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Volume 133, issue 650, 2023

Market Participation and Moral Decision-Making: Experimental Evidence from Greenland (When should you adjust standard errors for clustering?) pp. 537-581 Downloads
Gustav Agneman and Esther Chevrot-Bianco
Long-Term and Intergenerational Effects of Education: Evidence from School Construction in Indonesia (The effects of education on financial outcomes: evidence from Kenya) pp. 582-612 Downloads
Richard Akresh, Daniel Halim and Marieke Kleemans
Investor Sentiment, Sovereign Debt Mispricing, and Economic Outcomes (Fiscal policy and financial markets) pp. 613-636 Downloads
Ramzy Al-Amine and Tim Willems
Finance and Green Growth (A new database of financial reforms) pp. 637-668 Downloads
Ralph De Haas and Alexander Popov
Technology-Neutral Versus Technology-Specific Procurement (Expecting the unexpected: Emissions uncertainty and environmental market design) pp. 669-705 Downloads
Natalia Fabra and Juan-Pablo Montero
The Effects of Tax Changes on Economic Activity: A Narrative Approach to Frequent Anticipations (Measuring economic policy uncertainty) pp. 706-727 Downloads
Sandra García-Uribe
Jumping the Gun: How Dictators Got Ahead of Their Subjects (Income and democracy) pp. 728-760 Downloads
Jacob Gerner Hariri and Asger Mose Wingender
Strategic Complexity and the Value of Thinking (Fast or rational? A response-times study of Bayesian updating) pp. 761-786 Downloads
David Gill and Victoria Prowse
Gone with the wind: The consequences of US drone strikes in pakistan (The consortium of terror) pp. 787-811 Downloads
Rafat Mahmood and Michael Jetter
Women Leaving the Playpen: the Emancipating Role of Female Suffrage (Franchise extension and fiscal structure in the UK 1820–1913: A new test of the redistribution hypothesis) pp. 812-844 Downloads
Michaela Slotwinski and Alois Stutzer
Clean Energy Access: Gender Disparity, Health and Labour Supply (Are there missing girls in the United States? Evidence from birth data) pp. 845-871 Downloads
Anjali P Verma and Imelda Graduate
Teaching Norms: Direct Evidence of Parental Transmission (Transmission of risk preferences from mothers to daughters) pp. 872-887 Downloads
Thijs Brouwer, Fabio Galeotti and Marie Claire Villeval
The Long-Term Effects of Student Absence: Evidence from Sweden (Test-Mex: Estimating the effects of school year length on student performance in Mexico) pp. 888-903 Downloads
Sarah Cattan, Daniel A Kamhöfer, Martin Karlsson and Therese Nilsson

