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Volume 96, issue 4, 2020

Introduction to the Special Issue: Integrated Assessment Models and the Social Cost of Water Pollution Workshop pp. iii-iv Downloads
David Keiser, Catherine Kling and Daniel J. Phaneuf
Including Additional Pollutants into an Integrated Assessment Model for Estimating Nonmarket Benefits from Water Quality pp. 457-477 Downloads
Robert Griffin, Adrian Vogl, Stacie Wolny, Stefanie Covino, Eivy Monroy, Heidi Ricci, Richard Sharp, Courtney Schmidt and Emi Uchida
An Integrated Assessment Model for Valuing Water Quality Changes in the United States pp. 478-492 Downloads
Joel Corona, Todd Doley, Charles Griffiths, Matthew Massey, Chris Moore, Stephen Muela, Brenda Rashleigh, William Wheeler, Stephen D. Whitlock and Julie Hewitt
Linking Agricultural Nutrient Pollution to the Value of Freshwater Ecosystem Services pp. 493-509 Downloads
Frank Lupi, Bruno Basso, Cloé Garnache, Joseph A. Herriges, David W. Hyndman and R. Jan Stevenson
Best Management Practices and Nutrient Reduction: An Integrated Economic-Hydrologic Model of the Western Lake Erie Basin pp. 510-530 Downloads
Hongxing Liu, Wendong Zhang, Elena Irwin, Jeffrey Kast, Noel Aloysius, Jay Martin and Margaret Kalcic
Good Seeds Bear Good Fruit: Using Benefit-to-Cost Ratios in Multiobjective Spatial Optimization under Epistasis pp. 531-551 Downloads
Zhengxin Lang, Sergey S. Rabotyagov, Se Jong Cho, Todd Campbell and Catherine Kling
Water Quality Trading in the Presence of Conservation Subsidies pp. 552-572 Downloads
Patrick M. Fleming, Erik Lichtenberg and David Newburn
Willingness to Contribute as a Component of the Social Cost of Water Pollution pp. 573-588 Downloads
Laura Grant and Christian Langpap
Overlooked Benefits of Nutrient Reductions in the Mississippi River Basin pp. 589-607 Downloads
Bryan Parthum and Amy W. Ando

Volume 96, issue 3, 2020

Economy-Wide Modeling, Environmental Macroeconomics, and Benefit-Cost Analysis Downloads
V. Smith and Min Qiang (Kent) Zhao
An Econometric Approach toward Identifying the Relationship between Vehicular Traffic and Air Quality in Beijing Downloads
Shuai Chen, Ping Qin, Jie-Sheng Tan-Soo, Jintao Xu and Jun Yang
Effects of Water Quality Monitoring on Plant-Level Pollution: Evidence from the Clean Water Act Downloads
Lopamudra Chakraborti
Flood Risk Perception in the Housing Market and the Impact of a Major Flood Event Downloads
Hannah Hennighausen and Jordan Suter
The Relationship between Priority and Value of Irrigation Water Used with Prior Appropriation Water Rights Downloads
Gi-Eu Lee, Kimberly Rollins and Loretta Singletary
Intertemporal Substitution in Travel Cost Models with Seasonal Time Constraints Downloads
Patrick Lloyd-Smith, Joshua K. Abbott, Wiktor Adamowicz and Daniel Willard
Following the Market? Hedonic Farmland Valuation Using Sales Prices versus Self-reported Values Downloads
Daniel P. Bigelow, Jennifer Ifft and Todd Kuethe
Can Customary Land Tenure Facilitate Agricultural Productivity Growth? Evidence from Burkina Faso Downloads
Yoko Kusunose, Véronique Thériault and Didier Alia

