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1976 - 2021

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Volume 45, issue 4, 2021

Family Firms: A Breed of Extremes? pp. 663-681 Downloads
Danny Miller and Isabelle Le Breton-Miller
Family Business Growth Around the World pp. 682-708 Downloads
Ivan Miroshnychenko, Alfredo De Massis, Danny Miller and Roberto Barontini
Do Family Firms Have Higher or Lower Deal Valuations? A Contextual Analysis pp. 709-739 Downloads
Zulfiquer Ali Haider, Jialong Li, Yefeng Wang and Zhenyu Wu
An Intergeneration Solidarity Perspective on Succession Intentions in Family Firms pp. 740-766 Downloads
Daniela Gimenez-Jimenez, Linda F. Edelman, Tommaso Minola, Andrea Calabrò and Lucio Cassia
Differences in Family-Owned SMEs’ Ethical Behavior: A Mixed Gamble Perspective of Family Firm Tax Evasion pp. 767-791 Downloads
Kimberly A. Eddleston and Jay P. Mulki
Different Strokes for Different Folks: The Roles of Religion and Tradition for Transgenerational Entrepreneurship in Family Businesses pp. 792-837 Downloads
Nonyelum Lina Eze, Mattias Nordqvist, Georges Samara and Maria José Parada
Entrepreneurial Orientation and Family Firm Performance: The Moderating Role of TMT Identity-Based and Knowledge-Based Faultlines pp. 838-866 Downloads
Andrea Calabrò, Rosalia Santulli, Mariateresa Torchia and Carmen Gallucci
Family Influence and Digital Business Model Innovation: The Enabling Role of Dynamic Capabilities pp. 867-905 Downloads
Jonas Soluk, Ivan Miroshnychenko, Nadine Kammerlander and Alfredo De Massis
A Dynamic Framework of Noneconomic Goals and Inter-Family Agency Complexities in Multi-Family Firms pp. 906-930 Downloads
James J. Chrisman, Kristen Madison and Taewoo Kim
Strategic Persistence in Family Business pp. 931-950 Downloads
Hanqing “Chevy†Fang, James J. Chrisman and Daniel T. Holt

Volume 45, issue 3, 2021

Too Red for Crowdfunding: The Legitimation and Adoption of Crowdfunding Across Political Cultures pp. 471-504 Downloads
Alexander C. Lewis, Arkangel M. Cordero and Rachael Xiong
Equity Crowdfunding: High-Quality or Low-Quality Entrepreneurs? pp. 505-530 Downloads
Daniel Blaseg, Douglas Cumming and Michael Koetter
I Am What I Pledge: The Importance of Value Alignment for Mobilizing Backers in Reward-Based Crowdfunding pp. 531-561 Downloads
Kristian Roed Nielsen and Julia Katharina Binder
How Rewarding Are Your Rewards? A Value-Based View of Crowdfunding Rewards and Crowdfunding Performance pp. 562-599 Downloads
Han Jiang, Zhiyi Wang, Lusi Yang, Jia Shen and Jungpil Hahn
Logic is (Somewhat) Overrated: Image-Based Versus Concept-Based Rhetoric in Crowdfunding Narratives pp. 600-625 Downloads
Pankaj C. Patel, Marcus T. Wolfe and Andrew S. Manikas
Searching for Success—Entrepreneurs’ Responses to Crowdfunding Failure pp. 626-657 Downloads
Erk P. Piening, Ferdinand Thies, Michael Wessel and Alexander Benlian

