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Volume 43, issue 10, 2016

Improving the estimations of fatty acids in several Andalusian PDO olive oils from NMR spectral data pp. 1765-1793 Downloads
M. I. Sánchez-Rodríguez, E. M. Sánchez-López, A. Marinas, J. M. Caridad, F. J. Urbano and J. M. Marinas
Survival and lifetime data analysis with a flexible class of distributions pp. 1794-1813 Downloads
Francisco J. Rubio and Yili Hong
A beta inflated mean regression model for fractional response variables pp. 1814-1830 Downloads
Cristian L. Bayes and Luis Valdivieso
Collinearity diagnostic applied in ridge estimation through the variance inflation factor pp. 1831-1849 Downloads
Roman Salmerón Gómez, Jose Pérez, María Del Mar López Martín and Catalina García García
A Bayesian test of homogeneity of association parameter using transition modelling of longitudinal mixed responses pp. 1850-1863 Downloads
S. Noorian, M. Ganjali and E. Bahrami Samani
On discrimination procedure with mixtures of continuous and categorical variables pp. 1864-1873 Downloads
Gafar Matanmi Oyeyemi, George Chinanu Mbaeyi, Saheed Ishola Salawu and Bernard Olagboyega Muse
Analysis of reliability characteristics in the acceptance sampling tests pp. 1874-1891 Downloads
Ji Hwan Cha
A new modified Jackknifed estimator for the Poisson regression model pp. 1892-1905 Downloads
Semra Türkan and Gamze Özel
Box--Cox realized asymmetric stochastic volatility models with generalized Student's t -error distributions pp. 1906-1927 Downloads
Didit B. Nugroho and Takayuki Morimoto
Rank estimation for the functional linear model pp. 1928-1944 Downloads
Melody Denhere and Huybrechts F. Bindele
An efficient class of estimators of finite population variance using quartiles pp. 1945-1958 Downloads
Housila P. Singh and Surya K. Pal

Volume 43, issue 9, 2016

Bayesian change points analysis for earthquakes body wave magnitude pp. 1567-1582 Downloads
F.A. Alawadhi and D. Alhulail
Fitting probability distributions to economic growth: a maximum likelihood approach pp. 1583-1603 Downloads
Mahmood Ul Hassan and Pär Stockhammar
On the usability of the fluctuation test statistic to identify multiple cointegration break points pp. 1604-1624 Downloads
Alexander Ludwig
Bayesian adaptive two-stage design for determining person-time in Phase II clinical trials with Poisson data pp. 1625-1635 Downloads
Austin L. Hand, John A. Scott, Phil D. Young, James D. Stamey and Dean M. Young
Basu--Dhar bivariate geometric distribution in the presence of covariates and censored data: a Bayesian approach pp. 1636-1648 Downloads
J. A. Achcar, N. Davarzani and R. M. Souza
An alternative circular smoothing method to nonparametric estimation of periodic functions pp. 1649-1672 Downloads
Zheng Xu
Agreement between two diagnostic tests when accounting for test--retest variation: application to FFR versus iFR pp. 1673-1689 Downloads
Hongjian Zhu, Dejian Lai and Nils P. Johnson
A Bayesian multiple structural change regression model with autocorrelated errors pp. 1690-1705 Downloads
Jaehee Kim and Chulwoo Jeong
Methods to assess measurement error in questionnaires of sedentary behavior pp. 1706-1721 Downloads
Joshua N. Sampson, Charles E. Matthews, Laurence S. Freedman, Raymond J. Carroll and Victor Kipnis
Local influence diagnostics for incomplete overdispersed longitudinal counts pp. 1722-1737 Downloads
Trias Wahyuni Rakhmawati, Geert Molenberghs, Geert Verbeke and Christel Faes
One-sided asymptotic inferences for a proportion pp. 1738-1752 Downloads
M. Álvarez Hernández, A. Martín Andrés and I. Herranz Tejedor
A new way to order independent components pp. 1753-1764 Downloads
Saima Afzal and Muhammad Mutahir Iqbal

