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Volume 98, issue 2, 2022

Property Values, Water Quality, and Benefit Transfer: A Nationwide Meta-analysis pp. 191-218 Downloads
Dennis Guignet, Matthew T. Heberling, Michael Papenfus and Olivia Griot
Household Sorting as Adaptation to Hurricane Risk in the United States pp. 219-238 Downloads
Qin Fan and Laura A. Bakkensen
The Impact of Property Rights to Fish on Remote Communities in Alaska pp. 239-253 Downloads
Sara A. Sutherland and Eric C. Edwards
Over-Perception about Land Use Changes: Assessing Empirical Evidence and Linkage with Decisions and Motivated Beliefs pp. 254-273 Downloads
Hongli Feng, Tong Wang, David Hennessy and Gaurav Arora
Potential Supply of Midwest Cropland for Conversion to In-Field Prairie Strips pp. 274-291 Downloads
Zachary R. Luther, Scott M. Swinton and Braeden Van Deynze
Wetland Investment Support Schemes: Adoption and Spatial Interactions pp. 292-313 Downloads
Abenezer Zeleke Aklilu and Katarina Elofsson
More in Good Condition or Less in Bad Condition? Valence-Based Framing Effects in Environmental Valuation pp. 314-336 Downloads
Michela Faccioli and Klaus Glenk
Information Use and Its Effects on the Valuation of Agricultural Genetic Resources pp. 337-354 Downloads
Annika Tienhaara, Heini Ahtiainen, Eija Pouta and Mikolaj Czajkowski
Multiple Herbicide Use in Cropland: A Discrete-Continuous Model for Stated Choice Data pp. 355-375 Downloads
Andrea Pellegrini, John Rose and Riccardo Scarpa
Deforestation and Smallholder Income: Evidence from Remittances to Nepal pp. 376-398 Downloads
Man Li, Wei Zhang, Zhe Guo and Prapti Bhandary
Urban Land Use Fragmentation and Human Well-Being pp. 399-420 Downloads
Christine Bertram, Jan Goebel, Christian Krekel and Katrin Rehdanz

Volume 98, issue 1, 2022

Using Auxiliary Population Samples for Sample-Selection Correction in Models Based on Crowd-Sourced Volunteered Geographic Information pp. 1-21 Downloads
Trudy Ann Cameron and Sonja H. Kolstoe
The Impact of Deforestation on Nature-Based Recreation: Evidence from Citizen Science Data in Mexico pp. 22-40 Downloads
Wei Chen, Jon Einar Flatnes, Daniela A. Miteva and H. Allen Klaiber
Environmental Regulation, Compliance Strategies, and Productivity: Evidence from China pp. 41-61 Downloads
Mengdi Liu, Ron Shadbegian and Bing Zhang
Residential Mobility, Brownfield Remediation, and Environmental Gentrification in Chicago pp. 62-77 Downloads
Richard Melstrom and Rose Mohammadi
A Flood of Construction: The Role of Levees in Urban Floodplain Development pp. 78-97 Downloads
Will Georgic and H. Allen Klaiber
Loss Aversion in Farmland Price Expectations pp. 98-114 Downloads
Todd Kuethe, Brady Brewer and Chad Fiechter
Environmental Disasters and Property Values: Evidence from Nepal’s Forest Fires pp. 115-131 Downloads
Jayash Paudel
Nudging Away from Plastic Bags with Charitable Donations pp. 132-149 Downloads
Jerrod Penn, Sapana Bastola and Wuyang Hu
Nonconvex Transaction Costs and Land Rental Market Participation in Malawi pp. 150-164 Downloads
Sarah E. Tione and Stein Holden
Soil Investments on Rented versus Owned Plots: Evidence from a Matched Tenant-Landlord Sample in Malawi pp. 165-186 Downloads
Jacob Ricker-Gilbert, Jordan Chamberlin and Joseph Kanyamuka