Volume 45, issue 2, 2021

Making a Contribution to Entrepreneurship Research by Studying Crowd-Funded Entrepreneurial Opportunities pp. 247-262 Downloads
Jeffrey M. Pollack, Markku Maula, Thomas H. Allison, Maija Renko and Christina C. Günther
Self-Compassion When Coping With Venture Obstacles: Loving-Kindness Meditation and Entrepreneurial Fear of Failure pp. 263-290 Downloads
Yuval Engel, Stephany Noordijk, Afra Spoelder and Marco van Gelderen
When Can Families Fill Voids? Firms’ Reliance on Formal and Informal Institutions in R&D Decisions pp. 291-318 Downloads
Jasper Brinkerink and Emanuela Rondi
Path Dependence in New Ventures’ Capital Structures pp. 319-349 Downloads
Mikael Samuelsson, Anna Söderblom and Alexander McKelvie
Entrepreneurship and Poverty Alleviation: The Importance of Health and Children’s Education for Slum Entrepreneurs pp. 350-385 Downloads
Dean A. Shepherd, Vinit Parida and Joakim Wincent
Entrepreneurial Team Diversity and Productivity: The Role of Family Relationships in Nascent Ventures pp. 386-417 Downloads
Eun-Jeong Ko, Johan Wiklund and Jeffrey M. Pollack
Do Stringent Bankruptcy Laws Always Deter Entrepreneurial Activities? A Study of Cultural Influences pp. 418-439 Downloads
Naga Lakshmi Damaraju, Jay B. Barney and Gregory G. Dess
The Polygenic Risk Score of Subjective Well-Being, Self-Employment, and Earnings Among Older Individuals* pp. 440-466 Downloads
Pankaj C. Patel, Cornelius A. Rietveld, Marcus T. Wolfe and Johan Wiklund

Volume 45, issue 1, 2021

The Biological Perspective in Entrepreneurship Research pp. 3-17 Downloads
Nicos Nicolaou, Phillip Phan and Ute Stephan
Health as Human Capital in Entrepreneurship: Individual, Extension, and Substitution Effects on Entrepreneurial Success pp. 18-42 Downloads
Isabella Hatak and Haibo Zhou
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Earnings in Later-Life Self-Employment pp. 43-63 Downloads
Pankaj C. Patel, Cornelius A. Rietveld and Ingrid Verheul
ADHD-Related Neurodiversity and the Entrepreneurial Mindset pp. 64-91 Downloads
Curt B. Moore, Nancy H. McIntyre and Stephen E. Lanivich
ADHD Symptoms, Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO), and Firm Performance pp. 92-117 Downloads
Wei Yu, Johan Wiklund and Ana Pérez-Luño
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: Parasite Infection is Associated with Entrepreneurial Initiation, Engagement, and Performance pp. 118-144 Downloads
Daniel A. Lerner, Lars Alkærsig, Markus A. Fitza, Carina Lomberg and Stefanie K. Johnson
Historical Disease Prevalence, Cultural Values, and Global Innovation pp. 145-174 Downloads
Daniel L. Bennett and Boris Nikolaev
The Weary Founder: Sleep Problems, ADHD-Like Tendencies, and Entrepreneurial Intentions pp. 175-210 Downloads
Brian C. Gunia, J. Jeffrey Gish and Mona Mensmann
Under Pressure: The Effect of Antioxidants on Health Consequences Related to Oxidative Stress pp. 211-241 Downloads
Pankaj C. Patel and Marcus T. Wolfe

Volume 44, issue 6, 2020

Enhancing Rigor in Quantitative Entrepreneurship Research pp. 1059-1090 Downloads
Markku Maula and Wouter Stam
What Happens If Private Accounting Information Becomes Public? Small Firms’ Access to Bank Debt pp. 1091-1111 Downloads
Snježana Deno, Thomas Loy and Carsten Homburg
Contagion of Entrepreneurial Passion: Effects on Employee Outcomes pp. 1112-1140 Downloads
Sylvia Hubner, Matthias Baum and Michael Frese
Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development: A Review and Multilevel Causal Mechanism Framework pp. 1141-1173 Downloads
Matthew P. Johnson and Stefan Schaltegger
Entrepreneurial Orientation and Environmental Hostility: A Threat Rigidity Perspective pp. 1174-1198 Downloads
Patrick M. Kreiser, Brian S. Anderson, Donald F. Kuratko and Louis D. Marino
Political Connection and Disconnection: Still a Success Factor for Chinese Entrepreneurs pp. 1199-1228 Downloads
Ronald S. Burt and Sonja Opper

