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Volume 49, issue 7, 2022

A new flexible generalized family for constructing many families of distributions pp. 1615-1635 Downloads
M. H. Tahir, M. Adnan Hussain and Gauss M. Cordeiro
Rapid detection of hot-spots via tensor decomposition with applications to crime rate data pp. 1636-1662 Downloads
Yujie Zhao, Hao Yan, Sarah Holte and Yajun Mei
A robust estimation method for the linear regression model parameters with correlated error terms and outliers pp. 1663-1676 Downloads
Sajjad Piradl, Ali Shadrokh and Masoud Yarmohammadi
Testing differentially methylated regions through functional principal component analysis pp. 1677-1691 Downloads
Mohamed Milad and Gayla R. Olbricht
Bayesian selector of adaptive bandwidth for multivariate gamma kernel estimator on [0,∞ )d pp. 1692-1713 Downloads
Sobom M. Somé and Célestin C. Kokonendji
Multivariate nonparametric methods in two-way balanced designs: performances and limitations in small samples pp. 1714-1741 Downloads
Fabrizio Ronchi, Solomon W. Harrar and Luigi Salmaso
Analysis of mixed correlated overdispersed binomial and ordinal longitudinal responses: LogLindley-Binomial and ordinal random effects model pp. 1742-1768 Downloads
Seyede Sedighe Azimi, Ehsan Bahrami Samani and Mojtaba Ganjali
Current status data with two competing risks and missing failure types: a parametric approach pp. 1769-1783 Downloads
Tamalika Koley and Anup Dewanji
Cause-specific hazard regression estimation for modified Weibull distribution under a class of non-informative priors pp. 1784-1801 Downloads
H. Rehman, N. Chandra, Fatemeh Sadat Hosseini-Baharanchi, Ahmad Reza Baghestani and Mohamad Amin Pourhoseingholi
Competing risks model for clustered data based on the subdistribution hazards with spatial random effects pp. 1802-1820 Downloads
Somayeh Momenyan, Farzane Ahmadi and Jalal Poorolajal
Modelling and monitoring of INAR(1) process with geometrically inflated Poisson innovations pp. 1821-1847 Downloads
Cong Li, Haixiang Zhang and Dehui Wang
On correlation rank screening for ultra-high dimensional competing risks data pp. 1848-1864 Downloads
Xiaolin Chen, Chenguang Li, Tao Zhang and Zhenlong Gao
Shape-constrained Gaussian process regression for surface reconstruction and multimodal, non-rigid image registration pp. 1865-1889 Downloads
Thomas Deregnaucourt, Chafik Samir, Sebastian Kurtek and Anne-Francoise Yao
How many people participated in candlelight protests? Counting the size of a dynamic crowd pp. 1890-1899 Downloads
Seonghun Cho, Johan Lim and Woncheol Jang
Dynamic factor structure of team performances in Liga MX pp. 1900-1912 Downloads
Francisco Corona, Nelson Muriel and Graciela González-Farías

Volume 49, issue 6, 2022

High precision implementation of Steck's recursion method for use in goodness-of-fit tests pp. 1348-1363 Downloads
Jiefei Wang and Jeffrey C. Miecznikowski
Sequential asymmetric third order rotatable designs (SATORDs) pp. 1364-1381 Downloads
M. Hemavathi, Eldho Varghese, Shashi Shekhar and Seema Jaggi
Dynamic Bayesian adjustment of anticipatory covariates in retrospective data: application to the effect of education on divorce risk pp. 1382-1401 Downloads
Parfait Munezero and Gebrenegus Ghilagaber
Analyzing partially paired data: when can the unpaired portion(s) be safely ignored? pp. 1402-1420 Downloads
Qianya Qi, Li Yan and Lili Tian
Bayesian hierarchical models for linear networks pp. 1421-1448 Downloads
Zainab Al-kaabawi, Yinghui Wei and Rana Moyeed
Directional monitoring and diagnosis for covariance matrices pp. 1449-1464 Downloads
Hongying Jing, Jian Li and Kaizong Bai
Adaptive kernel scaling support vector machine with application to a prostate cancer image study pp. 1465-1484 Downloads
Xin Liu and Wenqing He
A nonlinear measurement error model and its application to describing the dependency of health outcomes on dietary intake pp. 1485-1518 Downloads
B. Curley
Streaming constrained binary logistic regression with online standardized data pp. 1519-1539 Downloads
Benoît Lalloué, Jean-Marie Monnez and Eliane Albuisson
The optimized CUSUM and EWMA multi-charts for jointly detecting a range of mean and variance change pp. 1540-1558 Downloads
Gideon Mensah Engmann and Dong Han
Penalized likelihood approach for the four-parameter kappa distribution pp. 1559-1573 Downloads
Nipada Papukdee, Jeong-Soo Park and Piyapatr Busababodhin
The process of transferring negative impulses in capital markets – a wavelet analysis pp. 1574-1597 Downloads
Milda Maria Burzala
Risk analysis in the brazilian stock market: copula-APARCH modeling for value-at-risk pp. 1598-1610 Downloads
Marcela de Marillac Carvalho and Thelma Sáfadi
Correction Notice pp. 1611-1611 Downloads
The Editors
Correction Notice pp. 1612-1614 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 49, issue 5, 2022