Volume 133, issue 649, 2023

The Central Bank Strikes Back! Credibility of Monetary Policy under Fiscal Influence (Optimal trend inflation) pp. 1-29 Downloads
Antoine Camous and Dmitry Matveev
Spatial Polarisation* (Skills, tasks and technologies: Implications for employment and earnings) pp. 30-69 Downloads
Fabio Cerina, Elisa Dienesch, Alessio Moro and Michelle Rendall
Trading Favours through the Revolving Door: Evidence from China’s Primary Land Market* (Return to political power in a low corruption environment) pp. 70-97 Downloads
Ting Chen, Li Han, James Kung and Jiaxin Xie
Policy Uncertainty and Information Flows: Evidence from Pension Reform Expectations* (Inflation expectations and behaviour: Do survey respondents act on their beliefs?) pp. 98-129 Downloads
Emanuele Ciani, Adeline Delavande, Ben Etheridge and Marco Francesconi
Estimating Cross-Industry Cross-Country Interaction Models Using Benchmark Industry Characteristics (Determinants of vertical integration: Financial development and contracting costs) pp. 130-158 Downloads
Antonio Ciccone and Elias Papaioannou
On Target? Sanctions and the Economic Interests of Elite Policymakers in Iran (An analytic framework for interpreting investment regressions in the presence of financial constraints) pp. 159-200 Downloads
Mirko Draca, Jason Garred, Leanne Stickland and Nele Warrinnier
Talent Discovery and Poaching Under Asymmetric Information (Why do firms train? Theory and evidence) pp. 201-234 Downloads
Daniel Ferreira and Radoslawa Nikolowa
Firm Ex Ante Heterogeneity, Entry and the Labour Share (The race between man and machine: Implications of technology for growth, factor shares, and employment) pp. 235-257 Downloads
Jakob Grazzini and Lorenza Rossi
‘I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For’: Evidence of Directed Search from a Field Experiment* (The selection of talent: Experimental and structural evidence from Ethiopia) pp. 258-280 Downloads
Haoran He, David Neumark and Qian Weng
The Long-Run Effects of Peers on Mental Health (Early life circumstance and adult mental health) pp. 281-322 Downloads
Lukas Kiessling and Jonathan Norris
Civicness Drain* (Preferences for truth-telling) pp. 323-354 Downloads
Moti Michaeli, Marco Casari, Andrea Ichino, Maria De Paola, Ginevra Marandola and Vincenzo Scoppa
Countering Moral Hazard in Higher Education: The Role of Performance Incentives in Need-Based Grants* (When should you adjust standard errors for clustering?) pp. 355-389 Downloads
José Montalbán
A Raise for Grandma: Pensions and Household Expenditure* (The spending and debt response to minimum wage hikes) pp. 390-419 Downloads
Susana Parraga Rodriguez
The Power of Hydroelectric Dams: Historical Evidence from the United States over the Twentieth Century (Using synthetic controls: Feasibility, data requirements, and methodological aspects) pp. 420-459 Downloads
Edson Severnini
Salience and Accountability: School Infrastructure and Last-Minute Electoral Punishment* (Do informed voters make better choices? Experimental evidence from urban India) pp. 460-476 Downloads
Nicolás Ajzenman and Ruben Durante
Must Agreements Be Kept? Residential Leases During Covid-19* (The welfare effects of eviction and homelessness policies) pp. 477-492 Downloads
Itai Ater, Yael Elster, David Genesove and Eran B Hoffmann
Populist Persuasion in Electoral Campaigns: Evidence from Bryan's Unique Whistle-Stop Tour (Trump on the trail: Assessing the impact of presidential campaign visits on voting behavior in the 2018 midterm elections) pp. 493-515 Downloads
Johannes C Buggle and Stephanos Vlachos
The Interplay Among Savings Accounts and Network-Based Financial Arrangements: Evidence from a Field Experiment (Matching in community-based organizations) pp. 516-535 Downloads
Margherita Comola and Silvia Prina

Volume 132, issue 648, 2022

The Impact of Corporate QE on Liquidity: Evidence from the UK pp. 2615-2643 Downloads
Lena Boneva, David Elliott, Iryna Kaminska, Oliver Linton, Nick McLaren and Ben Morley
Peer Effects in Academic Research: Senders and Receivers pp. 2644-2673 Downloads
Clement Bosquet, Pierre-Philippe Combes, Emeric Henry and Thierry Mayer
Moral Hazard Versus Liquidity and the Optimal Timing of Unemployment Benefits pp. 2674-2701 Downloads
Rodolfo Campos, J Ignacio García-Pérez and Iliana Reggio
Dynamics of Trade Credit in China pp. 2702-2736 Downloads
Wukuang Cun, Vincenzo Quadrini, Qi Sun and Junjie Xia
Environmental Adaptation of Risk Preferences pp. 2737-2766 Downloads
Salvatore Di Falco and Ferdinand M Vieider
The Cultural Roots of Firm Entry, Exit and Growth pp. 2767-2814 Downloads
Katharina Erhardt and Simon Haenni
Political Competition and State Capacity: Evidence from a Land Allocation Program in Mexico pp. 2815-2834 Downloads
Leopoldo Fergusson, Horacio Larreguy and Juan Riano
Monopsony Power and Wages: Evidence from the Introduction of Serfdom in Denmark (A chart & data book on the monetary and financial history of Denmark) pp. 2835-2872 Downloads
Kathryn Gary, Peter Jensen, Mats Olsson, Cristina Victoria Radu, Battista Severgnini and Paul Sharp
A Matching Model of Co-Residence with a Family Network: Empirical Evidence from China (Evaluating long-term-care policy options, taking the family seriously) pp. 2873-2917 Downloads
Naijia Guo, Xiaoyu Xia and Junsen Zhang
Application Costs and Congestion in Matching Markets (The welfare effects of coordinated assignment: Evidence from the New York City high school match) pp. 2918-2950 Downloads
YingHua He and Thierry Magnac
Publishing While Female: are Women Held to Higher Standards? Evidence from Peer Review (Charity and favoritism in the field: Are female economists nicer (to each other)?) pp. 2951-2991 Downloads
Erin Hengel
How to Regulate Carbon Emissions with Climate-Conscious Consumers (Environmental preferences and technological choices: Is market competition clean or dirty?) pp. 2992-3019 Downloads
Fabian Herweg and Klaus M Schmidt
Political Selection and Economic Policy (Desired personality traits in politicians: Similar to me but more of a leader) pp. 3020-3046 Downloads
Jaakko Meriläinen
Teacher Effectiveness and Classroom Composition: Understanding Match Effects in the Classroom (Accountability and flexibility in public schools: Evidence from Boston’s charters and pilots) pp. 3047-3064 Downloads
Esteban Aucejo, Patrick Coate, Jane Cooley Fruehwirth, Sean Kelly and Zachary Mozenter

