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Volume 46, issue 2, 2019

Regression analysis of informative current status data with the semiparametric linear transformation model pp. 187-202 Downloads
Da Xu, Shishun Zhao, Tao Hu, Mengzhu Yu and Jianguo Sun
Applying functional data analysis to assess tele-interpersonal psychotherapy's efficacy to reduce depression pp. 203-216 Downloads
Henok Woldu, Timothy G. Heckman, Andreas Handel and Ye Shen
A Bayesian hierarchical spatio-temporal rainfall model pp. 217-229 Downloads
John Mashford, Yong Song, Q. J. Wang and David Robertson
Spatial Bayesian modeling of GLCM with application to malignant lesion characterization pp. 230-246 Downloads
Xiao Li, Michele Guindani, Chaan S. Ng and Brian P. Hobbs
A method for combining -values in meta-analysis by gamma distributions pp. 247-261 Downloads
Li-Chu Chien
Counting by weighing: construction of two-sided confidence intervals pp. 262-271 Downloads
J. Peng, W. Liu, F. Bretz and A. J. Hayter
Practical statistical considerations for investigating anti-tumor treatments in mice pp. 272-285 Downloads
David Gold, Lixin Lang and Kim Zerba
Investigating precipitation extremes in South Carolina with focus on the state's October 2015 precipitation event pp. 286-303 Downloads
Brook T. Russell
A case study of MCB and SBMH stock transaction using a novel BINMA(1) with non-stationary NB correlated innovations pp. 304-323 Downloads
Yuvraj Sunecher, Naushad Mamode Khan and Vandna Jowaheer
Sure independence screening for real medical Poisson data pp. 324-350 Downloads
K. Drosou, C. Koukouvinos and A. Lappa
Evaluating paired categorical data when the pairing is lost pp. 351-363 Downloads
R. N. Montgomery, A. S. Watts, N. C. Burns, E. D. Vidoni and J. D. Mahnken
On the detection of transitive clusters in undirected networks pp. 364-384 Downloads
Marcus B. Perry

Volume 45, issue 16, 2018

Variable diagnostics in model-based clustering through variation partition pp. 2888-2905 Downloads
Xuwen Zhu
A Bayesian semiparametric approach to learning about gene–gene interactions in case-control studies pp. 2906-2928 Downloads
Durba Bhattacharya and Sourabh Bhattacharya
Information analysis of local suppression scheme based on a spatial-temporal model pp. 2929-2942 Downloads
Dal Ho Kim, Jayoun Lee and Yongku Kim
Bayesian CV@R/super-quantile regression pp. 2943-2957 Downloads
Mike Tsionas and Marwan Izzeldin
Empirical Bayes estimators in hierarchical models with mixture priors pp. 2958-2980 Downloads
Gerd K. Rosenkranz
Expert knowledge elicitation using item response theory pp. 2981-2998 Downloads
J. A. A. Andrade and J. P. Gosling
How to build nomogram for type 2 diabetes using a naïve Bayesian classifier technique pp. 2999-3011 Downloads
Jae-Cheol Park and Jea-Young Lee
A model averaging approach for the ordered probit and nested logit models with applications pp. 3012-3052 Downloads
Longmei Chen, Alan T. K. Wan, Geoffrey Tso and Xinyu Zhang
List of Reviewers pp. 3053-3056 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 45, issue 15, 2018

