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Operations Research Proceedings 2017

Edited by Natalia Kliewer (), Jan Fabian Ehmke () and Ralf Borndörfer ()

in Operations Research Proceedings from Springer

Date: 2018
ISBN: 978-3-319-89920-6
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Chapters in this book:

Solving the Time-Dependent Shortest Path Problem Using Super-Optimal Wind
Adam Schienle
Anticipation in Dynamic Vehicle Routing
Marlin W. Ulmer
Shapley Value Based Allocation for Multi-objective Cooperative Problems
Igor Kozeletskyi
Handling Critical Jobs Online: Deadline Scheduling and Convex-Body Chasing
Kevin Schewior
Methodological Advances and New Formulations for Bilevel Network Design Problems
Pirmin Fontaine
Stable Clusterings and the Cones of Outer Normals
Felix Happach
The Two Dimensional Bin Packing Problem with Side Constraints
Markus Seizinger
A First Derivative Potts Model for Segmentation and Denoising Using ILP
Ruobing Shen, Gerhard Reinelt and Stephane Canu
Consumer’s Sport Preference as a Predictor for His/Her Response to Brand Personality
Friederike Paetz and Regina Semmler-Ludwig
Detecting Changes in Statistics of Road Accidents to Enhance Road Safety
Katherina Meißner, Cornelius Rüther and Klaus Ambrosi
A Mixed Integer Linear Program for Election Campaign Optimization Under D’Hondt Rule
Evren Güney
Long-Term Projections for Commodity Prices—The Crude Oil Price Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Thomas Schwarz, Hans-Joachim Lenz and Wilhelm Dominik
Prognosis of EPEX SPOT Electricity Prices Using Artificial Neural Networks
Johannes Hussak, Stefanie Vogl, Ralph Grothmann and Merlind Weber
Computing the Splitting Preconditioner for Interior Point Method Using an Incomplete Factorization Approach
Marta Velazco and Aurelio R. L. Oliveira
Quadratic Support Functions in Quadratic Bilevel Problems
Oleg Khamisov
Valuation of Crisp and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Information
Olga Metzger, Thomas Spengler and Tobias Volkmer
Multiobjective Spatial Optimization: The Canadian Coast Guard
H. A. Eiselt, Amin Akbari and Ron Pelot
A Linear Program for Matching Photogrammetric Point Clouds with CityGML Building Models
Steffen Goebbels, Regina Pohle-Fröhlich and Philipp Kant
A Modified Benders Method for the Single- and Multiple Allocation P-Hub Median Problems
Hamid Mokhtar, Mohan Krishnamoorthy and Andreas T. Ernst
The Ubiquity Generator Framework: 7 Years of Progress in Parallelizing Branch-and-Bound
Yuji Shinano
Exploring the Numerics of Branch-and-Cut for Mixed Integer Linear Optimization
Matthias Miltenberger, Ted Ralphs and Daniel E. Steffy
Four Good Reasons to Use an Interior Point Solver Within a MIP Solver
Timo Berthold, Michael Perregaard and Csaba Mészáros
Measuring the Impact of Branching Rules for Mixed-Integer Programming
Gerald Gamrath and Christoph Schubert
The Multiple Checkpoint Ordering Problem
Philipp Hungerländer and Kerstin Maier
An Improved Upper Bound for the Gap of Skiving Stock Instances of the Divisible Case
John Martinovic and Guntram Scheithauer
Closed Almost Knight’s Tours on 2D and 3D Chessboards
Michael Firstein, Anja Fischer and Philipp Hungerländer
SCIP-Jack—A Solver for STP and Variants with Parallelization Extensions: An Update
Daniel Rehfeldt and Thorsten Koch
Extended Formulations for Column Constrained Orbitopes
Christopher Hojny, Marc E. Pfetsch and Andreas Schmitt
The k-Server Problem with Parallel Requests and the Corresponding Generalized Paging Problem
R. Hildenbrandt
The Traveling Salesperson Problem with Forbidden Neighborhoods on Regular 3D Grids
Anja Fischer, Philipp Hungerländer and Anna Jellen
Traveling Salesman Problems with Additional Ordering Constraints
Achim Hildenbrandt
Benefits and Limitations of Simplified Transient Gas Flow Formulations
Felix Hennings
An Optimization Model to Develop Efficient Dismantling Networks for Wind Turbines
Martin Westbomke, Jan-Hendrik Piel, Michael Breitner, Peter Nyhius and Malte Stonis
Model Generator for Water Distribution Systems
Corinna Hallmann and Stefan Kuhlemann
