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1997 - 2018

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Volume 45, issue 3, 2018

Heteroscedastic log-exponentiated Weibull regression model pp. 384-408 Downloads
Edwin M. M. Ortega, Artur J. Lemonte, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Vicente G. Cancho and Fábio L. Mialhe
Comparative GMM and GQL logistic regression models on hierarchical data pp. 409-425 Downloads
Bei Wang and Jeffrey Wilson
Estimating the population proportion in pair ranked set sampling with application to air quality monitoring pp. 426-437 Downloads
Ehsan Zamanzade and M. Mahdizadeh
A Bayesian analysis of clustered discrete and continuous outcomes pp. 438-449 Downloads
Dale Bowman and E. Olusegun George
Testing discontinuities in nonparametric regression pp. 450-473 Downloads
Wenlin Dai, Yuejin Zhou and Tiejun Tong
An improved meta-analysis for analyzing cylindrical-type time series data with applications to forecasting problem in environmental study pp. 474-486 Downloads
Shuo Wang, Sungsu Kim and Thelge Buddika Peiris
Statistical learning on emerging economies pp. 487-507 Downloads
Eftychia Solea, Bing Li and Aleksandra Slavković
Development of an urban intensity index to facilitate urban ecosystem studies in Trinidad and Tobago pp. 508-527 Downloads
Samantha Chadee and Valerie Stoute
Inferences from logistic regression models in the presence of small samples, rare events, nonlinearity, and multicollinearity with observational data pp. 528-546 Downloads
Jason Bergtold, Elizabeth A. Yeager and Allen Featherstone
Addressing the problem of missing data in decision tree modeling pp. 547-557 Downloads
Saiedeh Haji-Maghsoudi, Azam Rastegari, Behshid Garrusi and Mohammad Reza Baneshi
Layered clays in PP polymer dispersion: the effect of the processing conditions pp. 558-567 Downloads
M. F. de Almeida, Aldina Correia and Eliana Costa e Silva
Spatially explicit survival modeling for small area cancer data pp. 568-585 Downloads
Georgiana Onicescu, Andrew B. Lawson, Jiajia Zhang, Mulugeta Gebregziabher, Kristin Wallace and Jan M. Eberth

Volume 45, issue 2, 2018

L-moments of the Birnbaum–Saunders distribution and its extreme value version: estimation, goodness of fit and application to earthquake data pp. 187-209 Downloads
Camilo Lillo, Víctor Leiva, Orietta Nicolis and Robert G. Aykroyd
Classification rules for identifying individuals at high risk of developing myocardial infarction based on ApoB, ApoA1 and the ratio were determined using a Bayesian approach pp. 210-224 Downloads
S. Islam, S. Anand, M. McQueen, J. Hamid, L. Thabane, S. Yusuf and J. Beyene
Selection of terms in random coefficient regression models pp. 225-242 Downloads
Francisco M. M. Rocha and Julio M. Singer
Detection of a pair of outliers in a sample from a Gumbel distribution with known scale parameter pp. 243-254 Downloads
S. Lalitha and Pratyasha Tripathi
A comparative simulation of multiple testing procedures in circular data problems pp. 255-269 Downloads
Feridun Tasdan and Ozgur Yeniay
Bayesian inference for the randomly censored Burr-type XII distribution pp. 270-283 Downloads
Muhammad Yameen Danish, Irshad Ahmad Arshad and Muhammad Aslam
The uniform distribution product: an approach to the inventory model using R pp. 284-297 Downloads
Amílcar Oliveira, Teresa Oliveira and Antonio Seijas-Macías
A Bayesian hierarchical model for estimating the cost of postponing the cyclo-cross national championships pp. 298-305 Downloads
J. T. Fry, Andrew Hoegh, Scotland Leman and Matthew Montesano
Evaluation of different statistical methods using SAS software: an in silico approach for analysis of real-time PCR data pp. 306-319 Downloads
Mohammadreza Nassiri, Mahdi Elahi Torshizi, Shahrokh Ghovvati and Mohammad Doosti
Bayesian truncated beta nonlinear mixed-effects models pp. 320-346 Downloads
Carolina Costa Mota Paraíba, Natalia Bochkina and Carlos Alberto Ribeiro Diniz
A new algorithm for clustering based on kernel density estimation pp. 347-366 Downloads
L. C. Matioli, S.R. Santos, M. Kleina and E. A. Leite
Robust modelling of the relationship between CD4 and viral load for complex AIDS data pp. 367-383 Downloads
Tingting Yu and Lang Wu

