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Volume 51, issue 9, 2024

Modelling and monitoring social network change based on exponential random graph models pp. 1621-1641 Downloads
Yantao Cai, Liu Liu and Zhonghua Li
The generalized odd log-logistic-G regression with interval-censored survival data pp. 1642-1663 Downloads
Valdemiro P. Vigas, Edwin M. M. Ortega, Adriano K. Suzuki, Gauss M. Cordeiro and Paulo C. dos Santos Junior
Estimation procedures and optimal censoring schemes for an improved adaptive progressively type-II censored Weibull distribution pp. 1664-1688 Downloads
Mazen Nassar and Ahmed Elshahhat
Current status data with two competing risks and time-dependent missing failure types pp. 1689-1708 Downloads
Tamalika Koley and Anup Dewanji
Testing serial correlation in a general d-factor model with possible infinite variance pp. 1709-1728 Downloads
Yawen Fan, Xiaohui Liu, Ting Luo, Yao Rao and Hanqing Li
Family of bivariate distributions on the unit square: theoretical properties and applications pp. 1729-1755 Downloads
Roberto Vila, Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, Helton Saulo and Peter Zörnig
Predicting dichotomised outcomes from high-dimensional data in biomedicine pp. 1756-1771 Downloads
Armin Rauschenberger and Enrico Glaab
A hierarchical Bayesian analysis for bivariate Weibull distribution under left-censoring scheme pp. 1772-1791 Downloads
Danielle Peralta, Ricardo Puziol de Oliveira and Jorge Alberto Achcar
A Lindley–binomial model for analyzing the proportions with sparseness and excessive zeros pp. 1792-1817 Downloads
Dianliang Deng and Xiaoqing Zhang
Predictive accuracy of time series models applied to economic data: the European countries retail trade pp. 1818-1841 Downloads
S. Lima, A. M. Gonçalves and M. Costa

Volume 51, issue 8, 2024

Robust and efficient subsampling algorithms for massive data logistic regression pp. 1427-1445 Downloads
Jun Jin, Shuangzhe Liu and Tiefeng Ma
A general class of trimodal distributions: properties and inference pp. 1446-1469 Downloads
Roberto Vila, Victor Serra, Mehmet Niyazi Çankaya and Felipe Quintino
Estimation for two Gompertz populations under a balanced joint progressive Type-II censoring scheme pp. 1470-1496 Downloads
Weihua Shi and Wenhao Gui
Combining phenotypic and genomic data to improve prediction of binary traits pp. 1497-1523 Downloads
D. Jarquin, A. Roy, B. Clarke and S. Ghosal
Full Bayesian analysis of double seasonal autoregressive models with real applications pp. 1524-1544 Downloads
Ayman A. Amin
Conformal normal curvature and detection of masked observations in multivariate null intercept measurement error models pp. 1545-1569 Downloads
Reiko Aoki, Juan P. Mamani Bustamante, Cibele M. Russo and Gilberto A. Paula
Instrumental variable estimation for functional concurrent regression models pp. 1570-1589 Downloads
Justin Petrovich, Bahaeddine Taoufik and Zachary George Davis
Robust explicit estimators using the power-weighted repeated medians pp. 1590-1608 Downloads
Chanseok Park, Xuehong Gao and Min Wang
Estimating intracluster correlation for ordinal data pp. 1609-1617 Downloads
Benjamin W. Langworthy, Zhaoxun Hou, Gary C. Curhan, Sharon G. Curhan and Molin Wang
Finding groups in data: an introduction to cluster analysis pp. 1618-1620 Downloads
Soumita Modak