Stress–strength reliability estimation involving paired observation with ties using bivariate exponentiated half-logistic model pp. 1049-1064 Downloads
Thomas Xavier and Joby K. Jose
Quantification of model risk that is caused by model misspecification pp. 1065-1085 Downloads
M.B. Seitshiro and H.P. Mashele
Optimal designing of two-level skip-lot sampling reinspection plan pp. 1086-1104 Downloads
N. Murugeswari, P. Jeyadurga and S. Balamurali
Structured sparse support vector machine with ordered features pp. 1105-1120 Downloads
Kuangnan Fang, Peng Wang, Xiaochen Zhang and Qingzhao Zhang
Testing and dating structural changes in copula-based dependence measures pp. 1121-1139 Downloads
Florian Stark and Sven Otto
Variational Bayesian inference for association over phylogenetic trees for microorganisms pp. 1140-1153 Downloads
Xiaojuan Hao, Kent M. Eskridge and Dong Wang
Ultrahigh-dimensional sufficient dimension reduction for censored data with measurement error in covariates pp. 1154-1178 Downloads
Li-Pang Chen
Robust bootstrap prediction intervals for univariate and multivariate autoregressive time series models pp. 1179-1202 Downloads
Ufuk Beyaztas and Han Lin Shang
MAP segmentation in Bayesian hidden Markov models: a case study pp. 1203-1234 Downloads
Alexey Koloydenko, Kristi Kuljus and Jüri Lember
Analyzing the impacts of socio-economic factors on French departmental elections with CoDa methods pp. 1235-1251 Downloads
T. H. A. Nguyen, T. Laurent, C. Thomas-Agnan and A. Ruiz-Gazen
Bivariate Birnbaum-Saunders accelerated lifetime model: estimation and diagnostic analysis pp. 1252-1276 Downloads
Maria Ioneris Oliveira, Michelli Barros, Joelson Campos and Francisco José A. Cysneiros
A review of tests for exponentiality with Monte Carlo comparisons pp. 1277-1304 Downloads
Everestus O. Ossai, Mbanefo S. Madukaife and Abimibola V. Oladugba
A Bayesian approach on the two-piece scale mixtures of normal homoscedastic nonlinear regression models pp. 1305-1322 Downloads
Zahra Barkhordar, Mohsen Maleki, Zahra Khodadadi, Darren Wraith and Farajollah Negahdari
Asymmetric autoregressive models: statistical aspects and a financial application under COVID-19 pandemic pp. 1323-1347 Downloads
Yonghui Liu, Chaoxuan Mao, Víctor Leiva, Shuangzhe Liu and Waldemiro A. Silva Neto

