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Volume 41, issue 3, 2017

Capabilities, resources, learning and innovation: a blueprint for a post-classical economics and public policy pp. 679-691 Downloads
Christos Pitelis and Jochen Runde
Towards a capability theory of (innovating) firms: implications for management and policy pp. 693-720 Downloads
David J. Teece
Pursuing the evolutionary agenda in economics and management research pp. 721-747 Downloads
Sidney G. Winter
The organisational factor and the growth of firms pp. 749-774 Downloads
Fabrizio Traùf
A model of cognitive and operational memory of organizations in changing worlds pp. 775-806 Downloads
Giovanni Dosi, Luigi Marengo, Evita Paraskevopoulou and Marco Valente
The role of country alliances in reducing the transaction costs of internationalisation: evidence from Indian multinational enterprises pp. 807-828 Downloads
Peter J. Buckley, Surender Munjal, Peter Enderwick and Nicolas Forsans
Competitiveness and industrial policy: from rationalities of failure towards the ability to evolve pp. 829-858 Downloads
Michael Peneder
The American paradox: ideology of free markets and the hidden practice of directional thrust pp. 859-880 Downloads
Robert H. Wade
Structural cycles and industrial policy alignment: the private–public nexus in the Emilian Packaging Valley pp. 881-904 Downloads
Antonio Andreoni, Federico Frattini and Giorgio Prodi
Capabilities, economic development, sustainability pp. 905-926 Downloads
Jan Fagerberg and Martin Srholec
Public policy and catching up by developing countries in global industries: a simulation model pp. 927-960 Downloads
Fabio Landini and Franco Malerba
Evolutionary finance and central banking pp. 961-976 Downloads
Giorgos Argitis

Volume 41, issue 2, 2017

The concept of need in Adam Smith pp. 327-347 Downloads
Toru Yamamori
Adam Smith and William James on the psychological basis of progress pp. 349-365 Downloads
Simon Glaze
Growth and inequality revisited: the role of primary distribution of income. A new approach for understanding today’s economic and social crises pp. 367-390 Downloads
Ricardo Molero-Simarro
Increasing returns to scale, technological catch-up and research intensity: endogenising the Verdoorn coefficient pp. 391-412 Downloads
João P. Romerojpromero and Gustavo Britto
The impact of internationalization on innovation at countries’ level: the role of absorptive capacity pp. 413-439 Downloads
Andrea Filippetti, Marion Frenzm.frenz and Grazia Ietto-Gillies
Sociability, altruism and well-being pp. 441-486 Downloads
Leonardo Becchettibecchetti, Luisa Corrado and Pierluigi Conzo
Facework: creating trust in systems, institutions and organisations pp. 487-514 Downloads
Frens Kroeger
Who Trusts Others? Community and Individual Determinants of Social Capital in a Low-Income Country pp. 515-544 Downloads
M Asadullah
Understanding child labour beyond the standard economic assumption of monetary poverty pp. 545-574 Downloads
Alexander Krauss
Transactions in the European carbon market: a bubble of compliance in a whirlpool of speculation pp. 575-593 Downloads
Nathalie Bertanathalie, Emmanuelle Gautherat and Ozgur Gun
The heterogeneity of animal spirits: a first taxonomy of entrepreneurs with regard to investment expectations pp. 595-636 Downloads
Michael Lainé
Information, expectations and monetary policy: Keynes’s and Friedman’s complementary lessons for today pp. 637-660 Downloads
Sylvie Rivot
A comment on Sraffa’s ‘classical economics’ pp. 661-677 Downloads
Ajit Sinha