Volume 51, issue 7, 2024

The balanced discrete Burr–Hatke model and mixing INAR(1) process: properties, estimation, forecasting and COVID-19 applications pp. 1227-1250 Downloads
Seyedeh Mahbubeh Hoseini Baladezaei, Einolah Deiri and Ezzatallah Baloui Jamkhaneh
Estimation of accelerated hazards models based on case K informatively interval-censored failure time data pp. 1251-1270 Downloads
Rui Ma, Shishun Zhao, Jianguo Sun and Shuying Wang
Bayesian sample size determination for coefficient of variation of normal distribution pp. 1271-1286 Downloads
Sajid Ali, Mariyam Waheed, Ismail Shah and Syed Muhammad Muslim Raza
Functional principal component models for sparse and irregularly spaced data by Bayesian inference pp. 1287-1317 Downloads
Jun Ye
Robust autoregressive modeling and its diagnostic analytics with a COVID-19 related application pp. 1318-1343 Downloads
Yonghui Liu, Jing Wang, Víctor Leiva, Alejandra Tapia, Wei Tan and Shuangzhe Liu
Analysis of survival outcomes using likelihood ratio test in trials incorporating patient's treatment choice pp. 1344-1358 Downloads
Rouba A. Chahine and Inmaculada Aban
Robust scalar-on-function partial quantile regression pp. 1359-1377 Downloads
Ufuk Beyaztas, Mujgan Tez and Han Lin Shang
A new family of quantile regression models applied to nutritional data pp. 1378-1398 Downloads
Isaac E. Cortés, Mário de Castro and Diego I. Gallardo
Improving the Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness-of-fit test in large models with replicated Bernoulli trials pp. 1399-1411 Downloads
Nikola Surjanovic and Thomas M. Loughin
Forecasting of the true satellite carbon monoxide data with ensemble empirical mode decomposition, singular value decomposition and moving average pp. 1412-1426 Downloads
Sameer Poongadan and M. C. Lineesh

Volume 51, issue 6, 2024

A monotone single index model for missing-at-random longitudinal proportion data pp. 1023-1040 Downloads
Satwik Acharyya, Debdeep Pati, Shumei Sun and Dipankar Bandyopadhyay
Smoothing regression and impact measures for accidents of traffic flows pp. 1041-1056 Downloads
Zhou Yu, Jie Yang and Hsin-Hsiung Huang
Imputed mean tensor regression for near-sited spatial temporal data pp. 1057-1075 Downloads
Jinwen Liang and Maozai Tian
Hybrid statistical and machine learning modeling of cognitive neuroscience data pp. 1076-1097 Downloads
Serenay Cakar and Fulya Gokalp Yavuz
Variable selection for quantile autoregressive model: Bayesian methods versus classical methods pp. 1098-1130 Downloads
Bo Peng, Kai Yang and Xiaogang Dong
Epidemic change-point detection in general integer-valued time series pp. 1131-1150 Downloads
Mamadou Lamine Diop and William Kengne
Penalized robust learning for optimal treatment regimes with heterogeneous individualized treatment effects pp. 1151-1170 Downloads
Canhui Li, Weirong Li and Wensheng Zhu
Distribution-free Phase II triple EWMA control chart for joint monitoring the process location and scale parameters pp. 1171-1190 Downloads
Vasileios Alevizakos, Kashinath Chatterjee and Christos Koukouvinos
Geometric framework for statistical analysis of eye tracking heat maps, with application to a tobacco waterpipe study pp. 1191-1209 Downloads
David Angeles, Sebastian Kurtek, Elizabeth Klein, Marielle Brinkman and Amy Ferketich
Classifying contaminated cell cultures using time series features pp. 1210-1226 Downloads
Laura L. Tupper, Charles R. Keese and David S. Matteson

Volume 51, issue 5, 2024

The optimal CUSUM control chart with a dynamic non-random control limit and a given sampling strategy for small samples sequence pp. 809-825 Downloads
Dong Han, Fugee Tsung and Lei Qiao
A new flexible regression model with application to recovery probability Covid-19 patients pp. 826-844 Downloads
F. Prataviera, E. M. Hashimoto, E. M. M. Ortega, G. M. Cordeiro, V. G. Cancho and R. Vila
Learning the structure of the mTOR protein signaling pathway from protein phosphorylation data pp. 845-865 Downloads
Abdul Salam and Marco Grzegorczyk
Modeling the spatial patterns of antenatal care utilization in Nigeria with inference based on Pólya-Gamma mixtures pp. 866-890 Downloads
Osafu Augustine Egbon and Ezra Gayawan
Selection of the optimal personalized treatment from multiple treatments with right-censored multivariate outcome measures pp. 891-912 Downloads
Chathura Siriwardhana, K.B. Kulasekera and Somnath Datta
Investigating zero-state and steady-state performance of MEWMA-CoDa control chart using variable sampling interval pp. 913-934 Downloads
Muhammad Imran, Jinsheng Sun, Xuelong Hu, Fatima Sehar Zaidi and Anan Tang
Aggregated parameter update schemes for monitoring binary profiles pp. 935-957 Downloads
Yifan Li, Chunjie Wu, Zhijun Wang and Zhiming Hu
Bayesian adaptive selection of basis functions for functional data representation pp. 958-992 Downloads
Pedro Henrique T. O. Sousa, Camila P. E. de Souza and Ronaldo Dias
kppmenet: combining the kppm and elastic net regularization for inhomogeneous Cox point process with correlated covariates pp. 993-1006 Downloads
Achmad Choiruddin, Tabita Yuni Susanto, Ahmad Husain and Yuniar Mega Kartikasari
Alternative statistical modeling for radical prostatectomy data pp. 1007-1022 Downloads
Julio C. S. Vasconcelos, Thiago da Costa Travassos, Edwin M. M. Ortega, Gauss M. Cordeiro and Leonardo Oliveira Reis