COWORDS: a probabilistic model for multiple word clouds pp. 2697-2717 Downloads
Luís G. Silva e Silva and Renato M. Assunção
Modeling multivariate cybersecurity risks pp. 2718-2740 Downloads
Chen Peng, Maochao Xu, Shouhuai Xu and Taizhong Hu
Joint regression modeling for missing categorical covariates in generalized linear models pp. 2741-2759 Downloads
Luis Carlos Pérez-Ruiz and Gabriel Escarela
Privacy protection measures for randomized response surveys on stigmatizing continuous variables pp. 2760-2772 Downloads
Mausumi Bose and Kajal Dihidar
A comparison of machine learning techniques for taxonomic classification of teeth from the Family Bovidae pp. 2773-2787 Downloads
Gregory J. Matthews, Juliet K. Brophy, Maxwell Luetkemeier, Hongie Gu and George K. Thiruvathukal
Automatic odor prediction for electronic nose pp. 2788-2799 Downloads
Mina Mirshahi, Vahid Partovi Nia and Luc Adjengue
The relative performance of ensemble methods with deep convolutional neural networks for image classification pp. 2800-2818 Downloads
Cheng Ju, Aurélien Bibaut and Mark van der Laan
Seasonal analysis of emergency department presentations in Western Australia, 2009/10–2014/15 pp. 2819-2830 Downloads
Patrick Aboagye-Sarfo and Qun Mai
A seasonal mixed-POT model to estimate high flood quantiles from different event types and seasons pp. 2831-2847 Downloads
Svenja Fischer
Profiles identification on hierarchical tree structure data sets pp. 2848-2863 Downloads
Conceição Rocha and Pedro Quelhas Brito
Subgroup identification by recursive segmentation pp. 2864-2887 Downloads
Alexander Hapfelmeier, Kurt Ulm and Bernhard Haller

Volume 45, issue 14, 2018

Optimal design of repetitive group sampling plans for Weibull and gamma distributions with applications and comparison to the Birnbaum–Saunders distribution pp. 2499-2520 Downloads
S. Balamurali, P. Jeyadurga and M. Usha
Statistical correction for functional metagenomic profiling of a microbial community with short NGS reads pp. 2521-2535 Downloads
Ruofei Du and Zhide Fang
Estimating school effectiveness with student growth percentile and gain score models pp. 2536-2547 Downloads
Daniel B. Wright
Modern variable selection for longitudinal semi-parametric models with missing data pp. 2548-2562 Downloads
J. Kowalski, S. Hao, T. Chen, Y. Liang, J. Liu, L. Ge, C. Feng and X. M. Tu
Fitting insurance and economic data with outliers: a flexible approach based on finite mixtures of contaminated gamma distributions pp. 2563-2584 Downloads
Antonio Punzo, Angelo Mazza and Antonello Maruotti
Bimodal Birnbaum–Saunders generalized autoregressive score model pp. 2585-2606 Downloads
Rodney V. Fonseca and Francisco Cribari-Neto
Patient-specific dose finding in phase I clinical trials pp. 2607-2618 Downloads
Md. Moniruzzaman Moni and M. Iftakhar Alam
A Bayesian conditional model for bivariate mixed ordinal and skew continuous longitudinal responses using quantile regression pp. 2619-2642 Downloads
S. Ghasemzadeh, M. Ganjali and T. Baghfalaki
Bayesian variable selection and coefficient estimation in heteroscedastic linear regression model pp. 2643-2657 Downloads
Taha Alshaybawee, Rahim Alhamzawi, Habshah Midi and Intisar Ibrahim Allyas
Genomic feature selection by coverage design optimization pp. 2658-2676 Downloads
Stephen Reid, Aaron M. Newman, Maximilian Diehn, Ash A. Alizadeh and Robert Tibshirani
Kernel partial correlation: a novel approach to capturing conditional independence in graphical models for noisy data pp. 2677-2696 Downloads
Jihwan Oh, Faye Zheng, R. W. Doerge and Hyonho Chun

