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Volume 36, issue 4, 2022

Income and Wealth Inequality in Hong Kong, 1981–2020: The Rise of Pluto-Communism? (Top Wealth Shares in the UK over More than a Century) pp. 803-834 Downloads
Thomas Piketty and Li Yang
Nowcasting Global Poverty (Why Is Growth in Developing Countries So Hard to Measure?) pp. 835-856 Downloads
Daniel Gerszon Mahler, R Andrés Castañeda Aguilar and David Newhouse
Keep It Simple: A Field Experiment on Information Sharing among Strangers (Changing Saving and Investment Behavior: The Impact of Financial Literacy Training and Reminders on Micro-Businesses) pp. 857-888 Downloads
Cátia Batista, Marcel Fafchamps and Pedro C Vicente
Telescoping Error in Recalled Food Consumption: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Ethiopia (Video-Based Behavioral Change Communication to Change Consumption Patterns: Experimental Evidence from Urban Ethiopia) pp. 889-908 Downloads
Gashaw T Abate, Alan de Brauw, John Gibson, Kalle Hirvonen and Abdulazize Wolle
Direct Shock Experience vs. Tangential Shock Exposure: Indirect Effects of Flood Shocks on Well-Being and Preferences (Well-Being Effects of Extreme Weather Events in the US) pp. 909-933 Downloads
Wiebke Stein and Reinhard A Weisser
The Lasting Labor-Market Effects of Cash Transfers: Evidence from South Africa’s Child Support Grant (Anonymity or Distance? Job Search and Labour Market Exclusion in a Growing African City) pp. 934-954 Downloads
Alessandro Tondini
Fertility Following Natural Disasters and Epidemics in Africa (Climate Change, Natural Disasters, and Migration: A Survey of the Empirical Evidence) pp. 955-971 Downloads
Johannes Norling
The Timing of Elections and Neonatal Mortality: Evidence from India (Fiscal Transparency, Elections and Public Employment: Evidence from the OECD) pp. 972-998 Downloads
Shampa Bhattacharjee
Roads and Jobs in Ethiopia (When Should You Adjust Standard Errors for Clustering?”) pp. 999-1020 Downloads
Matteo Fiorini and Marco Sanfilippo

Volume 36, issue 3, 2022

Investment Treaties, Local Institutions and Policies in the Global Land Rush pp. 559-582 Downloads
Sebastian Anti
The Role of Income Inequality for Poverty Reduction pp. 583-604 Downloads
Katy Bergstrom
Unambiguous Trends Combining Absolute and Relative Income Poverty: New Results and Global Application pp. 605-628 Downloads
Benoit Decerf and Mery Ferrando
What Do Local Government Education Managers Do to Boost Learning Outcomes? pp. 629-645 Downloads
Jacobus Cilliers, Eric Dunford and James Habyarimana
Structural Reforms and Labor Productivity Growth in Developing Countries: Intra or Inter-Reallocation Channel? pp. 646-669 Downloads
Maty Konte, Wilfried A Kouamé and Emmanuel B Mensah
Jobs and Productivity Growth in Global Value Chains: New Evidence for Twenty-five Low- and Middle-Income Countries pp. 670-686 Downloads
Stefan Pahl, Marcel P Timmer, Reitze Gouma and Pieter J Woltjer
Technology, Skills, and Globalization: Explaining International Differences in Routine and Nonroutine Work Using Survey Data pp. 687-708 Downloads
Piotr Lewandowski, Albert Park, Wojciech Hardy, Yang Du and Saier Wu
Child Labor under Cash and In-Kind Transfers pp. 709-733 Downloads
Federico Tagliati
Mobile Money and Economic Activity: Evidence from Kenya★ pp. 734-756 Downloads
Raissa Fabregas and Tite Yokossi
Food Inflation and Child Health pp. 757-773 Downloads
Andinet Woldemichael, Daniel Kidane and Abebe Shimeles
Do Smaller Local Governments Bring Citizens More? Evidence from Direct Elections in Indonesia pp. 774-799 Downloads
Deepak Singhania
Corrigendum to: Structural Reforms and Labor Productivity Growth in Developing Countries: Intra or Inter-Reallocation Channel? pp. 800-800 Downloads
Maty Konte, Wilfried A Kouamé and Emmanuel B Mensah
Erratum to: Technology, Skills, and Globalization: Explaining International Differences in Routine and Nonroutine Work Using Survey Data pp. 801-801 Downloads
Piotr Lewandowski, Albert Park, Wojciech Hardy, Yang Du and Saier Wu

