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2020, volume 30, issue 2

The rise of the “service economy” in the second half of the twentieth century and its energetic contingencies pp. 231-246 Downloads
Ulrich Witt and Christian Gross
Bilateral relatedness: knowledge diffusion and the evolution of bilateral trade pp. 247-277 Downloads
Bogang Jun, Aamena Alshamsi, Jian Gao and Cesar Hidalgo
Alternative approaches to technological change in a small open economy pp. 279-317 Downloads
Marwil Dávila-Fernández
Scaling and discontinuities in the global economy pp. 319-345 Downloads
Shana M. Sundstrom, Craig R. Allen and David G. Angeler
Heterogeneity in the Harrodian sentiment dynamics, entailing also some scope for stability pp. 347-374 Downloads
Reiner Franke
A closer look at the relationship between innovation and employment growth at the firm level pp. 375-399 Downloads
Sverre J. Herstad and Tore Sandven
Employment protection and labor market results in Europe pp. 401-449 Downloads
Jesus Ferreiro and Carmen Gomez
Informal risk-sharing cooperatives: the effect of learning and other-regarding preferences pp. 451-478 Downloads
Victorien Barbet, Renaud Bourlès and Juliette Rouchier
Rational populists: the social consequences of shared narratives pp. 479-506 Downloads
Angelo Antoci, Guido Ferilli, Paolo Russu and Pier Luigi Sacco
Price and non-price competition in an oligopoly: an analysis of relative payoff maximizers pp. 507-521 Downloads
Hamed Markazi Moghadam
Public policies for household recycling when reputation matters pp. 523-557 Downloads
Christophe Charlier and Ankinée Kirakozian
On the adoption of circular economy practices by small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs): does “financing-as-usual” still matter? pp. 559-586 Downloads
Claudia Ghisetti and Sandro Montresor
Towards an innovative entrepreneurship policy pp. 587-590 Downloads
Karl Wennberg

2020, volume 30, issue 1

Introduction to the special issue in “Economics, Economic Policies and Sustainable Growth in the Wake of the Crisis” pp. 1-4 Downloads
Lisa Gianmoena
End of the sovereign-bank doom loop in the European Union? The Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive pp. 5-30 Downloads
Giovanni Covi and Ulrich Eydam
Correction to: End of the sovereign-bank doom loop in the European Union? The Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive pp. 31-38 Downloads
Giovanni Covi and Ulrich Eydam
Technological unemployment and income inequality: a stock-flow consistent agent-based approach pp. 39-73 Downloads
Laura Barbosa de Carvalho and Corrado Di Guilmi
Long-run expectations in a learning-to-forecast experiment: a simulation approach pp. 75-116 Downloads
Annarita Colasante, Simone Alfarano, Eva Camacho-Cuena and Mauro Gallegati
Growth, income distribution, and the ‘entrepreneurial state’ pp. 117-141 Downloads
Daniele Tavani and Luca Zamparelli
The short- and long-run inconsistency of the expansionary austerity theory: a post-Keynesian/evolutionist critique pp. 143-177 Downloads
Alberto Botta
Offshoring, employment, and aggregate demand pp. 179-204 Downloads
Enno Schröder
Consistency and incompleteness in general equilibrium theory pp. 205-230 Downloads
Simone Landini, Mauro Gallegati and J. Barkley Rosser