Volume 132, issue 647, 2022

Threat of Sabotage as a Driver of Collective Action (Optimal team incentives with CES production) pp. 2339-2365 Downloads
Kris De Jaegher
How Pronounced is the U-Curve? Revisiting Income Inequality in the United States, 1917–60 (Levels and trends in US income and its distribution: A crosswalk from market income towards a comprehensive haig-simons income approach) pp. 2366-2391 Downloads
Vincent J Geloso, Phillip Magness, John Moore and Philip Schlosser
Social Class and (Un)Ethical Behaviour: Causal and Correlational Evidence (Representative evidence on lying costs) pp. 2392-2411 Downloads
Elisabeth Gsottbauer, Daniel Müller, Samuel Müller, Stefan Trautmann and Galina Zudenkova
Generational Wealth Accounts: Did Public and Private Inter-Generational Transfers Offset Each Other over the Financial Crisis? (Wealth and inheritance in Britain from 1896 to the present) pp. 2412-2437 Downloads
David McCarthy, James Sefton, Ronald Lee and Joze Sambt
Transfers, Diversification and Household Risk Strategies: Can Productive Safety Nets Help Households Manage Climatic Variability? (Helping children catch up: Early life shocks and the Progresa experiment) pp. 2438-2470 Downloads
Karen Macours, Patrick Premand and Renos Vakis
Markups and Financial Shocks (Securities trading by banks and credit supply: Micro-evidence from the crisis) pp. 2471-2499 Downloads
Philipp Meinen and Ana Cristina Soares
The Smoot-Hawley Trade War (Could Europe run Greece? Lessons from U.S. fiscal receiverships in Latin America, 1904–34) pp. 2500-2533 Downloads
Kris James Mitchener, Kevin O'Rourke and Kirsten Wandschneider
Optimal Covid-19 Quarantine and Testing Policies pp. 2534-2562 Downloads
Facundo Piguillem and Liyan Shi
How (Not) to Purchase Novel Goods and Services: Specific Performance Versus at-will Contracts pp. 2563-2577 Downloads
Patrick Schmitz
Kin Networks and Institutional Development pp. 2578-2613 Downloads
Jonathan F Schulz

