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1976 - 2022

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Volume 46, issue 4, 2022

Pursuing Impactful Entrepreneurship Research Using Artificial Intelligence pp. 803-832 Downloads
Moren Lévesque, Martin Obschonka and Satish Nambisan
Entry of Providers Onto a Sharing Economy Platform: Macro-Level Factors and Social Interaction pp. 833-856 Downloads
Oksana Gerwe, Rosario Silva and Julio de Castro
The Dark Side of Entrepreneurs’ Creativity: Investigating How and When Entrepreneurs’ Creativity Increases the Favorability of Potential Opportunities That Harm Nature pp. 857-883 Downloads
Xin Qin, Dean A. Shepherd, Daomi Lin, Sujuan Xie, Xueji Liang and Shanshan Lin
Planned Luck: How Incubators Can Facilitate Serendipity for Nascent Entrepreneurs Through Fostering Network Embeddedness pp. 884-919 Downloads
Christian Busch and Harry Barkema
Top Management Team Quality and Innovation in Venture-Backed Private Firms and IPO Market Rewards to Innovative Activity pp. 920-951 Downloads
Thomas J. Chemmanur, Manish Gupta and Karen Simonyan
Entrepreneurial Leaps: Growth Processes in Transition Phases Between Dynamic States pp. 952-984 Downloads
Dietmar Sternad and Gernot Mödritscher
How Passion in Entrepreneurship Develops Over Time: A Self-Regulation Perspective pp. 985-1018 Downloads
Maike Lex, Michael M. Gielnik, Matthias Spitzmuller, Gabriel H. Jacob and Michael Frese
Testing-the-Waters Policy With Hypothetical Investment: Evidence From Equity Crowdfunding pp. 1019-1053 Downloads
Douglas Cumming, Fabrice Hervé, Elodie Manthé and Armin Schwienbacher
It’s a Peoples Game, Isn’t It?! A Comparison Between the Investment Returns of Business Angels and Machine Learning Algorithms pp. 1054-1091 Downloads
Ivo Blohm, Torben Antretter, Charlotta Sirén, Dietmar Grichnik and Joakim Wincent
Artists Finding Galleries: Entrepreneurs Gaining Legitimacy in the Art Market pp. 1092-1116 Downloads
Monika Kackovic and Nachoem M. Wijnberg

Volume 46, issue 3, 2022

Knowledge Accumulation in Entrepreneurship pp. 479-496 Downloads
James J. Chrisman, Donald O. Neubaum, Friederike Welter and Karl Wennberg
Integrating Psychological Resilience, Stress, and Coping in Entrepreneurship: A Critical Review and Research Agenda pp. 497-538 Downloads
Ali E. Ahmed, Deniz Ucbasaran, Gabriella Cacciotti and Trenton A. Williams
A Review of Conflict and Cohesion in Social Relationships in Family Firms pp. 539-577 Downloads
Cristina Bettinelli, Marco Mismetti, Alfredo De Massis and Barbara Del Bosco
Entrepreneurial Framing: A Literature Review and Future Research Directions pp. 578-606 Downloads
Yuliya Snihur, Llewellyn D. W. Thomas, Raghu Garud and Nelson Phillips
Entrepreneurial Fraud: A Multidisciplinary Review and Synthesized Framework pp. 607-642 Downloads
David J. Scheaf and Matthew S. Wood
External Enablers of Entrepreneurship: A Review and Agenda for Accumulation of Strategically Actionable Knowledge pp. 643-687 Downloads
Jiyoung Kimjeon and Per Davidsson
Helping Entrepreneurs Help Themselves: A Review and Relational Research Agenda on Entrepreneurial Support Organizations pp. 688-728 Downloads
Brian J. Bergman and Jeffery S. McMullen
Toward an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Research Program pp. 729-778 Downloads
Bernd Wurth, Erik Stam and Ben Spigel
Advancing Entrepreneurship Theory Through Replication: A Case Study on Contemporary Methodological Challenges, Future Best Practices, and an Entreaty for Communality pp. 779-799 Downloads
G. Christopher Crawford, Vitaliy Skorodziyevskiy, Casey J. Frid, Thomas E. Nelson, Zahra Booyavi, Diana M. Hechavarria, Xuanye Li, Paul D. Reynolds and Ehsan Teymourian