Volume 51, issue 4, 2024

Bootstrap-adjusted quasi-likelihood information criteria for mixed model selection pp. 621-645 Downloads
Wentao Ge and Junfeng Shang
The heterogeneity effect of surveillance intervals on progression free survival pp. 646-663 Downloads
Zihang Zhong, Min Yang, Senmiao Ni, Lixin Cai, Jingwei Wu, Jianling Bai and Hao Yu
A model for bimodal rates and proportions pp. 664-681 Downloads
Roberto Vila, Lucas Alfaia, André F.B. Menezes, Mehmet N. Çankaya and Marcelo Bourguignon
Selection of random coefficients in ordered response models: a framework to detect heterogeneity in household surveys pp. 682-700 Downloads
Padma Sharma
Regression models for the full distribution to exceedance data pp. 701-720 Downloads
Fernando Ferraz do Nascimento and Aline Raquel Assunção Nunes
A Bayesian nonparametric model for bounded directional data on the positive orthant of the unit sphere pp. 721-739 Downloads
Emiliano Geneyro and Gabriel Núñez-Antonio
TreeKDE: clustering multivariate data based on decision tree and using one-dimensional kernel density estimation pp. 740-758 Downloads
D. Scaldelai, L. C. Matioli and S. R. Santos
The sparse estimation of the semiparametric linear transformation model with dependent current status data pp. 759-779 Downloads
Lin Luo, Jinzhao Yu and Hui Zhao
Cox regression with doubly truncated responses and time-dependent covariates: the impact of innovation on firm survival pp. 780-792 Downloads
J. de Uña-Álvarez, A. I. Martínez-Senra, M. S. Otero-Giráldez and M. A. Quintás
Clustering regions with dynamic time warping to model obesity prevalence disparities in the United States pp. 793-807 Downloads
Katherine Vorpe, Sierra Hessinger, Rebekah Poth and Tatjana Miljkovic

Volume 51, issue 3, 2024

Alternative classification rules for two inverse gaussian populations with a common mean and order restricted scale-like parameters pp. 407-429 Downloads
Pushkal Kumar, Manas Ranjan Tripathy and Somesh Kumar
Semiparametric partial linear modeling of risk factors for ear infections: the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study pp. 430-450 Downloads
Le Chen, Ruochen Tian, Guanjie Chen, Ao Yuan, Chuan-Ming Li, Amy R. Bentley, Howard J. Hoffman and Charles Rotimi
Statistical inference for Gompertz distribution under adaptive type-II progressive hybrid censoring pp. 451-480 Downloads
Qi Lv, Yajie Tian and Wenhao Gui
Inferential procedures based on the weighted Pearson correlation coefficient test statistic pp. 481-496 Downloads
Han Yu and Alan D. Hutson
Performance of diagnostic tests based on continuous bivariate markers pp. 497-514 Downloads
Hani Samawi, Ding-Geng Chen, Jingjing Yin and Marwan Alsharman
New nonparametric measures for instantaneous and granger-causality tail co-dependence pp. 515-533 Downloads
Cees Diks and Marcin Wolski
Optimal design of stress levels in accelerated degradation testing for multivariate linear degradation models pp. 534-554 Downloads
Helmi Shat
Robust tests for multivariate repeated measures with small samples pp. 555-580 Downloads
Ting Zeng and Solomon W. Harrar
Impact of COVID-19 on public social life and mental health: a statistical study of google trends data from the USA pp. 581-605 Downloads
Archi Roy, Soudeep Deb and Divya Chakarwarti
Partially constrained group variable selection to adjust for complementary unit performance in American college football pp. 606-620 Downloads
A. Skripnikov