Volume 45, issue 13, 2018

A powerful and interpretable alternative to the Jarque–Bera test of normality based on 2nd-power skewness and kurtosis, using the Rao's score test on the APD family pp. 2307-2327 Downloads
A. Desgagné and P. Lafaye de Micheaux
Using copulas for rating weather index insurance contracts pp. 2328-2356 Downloads
Raushan Bokusheva
Effect of tuberculosis on immune restoration among HIV-infected patients receiving antiretroviral therapy pp. 2357-2364 Downloads
Musie Ghebremichael and Semere Habtemicael
Bayesian testing for independence of two categorical variables under two-stage cluster sampling with covariates pp. 2365-2393 Downloads
Dilli Bhatta, Balgobin Nandram and Joseph Sedransk
Diagnostic plots for identifying max domains of attraction under power normalization pp. 2394-2410 Downloads
Deepesh Bhati and Sreenivasan Ravi
Data reconciliation of nonnormal observations with nonlinear constraints pp. 2411-2428 Downloads
Oliver Cencic and Rudolf Frühwirth
Testing symmetry based on empirical likelihood pp. 2429-2454 Downloads
Jun Zhang, Jing Zhang, Xuehu Zhu and Tao Lu
Causal structure among US corn futures and regional cash prices in the time and frequency domain pp. 2455-2480 Downloads
Xiaojie Xu
Power analysis of independence testing for three-way contingency tables of small sizes pp. 2481-2498 Downloads
Piotr Sulewski

Volume 45, issue 12, 2018

A maximum likelihood estimator for left-truncated lifetimes based on probabilistic prior information about time of occurrence pp. 2107-2127 Downloads
Rubén Manso, Rafael Calama, Marta Pardos and Mathieu Fortin
Varying-coefficient single-index measurement error model pp. 2128-2144 Downloads
Xin Zhao and Zhensheng Huang
Bayesian inference on contingency tables with uncertainty about independence for small areas pp. 2145-2163 Downloads
Sang Gyu Kwak, Balgobin Nandram and Dal Ho Kim
Heteroskedastic linear regression model with compositional response and covariates pp. 2164-2181 Downloads
Jiajia Chen, Xiaoqin Zhang and Shengjia Li
Skew-mixed effects model for multivariate longitudinal data with categorical outcomes and missingness pp. 2182-2201 Downloads
S. Eftekhari Mahabadi and E. Rahimi Jafari
Intriguing yet simple skewness: kurtosis relation in economic and demographic data distributions, pointing to preferential attachment processes pp. 2202-2218 Downloads
Marcel Ausloos and Roy Cerqueti
Experimental comparison of functional and multivariate spectral-based supervised classification methods in hyperspectral image pp. 2219-2237 Downloads
Anthony Zullo, Mathieu Fauvel and Frédéric Ferraty
Estimating individual-level interaction effects in multilevel models: a Monte Carlo simulation study with application pp. 2238-2255 Downloads
Julie Ann Lorah
A mixture-based approach to robust analysis of generalised linear models pp. 2256-2268 Downloads
Ken J. Beath
Does the supplemental nutrition assistance program really increase obesity? The importance of accounting for misclassification errors pp. 2269-2278 Downloads
Achilleas Vassilopoulos, Andreas Drichoutis, Rodolfo Nayga and Panagiotis Lazaridis
Predicting risk for adverse health events using random forest pp. 2279-2294 Downloads
Guy Cafri, Luo Li, Elizabeth W. Paxton and Juanjuan Fan
Bayesian estimation of the Cox model under different hazard rate shape assumptions via slice sampling pp. 2295-2306 Downloads
Thomas Kirschenmann, Paul Damien and Stephen Walker