Volume 46, issue 2, 2022

A Call for Research on the Scaling of Organizations and the Scaling of Social Impact pp. 255-268 Downloads
Dean A. Shepherd and Holger Patzelt
Schumpeterian Entry: Innovation, Exporting, and Growth Aspirations of Entrepreneurs pp. 269-296 Downloads
Saul Estrin, Julia Korosteleva and Tomasz Mickiewicz
The Changing Role of Social Capital During the Venture Creation Process: A Multilevel Study pp. 297-330 Downloads
Johannes Kleinhempel, Sjoerd Beugelsdijk and Mariko Klasing
Entrepreneurial Workaround Practices in Severe Institutional Voids: Evidence From Kenya pp. 331-367 Downloads
Alisa Sydow, Benedetto Lorenzo Cannatelli, Alessandro Giudici and Mario Molteni
Democracy and Entrepreneurship pp. 368-392 Downloads
David B. Audretsch and Petra Moog
The Social Imaginary of Emancipation in Entrepreneurship pp. 393-420 Downloads
Lauri Laine and Ewald Kibler
Venturing for Others, Subject to Role Expectations? A Role Congruity Theory Approach to Social Venture Crowd Funding pp. 421-448 Downloads
Aaron H. Anglin, Christopher Courtney and Thomas H. Allison
Entrepreneurs’ Ethnic and Political Identity Alignment as Determinants of Access to Government Support in Africa: A Conceptual Framework pp. 449-476 Downloads
Michael A. Abebe, Yamlaksira S. Getachew and Sarah Kimakwa

Volume 46, issue 1, 2022

Advancing Qualitative Entrepreneurship Research: Leveraging Methodological Plurality for Achieving Scholarly Impact pp. 3-20 Downloads
Elco Van Burg, Joep Cornelissen, Wouter Stam and Sarah Jack
2D:4D and Self-Employment: A Preregistered Replication Study in a Large General Population Sample pp. 21-43 Downloads
Frank Fossen, Levent Neyse, Magnus Johannesson and Anna Dreber
Venturing Motives and Venturing Types in Entrepreneurial Families: A Corporate Entrepreneurship Perspective pp. 44-81 Downloads
Frederik J. Riar, Conrad Wiedeler, Nadine Kammerlander and Franz W. Kellermanns
Investors’ Reactions to CSR News in Family Versus Nonfamily Firms: A Study on Signal (In)credibility pp. 82-116 Downloads
Naciye Sekerci, Jamil Jaballah, Marc van Essen and Nadine Kammerlander
Strength in Stability: A Meta-Analysis of Family Firm Performance Moderated by Institutional Stability and Regime Type pp. 117-158 Downloads
Todor S. Lohwasser, Felix Hoch and Franz W. Kellermanns
Toward a Theory of Family Social Capital in Wealthy Transgenerational Enterprise Families pp. 159-192 Downloads
Maarten B.T. de Groot, Oli R. Mihalache and Tom Elfring
Transgenerational Succession and R&D Investment: A Myopic Loss Aversion Perspective pp. 193-222 Downloads
Weiwen Li, Garry D. Bruton, Xinchun Li and Shuang Wang
Mining the Past: History Scripting Strategies and Competitive Advantage in a Family Business pp. 223-251 Downloads
Bingbing Ge, Alfredo De Massis and Josip Kotlar

Volume 45, issue 6, 2021

Let’s Focus on Solutions to Entrepreneurial Ill-Being! Recovery Interventions to Enhance Entrepreneurial Well-Being pp. 1307-1338 Downloads
Amanda Jasmine Williamson, J. Jeffrey Gish and Ute Stephan
Gender and Counterstereotypical Facial Expressions of Emotion in Crowdfunded Microlending pp. 1339-1365 Downloads
Blakley C. Davis, Benjamin J. Warnick, Aaron H. Anglin and Thomas H. Allison
One Path Does Not Fit All: A Career Path Approach to the Study of Professional Women Entrepreneurs pp. 1366-1393 Downloads
Jennifer Merluzzi and Ronald S. Burt
A Gendered Life Course Explanation of the Exit Decision in the Context of Household Dynamics pp. 1394-1430 Downloads
Dilani Jayawarna, Susan Marlow and Janine Swail
Women Hold Up Half the Sky? Informal Institutions, Entrepreneurial Decisions, and Gender Gap in Venture Performance pp. 1431-1462 Downloads
Eric Yanfei Zhao and Ling Yang
Finding Self Among Others: Navigating the Tensions Between Personal and Social Identity pp. 1463-1495 Downloads
Furkan A. Gur and Blake D. Mathias
Trailing Wives and Constrained Agency Among Women Migrant Entrepreneurs: An Intersectional Perspective pp. 1496-1521 Downloads
Paul Lassalle and Eleanor Shaw
Bankruptcy Regulation and Self-Employment Entry: The Moderating Roles of Income Share, Parenthood, and Hybrid Entrepreneurship pp. 1522-1549 Downloads
Matthias Schulz, Christian Schwens and Christian Fisch
Entrepreneurial Identity: A Review and Research Agenda pp. 1550-1590 Downloads
Miruna Radu-Lefebvre, Vincent Lefebvre, Eliana Crosina and Ulla Hytti

