas Martins
Dependent financialisation and its crisis: the case of Turkey (Financial systems, corporate control and capital accumulation) pp. 293-316 Downloads
Ümit Akçay and Ali Rıza Güngen
The role of commodity speculation and household debt accumulation during financialization: a Classical-Keynesian analysis (What explains agricultural price movements?) pp. 317-340 Downloads
Stefano Di Bucchianico
Information rents, economic growth and inequality: an empirical study of the United States (Domestic outsourcing, rent seeking, and increasing inequality) pp. 341-370 Downloads
Tomas N Rotta
Demand-led growth decomposition: an empirical investigation of the Brazilian slowdown in the 2010s (The recent commodity price boom and Latin American growth: more than new bottles for an old wine?) pp. 371-390 Downloads
Guilherme R Magacho and Igor L Rocha
Systems estimation of a structural model of distribution and demand in the US economy (Degree of monopoly, pricing, and flexible exchange rates) pp. 391-420 Downloads
Robert Blecker, Michael Cauvel and Y K Kim
‘Sraffa on non-self replacing systems’: a comment (Sraffa on non-self-replacing systems: a note) pp. 421-424 Downloads
Ajit Sinha
‘Sraffa on non-self-replacing systems’: a rejoinder (Some notes on capital, expectations and the analysis of changes) pp. 425-427 Downloads
Fabio Ravagnani

Volume 46, issue 1, 2022

Social positioning theory (The concept(s) of trust in late modernity, the relevance of realist social theory) pp. 1-39 Downloads
Tony Lawson
Frank Ramsey’s place in the history of mathematical economics: not what you think (Cambridge theories of welfare economics) pp. 41-56 Downloads
Pedro G Duarte and Cheryl Misak
The unintended consequences of the regulation of cryptocurrencies (Asset pricing with liquidity risk) pp. 57-71 Downloads
Loïc Sauce
Induced shifting involvements and cycles of growth and distribution (The effect of wage bargains on the stock market value of the firm) pp. 73-103 Downloads
Michalis Nikiforos
From the entrepreneurial to the ossified economy (Quantifying the rise and fall of complexity in closed systems: the coffee automaton) pp. 105-131 Downloads
Wim Naudé
Out of balance? Revisiting the nexus of income inequality, household debt and current account imbalances after the Great Recession (Current Account Imbalances and Income Inequality: Theory and Evidence) pp. 133-165 Downloads
Fabio Ascione and Matthias Schnetzer
Drivers of deindustrialisation in internationally fragmented production structures (Manufacturing or Services? An Indian Illustration of a Development Dilemma) pp. 167-194 Downloads
Martin Lábaj and Erika Majzlíková
Path dependence and stagnation in a classical growth model (Should we reject the natural rate hypothesis?) pp. 195-218 Downloads
Thomas R Michl and Daniele Tavani
Profitability of small- and medium-sized enterprises in Marshall’s time: sector and spatial heterogeneity in the nineteenth century (The use of information about occupations) pp. 219-249 Downloads
Robert J Bennett, Harry Smith, Piero Montebruno and Carry van Lieshout

Volume 45, issue 5, 2021

F. H. Knight’s Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit and J. M. Keynes’ Treatise on Probability after 100 years pp. 857-882 Downloads
Phil Faulkner, Alberto Feduzi, Charles McCann and Jochen Runde
The writing and reception of Risk, Uncertainty and Profit pp. 883-900 Downloads
Ross Emmett
Uncertainty and general equilibrium: an evaluation of Professor Knight’s contributions to economics pp. 901-918 Downloads
Geoffrey T F Brooke and Lydia Cheung
The Early Enlightenment roots of Keynes’ probability concept pp. 919-932 Downloads
Francisco Aristimuño and Ricardo Crespo
Probability and arguments: Keynes’s legacy pp. 933-950 Downloads
William Peden
Keynes’ contribution to statistical science pp. 951-966 Downloads
David C Schneider
Knightian uncertainty: through a Jamesian window pp. 967-988 Downloads
Mario J Rizzo and Malte Dold
On the relevance of Knight, Keynes and Shackle for unawareness research pp. 989-1007 Downloads
Ekaterina Svetlova
Patterning uncertainty: partial likeness, analogy and likelihood1 pp. 1009-1026 Downloads
Roberto Scazzieri
From Knightian to Keynesian uncertainty: contextualising Ellsberg’s ambiguity pp. 1027-1046 Downloads
Carlo Zappia
Financial markets and Keynes’s long-term expectations pp. 1047-1067 Downloads
Marcello Basili and Carlo Zappia
The safety of speculation … pp. 1069-1097 Downloads
J E Woods
Keynes and Knight on uncertainty: peas in a pod or chalk and cheese? pp. 1099-1125 Downloads
Mark D Packard, Per Bylund and Brent B Clark
Keynes and Knight: risk-uncertainty distinctions, priority, coherence and change pp. 1127-1144 Downloads
Rod O’Donnell
Uncertainty and inequality in early financial thought: John Hicks as a reader of Knight and Keynes pp. 1145-1163 Downloads
Roni Hirsch