Volume 36, issue 2, 2022

The Intergenerational Effects of Economic Sanctions pp. 269-304 Downloads
Safoura Moeeni
The Pass-Through of International Commodity Price Shocks to Producers’ Welfare: Evidence from Ethiopian Coffee Farmers pp. 305-328 Downloads
Hundanol A Kebede
Determinants of Global Value Chain Participation: Cross-Country Evidence pp. 329-360 Downloads
Ana Margarida Fernandes, Hiau Looi Kee and Deborah Winkler
The Macroeconomy After Tariffs pp. 361-381 Downloads
Davide Furceri, Swarnali A Hannan, Jonathan D Ostry and Andrew K Rose
Poverty from Space: Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery for Estimating Economic Well-being pp. 382-412 Downloads
Ryan Engstrom, Jonathan Hersh and David Newhouse
Consumption Subaggregates Should Not Be Used to Measure Poverty pp. 413-432 Downloads
Luc Christiaensen, Ethan Ligon and Thomas Pave Sohnesen
How Important Is Temptation Spending? Maybe Less than We Thought pp. 433-454 Downloads
Lasse Brune, Jason T Kerwin and Qingxiao Li
Opposition Media, State Censorship, and Political Accountability: Evidence from Chavez’s Venezuela pp. 455-487 Downloads
Brian Knight and Ana Tribin
Land Rezoning and Structural Transformation in Rural India: Evidence from the Industrial Areas Program pp. 488-513 Downloads
David Blakeslee, Ritam Chaurey, Ram Fishman and Samreen Malik
A Tale of Two Programs: Assessing Treatment and Control in NREGA Studies pp. 514-532 Downloads
Girish Bahal
Urban Agglomeration and Firm Innovation: Evidence from Asia pp. 533-558 Downloads
Liming Chen, Rana Hasan and Yi Jiang

Volume 36, issue 1, 2022

Local Water Quality, Diarrheal Disease, and the Unintended Consequences of Soda Taxes pp. 1-18 Downloads
Emilio Gutierrez and Adrian Rubli
Wealth Inequality in South Africa, 1993–2017 pp. 19-36 Downloads
Aroop Chatterjee, Léo Czajka and Amory Gethin
Labor Market Experience and Falling Earnings Inequality in Brazil: 1995–2012 pp. 37-67 Downloads
Francisco H G Ferreira, Sergio P Firpo and Julián Messina
Knowledge and Adoption of Complex Agricultural Technologies: Evidence from an Extension Experiment pp. 68-90 Downloads
Denise Hörner, Adrien Bouguen, Markus Frölich and Meike Wollni
The Demand for Advice: Theory and Empirical Evidence from Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 91-113 Downloads
Dominik Naeher and Matthias Schündeln
The Spillover Impact of Index Insurance on Agricultural Investment by Cotton Farmers in Burkina Faso pp. 114-140 Downloads
Quentin Stoeffler, Michael Carter, Catherine Guirkinger and Wouter Gelade
Unfolding Trade Effect in Two Margins of Informality. The Peruvian Case pp. 141-170 Downloads
Camila Cisneros-Acevedo
Oil Price Shocks and Civil Conflict: Evidence from Nigeria pp. 171-197 Downloads
Arinze Nwokolo
Does Local Female Political Representation Empower Women to Run for Higher Office? Evidence from State and National Legislatures in India pp. 198-218 Downloads
Ryan Brown, Hani Mansour and Stephen D O’Connell
Decomposing Learning Inequalities in East Africa: How Much Does Sorting Matter? pp. 219-243 Downloads
Paul Anand, Jere R Behrman, Hai-Anh H Dang and Sam Jones
What We Learn about Girls’ Education from Interventions That Do Not Focus on Girls pp. 244-267 Downloads
David K Evans and Fei Yuan

