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Volume 100, issue 2, 2024

Effects of Varying the Location of Perceived Consequentiality Elicitation in a Discrete Choice Experiment Survey pp. 223-244 Downloads
Ewa Zawojska, Malte Welling and Julian Sagebiel
How Does the Cost Vector Affect Payment Consequentiality in a Binary Choice Contingent Valuation Survey? pp. 245-255 Downloads
Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu, Romain Crastes dit Sourd, Pascal Gastineau, Benoît Chèze and Andrea Taylor
The Instagram Effect: Is Social Media Influencing Visitation to Public Lands? pp. 256-277 Downloads
Ashley Lowe Mackenzie, Steven Dundas and Bo Zhao
The Value of a Sea View: Hedonic Estimates Using 3D Simulation and Natural Language Processing pp. 278-295 Downloads
Tom Gillespie, Ronan C. Lyons and Stephen Hynes
Will Ecosystem Services Attract Investors? pp. 296-313 Downloads
Charles Sims, Ben Blachly and Travis Warziniack
Tropical Forests Provide Gendered Insurance against Illness pp. 314-332 Downloads
Yoshito Takasaki, Oliver T. Coomes and Christian Abizaid
The Benefits of Titling Indigenous Communities in the Peruvian Amazon: A Stated Preference Approach pp. 333-352 Downloads
Allen Blackman, Sahan T. M. Dissanayake, Adan L. Martinez-Cruz, Leonardo Corral and Maja Schling
A Welfare Gain from Switching to Taxes? The Danish Cod Fishery in the Kattegat pp. 353-369 Downloads
Frank Jensen, Lars Hansen and Rasmus Nielsen
How Differently Do Farms Respond to Agri-environmental Policies? A Probabilistic Machine-Learning Approach pp. 370-397 Downloads
Silvia Coderoni, Roberto Esposti and Alessandro Varacca
Individualism and Collective Responses to Climate Change pp. 398-419 Downloads
Trung Vu
Editor's Note pp. 420 Downloads
Daniel J. Phaneuf

Volume 100, issue 1, 2024

Introduction to the Special Issue: Property Value Analysis Using ZTRAX. Applications under the Approaching Sunset pp. 1-5 Downloads
Daniel J. Phaneuf, Jeffrey Zabel and Andy Krause
Risk Disclosure and Home Prices: Evidence from California Wildfire Hazard Zones pp. 6-21 Downloads
Lala Ma, Margaret Walls, Matthew Wibbenmeyer and Connor Lennon
The Impact of Wildfires and Wildfire-Induced Air Pollution on House Prices in the United States pp. 22-50 Downloads
Zeying Huang and Mark Skidmore
The Coal Transition and Its Implications for Health and Housing Values pp. 51-65 Downloads
Rebecca Fraenkel, Josh Graff Zivin and Sam Krumholz
Toxic Assets: How the Housing Market Responds to Environmental Information Shocks pp. 66-88 Downloads
Jeremy G. Moulton, Nicholas Sanders and Scott A. Wentland
Spatial Heterogeneity in Hedonic Price Effects for Lake Water Quality pp. 89-108 Downloads
Kristen Swedberg, Diego Cardoso, Adriana Castillo-Castillo, Saleh Mamun, Kevin Boyle, Christoph Nolte, Michael Papenfus and Stephen Polasky
Pricing Coastal Amenities and Flood Hazards pp. 109-126 Downloads
Zhenshan Chen and Charles A. Towe
Water Market Participation and Agricultural Land Values pp. 127-147 Downloads
Anita M. Chaudhry, Dean H. K. Fairbanks and Christoph Nolte
Estimating the Impact of Critical-Habitat Designation on the Values of Developed and Undeveloped Parcels pp. 148-175 Downloads
Saleh Mamun, Erik Nelson and Christoph Nolte
Measuring the Value of U.S. National Parks Using Hedonic Property Value Models pp. 176-199 Downloads
Jeffrey Zabel, Christoph Nolte and Robert Paterson
Data Practices for Studying the Impacts of Environmental Amenities and Hazards with Nationwide Property Data pp. 200-221 Downloads
Christoph Nolte, Kevin Boyle, Anita M. Chaudhry, Christopher Clapp, Dennis Guignet, Hannah Hennighausen, Ido Kushner, Yanjun Liao, Saleh Mamun, Adam Pollack, Jesse Richardson, Shelby Sundquist, Kristen Swedberg and Johannes H. Uhl

Volume 99, issue 4, 2023

Combining Aggregate Demand and Discrete Choice Data with Application to Deer License Demand in Indiana pp. 477-489 Downloads
Carson Reeling, Dane Erickson, Yusun Kim, John G. Lee and Nicole J. O. Widmar
Estimating the Ex Ante Recreational Loss of an Oil Spill Using Revealed and Stated Preference Data pp. 490-508 Downloads
Ana Faria Lopes and John Whitehead
Early Exposure to Nature and Willingness to Pay for It: The Value of Tallgrass Prairie Grassland Restoration pp. 509-527 Downloads
Liqing Li and Amy Ando
The Value of Naturalness of Urban Green Spaces: Evidence from a Discrete Choice Experiment pp. 528-542 Downloads
Julia Bronnmann, Veronika Liebelt, Fabian Marder, Jasper Meya and Martin Quaas
State Mandates on Renewable Heating Technologies and the Housing Market pp. 543-557 Downloads
Robert Germeshausen and Kathrine von Graevenitz
The Impact of Water Body Restoration on the Sales and Rental Markets in Beijing pp. 558-572 Downloads
Yingdan Mei, Pengfei Liu and Li Gao
Taxation, Fiscal Redistribution, and Local Land Use Regulation pp. 573-593 Downloads
Thiess Buettner
A Half-Century of Yield Growth along the Forty-First Parallel of the Great Plains pp. 594-610 Downloads
Federico J. Trindade, Lilyan Fulginiti and Richard Perrin
Technology, Management, and Input Choices to Increase Abatement and Output pp. 611-643 Downloads
Donna Ramirez Harrington
Does Being Intergenerationally Accountable Resolve the Intergenerational Sustainability Dilemma? pp. 644-667 Downloads
Raja Timilsina, Koji Kotani, Yoshinori Nakagawa and Tatsuyoshi Saijo