Volume 41, issue 1, 2017

Shackle on choice, imagination and creativity: Hayekian foundations pp. 1-24 Downloads
Paul Lewis
International competitiveness in post-Keynesian growth theory: controversies and empirical evidence pp. 25-47 Downloads
Luciano Boggio and Laura Barbieri
Wage- vs. profit-led growth: the role of the distribution of wages in determining regime character pp. 49-61 Downloads
Thomas Palley
Wages, competition and the surplus of labour: a classical contribution to explaining profit pp. 63-80 Downloads
Olivier Rosell
Turnover time and the organic composition of capital pp. 81-103 Downloads
Peter Jones
Pseudo-Goodwin cycles in a Minsky model pp. 105-125 Downloads
E. Stockhammere and J. Michell
Forms of Trust and Conditions for Their Stability pp. 127-145 Downloads
Benedicte Reynaud
On the political economy of UK pension scheme regulation pp. 147-180 Downloads
J. E. Woods
Paradoxical Positions: The Methodological Contributions of Feminist Scholarship pp. 181-201 Downloads
Ann E. Davis
I, Roboticus Oeconomicus The philosophy of mind in economics, and why it matters pp. 203-237 Downloads
Brendan Markey-Towler
Unpacking monetary complementarity and competition: a conceptual framework pp. 239-257 Downloads
Jerome Blanc
Let’s agree not to agree: F. A. Hayek’s ‘calculus of consent’ pp. 259-281 Downloads
Régis Servant
Determinants of labour’s income share in the era of financialisation pp. 283-306 Downloads
Petra Dünhaupt
The London and Cambridge Economic Service: history and contributions pp. 307-326 Downloads
Robert A. Cord

Volume 40, issue 6, 2016

The crisis of Spanish savings banks pp. 1455-1477 Downloads
Juan Rafael Ruiz, Patricia Stupariu and Angel Vilariño
Portugal’s bailout and the crisis of the European Union from a capability perspective pp. 1479-1496 Downloads
Leonardo Costa, Nuno Martins and Francisca Guedes de Oliveira
Soft budget constraints and regional industrial policy: reinterpreting the rise and fall of DeLorean pp. 1497-1515 Downloads
Graham Brownlow
Wage-led growth in the EU15 member-states: the effects of income distribution on growth, investment, trade balance and inflation pp. 1517-1551 Downloads
Ozlem Onaran and Thomas Obst
Implicit asymmetric exchange rate peg under inflation targeting regimes: the case of Turkey pp. 1553-1580 Downloads
Ahmet Benlialper and Hasan Cömert
Correctly analysing the balance-of-payments constraint on growth pp. 1581-1608 Downloads
Arslan Razmi
Debt-driven growth? Wealth, distribution and demand in OECD countries pp. 1609-1634 Downloads
Engelbert Stockhammer and Rafael Wildauer
The state advances, the private sector retreats? Firm effects of China’s great stimulus programme pp. 1635-1668 Downloads
Anders Johansson and Xunan Feng
Issues and concerns in developing regulated markets for endangered species products: the case of rhinoceros horns pp. 1669-1686 Downloads
Alan Collins, Gavin Fraser and Jen Snowball
Tax cuts or social investment? Evaluating the opportunity cost of French employment strategy pp. 1687-1705 Downloads
Clément Carbonnier, Bruno Palier and Michaël Zemmour
A critical assessment of transaction cost theory and governance of public services with special reference to water and sanitation pp. 1707-1724 Downloads
Hulya Dagdeviren and Simon A. Robertson
Reading Keynes in Buenos Aires: Prebisch and the Dynamics of Capitalism pp. 1725-1741 Downloads
Esteban Perez Caldentey and Matías Vernengo
Liberalism and democracy — a comparative reading of Eucken and Hayek pp. 1743-1760 Downloads
Daniel Nientiedt and Ekkehard A. Köhler
Learning, innovation, increasing returns and resource creation: Luigi Pasinetti’s ‘original sin’ of, and call for a post-classical, economics pp. 1761-1786 Downloads
Christos N. Pitelis

Volume 40, issue 5, 2016

Introduction: ‘cranks’ and ‘brave heretics’: rethinking money and banking after the Great Financial Crisis pp. 1247-1257 Downloads
Geoffrey Ingham, Ken Coutts and Sue Konzelmann
Some puzzles about money, finance and the monetary circuit pp. 1259-1274 Downloads
John Smithin
Towards an ‘accounting view’ on money, banking and the macroeconomy: history, empirics, theory pp. 1275-1295 Downloads
Dirk J. Bezemer
Modern Money Theory and the facts of experience pp. 1297-1316 Downloads
Yeva Nersisyan and L. Randall Wray
Government monetary and fiscal operations: generalising the endogenous money approach pp. 1317-1332 Downloads
Eric Tymoigne
Full Reserve Banking: More ‘Cranks’ Than ‘Brave Heretics’ pp. 1333-1350 Downloads
Giuseppe Fontana and Malcolm Sawyer
A response to critiques of ‘full reserve banking’ pp. 1351-1361 Downloads
Ben Dyson, Graham Hodgson and Frank van Lerven
The Political Economy of Monetary Reform pp. 1363-1376 Downloads
Sheila Dow
Failures on the market and market failures: a complementary currency for bankruptcy procedures pp. 1377-1395 Downloads
Massimo Amato and Luca Fantacci
Local clearing unions as stabilizers of local economic systems: a stock flow consistent perspective pp. 1397-1420 Downloads
Stefano Lucarelli and Lucio Gobbi
Making sense of a crank case: monetary diversity in Argentina (1999–2003) pp. 1421-1437 Downloads
Georgina M. Gómez and Paolo Dini
Money reform and the Eurozone crisis: panacea, utopia or grassroots alternative? pp. 1439-1453 Downloads
Peter North