Volume 45, issue 11, 2018

Modeling of soybean yield using symmetric, asymmetric and bimodal distributions: implications for crop insurance pp. 1920-1937 Downloads
Gislaine V. Duarte, Altemir Braga, Daniel L. Miquelluti and Vitor A. Ozaki
Model selection with distributed SCAD penalty pp. 1938-1955 Downloads
Puyu Wang, Hai Zhang and Yong Liang
Hypothesis Tests for Neyman's Bias in Case–Control Studies pp. 1956-1977 Downloads
D. M. Swanson, C. D. Anderson and R. A. Betensky
Semiparametric analysis of longitudinal data with informative observation times and censoring times pp. 1978-1993 Downloads
Wen Su and Hangjin Jiang
Model selection for the localized mixture of experts models pp. 1994-2006 Downloads
Yunlu Jiang, Yu Conglian and Ji Qinghua
Discussion on the issue of sample size determination for a targeted to an untargeted and to a mixed effect model-based clinical trial design pp. 2007-2019 Downloads
Feng-shou Ko
Graphical models for complex networks: an application to Italian museums pp. 2020-2038 Downloads
Cristina Coscia, Roberto Fontana and Patrizia Semeraro
Likelihood-based inference for censored linear regression models with scale mixtures of skew-normal distributions pp. 2039-2066 Downloads
Thalita do Bem Mattos, Aldo M. Garay and Victor H. Lachos
Regression imputation with Q-mode clustering for rounded zero replacement in high-dimensional compositional data pp. 2067-2080 Downloads
Jiajia Chen, Xiaoqin Zhang, Karel Hron, Matthias Templ and Shengjia Li
The inverse power Lindley distribution in the presence of left-censored data pp. 2081-2094 Downloads
Emílio A. Coelho-Barros, Josmar Mazucheli, Jorge A. Achcar, Kelly Vanessa Parede Barco and José Rafael Tovar Cuevas
A proportional hazard cure model for ordinal responses by self-modeling regression pp. 2095-2106 Downloads
Aliakbar Mastani Shirazi and Aluisio Pinheiro

Volume 45, issue 10, 2018

A novel bagging approach for variable ranking and selection via a mixed importance measure pp. 1734-1755 Downloads
Chun-Xia Zhang, Jiang-She Zhang, Guan-Wei Wang and Nan-Nan Ji
Bayesian estimation of logistic regression with misclassified covariates and response pp. 1756-1769 Downloads
Brandi N. Falley, James D. Stamey and A. Alexander Beaujean
Quantile residual life regression based on semi-competing risks data pp. 1770-1780 Downloads
Jin-Jian Hsieh and Jian-Lin Wang
Joint models for mixed categorical outcomes: a study of HIV risk perception and disease status in Mozambique pp. 1781-1798 Downloads
Osvaldo Loquiha, Niel Hens, Emilia Martins-Fonteyn, Herman Meulemans, Edwin Wouters, Marleen Temmerman, Nafissa Osman and Marc Aerts
Generalized bent-cable methodology for changepoint data: a Bayesian approach pp. 1799-1812 Downloads
Shahedul A. Khan and Setu C. Kar
Seasonality of hospitalizations due to respiratory diseases: modelling serial correlation all we need is Poisson pp. 1813-1822 Downloads
Airlane P. Alencar
Modeling with a large class of unimodal multivariate distributions pp. 1823-1845 Downloads
M. S. Paez and S. G. Walker
Bayesian inference for quantum state tomography pp. 1846-1871 Downloads
D. S. Gonçalves, C. L. N. Azevedo, C. Lavor and M. A. Gomes-Ruggiero
Vector and recurrent singular spectrum analysis: which is better at forecasting? pp. 1872-1899 Downloads
Mansi Ghodsi, Hossein Hassani, Donya Rahmani and Emmanuel Sirimal Silva
Model averaging based on rank pp. 1900-1919 Downloads
Jiang Du, Xiuping Chen, Eddy Kwessi and Zhimeng Sun

Volume 45, issue 9, 2018

Bayesian misclassification and propensity score methods for clustered observational studies pp. 1547-1560 Downloads
Qi Zhou, Yoo-Mi Chin, James D. Stamey and Joon Jin Song
Analysis of the importance of on-field covariates in the German Bundesliga pp. 1561-1578 Downloads
Gunther Schauberger, Andreas Groll and Gerhard Tutz
Valuations of EQ-5D health states: could United Kingdom results be used as informative priors for the United States pp. 1579-1594 Downloads
Samer A. Kharroubi
Spatial hidden Markov models and species distributions pp. 1595-1615 Downloads
Luigi Spezia, Nial Friel and Alessandro Gimona
Release velocities and bowler performance in cricket pp. 1616-1627 Downloads
Akash Malhotra and Shailesh Krishna
Design and analysis considerations for comparing dynamic treatment regimens with binary outcomes from sequential multiple assignment randomized trials pp. 1628-1651 Downloads
Kelley M. Kidwell, Nicholas J. Seewald, Qui Tran, Connie Kasari and Daniel Almirall
Empirical Bayes estimates of finite mixture of negative binomial regression models and its application to highway safety pp. 1652-1669 Downloads
Yajie Zou, John E. Ash, Byung-Jung Park, Dominique Lord and Lingtao Wu
Using compositional and Dirichlet models for market share regression pp. 1670-1689 Downloads
Joanna Morais, Christine Thomas-Agnan and Michel Simioni
On parallel policies for ranking and selection problems pp. 1690-1713 Downloads
Bogumił Kamiński and Przemysław Szufel
Untangle the structural and random zeros in statistical modelings pp. 1714-1733 Downloads
W. Tang, H. He, W.J. Wang and D.G. Chen