Volume 96, issue 2, 2020

Invasive Species Control, Agricultural Pesticide Use, and Infant Health Outcomes pp. 149-170 Downloads
Benjamin Jones
Legacies of Lead: Estimating Home Buyer Response to Potential Lead Exposure pp. 171-187 Downloads
Nicholas B. Irwin
The Economic Impact of Critical-Habitat Designation: Evidence from Vacant-Land Transactions pp. 188-206 Downloads
Maximilian Auffhammer, Maya Duru, Edward Rubin and David L. Sunding
Who Cares? Future Sea Level Rise and House Prices pp. 207-224 Downloads
Olga Filippova, Cuong Nguyen, Ilan Noy and Michael Rehm
The Response of Recreation Demand to Recessionary Forces: Evidence from Local Lake Usage pp. 225-243 Downloads
Mohammad Mainul Hoque, Joseph A. Herriges and Catherine Kling
Additionality Violations in Agricultural Payment for Service Programs: Experimental Evidence pp. 244-264 Downloads
Gregory Howard
Crop Yield and Democracy pp. 265-290 Downloads
James B. Ang, Per Fredriksson and Satyendra Kumar Gupta
Farmland Investment Characteristics from a Forward-Looking Perspective: An Explanation for the “High Return/Low Risk” Paradox pp. 291-303 Downloads
Xiaoguang Feng and Dermot Hayes

Volume 96, issue 1, 2020

Moving beyond the Contingent Valuation versus Choice Experiment Debate: Presentation Effects in Stated Preference pp. 1-24 Downloads
Patrick Lloyd-Smith, Ewa Zawojska and Wiktor Adamowicz
Valuing Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Control in Public Forests: Scope Effects with Attribute Nonattendance pp. 25-42 Downloads
Christopher Giguere, Chris Moore and John Whitehead
Welfare with Imperfect Foreknowledge: The Case of Risk Aversion pp. 43-55 Downloads
Jorge Holzer and Kenneth McConnell
The Effectiveness of a Water Right Retirement Program at Conserving Water pp. 56-74 Downloads
Tsvetan Tsvetanov and Dietrich Earnhart
Evaluating the Effects of River and Stream Restorations: Evidence from Recreational Fishing pp. 75-91 Downloads
Michele Baggio, Charles Towe, Daniel Trüssel and Armin Peter
Resource Allocation under Fire pp. 92-110 Downloads
Jude Bayham and Jonathan K. Yoder
How Migrants Benefit Poor Communities: Evidence on Collective Action in Rural Zambia pp. 111-131 Downloads
Tobias Vorlaufer and Björn Vollan
Time Preferences of Food Producers: Does “Cultivate and Grow” Matter? pp. 132-148 Downloads
Yayan Hernuryadin, Koji Kotani and Tatsuyoshi Saijo

Volume 95, issue 4, 2019

The Impacts of Harmful Algal Blooms and E. coli on Recreational Behavior in Lake Erie pp. 455-472 Downloads
David Wolf, Wei Chen, Sathya Gopalakrishnan, Timothy Haab and Henry Klaiber
Agricultural Water Trading Restrictions and Drought Resilience pp. 473-493 Downloads
Daniel P. Bigelow, Anita M. Chaudhry, Jennifer Ifft and Steven Wallander
Preferences for Intrinsically Risky Attributes pp. 494-514 Downloads
Zack Dorner, Daniel Brent and Anke Leroux
The Implicit Price of Food Access in an Urban Area: Evidence from Milwaukee Property Markets pp. 515-530 Downloads
Phillip Warsaw and Daniel J. Phaneuf
Targeting Policy to Promote Defensible Space in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Evidence from Homeowners in Nevada pp. 531-556 Downloads
Michael H. Taylor, Laine Christman and Kimberly Rollins
Suburbs or Skyscrapers? The Effect of China’s Leasing Market on Housing Decentralization pp. 557-576 Downloads
Peter Christensen
The Fiscal Impact of Natural Resource Windfalls: Evidence from a Peruvian Natural Experiment pp. 577-598 Downloads
Leonardo Corral, Heath Henderson and Juan Jose Miranda
Geographic Heterogeneity and Technology Adoption: Evidence from Brazil pp. 599-616 Downloads
Juliano Assunção, Arthur Bragança and Pedro Hemsley