Volume 44, issue 5, 2020

Opportunities and Threats in Reviewing Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice pp. 847-860 Downloads
Andreas Rauch
Franchisees and Loan Default on Third-Party Guarantee Loans: Evidence From the United States pp. 861-877 Downloads
Pankaj C. Patel and John A. Pearce
A Growth Mindset Intervention: Enhancing Students’ Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Career Development pp. 878-908 Downloads
Jeni L. Burnette, Jeffrey M. Pollack, Rachel B. Forsyth, Crystal L. Hoyt, Alexandra D. Babij, Fanice N. Thomas and Anthony E. Coy
Many Roads Lead to Rome: How Human, Social, and Financial Capital Are Related to New Venture Survival pp. 909-932 Downloads
Christian Linder, Christian Lechner and Frank Pelzel
The Liability of Volatility and How it Changes Over Time Among New Ventures pp. 933-963 Downloads
Erik Lundmark, Alex Coad, Julian S. Frankish and David J. Storey
Effectual Networks as Complex Adaptive Systems: Exploring Dynamic and Structural Factors of Emergence pp. 964-995 Downloads
Tamara Galkina and Irina Atkova
Combining Internal and External R&D: The Effects on Innovation Performance in Family and Nonfamily Firms pp. 996-1031 Downloads
Fernando Muñoz-Bullón, Maria J. Sanchez-Bueno and Alfredo De Massis
Understanding Opportunities in Social Entrepreneurship: A Critical Realist Abstraction pp. 1032-1056 Downloads
Xiaoti Hu, Susan Marlow, Angelika Zimmermann, Lee Martin and Regina Frank

Volume 44, issue 4, 2020

Third-Party Signals in Crowdfunded Microfinance: The Role of Microfinance Institutions pp. 623-644 Downloads
Aaron H. Anglin, Jeremy C. Short, David J. Ketchen, Thomas H. Allison and Aaron F. McKenny
Organizational Aspirations and External Venturing: The Contingency of Entrepreneurial Orientation pp. 645-670 Downloads
Varkey Titus, Owen Parker and Jeffrey Covin
Entrepreneurial Networking During Early Stages of Opportunity Exploitation: Agency of Novice and Experienced New Venture Leaders pp. 671-699 Downloads
Congcong Zheng, Mujtaba Ahsan and Alex F. DeNoble
“Rhetoric Mix†of Argumentations: How Policy Rhetoric Conveys Meaning of Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development pp. 700-732 Downloads
Virva Salmivaara and Ewald Kibler
Measuring Entrepreneurship: Do Established Metrics Capture Schumpeterian Entrepreneurship? pp. 733-760 Downloads
Magnus Henrekson and Tino Sanandaji
When More Is Better: Multifamily Firms and Firm Performance pp. 761-783 Downloads
Patricio Duran and Marcelo Ortiz
Mapping the Field of Research on Entrepreneurial Organizations (1937–2016): A Bibliometric Analysis and Research Agenda pp. 784-816 Downloads
Jan Lampe, Priscilla Sarai Kraft and Andreas Bausch
Can One Stone Kill Two Birds? Political Relationship Building and Partner Acquisition in New Ventures pp. 817-841 Downloads
Xiaowei Rose Luo, Ling Yang and Xiaobin He