Volume 43, issue 8, 2016

Bayesian analysis for mixtures of discrete distributions with a non-parametric component pp. 1369-1385 Downloads
Baba B. Alhaji, Hongsheng Dai, Yoshiko Hayashi, Veronica Vinciotti, Andrew Harrison and Berthold Lausen
On conditional risk estimation considering model risk pp. 1386-1399 Downloads
Fedya Telmoudi, Mohamed EL Ghourabi and Mohamed Limam
Economic-statistical design of simple linear profiles with variable sampling interval pp. 1400-1418 Downloads
M.J. Ershadi, R. Noorossana and S.T.a Niaki
Preprocessing of centred logratio transformed density functions using smoothing splines pp. 1419-1435 Downloads
J. Machalová, K. Hron and G.S. Monti
ℓ 1 regressions: Gini estimators for fixed effects panel data pp. 1436-1446 Downloads
Ndéné Ka and Stéphane Mussard
Multivariate generalized linear mixed models with random intercepts to analyze cardiovascular risk markers in type-1 diabetic patients pp. 1447-1464 Downloads
Miran A. Jaffa, Mulugeta Gebregziabher, Deirdre K. Luttrell, Louis M. Luttrell and Ayad A. Jaffa
Improving prediction performance of stellar parameters using functional models pp. 1465-1476 Downloads
Sylvain Robbiano, Matthieu Saumard and Michel Curé
Bayesian D -optimal Accelerated Life Test plans for series systems with competing exponential causes of failure pp. 1477-1493 Downloads
Soumya Roy and Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay
Are there interregional differences in the response of cigarette smoking to state cigarette excise taxes in the USA? Exploratory analysis pp. 1494-1507 Downloads
Richard Cebula, Fiorentina Angjellari-Dajci and Russell Kashian
Bayesian analysis of generalized elliptical semi-parametric models pp. 1508-1524 Downloads
Luz Marina Rondon and Heleno Bolfarine
Parameter estimation for employee stock ownerships preference experimental design pp. 1525-1540 Downloads
Junying Chen, Haoyu Zeng and Fei Yang
Analysis of means: a generalized approach using R pp. 1541-1560 Downloads
Philip Pallmann and Ludwig A. Hothorn
Posterior likelihood ratios for evaluation of forensic trace evidence given a two-level model on the data by Alberink et al. (2013) pp. 1561-1563 Downloads
Silvia Bozza and Franco Taroni
On regression modelling with dummy variables versus separate regressions per group: comment on Holgersson et al pp. 1564-1565 Downloads
Thomas Holgersson, Louise Nordström and Özge Öner

Volume 43, issue 7, 2016

A growth mixture Tobit model: application to AIDS studies pp. 1174-1185 Downloads
Getachew A. Dagne
Distance-based variable generation with applications to the FACT experiment pp. 1186-1197 Downloads
Tobias Voigt, Roland Fried, Wolfgang Rhode and Fabian Temme
A generalised linear space--time autoregressive model with space--time autoregressive disturbances pp. 1198-1225 Downloads
Oscar O. Melo, Jorge Mateu and Carlos E. Melo
Modelling the location decisions of manufacturing firms with a spatial point process approach pp. 1226-1239 Downloads
Chiara Bocci and Emilia Rocco
A class of finite mixture of quantile regressions with its applications pp. 1240-1252 Downloads
Yuzhu Tian, Manlai Tang and Maozai Tian
Estimating class-specific parametric models using finite mixtures: an application to a hedonic model of wine prices pp. 1253-1261 Downloads
Steven B Caudill and Franklin G. Mixon
On increasing the sensitivity of mixed EWMA--CUSUM control charts for location parameter pp. 1262-1278 Downloads
Jimoh Olawale Ajadi, Muhammad Riaz and Khalid Al-Ghamdi
Exact confidence intervals for randomized response strategies pp. 1279-1290 Downloads
Guogen Shan
Threshold selection for regional peaks-over-threshold data pp. 1291-1309 Downloads
M. Roth, G. Jongbloed and T.A. Buishand
Investigating impacts of complex sampling on latent growth curve modelling pp. 1310-1321 Downloads
Marcel de Toledo Vieira, Maria de Fátima Salgueiro and Peter W. F. Smith
Testing the similarity of two normal populations with application to the bioequivalence problem pp. 1322-1334 Downloads
Husam Awni Bayoud
Optimal network design for Bayesian spatial prediction of multivariate non-Gaussian environmental data pp. 1335-1348 Downloads
Firoozeh Rivaz
How to improve a team's position in the FIFA ranking? A simulation study pp. 1349-1368 Downloads
Jan Lasek, Zoltán Szlávik, Marek Gagolewski and Sandjai Bhulai