Volume 45, issue 1, 2018

Spatial–temporal variation of casuarina spread in Cauvery delta and north eastern zone of Tamil Nadu, India: a spatial autoregressive model pp. 1-7 Downloads
M. Vijayabhama, R. Jaisankar, S. Varadha Raj and K. Baranidharan
Variable selection in gamma regression models via artificial bee colony algorithm pp. 8-16 Downloads
Emre Dunder, Serpil Gumustekin and Mehmet Ali Cengiz
Energy performance evaluation of OECD countries using Bayesian stochastic frontier analysis and Bayesian network classifiers pp. 17-25 Downloads
Mehmet Ali Cengiz, Emre Dünder and Talat Şenel
Lasso-type estimation for covariate-adjusted linear model pp. 26-42 Downloads
Feng Li and Yiqiang Lu
Verification in biometric systems: problems and modern methods of their solution pp. 43-62 Downloads
Kartlos Joseph Kachiashvili and Archil Iveri Prangishvili
Simultaneous edit-imputation and disclosure limitation for business establishment data pp. 63-82 Downloads
Hang J. Kim, Jerome P. Reiter and Alan F. Karr
Simple components pp. 83-99 Downloads
T. F. Cox and D. S. Arnold
Robust regression: an inferential method for determining which independent variables are most important pp. 100-111 Downloads
Rand R. Wilcox
A functional data approach to model score difference process in professional basketball games pp. 112-127 Downloads
Tao Chen and Qingliang (Michael) Fan
Poisson–exponential distribution: different methods of estimation pp. 128-144 Downloads
Giovani Carrara Rodrigues, Francisco Louzada and Pedro Luiz Ramos
Generalized Tobit models: diagnostics and application in econometrics pp. 145-167 Downloads
Michelli Barros, Manuel Galea, Víctor Leiva and Manoel Santos-Neto
Gaussian Markov random field spatial models in GAMLSS pp. 168-186 Downloads
Fernanda De Bastiani, Robert A. Rigby, Dimitrios M. Stasinopoulous, Audrey H.M.A. Cysneiros and Miguel A. Uribe-Opazo

Volume 44, issue 16, 2017

Fractionally integrated GARCH model with tempered stable distribution: a simulation study pp. 2837-2857 Downloads
L. Feng and Y. Shi
MARS as an alternative approach of Gaussian graphical model for biochemical networks pp. 2858-2876 Downloads
Ezgi Ayyıldız, Melih Ağraz and Vilda Purutçuoğlu
The evaluation study on tourism websites: from the perspective of triangular intuitionistic fuzzy multiple attribute group decision making pp. 2877-2889 Downloads
Tonghui Lian, Caihua Yu, Zhongqun Wang and Zhiping Hou
Analyzing dependence in incidence of diabetes and heart problem using generalized bivariate geometric models with covariates pp. 2890-2907 Downloads
M. Ataharul Islam, Rafiqul I. Chowdhury and K. S. Sultan
Causal inferences from many experiments pp. 2908-2922 Downloads
Wendy K. Tam Cho
Empirical likelihood-based robust tests for genetic association analysis with quantitative traits pp. 2923-2935 Downloads
Wenjun Xiong, You Su and Juan Ding
The evaluation of socio-economic development of development agency regions in Turkey using classical and robust principal component analyses pp. 2936-2948 Downloads
Hasan Bulut and Yüksel Öner
A clustering cure rate model with application to a sealant study pp. 2949-2962 Downloads
Diego I. Gallardo, Heleno Bolfarine and Atonio Carlos Pedroso-de-Lima
Exponentiated-exponential geometric regression model pp. 2963-2977 Downloads
Felix Famoye and Carl Lee
A new generalized weighted Weibull distribution with decreasing, increasing, upside-down bathtub, N-shape and M-shape hazard rate pp. 2978-2993 Downloads
Filippo Domma, Francesca Condino and Božidar V. Popović
Valid estimates for repeated randomized response methods pp. 2994-3010 Downloads
Heiko Groenitz
Multivariate hierarchical Bayesian models and choice of priors in the analysis of survey data pp. 3011-3032 Downloads
Diego Montano
Estimation and diagnostic for skew-normal partially linear models pp. 3033-3053 Downloads
Clécio S. Ferreira and Gilberto A. Paula