Volume 45, issue 5, 2021

Envisioning Entrepreneurship’s Future: Introducing Me-Search and Research Agendas pp. 955-966 Downloads
Dean A. Shepherd, Johan Wiklund and Dimo Dimov
The Lean Startup Framework: Closing the Academic–Practitioner Divide pp. 967-998 Downloads
Dean A. Shepherd and Marc Gruber
Digital Sustainability and Entrepreneurship: How Digital Innovations Are Helping Tackle Climate Change and Sustainable Development pp. 999-1027 Downloads
Gerard George, Ryan K. Merrill and Simon J. D. Schillebeeckx
Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship: Implications for Venture Creation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution pp. 1028-1053 Downloads
Dominic Chalmers, Niall G. MacKenzie and Sara Carter
The Middle Class of Business: Endurance as a Dependent Variable in Entrepreneurship pp. 1054-1082 Downloads
Saras D. Sarasvathy
Fulfilling the Process Promise: A Review and Agenda for New Venture Creation Process Research pp. 1083-1118 Downloads
Per Davidsson and Jan Henrik Gruenhagen
Understanding the Life Cycles of Entrepreneurial Teams and Their Ventures: An Agenda for Future Research pp. 1119-1153 Downloads
Holger Patzelt, Rebecca Preller and Nicola Breugst
Moving Contexts Onto New Roads: Clues From Other Disciplines pp. 1154-1175 Downloads
Friederike Welter and Ted Baker
Look Who Is Talking … and Who Is Listening: Finding an Integrative “We†Voice in Entrepreneurial Scholarship pp. 1176-1196 Downloads
Dimo Dimov, Reiner Schaefer and Joseph Pistrui
What Makes an Entrepreneurship Study Entrepreneurial? Toward A Unified Theory of Entrepreneurial Agency pp. 1197-1238 Downloads
Jeffery S. McMullen, Katrina M. Brownell and Joel Adams
Entrepreneurship in the Future: A Delphi Study of ETP and JBV Editorial Board Members pp. 1239-1275 Downloads
Marco van Gelderen, Johan Wiklund and Jeffery S. McMullen
A Context-Choice Model of Niche Entrepreneurship pp. 1276-1303 Downloads
David B. Audretsch, Erik E. Lehmann and Julian Schenkenhofer

Volume 45, issue 4, 2021

Family Firms: A Breed of Extremes? pp. 663-681 Downloads
Danny Miller and Isabelle Le Breton-Miller
Family Business Growth Around the World pp. 682-708 Downloads
Ivan Miroshnychenko, Alfredo De Massis, Danny Miller and Roberto Barontini
Do Family Firms Have Higher or Lower Deal Valuations? A Contextual Analysis pp. 709-739 Downloads
Zulfiquer Ali Haider, Jialong Li, Yefeng Wang and Zhenyu Wu
An Intergeneration Solidarity Perspective on Succession Intentions in Family Firms pp. 740-766 Downloads
Daniela Gimenez-Jimenez, Linda F. Edelman, Tommaso Minola, Andrea Calabrò and Lucio Cassia
Differences in Family-Owned SMEs’ Ethical Behavior: A Mixed Gamble Perspective of Family Firm Tax Evasion pp. 767-791 Downloads
Kimberly A. Eddleston and Jay P. Mulki
Different Strokes for Different Folks: The Roles of Religion and Tradition for Transgenerational Entrepreneurship in Family Businesses pp. 792-837 Downloads
Nonyelum Lina Eze, Mattias Nordqvist, Georges Samara and Maria José Parada
Entrepreneurial Orientation and Family Firm Performance: The Moderating Role of TMT Identity-Based and Knowledge-Based Faultlines pp. 838-866 Downloads
Andrea Calabrò, Rosalia Santulli, Mariateresa Torchia and Carmen Gallucci
Family Influence and Digital Business Model Innovation: The Enabling Role of Dynamic Capabilities pp. 867-905 Downloads
Jonas Soluk, Ivan Miroshnychenko, Nadine Kammerlander and Alfredo De Massis
A Dynamic Framework of Noneconomic Goals and Inter-Family Agency Complexities in Multi-Family Firms pp. 906-930 Downloads
James J. Chrisman, Kristen Madison and Taewoo Kim
Strategic Persistence in Family Business pp. 931-950 Downloads
Hanqing “Chevy†Fang, James J. Chrisman and Daniel T. Holt