Volume 45, issue 8, 2018

A robust Parafac model for compositional data pp. 1347-1369 Downloads
M. A. Di Palma, P. Filzmoser, M. Gallo and K. Hron
Semivarying coefficient least-squares support vector regression for analyzing high-dimensional gene-environmental data pp. 1370-1381 Downloads
Jooyong Shim, Changha Hwang, Sunjoo Jeong and Insuk Sohn
Detection of outlying proportions pp. 1382-1395 Downloads
Flavio Mignone and Fabio Rapallo
Categorical multiblock linear discriminant analysis pp. 1396-1409 Downloads
Philippe Casin
Testing homogeneity of difference of two proportions for stratified correlated paired binary data pp. 1410-1425 Downloads
Xi Shen and Chang-Xing Ma
Analysis of means approach for random factor analysis pp. 1426-1446 Downloads
Kalanka P. Jayalath and Hon Keung Tony Ng
Modified chain sampling plans for lot inspection by variables and attributes pp. 1447-1464 Downloads
Stijn Luca
Split Questionnaire Designs: collecting only the data that you need through MCAR and MAR designs pp. 1465-1475 Downloads
James O. Chipperfield, Margo L. Barr and David. G. Steel
Geostatistical analysis of disease data: a case study of tuberculosis incidence in Iran pp. 1476-1483 Downloads
S. Reza H. Shojaei, Yadollah Waghei and Mohsen Mohammadzadeh
Bayesian analysis of a quarantine inspection model pp. 1484-1496 Downloads
David P. M. Scollnik
Two simple measures of variability for categorical data pp. 1497-1516 Downloads
Erindi Allaj
Sample size determination for testing equality in frequency data under an incomplete block crossover design pp. 1517-1529 Downloads
Kung-Jong Lui
Market channel selections by US nursery plant producers: a multivariate nonparametric fractional regression analysis pp. 1530-1546 Downloads
Mahesh Pandit, Krishna Paudel and Roger Hinson

Volume 45, issue 7, 2018

Investigating competition in financial markets: a sparse autologistic model for dynamic network data pp. 1157-1172 Downloads
Brenda Betancourt, Abel Rodríguez and Naomi Boyd
A weakly informative prior for Bayesian dynamic model selection with applications in fMRI pp. 1173-1192 Downloads
Jairo A. Fúquene Patiño, Brenda Betancourt and João B. M. Pereira
Some remarks on measurement models in the structural equation model: an application for socially responsible food consumption pp. 1193-1208 Downloads
Pasquale Sarnacchiaro and Flavio Boccia
Diverse classifier ensemble creation based on heuristic dataset modification pp. 1209-1226 Downloads
Hamid Jamalinia, Saber Khalouei, Vahideh Rezaie, Samad Nejatian, Karamolah Bagheri-Fard and Hamid Parvin
Evaluation and prediction of polygon approximations of planar contours for shape analysis pp. 1227-1246 Downloads
Chalani Prematilake and Leif Ellingson
Marginalized zero-inflated generalized Poisson regression pp. 1247-1259 Downloads
Felix Famoye and John S. Preisser
Bayesian regression model for recurrent event data with event-varying covariate effects and event effect pp. 1260-1276 Downloads
Li-An Lin, Sheng Luo and Barry R. Davis
The heterogeneous impact of insurance on health care demand among young adults: a panel data analysis pp. 1277-1291 Downloads
David Zimmer
An application of nonparametric regression to missing data in large market surveys pp. 1292-1302 Downloads
Gary Madden, Nicholas Apergis, Paul Rappoport and Aniruddha Banerjee
A flexible semiparametric regression model for bimodal, asymmetric and censored data pp. 1303-1324 Downloads
Thiago G. Ramires, Edwin M. M. Ortega, Niel Hens, Gauss M. Cordeiro and Gilberto A. Paula
An additive Cox model for coronary heart disease study pp. 1325-1346 Downloads
Ao Yuan, Yuan Guo, Nawar M. Shara, Barbara V. Howard and Ming T. Tan