Volume 34, issue Supplement_1, 2020

The Global Findex Database 2017: Measuring Financial Inclusion and Opportunities to Expand Access to and Use of Financial Services* pp. S2-S8 Downloads
Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Leora Klapper, Dorothe Singer, Saniya Ansar and Jake Hess
Purchase Patterns, Socioeconomic Status, and Political Inclination pp. S9-S13 Downloads
Xiaowen Dong, Eaman Jahani, Alfredo J Morales, Burçin Bozkaya, Bruno Lepri and Alex 'Sandy' Pentland
The Impact of Information Sharing on the Use of Collateral versus Guarantees pp. S14-S19 Downloads
Ralph De Haas and Matteo Millone
Linguistic Fractionalization and Health Information in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. S20-S25 Downloads
Joseph Gomes
Predicting Dynamic Patterns of Short-Term Movement pp. S26-S34 Downloads
Sveta Milusheva
Representativity and Networked Interference in Data-Rich Field Experiments: A Large-Scale RCT in Rural Mexico pp. S35-S39 Downloads
Alejandro Noriega and Alex Pentland
Measuring Regional Ethnolinguistic Diversity in Sub-Saharan Africa: Surveys vs. GIS pp. S40-S45 Downloads
Boris Gershman and Diego Rivera
Geography, Climate, and Genes in Development Studies pp. S46-S51 Downloads
Robert Klitgaard, Johannes Fedderke and Valerio Napolioni
Public Investment Choices by Local and Central Governments pp. S52-S57 Downloads
Katrina Kosec and Tewodaj Mogues
Economic Transformation in Africa from the Bottom Up: New Evidence from Tanzania pp. S58-S62 Downloads
Xinshen Diao, Josaphat Kweka, Margaret McMillan and Zara Qureshi
Is There a Cost-Effective Means of Training Microenterprises? pp. S63-S67 Downloads
Wyatt Brooks, Kevin Donovan and Terence R Johnson
Medium-Run Impacts of Management Training in Garment Clusters pp. S68-S71 Downloads
Yuki Higuchi, Edwin Mhede, Vu Nam and Tetsushi Sonobe
Is Informal Redistribution Costly? Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in Senegal pp. S72-S78 Downloads
Marie Boltz, Karine Marazyan and Paola Villar
Comparing Costs of Living across World Cities pp. S79-S88 Downloads
Shohei Nakamura, Rawaa Harati, Somik V Lall, Yuri M Dikhanov, Nada Hamadeh, William Vigil Oliver, Marko Olavi Rissanen and Mizuki Yamanaka
The ABCDE of Big Data: Assessing Biases in Call-Detail Records for Development Estimates pp. S89-S97 Downloads
Gabriel Pestre, Emmanuel Letouzé and Emilio Zagheni

Volume 34, issue 3

Conceptual Aspects of Global Value Chains pp. 551-574 Downloads
Pol Antràs
Mine, Yours or Ours? The Efficiency of Household Investment Decisions: An Experimental Approach pp. 575-596 Downloads
Anandi Mani
Cash Transfers and Management Advice for Agriculture: Evidence from Senegal pp. 597-617 Downloads
Kate Ambler, Alan de Brauw and Susan Godlonton
Behavior Revealed in Mobile Phone Usage Predicts Credit Repayment pp. 618-634 Downloads
Daniel Björkegren and Darrell Grissen
Can Medium-Resolution Satellite Imagery Measure Economic Activity at Small Geographies? Evidence from Landsat in Vietnam pp. 635-653 Downloads
Ran Goldblatt, Kilian Heilmann and Yonatan Vaizman
Be Wary of Those Who Ask: A Randomized Experiment on the Size and Determinants of the Enumerator Effect pp. 654-669 Downloads
Michele Di Maio and Nathan Fiala
Cash Transfers, Microentrepreneurial Activity, and Child Work: Evidence from Malawi and Zambia pp. 670-697 Downloads
Jacobus de Hoop, Valeria Groppo and Sudhanshu Handa
Multigenerational Effects of Education Reform: Mother’s Education and Children’s Human Capital in Nepal pp. 698-729 Downloads
Vinish Shrestha and Rashesh Shrestha
Free Primary Education, Timing of Fertility, and Total Fertility pp. 730-748 Downloads
Tihtina Zenebe Gebre
Exploring Recipient Preferences and Allocation Mechanisms in the Distribution of Development Aid pp. 749-766 Downloads
Jeremy Shapiro
Narrow Incumbent Victories and Post-Election Conflict: Evidence from the Philippines pp. 767-789 Downloads
Benjamin Crost, Joseph H Felter, Hani Mansour and Daniel I Rees
Are Less Developed Countries More Exposed to Multinational Tax Avoidance? Method and Evidence from Micro-Data pp. 790-809 Downloads
Niels Johannesen, Thomas Tørsløv and Ludvig Wier
Do Weak Institutions Prolong Crises? On the Identification, Characteristics, and Duration of Declines during Economic Slumps pp. 810-832 Downloads
Richard Bluhm, Denis de Crombrugghe and Adam Szirmai