Volume 51, issue 2, 2024

A Bayesian approach for de-duplication in the presence of relational data pp. 197-215 Downloads
Juan Sosa and Abel Rodríguez
A stochastic model for NFL games and point spread assessment pp. 216-229 Downloads
Muhammad Mohsin and Albrecht Gebhardt
Bootstrapping a powerful mixed portmanteau test for time series pp. 230-255 Downloads
Esam Mahdi and Thomas J. Fisher
A comparison of single- and double-threshold ROC plots for mixture distributions pp. 256-278 Downloads
Faryal Ibrar, Sajid Ali and Ismail Shah
Model averaging in calibration of near-infrared instruments with correlated high-dimensional data pp. 279-297 Downloads
Deiby Tineke Salaki, Anang Kurnia, Bagus Sartono, I Wayan Mangku and Arief Gusnanto
Statistical methods for assessing drug interactions using observational data pp. 298-323 Downloads
Qian Xu, Demetra Antimisiaris and Maiying Kong
K-Bessel regression model for speckled data pp. 324-347 Downloads
A. D. C. Nascimento, P. M. Almeida-Junior, J. M. Vasconcelos and A. P. M. Borges-Junior
A size-of-loss model for the negatively skewed insurance claims data: applications, risk analysis using different methods and statistical forecasting pp. 348-369 Downloads
Heba Soltan Mohamed, Gauss M. Cordeiro, R. Minkah, Haitham M. Yousof and Mohamed Ibrahim
A hidden Markov modeling approach combining objective measure of activity and subjective measure of self-reported sleep to estimate the sleep-wake cycle pp. 370-387 Downloads
Semhar B. Ogbagaber, Yifan Cui, Kaigang Li, Ronald J. Iannotti and Paul S. Albert
Joint modelling of mental health markers through pregnancy: a Bayesian semi-parametric approach pp. 388-405 Downloads
Shengxiao Vincent Feng, Willem van den Boom, Maria De Iorio, Gladi J. Thng, Jerry K. Y. Chan, Helen Y. Chen, Kok Hian Tan and Michelle Z. L. Kee

Volume 51, issue 1, 2024

Estimation and prediction for Burr type III distribution based on unified progressive hybrid censoring scheme pp. 1-33 Downloads
Subhankar Dutta and Suchandan Kayal
A new method for estimating Sharpe ratio function via local maximum likelihood pp. 34-52 Downloads
Wenchao Xu, Hongmei Lin, Tiejun Tong and Riquan Zhang
Model averaging estimation of panel data models with many instruments and boosting pp. 53-69 Downloads
Hao Hao, Bai Huang and Tae-hwy Lee
A Markov random field model with cumulative logistic functions for spatially dependent ordinal data pp. 70-86 Downloads
Ryan H.L. Ip and K.Y.K. Wu
A test for comparing conditional ROC curves with multidimensional covariates pp. 87-113 Downloads
A. Fanjul-Hevia, J. C. Pardo-Fernández, I. Van Keilegom and W. González-Manteiga
Bayesian dynamic network modelling: an application to metabolic associations in cardiovascular diseases pp. 114-138 Downloads
Marco Molinari, Andrea Cremaschi, Maria De Iorio, Nishi Chaturvedi, Alun Hughes and Therese Tillin
Continuity corrected score confidence interval for the difference in proportions in paired data pp. 139-152 Downloads
Peter Chang, Rongzi Liu, Tingting Hou, Xinyu Yan and Guogen Shan
Dealing with missing data under stratified sampling designs where strata are study domains pp. 153-167 Downloads
Carlos E. Rodríguez, Luis E. Nieto-Barajas and Carlos S. Pérez-Pérez
A two-stage latent factor regression method to model the common and unique effects of multiple highly correlated exposure variables pp. 168-192 Downloads
Cindy Feng and Xi Chen
New advances in statistics and data science pp. 193-195 Downloads
Jianguo Sun
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