Volume 43, issue 6, 2016

Power analysis for clustered non-continuous responses in multicenter trials pp. 979-995 Downloads
T. Chen, K. Knox, J. Arora, W. Tang, J. Kowalski and X.M. Tu
Estimation of association parameters in copula models for bivariate left-truncated and right-censored data pp. 996-1010 Downloads
Pao-sheng Shen
Inverse uncertainty quantification of input model parameters for thermal-hydraulics simulations using expectation--maximization under Bayesian framework pp. 1011-1026 Downloads
Rijan Shrestha and Tomasz Kozlowski
Influence diagnostics for the Weibull-Negative-Binomial regression model with cure rate under latent failure causes pp. 1027-1060 Downloads
Bao Yiqi, Cibele Maria Russo, Vicente G. Cancho and Francisco Louzada
The cut-off point based on underlying distribution and cost function pp. 1061-1073 Downloads
Sang Eun Lee and Key-Il Shin
Modeling proportions and marginal counts simultaneously for clustered multinomial data with random cluster sizes pp. 1074-1087 Downloads
Guohua Yan, M. Tariqul Hasan and Renjun Ma
Functional boxplots based on epigraphs and hypographs pp. 1088-1103 Downloads
B. Martin-Barragan, R.E. Lillo and J. Romo
Power analysis for cluster randomized trials with binary outcomes modeled by generalized linear mixed-effects models pp. 1104-1118 Downloads
T. Chen, N. Lu, J. Arora, I. Katz, R. Bossarte, H. He, Y. Xia, H. Zhang and X.M. Tu
A restricted Liu estimator for binary regression models and its application to an applied demand system pp. 1119-1127 Downloads
Kristofer Månsson, B.M. Golam Kibria and Ghazi Shukur
An improved fuzzy time-series method of forecasting based on L -- R fuzzy sets and its application pp. 1128-1139 Downloads
Himadri Ghosh, S. Chowdhury and Prajneshu
A novel feature selection scheme for high-dimensional data sets: four-Staged Feature Selection pp. 1140-1154 Downloads
Ayça Çakmak Pehlivanlı
Partitioning gene expression data by data-driven Markov chain Monte Carlo pp. 1155-1173 Downloads
E.F. Saraiva, A.K. Suzuki, F. Louzada and L.A. Milan

Volume 43, issue 5, 2016

Data-driven desirability function to measure patients’ disease progression in a longitudinal study pp. 783-795 Downloads
Hsiu-Wen Chen, Weng Kee Wong and Hongquan Xu
Variable selection for high-dimensional generalized linear models with the weighted elastic-net procedure pp. 796-809 Downloads
Xiuli Wang and Mingqiu Wang
Bootstrap hypothesis testing in generalized additive models for comparing curves of treatments in longitudinal studies pp. 810-826 Downloads
M.L. Nores and M.P. Díaz
Tourist number prediction of historic buildings by singular spectrum analysis pp. 827-846 Downloads
Meng-Ning Lyu, Qing-Shan Yang, Na Yang and Siu-Seong Law
Modeling and predicting IBNR reserve: extended chain ladder and heteroscedastic regression analysis pp. 847-870 Downloads
Leonardo Costa, Adrian Pizzinga and Rodrigo Atherino
Evaluation of realized volatility predictions from models with leptokurtically and asymmetrically distributed forecast errors pp. 871-892 Downloads
Stavros Degiannakis and Alexandra Livada
Inferring gene regulatory networks by an order independent algorithm using incomplete data sets pp. 893-913 Downloads
Rosa Aghdam, Mojtaba Ganjali, Parisa Niloofar and Changiz Eslahchi
The effects of exchange rate regimes on economic growth: evidence from propensity score matching estimates pp. 914-924 Downloads
Ismail Onur Baycan
First-order marginalised transition random effects models with probit link function pp. 925-942 Downloads
Özgür Asar and Ozlem Ilk
Regularisation, interpolation and visualisation of diffusion tensor images using non-Euclidean statistics pp. 943-978 Downloads
Diwei Zhou, Ian L. Dryden, Alexey A. Koloydenko, Koenraad M.R. Audenaert and Li Bai