Volume 40, issue 4, 2016

Editor's choice Social positioning and the nature of money pp. 961-996 Downloads
Tony Lawson
Dark matter, black holes and old-fashioned exploitation: transnational corporations and the US economy pp. 997-1018 Downloads
Mona Ali
Surplus-producing labour as a capability: a Marxian contribution to Amartya Sen’s revival of classical political economy pp. 1019-1035 Downloads
Faruk Eray Düzenli
Recognition: applications in aged care work pp. 1037-1054 Downloads
Siobhan Austen, Therese Jefferson, Rachel Ong, Rhonda Sharp, Gill Lewin and Valerie Adams
‘Solvency rule’ and capital centralisation in a monetary union pp. 1055-1075 Downloads
Emiliano Brancaccio and Giuseppe Fontana
How can we explain the persistence of the Great Recession? A balanced stability approach pp. 1077-1101 Downloads
Teodoro Dario Togati
The consequences of fiscal stimulus on public debt: a historical perspective pp. 1103-1116 Downloads
W. D. McCausland and Ioannis Theodossiou
Kaldor’s ‘technical progress function’ and Verdoorn’s law revisited pp. 1117-1136 Downloads
John McCombie and Marta Spreafico
Rigidities through flexibility: flexible labour and the rise of management bureaucracies pp. 1137-1147 Downloads
Alfred Kleinknecht, Zenlin Kwee and Lilyana Budyanto
Rates of return on capital across the world: are they converging? pp. 1149-1166 Downloads
Nan-Ting Chou, Alexei Izyumov and John Vahaly
Elasticity of substitution and social conflict: a structuralist note on Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-first Century pp. 1167-1183 Downloads
Nelson Barbosa-Filho
The autonomisation of abstract wealth: new insights on the labour theory of value pp. 1185-1201 Downloads
Tomas Nielsen Rotta and Rodrigo Alves Teixeira
Coase’s choice of methodology pp. 1203-1227 Downloads
Elodie Bertrand
Hicks’s thread (out of the equilibrium labyrinth) pp. 1229-1245 Downloads
Antonio Bianco

Volume 40, issue 3, 2016

The Apostles’ justice: Cambridge reflections on economic inequality from Moore’s Principia Ethica to Keynes’s General Theory (1903–36) pp. 701-726 Downloads
Daniela Donnini Macciò
Companies and markets: economic theories of the firm and a concept of companies as bargaining agencies pp. 727-753 Downloads
Patrick Spread
The development of China’s solar photovoltaic industry: why industrial policy failed pp. 755-774 Downloads
Tain-Jy Chen
On equity markets, long-term decision making and performance metrics pp. 775-796 Downloads
J. E. Woods
Sub-Saharan Africa’s growth, South–South trade and the generalised balance-of-payments constraint pp. 797-820 Downloads
Alberto Bagnai, Arsène Rieber and Thi Anh-Dao Tran
Tax morale and prosocial behaviour: evidence from a Palestinian survey pp. 821-841 Downloads
Luca Andriani
Jobless growth in India: an investigation pp. 843-870 Downloads
Sheba Tejani
The Australian growth miracle: an evolutionary macroeconomic explanation pp. 871-894 Downloads
John Foster
From stationary state to endogenous growth: international trade in the mathematical formulation of the Ricardian system pp. 895-912 Downloads
Neri Salvadori and Rodolfo Signorino
Linking the insights of Smith, Marx, Young and Hirschman on the division of labour: implications for economic integration and uneven development pp. 913-939 Downloads
P. Sai-wing Ho
Varieties of Capitalism: Some Philosophical and Historical Considerations pp. 941-960 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson

Volume 40, issue 2, 2016

Tribute to Ajit Singh pp. 365-372 Downloads
John Eatwell
Inequality, the Great Recession and slow recovery pp. 373-399 Downloads
Barry Cynamon and Steven Fazzari
The influence of the economic approaches to regulation on banking regulations: a short history of banking regulations pp. 401-426 Downloads
Sophie Harnay and Laurence Scialom
Is Minsky’s financial instability hypothesis valid? pp. 427-436 Downloads
Sebastien Charles
On the ‘utilisation controversy’: a theoretical and empirical discussion of the Kaleckian model of growth and distribution pp. 437-467 Downloads
Michalis Nikiforos
Profit sharing and its effect on income distribution and output: a Kaleckian approach pp. 469-489 Downloads
Hiroaki Sasaki
Personal income inequality and aggregate demand pp. 491-505 Downloads
Laura Barbosa de Carvalho and Armon Rezai
Structural change, the real exchange rate and the balance of payments in Mexico, 1960–2012 pp. 507-539 Downloads
Carlos A. Ibarra and Robert Blecker
North-south interactions in the presence of trade in environmental permits: a structuralist investigation pp. 541-574 Downloads
Arslan Razmi
Critical political economy: the ‘market-centric’ model of economic theory must remain in the past—notes of the Post-Soviet School of Critical Marxism pp. 575-598 Downloads
Aleksandr Buzgalin and Andrei Kolganov
Rent as a share of product and Sraffa’s price equations pp. 599-613 Downloads
Saverio Fratini
Adam Smith on markets, competition and violations of natural liberty pp. 615-638 Downloads
Heinz Kurz
Real wages in the business cycle and the theory of income distribution: an unresolved conflict between theory and facts in mainstream macroeconomics pp. 639-661 Downloads
Antonella Stirati
The contemporary relevance of a Cambridge tradition: economics as political economy, political economy as social theory and ethical theory pp. 663-700 Downloads
Jamie Morgan

Volume 40, issue 1, 2016

Husbandry: a (feminist) reclamation of masculine responsibility for care pp. 1-15 Downloads
Julie A. Nelson
Bitcoin and the legitimacy crisis of money pp. 17-41 Downloads
Beat Weber
Convergence in the pre-1914 Atlantic economy: what really happened to wages in Ireland between 1881 and 1911? pp. 43-67 Downloads
Jason Begley, Frank Geary and Tom Stark
Achieving fair trade through a social tariff regime: a policy thought experiment pp. 69-92 Downloads
George F. DeMartino, Jonathan D. Moyer and Kate M. Watkins
Is firm renewal stimulated by negative shocks? The status of negative driving forces in Schumpeterian and Darwinian economics pp. 93-121 Downloads
Lennart Erixon
Do foreign owners favour short-term profit? Evidence from Germany pp. 123-140 Downloads
Verena Dill, Uwe Jirjahn and Stephen Smith
Foreign direct investment and employment rights in South-Eastern Europe pp. 141-163 Downloads
Geoffrey Wood, Shuxing Yin, Khelifa Mazouz and Jeremy Eng Tuck Cheah
Profits equal surplus value on average and the significance of this result for the Marxian theory of accumulationBeing a new contribution to Engels’ Prize Essay Competition, based on random matrices and on manuscripts recently published in the MEGA for the first time pp. 165-199 Downloads
Bertram Schefold
Demand-driven inequality, endogenous saving rate and macroeconomic instability pp. 201-225 Downloads
Soon Ryoo
Inequality, credit and financial crises pp. 227-257 Downloads
Cristiano Perugini, Jens Hölscher and Simon Collie
Power, competition and the free trader vulgaris pp. 259-281 Downloads
Giulio Palermo
Philosophy and psychology of mathematics according to Alfred Marshall pp. 283-308 Downloads
Marco Dardi
Keynes and the confidence faeries pp. 309-325 Downloads
John Considine and David Duffy
Keynes and the interwar commodity option markets pp. 327-348 Downloads
Maria Cristina Marcuzzo and Eleonora Sanfilippo
IYLM: a General Theory–compatible replacement for ISLM pp. 349-364 Downloads
Rod O’Donnell and Colin Rogers
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