Volume 44, issue 15, 2017

Model selection with missing covariates for policy considerations in fox enclosures pp. 2645-2658 Downloads
Andrew Hoegh, Ian Crandell, Scott Klopfer and Mike Fies
Generalized Poisson–Lindley linear model for count data pp. 2659-2671 Downloads
Weerinrada Wongrin and Winai Bodhisuwan
Case study: shipping trend estimation and prediction via multiscale variance stabilisation pp. 2672-2684 Downloads
Antonis Michis and Guy P. Nason
Updating a nonlinear discriminant function estimated from a mixture of two Burr Type III distributions pp. 2685-2696 Downloads
A. S. Al-Moisheer
Penalized multidimensional fitting for protein movement detection pp. 2697-2715 Downloads
Hiba Alawieh, Nicolas Wicker, Baydaa Al Ayoubi and Luc Moulinier
A general location model with zero-inflated counts and skew normal outcomes pp. 2716-2728 Downloads
Sayed Jamal Mirkamali and Mojtaba Ganjali
CO-tucker: a new method for the simultaneous analysis of a sequence of paired tables pp. 2729-2755 Downloads
Susana Mendes, M. José Fernández-Gómez, Sónia Cotrim Marques, Miguel Ângelo Pardal, Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro and M. Purificación Galindo-Villardón
Simulated maximum likelihood estimation in joint models for multiple longitudinal markers and recurrent events of multiple types, in the presence of a terminal event pp. 2756-2777 Downloads
M. H. Hof, J. Z. Musoro, R. B. Geskus, G. H. Struijk, I. J. M. ten Berge and A. H. Zwinderman
Analysis of interval censored failure time data with competing risk pp. 2778-2790 Downloads
Yang-Jin Kim
Bayesian binary quantile regression for the analysis of Bachelor-to-Master transition pp. 2791-2812 Downloads
Cristina Mollica and Lea Petrella
A shared parameter model of longitudinal measurements and survival time with heterogeneous random-effects distribution pp. 2813-2836 Downloads
Taban Baghfalaki, Mojtaba Ganjali and Geert Verbeke

Volume 44, issue 14, 2017

A Monte Carlo-based pseudo-coefficient of determination for generalized linear models with binary outcome pp. 2458-2482 Downloads
Selen Cakmakyapan and Haydar Demirhan
Measuring and estimating the interaction between exposures on a dichotomous outcome for observational studies pp. 2483-2498 Downloads
Xiaoqin Wang, Weimin Ye and Li Yin
Parameter estimation of the flexible Weibull distribution for type I censored samples pp. 2499-2512 Downloads
Arwa Nasr, Soufiane Gasmi and Fayçal Ben Hmida
A fuzzy clustering approach to evaluate individual competencies from REFLEX data pp. 2513-2533 Downloads
Abdul Suleman
Modeling and predicting extreme cyber attack rates via marked point processes pp. 2534-2563 Downloads
Chen Peng, Maochao Xu, Shouhuai Xu and Taizhong Hu
Linear regression: robust heteroscedastic confidence bands that have some specified simultaneous probability coverage pp. 2564-2574 Downloads
Rand R. Wilcox
Estimation of the Burr type III distribution with application in unified hybrid censored sample of fracture toughness pp. 2575-2592 Downloads
Hanieh Panahi
Short-run price forecast performance of individual and composite models for 496 corn cash markets pp. 2593-2620 Downloads
Xiaojie Xu
Ties in one block comparison experiments: a generalization of the Mallows–Bradley–Terry ranking model pp. 2621-2644 Downloads
Amadou Sawadogo, Simplice Dossou-Gbété and Dominique Lafon

Volume 44, issue 13, 2017

Statistical monitoring of a web server for error rates: a bivariate time-series copula-based modeling approach pp. 2287-2300 Downloads
Anderson Ara, Francisco Louzada and Carlos A. R. Diniz
Joint modeling of bottle use, daily milk intake from bottles, and daily energy intake in toddlers pp. 2301-2316 Downloads
Yungtai Lo
Extraction of sea temperature in the Barents Sea by a scale space multiresolution method – prospects for Atlantic salmon pp. 2317-2336 Downloads
Leena Pasanen, Päivi Laukkanen-Nevala, Ilkka Launonen, Sergey Prusov, Lasse Holmström, Eero Niemelä and Jaakko Erkinaro
Combined asymmetric spatial weights matrix with application to housing prices pp. 2337-2353 Downloads
Haiyong Zhang and Xinyu Wang
Jointly modeling skew longitudinal survival data with missingness and mismeasured covariates pp. 2354-2367 Downloads
Tao Lu
A generalized binomial exponential 2 distribution: modeling and applications to hydrologic events pp. 2368-2387 Downloads
A. Asgharzadeh, Hassan S. Bakouch and M. Habibi
A link-free sparse group variable selection method for single-index model pp. 2388-2400 Downloads
Bilin Zeng, Xuerong Meggie Wen and Lixing Zhu
Modelling and classification of species abundance: a case study in the Barro Colorado Island plot pp. 2401-2409 Downloads
Abdollah Jalilian
A Bayesian model for multiple change point to extremes, with application to environmental and financial data pp. 2410-2426 Downloads
Fernando Ferraz do Nascimento and Wyara Vanesa Moura e Silva
Modeling of paired zero-inflated continuous data without breaking down paired designs pp. 2427-2443 Downloads
Tiago R. Pellegrini, M. Tariqul Hasan and Renjun Ma
Outlier detection with Mahalanobis square distance: incorporating small sample correction factor pp. 2444-2457 Downloads
Meltem Ekiz and O.Ufuk Ekiz