Volume 45, issue 4, 2021

From dishwashing to dishwasher cooking: on social positioning and how users are drawn towards alternative uses of existing technology pp. 613-630 Downloads
Ivano Cardinale and Jochen Runde
The unity of science and the disunity of economics pp. 631-654 Downloads
Angela Ambrosino, Mario Cedrini and John Davis
Habit and emotion: John Dewey’s contribution to the theory of change pp. 655-674 Downloads
Emmanuel Petit and Jerome Ballet
Inequality and individuals’ social networks: the other face of social capital pp. 675-694 Downloads
Atilano Pena-López, Paolo Rungo and José Manuel Sánchez-Santos
Linking complexity economics and systems thinking, with illustrative discussions of urban sustainability pp. 695-722 Downloads
Silviu Scrieciu, Nici Zimmermann, Zaid Chalabi and Mike Davies
Domar, expectations, and growth stabilization pp. 723-750 Downloads
Mauro Boianovsky
The Keynes Plan and Bretton Woods debates: the early radical criticisms by Balogh, Schumacher and Kalecki pp. 751-770 Downloads
Adrien Faudot
The revolution that did not happen: Terence Hutchison on the political economy of Jeremy Bentham pp. 771-786 Downloads
Andy Denis
Technical or political? The socialist economic calculation debate pp. 787-810 Downloads
Tiago Camarinha Lopes
Discovery or ownership? A new light on an Austrian controversy over entrepreneurship pp. 811-832 Downloads
Thierry Aimar
Why do disequilibria exist? An ontological study of Kirznerian economics pp. 833-856 Downloads
Stratos Ramoglou

Volume 45, issue 3, 2021

A Commonsian approach to crime: the Mafia and the economic power to withhold pp. 411-425 Downloads
Clotilde Champeyrache
The timely overestimation of Spanish GDP in the great recession pp. 427-456 Downloads
J C Barba, J Laborda and R Laborda
The rise of self-employment in the UK: entrepreneurial transmission or declining job quality? pp. 457-486 Downloads
Andrew Henley
Spatial Keynesian policy and the decline of regional income convergence in the USA pp. 487-510 Downloads
Luke Petach
Kaldor–Verdoorn’s law and institutions: evidence from Brazilian municipalities pp. 511-536 Downloads
Hugo Carcanholo Iasco Pereira, João P Romero and Victor Medeiros
The redistributive consequences of paying off the national debt: Ricardo and his plan pp. 537-557 Downloads
Aldo Barba
Some additions and corrections for Sraffa on Ricardo in Business pp. 559-575 Downloads
Wilfried Parys
A critique of Shaikh’s two interpretations of Marx’s ‘transformation problem’ pp. 577-589 Downloads
Fred Moseley
Keynes, capitalism and public purpose pp. 591-612 Downloads
Suzanne J Konzelmann, Victoria Chic and Marc Fovargue-Davies

Volume 45, issue 2, 2021

The Cambridge economic tradition and the distribution of the social surplus pp. 225-241 Downloads
Nuno Martins
The Research Excellence Framework 2014, journal ratings and the marginalisation of heterodox economics pp. 243-269 Downloads
Engelbert Stockhammer, Quirin Dammerer and Sukriti Kapur
Participation in global value chains and varieties of development patterns pp. 271-294 Downloads
Bruno Carballa Smichowski, Cédric Durand and Steven Knauss
Selling salvation, selling success: neoliberalism and the US Prosperity Gospel pp. 295-311 Downloads
Mary V Wrenn
Fishing rights and colonial government: institutional development in the Bengal Presidency pp. 313-331 Downloads
Shourya Sen and Richard Adelstein
Challenging the working time reduction and wages trade-off: a simulation for the Spanish economy pp. 333-351 Downloads
Luis Cárdenas and Paloma Villanueva
Pareto’s Trattato di Sociologia Generale: a behaviourist ante litteram approach pp. 353-369 Downloads
Roberto Marchionatti and Fiorenzo Mornati
János Kornai: economics, methodology and policy pp. 371-390 Downloads
Michael Ellman
Minsky’s legacy: two strands pp. 391-409 Downloads
Dirk J Bezemer

Volume 45, issue 1, 2021

Keynes: The Object of Hayek’s Passion? pp. 1-18 Downloads
Filomena de Sousa
The case for a unified monetary theory of interest: Keynes and Schumpeter pp. 19-36 Downloads
B Callegari
Central bankers and the rationale for unconventional monetary policies: reasserting, renouncing or recasting monetarism? pp. 37-59 Downloads
Brett Fiebiger and Marc Lavoie
The political economy of state regulation: the case of the British Factory Acts pp. 61-84 Downloads
Katherine A Moos
Labour market outcomes of different institutional regimes: evidence from the OECD countries pp. 85-108 Downloads
Hang Le, Geoffrey Wood and Shuxing Yin
Top management gender diversity and performance: in search of threshold effects pp. 109-127 Downloads
Yundan Gong and Sourafel Girma
How to create trust quickly: a comparative empirical investigation of the bases of swift trust pp. 129-150 Downloads
Frens Kroeger, Girts Racko and Brendan Burchell
Great Recession, great regression? The welfare state in the twenty-first century pp. 151-194 Downloads
Celia Lessa Kerstenetzky and Graciele Pereira Guedes
The impossibility of a Rawlsian liberal pp. 195-208 Downloads
Brian Judge
Adam Smith’s view of economic inequality pp. 209-224 Downloads
Benoît Walraevens
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