Volume 44, issue 3, 2020

Simple Rules, Templates, and Heuristics! An Attempt to Deconstruct the Craft of Writing an Entrepreneurship Paper pp. 371-390 Downloads
Dean A. Shepherd and Johan Wiklund
Are Founder-Led Firms Less Susceptible to Managerial Myopia? pp. 391-421 Downloads
Charlotte L. Schuster, Alexander T. Nicolai and Jeffrey G. Covin
The Influence of Hypomania Symptoms on Income in Self-Employment pp. 422-450 Downloads
Marcus T. Wolfe, Pankaj C. Patel and Will Drover
Dispositional Positive and Negative Affect and Self-Employment Transitions: The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction pp. 451-474 Downloads
Boris Nikolaev, Nadav Shir and Johan Wiklund
How and When Investment Horizons Determine Venture Capital Firms’ Attention Breadth to Portfolio Companies pp. 475-503 Downloads
Violetta Bacon-Gerasymenko, Jonathan D. Arthurs and Sam Y. Cho
The Influence of Formal and Informal Institutional Voids on Entrepreneurship pp. 504-526 Downloads
Justin W. Webb, Theodore A. Khoury and Michael A. Hitt
Initial Networking Processes of Student Entrepreneurs: The Role of Action and Evaluation pp. 527-556 Downloads
Mariëtte Kaandorp, Elco van Burg and Tomas Karlsson
Entrepreneurship and Subjective Well-Being: The Mediating Role of Psychological Functioning pp. 557-586 Downloads
Boris Nikolaev, Christopher Boudreaux and Matthew Wood
We’re All in the Same Boat: A Collective Model of Preserving and Accessing Nature-Based Opportunities pp. 587-617 Downloads
Karin Andrea Wigger and Dean A. Shepherd

Volume 44, issue 2, 2020

It’s Time We Talk About Time in Entrepreneurship pp. 163-184 Downloads
Moren Lévesque and Ute Stephan
The Impact of Socioemotional Wealth on Decline-Stemming Strategies of Family Firms pp. 185-210 Downloads
Giacomo Laffranchini, John S Hadjimarcou and Si Hyun Kim
Family Firms and the Choice Between Wholly Owned Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures: A Transaction Costs Perspective pp. 211-232 Downloads
Maria Cristina Sestu and Antonio Majocchi
Psychological Resilience and Its Downstream Effects for Business Survival in Nascent Entrepreneurship pp. 233-255 Downloads
Ingrid C. Chadwick and Jana L. Raver
Innovation Motives in Family Firms: A Transgenerational View pp. 256-287 Downloads
Vanessa Diaz-Moriana, Eric Clinton, Nadine Kammerlander, G. T. Lumpkin and Justin B. Craig
Successful Scaling in Social Franchising: The Case of Impact Hub pp. 288-314 Downloads
Alessandro Giudici, James G. Combs, Benedetto Lorenzo Cannatelli and Brett R. Smith
How Can Problems Be Turned Into Something Good? The Role of Entrepreneurial Learning and Error Mastery Orientation pp. 315-338 Downloads
Rebecca Funken, Michael M. Gielnik and Maw- Der Foo
To patent or not to patent: That is the question. Intellectual property protection in family firms pp. 339-367 Downloads
Francesco Chirico, Giuseppe Criaco, Massimo Baù, Lucia Naldi, Luis R. Gomez-Mejia and Josip Kotlar

Volume 44, issue 1, 2020

Family Firm Behavior From a Psychological Perspective pp. 3-19 Downloads
Pramodita Sharma, James J. Chrisman, Jess H. Chua and Lloyd P. Steier
Managing the Tradition and Innovation Paradox in Family Firms: A Family Imprinting Perspective pp. 20-54 Downloads
Irmak Erdogan, Emanuela Rondi and Alfredo De Massis
Mental Health in the Family Business: A Conceptual Model and a Research Agenda pp. 55-80 Downloads
Danny Miller, Johan Wiklund and Wei Yu
Unearthing and Alleviating Emotions in Family Business Successions pp. 81-108 Downloads
Alexandra Bertschi-Michel, Nadine Kammerlander and Vanessa M. Strike
Corporate Diplomacy and Family Firm Longevity pp. 109-133 Downloads
Luciano Ciravegna, Liena Kano, Francesco Rattalino and Alain Verbeke
The Invisible Hand of Evolutionary Psychology: The Importance of Kinship in First-Generation Family Firms pp. 134-157 Downloads
Xiaodong Yu, Laura Stanley, Yuping Li, Kimberly A. Eddleston and Franz Kellermanns
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