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From Faculty of Management, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania
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Volume 19, issue 5, 2018

Scientific Research and Universities as Knowledge Based Organizations pp. 451-457 Downloads
Marian Nãstase, Margareta Florescu and Ileana MIRCIOI (vãlimãranu)
The Analysis of the Operative Profit Margin of Trade Companies in Serbia pp. 458-475 Downloads
Radojko Lukic
Practice Enterprises – Key Enablers for the Development of Students’ Entrepreneurial Skills: An FSQCA Approach pp. 476-486 Downloads
Daniela Damian, Alexandru Capatina, Marilena Rapa and Gabriela Chiru
A Strategic Approach to Conflict Management Systems pp. 487-496 Downloads
Laura Adriana Bãdi?oiu and Aurelia Stãnescu
Perspectives for the Development of the Collaboration Relations in the Association Forms for Association Forms in the Galaþi County pp. 497-503 Downloads
Andrei-Mirel Florea, Riana Radu, Adriana MOCANU Pustianu and Silvius Stanciu
The Gender Gap: Past, Present and Perspectives pp. 504-515 Downloads
Frank Elbers and Ana-Maria Grigore
Energy Efficiency in the Romanian Industry pp. 516-530 Downloads
Roxana Clodni?chi

Volume 19, issue 4, 2018

The Influence of Education on Subjective Underemployment: Research on Multinational Corporations in Romania pp. 328-340 Downloads
Vlad I. Ro?ca and Oana-Lorena ?eposu
The Role of the Shared Value “Justice” in the Management Approach of Educational Organizations of Rabbi Hirsch pp. 341-349 Downloads
Yochanan Kirschenboim
Impact of Digitalization in Business World pp. 350-358 Downloads
Magdalena Alina Ilcus
Influences on Urban Competitiveness Development from the Perspectives of Business and Local Authorities pp. 359-371 Downloads
Ruxandra Popescu, Rãzvan-Andrei Corbo? and Ovidiu-Iulian Bunea
Flexicurity of the Labor Market through the Formal/Informal Duality, in the Context of Globalization pp. 372-380 Downloads
Cristian Marinescu
Does the Sector Matters? An Empirical Investigation of Job Satisfaction and Performance Evaluation Process Based on Romanian Employees’ Perceptions pp. 381-402 Downloads
Alexandra Beiu and Adriana Ana-Maria Davidescu
What isn’t the Mangerial Decision? A Different Point of View on the Most Important Activity of a Manager pp. 403-409 Downloads
Ionu?-Dacian Cehan
The Impact of Competition on Productivity. Theory and Evidence pp. 410-421 Downloads
Iuliana-Tania Zlatcu and Roxana Clodnitchi
Technology Transfer Related Concepts pp. 422-435 Downloads
Irina Iulia Salan?ã, Ioana Natalia Beleiu, Alin Mihãilã and Emil Lucian Cri?an
The Big Five Personality Traits Effect on Average Promotion and High Status Promotion in the IEC pp. 436-445 Downloads
Yaron Baruch and Nicolae Bibu

Volume 19, issue 3, 2018

Opportunities and Risks of the Agile Software Development Management in the IT Field. Case study: IT Companies between 2009-2018 pp. 234-243 Downloads
Maria Alexandra Maassen
Social Innovation through Urban Regeneration – A Local Model pp. 244-251 Downloads
Andreea-Alexandra Anechitei
Modernization of the General Reporting Framework for Accomplishing Corporate Governance Requirements pp. 252-263 Downloads
Bilal Jibai
Corporate Restructuring and Tax Arbitrage Strategies at International Level pp. 264-273 Downloads
Anda Simona Rãdulescu and Cristian Dîrvã
Climate Change and the Absence of an International Investment Organization pp. 274-288 Downloads
Hilmar ?ór Hilmarsson
Accountability and service quality in public service in Israel pp. 289-297 Downloads
Yehuda Eliya
Accountability, Taking Responsibility and Protection of Minorities and their Influence on the Police Organization Performance pp. 298-305 Downloads
Nicolae Bibu and Bashir Ghanim
Rabbi Hirsch values and principles and McKinsey 7 S model. Past and Future in Israeli School Management pp. 306-312 Downloads
Yochanan Kirschenboim
Research&Development&Innovation Sector in Romania. Management and Market Concentration pp. 313-321 Downloads
Silvius Stanciu and Cezar Ionut Bichescu