Volume 43, issue 4, 2016

Conditional conceptual predictive statistic for mixed model selection pp. 585-603 Downloads
Cheng Wenren and Junfeng Shang
Spatial effects in dynamic conditional correlations pp. 604-626 Downloads
Edoardo Otranto, Massimo Mucciardi and Pietro Bertuccelli
Diagnostics in elliptical regression models with stochastic restrictions applied to econometrics pp. 627-642 Downloads
Víctor Leiva, Shuangzhe Liu, Lei Shi and Francisco José A. Cysneiros
Quantile-adaptive variable screening in ultra-high dimensional varying coefficient models pp. 643-654 Downloads
Junying Zhang, Riquan Zhang and Zhiping Lu
A wavelet-based approach to the analysis and modelling of financial time series exhibiting strong long-range dependence: the case of Southeast Europe pp. 655-673 Downloads
Boryana Bogdanova and Ivan Ivanov
On regression modelling with dummy variables versus separate regressions per group: Comment on Holgersson et al pp. 674-681 Downloads
Jan Schepers
A statistical approach to address the problem of heaping in self-reported income data pp. 682-703 Downloads
S. Zinn and A. Würbach
Dynamic latent trait models with mixed hidden Markov structure for mixed longitudinal outcomes pp. 704-720 Downloads
Yue Zhang and Kiros Berhane
Bayesian deconvolution of oil well test data using Gaussian processes pp. 721-737 Downloads
J. Andrés Christen, Bruno Sansó, Mario Santana-Cibrian and Jorge X. Velasco-Hernández
Determining Six Sigma success factors in Turkey by using structural equation modeling pp. 738-753 Downloads
Ümit Kuvvetli, Ali Rıza Firuzan, Süleyman Alpaykut and Atakan Gerger
Bias correction through filtering omitted variables and instruments pp. 754-766 Downloads
Andrea Beccarini
Missing value imputation method for disaster decision-making using K nearest neighbor pp. 767-781 Downloads
Xiaofei Ma and Qiuyan Zhong

Volume 43, issue 3, 2016

An empirical Bayes' procedure for ranking players in Ryder Cup golf pp. 387-395 Downloads
Rose D. Baker and Ian G. McHale
Robust Bayesian analysis of loss reserving data using scale mixtures distributions pp. 396-411 Downloads
S.T. Boris Choy, Jennifer S.K. Chan and Udi E. Makov
Tests of goodness of fit based on Phi-divergence pp. 412-429 Downloads
Hadi Alizadeh Noughabi and Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
Bayesian longitudinal models for paediatric kidney transplant recipients pp. 430-440 Downloads
C. Armero, A. Forte and H. Perpiñán
Indirect membership function assignment based on ordinal regression pp. 441-460 Downloads
Qing Li
A test for the linearity of the nonparametric part of a semiparametric logistic regression model pp. 461-475 Downloads
Chin-Shang Li
New influence diagnostics in ridge regression pp. 476-489 Downloads
Hadi Emami and Mostafa Emami
Factor screening in nonregular two-level designs based on projection-based variable selection pp. 490-508 Downloads
John Tyssedal and Shahrukh Hussain
Identification and classification of multiple outliers, high leverage points and influential observations in linear regression pp. 509-525 Downloads
A.A.M. Nurunnabi, M. Nasser and A.H.M.R. Imon
A variant of K nearest neighbor quantile regression pp. 526-537 Downloads
Xuejun Ma, Xiaoqun He and Xiaokang Shi
A test for detecting etiologic heterogeneity in epidemiological studies pp. 538-549 Downloads
S. Karagulle and Z. Kalaylioglu
A non-inferiority test for diagnostic accuracy in the absence of the golden standard test based on the paired partial areas under receiver operating characteristic curves pp. 550-562 Downloads
Shu-Man Shih, Wei-Hwa Wu and Hsin-Neng Hsieh
Maximum likelihood estimation of sensitive proportion using repeated randomized response techniques pp. 563-571 Downloads
Sayed Mohammad Reza Alavi and Mahboobeh Tajodini
Unified multivariate survival model with a surviving fraction: an application to a Brazilian customer churn data pp. 572-584 Downloads
Vicente G. Cancho, Dipak K. Dey and Francisco Louzada