Volume 44, issue 12, 2017

Variation in caesarean delivery rates across hospitals: a Bayesian semi-parametric approach pp. 2095-2107 Downloads
M. Cannas, C. Conversano, F. Mola and E. Sironi
Local influence in seemingly unrelated regression model with ridge estimate pp. 2108-2124 Downloads
Z. Naji, A. Rasekh and E. L. Boone
Partially linear models and their applications to change point detection of chemical process data pp. 2125-2141 Downloads
Clécio S. Ferreira, Camila B. Zeller, Aparecida M. S. Mimura and Júlio C. J. Silva
Self-selection and direct estimation of across-regime correlation parameter pp. 2142-2160 Downloads
Giorgio Calzolari and Antonino Di Pino
Difference-based matrix perturbation method for semi-parametric regression with multicollinearity pp. 2161-2171 Downloads
Chien-Chia L. Huang, Yow-Jen Jou and Hsun-Jung Cho
Multivariate analysis of variance for functional data pp. 2172-2189 Downloads
T. Górecki and Ł. Smaga
Analysis of a marker for cancer of the thyroid with a limit of detection pp. 2190-2203 Downloads
Nicholas T. Longford, José Rafael Tovar Cuevas and Carlos Alvear
A new confidence interval in errors-in-variables model with known error variance pp. 2204-2221 Downloads
Liang Yan, Rui Wang and Xingzhong Xu
Objective Bayesian analysis based on upper record values from two-parameter Rayleigh distribution with partial information pp. 2222-2237 Downloads
Jung In Seo and Yongku Kim
Marshall–Olkin distribution: parameter estimation and application to cancer data pp. 2238-2250 Downloads
Yeşim Güney, Yetkin Tuaç and Olcay Arslan
An evaluation of ridge estimator in linear mixed models: an example from kidney failure data pp. 2251-2269 Downloads
M. Revan Özkale and Funda Can
Multiple linear regression with compositional response and covariates pp. 2270-2285 Downloads
Jiajia Chen, Xiaoqin Zhang and Shengjia Li

Volume 44, issue 11, 2017

Functional analysis of high-content high-throughput imaging data pp. 1903-1919 Downloads
Xiaoqi Jiang, Steven Wink, Bob van de Water and Annette Kopp-Schneider
Joint GEEs for multivariate correlated data with incomplete binary outcomes pp. 1920-1937 Downloads
G. Inan and R. Yucel
Checking identifiability of covariance parameters in linear mixed effects models pp. 1938-1946 Downloads
Wei Wang
Inference with three-level prior distributions in quantile regression problems pp. 1947-1959 Downloads
Rahim Alhamzawi
Multiple-index varying-coefficient models for longitudinal data pp. 1960-1978 Downloads
Hongmei Lin, Wenchao Xu, Riquan Zhang, Jianhong Shi and Yuedong Wang
A varying coefficient approach to estimating hedonic housing price functions and their quantiles pp. 1979-1999 Downloads
Alan T. K. Wan, Shangyu Xie and Yong Zhou
A likelihood-based approach for multivariate one-sided tests with missing data pp. 2000-2016 Downloads
Guohai Zhou, Lang Wu, Rollin Brant and J. Mark Ansermino
Estimation of flood frequencies from data sets with outliers using mixed distribution functions pp. 2017-2035 Downloads
Milan Stojković, Stevan Prohaska and Nikola Zlatanović
Simultaneous confidence bands for restricted logistic regression models pp. 2036-2051 Downloads
Lucy Kerns and John T. Chen
Bayesian inference for sinh-normal/independent nonlinear regression models pp. 2052-2074 Downloads
Filidor Vilca, Caio L. N. Azevedo and N. Balakrishnan
A distribution-free multivariate CUSUM control chart using dynamic control limits pp. 2075-2093 Downloads
Wenjuan Liang, Xiaolong Pu and Dongdong Xiang

