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Volume 55, issue 1-2, 2008

Sensitivity of Individual Income Tax in the United States, 1979-2004 pp. 1-21
Rati Ram
The Permanent Effect of Domestic Income on the Growth of Governments: The Case of Italy pp. 22-47
Gabriella Legrenzi
Does the Public's Job Approval Rating of the U.S. President Influence the Degree of Federal Personal Income Tax Evasion? pp. 48-63
Richard Cebula
Investment, Growth, and Uniformity versus Selectivity in Capital Income Taxation: Testing the King-Fullerton Framework pp. 64-81
Massimo Florio and Carlo Fiorio
A Brief Note on Tax Evasion and Tax Collection pp. 82-85
Hong-Yih Chu and Tai-Yung Kam

Volume 54, issue 1-2, 1999

The Optimal Tax Mix Reconsidered pp. 1-20
John T Revesz
Openness and Government Size: Additional Evidence from Multicountry Data pp. 21-36
Rati Ram
On the Estimation and the Updating of the Hidden Economy Estimates and Their Implications for Government Expenditure: UK (1960-1990) pp. 37-56
D K Bhattacharyya
Incidence of Consumption Tax and Tax Treatment of Elderly Care Expenditures pp. 57-72
Masatoshi Yoshida and Takeshi Kenmochi
Imperfect Competition and the Shifting of Output and Input Taxes in Vertically-Related Markets pp. 73-83
Steve McCorriston, Wyn Morgan and Tony Rayner
Macroeconomic Models and the Determination of Crowding Out pp. 84-98
Lee Spector
Does 'Wagner's Law' Hold for Middle Eastern Countries? pp. 99-113
Soumaya M Tohamy
Optimal Commodity Taxation in the Presence of Income Taxes: A Note pp. 114-21
Yoshitomo Ogawa

Volume 53, issue 3-4, 1998

Voluntary Control of Public Bad Is Independent of Aggregate Wealth: The Second Neutrality Theorem pp. 269-84
Hirofumi Shibata
An Axiomatic Proof of Mirrlees' Formula pp. 285-95
Stefan Homburg
Optimal Provision of Public Goods with Rank Dependent Expected Utility pp. 296-311
Erling Eide
Progressive Income Tax, Collection Lags, and Stability pp. 312-30
Luciano Fanti and Piero Manfredi
Budget Deficits and Economic Growth pp. 331-54
Koichi Futagami and Akihisa Shibata
A Case in Applied Spatial Voting Theory: The Ayers Case and Legislative Constraints on Judicial Intervention in the University System of Mississippi/USA pp. 355-84
Dennis Leyden
The Effects of the Interaction between Direct and Indirect Tax Evasion: The Cases of VAT and RST pp. 385-418
Silvia Fedeli
Informal Sector, Fiscal Policy, and Growth: Theory and Some Empirical Evidence pp. 419-38
Marco Di Domizio
Long-Run Convergence in Social Protection across EU Countries, 1970-1999 pp. 439-51
Simon Sosvilla-Rivero, José Herce and Juan de Lucio
Assessing the Equity of Governments' Fiscal Policies with Application to the Philippines pp. 452-69
Hyun Hwa Son
Comparing Elasticities-Based Optimal Income Tax Formulas pp. 470-79
John T Revesz
Reply on Comparing Elasticities-Based Optimal Income Tax Formulas by John T. Revesz pp. 480-85
Emmanuel Saez
Some Comments on the Reply by Saez and the Article by Homburg [Comparing Elasticities-Based Optimal Income Tax Formulas] [An Axiomatic Proof of Mirrlees' Formula] pp. 486-88
John T Revesz
Optimal Regional Fiscal Policies and Workers' Education, Location, and Occupation: A Note pp. 489-94
Geraint Johnes
Income Tax Rates and the Public's Attitude toward Government in the United States: A Brief Empirical Note pp. 495-98
Richard Cebula, James Koch and Chris Paul

Volume 53, issue 2, 1998

Tax Incidence with Three Goods and Two Primary Factors: Theory and Applications pp. 123-44
Kul Bhatia
Testing Wagner's Hypothesis from Multicountry Cross-Sections: A Panel Data Approach pp. 145-58
Rati Ram
The Role of Government Expenditure in the Demand for Money in Saudi Arabia pp. 159-74
Zain A Barry
'Structural' Wagner's Law and Institutional Dynamics: An Evolutionary Perspective pp. 175-94
Chi-ang Lin
Ricardian Equivalence Survives Strategic Behavior pp. 195-228
Robert Rebelein
Horizontal Inequality and Vertical Redistribution in a Social Welfare Framework pp. 229-42
Rafael Salas
The Framing of Tax Reliefs pp. 243-61
Stefan Traub