2019, volume 29, issue 5

Evolutionary economics and policy: Introduction to the special issue pp. 1373-1378 Downloads
Thomas Brenner and Tom Broekel
On sector-non-neutral innovation policy: towards new design principles pp. 1379-1397 Downloads
Dominique Foray
A note on the behavioral political economy of innovation policy pp. 1399-1414 Downloads
Jan Schnellenbach and Christian Schubert
Structural stability of the research & development sector in European economies despite the economic crisis pp. 1415-1432 Downloads
Jutta Günther, Maria Kristalova and Udo Ludwig
The effects of public research and subsidies on regional structural strength pp. 1433-1458 Downloads
Thomas Brenner and Franziska Pudelko
The relationship of policy induced R&D networks and inter-regional knowledge diffusion pp. 1459-1481 Downloads
Marcel Bednarz and Tom Broekel
Power, ideas and culture in the ‘longue durée’ of institutional evolution: theory and application on the revolutions of property rights in Russia pp. 1483-1506 Downloads
Carsten Herrmann-Pillath
Entrepreneurship in autocratic regimes – how neo-patrimonialism constrains innovation pp. 1507-1529 Downloads
Gerhard Wegner

2019, volume 29, issue 4

Beyond R&D: the role of embodied technological change in affecting employment pp. 1151-1171 Downloads
Gabriele Pellegrino, Mariacristina Piva and Marco Vivarelli
Networks, geography and the survival of the firm pp. 1173-1209 Downloads
Mark Bagley
Assessing the potential of social enterprises through social network analysis - Evidence from Albania pp. 1211-1239 Downloads
Enrica Imbert, Piergiuseppe Morone and Francesca Bigi
The promises of a naturalistic approach: how cultural evolution theory can inform (evolutionary) economics pp. 1241-1262 Downloads
Christian Cordes
The contribution of behavior genetics to entrepreneurship: An evolutionary perspective pp. 1263-1284 Downloads
Graciela Kuechle
The interpretation of the cyclical history of capitalism. A comparison between the neo-Schumpeterian and social structure of accumulation (SSA) approaches in light of the long wave theory pp. 1285-1314 Downloads
Tomás Gutiérrez-Barbarrusa
Price informativeness and adaptive trading pp. 1315-1342 Downloads
Huanhuan Zheng and Haiqiang Chen
Repeated minimum-effort coordination games pp. 1343-1359 Downloads
Pilwon Kim and Dongryul Lee
Why was Schumpeter not more concerned with patents? pp. 1361-1369 Downloads
Rémy Guichardaz and Julien Pénin
Correction to: Why was Schumpeter not more concerned with patents? pp. 1371-1371 Downloads
Rémy Guichardaz and Julien Pénin

2019, volume 29, issue 3

A system for dating long wave phases in economic development pp. 803-822 Downloads
Marco Gallegati
Mainstream and evolutionary views of technology, economic growth and catching up pp. 823-852 Downloads
Juan Perilla Jimenez
Inequality and imbalances: a monetary union agent-based model pp. 853-890 Downloads
Alberto Cardaci and Francesco Saraceno
Persistence and change of regional new business formation in the national league table pp. 891-917 Downloads
Michael Fritsch and Sandra Kublina
Some elements for a definition of an evolutionary efficiency criterion pp. 919-937 Downloads
Félix-Fernando Muñoz and María-Isabel Encinar
What a difference carbon leakage correction makes! pp. 939-971 Downloads
Thomas Grebel
Genetic distance and the difference in new firm entry between countries pp. 973-1016 Downloads
Maria Guedes, Nicos Nicolaou and Pankaj C. Patel
Toward an evolutionary theory of human capital pp. 1017-1035 Downloads
Carolina Cañibano and Jason Potts
Interaction and imitation in a world of Quixotes and Sanchos pp. 1037-1057 Downloads
Francisco Cabo and Ana García-González
Diversity, novelty and satisfactoriness in health innovation pp. 1059-1081 Downloads
Carlos Bianchi
Alternative equity markets and firm creation pp. 1083-1118 Downloads
Valérie Revest and Alessandro Sapio
Do initial financial conditions determine the exit routes of start-up firms? pp. 1119-1147 Downloads
Yuji Honjo and Masatoshi Kato
Correction to: Do initial financial conditions determine the exit routes of start-up firms? pp. 1149-1149 Downloads
Yuji Honjo and Masatoshi Kato