Volume 44, issue 10, 2017

Principal component analysis-based muscle identification for myoelectric-controlled exoskeleton knee pp. 1707-1720 Downloads
I.S. Dhindsa, R. Agarwal and H.S. Ryait
Stochastic correlation coefficient ensembles for variable selection pp. 1721-1742 Downloads
JinXing Che and YouLong Yang
Inflated assessments of disability pp. 1743-1760 Downloads
Nicholas T. Longford
Spatial prediction of crystalline defects observed in molecular dynamic simulations of plastic damage pp. 1761-1784 Downloads
Geoffrey Colin L. Peterson, Dong Li, Brian J. Reich and Donald Brenner
Bayesian networks and the assessment of universities' value added pp. 1785-1806 Downloads
F. Cugnata, G. Perucca and S. Salini
Marginal zero-inflated regression models for count data pp. 1807-1826 Downloads
Jacob Martin and Daniel B. Hall
Marginal models for the association structure of hierarchical binary responses pp. 1827-1838 Downloads
André G. F. C. Costa, Enrico A. Colosimo, Aline B. M. Vaz, José Luiz P. Silva and Leila D. Amorim
A robust variable screening method for high-dimensional data pp. 1839-1855 Downloads
Tao Wang, Lin Zheng, Zhonghua Li and Haiyang Liu
Nonparametric estimation of mean residual quantile function under right censoring pp. 1856-1874 Downloads
P.G. Sankaran and N.N. Midhu
A comparison of risk transfer strategies for a portfolio of life annuities based on RORAC pp. 1875-1892 Downloads
Fabio Baione, Paolo De Angelis, Massimiliano Menzietti and Agostino Tripodi
Does diversification promote risk reduction and profitability raise? Estimation of dynamic impacts using the pooled mean group model pp. 1893-1901 Downloads
Ying-Hsiu Chen and Po-Lin Lai

Volume 44, issue 9, 2017

Dependence between oil and commodities markets using time-varying Archimedean copulas and effectiveness of hedging strategies pp. 1509-1542 Downloads
Ahmed Ghorbel, Wajdi Hamma and Anis Jarboui
Bayesian inference for random coefficient dynamic panel data models pp. 1543-1559 Downloads
Fang Liu, Peng Zhang, Ibrahim Erkan and Dylan S. Small
A spatial analysis of health and pharmaceutical firm survival pp. 1560-1575 Downloads
Giuseppe Arbia, Giuseppe Espa, Diego Giuliani and Rocco Micciolo
Estimation and prediction for the generalized inverted exponential distribution based on progressively first-failure-censored data with application pp. 1576-1608 Downloads
Essam A. Ahmed
Complexity in applying spatial analysis to describe heterogeneous air-trapping in thoracic imaging data pp. 1609-1629 Downloads
Eran A. Barnoy, Hyun J. Kim and David W. Gjertson
Bayesian estimation for a mixture of simplex distributions with an unknown number of components: HDI analysis in Brazil pp. 1630-1643 Downloads
Rosineide Fernando da Paz, Jorge Luis Bazán and Luis Aparecido Milan
Comparison and robustness of the REML, ML, MIVQUE estimators for multi-level random mediation model pp. 1644-1661 Downloads
Ying Liu, Fang Luo, Danhui Zhang and Hongyun Liu
Penalized least squares smoothing of two-dimensional mortality tables with imposed smoothness pp. 1662-1679 Downloads
Eliud Silva and Víctor M. Guerrero
Investigating the sensitivity function's monotony of a health-related index pp. 1680-1706 Downloads
Fragkiskos Bersimis, Demosthenes Panagiotakos and Malvina Vamvakari

Volume 44, issue 8, 2017

Cusum control for data following the von Mises distribution pp. 1319-1332 Downloads
Douglas M. Hawkins and F. Lombard
Nonparametric predictive inference for stock returns pp. 1333-1349 Downloads
Rebecca M. Baker, Tahani Coolen-Maturi and Frank P. A. Coolen
Comparison of asymmetric stochastic volatility models under different correlation structures pp. 1350-1368 Downloads
Zhongxian Men, Don McLeish, Adam W. Kolkiewicz and Tony S. Wirjanto
Estimation on dependent right censoring scheme in an ordinary bivariate geometric distribution pp. 1369-1384 Downloads
N. Davarzani, L. Golparvar, A. Parsian and R. Peeters
Daily soil temperature modeling using ‘panel-data’ concept pp. 1385-1401 Downloads
A. Mahabbati, A. Izady, M. Mousavi Baygi, K. Davary and S. M. Hasheminia
A generalized pivotal quantity approach to portfolio selection pp. 1402-1420 Downloads
Philip L.H. Yu, Thomas Mathew and Yuanyuan Zhu
Employee turnover forecasting for human resource management based on time series analysis pp. 1421-1440 Downloads
Xiaojuan Zhu, William Seaver, Rapinder Sawhney, Shuguang Ji, Bruce Holt, Gurudatt Bhaskar Sanil and Girish Upreti
Designing and analyzing a mixture experiment to optimize the mixing proportions of polyvinyl chloride composites pp. 1441-1465 Downloads
Safwan A. Altarazi and Rula M. Allaf
Comparison of dichotomized and distributional approaches in rare event clinical trial design: a fixed Bayesian design pp. 1466-1478 Downloads
Yang Lei, Susan Carlson, Lisa N. Yelland, Maria Makrides, Robert Gibson and Byron J. Gajewski
Estimation based on progressive first-failure censoring from exponentiated exponential distribution pp. 1479-1494 Downloads
Heba S. Mohammed, Saieed F. Ateya and Essam K. AL-Hussaini
Classification of form under heterogeneity and non-isotropic errors pp. 1495-1508 Downloads
Farag Shuweihdi, Charles C. Taylor and Arief Gusnanto