Effects of Constraints in Residential Demand-Side-Management Algorithms—A Simulation-Based Study
Dennis Behrens, Cornelius Rüther, Thorsten Schoormann, Thimo Hachmeister, Klaus Ambrosi and Ralf Knackstedt
Production Process Modeling for Demand Management
Stefanie Kabelitz and Martin Matke
Decoupled Net Present Value—An Alternative to the Long-Term Asset Value in the Evaluation of Ship Investments?
Philipp Schrader, Jan-Hendrik Piel and Michael Breitner
Fast Methods for the Index Tracking Problem
Dag Haugland
Non-acceptance of Losses—An Experimental Study on the Importance of the Sign of Final Outcomes in Ultimatum Bargaining
Thomas Neumann, Stephan Schosser and Bodo Vogt
A Graph Theoretic Approach to Solve Special Knapsack Problems in Polynomial Time
Carolin Rehs and Frank Gurski
Bootstrap Percolation on Degenerate Graphs
Marinus Gottschau
A Hypergraph Network Simplex Algorithm
Isabel Beckenbach
Rapid Mathematical Programming for Cooperative Truck Networks
Jörg Rambau
Multi-routing for Transport-Matching in Cooperative, Full Truckload, Relay Networks
Bernd Nieberding
On a Technique for Finding Running Tracks of Specific Length in a Road Network
David Willems, Oliver Zehner and Stefan Ruzika
Finding Maximum Minimum Cost Flows to Evaluate Gas Network Capacities
Kai Hoppmann and Robert Schwarz
A Synthetic Model for Multilevel Air Transportation Networks
Marzena Fügenschuh, Ralucca Gera and Tobias Lory
On Finding Subpaths With High Demand
Stephan Schwartz, Leonardo Balestrieri and Ralf Borndörfer
Kidney Exchange Programs with a Priori Crossmatch Probing
Filipe Alvelos and Ana Viana
Preventing Hot Spots in High Dose-Rate Brachytherapy
Björn Morén, Torbjörn Larsson and Åsa Carlsson Tedgren
Active Repositioning of Storage Units in Robotic Mobile Fulfillment Systems
Marius Merschformann
How to Control a Reverse Logistics System When Used Items Return with Diminishing Quality
Imre Dobos, Grigory Pishchulov and Ralf Gössinger
Consistent Inventory Routing with Split Deliveries
Emilio Jose Alarcon Ortega, Michael Schilde, Karl F. Doerner and Sebastian Malicki
Order Picking with Heterogeneous Technologies: An Integrated Article-to-Device Assignment and Manpower Allocation Problem
Ralf Gössinger, Grigory Pishchulov and Imre Dobos
Metaheuristic for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Backhauls and Time Windows
José Brandão
Convex Approach with Sub-gradient Method to Robust Service System Design
Jaroslav Janáček and Marek Kvet
Leasing with Uncertainty
Christine Markarian
Risk Averse Scheduling with Scenarios
Mikita Hradovich, Adam Kasperski and Paweł Zieliński
A Nonlinear Model for Vertical Free-Flight Trajectory Planning
Liana Amaya Moreno, Armin Fügenschuh, Anton Kaier and Swen Schlobach
Lattice Structure Design with Linear Optimization for Additive Manufacturing as an Initial Design in the Field of Generative Design
Christian Reintjes, Michael Hartisch and Ulf Lorenz
Co-allocation of Communication Messages in an Integrated Modular Avionic System
Elina Rönnberg
Computing Pareto-Optimal Transit Routes Through Mathematical Algorithms
M. Fawad Zazai and Armin Fügenschuh
Energy-Efficient Design of a Water Supply System for Skyscrapers by Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming
Philipp Leise, Lena C. Altherr and Peter F. Pelz
Mixed Integer PDE Constrained Optimization for the Control of a Wildfire Hazard
Fabian Gnegel, Michael Dudzinski, Armin Fügenschuh and Markus Stiemer
The Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem with Moving Targets and Nonlinear Trajectories
Anke Stieber and Armin Fügenschuh
Product Family Design Optimization Using Model-Based Engineering Techniques
David Stenger, Lena C. Altherr, Tankred Müller and Peter F. Pelz
The Multistatic Sonar Location Problem and Mixed-Integer Programming
Emily M. Craparo and Armin Fügenschuh
Using Mixed-Integer Programming for the Optimal Design of Water Supply Networks for Slums
Lea Rausch, John Friesen, Lena C. Altherr and Peter F. Pelz
Polyhedral 3D Models for Compressors in Gas Networks
Tom Walther, Benjamin Hiller and René Saitenmacher
Stochastic Dynamic Multi-product Pricing Under Competition