Volume 45, issue 6, 2018

Treatments of non-metric variables in partial least squares and principal component analysis pp. 971-987 Downloads
Jisu Yoon and Tatyana Krivobokova
Bayesian bridge regression pp. 988-1008 Downloads
Himel Mallick and Nengjun Yi
Using clustering of rankings to explain brand preferences with personality and socio-demographic variables pp. 1009-1029 Downloads
Daniel Müllensiefen, Christian Hennig and Hedie Howells
Predictive performance of penalized beta regression model for continuous bounded outcomes pp. 1030-1040 Downloads
Emmanuel O. Ogundimu and Gary S. Collins
A clustering approach to detect multiple outliers in linear functional relationship model for circular data pp. 1041-1051 Downloads
Nurkhairany Amyra Mokhtar, Yong Zulina Zubairi and Abdul Ghapor Hussin
Bayesian adaptive bandit-based designs using the Gittins index for multi-armed trials with normally distributed endpoints pp. 1052-1076 Downloads
Adam L. Smith and Sofía S. Villar
Variable selection for mode regression pp. 1077-1084 Downloads
Yingzhen Chen, Xuejun Ma and Jingke Zhou
A novel Bayesian regression model for counts with an application to health data pp. 1085-1105 Downloads
H. Haselimashhadi, V. Vinciotti and K. Yu
On maximum depth classifiers: depth distribution approach pp. 1106-1117 Downloads
Olusola Samuel Makinde and Olusoga Akin Fasoranbaku
Measuring association between nominal categorical variables: an alternative to the Goodman–Kruskal lambda pp. 1118-1132 Downloads
Tarald O. Kvålseth
Statistical models for short- and long-term forecasts of snow depth pp. 1133-1156 Downloads
Hugo Lewi Hammer

Volume 45, issue 5, 2018

Cluster detection and clustering with random start forward searches pp. 777-798 Downloads
Anthony C. Atkinson, Marco Riani and Andrea Cerioli
Analyzing clustered count data with a cluster-specific random effect zero-inflated Conway–Maxwell–Poisson distribution pp. 799-814 Downloads
Hyoyoung Choo-Wosoba and Somnath Datta
Bayesian quantile regression for ordinal longitudinal data pp. 815-828 Downloads
Rahim Alhamzawi and Haithem Taha Mohammad Ali
A flexible and efficient spatial interpolator for radar rainfall estimation pp. 829-844 Downloads
R. J. Waken, Joon Jin Song, Soohyun Kwon, Ki-Hong Min and GyuWon Lee
Critical appraisal of jointness concepts in Bayesian model averaging: evidence from life sciences, sociology, and other scientific fields pp. 845-867 Downloads
Georg Man
Homogeneity test for functional data pp. 868-883 Downloads
Ramón Flores, Rosa Lillo and Juan Romo
On the directional accuracy of inflation forecasts: evidence from South African survey data pp. 884-900 Downloads
Christian Pierdzioch, Monique B. Reid and Rangan Gupta
Functional principal component analysis in age–period–cohort analysis of body mass index data by gender and ethnicity pp. 901-917 Downloads
Jun Ye, Juan Xi and Richard L. Einsporn
A Bayesian model for measurement and misclassification errors alongside missing data, with an application to higher education participation in Australia pp. 918-931 Downloads
Harvey Goldstein, William J. Browne and Christopher Charlton
On a tobit–Birnbaum–Saunders model with an application to medical data pp. 932-955 Downloads
Mário F. Desousa, Helton Saulo, Víctor Leiva and Paulo Scalco
The generalized inference on the sign testing problem about the normal variances pp. 956-970 Downloads
Wei-Ya Wu, Wei-Hwa Wu, Hsin-Neng Hsieh and Meng-Chih Lee