Volume 132, issue 646, 2022

Slow Recoveries and Unemployment Traps: Monetary Policy in a Time of Hysteresis* (Optimal monetary policy according to HANK) pp. 2007-2047 Downloads
Sushant Acharya, Julien Bengui, Keshav Dogra and Shu Lin Wee
Patterns of Labour Market Adjustment to Trade Shocks with Imperfect Capital Mobility (Identification properties of recent production function estimators) pp. 2048-2074 Downloads
Erhan Artuc, Irene Brambilla and Guido Porto
Safe Assets (Crowding out in Ricardian economies) pp. 2075-2100 Downloads
Robert Barro, Jesús Fernández-Villaverde, Oren Levintal and Andrew Mollerus
A Meritocratic Origin of Egalitarian Behaviour (Income inequality and income mobility in the Scandinavian countries compared to the United States) pp. 2101-2117 Downloads
Alexander Cappelen, Johanna Mollerstrom, Bjørn-Atle Reme and Bertil Tungodden
The Effect of Concealed-Carry and Handgun Restrictions on Gun-Related Deaths: Evidence from the Sullivan Act of 1911 (Synthetic control methods for comparative case studies: Estimating the effect of California's tobacco control program) pp. 2118-2140 Downloads
Briggs Depew and Isaac Swensen
Personality Traits Across the Life Cycle: Disentangling Age, Period and Cohort Effects* (Personality psychology and economics) pp. 2141-2172 Downloads
Bernd Fitzenberger, Gary Mena, Jan Nimczik and Uwe Sunde
A Subsidy That is Inversely Related to the Product Price (Pharmaceutical policies: Effects of reference pricing, other pricing, and purchasing policies) pp. 2173-2206 Downloads
Takahiko Kiso
Wage Risk and the Skill Premium (Why do new technologies complement skills? Directed technical change and wage inequality) pp. 2207-2230 Downloads
Ctirad Slavík and Hakki Yazici
Marginal College Wage Premiums Under Selection Into Employment* (Identification of causal effects using instrumental variables) pp. 2231-2272 Downloads
Matthias Westphal, Daniel A Kamhöfer and Hendrik Schmitz
Price Floors and Externality Correction* (The economics of “tagging as applied to the optimal income tax, welfare programs, and manpower planning) pp. 2273-2289 Downloads
Rachel Griffith, Martin O’Connell and Kate Smith
Patience, Risk-Taking, and Human Capital Investment Across Countries (Immigration in American economic history) pp. 2290-2307 Downloads
Eric A Hanushek, Lavinia Kinneifo, Philipp Lergetporer and Ludger Woessmann
Discrimination Between Religious and Non-Religious Groups: Evidence from Marking High-Stakes Exams (The impact of jury race in criminal trials) pp. 2308-2324 Downloads
Victor Lavy, Edith Sand and Moses Shayo
Hobo Economicus* (Who is “behavioral”? Cognitive ability and anomalous preferences) pp. 2325-2338 Downloads
Peter Leeson, R August Hardy and Paola A Suarez

Volume 132, issue 645, 2022

The Long-Term Distributional and Welfare Effects of Covid-19 School Closures (Education policies and intergenerational transfers in equilibrium) pp. 1647-1683 Downloads
Nicola Fuchs-Schünde, Dirk Krueger, Alexander Ludwig and Irina Popova
The Heterogeneous Tax Pass-Through Under Different Vertical Relationships (Income data) pp. 1684-1708 Downloads
Raúl Bajo-Buenestado and Miguel Ángel Borrella-Mas
Housing Expenditure and Income Inequality (Housing demand, cost-of-living inequality, and the affordability crisis) pp. 1709-1736 Downloads
Christian Dustmann, Bernd Fitzenberger and Markus Zimmermann
Cognitive Skills and Economic Preferences in the Fund Industry (Do financial professionals behave according to prospect theory? An experimental study) pp. 1737-1764 Downloads
Adam Farago, Martin Holmén, Felix Holzmeister, Michael Kirchler and Michael Razen
Why Don’t Firms Hire Young Workers During Recessions? (Real wages and the business cycle) pp. 1765-1789 Downloads
Eliza Forsythe
Financial Frictions and Firm Informality: A General Equilibrium Perspective (A new database of financial reforms) pp. 1790-1823 Downloads
Luis Franjo, Nathalie Pouokam and Francesco Turino
Spillover Effects of Intellectual Property Protection in the Interwar Aircraft Industry (Market size in innovation: Theory and evidence from the pharmaceutical industry) pp. 1824-1851 Downloads
W Hanlon and Taylor Jaworski
Preferences, Confusion and Competition (Comparative advertising: Disclosing horizontal match information) pp. 1852-1881 Downloads
Andreas Hefti, Shuo Liu and Armin Schmutzler
Inefficient Collective Households: Cooperation and Consumption (Efficient risk sharing with limited commitment and storage) pp. 1882-1893 Downloads
Arthur Lewbel and Krishna Pendakur
The Wheels of Change: Technology Adoption, Millwrights and the Persistence in Britain'S Industrialisation (Labor- and capital-augmenting technical change) pp. 1894-1926 Downloads
Joel Mokyr, Assaf Sarid and Karine van der Beek
The Brides of Boko Haram: Economic Shocks, Marriage Practices, and Insurgency in Nigeria (Nonparametric inference for a family of counting processes) pp. 1927-1977 Downloads
Jonah M Rexer
Expectations, Wage Hikes and Worker Voice (No line left behind: Assortative matching inside the firm) pp. 1978-1993 Downloads
Achyuta Adhvaryu, Teresa Molina and Anant Nyshadham
Considering the Counterfactual: Real Wages in the First Industrial Revolution (Artificial intelligence, automation and work) pp. 1994-2006 Downloads
Nicholas Crafts and Terence C Mills