Volume 53, issue 1, 1998

A Strategic Approach to the Euro Prospects pp. 1-18
Stephen F Frowen and Elias Karakitsos
Public Sector Economics in Medieval Economic Thought: Contributions of Selected Arab-Islamic Scholars pp. 19-36
S M Ghazanfar
Investment Incentives, Capital Accumulation, and Welfare pp. 37-52
Miguel-Angel Lopez-Garcia
EU Structural Transfers and Economic Performance in Portugal pp. 53-77
Alfredo Pereira
On the Distributional Impact of Excise Duties: Evidence from Greece pp. 78-101
Panos Tsakloglou and Theo Mitrakos
Wagner's Law: An Introduction to and a Translation of the Last Version of Adolph Wagner's text of 1911 pp. 102-11
Dieter Biehl

Volume 52, issue 3-4, 1997

Selecting Preferences for Nonmarket Goods: Possibilities and Limitations pp. 301-17
Udo Ebert
Tax Evasion and Economic Growth pp. 318-40
Jordi Caballe and Judith Panadés
Politicians and Public Managers: Strategic Interactions and the Settlement of Residual Claims to Public Resources pp. 341-66
Silvia Fedeli
Unemployment Insurance versus Welfare Payments: A Dynamic CGE Analysis of Employment and Welfare Effects pp. 367-93
Burkhard Heer
Taxpayers' Attitudes toward Risk and Amnesty Participation: Economic Analysis and Evidence for the Italian Case pp. 394-410
Carla Marchese and Fabio Privileggi
Performance Indicators for Monitoring the Public Procurement pp. 411-28
Dimitri Mardas
Invisible Transfers in Indian Federalism pp. 429-48
Govinda Rao
Pigouvian Taxes May Fail Even in a Perfect World pp. 449-54
Till Requate
The Corporation Tax in India--The Issue of Its Incidence pp. 455-67
Tejinder Singh and A K Jain

Volume 52, issue 2, 1997

Spending by Canadian Provincial Governments: An Empirical Analysis pp. 145-60
Vaughan Dickson and Weiqiu Yu
The Incidence of a Tax on Pure Rent in an Altruistic Overlapping Generations Economy pp. 161-85
Jun-ichi Itaya
Tax Efficiency and Productivity Analysis: The Case of Canadian Fiscal Federalism pp. 186-97
Raghbendra Jha and Balbir S Sahni
Internalizing International versus Domestic Damages of a Pure Global Pollutant: An Extension of Musgrave and Shibata pp. 198-209
Robert E Kohn
Uniform versus Non-uniform Indirect Taxation: Some Numerical Results pp. 210-34
John T Revesz
Unbalanced Development and National Public Transfers in the French Context pp. 235-52
Gerard Santi
Structure of Strong Substitutes pp. 253-69
Masatoshi Yamada
An Efficiency Hierarchy for Constrained Economies pp. 270-88
Andrew Yates and David G Luenberger

Volume 52, issue 1, 1997

Produced and Primary Specific Inputs in Tax-Incidence Theory pp. 1-21
Kul Bhatia
The Tax Unit and Rate Structure: A Criticism of the Orthodoxy pp. 22-35
Michael Brooks
Structural Budget Deficits and the Ex Ante Real Long Term Interset Rate: An Analysis of the Direction of Causality pp. 36-49
Richard Cebula
On the Pareto Ranking of Commodity Taxes in a Price-Setting Oligopoly with Product Differentiation pp. 50-63
Giuseppe Colangelo and Umberto Galmarini
The Capital-Flows Theory of Financial Crises pp. 64-88
Stephen F Frowen and Elias Karakitsos
Monopolistic Provision of Excludable Public Goods under Private Information pp. 89-101
Patrick Schmitz
Tax Exporting and Redistributive Politics: An Empirical Investigation on the Determinants of the Spanish Local Tax Structure pp. 102-24
Albert Solé-Ollé
Budget Expenditures and Revenues: An Application of Error-Correction Modelling pp. 125-38
George Vamvoukas
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