Volume 45, issue 4, 2018

Bias-corrected estimations in varying-coefficient partially nonlinear models with measurement error in the nonparametric part pp. 586-603 Downloads
Yan-Ting Xiao and Zhan-Shou Chen
A Bayesian finite mixture change-point model for assessing the risk of novice teenage drivers pp. 604-625 Downloads
Qing Li, Feng Guo, Inyoung Kim, Sheila G. Klauer and Bruce G. Simons-Morton
Identifying intraclass correlations necessitating hierarchical modeling pp. 626-641 Downloads
Kyle M. Irimata and Jeffrey R. Wilson
On computing estimates of a change-point in the Weibull regression hazard model pp. 642-648 Downloads
Oscar Palmeros, Jose A. Villaseñor and Elizabeth González
Objective Bayesian analysis of counting experiments with correlated sources of background pp. 649-667 Downloads
Diego Casadei, Cornelius Grunwald, Kevin Kröninger and Florian Mentzel
An algorithm for the multivariate group lasso with covariance estimation pp. 668-681 Downloads
Ines Wilms and C. Croux
An insight into technology diffusion of tractor through Weibull growth model pp. 682-696 Downloads
Bishal Gurung, K. N. Singh, Ravindra Singh Shekhawat and Md Yeasin
Detecting T cell activation using a varying dimension Bayesian model pp. 697-713 Downloads
Zicheng Hu, Jessica N Lancaster, Lauren I. R. Ehrlich and Peter Müller
Adaptive threshold method for peak detection of surface electromyography signal from around shoulder muscles pp. 714-726 Downloads
Amanpreet Kaur, Ravinder Agarwal and Amod Kumar
Bayesian composite Tobit quantile regression pp. 727-739 Downloads
Fadel Hamid Hadi Alhusseini and Vasile Georgescu
Readouts for echo-state networks built using locally regularized orthogonal forward regression pp. 740-762 Downloads
Ján Dolinský, Kei Hirose and Sadanori Konishi
Interdependency amongst earthquake magnitudes in Southern California pp. 763-774 Downloads
K. Nichols, E. Trevino, N. Ikeda, D. Philo, A. Garcia and D. Bowman
Principles of Scientific Methods pp. 775-776 Downloads
Mariano Ruiz Espejo and Adalbert Marqués Vilallonga

Volume 45, issue 3, 2018

Heteroscedastic log-exponentiated Weibull regression model pp. 384-408 Downloads
Edwin M. M. Ortega, Artur J. Lemonte, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Vicente G. Cancho and Fábio L. Mialhe
Comparative GMM and GQL logistic regression models on hierarchical data pp. 409-425 Downloads
Bei Wang and Jeffrey Wilson
Estimating the population proportion in pair ranked set sampling with application to air quality monitoring pp. 426-437 Downloads
Ehsan Zamanzade and M. Mahdizadeh
A Bayesian analysis of clustered discrete and continuous outcomes pp. 438-449 Downloads
Dale Bowman and E. Olusegun George
Testing discontinuities in nonparametric regression pp. 450-473 Downloads
Wenlin Dai, Yuejin Zhou and Tiejun Tong
An improved meta-analysis for analyzing cylindrical-type time series data with applications to forecasting problem in environmental study pp. 474-486 Downloads
Shuo Wang, Sungsu Kim and Thelge Buddika Peiris
Statistical learning on emerging economies pp. 487-507 Downloads
Eftychia Solea, Bing Li and Aleksandra Slavković
Development of an urban intensity index to facilitate urban ecosystem studies in Trinidad and Tobago pp. 508-527 Downloads
Samantha Chadee and Valerie Stoute
Inferences from logistic regression models in the presence of small samples, rare events, nonlinearity, and multicollinearity with observational data pp. 528-546 Downloads
Jason Bergtold, Elizabeth Yeager and Allen Featherstone
Addressing the problem of missing data in decision tree modeling pp. 547-557 Downloads
Saiedeh Haji-Maghsoudi, Azam Rastegari, Behshid Garrusi and Mohammad Reza Baneshi
Layered clays in PP polymer dispersion: the effect of the processing conditions pp. 558-567 Downloads
M. F. de Almeida, Aldina Correia and Eliana Costa e Silva
Spatially explicit survival modeling for small area cancer data pp. 568-585 Downloads
Georgiana Onicescu, Andrew B. Lawson, Jiajia Zhang, Mulugeta Gebregziabher, Kristin Wallace and Jan M. Eberth