Volume 19, issue 2, 2018

Time Management Skills. Academic Achievements and Life Satisfaction. A Case Study at Bucharest University of Economic Studies pp. 102-108 Downloads
Elena-Ramona Richiþeanu-Nãstase, Camelia Stãiculescu and Maria Liana Lãcãtuª
Limiting Terms of Office for Directors as a Policy Change in the Israeli Nursing System pp. 109-123 Downloads
Inga Shalev and Adriana Prodan
The Influence of Subjective Factors on the Development of the Transformational Style of Leadership pp. 124-135 Downloads
Bilal El Toufaili
Functional Approaches to Scor Model in the Supply Chain Management Processes (Part I) pp. 136-144 Downloads
Gheorghe Minculete and Polixenia Olar
The Factors that Affect the Process of Integration and Application of the ICT Program in the Arab Education System in Israel pp. 145-153 Downloads
Habib Allah Soleman and Doina Danaiata
Business Models of the Sharing Economy pp. 154-166 Downloads
Cãtãlin Mihail Barbu, Rãducu ªtefan Bratu and Elena Mãdãlina Sîrbu
Economic Fundamentals Over Long and Short Horizons pp. 167-174 Downloads
Ali Tfaily
Comparative Analysis of the Performance Evaluation of the Human Resources in the Hotel Industry pp. 175-186 Downloads
Silvia Anghel-Vlad
E-Tourism and the Competitiveness of Tourism Products in the Context of the Global Tourism and Travel Industry Market pp. 187-195 Downloads
Reine A. Tfaily
A Long Term Analysis of Two Undeniable Realities of the XXI Century - Global Economic Crisis and Demographic Aging pp. 196-212 Downloads
Alina ?tefania CHENIC (cre?u), Alin Ioan Cre?u and Lauren?iu Te?can
Measuring the Convergence between Management and Leadership in the Banking System by Applying a Cluster Analysis pp. 213-228 Downloads
Cosmin Matiª, Maria Camelia Ilisan Ismana, Adrian Ciprian Ghinea and Georgeta Beatrice PETRACHE Lang

Volume 19, issue 1, 2018

Bilateral Investment Treaties: Last Resort Strategy to Mitigate Political Risks? pp. 4-14 Downloads
Violeta Iftinchi and Gheorghe Hurduzeu
Positive Autism: Investigation of Workplace Characteristics Leading to a Strengths-Based Approach to Employment of People with Autism pp. 15-30 Downloads
Peter S. Wong, Michelle Donelly, Philip A. Neck and Bill Boyd
Revenue Diversification Strategies for Non-Governmental Organizations pp. 31-39 Downloads
Emil Cri?an and Mãdãlina Dan
Global Demographic Pressures and Management of Natural Resources – Foresights about the Future of Mankind pp. 40-53 Downloads
Angelica Bãcescu-Cãrbunaru
Methodological and Theoretical Considerations regarding Informality on the Labor Market pp. 54-63 Downloads
Cristian Marinescu and Ileana VALIMÃREANU (mircioi)
Quality of Employment in Small and Medium Enterprises in Romania pp. 64-76 Downloads
Daniela Pasnicu and Ghenadie Ciobanu
Theoretical Considerations on the Evolution of Sombart’s Center-Periphery Model pp. 77-87 Downloads
Vlad I. Ro?ca
Management of Change in the Changing School pp. 88-96 Downloads
Gabriela Diana Niculescu and Florina Dorina Voicu

Volume 18, issue 5, 2017

Using Failure Analysis Learning in Business School Instruction pp. 458-466 Downloads
Gary Oster
Economic and Financial Dynamics of the Crisis of an Important Italian Bank pp. 467-481 Downloads
Pietro Pavone
The Implications of Abortion Underground’s Institutionalization for the Management Studies pp. 482-490 Downloads
Bartosz P£otka and Cristina-Iulia Ghenu
Reflections on Some Complex Management Methods: Management by Objectives and Management Based on Profit Centres pp. 491-502 Downloads
Ion Verboncu and Ion Cochinã
Evaluation of the Potential for Development of the Economic Cooperation in Euro-region Ruse-Giurgiu after the end of the Programming Period 2007-2013 pp. 502-514 Downloads
Viktoriya Ivanova and Milena Kirova
Planning, Implementing and Evaluating in Sports Coaching pp. 515-526 Downloads
Vlad I. Ro?ca
Deferred Taxes in Trade pp. 527-544 Downloads
Radojko Lukic
Seeking Truth from Facts and Figures Only? The Logic of Economics and China’s Miracles pp. 545-562 Downloads
Octavian-Dragomir Jora, Alexandru Butiseacã and Mihaela Iacob

Volume 18, issue 4, 2017

Servant Leadership: An Ancient Style with 21st Century Relevance pp. 350-361 Downloads
Franco Gandolfi, Seth Stone and Frank Deno
The Influence of Leadership in Teachers' Practice in Bedouin High Schools pp. 362-375 Downloads
Salih Al Asad, Doina Dãnãiaþã and Marian Nãstase
Employment Trends and Particularities in the Republic of Moldova and the European Union pp. 376-389 Downloads
Alic Bîrcã and Alla Mãmãligã
Pitfall of Current three Lines of Defence Definition in Financial Service Sector pp. 390-398 Downloads
Doini?a Ciocîrlan
The Impact of the Official Language Knowledge upon the Integration of Romanian Immigrants to the UK pp. 399-405 Downloads
Elena Tãlmãcian
Using Internal Marketing Communications to Improve HRM in Service-Based Sports Organizations pp. 406-420 Downloads
Vlad I. Ro?ca
Liquidity - A Changing Concept, Within The Post Crisis Environment pp. 421-443 Downloads
Dan Costin Niþescu and Florin Alexandru Duna
Choosing the Size of Agricultural Holdings at the European Union Level - a Decision of their Strategic Management pp. 444-451 Downloads
David-Nicolae Crecanã