Volume 97, issue 4, 2021

Environmental Centralizing and Firm Productivity: Evidence from China’s Vertical Environmental Reforms pp. 723-744 Downloads
Chao Han, Xiaolin Sun and Xian-Liang Tian
Effective Targeting and Additionality: Evaluating the D.L. 701 Reforms for Afforesting Erodible Land in Southern Chile pp. 745-767 Downloads
Mario Niklitschek, Rodrigo Labbé, Rosa María Alzamora and Felipe Vásquez Lavín
Variation in Valuation: Open Space and Geography pp. 768-780 Downloads
Alex Blanchette, Corey Lang and Jarron VanCeylon
Noisy Neighborhood but Nice House? Pollution and the Choice of Residential Location and Housing Quality pp. 781-796 Downloads
Samuel Lindgren
Willingness to Pay for Multi-peril Hazard Insurance pp. 797-818 Downloads
Craig Landry, Sarah Anderson, Elena Krasovskaia and Dylan Turner
Heterogeneity in Time Preferences for an Investment in Irrigation pp. 819-835 Downloads
Kent Kovacs and Heather Snell
Understanding the Performance of Biodiversity Offset Markets: Evidence from an Integrated Ecological-Economic Model pp. 836-857 Downloads
Katherine Hannah Simpson, Frans de Vries, Martin Dallimer, Paul R Armsworth and Nick Hanley
Valuing the Environmental Benefits of Canals and Canal Restoration Using House Prices pp. 858-874 Downloads
Stephen Gibbons, Cong Peng and Cheng Keat Tang
Are Expert Opinions Accurate? Panel Data Evidence from the Iowa Land Value Survey pp. 875-892 Downloads
Wendong Zhang, Sergio Lence and Todd Kuethe
Incentive Compatibility and the Consequences When It Is Missing: Experiments with Water Quality Credits Purchase pp. 893-910 Downloads
Pengfei Liu and Stephen K. Swallow
Climate, Adaptation, and the Value of Forestland: A National Ricardian Analysis of the United States pp. 911-932 Downloads
Christopher Mihiar and David J. Lewis
Using Choice Framing to Improve the Design of Agricultural Subsidy Schemes pp. 933-950 Downloads
Neel Ocean and Peter Howley
Regulating the Commons: The Interplay between Information and Catch Limits with Two Types of Resources pp. 951-971 Downloads
Trevor C. Collier, Nancy Haskell and Aaron Mamula

Volume 97, issue 3, 2021

Erratum pp. iii Downloads
Equilibrium Outcomes and Amenity Valuation in a Multispatial Residential Sorting Framework pp. 509-527 Downloads
Mitchell Livy and H. Allen Klaiber
Data-Driven Estimation of Treatment Buffers in Hedonic Analysis: An Examination of Surface Coal Mines pp. 528-547 Downloads
Luke G. Fitzpatrick and Christopher Parmeter
Discrete and Continuous Preference Heterogeneity in a Kuhn-Tucker Model: Beach Recreational Demand pp. 548-561 Downloads
Kei Kabaya and Koichi Kuriyama
Estimating Dynamic Adjustment in Commercial Fisheries pp. 562-576 Downloads
Richard Melstrom and Anna Klis
Are Simultaneously Decided Referenda Substitutable? Evidence from Municipal Land Use Ballot Measures pp. 577-587 Downloads
Matthew Gammans, James N. Sanchirico, Kailin Kroetz, Paul R. Armsworth and Elaine W. Swiedler
Economic Valuation as a Communication Device for Environmental Philanthropy: Evidence from the Lab and Field pp. 588-607 Downloads
Sandra Goff, Caroline L. Noblet and J. Ross Anthony
A Contingent Valuation Test for Measuring the Construct Validity of Willingness-to-Pay Estimates Derived from Choice Experiments pp. 608-625 Downloads
Romain Crastes dit Sourd, Olivier Beaumais, Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu, Pablo Martínez-Camblor and Riccardo Scarpa
Consequentiality, Elicitation Formats, and the Willingness to Pay for Green Electricity: Evidence from Germany pp. 626-640 Downloads
Mark A. Andor, Manuel Frondel and Marco Horvath
Measuring Motivations for Choosing Ecolabeled Seafood: Environmental Concerns and Warm Glow pp. 641-654 Downloads
Julia Bronnmann, Max Thilo Stoeven, Martin Quaas and Frank Asche
Incorporating Uncertainty in the Economic Evaluation of Capital Investments for Water-Use Efficiency Improvements pp. 655-671 Downloads
David Adamson and Adam Loch
The Importance of Well Yield in Groundwater Demand Specifications pp. 672-687 Downloads
Taro Mieno, Mani Rouhi Rad, Jordan F. Suter and R. Aaron Hrozencik
Honey Bees, Almonds, and Colony Mortality: An Economic Simulation of the U.S. Pollination Market pp. 688-703 Downloads
Chengcheng Fei, Kendra M. Williamson, Richard Woodward, Bruce McCarl and Juliana Rangel
Are Trends Stochastic or Deterministic? A Reappraisal of Persistence in Natural Resource Prices pp. 704-721 Downloads
Atanu Ghoshray