Volume 132, issue 644, 2022

Obesity, Poverty and Public Policy pp. 1235-1258 Downloads
Rachel Griffith
A Time for Action on Climate Change and a Time for Change in Economics pp. 1259-1289 Downloads
Nicholas Stern
Market-Based Monetary Policy Uncertainty pp. 1290-1308 Downloads
Michael D Bauer, Aeimit Lakdawala and Philippe Mueller
Real Effects of Financial Distress: The Role of Heterogeneity pp. 1309-1348 Downloads
Francisco Buera and Sudipto Karmakar
Gravity and Heterogeneous Trade Cost Elasticities pp. 1349-1377 Downloads
Natalie Chen and Dennis Novy
Banking on the Confucian Clan: Why China Developed Financial Markets so Late pp. 1378-1413 Downloads
Zhiwu Chen, Chicheng Ma and Andrew J Sinclair
Winners and Losers: the Distributional Effects of the French Feebate on the Automobile Market pp. 1414-1448 Downloads
Isis Durrmeyer
Exporting and Offshoring with Monopsonistic Competition pp. 1449-1488 Downloads
Hartmut Egger, Udo Kreickemeier, Christoph Moser and Jens Wrona
Can External Threats Foster a European Union Identity? Evidence from Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine pp. 1489-1516 Downloads
Kai Gehring
Major Reforms in Electricity Pricing: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment pp. 1517-1541 Downloads
Xavier Labandeira, José M Labeaga and Jordi J Teixidó
Erosion of State Power, Corruption Control and Fiscal Capacity pp. 1542-1565 Downloads
Weijia Li, Gérard Roland and Yang Xie
Welfare Effects of Housing Transaction Taxes: A Quantitative Analysis with an Assignment Model pp. 1566-1599 Downloads
Niku Määttänen and Marko Terviö
Beyond Short-Term Learning Gains: the Impact of Outsourcing Schools in Liberia After Three Years pp. 1600-1619 Downloads
Mauricio Romero and Justin Sandefur
Demand, Supply and Markup Fluctuations pp. 1620-1645 Downloads
Carlos Santos, Luis Costa and Paulo Brito