Volume 44, issue 7, 2017

An approach to measure distance between compositional diet estimates containing essential zeros pp. 1137-1152 Downloads
Connie Stewart
A new cure rate model based on the Yule–Simon distribution with application to a melanoma data set pp. 1153-1164 Downloads
Diego I. Gallardo, Héctor W. Gómez and Heleno Bolfarine
Bayesian prediction of unobserved values for Type-II censored data pp. 1165-1180 Downloads
Tatsuya Kubota and Takeshi Kurosawa
Path analysis and determining the distribution of indirect effects via simulation pp. 1181-1210 Downloads
Öznur İşçi Güneri, Atilla Göktaş and Uğur Kayalı
Comparison of bootstrap estimation intervals to forecast arithmetic mean and median air passenger demand pp. 1211-1224 Downloads
Rafael Bernardo Carmona-Benítez and María Rosa Nieto
Use of jump process to model mobility in massive multiplayer on-line games pp. 1225-1247 Downloads
Izabella A. R. A. Santos, Denise Duarte and Marcelo Azevedo Costa
Bayesian modeling of dynamic extreme values: extension of generalized extreme value distributions with latent stochastic processes pp. 1248-1268 Downloads
Jouchi Nakajima, Tsuyoshi Kunihama and Yasuhiro Omori
Estimating the turning point location in shifted exponential model of time series pp. 1269-1281 Downloads
Camillo Cammarota
Longitudinal shape analysis by using the spherical coordinates pp. 1282-1295 Downloads
M. Moghimbeygi and M. Golalizadeh
Bivariate multilevel models for the analysis of mathematics and reading pupils' achievements pp. 1296-1317 Downloads
C. Masci, F. Ieva, Tommaso Agasisti and A. M. Paganoni

Volume 44, issue 6, 2017

Failure probability estimation under additional subsystem information with application to semiconductor burn-in pp. 955-967 Downloads
D. Kurz, H. Lewitschnig and J. Pilz
S-estimator in partially linear regression models pp. 968-977 Downloads
Yunlu Jiang
Learning-based EM algorithm for normal-inverse Gaussian mixture model with application to extrasolar planets pp. 978-999 Downloads
Wen-Liang Hung and Shou-Jen Chang-Chien
Continuous single attribute control chart for Markov-dependent processes pp. 1000-1012 Downloads
M. P. Gadre, S. B. Adnaik and R.N. Rattihalli
Inference about regression parameters using highly stratified survey count data with over-dispersion and repeated measurements pp. 1013-1030 Downloads
S. Wang, N. G. Cadigan and H. P. Benoît
A proportional odds transition model for ordinal responses with an application to pig behaviour pp. 1031-1046 Downloads
I. A. R. de Lara, J. P. Hinde, A. C. de Castro and I. J. O. da Silva
Negative variance components for non-negative hierarchical data with correlation, over-, and/or underdispersion pp. 1047-1063 Downloads
I. R. C. Oliveira, G. Molenberghs, G. Verbeke, C. G. B. Demétrio and C. T. S. Dias
Application of hidden semi-Markov models for the seismic hazard assessment of the North and South Aegean Sea, Greece pp. 1064-1085 Downloads
C. E. Pertsinidou, G. Tsaklidis, E. Papadimitriou and N. Limnios
An statistic for fixed effects in the generalized linear mixed model pp. 1086-1105 Downloads
Byron C. Jaeger, Lloyd J. Edwards, Kalyan Das and Pranab K. Sen
New goodness of fit tests for the Cauchy distribution pp. 1106-1121 Downloads
M. Mahdizadeh and Ehsan Zamanzade
Nonparametric tests for strictly increasing virtual valuations pp. 1122-1136 Downloads
Rui Fang and Xiaohu Li