Volume 97, issue 2, 2021

Unintended Effects of Environmental Policies: The Case of Urban Growth Controls and Agricultural Intensification pp. 261-280 Downloads
Matthew J. Fienup and Andrew J. Plantinga
Biodiversity and Economic Land Use pp. 281-304 Downloads
Matthew Cole, Robert Elliott and Eric Strobl
Additionality in Payment for Ecosystem Services Programs: Agricultural Conservation Subsidies in Maryland pp. 305-320 Downloads
Erik Lichtenberg
Protecting the Breadbasket with Trees? The Effect of the Great Plains Shelterbelt Project on Agriculture pp. 321-344 Downloads
Tianshu Li
Do Decentralized Community Treatment Plants Provide Clean Water? Evidence from Rural Andhra Pradesh, India pp. 345-371 Downloads
Marc Jeuland, Marcella McClatchey, Sumeet R. Patil, Subhrendu K. Pattanayak, Christine M. Poulos and Jui-Chen Yang
Doing More with Less: Leveraging Social Norms and Status Concerns in Encouraging Conservation Farm Practices pp. 372-387 Downloads
Peter Howley and Neel Ocean
Heterogeneity in Preferences for Nonfinancial Incentives to Engage Landholders in Native Vegetation Management pp. 388-406 Downloads
Joshua Brown, Michael Burton, Katrina J. Davis, Md Sayed Iftekhar, Søren Olsen, B. Alexander Simmons, Niels Strange and Kerrie A. Wilson
Payment and Policy Consequentiality in Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation: Experimental Design Effects on Self-Reported Perceptions pp. 407-424 Downloads
Tobias Börger, Tenaw G. Abate, Margrethe Aanesen and Ewa Zawojska
Escapees in Salmon Aquaculture: A Multi-output Approach pp. 425-435 Downloads
Ruth Beatriz Mezzalira Pincinato, Frank Asche and Kristin H. Roll
Optimal Discounting of Forest Offsets in the Carbon Market pp. 436-454 Downloads
Kevin R. Kaushal and Knut Einar Rosendahl
Revenue Sharing and Social Capital in Community-Based Resource Management: Empirical Evidence from Japanese Surf-Clam Fisheries pp. 455-474 Downloads
Mihoko Wakamatsu, Hirotsugu Uchida and Christopher M. Anderson
Did Smog Rules Influence Who Loses? Manufacturing Job Losses and the Great Recession pp. 475-490 Downloads
Brooks Depro
Crop Allocation and Increasing Returns to Fertilizer Use in China pp. 491-508 Downloads
Feifei Sun, David Abler and Xiaohua Yu

Volume 97, issue 1, 2021

How Well Do U.S. Western Water Markets Convey Economic Information? pp. 1-16 Downloads
Renata Rimsaite, Karen Fisher-Vanden, Sheila Olmstead and Danielle S. Grogan
The Willingness to Pay for Flood Insurance pp. 17-38 Downloads
Noelwah Netusil, Carolyn Kousky, Shulav Neupane, Will Daniel and Howard Kunreuther
Convergent Validity of Satellite and Secchi Disk Measures of Water Clarity in Hedonic Models pp. 39-58 Downloads
David Wolf and Thomas Kemp
Flooding and the Value of Agricultural Land pp. 59-79 Downloads
Timothy R. Hodge
Farmland Rental Rates: Does Organic Certification Matter? pp. 80-106 Downloads
Kate Binzen Fuller, Joseph P. Janzen and B. Munkhnasan
Valuation of Noise Pollution and Abatement Policy: Evidence from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport pp. 107-136 Downloads
Felix Friedt and Jeffrey P. Cohen
The Demand for Global and Local Environmental Protection: Experimental Evidence from Climate Change Mitigation in Beijing pp. 137-154 Downloads
Andreas Löschel, Jiansuo Pei, Ran Wang, Bodo Sturm, Wolfgang Buchholz and Zhongxiu Zhao
Agricultural Displacement and Deforestation Leakage in the Brazilian Legal Amazon pp. 155-179 Downloads
Fanny Moffette and Holly K. Gibbs
Does Providing Improved Biomass Cooking Stoves Free-of-Charge Reduce Regular Usage? Do Use Incentives Promote Habits? pp. 180-195 Downloads
Randall A. Bluffstone, Abebe D. Beyene, Zenebe Gebreegziabher, Peter Martinsson, Alemu Mekonnen and Ferdinand Vieider
WTA-WTP Disparity: The Role of Perceived Realism of the Valuation Setting pp. 196-206 Downloads
Manuel Frondel, Stephan Sommer and Lukas Tomberg
Do We Choose Differently after a Discussion? Results from a Deliberative Valuation Study in Ireland pp. 207-223 Downloads
Margrethe Aanesen, Claire W. Armstrong and Thomas Van Rensburg
Does Peer Adoption Increase the Diffusion of Pollution Prevention Practices? pp. 224-245 Downloads
Xiang Bi and Connor Mullally
Is Recycling Effective? Evidence from California between 2004 and 2017 pp. 246-261 Downloads
Christos Makridis
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