Volume 18, issue 3, 2017

A Comparative Analysis of the Determinants of Innovation Behaviour Between Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire and Senegal pp. 234-259 Downloads
André Dumas Tsambou and Nicolae Bibu
Effect of Patient Satisfaction and Medical Ethics on the Performance of Health care System pp. 260-273 Downloads
Irina Susanu, Nicoleta Cristache, Tiberius Stanciu and Tiberiu Iliodor Plesa
Towards Tourism Business Change pp. 274-286 Downloads
Eyal Eckhaus
Sustainable Logistics and Regional Competitiveness in the Eight Development Regions of Romania pp. 287-296 Downloads
Cristina Gãnescu
The Computer Management – SEO Audit pp. 297-307 Downloads
Madlena Nen, Valentin Popa, Andreea Scurtu and Roxana Larisa Unc
Building a Fan Community for Sport Clubs pp. 308-314 Downloads
Gheorghe Jinga and Adrian Iacobini
Period Cost and its Impact on Financial Statement pp. 315-325 Downloads
Alina Magdalena Ilcus
Digital Economy a Link to Competitiveness of Romania from Regional to Global pp. 326-342 Downloads
Lucreþia Mariana Constantinescu

Volume 18, issue 2, 2017

A Comparison of the Financial Management Characteristics of UK vs. EU Manufacturing Firms pp. 138-147 Downloads
Gulser Meric, Stephanie Weidman, Carol Welsh and Ilhan Meric
A Study on the Relationship between Cash-flow and Financial Performance of Insurance Companies: Evidence from a Developing Economy pp. 148-157 Downloads
Sunday Ogbeide and Babatunde Akanji
Managing the Need for Career Guidance and Counseling for Students Case Study – The Bucharest University of Economics Studies pp. 158-170 Downloads
Camelia Stãiculescu, Raluca Livin?i, Laura Raluca ?tefan, Stelu?a Todea and Nataliea Albu
Increasing Academic Brand Awareness through Virtual Reality pp. 171-182 Downloads
Alexandru Capatina, George Cristian Schin and Dumitru Rusu
Funding and Risk Mitigation for Cross Border Clean Energy Investment in Developing and Emerging Economies - Some Cases pp. 183-199 Downloads
Hilmar ?ór Hilmarsson
Managing the Process of Stakeholders Involvement in Junior High-School in Arab Sector in Israel and Its Effect on Pupils, Teachers and Parents pp. 200-216 Downloads
Nicolae Bibu and Husein Saris
Quantitative Marketing Research Concerning the Opinion, Attitudes and Behavior of the Employed Population of Mures County on the Strategic Management of the Companies in which they Developed Activity pp. 217-228 Downloads
Alina Maria Fãrca?

Volume 18, issue 1, 2017

Bioeconomy – an Interdisciplinary Approach pp. 4-17 Downloads
ªtefania Daniela Bran and Iuliana Dobre
The Emergence of Leadership Styles: A Clarified Categorization pp. 18-30 Downloads
Franco Gandolfi and Seth Stone
Exploratory Study on Student’s Entrepreneurial Intentions in Developed and Emerging Countries pp. 31-43 Downloads
Renata Dana Niþu-Antonie and Emõke-Szidónia Feder
Theoretical Considerations on eGovernment in Romania and Bulgaria pp. 44-52 Downloads
Gheorghe Pãcurar
Awareness of the Concepts of Knowledge-based Economy and Organization within Romanian SMEs pp. 53-62 Downloads
Daniel Urîtu, Stefan Corcodel and Ion Alexandru Tãnase
Organizational Culture in Romanian Retail pp. 63-74 Downloads
Alicia-Georgiana Zalupca
The Size of Farms in the European Union - a Challenge to their Management pp. 75-82 Downloads
David-Nicolae Crecanã
The Role of Financial Instruments and their Impact on the SME Sector pp. 83-91 Downloads
Dumitru Nancu
An Empirical Research regarding the Food Waste Phenomenon in Romania Compared to Other Countries from European Union pp. 92-102 Downloads
Marian Iulian Nedelcu
The View of Educational Institutions Managers on SIIIR pp. 103-112 Downloads
Claudia Tatiana Muntean
Romanian Macroeconomic Indicators during 2008-2015 pp. 113-121 Downloads
Dragoº-Mihai Panagoreþ
Building a Strong Organizational Culture for Sustainable Development of Tourism Companies pp. 122-130 Downloads
Marian Nãstase and Ileana Vãlimãreanu
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