Volume 95, issue 3, 2019

Incorporating Stated Consequentiality Questions in Stated Preference Research pp. 293-306 Downloads
Patrick Lloyd-Smith, Wiktor Adamowicz and Diane Dupont
Does One Size Really Fit All? Ecological Endpoint Heterogeneity in Stated Preference Welfare Analysis pp. 307-332 Downloads
Anne Kejser Jensen, Robert Johnston and Søren Olsen
Exploring Spatial Sources of Preference Heterogeneity for Landslide Protection pp. 333-352 Downloads
Stefania Mattea
Scale Heterogeneity and Its Implications for Discrete Choice Analysis pp. 353-368 Downloads
Katrina Davis, Michael Burton and Marit Kragt
Do Public Benefits of Voluntary Cleanup Programs Justify Their Public Costs? Evidence from New York pp. 369-390 Downloads
Olesya M. Savchenko and John Braden
Is Airport Proximity an Amenity or Disamenity? An Empirical Investigation Based on House Prices pp. 391-408 Downloads
Ermanno Affuso, Steven B. Caudill, Frank Mixon and Kevin W. Starnes
Fire, Tractors, and Health in the Amazon: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Fire Policy pp. 409-434 Downloads
Thiago Morello, Simone Martino, Alejandro F. Duarte, Liana Anderson, Katrina Davis, Sonaira Silva and Ian Bateman
Safety in Numbers: Cost-effective Endangered Species Management for Viable Populations pp. 435-453 Downloads
Pierce Donovan, Lucas S. Bair, Charles B. Yackulic and Michael R. Springborn

Volume 95, issue 2, 2019

Pollution and Politician Productivity: The Effect of PM on MPs pp. 157-173 Downloads
Anthony Heyes, Nicholas Rivers and Brandon Schaufele
The Aftermath of Flood Zone Remapping: The Asymmetric Impact of Flood Maps on Housing Prices pp. 174-192 Downloads
Yau-Huo (Jimmy) Shr and Katherine Y. Zipp
This Old House: Historical Restoration as a Neighborhood Amenity pp. 193-210 Downloads
Geoffrey K. Turnbull, Bennie D. Waller, Scott A. Wentland, Walter R. T. Witschey and Velma Zahirovic-Herbert
Modeling Commercial Demand for Water: Exploring Alternative Prices, Instrumental Variables, and Heterogeneity pp. 211-224 Downloads
Matthew Flyr, Jesse Burkhardt, Christopher Goemans, Liesel Hans, Abbye Neel and Alexander Maas
Mind the Gap: Stated versus Revealed Donations and the Differential Role of Behavioral Factors pp. 225-245 Downloads
Jetske Bouma and M. J. Koetse
Where Are the Fish Landed? An Analysis of Landing Plants in Norway pp. 246-257 Downloads
Andreea L. Cojocaru, Frank Asche, Ruth Beatriz Mezzalira Pincinato and Hans-Martin Straume
Competition or Cooperation? Peer Effects in the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery pp. 258-278 Downloads
Nancy Haskell, Aaron Mamula and Trevor Collier
Timberland Investment under Both Financial and Biophysical Risk pp. 279-291 Downloads
Bin Mei, David N. Wear and Jesse D. Henderson

Volume 95, issue 1, 2019

The Spatial Dynamics of the Economic Impacts of an Aquatic Invasive Species: An Empirical Analysis pp. 1-18 Downloads
Katherine Y. Zipp, David Lewis, Bill Provencher and M. Jake Vander Zanden
Adaptation, Sea Level Rise, and Property Prices in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed pp. 19-34 Downloads
Patrick Walsh, Charles Griffiths, Dennis Guignet and Heather Klemick
Impact of Controlled Choice Assignment on Home Values pp. 35-53 Downloads
Tammy Batson and Jeremy Groves
Intrahousehold Productivity Differentials and Land Quality in the Sudan Savanna of Mali pp. 54-70 Downloads
Melinda Smale, Véronique Thériault, Hamza Haider and Alpha Oumar Kergna
Does Large Farm Establishment Create Benefits for Neighboring Smallholders? Evidence from Ethiopia pp. 71-90 Downloads
Daniel Ali, Klaus Deininger and Anthony Harris
The Burden of Water Shortages on Informal Firms pp. 91-107 Downloads
Asif Islam
The Spatial and Temporal Diffusion of Agricultural Land Prices pp. 108-123 Downloads
Xinyue Yang, Martin Odening and Matthias Ritter
Does Governmental Assistance Affect Private Decisions to Insure? An Empirical Analysis of Flood Insurance Purchases pp. 124-145 Downloads
Meri Davlasheridze and Qing Miao
Lost Use-Value from Environmental Injury When Visitation Drops at Undamaged Sites: Comment pp. 146-151 Downloads
Eric English, Roger Tourangeau and Eric Horsch
Lost Use-Value from Environmental Injury When Visitation Drops at Undamaged Sites: Reply pp. 152-156 Downloads
Garrett Glasgow and Kenneth Train
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