Volume 132, issue 643, 2022

Intrahousehold Resource Allocation and Individual Poverty: Assessing Collective Model Predictions using Direct Evidence on Sharing (Chi-square diagnostic tests for econometric models: Introduction and applications) pp. 865-905 Downloads
Olivier Bargain, Guy Lacroix and Luca Tiberti
Heterogeneous Dynasties and Long-Run Mobility* (Persistence of power, elites, and institutions) pp. 906-925 Downloads
Jess Benhabib, Alberto Bisin and Ricardo T Fernholz
Judicial Quality, Input Customisation, and Trade Margins: The Role of Product Quality (Unbundling institutions) pp. 926-952 Downloads
Xiaomin Cui, Miaojie Yu and Rui Zhang
Understanding Ethnolinguistic Differences: The Roles of Geography and Trade (The roots of ethnic diversity) pp. 953-980 Downloads
Andrew Dickens
Pre-Colonial Warfare and Long-Run Development in India (Nation-building, nationalism, and wars) pp. 981-1010 Downloads
Mark Dincecco, James Fenske, Anil Menon and Shivaji Mukherjee
Highways, Market Access and Spatial Sorting (From periphery to core: Measuring agglomeration effects using high-speed rail) pp. 1011-1036 Downloads
Stephan Fretz, Raphaël Parchet and Frederic Robert-Nicoud
Emotion and Reason in Political Language (The expression of emotions in 20th century books) pp. 1037-1059 Downloads
Gloria Gennaro and Elliott Ash
A Nudge to Quit? The Effect of a Change in Pension Information on Annuitisation, Labour Supply and Retirement Choices Among Older Workers (Who chooses annuities? An experimental investigation of the role of gender, framing, and defaults) pp. 1060-1094 Downloads
Johannes Hagen, Daniel Hallberg and Gabriella Sjögren
Valuing Life as an Asset, as a Statistic and at Gunpoint (Lectures in labor economics) pp. 1095-1122 Downloads
Julien Hugonnier, Florian Pelgrin and Pascal St-Amour
The Efficiency Costs of Dividend Taxation with Managerial Firms* (Technology, information, and the decentralization of the firm) pp. 1123-1149 Downloads
Marko Koethenbuerger and Michael E Stimmelmayr
Lives or Livelihoods? Perceived Trade-Offs and Policy Views (A multi-risk sir model with optimally targeted lockdown) pp. 1150-1178 Downloads
Sonja Settele and Cortnie Shupe
Information Operations Increase Civilian Security Cooperation (Radio and the rise of the Nazis in prewar Germany) pp. 1179-1199 Downloads
Konstantin Sonin and Austin L Wright
Subsidising the spread of COVID-19: Evidence from the UK’S Eat-Out-to-Help-Out Scheme* (Furloughing) pp. 1200-1217 Downloads
Thiemo Fetzer
Cognitive Performance in Remote Work: Evidence from Professional Chess (Digitization and the contract labor market: A research agenda) pp. 1218-1232 Downloads
Steffen Künn, Christian Seel and Dainis Zegners
Erratum to Highways, Market Access and Spatial Sorting pp. 1233-1233 Downloads
Stephan Fretz, Raphaël Parchet and Frederic Robert-Nicoud

Volume 132, issue 642, 2022

The Economic Incentives of Cultural Transmission: Spatial Evidence from Naming Patterns Across France (Cultural assimilation during the age of mass migration) pp. 437-470 Downloads
Yann Algan, Clément Malgouyres, Thierry Mayer and Mathias Thoenig
Screening and Signalling Non-Cognitive Skills: Experimental Evidence from Uganda (Matching frictions and distorted beliefs: evidence from a job fairs experiment) pp. 471-511 Downloads
Vittorio Bassi and Aisha Nansamba
Urbanisation and the Onset of Modern Economic Growth (International competition in iron and steel, 1850–1913) pp. 512-545 Downloads
Liam Brunt and Cecilia Garcia-Penalosa
Flattening of the Phillips Curve with State-Dependent Prices and Wages (The macroeconomics of low inflation) pp. 546-581 Downloads
James Costain, Anton Nakov and Borja Petit
Demand Shocks and Firm Investment: Micro-Evidence from Fiscal Retrenchment in Italy (Bilanci imprese Italiane) pp. 582-617 Downloads
Decio Coviello, Immacolata Marino, Tommaso Nannicini and Nicola Persico
Technology-Skill Complementarity in Early Phases of Industrialisation (Marrying up: the role of sex ratio in assortative matching) pp. 618-643 Downloads
Raphael Franck and Oded Galor
Lawyer Expertise and Contract Design—Evidence from M&A Negotiations (Endogenous matching and the financial determinants of contract design) pp. 644-674 Downloads
Christel Karsten, Ulrike Malmendier and Zacharias Sautner
Does External Monitoring from the Government Improve the Performance of State-Owned Enterprises? (Identification properties of recent production function estimators) pp. 675-708 Downloads
Shengyu Li and Hongsong Zhang
Ethnic Violence Across Space (A theoretical foundation for the gravity equation) pp. 709-740 Downloads
Hannes Mueller, Dominic Rohner and David Schönholzer
Competing Sales Channels with Captive Consumers (Hybrid platform model) pp. 741-766 Downloads
David Ronayne and Greg Taylor
Risk Attitudes and Conflict in the Household (Research on divorce: continuing trends and new developments) pp. 767-795 Downloads
Marta Serra-Garcia
Fertility and Modernity (The consequences of radical reform: the French revolution) pp. 796-833 Downloads
Enrico Spolaore and Romain Wacziarg
Interactions in Public Policies: Spousal Responses and Program Spillovers of Welfare Reforms (The impact of age pension eligibility age on retirement and program dependence: Evidence from an Australian experiment) pp. 834-864 Downloads
Julian Vedeler Johnsen, Kjell Vaage and Alexander Willén