Volume 99, issue 3, 2023

Utility-Scale Solar Farms and Agricultural Land Values pp. 327-342 Downloads
Nino Abashidze and Laura O. Taylor
When Energy Issues Are Land Use Issues: Estimating Preferences for Utility-Scale Solar Energy Siting pp. 343-363 Downloads
Vasundhara Gaur, Corey Lang, Gregory Howard and Ruth Quainoo
Evaluating the External Effect of Wind Power Development on Grassland Quality pp. 364-379 Downloads
Feng Song, Lingling Hou and Fang Xia
The Demand for Public Flood Protection under a Compulsory Private Flood Insurance Scheme pp. 380-396 Downloads
Daniel Osberghaus, Martin Achtnicht and Naufal Alimov
To Tell or Not to Tell: Preference Elicitation with and without Emphasis on Scientific Uncertainty pp. 397-412 Downloads
Margrethe Aanesen, Claire Armstrong, Trude Borch, Reinhold Fieler, Vera Hausner, Gorm Kipperberg, Henrik Lindhjem and Stale Navrud
The Reliability of Delphi Surveys and Benefit Transfer to Predict Outcomes of Contingent Valuation Surveys pp. 413-432 Downloads
Anders Dugstad and Stale Navrud
Cooperation between First Nations and Municipalities: Do Water-Sharing Arrangements Improve Drinking Water Quality? pp. 433-457 Downloads
B. Deaton and Bethany Lipka
Which Benefits Would Make Farmers Happier, and Which Would They Choose? pp. 458-476 Downloads
Neel Ocean and Peter Howley

Volume 99, issue 2, 2023

À la carte Management of Recreational Resources: Evidence from the U.S. Gulf of Mexico pp. 161-181 Downloads
Brenna Jungers, Joshua K. Abbott, Patrick Lloyd-Smith, Wiktor Adamowicz and Daniel Willard
Temporal Reliability of Contingent Behavior Trip Data in Kuhn-Tucker Recreation Demand Models pp. 182-202 Downloads
Lusi Xie and Wiktor Adamowicz
Discretionary Exemptions from Environmental Regulation: Flexibility for Good or for Ill pp. 203-221 Downloads
Dietrich Earnhart, Sarah Jacobson, Yusuke Kuwayama and Richard T. Woodward
Financial Assistance and Environmental Compliance: Evidence from the Clean Water Act and the Clean Water State Revolving Fund pp. 222-244 Downloads
Sharaban T. Anica and Levan Elbakidze
Certainty of Punishment versus Severity of Punishment: Enforcement of Environmental Protection Laws pp. 245-264 Downloads
Dietrich Earnhart and Lana Friesen
Photovoltaics and the Solar Rebound: Evidence from Germany pp. 265-282 Downloads
Manuel Frondel, Kathrin Kaestner, Stephan Sommer and Colin Vance
Homeowner Subsidy Repeal and Housing Recentralization pp. 283-301 Downloads
Alexander Daminger and Kristof Dascher
Tenant Favoritism and Right of First Refusals in Farmland Auctions: Competition and Price Effects pp. 302-324 Downloads
Lars Isenhardt, Stefan Seifert and Silke Hüttel

Volume 99, issue 1, 2023

The Disamenity Impact of Solar Farms: A Hedonic Analysis pp. 1-16 Downloads
David Maddison, Reece Ogier and Allan Beltrán
The Impact of Recreational Homes on Agricultural Land Use pp. 17-37 Downloads
Charles Towe and Zhenshan Chen
Measuring Heterogeneous Preferences for Adaptation Strategies in Response to Sea Level Rise: Evidence from Miami-Dade County pp. 38-62 Downloads
Xuqi Chen, Zhifeng Gao and Xiang Bi
Quality over Quantity: Nonmarket Values of Restoring Coastal Dunes in the U.S. Pacific Northwest pp. 63-79 Downloads
Tu Nguyen, David M. Kling, Steven Dundas, Sally D. Hacker, Daniel K. Lew, Peter Ruggiero and Katherine Roy
A Choice Matching Approach for Discrete Choice Analysis: An Experimental Investigation in the Laboratory pp. 80-102 Downloads
Simone Cerroni, Daniel W. Derbyshire, W. George Hutchinson and Rodolfo M. Nayga
Case-Based Reasoning and Dynamic Choice Modeling pp. 103-121 Downloads
Priya Thomas and Todd Guilfoos
Polarization in Environmental Donations: Application to Deforestation-Prevention Donation pp. 122-140 Downloads
Dede Long, Hongxing Liu and Rodolfo M. Nayga
Adaptation to Natural Disasters through the Agricultural Land Rental Market: Evidence from Bangladesh pp. 141-160 Downloads
Shaikh M. S. U. Eskander and Edward Barbier
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