Volume 49, issue 4, 2022

Testing exponentiality based on the extropy of record values pp. 782-802 Downloads
Peihan Xiong, Weiwei Zhuang and Guoxin Qiu
Efficient estimators with categorical ranked set samples: estimation procedures for osteoporosis pp. 803-818 Downloads
Armin Hatefi and Amirhossein Alvandi
On the rank-deficient canonical correlation technique solved by analytic spectral decomposition pp. 819-830 Downloads
Lukáš Malec
Modeling the effects of multiple exposures with unknown group memberships: a Bayesian latent variable approach pp. 831-857 Downloads
Alexis Zavez, Emeir M. McSorley, Alison J. Yeates and Sally W. Thurston
Statistical modeling of computer malware propagation dynamics in cyberspace pp. 858-883 Downloads
Zijian Fang, Peng Zhao, Maochao Xu, Shouhuai Xu, Taizhong Hu and Xing Fang
A three-part regression calibration to handle excess zeroes, skewness and heteroscedasticity in adjusting for measurement error in dietary intake data pp. 884-901 Downloads
George O. Agogo and Alexander K. Muoka
Robust estimation of models for longitudinal data with dropouts and outliers pp. 902-925 Downloads
Yuexia Zhang, Guoyou Qin, Zhongyi Zhu and Bo Fu
Bayesian inference: Weibull Poisson model for censored data using the expectation–maximization algorithm and its application to bladder cancer data pp. 926-948 Downloads
Anurag Pathak, Manoj Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Singh and Umesh Singh
Bayesian analyses of an exponential-Poisson and related zero augmented type models pp. 949-967 Downloads
David P. M. Scollnik
Optimal partitioning for the proportional hazards model pp. 968-987 Downloads
Usha Govindarajulu and Thaddeus Tarpey
Revisit to functional data analysis of sleeping energy expenditure pp. 988-1002 Downloads
Seungchul Baek, Yewon Kim, Junyong Park and Jong Soo Lee
A mixture model with Poisson and zero-truncated Poisson components to analyze road traffic accidents in Turkey pp. 1003-1017 Downloads
Hande Konşuk Ünlü, Derek S. Young, Ayten Yiğiter and L. Hilal Özcebe
Migration and students' performance: detecting geographical differences following a curves clustering approach pp. 1018-1032 Downloads
Giovanni Boscaino, Gianluca Sottile and Giada Adelfio
Nonparametric panel stationarity testing with an application to crude oil production pp. 1033-1048 Downloads
María José Presno, Manuel Landajo and Paula Fernandez-Gonzalez

Volume 49, issue 3, 2022

A semi-analytical solution to the maximum-likelihood fit of Poisson data to a linear model using the Cash statistic pp. 522-552 Downloads
Massimiliano Bonamente and David Spence
EWMA control charts for monitoring correlated counts with finite range pp. 553-573 Downloads
Maria Anastasopoulou and Athanasios C. Rakitzis
Regularized robust estimation in binary regression models pp. 574-598 Downloads
Qingguo Tang, Rohana J. Karunamuni and Boxiao Liu
Goodness-of-fit test for exponentiality based on spacings for general progressive Type-II censored data pp. 599-620 Downloads
Xinyan Qin, Jiao Yu and Wenhao Gui
A non-parametric Hawkes model of the spread of Ebola in west Africa pp. 621-637 Downloads
Junhyung Park, Adam W. Chaffee, Ryan J. Harrigan and Frederic Paik Schoenberg
A Bayesian shared parameter model for joint modeling of longitudinal continuous and binary outcomes pp. 638-655 Downloads
T. Baghfalaki, M. Ganjali, A. Kabir and A. Pazouki
Survival analysis for the inverse Gaussian distribution with the Gibbs sampler pp. 656-675 Downloads
Kalanka. P. Jayalath and Raj S. Chhikara
Bayesian inference in based-kernel regression: comparison of count data of condition factor of fish in pond systems pp. 676-693 Downloads
T. Senga Kiessé, Etienne Rivot, Christophe Jaeger and Joël Aubin
A proportional-hazards model for survival analysis and long-term survivors modeling: application to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis data pp. 694-708 Downloads
Tasnime Hamdeni and Soufiane Gasmi
On a generalization of the test of endogeneity in a two stage least squares estimation pp. 709-721 Downloads
Ayyub Sheikhi, Fatemeh Bahador and Mohammad Arashi
A new selection criterion for statistical home range estimation pp. 722-737 Downloads
A. Baíllo and J. E. Chacón
Regional source apportionment of PM2.5 in Seoul using Bayesian multivariate receptor model pp. 738-751 Downloads
Man-Suk Oh and Chee Kyung Park
The GLM framework of the Lee–Carter model: a multi-country study pp. 752-763 Downloads
Shafiqah Azman and Dharini Pathmanathan
A statistical methodology to select covariates in high-dimensional data under dependence. Application to the classification of genetic profiles in oncology pp. 764-781 Downloads
B. Bastien, T. Boukhobza, H. Dumond, A. Gégout-Petit, A. Muller-Gueudin and C. Thiébaut