Volume 132, issue 641, 2022

On the Quantity and Quality of Girls: Fertility, Parental Investments and Mortality (Are there missing girls in the United States? Evidence from birth data) pp. 1-36 Downloads
S Anukriti, Sonia Bhalotra and Eddy H F Tam
Non-Linearities, State-Dependent Prices and the Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy (Dynamic effects of persistent shocks) pp. 37-57 Downloads
Guido Ascari and Timo Haber
Dynamic Effects of Co-Ethnic Networks on Immigrants’ Economic Success (Peers, neighborhoods, and immigrant student achievement: evidence from a placement policy) pp. 58-88 Downloads
Michele Battisti, Giovanni Peri and Agnese Romiti
Culture and Contracts: The Historical Legacy of Forced Labour (The colonial origins of comparative development: An empirical investigation) pp. 89-105 Downloads
Arthur Blouin
Run-off Elections in the Laboratory (Sophisticated’ voting in the 1988 presidential primaries) pp. 106-146 Downloads
Laurent Bouton, Jorge Gallego, Aniol Llorente-Saguer and Rebecca Morton
The Effect of Adult Entertainment Establishments on Sex Crime: Evidence from New York City (A practitioner’s guide to randomization inference) pp. 147-198 Downloads
Riccardo Ciacci and María Micaela Sviatschi
The Effect of Trade on Workers and Voters (Contextual factors and the extreme right vote in Western Europe, 1980–2002) pp. 199-217 Downloads
Christian Dippel, Robert Gold, Stephan Heblich and Rodrigo Pinto
Gender Differences in Cooperative Environments? Evidence from The U.S. Congress (The effects of party and preferences on Congressional roll-call voting) pp. 218-257 Downloads
Stefano Gagliarducci and M. Daniele Paserman
Economic Persistence Despite Adverse Policies: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan (Etnicheskii sostav kirghizskogo naseleniya Severnoi kirghizii) pp. 258-272 Downloads
Catherine Guirkinger, Gani Aldashev, Alisher Aldashev and Mate Fodor
Toward An Understanding of the Economics of Apologies: Evidence from a Large-Scale Natural Field Experiment (When good brands do bad) pp. 273-298 Downloads
Basil Halperin, Benjamin Ho, John List and Ian Muir
Who Sells During a Crash? Evidence from Tax Return Data on Daily Sales of Stock (Liquidity and leverage) pp. 299-325 Downloads
Jeffrey L Hoopes, Patrick Langetieg, Stefan Nagel, Daniel Reck, Joel Slemrod and Bryan Stuart
The Virtuous Cycle of Agreement (Distinguished lecture on economics in government: public policy, values, and consciousness) pp. 326-360 Downloads
Philippos Louis, Matias Nuñez and Dimitrios Xefteris
Enforcement of Labour Regulation and the Labour Market Effects of Trade: Evidence from Brazil (Firing costs and flexibility: evidence from firms’ employment responses to shocks in India) pp. 361-390 Downloads
Vladimir Ponczek and Gabriel Ulyssea
Credit Misallocation During the European Financial Crisis (Firms, failures, and fluctuations: the macroeconomics of supply chain disruptions) pp. 391-423 Downloads
Fabiano Schivardi, Enrico Sette and Guido Tabellini
Optimal Interval Division (Mechanism design with limited information: the case of nonlinear pricing) pp. 424-435 Downloads
Jianrong Tian
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