Volume 44, issue 5, 2017

A new four-parameter lifetime distribution pp. 767-797 Downloads
Mojtaba Alizadeh, Seyyed Fazel Bagheri, Mohammad Alizadeh and Saralees Nadarajah
Flexible objective Bayesian linear regression with applications in survival analysis pp. 798-810 Downloads
Francisco J. Rubio and Keming Yu
Bayesian and maximum likelihood estimations of the inverted exponentiated half logistic distribution under progressive Type II censoring pp. 811-832 Downloads
Kyeongjun Lee and Youngseuk Cho
Generalized linear models with covariate measurement error and unknown link function pp. 833-852 Downloads
Nels Johnson and Inyoung Kim
Bayesian elastic net single index quantile regression pp. 853-871 Downloads
Taha Alshaybawee, Habshah Midi and Rahim Alhamzawi
A sequential discrimination procedure for two almost identically shaped wrapped distributions pp. 872-881 Downloads
Mian Arif Shams Adnan and Shongkour Roy
A practical method to calculate probabilities: illustrative example from the electronic industry business pp. 882-896 Downloads
Douglas Moura Miranda and Samuel Vieira Conceição
Correlated random effects regression analysis for a log-normally distributed variable pp. 897-915 Downloads
Rabindra Nath Das and Anis Chandra Mukhopadhyay
Bayesian estimation and prediction based on lognormal record values pp. 916-940 Downloads
Sukhdev Singh, Yogesh Mani Tripathi and Shuo-Jye Wu
Inference for the common mean of several Birnbaum–Saunders populations pp. 941-954 Downloads
Xu Guo, Hecheng Wu, Gaorong Li and Qiuyue Li

Volume 44, issue 4, 2017

Intervention time series analysis of voluntary, counselling and testing on HIV infections in West African sub-region: the case of Ghana pp. 571-582 Downloads
Patrick Aboagye-Sarfo, James Cross and Ute Mueller
Fuzzy clustering of probability density functions pp. 583-601 Downloads
Thao Nguyentrang and Tai Vovan
Critical values improvement for the standard normal homogeneity test by combining Monte Carlo and regression approaches pp. 602-619 Downloads
Michele Rienzner and Francesca Ieva
Local influence diagnostics for generalized linear mixed models with overdispersion pp. 620-641 Downloads
Trias Wahyuni Rakhmawati, Geert Molenberghs, Geert Verbeke and Christel Faes
Statistical measurement of the inventory shortage cost pp. 642-648 Downloads
Feng Xu
A new Bayesian wavelet thresholding estimator of nonparametric regression pp. 649-666 Downloads
M. Afshari, F. Lak and B. Gholizadeh
Seemingly unrelated systems of econometric equations pp. 667-684 Downloads
Eudoxia Kakarantza and Spyridon D. Symeonides
Comparison of data analysis procedures for real-time nanoparticle sampling data using classical regression and ARIMA models pp. 685-699 Downloads
Seunghon Ham, Sunju Kim, Naroo Lee, Pilje Kim, Igchun Eom, Byoungcheun Lee, Perng-Jy Tsai, Kiyoung Lee and Chungsik Yoon
A high breakdown, high efficiency and bounded influence modified GM estimator based on support vector regression pp. 700-714 Downloads
Waleed Dhhan, Sohel Rana and Habshah Midi
Distribution analysis of train interval journey time employing the censored model with shifting character pp. 715-733 Downloads
Maosheng Li, Zhengqiu Liu, Yonghong Zhang, Weijun Liu and Feng Shi
Exploratory tools for outlier detection in compositional data with structural zeros pp. 734-752 Downloads
M. Templ, K. Hron and P. Filzmoser
More efficient logistic analysis using moving extreme ranked set sampling pp. 753-766 Downloads
Hani M. Samawi, Haresh Rochani, Daniel Linder and Arpita Chatterjee

Volume 44, issue 3, 2017

-distance and classification problem by Bayesian method pp. 385-401 Downloads
Tai Vovan
Coefficient of variation: the second-order alternative pp. 402-415 Downloads
Tarald O. Kvålseth
Application of trajectories from growth curve in identification of longitudinal biomarker for the multivariate survival data pp. 416-426 Downloads
Feng-shou Ko
Spatio-temporal model for crop yield forecasting pp. 427-440 Downloads
Panudet Saengseedam and Nantachai Kantanantha
A nonlinear mixed-effects model for multivariate longitudinal data with partially observed outcomes with application to HIV disease dynamics pp. 441-456 Downloads
A. G. Luwanda and H. G. Mwambi
On stratified bivariate ranked set sampling with optimal allocation for naïve and ratio estimators pp. 457-473 Downloads
Lili Yu, Hani Samawi, Daniel Linder, Arpita Chatterjee, Yisong Huang and Robert Vogel
Empirical likelihood inferences for varying coefficient partially nonlinear models pp. 474-492 Downloads
Xiaoshuang Zhou, Peixin Zhao and Xiuli Wang
Split-plot designs for multistage experimentation pp. 493-510 Downloads
Murat Kulahci and John Tyssedal
Dealing with big data: comparing dimension reduction and shrinkage regression methods pp. 511-532 Downloads
Hamideh D. Hamedani and Sara Sadat Moosavi
Proximal support vector machine techniques on medical prediction outcome pp. 533-553 Downloads
Krystallenia Drosou and Christos Koukouvinos
Elite players’ perceptions of football playing surfaces: a mixed effects ordinal logistic regression model of players’ perceptions pp. 554-570 Downloads
A. Owen, A. C. Smith, P. Osei-Owusu, A. Harland and J. R. Roberts