Volume 49, issue 2, 2022

Robust analogs to the coefficient of variation pp. 268-290 Downloads
Chandima N. P. G. Arachchige, Luke A. Prendergast and Robert G. Staudte
Detecting the Guttman effect with the help of ordinal correspondence analysis in synchrotron X-ray diffraction data analysis pp. 291-316 Downloads
C. Manté, S. Cornu, D. Borschneck, C. Mocuta and R. van den Bogaert
Kalman filtering with censored measurements pp. 317-335 Downloads
Kostas Loumponias and George Tsaklidis
Bayesian generalizations of the integer-valued autoregressive model pp. 336-356 Downloads
Paulo C. Marques F., Helton Graziadei and Hedibert F. Lopes
Bayesian estimation of extropy and goodness of fit tests pp. 357-370 Downloads
Luai Al-Labadi and Sean Berry
Exponentiated Teissier distribution with increasing, decreasing and bathtub hazard functions pp. 371-393 Downloads
Vikas Kumar Sharma, Sudhanshu V. Singh and Komal Shekhawat
Predictive analysis for joint progressive censoring plans: a Bayesian approach pp. 394-410 Downloads
Mohammad Vali Ahmadi and Mahdi Doostparast
Feature selection based on distance correlation: a filter algorithm pp. 411-426 Downloads
Hongwei Tan, Guodong Wang, Wendong Wang and Zili Zhang
Two multivariate online change detection models pp. 427-448 Downloads
Lingzhe Guo and Reza Modarres
Modeling population and subject-specific growth in a latent trait measured by multiple instruments over time using a hierarchical Bayesian framework pp. 449-465 Downloads
Caitlin Ward, Jacob Oleson, J. Bruce Tomblin and Elizabeth Walker
Quantifying treatment differences in confirmatory trials under non-proportional hazards pp. 466-484 Downloads
José L. Jiménez
A surrogate model for estimating extreme tower loads on wind turbines based on random forest proximities pp. 485-497 Downloads
Mikkel Slot Nielsen and Victor Rohde
Time-varying coefficient cumulative gap time models for intensive longitudinal ecological momentary assessment data with missingness pp. 498-521 Downloads
Xiaoxue Li, Stewart J. Anderson, Saul Shiffman and Bo Zhang

Volume 49, issue 1, 2022

Zero-inflated models for adjusting varying exposures: a cautionary note on the pitfalls of using offset pp. 1-23 Downloads
Cindy Feng
Extensions of empirical likelihood and chi-squared-based tests for ordered alternatives pp. 24-43 Downloads
M. Carmen Pardo, Ying Lu and Alba M. Franco-Pereira
Combination of multiple functional markers to improve diagnostic accuracy pp. 44-63 Downloads
Haiqiang Ma, Jin Yang, Sheng Xu, Chao Liu and Qinyi Zhang
Conservative confidence intervals on multiple correlation coefficient for high-dimensional elliptical data using random projection methodology pp. 64-85 Downloads
Dariush Najarzadeh
Exact unconditional inference for analyzing contingency tables in finite populations pp. 86-97 Downloads
Shiva S. Dibaj, Alan D. Hutson, Graham W. Warren and Gregory E. Wilding
MulticlusterKDE: a new algorithm for clustering based on multivariate kernel density estimation pp. 98-121 Downloads
D. Scaldelai, L. C. Matioli, S. R. Santos and M. Kleina
Reliability analysis of multicomponent stress–strength reliability from a bathtub-shaped distribution pp. 122-142 Downloads
Liang Wang, Ke Wu, Yogesh Mani Tripathi and Chandrakant Lodhi
Small area estimation of expenditure means and ratios under a unit-level bivariate linear mixed model pp. 143-168 Downloads
María Dolores Esteban, María José Lombardía, Esther López-Vizcaíno, Domingo Morales and Agustín Pérez
Estimation of parameters of inverse Weibull distribution and application to multi-component stress-strength model pp. 169-194 Downloads
Nabakumar Jana and Samadrita Bera
Joint regression modeling of location and scale parameters of the skew t distribution with application in soil chemistry data pp. 195-213 Downloads
F. Prataviera, A. M. Batista, P. L. Libardi, G. M. Cordeiro and E. M. M. Ortega
A model-based approach to Spotify data analysis: a Beta GLMM pp. 214-229 Downloads
Mariangela Sciandra and Irene Carola Spera
Scalable module detection for attributed networks with applications to breast cancer pp. 230-247 Downloads
Han Yu and Rachael Hageman Blair
The semiparametric regression model for bimodal data with different penalized smoothers applied to climatology, ethanol and air quality data pp. 248-267 Downloads
J. C. S. Vasconcelos, G. M. Cordeiro and E. M. M. Ortega
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