Volume 45, issue 2, 2018

L-moments of the Birnbaum–Saunders distribution and its extreme value version: estimation, goodness of fit and application to earthquake data pp. 187-209 Downloads
Camilo Lillo, Víctor Leiva, Orietta Nicolis and Robert G. Aykroyd
Classification rules for identifying individuals at high risk of developing myocardial infarction based on ApoB, ApoA1 and the ratio were determined using a Bayesian approach pp. 210-224 Downloads
S. Islam, S. Anand, M. McQueen, J. Hamid, L. Thabane, S. Yusuf and J. Beyene
Selection of terms in random coefficient regression models pp. 225-242 Downloads
Francisco M. M. Rocha and Julio M. Singer
Detection of a pair of outliers in a sample from a Gumbel distribution with known scale parameter pp. 243-254 Downloads
S. Lalitha and Pratyasha Tripathi
A comparative simulation of multiple testing procedures in circular data problems pp. 255-269 Downloads
Feridun Tasdan and Ozgur Yeniay
Bayesian inference for the randomly censored Burr-type XII distribution pp. 270-283 Downloads
Muhammad Yameen Danish, Irshad Ahmad Arshad and Muhammad Aslam
The uniform distribution product: an approach to the inventory model using R pp. 284-297 Downloads
Amílcar Oliveira, Teresa Oliveira and Antonio Seijas-Macías
A Bayesian hierarchical model for estimating the cost of postponing the cyclo-cross national championships pp. 298-305 Downloads
J. T. Fry, Andrew Hoegh, Scotland Leman and Matthew Montesano
Evaluation of different statistical methods using SAS software: an in silico approach for analysis of real-time PCR data pp. 306-319 Downloads
Mohammadreza Nassiri, Mahdi Elahi Torshizi, Shahrokh Ghovvati and Mohammad Doosti
Bayesian truncated beta nonlinear mixed-effects models pp. 320-346 Downloads
Carolina Costa Mota Paraíba, Natalia Bochkina and Carlos Alberto Ribeiro Diniz
A new algorithm for clustering based on kernel density estimation pp. 347-366 Downloads
L. C. Matioli, S.R. Santos, M. Kleina and E. A. Leite
Robust modelling of the relationship between CD4 and viral load for complex AIDS data pp. 367-383 Downloads
Tingting Yu and Lang Wu

Volume 45, issue 1, 2018

Spatial–temporal variation of casuarina spread in Cauvery delta and north eastern zone of Tamil Nadu, India: a spatial autoregressive model pp. 1-7 Downloads
M. Vijayabhama, R. Jaisankar, S. Varadha Raj and K. Baranidharan
Variable selection in gamma regression models via artificial bee colony algorithm pp. 8-16 Downloads
Emre Dunder, Serpil Gumustekin and Mehmet Ali Cengiz
Energy performance evaluation of OECD countries using Bayesian stochastic frontier analysis and Bayesian network classifiers pp. 17-25 Downloads
Mehmet Ali Cengiz, Emre Dünder and Talat Şenel
Lasso-type estimation for covariate-adjusted linear model pp. 26-42 Downloads
Feng Li and Yiqiang Lu
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