Volume 44, issue 2, 2017

Redefining standards for body mass index of the US population based on BRFSS data using mixtures pp. 197-211 Downloads
Tatjana Miljkovic, Saleem Shaik and Dragan Miljkovic
Weighting variables in Kohonen competitive learning algorithms pp. 212-232 Downloads
Wen-Liang Hung, De-Hua Chen and Jenn-Hwai Yang
A new log-location regression model: estimation, influence diagnostics and residual analysis pp. 233-252 Downloads
Rodrigo R. Pescim, Edwin M. M. Ortega, Gauss M. Cordeiro and Morad Alizadeh
Bayesian variable selection and estimation in maximum entropy quantile regression pp. 253-269 Downloads
Shiyi Tu, Min Wang and Xiaoqian Sun
Multiple imputation for ordinal longitudinal data with monotone missing data patterns pp. 270-287 Downloads
A.Y. Kombo, H. Mwambi and G. Molenberghs
The weighted general linear model for longitudinal medical cost data – an application in colorectal cancer pp. 288-307 Downloads
Y. T. Hwang, C. H. Huang, W. L. Yeh and Y. D. Shen
Statistics and recognition for software birthmark based on clustering analysis pp. 308-324 Downloads
YangXia Luo
Monitoring foreclosure rates with a spatially risk-adjusted Bernoulli CUSUM chart for concurrent observations pp. 325-341 Downloads
Matthew J. Keefe, Christopher T. Franck and William H. Woodall
A new test to detect monotonic and non-monotonic types of heteroscedasticity pp. 342-361 Downloads
Reşit Çelik
Testing of homogeneity of variance and autocorrelation coefficients of nonlinear mixed models with AR(1) errors based on M-estimation pp. 362-375 Downloads
Huihui Sun
Economic design of acceptance sampling plans for truncated life test using Frechet distribution pp. 376-384 Downloads
D. Malathi and S. Muthulakshmi

Volume 44, issue 1, 2017

Editorial pp. 1-2 Downloads
Jie Chen
Inference for a series system with dependent masked data under progressive interval censoring pp. 3-15 Downloads
Jing Cai, Yimin Shi and Bin Liu
Analysis of ranked data in randomized blocks when there are missing values pp. 16-23 Downloads
D. J. Best and J. C. W. Rayner
Missing data methods for arbitrary missingness with small samples pp. 24-39 Downloads
Daniel McNeish
The equivalence of two approaches to incorporating variance uncertainty in sample size calculations for linear statistical models pp. 40-56 Downloads
Gwowen Shieh
Beta approximation of ratio distribution and its application to next generation sequencing read counts pp. 57-70 Downloads
Shengping Yang and Zhide Fang
A continuous-time HMM approach to modeling the magnitude-frequency distribution of earthquakes pp. 71-88 Downloads
Shaochuan Lu
Real-time monitoring of carbon monoxide using value-at-risk measure and control charting pp. 89-108 Downloads
Sotirios Bersimis, Stavros Degiannakis and Dimitrios Georgakellos
Competing risks quantile regression at work: in-depth exploration of the role of public child support for the duration of maternity leave pp. 109-122 Downloads
Stephan Dlugosz, Simon M.S. Lo and Ralf Wilke
A control chart for multivariate Poisson distribution using repetitive sampling pp. 123-136 Downloads
Muhammad Aslam, G. Srinivasa Rao, Liaquat Ahmad and Chi-Hyuck Jun
A robust statistical approach to select adequate error distributions for financial returns pp. 137-161 Downloads
J. Hambuckers and C. Heuchenne
Shrinkage estimation in lognormal regression model for censored data pp. 162-180 Downloads
Shakhawat Hossain and Hatem A. Howlader
Fiscal decentralization, financial efficiency and upgrading the industrial structure: an empirical analysis of a spatial heterogeneity model pp. 181-196 Downloads
Jianmin Liu, Xiaomei Hu and Jinguang Wu
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