2019, volume 29, issue 2

Soft paternalism and subjective well-being: how happiness research could help the paternalist improve individuals’ well-being pp. 539-561 Downloads
Martin Binder
Nonlinear policy behavior, multiple equilibria and debt-deflation attractors pp. 563-580 Downloads
Alessandro Piergallini
Population dynamics of tax avoidance with crowding effects pp. 581-609 Downloads
Johannes Lorenz
Evolutionary dynamics of poverty traps pp. 611-630 Downloads
Edgar Sánchez Carrera
Long-run dynamics of the U.S. patent classification system pp. 631-664 Downloads
François Lafond and Daniel Kim
European countries’ competitiveness and productive performance evolution: unraveling the complexity in a heterogeneity context pp. 665-695 Downloads
Areti Gkypali, Kostantinos Kounetas and Kostas Tsekouras
Formation and output of collaborations: the role of proximity in German nanotechnology pp. 697-719 Downloads
Claudia Werker, Vladimir Korzinov and Scott Cunningham
Rethinking rent seeking for technological change and development pp. 721-740 Downloads
Christine Ngoc Ngo and Charles R. McCann
On price stability and the nature of product differentiation pp. 741-762 Downloads
Joaquín Andaluz and Gloria Jarne
A cobweb model with elements from prospect theory pp. 763-778 Downloads
Ahmad Naimzada, Nicolò Pecora and Fabio Tramontana
Social connections and cultural heterogeneity pp. 779-798 Downloads
Jiabin Wu
Modern evolutionary economics – an overview by Richard R. Nelson (and eight others) Cambridge University Press, 272 pages pp. 799-801 Downloads
Jan Fagerberg

2019, volume 29, issue 1

More is different... and complex! the case for agent-based macroeconomics pp. 1-37 Downloads
Giovanni Dosi and Andrea Roventini
Drawing on different disciplines: macroeconomic agent-based models pp. 39-66 Downloads
Andrew Haldane and Arthur Turrell
Debunking the granular origins of aggregate fluctuations: from real business cycles back to Keynes pp. 67-90 Downloads
Giovanni Dosi, Mauro Napoletano, Andrea Roventini and Tania Treibich
Endogenous growth in production networks pp. 91-117 Downloads
Stanislao Gualdi and Antoine Mandel
Structural changes and growth regimes pp. 119-176 Downloads
Tommaso Ciarli, André Lorentz, Marco Valente and Maria Savona
Does inequality hamper innovation and growth? An AB-SFC analysis pp. 177-228 Downloads
Alessandro Caiani, Alberto Russo and Mauro Gallegati
Consumption & class in evolutionary macroeconomics pp. 229-263 Downloads
Bernhard Rengs and Manuel Scholz-Wäckerle
The financial transmission of shocks in a simple hybrid macroeconomic agent based model pp. 265-297 Downloads
Tiziana Assenza and Domenico Delli Gatti
Is the market really a good teacher? pp. 299-335 Downloads
Pascal Seppecher, Isabelle Salle and Dany Lang
Demand, credit and macroeconomic dynamics. A micro simulation model pp. 337-364 Downloads
Huub Meijers, Önder Nomaler and Bart Verspagen
Evolution of sunspot like behavior in the agent based economies of bank runs pp. 365-389 Downloads
Jasmina Arifovic
How transparent about its inflation target should a central bank be? pp. 391-427 Downloads
Isabelle Salle, Marc-Alexandre Senegas and Murat Yildizoglu
From financial instability to green finance: the role of banking and credit market regulation in the Eurace model pp. 429-465 Downloads
Marco Raberto, Bulent Ozel, Linda Ponta, Andrea Teglio and Silvano Cincotti
Macroeconomics with heterogeneous agent models: fostering transparency, reproducibility and replication pp. 467-538 Downloads
Herbert Dawid, Philipp Harting, Sander Hoog and Michael Neugart
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