Volume 43, issue 2, 2016

Bayesian analysis of covariance under inverse Gaussian model pp. 280-298 Downloads
Mohammadreza Meshkani, Afshin Fallah and Amir Kavousi
Evaluation of open items using the many-facet Rasch model pp. 299-316 Downloads
Sonia Ferreira Lopes Toffoli, Dalton Francisco de Andrade and Antonio Cezar Bornia
New bootstrap inference for spurious regression problems pp. 317-335 Downloads
Hrishikesh Vinod
Type I and Type II error rates in the last observation carried forward method under informative dropout pp. 336-350 Downloads
Chandan Saha and Michael P. Jones
Short-term wind speed forecasting in Germany pp. 351-369 Downloads
Daniel Ambach
A new painting process for vessel radiators of transformer: wet-on-wet pp. 370-386 Downloads
Aslan Deniz Karaoglan and Nihat Celik

Volume 43, issue 1, 2016

Statistics in Education pp. 1-2 Downloads
Massimo Attanasio and Vincenza Capursi
Degree course change and student performance: a mixed-effect model approach pp. 3-15 Downloads
Giada Adelfio and Giovanni Boscaino
Departures from the formal of actual students' university careers: an application of non-homogeneous fuzzy Markov chains pp. 16-30 Downloads
F. Crippa, M. Mazzoleni and M. Zenga
A biclustering approach to university performances: an Italian case study pp. 31-45 Downloads
Valentina Raponi, Francesca Martella and Antonello Maruotti
An association model for bivariate data with application to the analysis of university students' success pp. 46-57 Downloads
Marco Enea and Massimo Attanasio
Aranda-Ordaz quantile regression for student performance assessment pp. 58-71 Downloads
Hakim-Moulay Dehbi, Mario Cortina-Borja and Marco Geraci
Academic performance of students from entrance to graduation via quasi U-statistics: a study at a Brazilian research university pp. 72-86 Downloads
Rafael Pimentel Maia, Hildete Prisco Pinheiro and Aluísio Pinheiro
Comparative analysis of classification methods in determining non-active student characteristics in Indonesia Open University pp. 87-97 Downloads
Dewi Juliah Ratnaningsih and Imas Sukaesih Sitanggang
Performance and decisions: immigrant--native gaps in educational transitions in Italy pp. 98-114 Downloads
Dalit Contini and Davide Azzolini
Examining the effect of social influence on student performance through network autocorrelation models pp. 115-127 Downloads
Maria Prosperina Vitale, Giovanni C. Porzio and Patrick Doreian
Application of multinomial logistic regression to educational factors of the 2009 General Household Survey in South Africa pp. 128-139 Downloads
Simon Monyai, 'Maseka Lesaoana, Timotheus Darikwa and Philimon Nyamugure
Patterns of earnings differentials across three conservative European welfare regimes with alternative education systems pp. 140-168 Downloads
Rosalia Castellano and Gennaro Punzo
Investigating the determinants of job satisfaction of Italian graduates: a model-based approach pp. 169-179 Downloads
Stefania Capecchi and Domenico Piccolo
Flexible latent trait aggregation to analyze employability after the Ph.D. in Italy pp. 180-194 Downloads
S. Fasola, O. Giambalvo and C. Romano
A Bayesian hierarchical model for comparative evaluation of teaching quality indicators in higher education pp. 195-211 Downloads
D. Fouskakis, G. Petrakos and I. Vavouras
Unbiased one-dimensional university ranking -- application-based preference ordering pp. 212-228 Downloads
Andras Telcs, Zsolt Tibor Kosztyán and Ádám Török
Cognitive diagnosis models for baseline testing of educational standards in math pp. 229-243 Downloads
J. Groß, A. Robitzsch and A.C. George
Multivariate multilevel models for attitudes toward statistics: multi-disciplinary settings in Afghanistan pp. 244-261 Downloads
Oyelola A. Adegboye and Asadullah Jawid
Co-authorship networks and scientific performance: an empirical analysis using the generalized extreme value distribution pp. 262-279 Downloads
Domenico De Stefano and Susanna Zaccarin
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