Volume 34, issue 2, 2020

Gender, Informal Employment and Trade Liberalization in Mexico pp. 259-283 Downloads
Sarra Ben Yahmed and Pamela Bombarda
Persistent Misallocation and the Returns to Education in Mexico pp. 284-311 Downloads
Santiago Levy and Luis Lopez-Calva
Education Spillovers in Farm Productivity: Revisiting the Evidence pp. 312-331 Downloads
Véronique Gille
Exploring the Heterogeneous Effects of Export Promotion pp. 332-350 Downloads
Marcelo Olarreaga, Stefan Sperlich and Virginie Trachsel
Informed Trading in Business Groups pp. 351-370 Downloads
Alvaro Pedraza
Do Information Technologies Improve Teenagers’ Sexual Education? Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Colombia pp. 371-392 Downloads
Alberto Chong, Marco Gonzalez-Navarro, Dean Karlan and Martín Valdivia
Training to Teach Science: Experimental Evidence from Argentina pp. 393-417 Downloads
Facundo Albornoz, María Victoria Anauati, Melina Furman, Mariana Luzuriaga, María Eugenia Podestá and Inés Taylor
Call Me Maybe: Experimental Evidence on Frequency and Medium Effects in Microenterprise Surveys pp. 418-443 Downloads
Robert Garlick, Kate Orkin and Simon Quinn
Saving Water with a Nudge (or Two): Evidence from Costa Rica on the Effectiveness and Limits of Low-Cost Behavioral Interventions on Water Use pp. 444-463 Downloads
Juan Jose Miranda, Saugato Datta and Laura Zoratto
The Effect of Compulsory Schooling Expansion on Mothers’ Attitudes Toward Domestic Violence in Turkey pp. 464-484 Downloads
Selim Gulesci, Erik Meyersson and Sofia Trommlerová
Is Predicted Data a Viable Alternative to Real Data? pp. 485-508 Downloads
Tomoki Fujii and Roy van der Weide
Migration and Urbanization in Post-Apartheid South Africa pp. 509-532 Downloads
Jan David Bakker, Christopher Parsons and Ferdinand Rauch
How Mass Immigration Affects Countries with Weak Economic Institutions: A Natural Experiment in Jordan pp. 533-549 Downloads
Alex Nowrasteh, Andrew C Forrester and Cole Blondin

Volume 34, issue 1, 2020

Get Rich or Die Tryin’: Perceived Earnings, Perceived Mortality Rates, and Migration Decisions of Potential Work Migrants from Nepal pp. 1-27 Downloads
Maheshwor Shrestha
The Origins and Dynamics of Export Superstars pp. 28-47 Downloads
Caroline Freund and Martha Denisse Pierola
Do Poor Countries Really Need More IT? pp. 48-62 Downloads
Maya Eden and Paul Gaggl
Urbanization and Child Nutritional Outcomes pp. 63-74 Downloads
Mulubrhan Amare, Channing Arndt, Kibrom Abay and Todd Benson
Taxing the Good? Distortions, Misallocation, and Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 75-100 Downloads
Xavier Cirera, Roberto Fattal-Jaef and Hibret Maemir
Does E-Government Improve Government Capacity? Evidence from Tax Compliance Costs, Tax Revenue, and Public Procurement Competitiveness pp. 101-120 Downloads
Anna Kochanova, Zahid Hasnain and Bradley Larson
The Global Trade Slowdown: Cyclical or Structural? pp. 121-142 Downloads
Cristina Constantinescu, Aaditya Mattoo and Michele Ruta
The Geography of NGO Activism against Multinational Corporations pp. 143-163 Downloads
Sophie Hatte and Pamina Koenig
The Spillovers of Employment Guarantee Programs on Child Labor and Education pp. 164-178 Downloads
Tianshu Li and Sheetal Sekhri
Early Rainfall Shocks and Later-Life Outcomes: Evidence from Colombia pp. 179-209 Downloads
Bladimir Carrillo
The Impact of Positive Agricultural Income Shocks on Rural Chinese Households pp. 210-231 Downloads
Jessica Leight
Development and the Labor Share pp. 232-257 Downloads
Paul Maarek and Elsa Orgiazzi
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