Volume 45, issue 3, 2021

Too Red for Crowdfunding: The Legitimation and Adoption of Crowdfunding Across Political Cultures pp. 471-504 Downloads
Alexander C. Lewis, Arkangel M. Cordero and Rachael Xiong
Equity Crowdfunding: High-Quality or Low-Quality Entrepreneurs? pp. 505-530 Downloads
Daniel Blaseg, Douglas Cumming and Michael Koetter
I Am What I Pledge: The Importance of Value Alignment for Mobilizing Backers in Reward-Based Crowdfunding pp. 531-561 Downloads
Kristian Roed Nielsen and Julia Katharina Binder
How Rewarding Are Your Rewards? A Value-Based View of Crowdfunding Rewards and Crowdfunding Performance pp. 562-599 Downloads
Han Jiang, Zhiyi Wang, Lusi Yang, Jia Shen and Jungpil Hahn
Logic is (Somewhat) Overrated: Image-Based Versus Concept-Based Rhetoric in Crowdfunding Narratives pp. 600-625 Downloads
Pankaj C. Patel, Marcus T. Wolfe and Andrew S. Manikas
Searching for Success—Entrepreneurs’ Responses to Crowdfunding Failure pp. 626-657 Downloads
Erk P. Piening, Ferdinand Thies, Michael Wessel and Alexander Benlian

Volume 45, issue 2, 2021

Making a Contribution to Entrepreneurship Research by Studying Crowd-Funded Entrepreneurial Opportunities pp. 247-262 Downloads
Jeffrey M. Pollack, Markku Maula, Thomas H. Allison, Maija Renko and Christina C. Günther
Self-Compassion When Coping With Venture Obstacles: Loving-Kindness Meditation and Entrepreneurial Fear of Failure pp. 263-290 Downloads
Yuval Engel, Stephany Noordijk, Afra Spoelder and Marco van Gelderen
When Can Families Fill Voids? Firms’ Reliance on Formal and Informal Institutions in R&D Decisions pp. 291-318 Downloads
Jasper Brinkerink and Emanuela Rondi
Path Dependence in New Ventures’ Capital Structures pp. 319-349 Downloads
Mikael Samuelsson, Anna Söderblom and Alexander McKelvie
Entrepreneurship and Poverty Alleviation: The Importance of Health and Children’s Education for Slum Entrepreneurs pp. 350-385 Downloads
Dean A. Shepherd, Vinit Parida and Joakim Wincent
Entrepreneurial Team Diversity and Productivity: The Role of Family Relationships in Nascent Ventures pp. 386-417 Downloads
Eun-Jeong Ko, Johan Wiklund and Jeffrey M. Pollack
Do Stringent Bankruptcy Laws Always Deter Entrepreneurial Activities? A Study of Cultural Influences pp. 418-439 Downloads
Naga Lakshmi Damaraju, Jay B. Barney and Gregory G. Dess
The Polygenic Risk Score of Subjective Well-Being, Self-Employment, and Earnings Among Older Individuals* pp. 440-466 Downloads
Pankaj C. Patel, Cornelius A. Rietveld, Marcus T. Wolfe and Johan Wiklund

Volume 45, issue 1, 2021

The Biological Perspective in Entrepreneurship Research pp. 3-17 Downloads
Nicos Nicolaou, Phillip Phan and Ute Stephan
Health as Human Capital in Entrepreneurship: Individual, Extension, and Substitution Effects on Entrepreneurial Success pp. 18-42 Downloads
Isabella Hatak and Haibo Zhou
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Earnings in Later-Life Self-Employment pp. 43-63 Downloads
Pankaj C. Patel, Cornelius A. Rietveld and Ingrid Verheul
ADHD-Related Neurodiversity and the Entrepreneurial Mindset pp. 64-91 Downloads
Curt B. Moore, Nancy H. McIntyre and Stephen E. Lanivich
ADHD Symptoms, Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO), and Firm Performance pp. 92-117 Downloads
Wei Yu, Johan Wiklund and Ana Pérez-Luño
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: Parasite Infection is Associated with Entrepreneurial Initiation, Engagement, and Performance pp. 118-144 Downloads
Daniel A. Lerner, Lars Alkærsig, Markus A. Fitza, Carina Lomberg and Stefanie K. Johnson
Historical Disease Prevalence, Cultural Values, and Global Innovation pp. 145-174 Downloads
Daniel L. Bennett and Boris Nikolaev
The Weary Founder: Sleep Problems, ADHD-Like Tendencies, and Entrepreneurial Intentions pp. 175-210 Downloads
Brian C. Gunia, J. Jeffrey Gish and Mona Mensmann
Under Pressure: The Effect of Antioxidants on Health Consequences Related to Oxidative Stress pp. 211-241 Downloads
Pankaj C. Patel and Marcus T. Wolfe
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