Rainer Schlosser
In-Line Sequencing in Automotive Production Plants—A Simulation Study
Marcel Lehmann and Heinrich Kuhn
Maintenance Planning Using Condition Monitoring Data
Daniel Olivotti, Jens Passlick, Sonja Dreyer, Benedikt Lebek and Michael Breitner
Tactical Planning of Modular Production Networks with Reconfigurable Plants
Tristan Becker, Stefan Lier and Brigitte Werners
A CTMDP-Based Exact Method for RCPSP with Uncertain Activity Durations and Rework
Xiaoming Wang, Roel Leus, Stefan Creemers, Qingxin Chen and Ning Mao
Explicit Modelling of Multiple Intervals in a Constraint Generation Procedure for Multiprocessor Scheduling
Emil Karlsson and Elina Rönnberg
Multi-objective Large-Scale Staff Allocation
Roberto Anzaldua, Christina Burt, Harry Edmonds, Karsten Lehmann and Guangyan Song
A Permutation-Based Neighborhood for the Blocking Job-Shop Problem with Total Tardiness Minimization
Julia Lange and Frank Werner
Preemptive Scheduling of Jobs with a Learning Effect on Two Parallel Machines
Marcin Żurowski
An Agent-Based Simulation Using Conjoint Data: The Case of Electric Vehicles in Germany
Markus Günther, Marvin Klein and Lars Lüpke
Hybrid Agent-Based Modeling (HABM)—A Framework for Combining Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation, Discrete Event Simulation, and System Dynamics
Joachim Block
The European Air Transport System: A Methodological Perspective on System Dynamics Modeling
Gonzalo Barbeito, Ulrike Kluge, Marcia Urban, Maximilian Moll, Martin Zsifkovits, Kay Plötner and Stefan Pickl
A Galerkin Method for the Dynamic Nash Equilibrium Problem with Shared Constraint
Zhengyu Wang and Stefan Pickl
Generic Construction and Efficient Evaluation of Flow Network DAEs and Their Derivatives in the Context of Gas Networks
Tom Streubel, Christian Strohm, Philipp Trunschke and Caren Tischendorf
On the Performance of NLP Solvers Within Global MINLP Solvers
Benjamin Müller, Renke Kuhlmann and Stefan Vigerske
Optimizing Large-Scale Linear Energy System Problems with Block Diagonal Structure by Using Parallel Interior-Point Methods
Thomas Breuer, Michael Bussieck, Karl-Kiên Cao, Felix Cebulla, Frederik Fiand, Hans Christian Gils, Ambros Gleixner, Dmitry Khabi, Thorsten Koch, Daniel Rehfeldt and Manuel Wetzel
WORHP Zen: Parametric Sensitivity Analysis for the Nonlinear Programming Solver WORHP
Renke Kuhlmann, Sören Geffken and Christof Büskens
Joint Optimization of Reorder Points in n-Level Distribution Networks Using (R, Q)-Order Policies
Christopher Grob, Andreas Bley and Konrad Schade
An Integrated Loss-Based Optimization Model for Apple Supply Chain
P. Paam, R. Berretta and M. Heydar
Simulating Fresh Food Supply Chains by Integrating Product Quality
Magdalena Leithner and Christian Fikar
Window Fill Rate with Compound Arrival and Assembly Time
Michael Dreyfuss and Yahel Giat
Demand-Driven Line Planning with Selfish Routing
Malte Renken, Amin Ahmadi, Ralf Borndörfer, Güvenç Şahin and Thomas Schlechte
Scheduling of Electric Vehicles in the Police Fleet
Kerstin Schmidt, Felix Saucke and Thomas S. Spengler
Location Planning of Charging Stations for Electric City Buses Considering Battery Ageing Effects
Brita Rohrbeck, Kilian Berthold and Felix Hettich
On the Benefit of Preprocessing and Heuristics for Periodic Timetabling
Christian Liebchen
Structure-Based Decomposition for Pattern-Detection for Railway Timetables
Stanley Schade, Thomas Schlechte and Jakob Witzig
Timetable Sparsification by Rolling Stock Rotation Optimization
Ralf Borndörfer, Matthias Breuer, Boris Grimm, Markus Reuther, Stanley Schade and Thomas Schlechte
Traffic Management Heuristics for Bidirectional Segments on Double-Track Railway Lines
Norman Weik, Stephan Zieger and Nils Nießen
Traffic Speed Prediction with Neural Networks
Umut Can Çakmak, Mehmet Serkan Apaydın and Bülent Çatay
Delivering on Delivery: Optimisation and the Future of Vehicle Routing
Christina Burt, Paul Hart, Desislava Petrova and Adam West
Improving on Time Performance at Deutsche Bahn
Christoph Klingenberg

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